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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  June 12, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> reporter: police in berkeley have been searching throughout the night for a man say sexually assaulted a young boy inside a public restroom yesterday. the unique hairstyle hope will lead to his arrest. two homicides in the past few hours. what we've learned about the two victims. >> reporter: if you see smoke south of the richmond bridge, don't worry. it's just a drill. we'll tell you why it is a concern. andral -- why some lawmakers say an incentive plan may be putting speed ahead of
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police in antioch are safety. al -- this is ktvu "mornings on 2." looking at investigations regarding two homicides. tara moriarty has more information on this. >> reporter: good morning. we've just confirmed with chp that they are on the lookout for a stolen car, a gold bmw, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. 328-i fox rhr is the license let's get to steve. plate. that's in connection with an it will be sunny and nice. antioch homicide. 60s, 70s andle os. we've not confirmed with police if it is related to last here's -- and 80s. night's homicide that happened here's sal. off shores shoe circle but we good morning. westbound 80 is moving well. know a car was stolen. neighbors say a man came home the morning commute looks good last night, found his 70-year- at the bay bridge toll plaza. old partner dead inside. officers were called to the about a 15, 20-minute delay. back to the desk. house around 6:00 last night. we begin with the man police won't say how the accused of sexually assaulting elderly man was killed but a young boy at the berkeley officers say the victim may have suffered head trauma. marina. the boy, under 10 years old investigators have not released says he was attacked yesterday the man's name. afternoon in one of the public within seven hours, police responded to another shooting restrooms. alex savidge tells us the at 19th and d street at around accused molester has a rather
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12:30 this morning,'s then found a 21-year-old man on the unique dedescription. sidewalk suffering a gunshot >> reporter: police say he has distinct green streaks in his wound. emergency crews performed cpr. hair. he's accused of groping a young it was no use. the victim died at the boy inside this public restroom hospital. police have not released his in the marina area. throughout the night, berkeley identity either. we have calls into the antioch police officers have been here police department. they are supposed to come to in this area, actively work at 8:00. searching for this man. we'll be checking in with them this assault happened yesterday them. live from antioch, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. in san jose, the two afternoon around 1:30 yard suspects charged with shooting adventure playground. police are not giving the boy's and killing two high school students will be back in court exact age. investigators say he went to the bathroom by himself and today. 19-year-old mathew clippard and that's when the man a 17-year-old boy are accused inappropriately touched him. in the may 26th shooting of two the boy told a family member about what happened. they called police. that prompted a large search in this area. men. investigators say there was a police are hoping this confrontation before the suspects opened fire. description will lead to his police do not believe the killing is gang related. a 23-year-old man was arrest. he's a black man, in his 40s, arrested in fremont accused of kidnapping a teenaged girl and threatening to rape her.
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with blond air -- blond hair police say aaron kumar roy hid in the back seat of the 16-year- with green streaks in it. old's girl at the brookdale he was wearing a green shirt shopping center on fremont and dark pants. >> we're hoping this boulevard on monday. when the girl came back to her car, police say he forced her description will lead to an at knife point to drive to a arrest. >> reporter: after the boy reported this assault yesterday afternoon, authorities remote area. but the teenager managed to immediately sealed off the escape and get help. marina and set up a checkpoint. they identified roy from a fingerprint found on the girl's they were searching all of the cars leaveth area trying -- car. leaving the area trying to find injured giant's fan bryan stow is back at home in santa cruz this man. there was a helicopter searching as well and ground county after his company crews as well. stopped paying for his in the meantime, the berkeley rehabilitation. he was getting 24-hour care at police department special a facility in bakersfield. victims' unit are gathering his family says they are very more details on what took happy he's home. but they think he could have place. i touched base with berkeley benefited from staying longer police searching for an update in that rehab facility and on this investigation. i'm told we should be getting that update at some point later getting physical therapy five days a week. on this morning. 7:33. when we get the information, the budget deadline in we'll bring it to you. sacramento is still three days live in berkeley, alex savidge, away but governor brown and ktvu channel 2 news. state democratic leaders have new questions are being already reached a deal on the state's spending plan for the raised about incentives to speed up construction on the coming year. state lawmakers are expected to new bay bridge. approve the plan on friday. 14 lawmakers have formally
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among other things, the new requested that all financial budget calls for a major incentives be made public. overhaul of how the state funds they want to make sure that safety is the first priority, not the opening date. california schools. some school leaders say this is the opening was planned for labor day weekend but that was the -- this is the first step in a long, rebuilding process. before problems, including >> it won't be fixed in one broken bolts, came along. year. folks who care about schools should pay attention and caltrans' decision is expected continue to watch what happens by july 10th when it will open. in the following years. >> this budget agreement comes there's report that the seven months after california first bottlerock festival is voters approved proposition 30. that was the governor's tax initiative designed to increase funding to state schools. experiencing money problems. the new budget also 142 stage hands still have not includes a 4.2 billion payment towards the state's date and been paid. they are owed $630,000. includes a -- debt and includes organizers have yet to make good on their pledge to donate up to a million dollars in a scholarship program which can class state university tuition up to 40% for families who make charities. organizers tell the paper they will fulfill their obligations. under $100,000 and it earmarks they are looking forward to $3 million for state workers to bottle rock 2014. san francisco police assist processing disability officers rejected a newly- claims for california veterans. negotiated contract with the a new report from aaa and
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city. the "chronicle" says the contract extension was rejected it criticizes those voice activated technology devices in by just 20 votes. our cars. the new contract would have they say it's dangerous. given police officers a 2% pay ktvu's janine de la vega joining us live in campbell now raise starting in 2016. to tell us more about this new in exchange, the officers would have to give up their right to study. good morning, janine. >> reporter: good morning, cash out some of the unused dave. well, using a hands-free device sick time when they retire. like this blue tooth to send a it seems some of those officers text while you are driving on did not like that. your cell phone is sort of so to the promoted as a safe alternative negotiating table. happening right now -- if than actually typing out one of you happen to see smoke and these texts. but somebody tweeted me and emergency crews on san said that they spend time francisco bay near the richmond- san rafael bridge, it's just a looking down on the smartphone to see if the voice translator drill. ktvu's brian flores is live on trant -- translated it right treasure island to tell us why and that has aaaa worried -- what they are doing out there is so important. aaa worried. a new study released today >> reporter: it's so weren't, quite frankly, because we live along the bay here. found that using your voice tom this is the bay behind me. in a car or on a smartphone we have several ships that causes a lot amount of mental cross through here. distraction compared to having a phone conversation or listening to music or an audio whether it's a terrorist territory or what not, there's book. researchers had a group of people in their 20s and 30s a drill that will take place with good driving records do a
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around 7:00, 8:00. series of tasks while driving first responders from all over which ranged from sending an e- the bay met here to have mail to talking on the phone. breakfast and plan for the they measured reaction time and drill that will be taking place in the middle of the bay. officials with the golden gate bridge authority are taking the found that speech-to-takes lead in the drill which will systems require great -- speech- to-text systems require great concentration and are more playout three scenarios. one of them is a hostage distracting than a cell phone. >> you have to pay more attention to the phones rather situation, the second, a dirty than talking in it and having bomb and the third, a fire on a it do something. i find it more distracting. >> reporter: there are 9 million cars and trucks with cruise ship. they will be doing this drill on two ferry vessels, a these systems on the road. spaulding vessel and an and aa says that will increase by 2018. alcatraz crews vessel. they want the auto industry to officials say drills like this and are saying just because it are so important. can be made and put in the car >> it's multi-organization should that be done? cooperation. reporting live campbl, it's a mass-casualty event on janine de la vega, ktvu channel the bay which brings in a whole 2 news. all right. new dynamic. thank you, janine. it's on land, it's hard to get nice seeing her behind the car, to and rescue the people. not driving. it takes a lot of coordinated >> safely. >> yes, safely. let's check in with sal and effort. >> officials say this is the see how the rest of the cars first time they drilled on are moving around the bay area.
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vessels and scenarios like >> good morning. this. they hope to receive more grant traffic -- i told you about money in the future to take this, southbound 280 getting part in future drills. if you see a lot of smoke, out of daly city through san bruno is not good. they had a crash blocking vehicles -- smoke south of the lanes. now the traffic on 280 richmond-san rafael bridge, as we take it back out here like, southbound is backing up way past -- almost to the 19th do not worry. avenue onram. it's only a -- live, do not if you want to get -- onramp. worry, it's only a drill. if you want to get down to the this drill will go on from 7:00 peninsula, you might want to this morning until about 5:00 think about using 101. it looks pretty good to the tonight. we're live here on treasure south. highway 4 is slow this morning. island. i'm brian flores, ktvu channel it's slow from antioch to 2 news. >> okay. 7:07. meantime, b.a.r.t. is trying to reduce some of the baypoint. most of it is. noise coming from those b.a.r.t. we're looking at the livermore valley, moderately heavy coming into livermore but it gets better on the way to dublin. live pictures as we see traffic tracks. b.a.r.t. wants to spend about a million at the toll plaza backed up to the foot of the maze. about a 25-minute wait. dollars fixing imperfections on if you are driving in san jose, the curved areas of the rails northbound 280 now getting slow o at make the screeching out of downtown. let's go to steve. reduce the sounds. thank you, sal. good morning. strategies include adjusting the rail pads and adding some mostly clear gorning. a few patches of fog around. dampers. b.a.r.t. says this should help both
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riders and also the people who anything out there won't last very long. it will be sunny today. happen live near the b.a.r.t. sunny for all. might take longer down towards tracks. >> really annoying. >> really annoying. monterey bay but over overall, how are things going at the bay bridge toll plaza, sal? >> it's crowded, tori and dave. right now, westbound, we want things -- butoverall things -- to take a look at it. it's backed up to the end of the parking lot -- or actually farther than that. but it is better than we but overall things look good. i snow santa rosa, half moon bay and el granada dipped to 43. the higher clouds yesterday did normally see it for -- this is not visit the north bay, san a middle of june almost. francisco, oakland, crockett, concord, south they did. and things are improving a little bit. it's not quite as back up as we they've thinned out. normally see it. once we get on the bridge, it the system responsible for the looks good in san francisco. let's take a look at the low will dip. temperatures will be a little peninsula. two separate crashes reported bit warmer today. in san bruno, southbound 280 47 at santa rosa, 54 half moon and 380, another one reported bay. 50s, 52 walnut creek. a 8 out towards fairfield and near the airport. san jose northbound 280 traffic concord. but there is a little bit of a looks good. we had an earlier crash at the westerly breeze in place. from sfo as well. was come avenue offram that's showing a west wind, a hey -- -- bascum avenue offramp that's hayward, you get the idea. been cleared. let's go to steve.
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the storm prediction center has a little bit of fog here. targeted wisconsin, indiana, michigan and ohio for the most of the coast is clear, possibility of tornadoes today. though, and very cool at 43. we'll keep an eye on things half moon bay and also el here. it looks really spooky. granada at one time. i've seen some of the highest 78 in napa. palo alto, 72. probabilities there i've seen in a long time. if you have travel plans, don't hayward, 70. san jose, 73. that was yesterday. this is today. be surprised if you are 82, 74, 73, and 76. delayed. >> 50s on the temperatures. actually, these are close to it looks nice for weather. temperatures coming up a little seasonal normles a. 48 walnut bit. not a lot. cool morning, patchy fog. now the breeze is still out of -- normals. 48 walnut creek. 46 in ha the west. nothing outrageous. and santa rosa, 47. 60s, 70s and 80s. i buy into that. san jose, 57. oakland 56. oakland airport made it down to petaluma, 79. kentfield, 78. 52. there's still a component of a clearlake, 86. westerly breeze in the delta. 86 antioch. livermore, low 80s. it's not that strong but it's there. this area, ohio, michigan, walnut creek, danville. indiana and especially illinois to wisconsin, the storm 75 vary to san jose, 7 -- santa prediction center has painted clara, to san jose, 76. this area for a high on the coast -- even though probability of tornadoes. it's sunny, 60s on the if you have travel plans, don't temperatures because of the be surprised if you are laid. west wind. it's one that i -- delayed. 70sen the peninsula.
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74. a little cooler on thursday. it's one that i have not seen slight warmup on friday. in a long time. the warmest temperatures are not that warm. and then a cooling trend kicks 59 in tahoe. in for the weekend. eureka, 48. clear skies for us, except for pacifica is putting strict the fog down towards santa cruz limits on fireworks along the and monterey. coastline ahead of the 4th of a lot of sunshine. a cool morning. it will be warmer, not a lot. july holiday. the city is banning safe and about you a little bit. sane fireworks for most of its beaches and that's effective novato 81. sonoma, 80. immediately. fireworks can still be set off 86 clearlake. 82 napa. akley a el at 79. wood at linda mar beach but only in the south parking lot. this is meant to keep toxic debris out of the ocean. little warmer. alameda, 60. berkeley at 70. thousands of people have 78 in milpitas, 86 gilroy. evacuated their homes in colorado as wildfires continue santa clara, 75. to grow. cupertino, 76. the royal gorge fire has burned 60s on the coast. it will be nice but not that 3800 acres. the fire reportedly came very warm. 75 redwood city, menlo park 74. close to the historic royal cooler thursday and then friday it will warm up a little bit. gorge bridge. a big tourist attraction. an even larger fire, the black not a lot. a pretty good cooling trend forest fire northeast of colorado springs has burned an kicks in over the weekend. last night at the board meeting, there was an unusual estimated 40 to 60 homes and proposal. a marriage proposal.
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eric mcdonald walked up to the 464 people have been forced to podium, dropped down on one evacuate. >> we're estimating the fire knee, he asked board member have to consumed anywhere from 7500 to 8,000 acres. hydra mendosa to marry him. >> the causes of the two larger fires are under investigation. lightning strikes sparked at least two of the three smaller she said yes. >> that's good. >> yes. 7:10. fires which together have someone broke no a berkeley burned more than 500 acres. no deaths have been reported. amendmentary -- into a berkeley a member of an elite firefighting force here in northern california has died elementary school and killed battling a wildfire. two chickensens that were part of a project. calfire says look she y was they told the daily cal, the suspects went to the kanged fighting a ware when hit by a coop and -- caged coop and way toed two of five chickens. falling tree. the 28-year-old was a member of days later, they found the the california smoke jumpers. birds buried on top. each other with a wooden cross on top of the grave. they go into remote areas. he was from susanville. the forest department is launching an investigation. 7:11. a guide dog helps save the day not again. there's another trouble for and save lives in the north bay. >> he kind of alerted me that beau's 787 dreamliner -- boeing there was something pretty bad
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happening behind us. >> that's for sure. what happened in san rafael that created such a close call. '787 dream line -- dreamliner. [ male announcer ] the new subway® $4 lunch is for everyone. >> he told me it was the safest job he's been on. >> devastated family members speak out after a man is killed at the 49er stadium site.
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it will be sunny. temperatures not warming up trading turned choppy in that much. the past two weeks, traders 60s, 70s and 80s. have started to prepare for a time when the fed and other looks like a nice day. construction is on hold at banks will no longer pump as much money into the financial the 49ers stadium in santa clara after a worker died on system. taking a live look at the big the job yesterday. board, the dow is up 30. still not clear what led up to the nasdaq is up 2. s&p up 3. the death of 63-year-old donald white, you see him here, with 7:44. a new report reveals that hp one of his sons. the long-time 49er fan worked has slashed spending on as an elevator mechanic more research and development. than 40 years. the mercury news reports
7:15 am
he was standing on an elevator spending on r and d has dropped in a shaft yesterday morning when a counter weight hit and from 11% in 1987 to less than 3% over the past four years. killed him. his sons are among those looking for answers. >> he told meal it was the the newspaper adds that other silicon companies spend more safest job he's been on. than 10%, some more than 20%. >> he loved working there. hp says it's not lost its >> i want to know what incentive touch. but meg whitman is promising to happened, you know. >> he knows where to be, where increase the research and to go. >> as the investigation goes development budget. marissa mayer is the latest on, construction work at the executive auctioning off a power lunch for charity. 49ers' stadium site is due to the winning bidder will get a chance to have lunch with her resume tomorrow morning. the 49ers said in part, our at the yahoo!'s headquarters in thoughts and prayers are with sunnyvale. we just checked, the current the family and friends and bid is now more than $67,000. coworkers affected by this tragedy. the 49er family has lost a bidding ends on june 27th. teammate. dianne feinstein and other 7:45. still not clear when the new senators are preparing to bay bridge will actually open to the public and now lawmakers are saying maybe there's too much attention on getting the bridge opened on time. ktvu's claudine wong is in our studio now with more on these questions that lawmakers have
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about some contract incentives. >> when it comes to the new bay question the head of the nsa. bridge span, contractors were told if you get the bridge open kyla campbell has more. on time, you will get more >> reporter: we expect money. but now there's concern that those incentives may have investigators to question him impacted the quality of work and senator feinstein is on the being done. so according to the "sacramento bee" lawmakers from the bay committee. she also heads the intelligence area are asking the bay bridge project leaders to give the committee. public more information about she wants classified information to be better which companies were offered explained. this comes after edward snowden incentives, when the offers leaked intelligence on the nsa were made and for how much. they also want to know the collecting the phone records of millions of verizon customers in america. snowden took off to hong reasons behind them. congress. she's believed to be in a safe mark levine of san rafael says called his leaks an act of tree the rmwill help ensure that "commuters know son. that safety is the paramount some lawmakers are crediting him, saying he exposed a big concern that's driving the brother tactic being exposed by the federal government. opening of this span." we'll have details filed by a but the bridge may still not civil rights lawsuit when i see you next. open on time because of the kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 7:16. bolt problem. tests are underway to test we're hearing a little bit those bolts. snowden's girlfriend who he those are not broken because
7:17 am
left behind in hawaii. these are some photos of lindsey mills. i believe we have the photos. on monday, she wrote on her another shipment broke -- those blog that she feels lost at sea are not being tested because without a compass. reportedly snowden did not tell her about his plans. another shipment that was google, facebook and shipped did. caltrans says it is going to microsoft are calling on the announce its decision on when obama administration for the bridge will open by its permission for the demand for e- meeting on july 10th. so we'll just have to wait and mails and personal information. see. dave? >> all right, claudine. in a letter to the justice thank you. new this morning, from ohio department, google wants to be able to show the public it does a plea of not guilty hours ago. not give the government we showed it to you live by an "unfettered access to users' ohio man accused of kidnapping three women and holding them data." microsoft and facebook issued hostage for more than a decade. here's now cade. this was this morning's -- new similar statements new video the nelson mandela's family video. this was this morning's video. visiting the hospital where ariel castro kept his head down he's being treated. we're also hearing better news the whole time. he was indicted on 300 charges about his health. family members, including his including kidnapping and rape. granddaughters and he's being charged with murder grandchildren, you see them going into the hospital earlier because of a miscarriage one of
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today. there's also encouraging news the women suffered during her about nelson mandela's health. captivity. >> in boston, opening statements underway in the he's 94 years old, former trial of mob boss james whitey president of south africa. bulger. he's charged in the murders of he's had a recurring problem 19 people killed in the 1970s with a lung infection. and 1980s. he's 83 -- he's 83 years old the current president of south africa said he's responding and captured in santa monica better to his treatment and doctors are happy and pleased after more than 16 years on the run. with his progress. back here at home, stanford it's a federal trial. this could last as long as three months. medical center, one of many in florida, this is day three of jury selection in the hospitals, performing fewer blood transfusions than in trial of george zimmerman. he's on trial for the fatal years hospital. transfukess went down from shooting of trayvon martin, an 60,000 in 2009 to -- unarmed 17-year-old man. transfukeses went down from and finding an impartial jury 60,000 in 2009 to under 49,000, is not as easy as anyone thought it would be. the reason, better technology, so far, zimmerman's lawyers say higher costs of blood, fewer they haven't been able to find blood donations and health a single juror who had not concerns about transfusare risk heard about this very controversial case. new this morning, thousands -- transfusions. there are risks, weakening the of attorneys stormed out of courthouses in turkey today, immune system. joining the largest anti- government protest there in
7:19 am
years. the rallies by the clapping, a hepatitis outbreak from chanting attorneys added a new berries sold at costco is twist to the nearly two weeks of protests that started in reportedly growing. 87 people are now infected with istanbul but have since spread the disease. to other turkish cities. last week, townsend farms recalled the berries. they are now facing several lawsuits because of the outbreak. a bomb squad was called out last night, protesters descended on the u.s. embassy but they say the embassy building is not their target. to safely detonate a pipe bomb the protest started on may 31st at a sacramento bus stop. after a police crackdown by a that was the scene yesterday in sit-in who rejected plans to citrus height. tear down a park. people living in nearby john boehner says that's a apartments were evacuated after someone called the bomb and good an immigration called police. the investigation continues into who made the bomb and put reform bill will become law by it at the bus stop. the end of the year. thousands of state while democrats favor the bill, employees you are due to get a some republicans inspect house pay raise under a tentative and the senate still have their agreement between governor doubts. they want tougher border browne and california's public security previsions and tougher rules for those who want legal union. the deal covers 93,000 employees of the union. status. a bipartisan group of eight leaders of the drad this
7:20 am
in addition to the pay raise, legislation that sets a 13-year the deal includes a guarantee path to citizenship for of no more furlough days and will expect the workers' millions of immigrants. southern baptists may cut healthcare and retirement their ties with the boy scouts benefits. the union is set to vote on that deal later this month. today. they are presented to -- expected to present and vote to 7:19. there are a lot of low clouds across the bay area skies this break away from the boy scouts morning. but temperatures are gonna bump up later today. and stop sponsoring the troops. meteorologist steve paulson this is in response to last will tell us how much. after years of efforts to t month's policy to allow gays in the boy scouts. on mt. diablo has been taken there was a boy scout in 1997 and it failed in 2005. done. who took it? the traffic looks pretty good and so does the weather. san francisco's top prosecutor is sending a message traffic and weather together -- coming up. [ male announcer ] the new subway® $4 lunch is for everyone. against smartphone theft to the leading phonemakers. george gascon is going to cohost a smartphone summit in new york tomorrow. he's asking apple, samsung, google and microsoft to make a kill switch to disable stolen phones. >> we need a solution that will -- that will end remember the
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phone unused in any configuration, network or wi-fi configuration. >> it appears cell phonemakers are on board with that idea. on monday apple announced a feature to allow thieves from turning off the app. samsung plans some anti-theft measure on july 1st. 7:51. a proposal that could change a very popular east bay bus route. how thousands could be affected if it happens. the minute i saw the door begin to crack open, i fired. >> hear from the california grandmother who armed herself with a gun and blasted away as a burglar tried to break into it's for value seekers. for spicy italian lovers. for veggie eaters. for meatball dreamers. for everyone who wants more of what they love.
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the new $4 lunch. a 6 inch sub and 21 ounce drink. her home. tons to choose from. all day every day. president obama is set to board air force one headed for boston. that's marine one, where you can see a marine coming down the steps. that's taken the president from
7:23 am
the white house to joint base andrews in maryland. these are live pictures from joint base andrews. the president is going to be heading to boston to attend a democratic fund-raiser for ed markee running for the massachusetts senate seat left vacant by john kerry when we became secretary of state. the president will then stop in miami in the evening to raise cash for the democratic party at two private homes. he's fulfilling a pledge to work harder to help elect democrats more than he did in years past. each stop really lends the president's proven ability to the party's cause for this year and next to try to win control of congress and the -- congress and the president's second-term agenda may be at stake. but the visits can create opportunities for republicans 27 vehicles crashed inen in who are eager to link their nevada in a big dust storm. democratic o's to the obama the county sheriff called in every available medical, fire and law enforcement worker. administration's recent a chicago truck driver was
7:24 am
troubles -- there is the president there heading across killed, 36 others were treated at hospitals. the tarmac to get on air force visibility in that dust storm one as he heads to boston to was zero. >> police in pleasant hill say help campaign for the democrat street racing and alcohol are who is running to replace john to blame for a serious crash involving seven young people. kerry in the u.s. senate. it happened about 1:40 we'll continue to follow this yesterday morning on gregory and any new developments we'll bring them to you live. lane. police say two cars racing down the street clipped each other, in san rafael, an incredible story. a guide dog in training helped one of the cars flipped over. you can see it landed on the save two lives after a terrifying real-life test. roof. police say the cars were going surveillance video from monday shows a car jumping at a at least 70 miles an hour which is twice the speed limit. >> there was alcohol found in a downtown sidewalk going bush nearby that may have been taken there by one of the backwards and speeding. occupants and alcohol found in the yellow lab named o'knee a nearby neighborhood that was reacted to the car by quickly discarded by passengers. turning around which alerted >> one of the drivers 18-year- one of the trainers and gave him enough time to push the old paula lazarath of concord other trainer who was was arrested on suspicion of blindfolded out of the way. dui and leave, the scene. the other driver suffered a >> he we acted two seconds broken neck. his two passengers were not before i did. he turned around and saw it and seriously hurt. then i turned around and saw 7:54. a 72-year-old grandmother
7:25 am
grabbed a..357 magnum when a burglar tried to break into her it. >> after narrowly missing that an time home. car, the car stopped. >> i'm sorry. >> back up you [bleep] the 93-year-old driver was >> she's not playing. driving trying to park the car that's jan cooper of anaheim but lost control. fired her .357 early sunday the dog o'kneel did past the final test and will be matched morning, barely missed the with a client in the past few burglar but scared him off. weeks. we posted a lot more on that >> i think he may have felt it video at because of the location of the you will find it in the "hot shots, hheight and physical size. topics" section. we estimated it was about right the beak be on top of mount debe a -- beacon on top of mt. here. >> that was real close. >> the intruder, he was diablo has been removed so it arrested a little time later. the sheriff's department says -- says that cooper's gun was can be restored. the 1-ton beacon will register underred a she had undergoing a $100,000 every right -- was registered restoration in concord. and she had every right to use initially turned on remotely in it. let's check in with sal. 1928 by charles lind burg. >> this morning, we do have traffic that's slowly improving the -- charles lindburg. out there in some areas.
7:26 am
but it's a little bit slower on north 880 near the coliseum. let's check in again with the traffic is moving along as you are driving to the downtown sal, see what's happening the oakland. it gets slow when you approach roads. >> i just found out new information about the crash. the bay bridge. when you get to the bay bridge, southbound 280 and 380. it's closer to westborough there's a backup of 25 minutes. exit. b.a.r.t. says it is doing well. put it on the map. traffic is slow out of daly no problems on the trains getting into the city. from livermore to castro city near highway 1, past ceremony mall all the way down valley, it's been slow. eastbound 580 we have slow to 380. you might want to think about traffic as welcoming through. i think we have a map of that doing something else. let's go to 880. for you. eastbound 580 near raul ranch northbound and southbound. road there is a crash there. that looks good past the let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. coliseum. 237 westbound, you can see it looks like a beautiful day. slowing as you approach zanker. a little cool. have had a lot of upert 30s, let's go to steve. sunshine. there's only patches of fog. 40s, santa rosa and rahn river. very, very little. a couple of high clouds but no it will be sunny, nice. nothing like we had yesterday. there's a little bit more fog the biggest patch is down down to santa cruz. most of the higher clouds have towards santa cruz and monterey. still have a westerly breeze, thinned out. napa, we'll go 82 today. though. 40s, 50s, already 60 in palo alto 74 today. antioch. santa rosa, napa, i know novato that's nice. hayward, 70, 73. and along the coast, half moon and san jose from 73 to 76.
7:27 am
bay bay, made it down to 43. probably warmer out towards san that's pretty chilly this time jose. 50s to 60s. of year. the higher clouds look like temperatures beginning to warm they are out of the picture. it will be sunny today. up. we have a west system. a cool morning. there's a little system up in a few patches of fog. the pacific northwest. that will get kicked out. a little warmer, not that much. another one will move in and temperatures bumping up the yosea signature starting to dip. that's going to keep us from season averages. getting that warm. 60s, 70s, 80s towards it's sunny. the fog has been chewed up. brentwood, oakley, clearlake, a cool morning, a little bit gilroy. but over all a pattern that warmer afternoon. but really normal for this time of year. 60s, 70s and 80s. looks quiet. some of these are 70 to loy another low drops in on the weekend and looks cooler sunday 80s. you have to be -- to low 80s. and most of next week. you have to be far away from less than 90 minutes ago, the suspect in a shocking kidnapping case faced a judge marine influence. a little cooler on thursday as in ohio. how he pleaded to the hundreds that one system moves out. another low drops in. of charges against him. it looks stronger for the >> reporter: we're live in antioch where two deadly weekend for our continuation of shootings happened within seven a -- of a cooling pattern. hours of each other. gag the wants to tell. we just received information why the -- google wants to tell from the chp about a stolen car possibly wanted in connection all. why they want the government to with one of those homicides.
7:28 am
>> reporter: is it safer to use give them permission about voice commands on your cell phone while you text rather classified information than just talking on your phone? we'll tell you what a new aaa >> reporter: we are live in study found when "mornings on 2" richmond where a huge emergency drill is taking praise throughout the day today. we'll tell you the importance of it as "mornings on 2" continues. 97 continues. you couldn't just set up a tv in the basement. i mean, come on! nope. we could only watch tv in the rooms that had a tv outlet. yeah if we wanted to watch tv someplace else, we'd have to go to my aunt sally's. have you ever sat on a plastic covered couch? [ kids cheering ] you're missing a good game over here. those kids wouldn't have lasted one day in our shoes. [ male announcer ] add a wireless receiver. call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month
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7:30 am
welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. let's go to steve. >> we had 30s 40s up the north. except for fog toward monterey, it will be sunny. the higher clouds have thinned out. 60s, 70s and 80s. good morning. we're looking at highway 238 northbound heading up to highway 17. traffic looks good and the commute on 680 southbound, as you pass mission. that looks good. a little boy says he was molested at the, berkeley marina in a restroom. he's under 10 and claims he was alone in a when it happened. alex savidge is at the berkeley marina right now. the police are hoping that an unusual description of this alleged suspect will help catch him. good morning, alex. >> reporter: well, good morning to you. i talked with the berkeley
7:31 am
police lieutenant within the last hour. he said officers have been searching since last night here in the marina trying to find this man who is believed to have groped this young boy inside this public restroom. this happened yesterday. police are hoping this man's unique hairstyle may help lead to his arrest. he's described as a black man in his 40s. he has blond hair and green dyed streaks in his hair. this man was last seen wearing a green shirt and dark pants. investigators say this assault happened yesterday afternoon around 1:30. it was right near adventure playground in the berkeley marina. police are not releasing the.'s exact age, only i -- the boy's exact age, only saying he's younger than 10. he went to the restroom by himself. and that's when this man inappropriately touched him. >> he went into the bathroom alone and when when he came out, he shared with a family
7:32 am
member that this male suspect had assaulted him. >> reporter: that family member in turn called 911. authorities immediately sealed off the marina and began to search for this man on the ground and in the air, using a helicopter obviously with no luck. police set up a checkpoint on the load that leads out of the marina and they searched all of the cars leaving the area. the lieutenant i spoke to said the large-scale search effort has been scaled back for today. officers will continue with stepped up patrols here along the waterfront in berkeley. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:0. 2. the sonoma county sheriff's office is not releasing the names of two officers who who shot a man who charged at them with a knife. investigators say he had just stabbed the mother of his son. the night before the shooting, police say they arrested the
7:33 am
man for public drunkenness outside of the woman's home. he was able to post bail and was released. debate over two different tax proposals for antioch will have to wait. an absent councilmember presented this last night. it's on the ayen da for june 25th. one -- on the ayen da for june 25th. one -- agenda for june 25th. one measure, haze -- raising the sales tax by a half-cent. the other, a landlord fee, and police hiring. an improving housing market could mean more money for the west contra costa school district. >> the district is laurening a campaign to -- launching a campaign to assess values on properties lowered during the recession. higher evaluation mean higher tax revenues but the county assessor wants to make sure the
7:34 am
housing market is stable before raising assessments. san francisco could be on the hook for a half billion- dollar fine. california's environmental regulators are suing the city. they claim san francisco did not meet the april 2009 deadline to install pollution- controlled gas pumps at six fire stations and a bus yard. the fine is $75,000 a day leading to the 500,000 amount. happening right now -- first responders were all over the bay area, they are conducting special tests out in the bay preparing for a real emergency. ktvu's brian flores is live near the richmond-san rafael bridge. you may see some smoke from this drill today. good morning, brian. >> reporter: yeah, that's important for commuters, dave. good morning to you. we're live in richmond where
7:35 am
beyond -- behind me, rather, there's -- there should be emergency responders doing the drills this morning. it's important for the responders to take part in the drills because they get to play out and see what an emergency response would be aboard two ships. if you are a consumer. as you mentioned, in case you see smoke or a lot of emergency vehicles, officials say don't worry because they are taking part in the drill. emergency responders from all over the bay area met in treasure island to have breakfast and plan out the drill. the area we're talking about where the drill is taking place, south of the ralph bridge in a designated -- of the richmond-san rafael bridge in a designated safety zone. this drill will may out three different senator yous. one of them is a -- scenarios. one of them is a hostage situation, the other, a dirty bomb aboard ard d the third will be a fire aboard a cruise ship.
7:36 am
officials say the drills are so important because there's 25 different agencies involved. >> it's multi-agency cooperation, coordination and response. it's a mass casualty event on the bay which br in a whole new dynamic. it's not on land. they are hard to get to to rescue the people. it takes a lot of coordinated effort. >> reporter: officials say this is the third time they've drilled on vessels and scenarios like this and funding came from the department of homeland security. if you are a commuter this morning and you take the richmond-san rafael bridge, if we take it back out here live, you see white smoke coming from the bay. officials say do not worry, it's only a drill. the drill will go from about 8:00 this morning until about 5:00. we're live here in richmond, i'm brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. well, later today, a.c. transit will talk about possibly changing the route of a possible pew lap -- popular
7:37 am
line in the east bay. the f line connects to berkeley and san rafael and richmond. if they do it, a new line would run more often but not go as farce. public hearings will be held before any changes are made. let's check in with sal. >> i do want to mention a quick delay. there's been spotty service on the terra. you may want to consider a different bus line. let's take a look at some of the pictures. 237 has been a mess. there was an earlier crash on 101 that we talked about much earlier near the shoreline exit. that crash cleared but it had a domino effect on the traffic getting into the valley. 230 is slow to 101, 101 is extra slow getting up to palo alto. that's all because of earlier problems. taking a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, that's a steady, 20-
7:38 am
minute delay. there's been some improvement getting into san francisco. i want to check out highway 4. it has been steady and slow. and baypoint getting a little bit better in antioch but slow in pleasant hill and walnut creek. we move the maps to 880 southbound and april cross the way on 101 southbound. both freeways are a little bit slow. they are northbound 87 at the capital expressway. there's word of a crash there. good morning, everybody. clear skies. very, very little fog. santa cruz almost always gets the sun unless they get a strong south wind. most of the fog is offshore. anything inland will burn off quick. it was darned cold, as we say, for june this morning. had a couple of upper 30s. i think i saw 39, graden, i think so, valley ford also in there. we had 40s on the coast. montera, half moon bay, around 43, 45. that's really risk.
7:39 am
santa rosa drip dip -- dipped to 43. today's weather, sunny for all, not everybody, you, me, a lot of sunshine. but still a westerly breeze in place. temperatures right where they should be. the higher crowds from yesterday did not visit the north bay. they kind of painted themselves over santa rosa, oakland, concord. crockett. they can put a little vail on the sunshine and kind of stop that from happening. that will not be the case today. 50s and 60s. some temperatures bumping up. no crazy temperatures t west at 5, a little -- 15. a little south wind at concord. generally a breeze in place for most locations. hayward, west, mountain view says a little northeast. that's -- right there in the bay. the area right around chicago, also illinois, indiana, focused in on that -- focused in on this, it's just -- the severe weather probability today is very high in this area. we'll keep an eye on things. but if you are flying back
7:40 am
there, especially in the afternoon, don't be surprised if you get delayed. already 90 in las vegas. 58 in fog. san diego. that's cool. tahoe is 49. truckee was 46. a lot of sunshine. almost severe clear but not complete. cool morning. some fog and temperatures will cooler, e 60s, 70s and 80s. thursday. a little warmer friday. it looks like another cooling trend starts on the weekend. there's more trouble for boeing 787 dreamliner. nippon airways grounded a plane in tokyo after the aircraft's engine would not start. this is the third time a dreamliner flight has been canceled in japan. the other incidents involve trouble with a sensor and a de- icing system. but these incidents had nothing to do with the lithium batteries that grounded the entire fleet for four months earlier this year. knew, the latest trouble -- now
7:41 am
the latest trouble comes as they announce they are expanding service in san jose. starting on july 10th. there will be daily flights between mineta, san jose airport and tokyo. right now, they only have service to japan, five days a week. the state will hold a hearing about hiring a san francisco fun club to clean up muttants -- pollutants. they want the soil cleaned up by the year 2016. the gun club and the puc have battled for years over who is responsible to do this. "examiner" says the cleanup could cost $12.5 million. a guide dog in training, put to the test in san rafael. what the dug did to help save two lives. 120,000 people were at the first-ever bottlerock festival of napa. why the concert organizers
7:42 am
reportedly are still singing the financial blues this move. -- this morning. good morning! wow. want to start the day
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a lot of sunshine. we'll end up with 6, 70s and -- 60s, 70s and 80s. passengers who got stuck on a las vegas tarmac in two different planes for more than four hours, they had to do something. so they broke out into song.
7:45 am
[singing] [laughter] ♪ i believe i can fly i believe i can touch the sky ♪ >> they sounded a little off key. maybe that's because they were thirsty. they had no water or air conditioning for 90 minutes. it was 100. they are being offered $100 vouchers for the delays. as kyla campbell reports,s the nsa director -- report, the nsa director will testify in less than three hours. >> reporter: dave, the nsa director, keith alexander, was supposed to focus on cybersecurity at today's hearings. but now we expect senators to
7:46 am
question him. alexander faces some criticism. he told the senate a few minutes ago that the nsa was not gathering data on millions of americans when just weeks later a judge signed a court howard aing -- allowing the nsa to start to collect phone records of millions of customers in america. we learned about this after a former contract, edward snowden leaked intelligence to "the guardian" newspaper. the aclu is now suing the nca. many in congress want snowden to be punished. >> what he's done has done incredible damage to our country. he will put a lot of lives at risk. i don't know how he can live with him themselves. >> john boehner said the government needs contractors like snowden. meanwhile, snowden is believed to be in a safehouse in hong
7:47 am
kong. he told a chinese newspaper there this morning that he's not hiding there. he is avoiding criminallality. >> we're also learning about snowden's girlfriend who he left behind in hawaii. on monday she wrote she feels lost at sea without a campus. reportedly snowden never told her about the plans. google, facebook, microsoft are also asking the obama administration for permission to give details about the u.s. government's plans for e-mails and other personal information of their users. in a letter to the justice department, google says it wants to be able to show the public it does not give the government "unfettered access to users'" information. microsoft and facebook issued similar statements. a new poll shows that
7:48 am
americans like president bush more than in 2005. in the gallup poll, they say they view the president favorably verse esthe 46% who view him unfavorably. gallup says it's common for a president's approval to rise after leaving office. a small majority of san francisco police officers renegotiated a contract with the city. it was really close. "the chronic well said the contract ex --" the chronicle "said the contract was rejected by two votes. in exchange for more pay in 2016, they would have to give up their right to cash out unused sick time when they retire. it seems some of the officers did not like the option. for now it's back to the negotiating table. just days after rapper 2 chainz was robbed in san francisco, he may face drug charges in los angeles.
7:49 am
according to tmz, they found drugs in his luggage and l.a.x. he was taken off the plane and taken into police custody. he was later released. reports this morning that the first ever napa valley bottlerock festival is having problems. last month, 120,000 people afended the five-day concert in the -- attended the five-day concert in the napa valley. stage hands have not been paid still and they are owed we're told -- we are told and they are od $630,000. and organizers have yet to make a million-dollar payment to charities. a mill meet tis man is accused of -- meal pit tis man is accused of selling nurse sharks over the internet. reportedly, a man advertised the shall of the nerf sharks.
7:50 am
a man what lives in the florida keys would trap them and ship them. prosecutors believe the men sold and transferred more than 70 sharks. we're also getting a rare look at a giant sea creature. this video was shot by a team of scientists based -- based out ofla. the fish is about eight feet long. that's quite small. scientists say the fish can grow up to 48 feet long. that's enormous. the fish make their home far offshore in deep, deep waters. really strange looking. eight feet long. taller than you. >> yeah. [laughter] it is something that's really making waves on the internet. >> oh, my god. are you kidding me? >> not kidding you. an incredible up-close ent couper with a -- up-close encounter with a killer whale. we're seeing plenty of blue
7:51 am
skies in the bay area. a pretty shot from mt. diablo. steve paulson will get back to us and tell us how warm it will be. suddenly, we have a lot of slow traffic here. we'll tell you what the cause of it is -- straight ahead. hey, look! a shooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever.
7:52 am
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[ dog whines ] [ metal detector warbling ] ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the next wave of italians has come to america, and they've come to party. the fiat 500, powered by beats. [ horn honks ] welcome back. 8:23. some fishermen in alaska were out hoping to catch some halby but -- halibut but they almost caught something a lot bigger.
7:54 am
>> oh! oh! oh, my gosh! are you kidding me? >> not kidding. what do you do? they were reeling in a halibut when the killer whale tried to steal it. they were surprised. this video was posted on a facebook page called "the alaska life." you've heard a few words that had to be bleeped out. it's already gotten almost 7,000 "likes." it's been shared 28,000 times. 8:23. in san rafael a guide dog in training helped save two lives after a frightening real-life test. surveillance video from monday shows a car jumping a downtown sidewalk. you see it there, speeding in reverse toward the guide dog and his two trainers. the yellow lab named o'kneel was on a -- o'neil was on a final test and saw a car coming and pushed a train who was blindfolded out of the way. >> he reacted two seconds
7:55 am
before i did. he turned around and saw it and then i turned around and saw it. >> after narrowly missing the guide dog and the trainers the car came -- the car came to a stop across the street. the 90-year-old driver was trying to park her car when she lost control. o'neil passed the test and will be matched with a client in two weeks. there's more video on our website in the hot tops -- topics section. we're gonna tech in with sal. you have to help the drivers in the silicon valley. >> you are right. 280 northbound, 237, 101, we had some earlier problems in mountain view and that slowed down 101. it slowed down 237. when 101 is slowed, they get on 280, 95. so one problem can have a
7:56 am
domino effect on the commute. the earlier crash here, we covered this crash, northbound 101 -- blocking two lanes. let's move along to the bay bridge toll plaza. and then the peninsula. westbound bay bridge. traffic looks okay coming into the city. i think i may not have told the guys i wanted a map. but southbound 101 are slow in different spots. where it says daly city. road sensors showing all red coming out of san francisco area through daly city and san bruno. that's because of an earlier crash. use 101 instead. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. a lot of sunshine today. a little bit of patchy fog. but everall, most of the -- overall, most of the coast is clear unless you are down to capitola or santa cruz. i think they will get some sunshine today. overall, it looks good. sunny, a cool, cool morning.
7:57 am
some cold reads for this -- readings for this time of year. 60s, 70s, 80s, coast bay, inunder la. warmest temperatures the -- inland. warmest temperatures away from the coast. speed ahead of safety? the new question state lawmakers are asking about the bay bridge. ñáçwçñ
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
two separate homicides are being investigated by antioch police that happened within a seven-hour period. tara moriarty is live at the scene of one of those. good morning, tara. >> reporter: we're at the one that happened first. neighbors say they are definitely shaken by this homicide. but police told them they are in no danger so perhaps this person was targeted. we'll have to find out as this investigation unfolds. neighbors say that the killer drove away in the victim's car. we do have a description that we want to show you, that the chp has issued a bulletin for a gold 2009 bmw 328-i with a personalized license plate fox hrh. police have not curve ifed if if it's related -- have not confirmed if it's related to
8:01 am
the homicide on horseshoe. but the car is missg. a man came home around 6:00, found his 70-year-old partner dead inside. police won't say how the elderly man was killed but officers responding to the scene say the victim may have suffered head trauma. investigators have not released the man's name but neighbors say his name was ron. >> we were all in shock kind of gives me goose bumps thinking about it. we were in shock. he's a nice guy. he treated my kids good. he treated us good when we first moved here. he welcomed us to the neighborhood. weight went over there for christmas. he was just an all-around good guy. really sad that a happened to him -- that that happened to him. >> reporter: within seven hours police responded to another shooting at 19th. around 12:30 this morning they found a 17-year-old on the sidewalk suffering from a gunshot wound. cpr was performed. the victim died at the hospital. police have not released the identity yet.
8:02 am
that's the latest. we'll check in with police and have any new updates on the noon news. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 8:31. 23-year-old fremont man was arrested in fremont accused of kidnapping a teenaged girl and threatening to rape her. police say aaron kumar roy hid in the back seat of a 16-year- old girl's car at the brookdale shopping center on fremontmont -- prepmont mallth. he forced her to drive to air ania. but she got help. investigators are still trying to figure out what led up to the death of 63-year-old donald white yesterday, picked here. the long-time 49er fan worked at an elevator mechanic -- as
8:03 am
an elevator mechanic for more than 40 years. he was standing on a ladder when he was hit and killed by a counter weight. white's sons are among those searching for answers. >> i just kind of really want to know what happened, you know, he's a safe guy. he's done it his whole life. he knows where to be, where to go. >> reporter: construction work at the stadium site is set to resume tomorrow morning. the 49ers have issued a statement saying in part "our thoughts and prayers are with the family, friends and coworkers affected by this tragedy. the 49er family has lost a teammate." 8:33. a hepatitis-a outbreak connected to frozen berries sold at costco is growing. the centers for disease control says at least 87 people in eight states, including here in california, are now affected. last week, townsend farms recalled frozen organic anti- oxidant blends of berries.
8:04 am
townsend farms is facing several lawsuits because of that outbreak. a bomb squad was called out to safely detonate a pipe bomb. it was found at a bus stop in the sacramento area. that was the scene yesterday. this was in citrus heights. the area was shut down. people living in nearby apartments were evacuated after someone found the bomb and called the police. the investigation continues into who made it and who put it there at that bus stop. 8:34. a teenaged boy was arrested for attempting to rob a necklace from a woman in san leandro. according to police, two women were -- women were walking along hesperian boulevard when a teen tried to rip the necklace of a woman. the necklace broke. the would-be robber dropped it. a witness who saw what happened detained the teenager until the police arrived. bryan stow is back in home.
8:05 am
it's bittersweet. the reason he returned is his insurance company stopped paying for his rehabilitation. stow is receiving -- was receiving 24-hour care at that facility in bakersfield. his family said they are very happy to have him back home but they also think he could have benefited from staying longer in the facility and receiving physical therapy five days a week. the beacon on top of mt. diablo has been removed so it can be restored. yesterday, a crane was lowered to the historic eye of diablo from the summit building yesterday. the one-ton beacon will get a restoration in cod.turned on re 1928 by charles lindberg. it shines each disease 7th forth the for the anniversary on the attack of hear harbor. someone broke into an elementary school and killed two chickens part of a class
8:06 am
class -- class project. the school told the paper that the suspects went to the caged coop and stole two of the five chickens. five days later, school officials found the birds buried on top of each other. they had a wooden cross alongside the grave. the chickens were being used to teach children about nutrition and sustainable foods and the life cycle of a chicken. new this morning, hands- free devices designed to limit distraction the driving still pose a big safety risk so says aaa who just released a report on the matter. janine de la vega joins us live from campbell with some of the most important details in the report. >> reporter: researchers found that when somebody is behind the wheel and they are listening to voice commands from their cell phone, that they end up getting tunnel vision and fail to scan the
8:07 am
road and even look in their side view and rear-view mirrors and fail to see what's in front of them. here's what aaa person said about the stuty. >> this is a serious looming crisis for us safetywise. >> reporter: the study showed that using voice commands to send text messages and e-mails is more distracting and dangerous than talk orange a cell phone. researchers measured the brain movements and other indicators from a group of people while they drove and performed tasks. the state found using a voice command is re more concentration than just speaking to a person. >> you are trying to focus and -- i think it takes more concentration thantoo talk into it. >> reporter: aaa is concerned because automakers have been
8:08 am
promoting voice-based messaging as a safer alternative than taking hands 0 off the wheel to use the phone. automakers and safety advocates studied this and want these devices limited in cars. ktvu, ktvu channel 2 news, janine de la vega. b.a.r.t. is working on a noise ring duction plan to muffle annoying sounds. -- noise reduction program to muffle annoying sounds. that's annoying. the agency reportedly spends a million dollars a year fixles imperfections along the rails. plans include adjusting rail pads and adding dampers. b.a.r.t. says that should make life better for riders around the people who live near the b.a.r.t. tracks. can you imagine listening to that? >> all the time. >> all day long. >> wow. well, sal will help you get to where you need to go.
8:09 am
you are looking at the south bay. >> you know what's interesting? the b.a.r.t. tracks if you live in the hills, sometimes you can hear that from far away. >> the sound. >> it just travels. i'm saying -- good morning, let's take a look -- you know, one of the noises you hear in the bay area unless you are over 40, then you can't hear anything. northbound 280 getting up to 17, the traffic is slow. dave clark mentioned it, we've been talking about it. we had an earlier accident, much earlier than we covered on the morning news in 101 in mountain view. that's long gone but traffic all over the country has been slow. kind of a rude surprise. 880 northbound is slow getting into downtown harris county. this is more of normal commute. a well-attended game at the coliseum as the as go for game two. they won last night tonight is game two. this is a look at southbound 101. slow traffic there but the san mateo bridge looks good.
8:10 am
let's go to steve. a t of sunshine. it looks like a gorgeous day. had some 30s and 40s which is just incredible for this time of year. if you thought the morning was cool, it was. other locations, most stayed in the 50s. we had brisk readings. most of the higher clouds pushed east and south. most of the fog is down towards santa cruz and monterey. a little warmup. this looks like a quiet pattern. it doesn't look like too much in the way of a warmup. today we'll get a little one. napa, 78. palo alto, 72. also up 3. 73 to 76. warmer out towards east san jose. 50, 60s. nothing crazy here. but a lot of 60s and 50s. half moon bay this morning 43. serwas 43. that's pre-- that was 43. fairfield west breeze at 15. sfo has a westerly breeze. hayward, things have calmed down in livermore. it's going to be not a calm day
8:11 am
at all for parts of the midwest. this entire area is under the focus here of possible severe weather and tornadic activity. keep an eye on things. this could get really dicey. they've pumped in the storm prediction centers. travel plans back there may be delayed. anywhere from 52 to 90. that 52 in eureka. 65 in tahoe. redding at 68. clear skies except for a few patches of fog. a cool morning. but it will be warmer on those afternoon highs. a little breezy at times. temperatures, 60s, 70s and 80s. petaluma 79. sonoma, 80 degrees up to glen ellen warmer. vallejo, benicia, crockett, 76. la fayette, low 80s. orinda probably the same. warmer out towards brentwood. san ramon danville in there. 72 santa cruz. a little cool, too much fog
8:12 am
towards that way. santa clara 75 and then 6 ops on the coast with sunshine -- 60sen the coast with sunshine -- 60s on the coast with sunshine. warmest day will be probable friday. and then a low starts on the weekend. >> all right. he's the suspect in a crime that shocked the entire nation. find out what happened in an ohio courtroom just hours ago. also, the immigration issue taking center stage on capitol hill. what a powerful republican leader is now predicting. >> reporter: we're live in richmond where emergency first responders are gathering for a major drill today. we'll tell you the significance of it and if you are a commuter on the richmond-san rafael bridge, you should not worry about it -- as "mornings on 2" continues. look at them kids. [ sigh ]
8:13 am
8:14 am
they have no idea what it was like
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before u-verse high speed internet. yeah, you couldn't just stream movies to a device like that. one time, i had to wait half a day to watch a movie. you watched movies?! i was lucky if i could watch a show. show?! man, i was happy to see a sneezing panda clip! trevor, have you eaten today? you sound a little grumpy. [ laughter ] [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. u.s. stocks are in negative territory. investors are still quite concerned over how some central banks will begin to scale back supportive measures they may get the first meeting next week. the dow is currently down 18. the nasdaq down 10.
8:16 am
s&p down 2. 8:45. let's bring you up to date on some of the -- some of the toy tops -- police in berkeley told ktvu they are still searching for a man accused of groping a little boy yesterday in a bathroom at the berkeley marina. the child is under ten years old. says he went into the bathroom alone. that's when a man described as an african-american with blond hair with green streaks groped him. >> i'm happy to report that he's responding better to treatment this morning. [ applause ] this is major news coming from south africa. that's the president of south africa announcing news about 94- year-old nelson man dem law. the human rights activist is still in the hospital -- mandella. the human rights activist is still in the hospital. if you happen to see smoke
8:17 am
and crews on the bay, don't worry. it's just a drill. ktvu's brian flores is out there. >> reporter: they are still prepping for this drill expected to take place around 10:00 or 11:00 this morning. as you mentioned it, if you are a commuter, especially on the richmond-san rafael bridge this morning and throughout the day, if you see a lot of smoke and emergency vehicles, officials say don't worry they are taking part in a drill. they met in treasure island to have breakfast and plan out the drill. the area that we're talking about south of the richmond-san rafael bridge in a designated safety zone. officials with the golden gate bridge authority are taking the lead in this drill which they say will play out three different scenarios aboard
8:18 am
ships. the first scenario, a hostage, the second, a dirty mb and the third, a fire aboard a cruise ship. first responders will be doing the drills with two ferry drills, one of them is a spaulding vessel. the second is a 5-00 passenger alcatraz vessel. officials say this is so important so the responding agencies can be on the same page and learn from each other. >> we don't get the opportunity to work with the ferries and multicasualty victims in the waters all all of the time. this -- all of the time. this opportunity doesn't come along often. it's very beneficial. >> reporter: officials say this is the third time overall they've drilled on this. and funding came from the u.s. department of homeland security. if you commute on the bridge, again, officials say there's a possibility that you may see white smoke coming from the bay, also a lot of emergency vehicles, as we take it back out here live. officials say don't worry. they are taking part in this
8:19 am
trill that will take part for most of the day. expected to take part around 10:00 this morning and conclude around 5:00. we're live in richmond, brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 8:48. a lot of uncertainty still surrounding the time offing of the hoping of the new bay bridge span. there are questions about the incentives being offered to contractors to get it open on time. claudine wong joins us live from the studio with the information some lawmakers want the public to know. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning. we're not gonna get official word from caltrans for a date of the opening of the bridge until next month. but now lawmakers are questioning the push to open it on time and the incentives added if they finish on time. according to the "sacramento bee" lawmakers from the bay area are asking project leaders to give the public more information about which contractors were offered
8:20 am
incentives, when those offers were made, and for how much. they also want to know the reasons behind them. that request was apparently made to the chair of the bay bridge project oversight committee in a letter by bay area members of the california assembly and state. one lawmaker tells "the bee" it's all to help ensure that commuters know that safety is the paramount concern. but incentives are not. the bridge bay not open on time because of the ongoing bolt problem. caltrans has already decided it will put what are called saddle holddowns in the areas where the bolts have failed. while a contractor in vallejo has been hired, the holddowns are not built yet. and then you have these tests that are continuing on a second batch of 2000 bolts. those bolts have not broken and low pressure from a different shipment but they -- are not broken and came from a different shipment.
8:21 am
if the bolts need to be replaced, officials say the opening will almost certainly be delayed. a lot still on the table. caltrans has said it will tell the public if the bay bridge will make the scheduled labor day opening by july 10th. torpry? >> thank you, claudine. ten minutes before 9:00. stanford medical center is up with of many hospitals nationwide, that's performing fewer blood transfuses. the school published a report stating that transfusions dropped from 60,000 in 2009. the reasons, better technology, high blood costs, fewer blood donations and health concerns over transfukeses risks range from weakening the immune system to longer hospital stays. at stanford, there are plans to change the student body. the president of stanford wants more undergreats on campus. the grad students -- undergrades on campus.
8:22 am
the grad students outnumber. an expansion could begin as early as next year. some football players at cal appear to be losing the game when it comes to their permance in the classroom. the latest ncaa report found when it comes to academic achievement. the cal bears came in dead last among pac 12 schools. however, cal athletes in other sports scored very high marks in that same survey. among the football players, sanford came out on top of the pac 12 teams and the san jose state spar tons scored a record- high score in its conference. john boehner there's a good chance an immigration reform bill will become law before the end of the year. the senate passed two procedural votes. while democrats favored the bill, some republicanses in the house and senate -- republicans in the house and senate have doubts, they want tighter border securities and tougher rules for those seeking status.
8:23 am
78:52. the 4th of july -- 8:52. the 4th of july now a couple of weeks away. how independence day in one bay area city will be different this year. good morning. bay bridge toll plaza, it's still backed up. we'll take a look at that and some of the other commutes coming up. hey, look! a shooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership.
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welcome back. pacifica putting strict limits on fireworks along the coastline heading into the 4th of july holiday. effective immediately, the city is banning safe and sane fireworks for most of the beaches. now, fireworks are still allowed at li -- i will da mar beach but only -- linda mar beach but only in the south parking lot. the sheriff of el paso county says the black forest fire north of colorado springs has burned 80 to 100 holes. more thanp 400 evacuated -- more than 7400 evacuated. some people refused to leave and the sheriff fears he may die out there. another fire in a neighboring county has burned 3800 acres. nearly 900 prison inmates had to be moved to a different prison location as a precaution. there are new reports showing the federal government will not give money to help rebuild that small texas community where the fertilizer plant blew up back in april. it leveled homes, a school and
8:27 am
15 people were killed. however, the associated press is reporting it obtained a letter from fema saying the explosion was not severe enough to warrant a major disaster declaration. that town of west, texas said is needs about $57 million to m from ohio, an ohio man accused of kidnapping three women and holding them captive for more than a decade entered a plea of not guilty. this is new video of this morning's brief court hearing for ariel castro. a grand jury indicted him on 300 charges, including kidnapping, rape and murder because one of the women suffered a miscarriage during her captivity. let's quickly check in with sal. what are you seeing now, sal? >> all right. we have a new accident in san francisco near -- on turk near masonic, a motorcycle crash. quickly, at the bay bridge toll plaza, that traffic is backed up for about a 15-minute delay. it's slow on the peninsula in san mateo. now let's go to steve. thank you, sal.
8:28 am
a lot of sunshine today. temperatures 60s, 70s and 80s. a rather brisk morning. a little cooldown on thursday. warmup on friday and then another cooler pattern on the weekend and into most of next week, you two. >> thank you, steve. that's our report this morning. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> watch the news at noon for more on the new safety concerns about the new bay bridge. we're always here for you at, facebook and twitter. thank you for joining us. have a great day.
8:29 am
8:30 am
i'm beth troutman and it is time for some awesome videos and the stories behind them "right this minute." a drive on a twisty road goes way south when -- >> the car pushes off of that cliff, and the car goes tumbling down. >> find out how this roadster survived certain death. police spring into action when they spot extra cargo on a docking boat. >> it is one man who was trying
8:31 am
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