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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  June 6, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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to the beach you are being asked to use extra caution, here is a warning about powerful waves, here is more. >>reporter: high temperatures over the next few days and many will be headed here to the beach to cool off and that's why the national weather service and coast guard are warning beachgoers to be very careful. here at ocean beach it can be very difficult to surf and swim and i checked with them and they say that you should always have somebody waiting on the sand just in case you need help. you may remember, a missing man at the bay to breakers and since then nothing washed ashore. his family has been checking in
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with them regularly but of course no sign of him yet but as for beachgoers, they want people to remember to be careful with pets dogs are also in danger here. reporting live at ocean beach, ktvu channel 2 morning news. president barack obama will be attending here and before leaving, the president will make a policy speech in san jose. the president will highlight california as proof that the new affordable healthcare act is working. and he is scheduled to arrive in mountain view and he is set to speak in palo alto at 8:00 and at 8:25 he will attend a fundraiser and before leaving tomorrow he will talk about the
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affordable healthcare act right before 9:00 a.m. he hopes to have a sit in at 8:00 this morning and they want president barack obama to put a moratorium on immigration before it passes. they also plan to rally outside the fundraiser in palo alto starting at 4:30 this afternoon. the white house is defending the need to collect telephone records saying it as critical tool in protecting the nation to terrorist threats. it is in response by the guardian and features the website. they asked them to turn over millions of numbers to the website and it runs through july 19th. city of college of san
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francisco makes their final arguments on why they should stay only. they are serving 8 5,000 students but a community college commission is threatening to pull their accreditation if they don't improve their finances. the commission's final decision will be in about a month. hepatitis a contamination was found at two target stars. they were found in san leandro and a pharmacy worker who works at both locations was recently infected with hepatitis a and he got sick from eating a frozen berry mix linked to the outbreak. they are worried he may have contaminated medicine just by touching it. >> i am going to see my doctor and have him do a blood test
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and do whatever they need to do. >> people who fill prescriptions between may 5th and 4th are at risk and they are being advised to see a doctor and get a hepatitis a doctor. previously girls 16 and younger needed a prescription to buy the morning after pill but now it can be sold without age restrictions while the court hears the federal appeal. plan "b" one step cannot be sold over the counter until the restrictions are herd. -- heard. the accident happened on university and maple street early saturday morning. the driver initially sped away but he turned and slowly drove by the scene before taking off again. now the car they are looking
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for is a 2007 car which may have damaged the passenger's side which has dam on the driver's side. a woman spent 12 hours in the rubble of a collapsed building. an empty building collapsed on to a salvation army thrift stit killed 6 people injured 14 others and the 61- year-old woman was the latest person rescued. philadelphia's mayor said the search is still active. >> we do not know and we still do not know how many people were in the store possibly on the sidewalk. >> now the mayor said there were no complaints or violations connected to that building and they are calling this an industrial accident and the occupation administration is being called in. and they areyesterday
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afternoon -- and yesterday afternoon this car crashed and fell on to sage salon located next door. this is another look at the damage and both saloon owners continue to work while repairs are made and police are investigating what caused the crash. >> 4:35 is the time, sal, let's check in on traffic. >> it is pretty smooth. >> yes, good morning to you, right now we are -- chp is giving us the all clear. also the morning commute is looking good at the bay bridge toll plaza as you drive to san francisco and if you are driving to 180 and 101 to the
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valley it looks good. let's go to steve. 30 up in the sierra although it looks to be squashed, mr. drizzle is there and high pressure is on the move and if 57 degrees and covers moffett. it will continue up in the sierra so if you are headed there it will still hug the coast. we will carry it into friday and saturday, 60s and 70s and 80s unless you are in vacaville and ukiah which is close to 100. fog, sun, big fog bank, a little breezy at times, 150s to, -- 50s to 80s and 78 in napa, san jose 75, gilroy 70s.
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pleasanton and livermore, sunday will be cooler for everybody and we have another cooling trend on monday. coming up, a vallejo officer said he had no choice but to shoot and kill, new information about the weapon that was transformed to a again. >> good morning, san mateo traffic looks good getting out to the highway bridge straight ahead. look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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. andrea is expected to hit and that storm picked up 60
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mile-per-hour winds. it could not bring rain to the southern panhandle and it is expected to move up the eastern coast where a warning has just been issued. this is the last pretrial hearing in the case and jury selection is scheduled to begin on monday. the voice expert is expected to testify that trayvon martin can be heard on a 911 call said, quote, i am begging you. accident merman said he shot dark zimmerman said he shot in self-defense. families asked saying the photos would cause further suffering and the law applies to homicides as well. a 17-year-old boy was gunned down in oakland.
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last night many gathered to remember eye zack gary -- ice zack johnson. he was shot at the bus stop on add line street and his family gather under at the place where he was killed to -- gathered at the place where he was killed to ask for peace. >> nobody should have to be shot down like this, i don't wish that on anybody. >> this is oakland a 41st homicide and so far police have not arrested anybody and they are offering a $10,000 reward for information. and between vallejo police and a suspected gunman, they released this photo of a flair gun and it was actually modified into a handheld shotgun. an officer was called for some type of disturbance and when he arrived a man was pointing a
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gun at him. the officer shot and killed the man who is timothy walker. we have a sad update on a horrific crash that killed a three-year-old boy. the boy's mother has also died from her injuries, witnesses say the boy's father was speeding down the parkway when he hit a tree splitting the car in half. the father is expected to survive and they do not know if he will face any criminal charges. >> the banned item list went into effect shortly after the 9/11 hijacking. it is not only knives but baseball bats and other items can be brought into the passenger cabin. >> i just got an e-mail when i
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came in landing from a trip and i thought, oh, my gosh, all our hard work paid off, so it was a >> they agree with leaving the ban in place but some were more worried about explosives more than pocket knives. it will soon be okay to park rvs and they have voted to ban oversized vehicles in parking overnight in parts of the sunset and other districts. advocates say these restrictions could -- restrictions could cause more people to sleep on the streets. they want to know why attorneys have abruptly resigned. they removed themselves from the case earlier this week and the commission is set to decide a fine from paint page. -- pg&e. san jose city manager is
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calling on an investigation and they report resignations may be due to a disagreement whether paint page may be forced to make fixes instead of putting a fine to the general fun. the online retailers have been testing the fresh deliveries in more than a year and now they are preparing to add loss angeles and include the bay area. if it goes well, it could add another 20 markets and it will officially be called the amount of s p -- s ap center. they are putting its name on the building and by the way, the s ap founder is the majority owner of the sharks. >> sal, before he was here, he
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had the stick. >> this is called 3 conn, now it is monster and we still call it the stick. let's take a look at what we have now, traffic is moving a long well around the bay area, i want to show you interstate 880 if you happen to be driving there. we have flashing lights making some progress on high street over crossing all neath is all clear, -- underneath is all clear, no major problems getting into san francisco. and if you are driving on the freeway between 238 and maury avenue, the traffic time -- the drive time is only 15 minutes and we want you to keep that in mind or it will double or even
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triple on this stretch during a bad commute and even now we are off to a good start >> speaking now, hello steve. >> sometimes it is a little bit tough. around 95 and 96 degrees, thunderstorms went over chuck e.and tahoe, a lot of low clouds for us, a turbo to the delta and that's a screaming message, folks, 50s but high pressure is building and we can get a little mist and drizzle, mr. drizzle is coming in overall temperatures will come up, morning fog, the warning begins today and this is just what we have had for years and years, it is gets hot inland but the coast without an offshore wind, so 60s and $70.
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now if you are up toward clear lake san rafa75 hayward 68, san jose only 75 morgan hill 10 better, if somebody around morgan hill and gilroy, why is it not hotter than gilroy. now some days morgan hill is hotter than gilroy, i don't get it. i used to take that trek ought all the time and it was always hotter. around the bay 98%, sunday will be cooler and can cooler for everybody. we are seeing a surge in rattle snake activity in the bay area. they are in trails or in parks
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or on wood piles, people report spike bites and one veterinarian clinic is seeing between 4 and 6 dogs a week for snake bites. >> we do see some dogs die but the vast majority we are able to help. >> the best way to prevent being bitten, use your hands, snakes usually try to get away but they will bite in self- defense. off the southern california coach we first spotted him and the pup came over to him, put his head in his lap and needed a little cuddle time. he spent an hour in the boat
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before then belly flopping and then jumped back in the water and headed out to sea. accusations of dirty campaign tricks. the new trouble for george. and she is the biggest winner in history, the reason she is thanking a stranger for her prize.
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. big money water contracts are at the heart of a state senator. they searched two senate officers of ron lledder ron. they were asked about a legislation he introduced after hiring his brother as a consultant. he has not been seen since the raid and a note was posted on his door saying quote, do not enter. the political scandal is widening for disgraced supervisor george shirakawa. he now faces a new dirty check. a postage stamp links him to another person who was running against george shirakawa in 2010. the flyers show her with a flag
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that affected immigrants. >> it leads them to make an informed decision and imposed on his freedoms. >> that case went unsolved until they found his dna on evidence and he pled guilty. sentencing is expected tomorrow. he has the only camera on scene when they raided a twin peeks apartment where they found blank cards, fake ids, a printer and along list of credit cards and names. a bail bonds man found it when he went to find a client. >> he had reached his contract and it was a reason to go check on the monitor. >> one man was arrested and at least five people are involved
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including a worker at a bay area hotel. she is the biggest winner and thanking a stranger for her good luck. 84-year-old gloria from florida finally came forward to claim a $590 million jackpot prize. she issued a statement saying thank you, a customer let her go ahead and she is taking the lump sum payment options which comes to 270 million after taxes. >> i wonder what that customer is thinking right now. >> time now 4:55, now hold on, she may have had specific numbers. >> is there a quick picks for powerball. >> there is one but there are a lot of factors involved.
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>> maybe she played her numbers. she is very rich. good morning everyone, let's go out and take a look, traffic is working well out on westbound 7880 -- 880, not a bad drive, day of clark is back and said, we have made it to thursday and i -- dave clark is back and said we've made it to thursday and i agree. this is a look at the san mateo and dumbarton bridges and it is a nice drive to the peninsular, let's go to steve. >> making it to -- not making it? that is the alternative. >> yes, and there is still a very no doubt about it sea breeze, 25 gusting to 33, napa west, it is really tough to warm up unless you are far away
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from any marine influence. 54 sacramento and 67 in fresno, it is going to be hot out there, a lot of low clouds and fog, morning fog missty, coast and bay, the inland fog will burn off sooner as we go to the weekend, friday saturday, it might top out then and we'll see a little difference. big fog bank, ukiah, clear lake, for most of the bay area, it will be 150s and 60s -- 50s and 60s. warm to hot on friday, it will still be warm at the coast and it will be warm to hot on saturday, away from the coast, cooler for everybody monday. a survivor of the boston marathon bombing reunited with a woman who helped to save her
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life. >> how the two women grieved without knowing each other's names. president barack obama has a visit and we will have more on the important topics he is ready to discuss on his visit.
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. as many people head to the beach to escape the heat, there is warnings of rip currents and we will tell you what they say to watch out for. plus a top secret government order requiring a major phone company to turn over all call logs, it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning, thank you for joining us on this thursday morning, june 6thth, i am pam cook. >> and i am dave clark, steve, is the coast clear? >> no, there is a lot of fog over there, dave d


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