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tv   RT News  FOX  June 24, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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here is more on what we could see during our wet commute with alex? >> dry right now in downtown petaluma. let me show what you this looked like in parts of the bay area yesterday, not a lot of heavy rain yesterday. this june storm could bring a quarter of an inch to one inch in some spots and we could get some records and if they get a quarter of an inch for the day, that could break the record for the day and it's entirely possible rain could receive the
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wetting, and the right rainfall has caused delays at certain points and that was of ally quite a knowing for some passengers. >> it is all the way back there. >> and now we suched base early this morning and things are officially back on as this storm works its way its later this morning. another round much showers moving in. alex self advantage ktvu channel 2 morning news. new this morning, power has been restored to people on the central coast but that was after a power outage. people from cambria were
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without power and extra officers patrolled the streets to prevent looting and the equipment failure at a substation was to blame. >> also the fbi is joining an investigation into an explosion in a sacramento county garage. ten homes were evacuated for hours as bomb technicians went through the area. he was rushed to the hospital, he may loose his hand and the chemicals could have been used to make a bomb. >> same send rulings on same sex offender marriage ban. we dough not to know when they will hand down a particular ruling but the supporters say they are cautiously optimistic.
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>> there are gay clerks in this lives. as a axle the supreme court ruling comes in this weekend, we take a ruling of proposition 8. meanwhile they are taking a decision before their current decision ends and if they don't hand it down we will have to wait until they issue other decisions. the court has others including prop 8 to rule on. stay with us and we will also have an in-depth coverage on the decision when the ruling is
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announced. today the city is hosting its annual pride celebration and the theme is berkeley pride first comes roll an then comes are marriage. south african-american people are trying to do testifying they can to keep had are him alive. supporters around the world remany hopeful. >> it would be better for him. it would be better. >> mandela has suffered from political illness since he was a political prisoner. p president barack obama is scheduled to visit south africa on friday.
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time now 4:34, the winner of this year's boston marathon gives this year's gift boston bombings. and more on the new carpool lanes, they are on a 4-mile stretch into mill -- milpitas lane and this is the first commute day that the chp will be enforcing new rules for the new lanes it is expected to reducing crowding and janine de la vega will have a live report coming up. it you will not have to deal with that and this will be
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obviously where we will have cross bound and it heads out to the maze, traffic is moving well at the way bridge toll flag is a and there are no major problems on 280 northbound whatp hand it is dry will -- well examine speed. we have tweet until poem testify. it is just crazy warm and we have a south wind and there is no real kicker in the atmosphere, we have to wait until we get a ripple in the jetstream and that looks like it will happen and now there could be some and there could
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be some very light rain, so we can get below average temperatures and a little more towards eastern cost terrible count tip -- cost more as they head -- things could get cooler as we head to the weekend. they are demanding difference sinks -- sinks packages. he adds the workers are expecting payment by tomorrow. >> time now 4:47, how a payment
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is going well for what ruled to be a magnet for crime. dozens animals are now getting a second chance at a home. and between walnut creek and oakland, we will tell you more straight ahead. look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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. this morning people are able to return to their homes and this is after power is fully restored. flood was the remembers rising where the south river is expected to crest today. >> i can't control mother
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nature, god is pouring from a tea pot and we only have a teacup to catch it. >> a 4th person is still missing. some lucky pets have found reason homes after the local tornadoes in oklahoma. >> my sister was in the may 3rd tornado and we thought we would help people out as well as animal. >> people looking for a free friend, have their choice of more than 100 cats or dogs and they be held as well in the humane society. >> edward snowed den is on the -- steve snowden is on the run and reportedly this is him in moscow with steve snowden on board. >> journalists say he is not on
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the plane and some are very angry the. puntin almost seems upset. >> they get julie asylum. george zimmerman is accused of killing trayvon martin while on patrol in february 20th 1, george zimmerman says it was in self-defense but they say it may be a case of racial profiling as the african- american was not armed. the winner of this year's boston marathon has given his metal to the city. >> he wanted to show his
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solidarity with bombings killing three -- killing three people injuring 200 others, after yesterday's 5k. >> this is in honor of those who suffered and died on that day... >> boston's mayor accepted the honor for that day and thanked them for their generosity. breast cancer research has wrapped up. participants have walked over three days to raise money for suzanne g comb the for the tour and includedelling san francisco they met three major
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goals. >> why am i doing this, i left there a different person >> donations to suzanne g comb man announced not making donations and this is for the world fundraising organizations. right now the sheriff's office is looking for somebody who may have tried to kidnap a 15-year-old girl. she said alexis pulled up alongside of her and stopped. she said she was able to break free and run back to her family mismanagement at the park. police say the driver, 60-year- old deborah cent shaw was the
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victim and the rest escaped to safety. the they crashed a toll lent truck behind cars. it happen had on davis street and they first tried to stop the driver using a spike stript but officers drove off of case and officers on the ground or rested tools. an abandoned home is now a work of art. >> when people lived here they lived behind these bars. frommed wabc are backs toed willing do you it is objections
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odd -- from the bars to the windows, he wants to tell the story. >> i came in there were syringes and broken fees he is on the floor and the space will be used to create an urban farm. the farm will be opened next weekend by the call for yarn much up anybody tip of. we have hosted more. >> chp has issued an advisory for the pass which is a notice to drivers which will be gusty there and this is not a weather service but if you are driving through, just make sure you are paying attention to that. let's look at the east shore
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freeway and 808 looks good heading back to the mace with no problems getting into the city. also getting up to highway 17, it is 4:47 let's go to steve. >> i don't see nick on the -- i don't see anything there. >> they want people to be careful because there are winds out there. >> well, it is trying to rain and if it is, you can see there is plenty of cloud covington will be a cloudy day, that is for sure. we don't have a little low and it is very mild well 50s and 60s on the temperatures and antioch has 67 and you get the
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clue cover. it is very dry so it needs to juice itself up. tomorrow much less to the south and we have breezy times at coast, so far i am not saying too much, 60s and 70s, some of these could be on the mild side with all of this cloud cover and after that things look much warmer as we head there. and those in mariposa coup tip has burned more than 1,700 acres and cal fire said evacuations orders were listed
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for many on thursday. and last sunday there was an una attended feature. high wire walkers did the walk with no harnesses or par suit. and soon it is the snack you will soon be able to purchase.
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. did you see it, nick was successful above the ground and he completed the walk across the little colorado gorge and that's located near the grand canyon. he made the quarter mile crossing which is just two inches think and he did it with nothing but a balance pole and now he is ready for the next cliff. >> i am ready for the next building i can tie to and it is in my blood. >> he said that wind is a little stronger than he thought so he had to neil down to gain his composure, once back on the ground he kissed his wife and said he would celebrate with a
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prime rib dinner. and there are now reports that the shopping this network may no longer sell her cook wear. dean recently admitted she used a der interrogator are you name in the past. and the service will be thursday at the catholic church in manhattan. he was best known for his role in the "sopranos." he was supposed to receive a special award. >> they are back to school at the university. >> this is a respect quell to monster's ink and it is the 14th consecutive movie gain being the top spot bringing in
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$82 million and that was even better than the studio had expected. the brad pitt movie came in second despite its delayed opening and problems on the set. and now you see me is rounding out the top 5. >> and today the restaurant will reopen to the public for the first time since being damaged in a few in march. that fire caused more than $200,000 in damage. on friday, they held a private fundraiser for her he haddable -- he haddable -- edible things and now twinkies and hoe hoes will be in the stores by july
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15th and the only difference will be a line on the box that says quote, the sweetest come back in the history of ever. >> i am laughing because we have this inside joke, it is always the food story. >> if there was some twinkies right now would you eat some? >> oh, right, i understand. >> i would try it. >> not everyone feel is the same way about stuff, i understand. let's look at the commute now, traffic is doing well on interstate 880 in both directions and let's move all the way to downtown oakland, west bay bridge, coming into san francisco. by the way we are all on twitter if you want to engage in some ridiculous conversation about twinkies, go ahead that is what twitter is for.
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it is 4:55 let's go to steve. >> i have heard of twitter it is the best way to get in touch with me. and there is rain up to the north and we will have to wait a little bit going into the atmosphere and of course you are to remember it is drew but further north, really further south you go i don't think it will do much, 50s and 60s and some of that is trying to get going, all of that in napa county and all of this is highwaysed stuff, still waiting still waiting and usually that is a sign and i can't find any measurable amounts 50s up in the mountains, 60s in
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sacramento. this was really mild and this is not a lot. >> that will have to slide down tomorrow. more cloud cover than anything else and 60s and 70s. it might make it muggy for some and these are way below inland. clearingit out on thursday as we have the approachel weekend. >> we could get more rain during this first week of june than we did for january. also the u.s. supreme court is supposed to make a historic ruling on gay marriage, the historic ruling that could come down in just a few hours. [ humming ]
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mmm. this is good. yeah. it's better than good. did you remember my latte? uh..yeah...'s in the car. mmm! that's good. ♪ . a summer storm is coming to the north bay, we could see record rainfall. and the supreme court's decision on same-sex marriage could come down in just a few hours. congestion will be eased
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because carpool lanes have been added to one of the worst areas, of the morning news starts right now. complete coverage starts right now. this is the ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> thank you for waking up with us, i am pam cook. >> let's check weather and traffic, steve? an umbrella this morning. >> up in santa rosa they said where is the rain and you can see there is a lot of cloud cover and we'll see 60s and 70s for temperatures and tomorrow night it will be looking better for the north bay, here is soul. >> it is dry as you mentioned and the good news it will be


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