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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  June 6, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> reporter: we're following breaking news for you in martinez. crews are trying to get the water turned off after a water
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main break. a bombshell announcement that the federal government is scooping you the records of verizon phone customers. how will you react if you find out your phones are being tapped? >> reporter: president obama arrives to the bay area today. we'll tell you what is on the agenda. you heard steve. a lot of people will start to head off. a lot of people will be heading to the beaches. but meteorologists say be careful if you think about going swimming. "mornings on 2" begins right now. well, it's thursday. june 6th. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook in for tori campbell. less get right to steve -- let's get right to steve. we did talk about mist and fog. >> there is a lot of fog. >> okay. >> by the coast around the bay,
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there's a lot of fog. 50s, 60s 70s, some mid, lower 80s if you don't get fog. here's sal. good morning, westbound 237. some pretty owtraffic here. surprisingly this bottleneck doesn't go that deep. it does get better toward sunnyvale. the san mateo bridge traffic looks good. back to the desk. we have breaking news in contra costa county, street flooding in martinez. a water main broke this morning. claudine wong is there live. where are you and what can you tell us? >> reporter: we're at alhambra and jones. let me show you the watery mess in front of you. you see that white truck? it's blocking our view of where the water main possibly broke and broke through the surface. you can see the mess it caused.
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this started around 4:45 this morning. it's a fairly significant break. they've been trying to figure out how to turn this off. they are going around to different shutoff points and try to shut everything down to figure out where the water is coming from and then figure out what happened. if you pan up, you can see the reservoir. the crews had to turn the water off leading to the reservoir. there are a lot of residents who don't have because the crews had to do that to stop the source of the water. they haven't been able to find where the flow is coming from yet. this is the worst area of it, i've seen it down two, three blocks. it's down the gutters and find of filling up. this street is a mess. a lot of people without water.
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the main focus is to try to fig out how to get the water off be a then they say -- to try to figure out a way to get the water off. they can't figure out how to get the water turned off to that area and they also don't know what caused this. we'll keep you up-- updated on "mornings on 2." claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. well, president obama is coming to the prayer today. janine de la vega has been talking with neighbors who live near the palo alto home that will be the president's first stop. janine? >> reporter: well, neighbors tell me this morning in recent weeks, they say there's been a lot of landscaping done to the house. it's been spruced up. but they are worried about how
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their streets will be impacted, how they will be able to get in and out. later today, it will be full of secret service, police and people attending the fund- raiser for president obama. there are already no-parking signs lining this palo alto street in preparation for the fund-raiser being held at the home. tickets are not cheap. they run between $2500 to $5,000 a person. according to a report from the "chronicle" democrats were criticizing the president for only coming to the bay area for private fund-raisers rather than holding free public events to speak about policies and issues important to the local community. this official event this time was a meeting with the chinese president in rancho mirage, but another speaking event was scheduled in san jose, one neighbor told us, he wished all of the events were not fund- raisers. good. it would be good. i think there's a lot of
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questions, a lot of negative things in the news. it's always better when the person in charge speaks directly and clarifies thingses. >> -- and clarifies things. >> reporter: president obama is scheduled to speak here at a fund-raiser at 7:00 p.m. he will make remarks at a second fund-raiser at 8:25 in portola valley. he will spend the night and then speak at 8:50 at the fairmont hotel. back to you. >> now, with president obama scheduled to arrive at moffett field traffic in the area will probably be affected. for security reasons, the president's motorcade route is not disclosed ahead of time, but most likely it will follow highway 101 to palo alto for
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the first fund-raiser. expect temporary road closures in and around tharyia because of the president's visit if you are a verizon phone user, your records could be handed over to the federal government. brian flores has more on why this is being done and what the white house is saying about this. >> reporter: a lot of mixed reaction. the white house is responding. they say obtaining these records is a critical tool from protecting the -- for protecting the nation from the threats. this was reported by the "guardian newspaper." they were able to obtain the order to that verizon -- obtain the order that said that verizon turn over records. this record is set to expire on july 19th. again, the white house says
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they defend the nsa gathering this type of information. we spoke with cell phone customers this morning, they are not exactly happy. >> i don't understand. there are millions of people who are terrorist suspects in the united states. in some way, i think the terrorists are winning because their job is to make us feel terrified and we're -- we're giving up our freedoms because they are making us feel terrified. >> the patriot act in particular sections where it mentions it could gather any tangible things including business records. back out here live, verizon says they have about 120 million customers nationwide. the order did not specify how many customers were being tracked. a lot of mixed reaction. i also posed this question on my twitter page. we would like to get your reaction if you are a verizon customer. >> i want to go to brian's
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twitter. yes. >> that will be very interesting. i'm sure people will have a lot to say about that sal? >> all of us are on twitter. >> pam and i were talking -- >> we have very informed viewers. >> yes. >> you can give us weather and traffic tips. let's go out and take a look at the east shore freeway westbound as you head out to the macarthur maze. no problems on westbound 580. i know the facebook people are saying, what about facebook? we're on facebook, too. let's take a look at the westbound bay bridge. it's backed up for a 15, 20- minute delay. and this morning's commute on the san mateo and dumbarton bridge look good if you want to get to the peninsula. i want to remind you there are
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air delays expected for flights later on this morning. that's the average time, your time may very. check why where you -- check with your airline. >> i was looking at social media resumes. very creative. a lot of he clouds, misty -- a lot of low clouds. misty, drizzly. inland temperatures -- unless you're really far away are only one one s who are gonna warm up. santa rosa, 73. south wind. 76. 62 in san francisco. this is reedville, 78. a lot of low clouds and a
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little bit warmer pattern. it will get hot. but for most 60s, 70s, 80s. 90s are forecast for livermore. i think i saw 90s for santa rosa and 80s for san jose. if you go inland, it will be hot. 50s on the temperatures. sfo a wed wind. that tells you the -- sfo a west wind. that tells you. tom andrea heading towards the big bend area of florida. a lot of rain.
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a lot of rain. and also wind at should be in gentleman and tomorrow morning. for us, the -- in georgia and tomorrow morning. for us, 55. down towards fresno you can see where the temperatures are lower. one forecast models tops us out on friday. 50s to almost 90. a lot of 70s and 80s. tomorrow will be warm to hot. inland areas will get to 100. it does look cooler on sunday. and then much cooler on monday. 7:12. hundreds of bay area residents you are being warned your farmcy may have ex-- pharmacy may have exposed you to hepatitis-a. and an 84-year-old woman,
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the biggest lotto winner in history. the polite act of a stranger that may have helped her win that prize. [ both ] we're foodies.
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and a second helping. schick when you feed your plants... everyone grows with miracle-gro. pretty good fog bank out there. it will burn off sooner for some. just a great story if you haven't seen this in an's motional meeting a survivor of the boston marathon bombing was reunited with the bay area woman who helped save her life. >> look at you. look at you. so glad we found you. [ applause ] >> she lost her leg in the boston marathon bombing. she said she would never forget
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the woman who heard her schemes and ran to help. she wanted to meet her hero. so cnn brought them together. >> you grabbed my hand and told me you weren't gonna let go. >> i felt like ther was a reason i was there -- i felt like there was a reason i was there. i just felt this compulsion is go over to you. >> amanda north is from the bay area and said she was waiting near the finish line when the explosion happened. she was the last bombing victim to leave the hospital on monday. she's recovering in maryland. the governor of connecticut just signed a new law that bans the release of any graphic crime scene photos from the sandy hook massacre. back then, 20 children and six adults were killed in the shooting ral pain. family members of the victim -- rampage. family members of the victims asked for the ban. fbi agents, they've gone
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back to the texas home, the one that's linked to letters containing ricin. those letters were sent to president obama and the mayor of new york city. now, agents wearing hazardous material suits could be seen going in and out of that house yesterday. they also searched the house last week. the fbi reportedly went to the home after a woman reported her husband was keeping suspicious containers there. irs officials and the in ther general are testifying before congress right now. as kyla campbell reports, there are some harsh words if the house oversight committee. >> reporter: pam, the chairman and ranking member gave scathing opening remarks of we're taking -- remarks. we're taking a look at the hearing. this comes after darrell issa slammed the irs for spending $50 million over three years on
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conferences. >> or that could cease some of these conferences and not be as outraged as we were, is a culture that needs to change. >> reporter: not only did the irs spend about $4 million on one conference in anaheim, california in 2010 but the irs officials requested upgrade, room service and other things. the inspector general said no crimes were committed but the committee cannot look over excessive spending. they cost tax payer, $60,000. it's something that congressmen can't get out of their heads. >> most people don't even make $50,000. but we can produce a video that has no redeeming value. none. and spend tax payers' hard-
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earned dollars for that. >> it's embarrassing. i apologize. >> reporter: the hearing continues and danny werfel will be testifying as well. we'll keep you updated. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. leon panetta may be in trouble for revealing top- secret information about the osama bin laden raid he discussed the operation at a cia awards ceremony back in 2010. he revealed the -- 2011. he revealed the unit and the ground crew. among those atedding the ceremony, the man who wrote "zero dark 30 question." a former baggage handler accused of stealing luggage a was arrested.
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he was investigated after more than 50 complaints came in to united about items stolen from bags. investigators put tracks devices and then tracked them as he drove home. his attorney accuses prosecutors of piling on the different charge of embezzlement in an effort to clear up unrelated cases. he's pleaded not guilty. san francisco police dispute a report claiming that race is a factor in marijuana arrests. the aclu says african-americans are four times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession compared to whites. that report looked at staffs from one year, 2010. in 2010 police say they made only one arrest. five of the people they say were african-american, five were white. in berkeley, they are moving to close down a
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controversial marijuana supplier. the green leaf wellness group is on dwight way. that's on sacramento street. neighbors have complained that people openly smoke pot. they litter and urinate on the streets. green leaf says the city should impose conditions instead of posing them down. visits to national parks, you can get a taste of healthier foods. food vendors are going to be required to offer healthy options. in washington, d.c., parks will offer crab cakes and back bean sliders. and in our area, muir woods in marin county, they have sandwiches made from line taught tuna and homemade breads. she's the biggest lotto
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winner in history. she finally came forward. she did not talk to those reporters. but she issued a statement thanking a woman who hit her go ahead of her in -- a woman to let her go ahead of her in line. she's taking the lump some option which comes to $270 million after taxes. more details are coming out about the attempted suicide attempt by paris jackson. she reportedly called a suicide hotline said she had cut herself with a meat leaver and had taken a lot of ibuprofen. that center -- cleaver and had taken a lot of i-profen.
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that person called 911. there are reports she's cut herself in the past. she's recovering. are you ready for some warm weather? we have clouds, too. stay tuned for steve. he will tell you how warm it will get in your neighborhood today. >> there's something that's not happening inside classrooms. it could be making students sick. the simple solution that could make a difference. good morning. we have some slow traffic now in the south bay. there's one spot in the bay area that seems to not be getting a break today.
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some california students are getting sick because of
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badly-ventilated classrooms, reports say. researchers say if there was better ventilation the number of absences would go down. a san francisco cafe one that was forced to close because of the smell, it's moving to a new location. >> in may, bacon bacon, the food truck and restaurant was closed after people in the haight-ashbury district started to complain about the overwhelming bacon smell. according to its twitter page, bacon, bacon is taking over the kitchen of brick & mortar. right now, bacon bacon is using their kitchen to fix the food for the food truck. starts next wednesday, it will -- starting next wednesday, it will open as a regular restaurant. sal, how's the traffic? >> the livermore valley,
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another crash, a minor one. 580 -- 580 on the altamont pass. let's get to the live pictures, highway 4 a little bit of improvement here, slow in antioch approaching 680. toll plaza, there's been a slight improvement. it's backed up until you make it to the bridge. let's go to steve. maybe a little thinner out towards the fog. it looks sal solid -- it looks sole -- it looks solid. warmer weather will kick in. one forecast model says friday will be the hottest. but then after that, they both cool it down. sunday big time and into monday as well. 7:27. the search goes on for survivers in philadelphia, the scene of that deadlycollapse. we'll bring you a live report
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right from that scene. that's where a 61 was rescued alive after being under the rubble for 12 hours. >> we continue to follow breaking news from martinez. crews have gotten the water turned off but the damage is done. we'll give you a look at what the where they mess has caused in this martinez neighborhood when we come back. >> reporter: we are live at ocean beach where many will be headed the next two days to escape the heat. before you dive in, we have a warning for you -- when "mornings on 2" continues.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2." 7:30. we want to update on the breaking news we first told you about at the beginning of "mornings on 2." streets are flooded in one contra costa county neighborhood after a water main break. ktvu's claudine wong is out there in martinez this morning where crews are still trying to cap this leak, right, claudine? >> reporter: they actually got the water off. now they are trying to clean it up. take a look at the sinkhole. this is where the water broke through the pavement and started rushing down the street. if you pan down the street, you can see the water mess it caused. it was flowing down that streeted a then went down two more blocks and just a mess out here. a resident called 911. she said it sounded like the
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wind. look at the street, though, that's underneath where this water pushed up and the force with which is shoved that street up. if we pan up the hill quickly, i want to show you up there, that's where the reservoir is located. they had to cap that off. they basically spent the last hours since this all happened at 4:45 this morning, going around through the neighborhood trying to get the water turned off. now you can see the damage they are facing. that's a couple of inches off the pavement that it's pushed up this street. what they will need to do is break through this whole street, break through the -- tear it up and figure out what caused it. good news, the water has been turned off. now they can move on to figuring out how to get water to residents who are out of water. this will be an all-day affair
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as least to tear up the street, get to the problem, find a course to the problem and fix it. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. there's a warning about a possible hepatitis-a contamination. this time at two bay area targets. the two stores are onle road in hayward and east 14th street in san leandro. a pharmacy worker was rent infected with hepatitis-a. that employee got sick after eating those frozen berries sold at costco that's been linked to a recent outbreak. officials are concerned that the medication may have been affected. >> i was very concerned. >> health officials say people
7:34 am
who filled prescriptions between may 5th and 24th are at risk. those customers are being@sized to see a doctor and get a -- peaking advised to get a shot and see a doctor. >> this is the bay area's first known case of hepatitis-a. so far at least 49ople in seven states have been affected. now, a 22-year-old woman, alia howard, was diagnosed memorial day weekend of she started to feel nauseous and tired and the whites of her eyes were turning yellow. she said her brother made the connection between the berries and hepatitis-a after reading a post on facebook. that's when she started to learn more. >> it was pretty close to know, oh, man, that means someone didn't wash their hands. kind of gross. >> howard said she had been
7:35 am
using those berries for smoothies. it's part of an attempt by her to get healthy. she's on her way to recover. doctors are encouraging to get this vaccine just to protect yourself from the outbreak. there could be dangerous conditions at the beach over the next few lorraine blanco is out at oaks beach with a warning. >> reporter: there's a handful of surfers in the water right now at ocean beach this morning. we just talked with the man who surfs out here from time to time. he told us he wouldn't dream of getting in the water in these conditions. you can see right now, the waves are getting bigger. that's because of a southern swell headed our way sending -- sending a lot of energy our way. the national weather service and the coast guard are warning beachgoers to be extra cautious, especially here at ocean beach where it can be difficult to swim and surf no
7:36 am
matter how experiences you are -- experienced you are in the water. the coast guard says to have somebody with you onshore to call for help if necessary. >> you can definitely tell inside here because the water is going sideways. i had my dog down there and can get in. y get him it looks a little rough today. >> reporter: that's a good idea, the coast guard tells us. they get calls for pets being pulled out there as well. although it's not required at some bay area beaches, they say it's a good idea to keep the dogs on the beach when the rip currents -- when the rip currents are like this. 7:36. new details about a deadly confrontation between vallejo police and a suspected gunman. we first told you about this yesterday at 5:00 a.m. now, police in vallejo released this photo of a flare gun. now, police say it was actually modified into a hand-held shot gun. a police officer was called to
7:37 am
the marina tuesday night answering a call about a disturbance. when he got there, he says a man was pointing a gun at him. a man identified as 40-year-old timothy john walker. miss say they also recovered, a .22 caliber boat action rifle that had a silencer. a lot of people are probably getting ready to head out the door. how is the commute, sal? >> pam, dave, it looks pretty good. i think every day this week we've seen a little bit of improvement. we still have slow traffic. i keep coming back to the toll plaza, the work force of the bay area commute, backed up for about ten minutes. we have a little bit of improvement. if it keeps going this way, i think we'll see a much better commute by 8:00. also we're looking at the san mateo bridge. that's moderately heavy. you notice the cloud cover that will affect flights coming into san francisco international
7:38 am
airport. the flights are set back we an hour average delay time, especially later in the morning, you should check with your carrier. if you are driving in the livermore valley, we've had a rough one. 580 we've had a couple of different noninjury crashes. 880 southbound between hayward and fremont, the delay time is 21 minutes from 238 to mowry. there's your drive time traffic time. but there are no traffic trouble spots along the way. let's go to steve. >> all right, sal. thank you. a gray morning for some. sun is already out for others. temperatures, there's some warm air aloft. this is a sign we'll see burnoff from the fog. there's plenty of out there. inland temperatures, they will take the brandt of it. today -- brut of it -- brunt of it. today, 60 in san francisco. only 62. too much fog. livermore from 78 rebounding
7:39 am
from a couple of days ago from 72. they will go 84. east san jose east 75 yesterday. reedhillview is running warmer than downtown san jose. there was a 16-degree difference yesterday. i can't remember that happening. thunderstorm activity over the sierra nevada. quincey, susanville, chester, up there, reno, it will be hot. 95. main thunderstorm activity. for us, there's a lot of fog and low cloud. 50s on the temperatures. we haven't really ramped up yet. fog, drizzle. had mist, drizzle. oakland, i know. temperatures still a west or a southwest wind for most. santa rosa has a southwest. that's not a warm direction. you need to see more of a northerly. livermore, northwest. san jose a little easterly
7:40 am
breeze. tom andrea, beginning to -- storm andrea, beginning to appear. it will be in northern florida today and then tonight, tomorrow into georgia. for us, the fog will burn off and then retreat pack tothe coast. 55 sacramento. they will be hot along clearlake. we'll get in the 90s and probably 100. morning fog, mist, warmer inland. you have to be pretty far inland. most inland temperatures will bump up a little bit. friday, saturday will be the two harmest to hot days. after that, it's out. antioch, brentwood, oakley. 70s for napa. san mateo, 70. mountain view, 73. livermore, pleasanton, the same but you come down to the sunol grade, 73. half moon bay only 60. a lot of fog on the coast. warm to hot tomorrow. likewise for saturday. now, the valley, sacramento valley, they will be about 100
7:41 am
to 105. cooler for us and then everybody monday, pam. >> thank you, steve. a challenge is being given to customers. ed people are not worry abouted -- concerned people are not worried about the safety, there's a challenge, asking customers to save 20 gallons of water a day. it's designed to help people conserve water and make them aware of how much water they use. remembering a berkeley high school student shot and kill on the streets of oakland. >> we're tired of families burying kids, burying their babies. >> what his friends and family are now asking for. charges filed against the man known as elmo.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2." checking in on the numbers. a live look at the big board. dow jones up a little tiny bit, about 5 points right now. still below 15,000 after the big drop yesterday. nasdaq and s&p 500 just up slightly. i'm keeping an eye on the european marks. they are up pretty good early this morning but some of them dipping down a little bit now. we'll continue with the stocks to watch. one thing that's affecting stocks is this morning's labor deposit. reports that new -- labor dew point. first-time unemployment benefits are down 11% from the
7:45 am
week before. tomorrow, the report for may will come out. we'll bring you that report when it comes in tomorrow morning at 5:30. mortgage rates topping 4% for the for the first time in a year. the national average hit 4.07. commits say that's likely -- economists say that's likely to push potential buyers. officials worked all night in the rubble in philadelphia and rescued a 60-year-old woman who was trapped for hours. chris wellsh is there right now and has more. >> reporter: well, that's right. yeah, you know, this morning, we have learned that they are still searching. however, look behind me. you can see these crews are actively taking down what's left of remaining walls from 24
7:46 am
thrift store. we have -- from this thrift store. we've been told they are doing this for the search crews to keep things safer. search crews heard a noise around midnight last night, went in the rubble. they located a woman and turns out. she was alive and they took her to the hospital. what an amazing story. it really gave search crews a sigh of hope. >> all right. [ applause ] >> reporter: a late had the night breakthrough as crews rescue a 60-year-old woman nearly 12 hours after the collapse. >> she was able to respond. >> reporter: but others caught in the rubble were not as lucky. >> our thoughts and prayers go out to those who lost their lives and their families. at the sale time, we pray that those who survived will recover
7:47 am
not only physically but certainly mentally from the trauma of being in the building and then suddenly collapses. >> reporter: a maintenance worker was there to help. >> we were on top of the roof pulling them out. they were on the angle where there was just a narrow space. when we got there, all you could hear was they and maybe see a hand or something through the rubble. that's when the guys kicked in and ran straight up. jumped in, started moving stuff. >> reporter: now, you can still see these search crews are right in the middle of taking down what's left of these walls, as we mentioned. this has really been some of the most activity we've seen all morning. they've started to do this within the last half-hour. several yard away from me. they are holding a press conference. the mayor is where we hope to learn a little bit more about what could have caused this
7:48 am
four-store building in the process of demolition building. >> all right. chris wellsh, live. thank you. we have new information about a different structure collapse. this one in washington state. remember back on may 23rd, a 160-foot section of that bridge collapsed north of seattle. two cars fell down into the icy river. three people had to be rescued from the water. tammy detray said she was leading that truck carrying an oversized load across the bridge when the load hit the top of the bridge and then it collapsed. she told the ntsb, her indicator board said she would clear the bridge. she said her load never touched the bridge and if it had, she would never have crossed it. a judge will determine if a voice expert will be able to
7:49 am
testify in george zimmerman's murder trial. this is the last pretrial hearing in the case. jury selection due to begin on monday. the voice expert is expected to testify that tray vonn martin can be heard -- trayvon martin can be heard on a 911 call in the background saying begging you. zimmerman, a neighborhood watchman said he shot and killed trayvon martin last year in self-defense. a vigil was held for a 17- year-old boy who was gunned down in oakland. last night, dozens of people gathered to remember isaac johnson who was a junior at berkeley high school. johnson was on his way home from dinner with his mother last month when he was shot at the bus stop. his family gathered at the place where he was killed to ask for people. >> he could give me a rainbow kiss and make me kiss him back. love you, mom! >> johnson is the 44th homicide
7:50 am
victim. no arrests have been made. they are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the gunman. there's a new study out about garbage affecting marine life. the garbage has 10,000 tires. researchers found plastic bags wrapped around coral and marine life living in debris like old shoes. researchers say the trash probably won't break down in the ocean. it may be out there for thousands of years. a fishing peer in sausalito will get a makeover. it's all thanks to money from the costco bison spill. the dock on bridgeway street has been deteriorating for years. the parks director says a new one could be completed by next
7:51 am
january. millions of dollars are required to be used for cleanup costs as well as environment damage. we're learning more about the charges against the man known as "evil elmo." yesterday, san candler was charged with trying to take $2 million from the girl scouts. he threatened to spread rumors about the girl scouts unless he was paid $2 million. he was arrested in san francisco on may 9th. 7:51. getting ready for president obama's arrival here in the bay area later today. where the president has appearances scheduled. we'll bring you a live report and take a look at the traffic headaches that come along with the visit. be on the lookout for
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the fishermen caught a luge shark. they are upsetting conservationists. this shark weighs more than 1300 pounds. the conservationists from as far away as australia say the shark should have been released. ri now it's in -- it's in a refrigerated storage unit but it will probably be donated for research. this is the time of year where we get more and more reports of snakebites. hear that rattle? sonoma county reptile rescue has been called to get several victims. as the days get warmer, more people see snakes. as long as the snakes see you, they will probably small acray. you need to snow where snakes
7:55 am
are probably hiding. >> look before you put your hand there. whereverrer it is, have a flashlight in nighttime to scan the area. >> officials say about 800 snakebites are reported here in california every year. the experts say snakes are important to have around. they help control the rodent population. a controversial ruling over the morning-after pill. a federal court has ruled that the generic versions of the pill can be sold without age restrictions while the federal government's appeal is heard of previously, girls 16 and under needed a prescription. the brand-nailed version cannot be sold over the counter without age restrictions until the appeal is heard. sal, you have 880 under control. >> it's getting busier.
7:56 am
it's not all that bad. if you are look -- if you are looking at the commute, it's ill proved. here atle -- improved -- improved traffic after sunnyvale. let's go to steve. i've seen 59, 61, 64. for some, it's not too bad. others, it's getting warmer. a lot of fog. some of it is thinner today. it will burn off sooner. there's some warm air aloft. the wind is still mainly out of the west. the fog bank there. not going to warm up that much on the coast. today, tomorrow, probably on not on the weekend.
7:57 am
57 antioch. 52 napa, 54 fairfield. 52 in san francisco. there's cool reads there -- readings there. up towards reno and maybe even northeast california, anybody up there keep an eye on the sky. some warm to hot conditions will kick in tomorrow. well away from the coast, 3 to 6-degree. ukiah, clearlake, vacaville, yes, you will get warm to hot and definitely warm to hot on saturday. big drop on sunday and monday. and the coast and bay, 60s, 70s and 80s. morning fog, a little bit of drizzle as well. sunny, still breezy at times. but that seems to be deceasing a little bit. a lot of 70s in mean. concord, the last two day -- the last two days has been in the 70s. san jose, officially 75, closer to reedhill view it will be close to 80. there will be fog on the coast.
7:58 am
it will be squashed at the deck. there will be hundreds well inland. for the bay 90s instead. >> quite a temperature difference comparing where you are. coming up next in our 8:00 hour, are you tired of your bumpy ride? well, san francisco's market street will get a much-needed makeover this weekend. >> reporter: there are patriot banners and no parking signs. it's all ready for president obama's visit here today. we'll tell you what is in the plans today and about some of the criticism he faces. >> if you are a verizon customer, your cell phone records may be in the hands of the federal government. we will tell you why the -- we'll tell you why the white house defends and why some cell phone customers are not happy about it.
7:59 am
look at them kids. [ sigh ] they have no idea what it was like before u-verse high speed internet. yeah, you couldn't just stream movies to a device like that.
8:00 am
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8:01 am
point chicago out towards pittsburg. there's a still a west wid starting today. the warmest to hottest temperatures saturday. here's sal. the morning commute looks okay on the golden gate bridge heading down to the toll plaza. it's 8:00. back to the desk. president obama is coming to the prayer. he will be doing mostly fund- raising but as janine de la vega tells us the white house did make a last-minute addition to his schedule. what's going on, janine? >> reporter: in the -- in the last half-hour, work crews arrived to put out more barricades, there's no parking signs here. it will be a high traffic volumary yay because of the fund-raiser president obama will be here at this home later
8:02 am
today. curious neighbors have been snapping pictures on their morning walk at the home where the president will be hosted. guests are paying $2500 and up to attend the reception. some are criticizing the president to come here for fund- raising rather than hosting free events. soon after that, the white house scheduled an's vent where the -- an event where the president would speak about fund-raising. >> we're so close that we'll probably not get to see him. he doesn't do any public events. our people don't have to pay to see him. that's not fun. [laughter] >> you would like to see him? >> hopefully a glimpse of hill today. >> reporter: here's a rundown. he will arrive on air force one at moffett field at 6:00 p.m.
8:03 am
he's scheduled to speak at the fund-raiser at 7:00 p.m. he will also remarks at a second fund-raiser event. he will spend the night in san jose and he will speak on friday morning at 8:50 at the fairmont. he's expected to talk about the affordable healthcare act. we will have much more possibly be speaking to the host of the event here at this palo alto home and we'll bring that to you at noon. reporting to you live, back to you. >> ktvu will have coverage of president obama's visit this evening at 6:00 and on the 10:00 news. verizon wireless is handing customer phone records over to the government. they say this is necessary to protect the country. brian flow flores is out-- brian flores is live outside of
8:04 am
a verizon store. i'm guessing you are getting a lot of reaction. >> reporter: mixed's objection. the white house says this is a critical tool in protecting the nation. the order signed did not specify a particular threat but if you are a verizon customer, your information may be in the hands of the federal government. this was first reported on by the u.k.-based "guardian" newspaper. they were able to obtain a copy of a top-event order which said verizon was to hand over calls on an ongoing daily basis. the order does not require the contents to be turned in and does not require the government to listen in. the white house says they defend the nsa gathering this type of information. we spoke to cell phone customers and they are not exactly happy about it. >> i don't under. there are millions of people
8:05 am
who are suspected terrorists in the united states. in some ways, the terrorists are winning because their job is to make us feel terrified. we are giving up our freedom because are making us feel terrified. >> reporter: according to the white house, the foreign surveillance intelligence act and the foreign surveillance intelligence court allows for these -- for these type of records to be obtained. verizon has no comment on this but they did provide us a letter that mentioned the "guardian" article and did not confirm whether records were handed over. but it did say that -- back out here live, verizon
8:06 am
also says they have about 121 million customers. some of them not happy. this is obviously a talker on social media. we posted this story on our facebook page as well as my twitter page. we would like to hear from you if you have reaction. back to you. >> thank you, brian. a man's expected to survive after being stabbed in antioch. it happened last night in the 2900 block of delta fair boulevard around 9:00. he was stabbed several times but managed to stumble into a store and begged for help. investigators are sill out there searching for a suspect and a possible motive. police in san jose, investigating the discovery of a body found wrapped in a bag inside of a shopping cart. it was found about 9:00 yesterday morning behind a restaurant on 9 -- north 4th street. police are not sure how the man died. they say he may have been a transient. it's also possible he died of natural causes and someone tried to cover the poddy up.
8:07 am
but so far -- body up. but so far police have not ruled out homicide. the sonoma county sheriff is warnings drivers of a series of car thefts and burglaries. the investigation started last friday after a report that someone tried to steal a car in the glen ellen neighborhood. the thief crashed the car into a gay and escaped. deputies started to ask around and found other victims. items had been taken from 20 unlocked cars in the neighborhood. at least three cars were stolen. investigators do not know if all of these cases are linked. we do have a followup to the breaking news reported -- we reported to you yesterday morning at this time. our tower camera first took the first pictures of that victorian home in oakland on fire. this was 7:14 yesterday morning. over the next half-hour, flames spread throughout that empty three-story house near chinatown in oakland. a city engineer will meet with the property owners to discuss demolishing that building due to the extensive damage. investigators are looking into
8:08 am
whether vagrants may have started the fire. the house was built in 1896. it also caught fire in january. san francisco's very bumpy, market street will get a much- needed makeoff this weekend. it will be repaved between friday and on into saturday night. that work will close down bicycle and vehicle traffic from van ness to 6th street. the f-muni line probably won't be affected. this is the first major project on market street, believe it or not, in 30 years. >> wow. >> yeah. 8:08. back to sal, what are you looking at, sal? >> we're looking at the east shore freeway. we're going to mention a b.a.r.t. delay at the 16th street station. there was some police activity and ten-minute delay heading out to millbrae and sfo and to daly city because of that police activity. let's take a look at what we have with westbound 80 at el portal. we have a new accident reported
8:09 am
there. three cars don't sound like injuries but traffic will be slow. bay bridge toll plaza has improved. not a big delay at all if you are trying to get into san francisco. it will be a very short delay for you. if you are in san jose, the same thigoug downtown, things have started to clear up. let's go to steven. a lot of gray out there. some of it burning off. west wind, 24. it was 21 a little while ago. a lot of fog on the coast. there are areas where it's thinner today on the low cloud deck. maybe an earlier burnoff. 3 to 6 degrees warmer for some inland areas. ukiah, clearlake, vacaville, it will get warm to hot. but the warmest, hottest temperatures will kick in today. but more on friday, saturday. the high, though, does not settle in. it keeps right on truckin'
8:10 am
along, boot scootin' it will be out here and then warm to hot especially away from the coast. the fog will burn off 6, 70s -- 60s, 70s. low cloud deck, sun trying to break through. there's a little bit of sun out there. there's your southwest 24. concord west, napa west. sea breeze still in place. give it credit. livermore, north. kind of dying off. san jose a little early breeze. tropical storm andrew beginning to move towards the big bend area of florida. about northeast 14 miles an hour last i saw. wind 60 miles an hour. a heavy-duty rainer. it's moving into northern florida. as we see our fog bank. there's a couple of breaks. maybe it will burn off sooner. i saw it thinner off the coast.
8:11 am
58 sacramento. 70 fresno. 71 reno. it will be hot up there. maybe some thunderstorms, though, again over tahoe, truckee, mammoth, yosemite, northeast california. the warmup will be on saturday. today, some upper 80s to near 90. fairfield, 83. santa rosa, san rafael, napa in the 70s. east san jose will be warmer than that. livermore, pleasanton back in the 80s. 74 redwood city, mountain view, 73. half moon bay only 60. harm to hot there will be some fog. it will be sticking close to the coast. saturday will be the hottest day. it cools down maybe as much as 10-degrees plus on sunday. a much cooler pattern on monday. well, administrators for three charter schools will ask a court today to allow hem -- to allow them to stay open.
8:12 am
they voted to stay open -- the board overseeing california's massive high-speed rail project is set to approve a contract to start construction work for the bullet train in the valley. the california high-speed rail authority is recommending a building from a california- based consortium even though it received the lowest technical score of five bids submitted. board members are expected to vote today. the contract is for the first 30-mile segment. the preferred bid was lowest. $985million, well below the $1.2 million estimated cost. the political scandal is growing for george shirakawa. now he's facing a new criminal charge. this is in connection to a
8:13 am
campaign dirty district. dna on a postal stamp, the district attorney says, appeared on shirakawa's -- that belonged to shirakawas with on a flier that made reference to magdalenea carrasco is said to be racist. en. >> sentencing in the case is the tomorrow. his supervisor seat remains up for grabs. cindy chaves received the most votes in tuesday's election but needed more than 50% to avoid a runoff. now she's facing second-place
8:14 am
finisher, teresa alvarado. they will meet in july. well, a neighborhood is flooded, crews in martinez have capped that water main lake but the ground is still muddy. there are sinkholes, the problems that have risen to the surface. an about-face. the tsa decided to extend the ban on for carrying pocketknives and other items on planes. the reason for the change.
8:15 am
8:16 am
8:17 am
warmer temperatures away from the coast. andrea, the first tropical storm of the atlantic hurricane season is expected to hit florida later today. it's also expected to hit southern georgia and then move up the east coast where a new tropical storm warning has been issued. the storm picked up speed overnight with 60-mile-an-hour winds. andrea could brick up to 6 inches of rain to the florida panhandle. not expected to strengthen to a hurricane. eric holder says he has no intention of stepping down. he faces criticism over the handing investigations over the national security leaks involving reporters. he was questioned whether he told the truth during a may hearing when he said he has never been involved with potential prosecution of the press. later, it was revealed that he
8:18 am
had authorized subpoenas for phone records and a search warrant for e-mails of a fox news reporter. 8:17. millions of tax payer dollars spent on conferences. thousands of dollars spent on tv spoof videos for training purposes. officials at the irs are facing really tough questions from the house oversight committee in washington. as kyla campbell reports, this hearing is zeroing in on wasteful spending. kyla? >> reporter: committee members demanded answers from irs officials. we're taking a live look at the hearing right now. some of the members are just coming back from a break. they took a recess to vote on some issues. but earlier, the committee chair said he's already seeing some positive changes under the new commissioners of the irs, the new acting commissioner danny werfel. >> need to work with the new commissioner so he has the opportunity to straighten this
8:19 am
organization out. >> reporter: according to the report, that's what's needed. his audit focused on the irs spending about $50 million tax payer dollars on conferences in a three-year period. his audit revealed the irs spent about $50,000 to row dues two videos -- produce two videos. the man playing spock in this video apologized this morning. >> the ridiculous "star trek" video -- i've looked at that video over and over and i don't see the redeeming video. >> they are embarrassing. and i regret the fact that they were made. >> he went on to say those videos would never be made today. the irs stand by its word that new practices are in place that do not allow unnecessary and wasteful spending. live in washington, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. big money water contracts are at the heart of an investigation of a california senate stair. agents searched offices of ron
8:20 am
calderon. two people questioned in the probe were asked about legislation he introduced for a southern california water district that hired his brother as a consultant. calderon has not been seen at the capitol since the raid. a note has been posted saying do not enter. what's new for a man accuse of -- accused of stealing from  luggage? and we're heading for an uptick in the temperatures. meteorologist paul steveson is fine-tuning forecast. he will tell us how hot it will get. this morning's commute has not been all that bad. we have slow spots remaining. i will tell you more about the morning commute -- straight ahead.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
the tsa has decided not to follow through on a proposed policy change. arintense pressure, the tsa will still -- after intense pressure, the tsa said will not allow pocketknives to be on board. air marshals and flight attendants pushed hard to keep knives pushed out of passenger cabins. some travelers have mixed opinion. >> i don't think small knives
8:24 am
should be allowed. >> too much security. i think they should relax a little. >> now, the ban on sports equipment including golf clubs and baseball bats also remains in place. the tsa suggest travelers check its website for the complete list of banned items before heading to the airport. a former united airlines baggage handler accused of stealing from luggage at sfo is facing a new charge. 45-year-old george reyes was arrested last month in a police sting. a police investigation started after more than 50 complaints were made to united airlines about stolen items from luggage. investigators put tracking devices on decoy items on luggage and then tracked them to reyes's car. his lawyers accuse prosecutors piling on the charge of embaezlement in an effort to clear up unrelated cases. reyes has pleaded not guilty.
8:25 am
sal, what's happening in the east bay? >> we ville have -- we still have slow traffic. we'll start off with contra costa county and highway 4, it's filled in. antioch, baypoint and pleasant hill to walnut creek. we have slow traffic. in western contra costa county we had an earlier accident at el portal. the traffic is busier getting into berkeley and alameda county. out to live pictures we go. bay bridge has improved. at 8:25. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sir. still present -- still plenty of low clouds. especially well a-- well away from the coast. the fog goes up and down the coast. there it is. that's a big fog bank. thunderstorms up in the sierra. they will fire up today. some of this low cloud deck might burn off sooner but concord, 55. apty okay is out of the -- antioch is out of the gate.
8:26 am
san rafael, cities 52. high pressure will build over us for two days. today will be warmer inland. we drop 10 degrees on sunday. but fog here this morning. it will be more in the way of fog as we go into the weekend as well. it will get squashed on the deck. 60s, 7080s. inland, 90s, 100s. have to go far inland to find those 100s. we're seeing some signs of burnoff. anywhere from 50s to almost 90. as they said to me once at a weather conference, how can you miss on those forecasted highs? well, come to the bay area in june and you will see why. 88 antioch. 89 brentwood. 85 morgan hill, 74 redwood city, 77 los gatos. warm to hot on friday. there will be fog on the coast. inland temperatures will be
8:27 am
hot. a big cooldown on monday. we continue to follow developing news. >> reporter: we're here in martinez where crews have wasted no time digging up the street trying to get to the root of the problem that caused a watery mess in this martinez neighborhood. >> reporter: it's gonna be hot outside but the waves are big and dangerous. we'll tell you what you need to know about a warning at all beaches the next few days when "mornings on 2" continues. look at 'em.
8:28 am
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welcome back. 8:29. we want to take you back to contra costa county. we have breaking news, a big water main break in martinez.
8:30 am
the repair crews should be out there all day. ktvu's claudine wong, you've been out there since the beginning of "mornings on 2." exactly, where are you and what's happening out there now? >> reporter: well, we're on jones and this is where the mess is centered. you can see them cleaning up the rock and debris left behind. we panned down the street there. you can see they've shut down this road to traffic so they can get the heavy machinery in here and get the cleanup crews, the space they need to work. this stretch as couple of blocks. i want to walk you up this way. you can see where problem is up the street. they've wasted no time getting the heavy machinery in here to basically dig up these streets. when we got out here, there was a small sinkhole. they've made it bigger to try to get to the root of the problem, figure out what caused it and then fix it and then redo the street. if you take a look down here, i want to get your attention to this part of the roadway. we can show you the force of
8:31 am
the water and how much it pushed this entire street up. that's about 4 inches you are looking at it. it just pushed the asphalt straight out. we talked to a resident. he said he was surprised how much water was running down his street. >> i was. i didn't realize there was a andidn't realize it was that close. the force of the water coming down was incredible. i had no idea there was that much water running under the street. >> reporter: you are looking at what it looked like earlier this morning. this all started about 4:30 is hear we're -- is what we're being told when thes resident -- when the resident heard wind. she realized what was happening and then called northbound. crews have spent several hours trying to turn the water off. the reservoir is up the hill
8:32 am
from where we we were. they went to different valves and finally got it turned off after 7:00 this morning. they were able to take a look at the damage and look at their plan to try to fix it. you are taking a live look back out here on jones street. this is jones and baraleso. this street is toast. they are gonna tear it up, get to the problem and fix it. you can see if you look down the street, a pretty big mess in front of them. a lot of rocks and mud that stretches down this way and another couple of blocks down that street. live in martinez, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:32. a grenade-like bomb was found in napa county at a veterans's hole. it was -- veteran's home. employees found it in a box. they thought it was a grenade. deputies say it was you an unexploded cluster-style bomb. it was defused. it had about 300 metal pellets
8:33 am
inside. officials say it had probably been in storage for a couple of years. we have a sad update on a crash in fremont that killed a 3-year-old boy. investigator say the boy's mother, 31-year-old joie gill, has died. the boy's father, 34-year-old gilbert gill was speeding down paseo padre parkway, when he hit a tree splitting the car in half. the father is expected to survive. police have not determined whether he will face calls. mill valley police are investigating a crash. the owner of this is a lon was okaying on a client -- the owner of -- the owner of this is a lon was working on a client -- of this is a lon.
8:34 am
salon was working on -- working on a client. they will continue to work while this cleanup today. city college is the state's biggest public cool with 9 campuses all over san francisco serving 85,000 students. a community college commission is threatping to pull the accreditation is the school doesn't improve the finances. administrators will present their cases today. the final decision is expected in about a month. four attorneys investigating the deadly san bruno pipeline disaster have abruptly resigned. the california public utilities commission lawyers removed themselves from the case earlier this week just as the commission was due to decide a fine for pg&e. the san bruno city manager is calling on kamala harris to investigate this. the "chronicle" may be due over
8:35 am
a disagreement about repairs to the natural gas system instead of paying a fine that will go into california's general fund. we posted the letter from the city of san bruno. you can find it right near the top of our home page. hot weather could mean big crowd at the beach. lorraine blanco is out at san francisco's each bags this morning with a warning about the dangerous -- ocean beach has warnings this morning about the dangers swimming at the beach. >> reporter: we saw people having trouble getting up on their boards. the waves are growing in size. it will continue to be an issue for the next 48 hours or so. a southern swell is headed this way sending energy our direction and creating the potential for rip turns. the national weather service and the coast guard are warning peachgoers to be extra carb -- beachgoers to be extra
8:36 am
cautious. the coast guard says you should always have someone with you onshore to call for help if necessary. if you get caught in the rip current, it can be dangerous. >> you get pulled out? i've been pull out. it's a challenge getting back in. you have to paddle not towards land but sideways away from the current. and it's kind of a scary thing when you are being pulled away and you can't get into shore. i would be careful. >> reporter: when i talked with the coast guard officer, he wanted to warn pet owners about playing fetch with your dogs in the ocean. they get calls about pets being pulled out and sometimes their owners get into trouble when they try to rescue their buddies and that makes matters worse. have fun when it's hot outside but be very careful. reporting live at ocean beach, lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. sal is back. taking care of highway 24, sal?
8:37 am
>> we are. we're looking at it dave and pam. westbound 24 between walnut creek and oakland has become better. if you are driving through the tunnel, the lanes have opened up very nicely. when you get to the toll plaza, i think you will like what you see. it's improved this week. we've seen very nice driving into san francisco. also on 80, we've had some improvement between pinole and richmond down to the oakland area. we also have traffic moving okay. a little bit slow approaching the construction zone on 580. let's go to steve. all right, sal. thank you, sir. well, well, well. a lot of low clouds around. fog, still, i heard from tom at blossom hill, he said overcast, 58. a couple of interesting developments. pittsburg, 18, 28-mile-an-hour wind w 58 degrees. antioch is 54 to 57. almost a 9, 10-degree spread in a few locations. most areas are under this vail,
8:38 am
this blanket of -- this veil, this blanket of fog. we've been held down the last couple of days. santa rosa yesterday, 73. 76 today. not much warmer in san francisco or the coast. too much fog. but livermore from 78 to 84. san jose, that's east san jose. that was out towards readhill view. 75. we'll go 80. we have the low cloud deck and even thunderstorms up in the sierra nevada all associated with this low off the coast which will take a two-day break. allow high pressure to build in and then come back. it will warm up and bring it right back down. you can see the gray. there is a lot of fog. 3 to 6 degrees warmer away from the coast. up towards ukiah, and clearlake, it will be in the 90s. 92, 95 and then probably 100 tomorrow. but most locations will be in the 90s as we head towards friday and saturday. 60s 70s, 80s, coast and bay. that fog will stick on the deck. the inland areas will get in on the warmup but the coast will
8:39 am
not. 64 for antioch. a lot of 50s here. there's still a decent delta breeze. i mean, fairfield, 24. that's gone up. saw 20-plus towards pittsburg. napa, concord. there's a west wind in place. northwest livermore, northwest hayward. 50s will give way to 60s, 70s and 80s and 90s. but 58 tahoe. 5 -- 58 sacramento. 71 already hot degrees in reno. it will be toasty there and really hot in palm springs and las vegas. we had a little bit of mist, drizzle this morning. coast and bay. that will probably lift. ends by 8:00, 9:00. a high builds in. friday, saturday and then right back down. i will tell you, it can be dramatic. antioch, brentwood, 50s, 60s, 70s. we'll get back in the 80s. morgan hill to gilroy. san jose, 75. and then 70s on mountain view, redwood city, san mateo, 50s,
8:40 am
60s on most of the coast. we'll eek out a 70 for santa cruz. warm, hot. still fog. it will hang out by the coast. saturday will be the hottest day and then down a good 10 degrees on sunday even cooler monday. a new city audit shows that san jose taxi cab are bypassing customers downtown to get to the customers at the airport. the cabs that are allowed to work at the airport, they had to provide a certain number of trips downtown. this latest audit shows an oversupply of airport cabs and a lack of cab service in other parts of the city. the taxicab companies say they disagree with the regulations. the work of annie lebowitz now on display at the san jose museum of art. there's annie right there. she was at the sold-out opening last night of her exhibit. i was in one of her pictures.
8:41 am
>> oh? >> the san jose museum of part is on the cutting edge, she says. >> you have the fantastic, you know, show from contemporary photographer, to jam-packed museums, selling a lot of stuff. >> now, the annie lebo wits exhibit will remain at the museum through the first week of september. if you own an r.v., you might have to find another place to park. the new policy in san francisco and how it could affect the homeless. the mystery's over. the biggest lottery winner in american history has come forward. she admits that winning ticket was almost sold to someone else. and verizon wireless has more than 120 million customers nationwide. many of those phone records may be in the hands of the federal government. we'll tell you why the white house supports it and why some cell phone customers are not happy about it. "mornings on 2" continues. goodnight.
8:42 am
8:43 am
thanks, olivia. thank you. so you can make a payment from your cell to almost anyone's phone or email. (speaking french)
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so you can express your gratitude... in the moment. chase quickpay. so you can. welcome back to "mornings on 2." just checking in on the numbers. staying pretty quiet today. the dow jones live look there at the big board. up about 10 points. small percentage, you can sea. nasdaq and s&p 500 up about the
8:45 am
same percentage wise. we did have the jobs report that came in. the weekly numbers, not bad. pretty much in line indicatingsteaddy hiring. facebook's stock, that's the stock we've been keeping an eye on. down a little bit on the opening. right now, it looks like it's trading up slightly. shares of the social network, down 5% of the week. that's despite a goldman sax analyst with a target price of $40 a share. right now, it's a little less than $23 a share. a big convention in silicon valley could be a sign that the tech industry is bouncing back
8:46 am
from the economic downturn. dell is spending $50,000 to rent out san pedro square market. that's in addition to $100 per person for food. plus the cost of transportation and security. analysts say the convention may be latest example of increased spending on marketing and new hires after cutbacks in recent years. >> we see a lot of health in the technology. i am seeing a lot of jobs and hiring happening from a lot of companies all the way up into big enterprises. 8:46. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories we're following for you right now. well, president obama arrives here in the bay area later today. he's due to attend two fund- raisers on the peninsula tonight. ktvu's janine de la vega, in fact, just talked to the host of one of those fund-raisers in
8:47 am
palo alto. janine will join us with a live report in about ten minutes to tell you what it is like to get ready for a presidential visit. verizon wireless is handing over cell phone records of millions of its customers to the nsa. now, the white house is saying it's necessary to prorecht -- to protect the nation from potential terrorist threats. brian flores is outside of a verizon store. you've been talking to customers. some of them not real happy to hear about this. >> reporter: the white house says this is needed to fight the war on terrorism. if you are a verizon customers. your information may be in the hands of the federal government. now, this was first reported by the gather keon newspaper based out of the u.k. they were able to obtain a copy of an order that says that verizon hand over customer records. the order does not require the
8:48 am
contents of conversations to be turned in nors to it allow the government to listen in on conversations. the order is set to expire july 19th. the white house says they defend this. there are millions of people who are terrorists. in some way, i think the terrorists are winning. their job is to make us feel terrified. we're giving up our freedoms. -- freedoms because they are making us feel terrified. >> reporter: officially, verizon has no comment on this.
8:49 am
but they sent us a letter from their legal team that briefly mentions the article and does not confirm whether records have been handed over. this he did say that verizon continually takes steps to safeguard customers' privacy if verizon were to receive an order, we could then be required to play. this is a huge talker this morning. we've posted this on our facebook and my twitter page. brian flores, back to you. a court hearing in sanford hearing about the trayvon martin shooting death. isage -- a judge is expected to decide if a voice expert can testify in the murder trial of george zimmerman. this is the last pretrial hearing in the case. you are looking at live
8:50 am
pictures. we're height inside the courtroom. now, jury selection is due to begin on monday as we listen to the lawyers here. the voice expert is expected to testify that tray vonn martin can be heard on -- trayvon martin can be heard on a 911 saying "i'm begging you." george zimmerman, the neighborhood watchman, said he shot and killed trayvon martin last year in self-defense. we're in the courtroom. these are live pictures. we'll keep tabs on what's going on and bring you the details as the story goes along. an 18-year-old inmate is at large after being mistakenly released from the monterey jail. just after 9:00 on tuesday, jose row shaw was supposed to be -- rosha was supposed to be transferred instead he was released. efforts to locate him have not been successful. he was in jail on drug-related charges and is not considered a threat. it will be illegal to park an rv in overnight in some --
8:51 am
an rv overnight in some neighborhoods. oversized vehicles have been banned to park overnight in parts of the bayview district. homeless advocates say this could force more people to sleep on the streets. transit officials are responding to complaints about health and safety. she's biggest lottery winner in american history. 84-year-old gloria mckenzie right there of florida finally came forward and claimed the $590 million powerball lottery jackpot prize. she didn't talk to reporters. but she did thank a woman who let her go ahead in line when she got the winning ticket. that woman says she has no regrets for giving up her spot. ms. mckenzie is taking the lump sum that comes out $270 million after taxes. a surprise off the coast of
8:52 am
southern california. a group of motors picked up a very -- a group of boaters picked up a very friendly traveler. you can see slow traffic coming up on downtown oakland. we'll tell you more.
8:53 am
8:54 am
welcome back to "mornings on 2." you have to see this video. a sea lion surprised a guest on board a boat off the coast of new port beach.
8:55 am
james first spotted it playing in the waves when it jumped on board. the little pup came over to hill and rested his head in its lap. the sea lion stayed on board for about an hour before belly flopping out and heading back off to sea. well, president obama is coming to the bay area later today. he will be attending a couple of fund-raisers on the peninsula. janine de la vega is live and just spoke to the woman hosting the president tonight. >> reporter: she's very excited about the president coming to her home. how do you prepare? she said she's sprucing up her house here on forest avenue. landscapers are here. they repainted the inside of their house. they are preparing for about 150 people to attend this fund- raiser for the democratic party. curious neighbors have been snapping pictures on their morning walk of the home that will host president obama and democratic supporters who will pay between $2500 to $5,000 to
8:56 am
athen this reception to raise -- to attend this reception to raise money. she said they didn't sleep a lot last night. >> we are excited. we're definitely feeling the he tuesday a from the neighborhood and so it does add a little pressure onto you. but we're -- we're treating it like a party, right, it's a small gathering. hopefully, everybody has a good time. >> reporter: here's a rundown of the president's schedule -- he a live on air force one at moffett field at 6:00 p.m. he's scheduled to speak at the fund-raiser at 7:00 p.m. he will make remarks at a second fund-raiser in portola valley at 8:25. he will spend the night in san jose. he's scheduled to speak at 8:50 a.m. at the fairmont and is said to talk about the affordable
8:57 am
healthcare act there is a police car that just pulled off. they are barricades lined up in the street in prep brakes. there's also no-parking signs here saying nobody can park along the side of the street from 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. a lot of activity. neighbors are sort of wondering how this will impact them being able to come in and out of the neighborhood. i just want to mention the woman said she has three children, you no, she's very excited for them. how cool is it to have the president come to her house and how do you prepare for that? janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> to say the least. >> i would think. >> i'm worried that neighbors are popping by and cleaning your house for the president. sal, traffic will be affected along 101? >> usually when the president rolls through, they will make closures. let's go to the toll plaza, i want to let you know that traffic getting into the city
8:58 am
looks pretty good. no major problems. 880 northbound a little bit slow. traffic will be busy on the east shore. let's go to steve. sun wegying to burn off the -- sun beginning to burn off. temperatures will be warmer. a lot of fog. coast, bay not too much warmer, inland some 80s. tomorrow warmup inland. friday, saturday, the coast will not really. >> okay. still gonna be cool and cloudy? >> a little bit for everyone as we like to say. >> yeah. all right, steve. that's our report for this morning. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. star command, i'm detecting high levels of happiness.
8:59 am
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