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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  June 12, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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they were crying. they were traumatized, probably. >> reporter: the children were in better spirits. >> everybody is fine. thank you. >> reporter: the crash shut down this busy intersection for two hours as investigators checked the scene. >> our mission is to move people safely through the city. the last thing we want to do is injure them in the process. >> reporter: both vehicle drivers were slightly injured and will take drug tests. coming up at 6, the other clues investigators are looking for to determine what caused today's crash. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. new at 5, fear and frustration after another brazen someday time robbery. paul cam birds found a victim who says robbers have struck before. >> reporter: people are fed up. business owners and residents say crime is on the raise. the latest crime happened at this restaurant behind me. this was an armed robbery.
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people here say they just want police to pay attention. oakland police say after 1:00 this afternoon officers got a call of an armed robbery here at lee's garden chinese restaurant. police say three men entered the restaurant and assaulted at least one of the people inside. witnesses say an employee appeared to have been pistol whipped. residents say they're fed up with the rising crime in the area. >> they snuck back in our room and took money. harassing our customers. my employee got mugged after work one day. >> reporter: this man asked not to be identified. he says he believes the three men of involved have been terrorizing the neighborhood for at least two years. he says he was robbed by three men earlier this year on two separate occasions. >> put it right to my face. he told me to give everything that was in my pocket. i noticed, i seen him before. >> reporter: like others we
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talked to, the man says police are only in the area when something bad happens. he wants them to increase patrols. >> in my community is where we have a lot of robberies. if i don't see the police, these same two guys they don't see them as well. >> reporter: now police will be reviewing surveillance video from a camera taken in the area today. police did say the victim was taken to the hospital. they gave a vague description of the suspect. you're asked to call oakland police. live in oakland, paul cammers, ktvu channel 2 news. police air force arrested a 25-year-old san jose man. steven craig jr. is being held on a no bail warrant. investigators say he shot and killed a man outside the peacock lounge. officers took him into custody at his home last night. a man accused of kidnapping a teenager after hiding the backseat of her car made his first court appearance today.
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it's a story we've been following since yesterday. we have this surveillance video. the chip shows the teenage victim getting away from her alleged kidnapper. christien kafton was in court today. he's live with what the suspect told police. >> reporter: aaron roy was in court but did not enter a plea. we got our hands on this court paperwork. he tells police the incident was a big misunderstanding. he says the girl wouldn't let him out of the back of her car. today 23-year-old aaron kumar roy appeared in court, accused of kidnapping a 16-year-old girl at knife point. witnesses say the aftermath was caught on video. a teen girl running by, dashing up the driveway to star santa cruz' home. >> he's chasing me with a knife. wait for her to come so she met me halfway up my driveway. we ran in the house. hit the panic button. shut the door.
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>> reporter: santa cruz says the teen told her the assailant had hidden in the backseat of her car and indicated he was going to rape her. she escaped when he told her to stop the car. the security cameras were the ones that captured the aftermath. >> i did see the girl's feet running into the home. i was trying to look at the camera to see if i could see anybody walking. when the police came i could show them the video. >> reporter: police tracked down roy after matching his finger prints to those left on the car. >> the victim is really should get the most credit. she saved herself. >> reporter: prosecutors charged roy with kidnap with intent to rape, robbery and possession of cocaine. when police arrested him he told them he'd gotten into the wrong car by mistake. his family left the courthouse without saying a word. his lawyer says roy is a good kid. >> he has no history of sexual assault. he is not on any kind of sexual registration list. the only reason that his fingerprint came up is because
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he has two misdemeanor duis. >> reporter: a search of the mobile phone revealed when they termed rape important. he admits to down loading that video. he's due back in court next month. christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. continue to search for a man accused of sexually assaulting a young boy in a public bathroom. the boy is being described as under the age of 10, reported that a man had touched him in the bathroom near adventure playground yesterday afternoon. police say the boy described his attacker as a black man with blond hair and green streaks. >> we're hoping that based on this hair description that someone may have seen someone like that or be familiar with a suspect that may frequent this area. >> officers spent several hours severalling that area. anyone with information is
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asked to call police. it was a violent night in antioch. two homicides and possibly a third in just 7 hours. ken pritchett is live in antioch where neighbors say crime is out of control. >> reporter: some ncerou walked around with hand held police scanners. they check it to make sure nothing is going on before they go outside. fears of those -- a span of a few hours. the red on the sidewalk is candle wax. it marks the spot where roberto lopez was shot. this memorial was surrounded by young people who ask we keep our camera pointed down. witnesses reported shots fired between two groups. lopez was hit and died at the hospital. this comes just hours after another homicide in the south
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part of town off horseshoe circle. >> very surprised. >> reporter: colleen says she came out of her home to see police outside her neighbor's house. police found the body of 70- year-old ronald rush inside the house with a head injury. >> i think his roommate was very distraught. you know, just asked him what was wrong. he said someone killed ron. we were all in shock. kind of gives me goose bumps thinking about it. >> reporter: police reportedly do not have suspects and have a third potential homicide investigation after patrick chang, robbed and beaten on may 18th, died yesterday of his injuries. the cases are not connected. but related in that neighbors say it is a pattern of violence in antioch. >> when somebody is attacked on a saturday afternoon at 5:00, two blocks from my house. you know, that's horrible. >> reporter: karen patterson is so concerned with crime, her home is dotted with cameras. she even walks around with a
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police scanner. >> basically before i go i'll listen to the scanner to see if the coast is clear. >> reporter: at 6 more on the steps these neighbors are taking to feel safe. as for the acts of violence, we're learning more about the violence in antioch. in the past 24 hours hour attempts to contact antioch police went unanswered. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. the sight of the new 49ers stadium is closed after the death of a worker there. according to a preliminary report, donald white was in the bottom of an elevator shaft when he was hit by a counter weight and killed. white had worked on elevators for 43 years. stadium construction is expected to resume tomorrow. san jose will soon have more police officers and firefighters on the job thanks to a new city budget. last night city council approved a $2.6 billion budget for the upcoming fiscal year. it avoids service cuts and adds
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funds for public safety. the budget includes money to train 60 new police officers. money for gang and truancy programs. pay raises for police officers and some other city workers. money to keep 49 firefighters previously funded federal grantsment san francisco's board of supervisors has given the initial approval to a big change in the city's condo conversion law. the measure would allow people who are part of tenants in common buildings to convert their individual unit to a condominium. it would cost them a fee to bypass the city's condo conversion limits. mayor ed lee says the measure is too complicate. with eight votes for it yesterday, the plan would survive a veto. solar energy use is skyrocketing nationwide. an industry report found solar installations in the u.s. grew 670%. california ranked highest in the nation with more
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installations. in the first quart every of this year residential solar systems across our state grew almost 40%. habitat for humanity builds homes for families. today in the south bay habitat volunteers built play houses for children. workers put wn boards and picked up tools to build the structures. >> most of these homes are going to the loose door moms e families is an are the recipients of these. >> the volunteers say the look on the children's faces makes all that work worthwhile habitat for humanity says money raised is used to build real homes for deserving families. temperatures today warmed a good 5 degrees in some areas. 85 in antioch. 81 in conchord.
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78 in walnut creek. fog at the coast right now. going to be clear tonight. going to be cool. believe it or not, overnight lows in the 40s. napa tomorrow morning, 46 degrees. 47 in santa rosa. 50 degrees. morgan hill, 50 degrees. these numbers are going to seem chilly. might be patchy fog. a cool morning tomorrow. coming up at 5:30 i'll have your complete weather forecast. strongest winds up in the delta. slightly cooler as we head into thursday. take a look at the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view. hands free driving doesn't equal risk free. why the growing use of those systems is being called a public safety crisis. injured giants fan brian stoa is back at home. there's a new crisis. harassed on bart. that's not why one passenger was so mad. it's how security handled the confrontation. the san francisco fire department is facing $542
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million in penalties. the violations that racked up the huge bill. mom...
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new at 5, $542 million in fines. all because of gas pump nozzles. that's the penalty being leveed at the san francisco fire department. rob roth live in san francisco with how the agencies day say they aren't polluting. >> reporter: a staggering amount. that's what a state environmental agency is suing the fire department and muni for. according to the lawsuit by the bay area air quality management district, the city was required to install pollution capturing equipment four years ago at six
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fire stationing including this one at webster street. >> vapors come out and go into the air. all of those vapors from the collective gas stations are part of what forms ozone and smog. >> reporter: the air quality district says the city department comply, so it's gone to court seeking penalties of $75,000 per pump per day for three years. the grand total, $542,775,000. >> it's a lot of money. no lie. but i don't think it was ever really a realistic figure. >> this has been out there for many years. they haven't responded to our notices. they haven't responded to our calls. >> reporter: the fire department maintains it hasn't polluting. the fire department says its older vehicles have been the problem. they have been gasessing up at
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a pump that meets state regulationlations. >> now we have the lockout system. so that they're reassured that any vehicles that we have that are manufactured before 2000 aren't fueling up at those pumps. >> reporter: muni also says it has upgraded its pumps as well. >> we d install the proper equipment that was required. >> reporter: as for the half a billion dollar fine, fire officials say they are currently negotiating a settlement for a small fraction of that huge figure. reporting live in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. walnut creek police released surveillance photos in their search for a taxi cab robber. an unsuspecting driver gave her a ride. these photos were taken at a nearby gas station in martinez.
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police say the woman used force during the robbery. she called herself kaitlyn. a uc berkeley graduate student was given a six year sentence today for a drunk driving accident that killed his girlfriend and her young son. berkeley police say 25-year-old jose lumbrerez crashed into a unand a tree lysemia. 22-year-old milonka lopez died at the scene. her 6-year-old son died a few days later. he will likely be released in two years due to time already served. not guilty, that was the plea from the ohio man accused of kidnapping three women and holding them captive for nearly a decade. >> we'd like to enter a plea of not guilty. we will waive the 24 hour period. >> the 5 it-year-old defendant ariel castro stayed silent.
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he faces 329 charges outlined in a 142 page grand jury indictment. he's trying to work out a deal to avoid a trial and spare castro from the death penalty on aggravated murder charges for the killing of several unborn babies by inducing miscarriages. opening statements are expected to start tomorrow when the murder and racketeering trial of james whitey bulger. he's a reputed boston mob boss aired two years ago in california. the head of the national security agosy defended the use of controversial phone and internet surveillance tactics. >> what we're doing to protect american citizens here is the right thing. our agency takes great pride in protecting this nation and our civil liberties and prove rita williams. >> recent leaks reveal the agency has been monitoring american's phone records and
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internet activity. general keith alexander said the program has prevented dozens of terrorist attacks. california senator diane feinstein demanded proof. >> i think it's really very important to show the cases where this has been used and has been effective. >> feinstein urged alexander to share those details in a closed meeting tomorrow. there's new information out that debunks the idea that hands free driving equals risk free driving. researchers uncovered some surprising data that puts much of the blame on new technology and the auto industry. >> reporter: newer cars with the latest gadgets. state-of-the-art hands free technology allows drivers to update their facebook status, check text messages and more all while behind the wheel. >> people think they can multitask. >> reporter: aaa had researchers hook up devices to
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follow their brain activity and eye movement. then researchers did their best to distract them. >> send. >> reporter: researchers found the least distracting activity was listening to the radio. a stronger distraction, turning to look at a passenger. >> navigation. >> reporter: aaa says greater distractions are caused by in car technology. researchers explained it best, saying the next level of distraction would be balancing your checkbook while driving. >> we really can't do more than one thing at once successfully. >> reporter: aaa is asking the auto industry to put less technology in cars and says auto makers are open to their suggestions. >> some newest technologies may be the most impairing. especially if they're taking the mind off the road for long periods of time. >> reporter: aaa suggests limiting technology to driver needs, like using voice technology to start windshield
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wipers. in washington, kai la campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. a young girl gets a thrill of the life. from meeting a dolphin to kissing a sea lion. the special way a 5-year-old girl is enjoying life r surviving homelessness. coming up new at 5, a man slows traffic with his words. the outrageous strategy he used to get drivers attention. >> to some it's brilliant. plus is money outweighing your safety? the latest tug of war over the bay bridge opening. last kind of thing we want to happen, last thing we want is people to get hurt. >> continuing coverage of this streetcar accident. we're asking if brake failure may be to blame. we hope you join us for ktvu channel 2 news at 6. have a good night. here you go. you, too.
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just about 30 minutes ago a double lung transplant on a 10- year-old pennsylvania girl wrapped up and doctors are calling it a success. her parents fought to get her on an adult donor list. her health was deteriorating when a judge stepped in last week allowing her to beplaced on a largest list of adult donors. sarah's mom said if her daughter didn't find a donor she wouldn't have survived another week. >> i kissed her good-bye.
5:25 pm
it was easier than if she were awake and scared. >> the double lung transplant can take 6 to 12 hours. is sarah's surgery began around noon and just wrapped up 30 minutes ago. south african president told parliament that nelson mandela is improving. he is responding better to treatment for a recurring lung infection. officials say the 94-year-old's condition remains serious but stable. children left get well cards and messages outside his home. it was a day of great joy and sadness. students attended their commencement ceremony. >> in memory of the victims of friday's tragedy, let us please stand and observe a moment of silence. >> hundreds of students donned royal blue caps and gowns and lined up to receive their
5:26 pm
diplomas. family members who lost loved ones handed the diplomas to the graduates. investigators are still trying to figure out why a 23-year-old gunman opened fire at his former school during a shooting rampage. the number of homes destroyed by a massive wild fire burning north of colorado springs is expected to reach 100. the black forest fire is one of several burning in the state. fire has blackened more than 12 square miles and destroyed close to 100 homes. more than 7000 people have been forced to flee. high winds and extreme heat are fueling the blaze. gusts are expected to pick up. back at home, injured giants fan brian stowe is back with his family. why the homecoming is bittersweet. not messing around. an elderly woman from southern california takes on a would-be burglar. how she managed to protect herself and her wheelchair- bound husband. we'll take a look at your
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oakland, east bay hills. little bit of haze. all in all nice. >> after a weekend of pretty much cool weather, things are warming up a little bit today. bill martin joins us with what should be expected for the rest of the week. >> temperatures came up about 5 degrees today. the weekend was hot and told. saturday was baking. sunday dropped off quickly. what we're expecting tomorrow will be temperatures to well, they'll be about the same as they were today. maybe cooler in some spots. winds are coming up. breezy out in the delta. 23 miles an hour at the oakland airport. winds are happening. there's no fog along the coast right now. fog, scyphi sal pacifica. west wind at the airport. 40 miles an hour. nearly 40 miles an hour. it's breezy. temperatures tomorrow, slightly
5:31 pm
cooler. tonight we'll look for clear and breezy conditions. not going to be that warm tonight. overnight lows are going to get into the upper 40s, low 50s. that's chilly. when you start dialing upper 40s this time of year, you'll notice it. it seems chilly. as we head into the bay area weekend, a cooling trend. tomorrow, this high pressure center here. it warmed up us. as we head into tomorrow, the high kind of takes a break. look what comes back. temperatures inland drop into the low 80s instead of mid80s. bay temperatures in the mid70s, low 70s. patchy coastal fog returns. not a half a bad day. that's not supposed to be here. that's there. low pressure sits up there, you'll not get big heat. you're not going to get big, bad fire conditions. those low pressure centers have a tendency to moisten the
5:32 pm
atmosphere. they're filtering into the napa valley. 80s in the eastern conchord area. but for the most of us tomorrow, yellows are 70s. those are your forecast highs for thursday. temperatures in the 70s. warm spot tomorrow. up away from the fog. 77 in san rafael. nice looking day. not quite as warm as today. breezy at times. patchy fog. another nice day. up shot when i see days like this, good news here is fair danger takes a break and air quality gets improved. this time of year it's so great to get those inversions. tomorrow you can sit back and enjoy. it'll be a nice one. always nice to car pool if you can. there's your five-day forecast. weekend in view. you see here, slightly cooler
5:33 pm
on thursday. friday its up a couple. warmest day, friday. 88 degrees. little warmer. saturday drops back off. sunday adds well. more fog, more clouds. that's how it looks now. when i come back tonight on the 6:00 broadcast we'll take a look at latest commuters models. here's how it goes. nice looking five-day forecast. weekend looks good. cooler as you head into saturday and sunday. new at 5, brian stowe is back at home. we have new pictures of the giants fan who was beat at a ball game. robert handa has be in contact with his family. you're live to tell us about the family's mixed feelings. >> reporter: very mixed feelings. the new pictures on the stowe families? have some medical officials saying brian's situation could help focus the debate over the president's health care reform. santa clara valley medical center is one of several
5:34 pm
facilities that cared for brian stowe after he suffered brain injuries from an attack by two men in 2011. today stowe's family confirmed brian is now home, but only because his insurance company after two years stopped paying for live in care at cns. family members told us they are happy he's home, but emphasize brian would be better off at cns. health and hospital system officials meeting in san jose said brian's dilemma shows why healthcare reform is needed. >> where she a fair number of individuals like brian who are very difficult to care for and they will reach the cap and then they'll get care that isn't really quite what they need. >> reporter: while some critics say absorbing long term health problems will drive up costs. younger, healthier people will offset costs. >> you've got people who are with catastrophic injuries such
5:35 pm
as mr. stowe, then in order to provide that care the health plan looks at the entire population and tries to spread the risk to give everybody an opportunity to get what they need. >> reporter: the health plan medical director says people shouldn't look at brian stow's situation as unique. >> we have paid into this system. kids like brian can get the care they need because we've all paid into it. we're reaping the benefit because it could happen to one of our kids. >> reporter: the county is still putting together its program to be an insurance provide per. the stow family says it will be studying the options. live in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. the san francisco police officer's association and city have to negotiate a new contract after a recent extension was rejected. according to the san francisco chronicle, the extension was rejected by 20 votes. the new contract would have given police officers about $42 million in raises starting in
5:36 pm
2016. in exchange, some officers would have given up their right to cash out some unused sick time when they retire. san francisco is considering new rules to make work schedules more family friendly. under the proposal parents and other care givers would have the right to request different work schedules. if employers deny the requests they'd have to respond in writing about an undue hardship. ed lee says he needs to see the details before he offers an opinion. the proposal would need voter prove and would have to have board approval by july 30th. seniors who live in okayly will have a new meeting place. the okayly city counsel agreed to lease the former fire station station -- an estimated 3000 senior citizens live in oakley. getting her wish, how a
5:37 pm
little girl from the bay area celebrated getting her life back. this bart station was accosted by a man who would not leave her alone. what left her in shock was a response she got from bart employees when she asked for help. how social networking site myspace is going through a reincarnation. you think you had a bad day at work? how windows on other floors helped in the high flying rescue of window washers trapped 46 floors up.
5:38 pm
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5:40 pm
this was the dramatic scene in new york city this afternoon after two window washers became trapped on their collapsed scaffolding 46 floors up. officials say the motor jammed causing one side of the scaffolding to be lowered slower than the other. it took 90 minutes for firefighters to rescue the men by cutting a hole in a window and pulling them inside the skyscraper. a heart with 13 holes kept a little girl from fully enjoying life. today she was able to cut loose and have fun. >> smile. >> that smile belongs to lulu scott. this was one of the biggest days in her life. she got up close and personal with a dolphin. it all happened at six flags
5:41 pm
discovery kingdom. in the past six months she's gone from homeless and sick to healthy and happy. the scott family, mom, dad and five children were living in a moldy trailer with they learned lulu had more than a dozen holes in her heart and needed surgery. >> i'm so proud of these guys because not one time did they complain. we were homeless and we've come this far. >> the toys for to thes group brought santa claus to the scotts with gifts of food, clothing. in january lulu underwent surgery in oakland and is now expected to live a full and normal life. >> she's a fire cracker. she's into everything. they told us after she had the surgery that she would be feeling better, she'd have more energy. even before the surgery she was off the wall. now she's climbing up everything. nothing can hold her back. >> lulu's mom said they passed the six flags amusement park on
5:42 pm
every trip to the doctor and hospital and lulu would always ask to stop there. today she fulfilled that dream. a man has given the scott thes a two bedroom home for six months rent free. a gun toting granny scared off a would-be burglar in orange county. late saturday night a man attempted to break into jan cooper's house. police say he jumped the fence and headed for the sliding glass door that was unlocked. that's when cooper fired a shot. missing the suspect. >> well, you have no idea how lucky you were to be able to walk away from my house. >> police took brandon perez into custody. the 72-year-old woman says she hopes she'll never. in that situation again. not exactly music to the ears of the groups who were supposed to be helped by a concert. a story you'll see only on 2, a woman went for help but says
5:43 pm
she was turned away. their reaction to her call for help. it's supposed to be a safe place for troubled teens. now there are new accusations of abuse at a northern california group home. police are looking at some of the residents as both victims and suspects. ♪ ♪
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chase liquid. so you can. it's a story you'll see only on 2, a female bart passenger got unwanted attention while waiting at a station in oakland.
5:46 pm
john sasaki is here to explain. it wasn't just his actions but that of two bart employees that left her fuming. >> reporter: being approached by someone who doesn't take no for an answer. it happened last night. bart employees were no help at all. east bay musician emily jane was heading home late last night when she hit a sour note. a man harassing her. >> i didn't trust this person at all. i don't know what he's going to do. there was nobody around. >> reporter: on the platform at oakland's 12th street station. >> he kept going. he kept going to the point that i had to turn around and say hey, what's up? can you leave me alone. he didn't. he continued. >> reporter: jane was unable to get away until she found two bart employees on the platform. she explained she was concerned but was appalled by their response. >> they said did you try saying hi to him, asking him how his
5:47 pm
day was? i was like, i'm supposed to speak to this guy? >> reporter: that wasn't the end of it. >> he said well, if i was him i'd try to talk to you too. >> reporter: not the help she was looking for. bart officials would not comment. >> i'm not going to speak about the case because it's under investigation. >> reporter: luna added all bart employees are trained for such situations. >> frontline employees are trained to treat our customers with respect and safety is a top priority for everyone at bart. >> reporter: they're supposed to tell anyone who feels threatened to go to a station agent or pick up a white courtesy phone for help. >> they were smirking a little bit and it was a laughing matter for them. >> reporter: jane tells me all she wants from bart is an apology and to make sure no one else is treated this way. airways is ramping up daily service from san jose to tokyo.
5:48 pm
a series of fires related to the plane's lithium icon batteries. service to tokyo begins on july 10th with daily flights. airport officials say the service is expected to generate $78 million a year for the economy. stage hands and charities are still waiting to get paid after last month's bottle rock festival in napa. the festival reportedly owes 142 stage hands a total of $630,000 in wages. organizers blame a caterer for not paying the festival its cut of food and beverage sales. the caterer says the two sides disagree over how much that should be. the festival drew 120,000 people. workers fired by the mi pueblo market are on a hunger
5:49 pm
strike. after launching their protest yesterday. they say workers are getting fired because of i-9 audits which check for green cards. a union representative says if president obama is serious about immigration reform, a worker's green card status should not be an issue. >> it make no sense. legalizing millions of immigrants while at the same time you're firing them. what are you going to do with those people who are fired? >> about 20 people are participating. they are wearing red arm bands. they plan to protest outside the federal building in oakland tomorrow. the delayed u.s. debut of the steve jobs movie is scheduled for this august. >> you could see what you're working on while you're working on it. >> ashton kutcher plays the title role in the film. it portrays the early life and career of the apple co founder. it was shown in january. it was scheduled to go into wide release in april. that was called off.
5:50 pm
it's set to hit theaters august 16th. facebook users are about to see more twitter-like hashtag symbols. they will be introducing them to help users search for particular topics. the hashtag makes the whole thing clickable. if you have that item in your post, someone else can find it. it might be too soon to call it a comeback, the owners of myspace relaunched the site today. the new myspace is designed to help musicians, writers and other artists connect with each other and fans. the owners say they are not starting from scratch. the site has 27 million users in the u.s. and twice that many worldwide. new at 6, a man slows traffic with his words. we'll explain the message that's so outrageous we had to blur it here.
5:51 pm
is money outweighing your safety? the tug of war over the bay bridge opening. last kind of thing we want to happen. last thing we want to do is people to get hurt our vehicles. >> continuing coverage on this streetcar accident. we're learning about what may be to blame. join us for ktvu channel 2 news at 6 in just 10 minutes. police in davis are investigating new allegations of sexual assault involving children at a group home. that comes in an investigation that began last week of earlier charges. reporter kevin oliver has this report. >> reporter: a staff member now watches over the entrance to the families first group home in davis. police say two teenage boys living at this facility were accused of raping an 11-year- old girl at a nearby park last week. police say that investigation has led to several new reports of sexual assaults involving children at the facility. >> there may be additional charges. we're determining what charges
5:52 pm
are appropriate. who should be arrested, if anybody. >> reporter: police said they had gotten 500 calls to the group home since the beginning of the year. many to report run aways. since the arrests, the calls have slowed. >> reporter: if those who are supposed to oversee these programs want to ensure the safety of children left in these group homes. >> the county and department of social services have some really difficult questions to answer about how the problem could have ever gotten so bad. not just one canary coming out of this. but a whole flock. >> . she thought she was going to be separated from her husband but this mother and wife will get to stay in the
5:53 pm
country. the last minute reprieve that came down in just the past hour.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
within the last hour we received word that u.s. immigration officials responded to a huge outcry today over the scheduled deportation of a northern california soldier's wife. ins canceled a deportation. karla made her emotional play
5:56 pm
lee in san francisco this afternoon. >> i have been here for the past few weeks -- i still cannot imagine leaving my home and my husband or raising christopher alone. >> she was in line for deportation on sunday. father's day under a controversial program called scom. undocumented immigrants who commit serious crimes. she'd been detained after a minor domestic dispute. after 8 days behind bars she says she was bullied by federal i.c.e. officials into signing a document for deportation. today she directly appealed to the president. >> mr. president, i know you are a parent too and i know you're looking forward to spending father's day with your wife and daughters. as a parent i ask you to let me and other immigrants spend daughter's day wither that
5:57 pm
families. >> immigration add volunteers cats say more than 90,000 undocumented californians have been deported under this program. the aclu has filed a lawsuit over this program. state lawmakers are considering legislation to limit its scope. in about one hour, a young oakland a's fan will throw out a first pitch. here's a live picture from the oakland coliseum where the a's are about to play the yankees. nick legrande is too sick to travel. a tell robotic machine is set up on the pitching mound. it's going to let nick virtually pitch the ball in missouri. firefighters received advanced water rescue training today. 10 firefighters learned skills such as getting used to currents, marking locations in the water and dropping rescuers from a boat. the training will allow firefighters to initiate their
5:58 pm
own rescues. >> we've had a water rescue program in the past. we didn't maintain it to keep it up. we are being proactive in getting our folks trained now. >> the fire department says now it its firefighters have the training they need to get equipment such as boating -- >> some people might think about hitting the water. >> cooler tomorrow along the coast. look for patchy fog. mostly in the 70s. low patchy fog in the morning. mostly sunny in the afternoon. inland bay valleys, look for temperatures into the low 80s. forecast highs for specific cities. santa rosa, 81. concord 83. san francisco, just 65-degrees if armed robbery daytime high. along the coast, look nor temperatures in the low 60s.
5:59 pm
i'm driving down a freeway coming from class and i saw that. i couldn't believe it. >> now at 6, the controversial sign that is stopping driving in their tracks and the message the man responsible is hoping to convey. instead of going on a field trip, children go to the hospital after a muni bus and streetcar collide. we have offered a series of incentives, financial incentives to contractors. new at 6, a contractor culture that some fear could cause a new span of the bay bridge to open based on money, not safety. good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> i'm gasia mikaelian. in tonight for julie. millions of dollars in incentives were offered to contractors working on new span of the bay bridge. 14 bay area lawmakers are demanding to know details of
6:00 pm
the incentive and whether they jeopardize the schedule of the opening. talked to the man in charge of the project and asked about the $300 million golden carrot. >> reporter: this letter says legislators want assurances that they're not affecting a safety compromising construction rush. -- long before the broken bolt issue arose. >> we have offered a series of incentives, financial incentives to contractors. we have also used disincentives to make sure contractors get their work done. >> reporter: one big incentive. about $20 million to the contractors if the work is done by labor day. this is for work on and above the roadway. something which has nothing to do with the broken bolts below. every day the work is late th


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