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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  June 6, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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[ male announcer ] 20 piece chicken mcnuggets now on mcdonald's new extra value menu. good afternoon. i'm brian flores. a just a couple of months from his last visit, president obama is on his way back to the bay to attend more democratic fund-raisers tonight. ktvu's janine de la vega is live in palo alto with the
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major preparations are underway. >> reporter: good afternoon. there's been a lot of excitement here are cleaning the front porch. we've seen the secret -- secret service go in and out u the president is not scheduled to come here until 6:30, but we've already seen curious neighbors go back. people in the neighborhood stopped to snap a picture where the prod will be attending a party. landscapers arrived early to lay down new sod. it's a bit nerve-racking for the woman hosting the president. how does one prepare their house for the president? >> you do all of the things you always wanted to do. if you ever wanted to paint your bathroom or change out your flower, that's what you -- flowers, that's what you end up doing. >> reporter: about about 150
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people are -- about 150 people are attending. those who are not attending who live in the neighborhood say they are still excited. >> it's great. it's a phase opportunity to have someone like -- it's a fantastic opportunity to have someone come to the city like this. >> reporter: the president will spend the night in san jose and speak about the affordable care act on friday morning. some say they wish he would schedule more public speaking vents. >> we're so -- events. >> we're so close, we probably won't be able to see him. >> reporter: for those who can't afford to go, mccue is hoping they experience a memberrerrable night. >> we definitely are feeling the enthusiasm from the neighborhood, the from folks we talk to. it adds a little pressure on you. we're treating it like a party, right? >> reporter: there are already no-parking signs and barricades lining the streets here. police have made the rounds at
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2:00 p.m. there will be limited access for mr. president obama's arrival which, again, is scheduled to happen around 6:30. reporting live from palo alto, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. more details on how president obama's arrival is expected to impact traffic. he's expected to arrive at moffett view at 6:00. for security reasons, his route is not disclosed ahead of time but he'll probably follow 101 to palo alto for his first visit. and a small group of demonstrators gathered in the east bay this morning to make their feelings known about president obama's immigration policies. [chanting] >> they are chanting echos through the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station. they claim tens of thousands of undocumented immigrants are detained. and they say those arrests and
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subsequent deportations are unjust. >> obama says he supports our community and he has not done anything about it and he has the power to give us a humane immigration reform. >> a spokesperson says president obama has not fulfilled his campaign promises for latinos. the america's cup teams are out practicing today. this coming amid that the swedish team might pull out. we have new information on the controversy over the federal government obtaining millions of phone records from verizon wireless. the administration and lawmakers from both parties defended the practice this morning. the chair of the house intelligence committee, a republican, said the order thwarted a domestic terror attack. dianne feinstein hayes the practice is legal. >> terrorists will come after
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us if they can. and the only thing that we have to deter this is good intelligence, to understand that a plot is being hatched and to get their before they get to us. >> feinstein says the date ta collection program operates under a secret warrant authorized by the patriot act and signed every three months by a judge. we're learning more about the fbi investigation regarding ron calderon. they asked him about a southern california water district. the lawmaker's brother works as a consultant for the district. calderon has not been seen at the capitol since fbi raided his office on tuesday. search crews in philadelphia pulled a woman from the rubble of a collapsed building there. 61-year-old myra meeken was pulled from the debris.
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it took rescuers four hours to find her. >> she's a -- alive and being transmitted to the hospital. that's all of the information we have on her. that's the -- that's the update. that's the status. we just wanted to report the good news that we did make a rescue. she's a live. she was talking to the firefighters as they were recovering her. she was taken to the hospital and right up to the hospital -- taken to the ambulance and right up to the hospital. >> they will continue to search, they say, for as long as it takes to recover the victims. the death toll now stands at six. investigators say 31-year- old joie gill died from her injuries in a car accident. her 3-year-old son was in the crash. gilbert gill was speeding down paseo park padre when he hit a tree splitting the car in half. he is expected to survive. police have not determined whether any criminal charges
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will be filed. license plate readers are going to be catching criminals coming in and out of the state. here's more on how it works. >> reporter: piedmont is an affluent community surrounded by oakland. the police chief told me that property crime, it's the biggest problem here. now, in response to a rise in burglaries and other property crimes, this week the piedmont city council approved the purchase of license plate reading cameras at many of the entrance and exit spots to the city. the $67le,000 purchase will pay for -- $678,000 purchase will pay for the cameras equipped with recognition software that checks for wanted plates and keeps a record of all vehicles that pass the cameras. investigators say this will be a valuable tool to help them solve crimes. >> we've seen other cities especially in southern california. a lot of cities in southern
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california, including l.a., has the license plate readers. it's been very successful for them. so in talking to a lot of the chiefs down there, we thought for what we were dealing with here in piedmont this would work well. >> reporter: the police chief says the data recorded will only be used in law enforcement investigations. she says the cameras are part of a three-pronged approach to reducing crime in piedmont. a well-staffed police department, neighborhood watch programs and the technology that new cameras will provide. piedmont residents say they are in favor of the plan. >> it's an experiment, and i think it will prove to be okay. >> they do it in tiburon. look how safe tiburon is. it's great. >> reporter: the chief told me just a day before she was sworn in five months ago, the city had a very violent home invasion robbery. she says she's charged with reducing those type of crimes and property crimes and she says the cameras will help.
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live in piedmont, sal castanedo, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right, sal. thank you. the board that oversees california's high speed rail project has just approved a contract to start building the first regular of the season. the high-speed rail authority board chose a consortium after five bids were submitted. groundbreaking is set for this summer between fresno and madera. caress cau carpenter proposed putting morningview studio. she will still move forward with the studio plans despite the decision. ester williams has died at
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the age of 91. she was a major box office draw in a series of films that featured swimming, romance and music. she was also a national champion swimmer is in the 1930s setting world records and was a member of the 1940 u.s. olympic team but never competed because the olympics were canceled. she died at her home this morning in beverly hills. they are not calling it a water main break. they are calling it a water main crack. take a look at the water rushing out of that crack. coming up we'll give you a look at the mess left behind. it's beginning to warm up around the bay area. ktvu's steve paulson will be here and he's already got a look at your weekend forecast. if you are headed to the beach for the nice weather, there's a warning. we'll tell you about it coming up.
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well, it's going to be a long day for some residents in martinez as crews continue to fix early-morning water main cracks that lifted part of the road. claudine wong is live in martinez with when residents will have water back on. good afternoon, claudine. >> reporter: good afternoon. yes, it's gonna take a while. we talked about this cracked water main. you can see where the water is coming out. obviously, that's where the
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crack is. crews are trying to determine how much of this pipe has to be saved and how much has been -- has to be replaced. that's why they've got flowing through it to get a better idea. no doubt, this work will take them all day. the water started flowing before sunrise. tens of thousands of gallons of water pushing rock and mud down several streets in downtown martinez. it could take crews hours to get the shut down trying valve after valve to get to the problem. by the time the water was off, the damage was done. this pressure created a sinkhole and also raised the pavement on one section of jones street by almost 4 inches. >> actually, i was. i didn't realize -- i guess there is a reservoir up there and i didn't realize it was that close. the force of the water that was coming down was incredible. i -- i had no idea there was that much water running into the street. >> reporter: almost immediately after the water was turned off, city crews began to tear up the streets to get to the 12-inch
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pipe responsible for the mess. >> this is a first break on this section of pipe. it's a short section of pipe. the area above it was replaced when we replaced the reservoir >> reporter: this caused some trouble today when the pipe which feeds water from the water treatment plant into the thomasville reservoir cracked. that reservoir sits just above this neighborhood. although usually the water heads up, that crack allowed the where the to flow down the hill and into the streets. by midmorning, thanks to other problem-free reservoirs, the water situation was back to normal for all but a couple of residents. people are pretty surprised about how much damage was done so quickly. >> i was surprised. a big force must have been here to push these things out
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underneath. unbelievable. >> reporter: back out here live where the work continues. the hope is to have all of the water back on to residents by the end of the day so when they come home from work, everything is normal. it will take a while to get this street back to normal. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. health officials in santa cruz have confirmed another case of hepatitis-a linked to those berries at costco. 49 people in seven states are infected, crudding three -- including three of the bay area. one woman from the bay area eight the barrys as -- ate the berries as trying to get healthy. this is the season for snakebite surge. sonoma county rescue has been called out more often. they say the more likely the
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snakes see you, they are likely to move away. >> look where you put your hand. have a nice flashlight, scan the area, make sure there's nothing sitting there. >> reporter: state officials say about 800 snakebites are reported in california every year. reptile experts say snakes are -- are popular in controlling the rodent control. waves at the beach can sweep swimmers out. >> i've been pulled out before. it's a challenge getting back in. you have to paddle not towards land but sideways, away from the current. and it's kind of a scary thing when you are being pulled away and you can't get pulled into shore. i would be careful. >> the coast guard is also
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carbingping -- cautioning pet owners about playing catch with their dogs because they can be swept away by riptides and currents. a settlement from pg&e is to settlement and timber in two separate fires. those fires are the 2004 power fire in the elorado county national forest and the 2008 whiskey fire in the mendocino forest. prosecutors blame pg&e power lines for the fires. the total settlement for pg&e for both fires is said to be about $50 million. started out overcast. had a decent sea breeze out to pittsburg, travis air force base getting a southwest wind. the fog has been retreating and we had a big fog bank this morning. you can see some of that starting to lift. temperatures, not very warm on
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the coast. they are nicer than they have been the last few -- the last few days. ininland temperatures are up about -- i land temperatures are up -- inland temperatures are up by 2. temperatures trying to warm up and they will starting more so tomorrow. well inland temperatures will continue to warm up. up in the sierra nevada possibility of more shower activity. high pressure is on the way. today only about 3 to 6 degrees warmer for most locations. that's inland. maybe a slight warmup by the bay. but patchy fog a little warmer today. high pressure moves right over us tomorrow. it will be warmer to hot for some. the hot, ukiah, clearlake, out to vacaville, stockton, they will be in the warmest category by friday into saturday. the coast is not going to join this warmup party, 60s, 70s, 80s. it's going to start getting squashed. i would disregard this fog
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here. that's 243 feet. 71 pittsburg, 72 fairfield. walnut creek livermore, 71. 59 half moon bay. 59 san francisco. it's 6 had at the -- it's 64 at the civic center. fairfield, 18-mile-an-hour winds. west oakland, west-northwest oakland up at napa airport, west at hayward. the sea breeze is still in place. tropical storm andrea what onces what, heading into the panhandle -- what once was, head into the panhandle of georgia tonight. a lot of action there. for us, it's a calmer pattern but it's warmer. 89 reno. 102 palm springs. 75 sacramento. that's not too bad. ukiah, 82. patchy fog at best, breezy, warmer. we'll wait until tomorrow to pump things up a little bit. but overall the pattern will be back to saturday and then --
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will be up for saturday and then right back down for sunday and monday. we'll get some low 80s out towards santa clara, santa clara valley, but really not anything outrageous or anything. temperatures will warm up, brian. we'll continue that on saturday. vacaville, areas 101, clearlake, 101, after that, cooler. >> there. no triple digits. >> not locally. >> okay. >> out east. traffic will be detoured between vanes avenue and 6th street -- van ness avenue and 6th street because of a pouring of yaz fault of more than 1 -- azfault of more than -- asphalt of more than 100,000 square feet.
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welcome back. we're keeping an eye on the stocks right now. the dow is up about 18 points. stocks are rebounding today after taking a deep dip yesterday. again, stocks up about 18 points today. new jobless claims fell slightly last week according to a new report from the labor department today. 346,000 americans filed for first-time unemployment benefits. that's actually down 11,000 from the week before. tomorrow, the labor department
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releases the may jobs report. most economists expect the jobless rate to hold steady at 7.5%. a big convention in silicon valley could be the tech bouncing back from the economic downturn. ♪ >> dell is spending $50,000 to rent out the san pedro square market for the three-day convention. $100 per person and the cost of transportation and security. >> we see a lot of health in the overall health tech economy. i'm seeing people getting hired from young startups to big enterprise. young scientists from the bay area are in the nation's capitol for a science
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competition. organizers say it's the world's largest technology competition. students work in teams to come up with technology of the future. students from different high schools in san jose came up with the special medical solution to fix damaged heart tissue after a heart attack. >> it was ee-- very emotional for me. my made family has heart- related problems. >> the students showcased their winning project to members of congress. >> what's the most romantic destination in north america. well, san francisco according to people who sign up the site -- for the following cities were high on the list -- coming up at 5:00, we're
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continuing our coverage of president obama's visit to the bay area. the commander in chief is set to arrive at 6:00 tonight and will attend three events before leaving tomorrow. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. we're always here for you at and mobile ktvu. we will see you later.
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