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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  June 6, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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. president barack obama will be in the bay area and we will talk about criticism about his trips to the bay area. a major phone company is called to turn over millions of americans phone records. the growing hepatitis outbreak in the bay area, the new contamination concern involving the pharmacy of a bay area target store. latest controversy that will be a dressed on capitol hill later today. morning news continues. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning, thank you for
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joining us, this is thursday, june 6thth, i am pam cook. >> steve knows all about the weather, here there, everywhere. >> yeah. >> down in phoenix, i have no idea. >> hot. >> well, we do have a rather solid fog bank, highs today inland coming up coast and bay, staying about the same, here is sal. traffic is looking good on highway 4 in fact it is a little bit better out of antioch headed to pittsburgh and on the golden gate bridge, they are out switching over the lanes but traffic is light, let's go back to the desk. president barack obama is coming here to the bay area and he will be mostly doing some fundraising but janine de la vega did make a last minute
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attempt, here is more. >> reporter: later today, this street is going to be filled with secret service and people attending a fundraiser at this home for president barack obama. tickets are not cheap, they reportedly run between 2500 and 500 a person. no parking signs are lining the palo alto streets in preparation for the fundraiser being held for mike mccue. democrats were criticizing the president for only coming to the area for private democratic fundraisers rather than speaking about issues and policy that are important to the community. his last report was in atherton and his official event this time was a meeting with a chinese president in rancho mirage but a reason event was
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recently scheduled. he will speak at a fundraiser in palo alto at 10:00 p.m. and 8:25 in port toll low and will speak at 8:50 at the fairmont and is expected to speak about the affordable healthcare act. i plan on seeing what residents and neighbors, how they feel about the president's visit on their street today. janine de la vega reporting live from palo alto, ktvu channel 2 morning news. traffic will be affected in the area at 6:00 in that area and for reasons the motorcade arrival will not be announced
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for obvious reasons. there is a contamination of hepatitis a. now a pharmacy worker who works at both locations of target reasonly got sick after eating a frozen bury mix from costco which has been linked to an outbreak. they are concerned the worker may have contaminated medicine at the pharmacy. >> i will have my do do a blood test or whatever they need to do. >> people who filled pensions and they are advised to get a
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doctor and hepatitis evacuate nation. that person is not in the hospital but recovering at home. this is now the 4th case in the greater bay area connected to those frozen berries sold by costco. seven people have been affected. a woman was trying to eat healthier and that gave her hepatitis a. coming up, how she knew something was wrong and a post on facebook that revealed something went wrong. it happened last night on delta fair boulevard and then stumbled into a store and they are continuing to search for a possible motive. we have an update on that victorrian home that caught fire. our camera took pictures of the fire and this was 7:14
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yesterday morning. flames were spreading near chinatown and they will meet with the property owners to discuss demolishing the house due to extensive damage. they are also looking into weather vagrants made this happen and it also caught fire in january. the high speed rail project may approve to start building the train. they are recommending a bid by the california based consortium. the board members are due to meet in sacramento today and the couldn't be tract is for the first 30-mile segment. the preferred bid was the lowest and that's under the 1.2
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billion dollar cost. >> well traffic is cueing up when you come to the toll plaza and metering lights are on but if you notice it is not as bad as yesterday and as we get further into june it is getting better because school is out for many and people are on vacation and this is 880 north and southbound as you drive passed the coliseum. east 80, near carlson, minor crash with a big slow down. we have some thunderstorms and we have a low off the
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southern california coast. i doubt much change coast and bay and there will still be fog that will be squashed. inland 190s to -- 90s to 100s and back in the sacramento valley, still a west wind in place, two hours ago, southwest 21 and that's still rather fresh, conklin west, santa rosa, southwest and a except are -- and except for a couple of locations northwest and tropical storm andrea a moving northeast at 14 miles per hour and 60 mile-per-hour winds and you can see it is heading towards the florida panhandle and will be in george why late -- georgia late tomorrow morning. 53 sacramento, that is pretty cool for this time he have year with a delta breeze in place
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and morning fog, a little bit of midst, it will be a warmer pattern and friday and saturday will be the two days and they will start a cool down. 80s for especially towards oakly antioch, morgan hill and gilroy. most locations around the bay area, warm to hot, it will be the hottest day, monday big cool down. he admitted to beating up a priest, he had a jury acquit him of all charges, the new crusade for the law he wants changed. also responding to racial profiling involving marijuana. you kids should count yourselves lucky.
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. outside of verizon, brian you are getting reaction from the white house and more on what is being released, what is going on? >> reporter: well, it is interesting, dave, the white house says it is a critical tool in protecting nations from terrorist threats but they did not specify a particular threat but if you are a verizon
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customers your information is in the hands of terrorists and they were able to obtain information where verizon handed over phone records and time and duration on a going basis. but the order was signed on april 25th of this year and is said to expire on the 19th of july. white house defends the nsa but did not acknowledge the existents of the dashikis effort continues of the -- exist continues of it sighting the patriot act. we will tell you more on how many customers are affected by this and maybe even verizon wireless as well as a group that was not happy this order was issued. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 morning news. san francisco police are
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disputing and one that they are climbing they are four times more likely to have it but they looked at numbers from one year, 2010. they made 11 arrests but five of those arrested were african- american and 5 were white. an emotional meeting from the boston marathon bombing was reunited with a woman who helped save her life. >> look at you, look at you... so glad we found you. >> ericka lost her leg in the boston marathon bombing but she could never forget the woman who heard her screams and wanted to help. cnn tracked her down and brought the two together. >> right away you grabbed my
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hand and you told me you were not going to let go and you didn't. >> i felt there was a reason i was there and i just felt this compulsion to go over to you. >> amanda north is from the bay area and she was waiting at the finish line or near the finish lane. she is now recovering in her lap. the united baggage handler is facing a new charge. police are investigating him after 50 complaints were made to united after items were stolen from passenger's bags. they put decoy items on luggage and tracked them to his car as he was driving home. his lawyers accused them of
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talking on embezzlement and so far reyes is pleading not guilty. they want to find a man who hit a man in a wheelchair. this happened early saturday morning and at first he sped around before driving off again. the car you are looking for is a toyota. it may have some damage to the passenger's side corner and we have no description of the driver. she is the biggest lottery winner in u.s. history and she is thanking a stranger for her good luck gloria mackenzie from florida came forward to claim the jackpot prize. she didn't talk to reporters and she only issued a
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statement. mackenzie is taking the lump some of $370 million and comes to 200 million after taxes. they are bouncing back from the economic downturn... they are spent being $50,000 to rent out the san pedro square market for the convention and that's in addition to $100 for food plus the cost of transportation and food and it may be the latest after cut backs in the room health. >> i am seeing a lot of hiring all the way to big enterprises. >> a apple may be increasing by
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50% over the next four years. and a hearing on capitol hill comes after a treasury report found the internal revenue service spent $4 million on a conference for 26 million people in southern california. this is just the latest controversy and the internal revenue service admitted tar getting conservative groups including the tea party. in 2005, san jose passes at any cabs allowed to be at the airport but according to a recent city airport, passengers are being passed up while the airport has a surplus of cash and the government says the regulations are just not realistic. >> let's check back with sal, up know it was foggy at the golden gate bridge, right?
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>> that's right, pam. teach will elaborate on that but traffic is moderate starting with the east shore freeway westbound. eastbound 80 coming to el cerrito, there was a crash not causing any major problems and westbound is more crowded and we have a crowd over the 880 over crossing and it's about a 50 minute wait and so you are looking at a drive time. the traffic spun out east 80 near carl shop. high pressure is trying to build in and still a west wind, almost every location has a sea breeze and thunderstorms are up in the sierra nevada and they have been drifting up towards
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california as well. 76 downtown and it might be warmer out towards sonoma county airport 62 livermore, san jose, this is out at read hillview which is 5 degrees warmer than the san jose camp the and 50s on the temperatures, everybody says colluded did i and 1 right now. a little burn off sooner but there is still some local drizzle. temperatures inland not much change coast and bay. by friday and saturday, 60s and 70s coming in and there will still be fog on the coast and it will burn off sooner. morning fog, warmer inland, a
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lot of low clouds are in place, 50s to 80s, almost 90 degrees and napa 78 degrees downtown, closer to east san jose. san martinez, mountain view and there will still be coast and fog and everybody will have some. a national average hit 4.07 last week which is up a half of a percent from early last month. economists say it is likely to push potential buyers and they expect interest rates to settle between 4 and 5% next year. a set back for a proposed film studio in solon -- sal loan know -- solano county and how this may affect the project
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in the future. a simple solution which can make a big difference, we will explain, stay tuned.
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. welcome back, some california students are getting sick because they are sitting
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in badly ventilated classrooms. 162 california classrooms found most of the classrooms had windows but nobody seemed to open them. that led to more students getting sick than staying at home. they say if more of the classrooms had better ventilation the absences would go down. a woman said healthy eating gave her hepatitis a. a woman from santa clara county was diagnosed memorial day weekend. she began using the frozen berries to make smoothies and they are now linked to hepatitis a outbreak all across the country. >> i wall really dehydrated and my eyes, they were pretty yellow. >> howard says her brother saw facebook posts about the berries right before he was
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about to drink the same smoothie and she said he called, doctors confirmed the connection and she should be better but not for a couple of months. a sex abuse victim wants to see a measure target the ballot. they accused will lynch of punching a priest who abused him and his brother back in the 19 70s. he is launching a petition drive on the ballot and that would eliminate the statute of limitations for child sex offenders. they lost one of their major key supporters. she named howard as one of her major supporters and backers. he produced movies including raiders of the loft arc and now
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he is pulling out of any deals because of a lack of funding. she still plans to move ahead for the plans for the studio. sal is moving ahead and he knows all about your commute, how is he looking? >> it looks pretty good but it is looking already and this is northbound 280 getting to highway 17 and it is a nice looking drive, 101 to 85 and driving toward the valley from pleasanton to the silicone valley if you will, a lot of valleys, southbound traffic looks good, let's go to steve. a lot of low clouds in place, even some local drizzle as the fog comes off slightly, but 60s around the bay and a few upper 80s well inland. city college of san francisco is fighting to stay
6:28 am
open, and today's make or break presentation, when the school can expect to find out if they can keep their accreditation. > present barack obama is arriving in the bay area, we are live in palo alto, we will tell you what is on his agenda. the opening bell is about to ring on wall street and pam will have the opening stock numbers for you. ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪
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♪ the 2013 volt. charge ahead of the rest in the hov lane. ♪ . welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, it looks like a recovery for the nasdaq and s&p 500, with the dow jones industrial average dropping more than 200 points and futures have been indicating a good morning so we will keep watching to see what
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happens. we will smile and say good morning to you, thank you for joining us, it is thursday june 6thth, i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook, president barack obama arrives in the bay area and he will attend a couple of fundraisers on the peninsular this evening. outside one of the homes, the president will make an appearance, janine de la vega has more. >> reporter: many people know the president is coming and we saw some neighbors trying to get the cell phone pictures snapped on this happen and he will be hosting a fundraiser where president barack obama will be today. barricades are stacked here in preparation for the visit. president barack obama is scheduled to arrive at moffett field in air force one this evening and he will be takingen to two democratic -- taken to
6:32 am
two democratic fundraiser and another venture capitalist in the valley. at 8:50 he will be speaking at the fairmont in san jose. president barack obama will be talking about the affordable healthcare act and he's expected to highlight the early data and premiums where it creates choices for people who want to buy it this fall. they are very excited. >> it is fantastic. win, loose or draw. if you like or don't like him, it doesn't happen all the time. it is pretty exciting. >> reporter: the president was scrutinized for only appearing for fundraisers and not speaking at free events for the public. it was not on his agenda but
6:33 am
recently scheduled after criticismels surfaced. coming up, we asked neighbors what they thought about that criticism and what they thought about the president coming here to the peninsular for the fundraising event. reporting live ktvu channel 2 morning news. and immigrants' rights advocates have made a sit in and they want president barack obama to put a moratorium until congress passes moratorium immigration reform. and it will start in palo alto at 4:30 this afternoon. there is a development in connection with the jerry sandusky scandal. a jury threw out a lawsuit and the antitrust lawsuit asked to
6:34 am
overturn a $60 million fine and a four-year bowl band against them and the judge called it a hail mary pass. as you remember, jerry sandusky is serving along prison sentence for child molestation. and back here, san francisco is making its final arguments on why it should stay open. they have nine campuses serving over 8 5,000 students however they are threatening to pull their accreditation if they don't improve their financial situation. administrators will present their changesels today and the commission is expected in about a month. some people are calling it a major invasion of privacy as they hand over millions of phone records to the agency.
6:35 am
they are there to tell us why this is linked to potential terrorist threats. >> reporter: the white house has come out and saying this is a critical tool in protecting the nation from terrorist threats. they did not specify a particular threat but if you are a verizon customer your information is the hands of the federal government. verizon handed over records when it came to telephone numbers, time and duration. it does not rewire the content and again they defend had this type of information but the white house did not acknowledge the existence of the order according to former reports. newt gingrich weighed in and he
6:36 am
said he supports whatever it takes to prevent a terrorist attack as long as there are restrictions. >> and with the internal revenue service scandal and all of the other things we are watching why would anyone trust the government to keep its word? >> reporter: now the patriots act said, they used it as reference and verizon wireless has 121 million customers and they did not specify which will be trammed. live here in emoryville ktvu channel 2 morning news brian flores. and we have new information between vallejo police and a suspected gunman. we first told you about this story yesterday at 5:00 and vallejo police released this
6:37 am
photo of a flair gun. officers say it was modified into a handheld shotgun and it was when he got there the man was pointing a gun at him and he shot and killed the man. they also recovered a bolt action rifle with a silencer. a hearing is scheduled in the case of a firefighter hit by a car on thanksgiving 2011. albert remains on life support and he is a military person and it shows he is arguing. he later put his foot down and his girlfriend has been charged
6:38 am
as well. the political scandal involving disgraced supervisor george shirakawa is growing. now he is facing a new criminal charge linked to a new dirty trick. dna on a postage stamp comes through and she was running against a george shirakawa aid back in 2010. george shirakawa will be sentenced tomorrow for misusing public money. they have abruptly resigned just as the commission was able to get a find for pain page. they are calling on the
6:39 am
attorney general pamela harris to investigate. they claim those resignations may be due to a disagreement over whether they are ready in stead it will go in our fine. we have posted the level right near the top of that home page. sal, what are you keeping an eye on? >> we do have a 15 minute wait at the toll plaza before you get into san francisco and once you get on to the bridge another 10 minutes so the whole thing should take -- thing should take less than 30 minutes for the trip across the bay and once in san francisco, you have no problems. then from san leandro and hey
6:40 am
would wood continues to look good and in fact i think it is better than it is. let's go to steve 6:49. >> well, he is a ups guy and he said, steve, hold this weather and i said, i will see what i can do nor you and -- for you. and it will be a little warmer inland, unless you are up in ukiah, clear lake, stockton and antioch. and main days 90s and 100 out towards sacramento valley and it will be hot, hot, just so fresno, baker field, coast and bay there will still be some fog and it will burn off sooner
6:41 am
and it will not make any push inland. fairfield 52, southwest wind 21 miles per hour and they had gusts at 23, earlier things were coming down, oakland is in on it, most locations an easterly breeze and livermore is 9 miles per hour. tropical storm andrea is moving out of florida 60 mile-per-hour winds and it is not a huge storm surge but it will be a big rainer and it will move to george why into overnight tomorrow. 53 sacramento, 51 ukiah, thunderstorms up in the sierra today and also northeast california and a little bit of midst but not a lot coast and bay, you may encounter some in new york and san francisco. warmer treat day and saturday and we start a cooling trend
6:42 am
sunday. >> a lot of 80s, reddit latimes cooed los gatos all the 70s and then we cool it down and monday looks sunny and much cooler. a 61-year-old woman was found alive in the collapsed building in philadelphia. the new trouble rescue crews are facing as they search report other survivors. we are live at ocean beach where people are already in the water this morning. we will show you what they are facing and tell you about the warning for all beachgoers over the next few days. some slow traffic here looks worse than it normally does and we will get to the bottom of this commute straight ahead.
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. a little bit warmer inland, 50s and 60s and 70s coast and bay. here is a look at some am top stories we are -- some of the top stories, president barack obama is attending two fund racers on the peninsular and tomorrow he will talk about
6:46 am
his reform law. and the guardian has obtained a top secret u.s. order to require verizon to turn over the records of millions of americans. and city college of san francisco will present their case in an effort to keeping the school open. and the final decision is expected in about a month. hotwe have a warn burglary some power -- warning about some powerful waves. here is more. >> reporter: you can see they have been having a hard time getting up and that's because rip currents are out there over the next few days. coast guard and national weather service is warning
6:47 am
beachgoers to be cautious and winds are kicking up sending a lot of energy in our direction and winds are especially erratic. it can be difficult to swim and surf no matter how experienced you are in the water and you should always have somebody waiting for you readied to call for help. a man disappeared after bay to breakers and his clothes and passport were found on the shore at the beach but they had not received any reports of anything washing ashore since he meant missing. they say to keep a close eye on children. you should keep your kids very close and they recommend you keep your pets on a leash when conditions are like this. reporting live on ocean beach.
6:48 am
they are deciding they can testify. they are allowed a pretrial hearing and jury selection is to begin on monday and a voice expert is saying trayvon martin can be heard on a 911 call saying quote, i am begging you. now zimmer man said he shot and killed trayvon martin in self- defense. rescued and still alive after being trap had under the rubble of a collapsed building. the building fell down on a salvation army thrift store. 6 people were killed and 14 others were hurt. that woman was the latest to be rescued from the rubble.
6:49 am
and that search is continuing and the trouble is they don't know how many people may be buried. >> we do not know and we still do not know how many people were in the store, possibly on the sidewalk... the mayor says there have been no complaints about the collapsed building and they are calling this an industrial accident. the objecting passingnal safety administration is now -- occupational safety administration is now investigating. the morning after pill can be sold without age restrictions while the federal government appeal is heard. previously girls 16 and older needed a prescription to buy the pill. it will not be sold over the
6:50 am
counter until age restrictions are repealed. a street light landed on another and yesterday afternoon this honda crashed in the front of london salon and it crashed in half on to saint salon located -- sage salon located next door. here is a look amount the extensive damage and fortunately they are now looking into what caused the crash. >> a little bit of fog and steve has mentioned it is affecting flights and we have delays that are expected to get in on f o o. it was slower and 680 is slow along with 242. if you are driving on the toll
6:51 am
plaza, it is a 15 minute delay with no major delays and san jose northbound looks good, 237 is slow but it does not appear to be that bad as you drive to 101. >> very cold and foggy and cassie jean says it is cold and foggy where is the warmup? if anything it will burn off sooner with the fog and capitoa may warm up but overall it looks gray by the coast and we'll see temperatures jump up. 52 napa, 152 fairfield. concord 53 and most say it is up and down 2000 feet 6 degrees are jumping up and the hottest will be in the san joaquin
6:52 am
valley and around here it will be 90s more than anything else but that's inland. 50s to almost 90, antioch brenly, fairfield 83, that is not bad 82 concord, 5 warmer than yesterday. san rafael is in there as well. 7 ever san jose and that's closer to reid. 70s in san mateo, santa cruz 60s on the coast and too much fog. warm to hot around the bay, saturday may be the warmest day and much cooler. the numbers is -- number is still consistent and most economists are looking for the monthly jobs report for may and that comes out at 5:30 tomorrow morning and we will tell you
6:53 am
how it looks tomorrow. checking on the markets to see how it is affecting the numbers there look at the big board, dow jones industrial average back below 15,000 after the 200 point drop yesterday and the nasdaq and s&p 500 are also posting modest gains. we are looking at facebook and that stock is down a little bit in early trading this morning. shares of the social network are down 5% for the week and that's despite of them tar getting $40 a share. right now first time in a year they have topped the ipo price at $38 a share. a boat trip took an unexpect under turn. >> hi, baby. >> oh, yeah, baby. that is sea lion, jumped right
6:54 am
into a boat and made himself right at home. >> plus, it will cost millions of dollars but will a name change be a good thing. what you may be calling the home of the san jose sharks in the future. look at 'em.
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. welcome back. san jose pavilion is getting a new name and it will officially have a new name after finalizing the deal s ap to put its name on the building. s ap's founder is a majority owner of the san jose sharks. an unexpected visit terrible, she first spot add sea lion before suddenly he cam hopped over to him, put his head in his lap and the sea lion spent about an hour there before belly flopping and then heading back out to sea. >> thats amazing. >> sal is serious about our commute, you are watching the toll plaza, right? >> the traffic is coming into the city and it is backed up for a 20 minute delay and this
6:58 am
looks like a evening of the commute no problems get inginto the city, traffic is light and between hayward and 238 and maury avenue. we have all lost low clouds, it will burn off sooner and we will bump off on the temperatures, 51 right now and 50 inland and warmer inland. breaking news in contra costa, water in the neighborhood, we are out there live, a water-main burst and we will have a report on the cleanup next. and president barack obama comes through in the bay area, a last minute change to his schedule while he is here. stay right here with us.
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>> reporter: we're following breaking news for you in martinez. crews are trying to get the water turned off after


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