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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  June 11, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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parents. >> they are afraid to let their children go out. so i'm applauding the da for making this happen. the next date is thursday. tells us that dozens of alleged gang members will be at that court date but he doesn't think all of them will go to trial. officers from several agencies are searching in berkeley right now for a man who sexually assaulted a child in a restroom at the berkeley arena. received the report just after 1:30 that a child had been attacked by a man in a public bathroom. officials are now searching for the attacker. a regional helicopter also responded but so far there has been no sign of the man. prosecutors in the richmond gang say the victim was dragged to several places where she was
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assaulted. showed a detailed diagram of the scene. a crime scene detective testified she heard only very faint sounds from the victim who was lying underneath a picnic table. the victim could take the stand sometime next week. if convicted 20-year-old -- ulb prison. state university police are -- about a man who exposed himself to a man last night. a woman was studying alone when a man came up and asked her for a date. when she refused he reportedly pulled down his pants. latino, 5'6" tall and about 150 pounds. he reportedly ran off when the woman threaten to do call police. work at the new 49er stadium was halted after an accident killed an elevator mechanic. explains what happened and also takes a look at the elevator
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company's safety record. >> investigators are still trying to determine how a worker was killed while standing on a ladder in an elevator shaft here in what will be the new 49ers stadium. investigators are trying to determine exactly what led to the death of 63-year-old donald white, pictured here with one of his 4 sons. he was assertified elevator mechanic. the contractor sent workers home. >> we have released all of our workers to go home, be with their families. we will -- the investigation will occur, and people can handle the grief and grieving on their own. >> white worked for schindler elevator which has offices throughout the world. according to -- he has had 6 accidents over the past 5
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years. 3 led to citations. one occurred 2 years ago where a worker fell and suffered broken bones. cal us a will be investigating them again. >> we will also do a very thorough view of the safety documentation for whatever it was that was involved. we will interview other employees. >> each of the trade or subcontractors have their safety talks. we have monthly talks. and so we streaccints just don' this. >> well the construction site will be shut down until thursday the contractor said the stadium will be completed in time for the 2014 football season. reporting live,. the 49ers issued a statement following the worker's death, it said, quote, the 49ers organization was deeply saddened to learn this morning
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today's deadly construction accident is the 2nd at a bay area stadium in 2 years. back in 2006 an iron worker was killed when he fell 20 feet off of a steel beam. the fire department has several vacancies to fill as several leave for nearby jobs. 3 are leaving for the rode rodeo. this comes on the heels of a decision by city leaders suggesting a plan to contract fire fighting services from the. a 28-year-old free firefighter has died while battling one of the lightning sparked wild fires. based in redding was hit by a falling tree. he was fighting the saddle
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backfire in the far northeastern part of the state. the smoke jumpers skydive into is remote locations. the city of san francisco is teaming up with a group of companies focused on the so called sharing with economy. announced a partnership with a group called bay share which includesies ch air b and b and lift. in the event of a disaster such as an earthquake, those companies have agreed to connect customers with others who can help. for example find a place to stay or car share. >> we can actually practice the sharing economy after an event happens today and i think that will get people not only expecting to be here, wanting to be here but knowing they will be help. >> mayor lee says the city is in the process of setting up a single online portal where
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residents could go in the event of of a disaster or to have their needs met. a decades old housing policy in san francisco could be about to change. live from city hall, explains how the plan would make it easier to convert condominiums, david. >> the vote for that plan came down just 40 minutes ago. this is part of a battle that's stretched over a decade over condominiums and. >> over there and then you have one condo above you. and did i mention there's an elevator. >> what san francisco real estate approaching new highs, realtors are watching plans to convert into condominiums. >> i have a lot of other clients who once they learn the tac, the blinders come up.
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>> current lottery system only allows 200 of the 2200 ten answery in common units to convert a year. better financed units instead of owning the building as a group. the new plan would allow owners to pay $4000 to opt out of the lottery. the lottery would eventually be suspended for 10 years to help ease fears. >> that way we can guarantee that tenants aren't evicted because realtors get all excited about the market changing and do convert. >> mayor lee said the new condo conversion plan is too complicated. >> i don't know what i'm going to end up doing. >> even if the legislation passes there might be legal challenges to it and you never know when that may be. >> passed the legislation with 8 votes, enough to prevent a
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veto by mayor lee. reporting live, david stephenson. east bay customers will see their rates go up nearly 10% starting next month. the utility says water rates will go up 9 3/4% on june 1st. the east bay municipal water district says average customer sees their bill go up about $4 a month. oakland city council is study ago plan that could give the first raises to state workers in 6 years. a current policy says $3 million in extra tax money needs to go to pay down tax deficits. will hold a special meeting on thursday to talk about it can use that money for county raises instead. the county's deadline to pass the budget is june 30th.
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state lawmakers have now agreed on a budget that agrees on a billion dollars in reserves. >> ho hum, another on time balanced budget in california. >> the budget will repay public schools $2 billion to make up for money that was deferred in the past. it also changes the way school districts are funded with more money going to districts with more. >> a change in the formula that will strengthen local school districts, help poor kids and kids that have serious language barriers. this is a real step forward. >> democratic leaders also say they hope if revenues come in more than expected they can restore a number of programs for the poor. leaders have rejected a plan to build a 2-acre bike park. the city council voted against the $342,000 project. the city has already spent
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about $100,000 in design costs and said that the environmental impact. under the proposal it would have been built on a hillside. it was considered a solution to the many illegal bike jumps that have sprung up. i will lay out what the roller coaster weather has. but first make sure to double check that parking meter, the clever and expensive way one bay arty plans to catch violators. we are learning more about a critical bay area safety test and why it may not be done before the new bridge is opened. ♪
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suspicion suspicious delivery claimed to be tainted with anthrax blood. she and another person who came into contact with that letter were decontaminated and the building was evacuated. >> the way it was delivered it's extremely unlikely that they were exposed to anything, so right now we are just airing on the side of caution. >> the building later reopened and say it will be 24 to 48 hours before they get the test results. we are now less than a month away from knowing whether the span of the bay bridge will open on weekend. why the opening date decision will be made even though some critical seismic tests on bolts won't be finished yet. >> since we got an official update 10 days ago, independent labs have continued testing on
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the seismic anchor bolt rods made 3 years ago that did not break when sal i hadly -- solidly into position. continues to look at 2300 other critical bolts all over the structure and is testing huge bolts at the base of the tower. >> we are checking those. those are continuing to perform as expected. >> one test that will not be concluded by the labor day opening is stretching a matching unfailed bolt in a corrosive bath. >> this won't have a bearing on the decision whether or not to open the bridge on labor day weekend. that's what the short term tests are for. >> finding the integrity of more than 2000 unbroken bolts. the other question is where do we stand with bypassing the
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broken. >> the contractor building the huge hold downs hasn't started building them and en casing them in steel and concrete structures. all of this with a potential opening date less than 3 months away. tom. police say a street race fueled by alcohol is behind a horrific crash that sent young people to the hop. officers arrested one of the drivers, 18-year-old paula -- of suspicion of driving under the influence and leaving the scene of an accident. say about 12:30 this morning the cars collided. the driver of that car and 19- year-old man broke his neck and is reportedly in serious condition tonight. >> there was some alcohol found
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in a bush nearby that may have been taken there by one of the occupants and also some alcohol found in a nearby neighborhood that was discarded by passengers. >> a total of 7 people were in those two cars. authorities say 2 passengers in the car that flipped were also hurt, but not seriously. the town of las cad os is hoping to rake in thousands of dollars of new -- thanks to new technology to keep track of how long a vehicle is parked in one spot. the current method of chalking tires used by parking enforcers is far from -- rain water can wash away those marks. the pbs news hours is closing its doors july 1st. managers say they will also lay off several employees at the main office in arlington virginia. the long running forecast is reportedly millions of dollars
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in the red. the ceo of yahoo is auctioning off a lunch date. will get to have a power lunch with melissa meyer. the money raised will go to the east palo alto charter school. bidding started today. the current bid is more than $57,000. fair weather around the bay area this afternoon. and i do expect a near repeat for tomorrow. with just subtle changes in the forecast for wednesday. giving you a look here with storm tracker 2 and the elements responsible for the current weather we have. we have a trough off the northwest coast that's going to linger here for a couple of days, this system here bringing those clouds right over us at this hour. so high clouds right over the area. temperatures are mild in most cases and we do have just a light to moderate on shore
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breeze. in fair field the breeze has strengthened. the winds will continue for the evening and will be with us for tomorrow as well. these are the clouds i was talking about a moment ago. you can see stretching all the way into fair field, san jose, mostly sunny. inland areas notablely warmer today. anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees warmer today in and around the north bay, close to 18 degrees warmer than yesterday. so what a difference a day makes, it's fairly quiet out there. temperatures feeling fairly nice and the on shore breeze not too bad. the morning clouds will be back with us. for tomorrow not as widespread. not as far inland. partly cloudy. the on shore breeze will be with us and we will continue with temperatures right about where we should be for this time of year. i am looking at just a minor warm up and friday looks like it will be the warmest day of
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the week. that number coming up in just a moment. let's take a look at what you can expect as you head out the door this morning. a lot like we had this morning. 50 degrees for freemont. low 50s in fair field and areas around santa rose a. for tomorrow afternoon, temperatures similar to today. subtle changes in store. some of us slightly warmer. all in all, little change going on. mid to upper 60s for san francisco. low to mid-70s in and around freemont. 76 san jose. low 60s with clouds expected for the coast. just a subtle warm up for tomorrow. the bigger warm up or i should say for thursday. the bigger warm up will come on friday and was we get into the weekend, and father's day, temperatures will begin to trend downward, upper 70s in the forecast for inland
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communities on sunday. pretty good, though. >> not bad. >> nice and mild it looks like. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv37, authorities say half of its robberies robberies involve smart phones. may be number for your dvr, the cloudy future for recorded tv programmer. join us at 7:00. a new report out from the naaca. how bay area athletes compare. look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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today we learned how bay area student athletes are doing in the classroom. released the academic progress rates today. and the men's basketball program posted a perfect one year score. stanford's basketball team also got a perfect score. but the cal team scored at the bomb bottom with a 2 year score of -- cal state says it is taking steps to improve. if you would like to check out the entire ncaa report we have a link on our website at
6:24 pm, just look underweb links. all right, mark is here now. the giants are back in pittsburgh and it doesn't look like it's going all that well. >> their game is not going well and earlier in the day the giants announced that pablo sandoval has been struggling fo put on the disabled list so he's going to be out for a stretch. they did recall rick noonan. then marco scooterio was -- that is the family of the young pitcher who is working here, garrett cole against tim lincecum and he gets his first hit as a professional, a 2 2 run single against lincecum, his family going bonkers. then look at this, garrett jones, plays it into a trip will. one of the fastest guys in
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baseball mccuchin wheels around. they had another for a 4-0 lead. the giants did peck away for a couple and they trail the pirates 5-2 in the 7th inning. meantime under the category of we just need something to talk about because they are not actually going to golf for reel real until thursday. the sag a of garcia and tiger woods continues after their spat of a few weeks ago, both men were able to work out a little bit, practice their stroke. yesterday the two shook hands and today of course the press wanted to know all about the handshake and are they cool with each other and all of that. >> it's already done. we have already gone through it all. it's time for the u.s. open and we tee it up in 2 days. >> that happened a couple of weeks ago, but you know,
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hopefully like tiger said, he's considered the matter closed and hopefully we can move forward and kind of start competing and respectfully and have a great season. yeah, really, they can't start golfing soon enough so we don't have to hear about that any more. meantime the yankees are in town. tb sabathia on the mound. so big series for them. as have lost a couple in a row now so they are hoping to continue to get back in the hot seat. the giants have injuries piling up and it's not looking too good. >> no, it's not. that whole sergio tiger thing, hopefully they can just move forward. >> it's like two third gridders really -- graders really spatting about nothing. >> i have to shake hands so i will. >> enough already. >> and sergio did leave a note in tiger's locker today,
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evident ofly apologizing but they won't reveal the contents of the note. >> nice. they can't get this tournament underway fast enough. on with the as. some incredible video of a guy dog in training doing exactly what it is being trained to do. and thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we will all here for you. thanks for joining us. ♪ ♪
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