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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 10, 2013 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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hi, everyone, i'm beth troutman. we've get the best stories from the web and the videos right now on "right this minute." aomoutrun deputies after a high-speed chase. >> she's not on the run for long. >> when more deputies spot the speeder, the chase is back on. the shocking discovery when it all comes to a screeching halt. it's dolphin play time. >> wait a second. what's that? >> going right -- whoa! >> see how this was one big shark snafu. >> thinks he's a dolphin. >> he does.
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>> dude with a rope swing wants to do a double back flip. >> takes him time to work up the courage. >> i'm going to do this. i'm not going to get hurt. i'm good. >> see if he can psych himself up to take the plunge. and a little boy alerts dad there's a month monster in the bath bathroom. >> no, don't open the door i want to see what it is. >> what's in here? >> ready? >> ahh. ! >> a high-speed chase in georgia. dark cam from a county share river's deputy car. the woman driving the car manages to get by. arto county deputies had no idea they stopped chasing minutes before because she reached speeds of 100 miles per hour. hits stop sticks. car gets out of control before crash into the barricade on the
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side of the road. the chase isn't over. driver, police identify as a 36-year-old, gets out and runs across the highway. nearly getting hit by vehicles. you see the traffic come to a screeching halt. the or shocking part of this chase. police found two small children in the car. neither of which were secured in a child seat or seat belt. >> why was she running? she has a family in her car. just pull over. >> wse-tv spoke to her neighbors and friends who say she was a good mom. >> she took good care of her kids. nice to her neighbors. seemed like a good person. >> the children, i hope everything's all right. i'll say a prayer for them. i know them to be good people. >> police say that she was high on marijuana. they charged her with driving
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under the influence, cruelty to children, and other offenses. she had no fear because she was flying down that highway, not afraid to crash, and then ran into lane of traffic. one of these things just doesn't belong in this video. waters off the coast of the cook island. seen dolphins. standard. wait a second. what's that? >> what was that. >> that is not a dolphin. >> it's a hammer head shark. >> a hammer head shark. don't worry about the dolphin's safety because i think the shark is just a little bit confused. might have an identity crisis. it is like hanging out with the dolphins. >> oh my gosh. >> frolicking with the dolphins. almost pretending to be a dolphin. >> he's with the dolphins. >> we have a marine biologist on this boat. >> look, he's playing with the dolphins. >> you see the dolphins getting up above the surface and the
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shark puts its fin up above the surface, too. thinks he's a dolphin. >> he's trying to do some image remodeling. the hammer head had a bad reputation for years. he's like, look, i can frolic and play, too. >> i love you think this is a pr move. >> i'm not going to eat you, everybody. just relax. >> yeah. >> new orleans police department released this surveillance video hoping that the public might help them catch two suspects. this is video of a violent attack. when the video starts you see a nan white running quickly. notice someone is chasing him. now according to police, that man was being robbed. he initially tried to get away from the man. the guy in the dark shirt catches up to him and throws him to the ground and starts delivering some pretty severe punches to this guy. just as he gets him down on the ground and begins punching him a
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second assailant comes in and beats this guy up. according to police this happened after 4:00 in the morning. these two assailants did beat this guy up pretty badly and took his wallet and iphone in the robbery. watch, after they're done, he gets up. but then they walk away as if nothing has happened. they don't run away from the scene. they walk calmly around the corner. >> scumbags. i wonder if they threatened him, don't come after us. i wonder what was said in those moments that you can't capture on these cameras. >> has to be something. normally after a robbery you'd see them jet out of there. >> we have a closer, zoomed in version of the surveillance video. you see a moment where you almost can identify the face of the first man who was chasing man in the white shirt. police believe suspects are two white males. police are looking for these two assailants hoping anyone recognizes their clothing, faces, even the way that they walk. this is the third violent attack
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in the french quarter in new orleans in three weeks. knoll like putting on your leathers, helmet, getting on your motorcycle and going for a nice ride. nice time to be out with friends and checking things out. but a blind turn kind of ruins the day for a couple of riders. one guy has a camera on his helmet and they're stopping and talking about what the plans are next. but watch what happens to the left of this guy. >> oh no! oh no! oh! >> two riders don't navigate a blind turn so well and start skidding. these guys were riding together in a group when this happened. this, from the camera of the second rider. you saw the first rider, beck ka, you could see her, she slid halfway across the road. she went farther than her bike. she really took a skid. you can see the dirt that went across the road with her. that car, lucky it wasn't speed, it stopped quite a distance away. >> the person behind her probably watched where she was
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going and followed right along. >> i don't think they knew they were coming up to a stop sign. they were going too fast and had no other choice but to bail. >> according to the guy who shot the video, becca was going 50 miles per hour. she's in the hospital recovering with a broken pelvis. >> hard hit. she went right through the trees, on to the road. good thing she had her gear on. >> she she's going to be okay. that's her giving the thumbs up right there. an unpleasant surprise in the bathroom. >> what the -- >> that's creepy, man! >> we'll explain this shattering message. and a woman takes her car in because it's making -- >> seacat noises. >> that's obvious. engine purs all the time. >> that's obvious. enginsofa... desk...time. you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt.
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i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home.
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sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home.
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footage from inside a pub in london. fellows dressed to the nines, in a suit, heading into the toilet. and then the fellow heads over to the sink to wash his hand. wash what happened. >> what the -- >> that's creepy, man. >> oh! >> keeps happening over and over again inside this men's restroom. what this is, is an ad campaign from the department of transportation in london to make people think before they drink. what could one drink do to the rest of your dmit? >> this could be like a windshield, end up like this with your face through a windshield instead of bathroom. >> i would have had to go back in and clean my pants out. that would have scared the hell out of me. >> an ad campaign getting attention worldwide. people are sharing this on social media. >> that wasn't a tv screen that look like a mirror. that was real 3-d coming through
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the mirror blood. >> you saw the blood drip down into the sink. >> the department of transportation created a few ads for seat belts, mobile phones, drinking and driving. they're trying to get people to think just as the ad campaign says. >> i think it's effective. >> [ bleep ]! >> just because the waves aren't breaking off the coast doesn't mean you can't have fun in the water on a sunny day. these guys off the coast of southwest england have their wet suits on. a couple of kiddie bikes. ramp, that's all you need to have a blast. >> all right. kick back, relax, grab a beverage. >> up and away, by can't stop won't stop. get pushed by their buddies because it's hard to pedal those kiddie bikes fast. jump in, leaping, riding their skateboards off the ramp. look likes a ton of fun. >> i feel like it would be a sure way to bust your junk if you don't fly off at the right
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time. >> look like it could be potential lil dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. get the slack line out, stretch it across the canal. whipping around, too. >> it's like a funhouse. >> talk about funhouse. a couple of guys on a rope swing underneath a bridge. this dude's attempting a double back flip. but takes him time to work up the urage to do it. >> just because i did it wasn't doesn't mean it's easy. >> he's done it. buddies are like, do it again. he's carrying extra baggage this time. >> i really have to [ bleep ]. >> take care of that. go pooh do. >> i'm not going to get hurt. i'm good. >> psyching himself up. >> pooped his pants? >> i don't think so. >> did he lick the camera? >> yeah. is he going to do, guys or psych himself out of doing it? >> i think he's going to do it. >> ready? >> he does do it. pulls off the double back flip again. >> whoa!
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two clean rotations, splash down, no problem. it's a video that's been passed around. if you haven't seen it get tissues ready. it might make you cry. jim and colleen, they've been together 66 years. jim is in the hospital recovering from a hip replacement. recovered from bladder cancer and he had an an infection in the hospital. it's a dramatic time for them. these two love to sing together for the entire time they've been a couple. they wanted to capture singing on camera. >> every time i see this, so much love in this room. >> if you want to see this video, trust me, head to or watch on our mobile app. >> i need a tissue. >> i know! >> time to check out real or
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fake videos. >> the show's pressure. >> superman's got a beef with a bro. >> you owe me. >> maybe a bad day for this guy. >> primates justng around. >> monks can do this tuat resea evidence? three videos, one question. way fake or totally real? ?.=(=pcpcpcpcpcpcpcpcpc2h it's monday.
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what do you say we check in with matt. real or fake videos. he's sweating, nervous today. >> it's just the pressure. the show's a lot of pressure. not for you guys, you do it all the time, every day. for me it's a once a week pressure cooker situation. can we start? i need to start now. >> all right. let's start. >> good luck. >> video number one. >> hello. welcome. >> you're a poet and you didn't know it. >> okay. >> memories last. >> [ bleep ]. >> i'm sweating my ass off for you guys. >> come here. you owe me [ bleep ]. >> come on, give me a [ bleep ], man. fine. >> i say fake. >> set up? >> i do. i think it was set up by street performers to get a video to go viral, send a message out, better tip us. >> i'm with nick. >> maybe a bad day. i'm going to say real. >> let's play the rest of the
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video. maybe there's more too it. >> what? >> totally real. >> they would have had us if they didn't give -- i don't know if it was necessary to do that. >> i wish superman existed. >> he does, i think. >> video number two. >> fake. >> i say real. >> highly entertaining. something that looks weird about this primate. >> right. i feel like i can see the pixels. >> i think it's real. i think monkeys can do this stuff. >> i agree. >> what's your research and evidence? >> too tough to pull off unless you're doing this for some hollywood production with a huge budget where they can put massive hours into making this clip. >> what do the world views are say about this one? >> overwhelming support. >> we're in the minority. >> can't argue with that. >> video number three. >> are you kidding me?
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>> no. >> wipers are broke. what are you going to do. >> russia, therefore it must be real. >> real. >> i think it's real. wipers are broken, they rigged it up so the guy can move it with strings. >> safer having this contraption in your car with your passenger rubbing this rope on your nose or going with the busted windshield wipers? >> i think it's safer. >> looks like it's working. i wouldn't say well but it's doing something. >> dog plays dead with dramatic flare. >> bang. bang, bang, bang. >> what makes them feel all warm and fuzzy at the boise idaho
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fire police department rescuing ducklings? somebody at the fire department with a tool that has he has reconstructed with a net to scoop out ducklings. see that picture right there? nine ducklings and they fell into a storm drain. >> there we go. >> you can see the firefighters scooping them all up and bringing them all out. one thing that sticks out in my mind we need different storm drain covers. we've seen far too many duckling rescues from storm drains. >> come on, mama. >> come on, mama. >> they were all rescued and reunited with mama. >> what do you do if you hear a cat crying when you drive your car? take it into a shop. a customer took her honda pilot into the auto shop and said there's a cat making noise in a car. >> obvious, an engine purs all the time. >> engines pur but they doesn't meow. look what they pull out of the wheel. >> there he is. >> goodness.
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>> there he is. what the heck? >> here's the cool thing. the office manager at the sp is also the pre county humane society. so she took the cat to the humane society, cleaned up, given shots, going to be fixed and up for adoption. >> there he is. there he is. what the heck? >> sometimes a video comes along that gets this response. >> no way! >> what? >> wow. see the mind-blowing sand and
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guys, unicycling is not a crime. this video proves it. this is part of a dvd unicycling is not a crime. you see him unicycling on a dirt track. grinding rails. at a skate park. outdoors, indoors, doing crazy stunts on flat ground. stuff you see like bmers or skateboarders. >> doesn't have pedals. like a self-propelling unicycle. >> you can see it does have tiny pedals but most of is it momentum. he's very good at what he's doing. i want to tell him, i think in would be more fun with two wheels, get more speed, altitude, height. >> less people can do this. it's kind of hard to look cool on a unicycle. this guy's about as cool as it
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gets. he does pull off a lot of crazy stunts and i imagine on dvd you can see a ton more. >> i want to thank the "right this minute" viewer for sharing this video. his 2-year-old, the 2-year-old doesn't want to go in the bathroom. >> what's wrong? >> what? monster. >> i thought he was saying doctor. but dad can translate. >> monster? show me where the monster is. okay. >> creepy. >> he is pointing, he's like, it's in there. but he doesn't want to go in. he's like, don't do it. don't do it, dad. so dad goes to the closed door. >> no! no! no! >> don't go in there, dad, no,
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he's having a temper tantrum. >> what is it? >> what's the monster? what's in there. >> just look at the look on his face. >> he's terrified. what is it? what is it? >> i between see what it is. >> what's in here. >> ready? >> yes. >> it's like a -- it's like a big plastic jug turned upside down with eyes drown on it. >> it's a water jug. >> the kid looks embarrassed after. wait a sec. that's not a monster. >> this is the amazing resonance experiment. all you need is a generator, a wave driver, a speaker, and attach a metal plate to that speaker. as you noticed, a substance on to the metal plate, some sand. we'll showcase what happened to
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the sand. at different frequencies. >> no way! >> what? >> wow. >> look at that. why is it making designs? >> a different frequency the metal plate vibrates in different places and pars don't experience vibrations at different frequencies and in that instance the sand falls, if you will, into that location. as a frequency increases the pitch the designs become more complex. >> like crop circles. >> yes. it wasn't aliens, it was a giant speaker. mesmerizing. >> we're going to talk a look at an experiment we've seen before on the show. supercool. >> yeah. >> this experiment, thanks to our friends at king of random youtube channel, thee pufied wa impurities for the ice to
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crystallize to start the crystallization process. he left the purified water in the freezer for 2:45 to get the water below the freezing point. when you agitate the water you create, allowing the liquid to freeze or crystal i'd. >> oh! >> takes the bowl of ice and pours the supercooled water on top of the bowl of ice that kind of creates these sis skuice dis >> all about the nuclearlation site. >> that's it for today's edition of "right this minute." see you tomorrow.
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