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tv   Charlie Rose  FOX  June 28, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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no wonder volt is america's best-selling plug-in. that's american ingenuity to find new roads. ♪ the 2013 volt. charge ahead of the rest in the hov lane. ♪ previously on bones:he rest in the hov lane. (woman shrieking) i'm not a criminal, i'm a hacktivist. christopher pelant, socially marginalized, i.q. off the charts... this will show that i never left my house. he made a cipher out of spine. and he wrote malware on bone. i think he can get around an ankle monitor. caroline: he's not a hacker anymore. now he's a murderer. as far as any government agency is concerned, pelant is clean, seeley. i know this man. pelant killed my friend. he's framing you. the evidence is piling up against brennan. you gotta make a run for it, honey. he thinks he's smarter than us. that big brain of yours isn't much help now, hmm?
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if we can just figure out how he put her in the security footage, we can clear her. you got him. christopher pelant, you are under arrest. even a genius can make a few mistakes. what did you mean when you said pelant is not pelant? that man is basam alfayat. booth: you're saying that he wiped out his identity and created a new one? caroline: that's right. pelant isn't pelant anymore. we can't touch him. (baby crying) (crying continues) (groans) (crying continues) ange... angie. (crying continues)
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(yelling) (screaming) michael, michael-- vincent! oh, god... (wailing) come here, baby. come here. come here, come here. (screams) brennan: angel said they were drugged. booth: how? gas. hodgins found a hole in the vent to their bedroom. what else did they tell you? to get christine somewhere safe. well, your father's... he-he's not gonna let her out of his sight, all right? angel was scared. i've never heard her like this before. she says that we're the only ones she trusts with this.
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trusts with what? she thinks pelant is back. the skin was almost completely removed. as was the mandible, the internal and sexual organs... the superior lateral corner of the eye orbits indicates the victim was male. booth: was it pelant? come on-- who else would cut someone up like this? the technique used on these tissue incisions could help determine that. cam would be the one to assess it. assess what? look at it-- it's pelant. i'm not saying it isn't. we need proof. here, here-- he left these petals in michael's crib. hodgins: they're from egypt. crocus sativus. the egyptians revered the crocus as a symbol of the rebirth of the sun. hodgins: yeah, and last we knew, pelant was in egypt. flaying and flowers... okay, that settles it; it's pelant. pelant is back from egypt. the real question is why. i almost killed him a few months ago. he's trying to get back at me. well, that definitely factors into it,
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but with pelant, there's always something more. brennan: we can't keep cam out of this. we have to examine this cadaver in the lab. call the bureau and get a tech team out here. wait, no, no-- no, no teams. no one can know about this but us. that's not how i work. the game has changed, booth. pelant is targeting us, directly. we have to hit him back now, before one of us is dead. pelant touched our son. isn't there a way to just get rid of him? morally, i have no problem with killing a killer, but booth is the only one of us who has the skills and the training to do it. the burden would fall on him. the decision needs to be his. how many kills do you have? my kills were battlefield decisions, all right? they were green-lit from above. there is a chain of command. did any deserve to die more than pelant? we stay in the system. in lockdown, but in the system. that's final. are we good? yeah, we're good. all right, i'm going to call a tech team now. i'll call cam. are you all right?
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the investigation is need-to-know only. all calls are on burner cells; no computers. i've got as much blood as you've got tests. potentiometer assay, gamma count, don't leave anything out. okay, ooh, there is a needle in your radial artery, dr. hodgins. try not to bounce around so much. you are running a gamma count, aren't you? if the hematology warrants it. gamma count gives us the ggt levels, okay? those puppies bark loud enough, we're gonna know pelant used phenobarbital to knock me and angela out. now, if we can i.d. the gas, we may be able to narrow it down to the supplier. and that's gonna get us one step closer to pelant. well, that is how a forensic investigation works. yeah, just trying to help. don't you have flower petals to examine? hey, if i'm in your way, just say so. petals. go. montenegro: i just don't understand how someone can do this to another human being. oh, you'd have to have a strong knowledge of anatomy, a well-balanced cutting implement that really holds its edge; a floor drain would be helpful. that clears it up. thank you. what do we have?
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victim is male, 185.4 centimeters tall, 56.7 kilograms, without skin, bodily fluids, mandible, or viscera. so, that puts his original weight at 210, give or take a mandible or two. the wear to the maxillary teeth suggests late 30s. the width of the fourth sternal rib indicates caucasian ancestry. lack of putrefaction suggests he's been dead less than 24 hours, so missing persons won't have anything yet. pelant is sending us a message. there has to be some logic to these cuts. the selective flaying, the missing mandible, i'm just... not seeing it. what about the x rays? there were some small lesions to the scapula. and some fragments embedded in the muscle near the victim's pelvis. yeah, it looks like the iliacus. brennan: what are those? i'm not sure, but muscle remodeling indicates they've been in there over a year.
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okay, i'll get these to dr. hodgins. cam is treating this like it's just any other case. no, she's just being professional. brennan, pelant was holding michael in his arms. when... when i was on the road with christine, i was scared. yeah, of course you were. you were alone. no, you don't understand. i've been alone most of my life. i've never been scared. this... this was different. how did you get through it? i've met victims of war crimes in central america, africa, southeast asia, they've gone through a lot more than us. they manage to keep going by finding something to focus on; a clear achievable goal that gets them through the day. i could use one of those. you got one for me? stopping pelant.
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(camera clicks, computer beeps) (beeping) (blipping) christopher pelant, born in 1986, in denmark, raised in united states until he wipes out that identity and becomes egyptian national basam alfayat.
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right-- now, all records of alfayat have now vanished, too. so we have no idea who we are looking for. first victim was carol morissey. sweets: pelant's high school guidance counselor. she was going to write him a bad recommendation to stanford, so he killed her. it was utilitarian. he disposed of the body... ...and got into stanford. word is, that's what it takes these days. next, is was inger johannsen and ezra krane. sweets: now, here we see concurrent patterns. pelant had no personal connection to inger, and a minimal one to krane. he opportunistically used their bodies to tell the story. booth: then we have good old ethan sawyer, who pelant immobilized, so he could be eaten by wolves. i'll say this for the evil little troll: he always manages to top himself. so, what's he up to with his latest? booth: does flynn know about this? he's an fbi agent, he figures things out. hey. what's going on? fbi work. does this fbi work have anything to do with pelant? pelant-- he doesn't exist. no, we're looking at a killing done
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by an individual who manifests a malignant antisocial personality disorder. it helps to pull up old cases to compare, that's all. thank you for the insight. i run the major crimes here, and i'm investigating one, so... caroline: i'd hate to have to drop a report on the h.e.'s desk that you were getting in the way. that sort of politics appalls me. fine. seeley, run your investigation. it's just that, if i were you, i'd want all the help that i could get. but i'm not you. i did some reconstructions. wow, three sets. yeah, since there's no mandible, there's just an element of uncertainty here. brennan: these lesions on the scapula are most likely the remnants of a case of cutaneous leishmaniasis. saroyan: well, that's not a domestic disease. but i've seen it on soldiers. the troops in iraq get it from sand flea bites. montenegro: oh, well, that makes sense. hodgins thinks the metal fragments
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you gave him are shrapnel. he's doing a compositional analysis to determine the source. stress fractures to the victim's metatarsals were consistent with parachute jumping, and... there are osteophytes present in the intercondylar fossa of the femur, which comes from nitrogen buildup in the blood. which could mean he did a significant amount of diving. diving, parachute training, and shrapnel wound. sounds like our victim was special forces. i hear the lab thinks your victim was special forces. okay, why do you want any part of this? this is nothing but a headache for you, right? whatever. that's the job, right? i'm offering my help. (sighs) flynn: but if you don't want it... that doesn't leave the pentagon. how did you get these records? called in a favor. it must have been some favor. the guy you're looking for served in iraq, built up major dive hours, and managed to get wounded by an rpg in central africa. well, if he pulled an assignment in africa,
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that would be off the record. exactly. that's why we've never seen these. you still want me off this one? ah, it's too late for that. saroyan: i just heard from leah kressin. she is the best hematologist i know, top expert in her field. i completely trust her work, and... she couldn't i.d. the gas that pelant used. i'm sorry. but you're not giving up on this, right? well... i don't know what else to do. there's no residue in your blood, there's no residue on the victim. the tech team went over every inch of your place. well, then they go over it again. i mean, every millimeter. someone missed something. given the time and resources we have, i have to go with what has the highest probability of... if it's about resources, just tell me how much you need me to give you. money isn't the issue. please. money is always the issue. it's a good thing that i'm rich. half the funding for the jeffersonian comes from the cantilever group. we have to stay focused on what's important. he was in my bedroom.
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he threatened my wife, my child. nothing is more important than that. sweets: xavier freeman-- did five tours as a seal, mustered out in 2008. nothing on him since. well, not many seals worked both central africa and iraq, you know. he's the only hit flynn and i could find. no job, no surviving family. then i guess we won't have to notify anyone. sweets: new furniture. hardly any food in the fridge. no movies, music, books. booth: looks like he's got a family, after all. i saw this exact same photo in an apartment i almost rented. yeah. see, stagers cut these out of magazines to prep open houses. freeman didn't want to form any attachments. he was ready to leave at any time. there's a lot of hotel receipts here from
8:18 pm
cairo, dubai... wait, wait... look at this. he... left his gun locker open. no, he didn't. a seal would never do that. pelant wanted us to find this open. these are all proprietary weapons. i've seen some of these weapons in iraq, but our boys, they never got this kind of stuff. who does? the ones who kill for money, that's who. (auto-dialing beeps) (phone rings) yeah. it's booth. listen, our man freeman, he was working for serberus. you know what we're in for? yeah. what's serberus? it's the world's biggest provider of mercenaries. not only do they supply the arms, but... they supply the men who use them. so pelant killed a highly-trained professional soldier. a target like that is a huge risk, even for him. he's escalating. yeah, but the question is why.
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but i found highly elevated levels of adrenocorticosteroids. have you found any signs of... torture? look at these antemortem striations on the fourth and fifth cervical vertebrae. they were made by needles. saroyan: that would have pierced the nerve ganglions on either side of the vertebrae. the pain would be intense, but it-it wouldn't kill him. not in one session, but this could've gone on for days. the body would continue to pump out adrenaline, stressing his heart until he suffered a lethal bradyarrhythmia. he literally died from pain. booth: xavier freeman was tortured and killed by a man we're tracking. flynn: so we'd like freeman's records. every operation that he's had access to. i'm sorry, gentlemen. it's company policy to maintain the confidentiality of our operatives. this is your company. i mean, you can change that policy with one phone call. that's not going to happen. flynn: i don't think you understand mr. molnor-- our target's killed five people already. he's on the hunt. i think i understand very well-- you had five shots at this guy,
8:24 pm
and you missed every time. now you want my help. if he's the one who killed our man, we'll find out. by ourselves. (sighs) hey. got a minute? for what, sweets? you've been through a lot. thought you might want to talk. i mean, you suffered a major trauma. okay, i get it, i get it-- "trauma," "stress"-- these are just buzzwords because you think that i'm not up to my job. listen, you've got to calm down, okay? let the team do its job. look, i know you think that because you choked pelant you brought all this down on your family... okay, thank you for stopping by. this isn't you, hodgins, all right? y-you need some perspective. just... take a breath. take a breath. take a breath. take a breath. hodgins...? what? caroline: i'sorry
8:25 pm
to tell you this, but there's nothing in the justice's guidelines on searches, seizures, and practical jokes that will get you back into serberus with a warrant if you can't tell me what you're looking for. we can't tell you what we're looking for until we go back there and find it. you have no idea what freeman was working on? no, none. come on, caroline. it's just a piece of paper. caroline: you think i can just foxtrot into a judge's chambers with my winning smile and girlish figure and get whatever i want? i appreciate the compliment, cherie, but it doesn't work that way. you know what? you don't want to help? fine. you can just foxtrot out of here. slow your roll, seeley booth. pelant screwed me over, too. i want him as badly as you do. so you come back with something i can work with and i will get you that warrant. dr. sweets. what is it? i just spoke with dr. hodgins, and i'm concerned about him. you need to check with me in advance before you assess any of my people. that wasn't my intention, okay? he's a friend, he suffered a shock. and yet you feel compelled to see me about it. (sighing): he's obsessive.
8:26 pm
he's manic, he's not evincing good judgment. i don't think it's healthy for hodgins or this investigation for him to be working right now. you should just... send him home. let him get some rest. i'm not gonna do that. why? because pelant is afraid of jack hodgins. that's why he put the body in his house. he wants him off the case. montenegro: what are you doing? snorting lidocaine. why? suppresses the gag reflex. i need to biopsy my lung. oh, no, no, no. no, you don't. no-nobody biopsies their own lung. there is a chance that some of the gas pelant used on us is still in the tissue. then let cam do it. i mean, she's an md. i don't think she trusts my professional opinion right now. besides, it's-it's, it's painful, there's a risk of complications, and there's only this slim chance that it's even gonna work. but there is actually... a chance? maybe.
8:27 pm
the odds aren't good. let's double them. biopsy my lung, too. (snorting) (phone rings) booth. pelant: guess again, dr. brennan. what do you want? i want to register my disappointment with you. i left you a masterpiece of a body, and you still haven't read it properly. then why don't you just tell me what it means? i already have-- you just don't get it yet. which surprises me, frankly. i mean, yeah, maybe it's true what they say about motherhood. what are you talking about? that it makes you dumber. you didn't just call to insult me. tell me what you want. (chuckles) i'm not telling you anything, temperance. but... as a goodwill gesture, one neurological freak to another, i'll give you a hint. (saroyan dialing) what's the hint?
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nger was mailed to the jeffersonian, and pelant knew how to reach me on my burner cell. how? i don't know, but he knows i haven't figured out his code on the victim's remains yet. (sighs) that's not good. he's unscrambled our signal. (sighs) is that human? it'll take me some time to do a proper analysis. right, well, i'm staying right here with you. you don't need to protect me, booth. pelant doesn't want to kill me, at least for now. if that's supposed to make me feel better, it doesn't. just go. i'll be fine. all right. you need me, just call. (clears throat) you okay? yeah. fine. ah, nothing beats old-school technology. it's beautiful, isn't it? what is that? it's an enigma machine. the germans used them to send coded messages in world war ii. this one was my grandfather's. there's only one other, and i just had it sent to booth. from now on, any important information we have
8:33 pm
for the fbi goes over it. okay, uh, booth said that we could set up a proprietary landline. no, no, no. ph-phones run on the power supply. pelant could've sent a... a worm in through the grid. honey, that is not possible. of course it's possible. i can't believe that you're questioning that. wait a minute. i just let you cut out a piece of my lung. every breath that i'm taking feels like i swallowed an ice pick. i'm sorry, i shouldn't have said that. it's okay. i-i get it, i get it. (whirring, beeping) mass spec's warmed up. did you get anything? carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxygen, nitrous oxide... a few stray molecules of c4, h3, f7, o1. okay, what-what does that mean? sevoflurane-- it's an anesthetic gas. it's the one that pelant used to knock us out. i bet he figured we could never trace it. oh, this is our one advantage. thank god i am a pack rat. there are two suppliers who are licensed to sell the amount of sevo pelant used to fill our bedroom.
8:34 pm
okay. so? they're both divisions of cantilever. i own them. i'm gonna take care of this one myself. (sighs) saroyan: taxonav puts it at primate to start, but the knuckles indicate the suborder is simian. the finger belongs to a monkey or an ape. nail is flat, indicates the family cercopithecidae, which limits the geographic range to northern africa. the hair follicles indicate genus macaque. relation of the proximal to the distal phalanges indicates... macaca sylvanus. commonly known as a barbary ape. saroyan: well, and it's an index finger. that's got to have some significance. pelant said that he left me a "masterpiece." the roman anatomist galen dissected barbary apes as his models for how the human body works. his work was widely accepted until the 16th century, when vesalius, the father of modern anatomy,
8:35 pm
proved that galen had made some significant errors. we have to show angela. that finger was pointing us to vesalius. okay, so this is the best i could do without my usual tools. i'm impressed. this is the body from above our bed. now, i went through all of vesalius's illustrations and found the one that most closely resembles... plate 34-- de humani corporis fabrica. both corpses are flayed, eviscerated, missing mandibles. but the bodies are positioned so differently, it's difficult to make a comparison. well, vesalius looped a rope around the back of the cranium and up through the orbital cavity to pull the body up to a standing position. so i did the same with the photo. bones: they're almost an identical match. but what does it mean?
8:36 pm
i don't know what he's trying to tell us, but... i'm pretty sure the guy's enjoying this. i'm not seeing what you're seeing. sweets: pelant's been deliberately macabre before. but this is artistic. you know, there's ego gratification here. he's building to something. something's burning. (machine clicking) flynn: what the hell is that? it's an enigma machine-- hodgins sent it over. why? why? because it's hodgins. it looks like it's actually working. what does it say? "traced pelant's gas supplier, "bertand chemical. has new alias. justin trimple." what kind of name is that? pelant always has to be singular, even with his fake identities. i'll run it through the database. it's got to be a paper search, no computers. come on. we don't have a choice. if we run it, pelant will know. fine. there's another way we can find him. pelant won't see it coming. (beeping, clicking) flynn says that we should spam pelant? you know, that's so low-tech, it might actually work. how? permission to use? no. listen, pelant might flag a search for the name,
8:37 pm
but if we blast him with spam, it could distract him just long enough for us to run a check on trimple before pelant can suspect that we're in. angela thinks it'll work. okay. okay. and the neat thing is, some helpful nigerian has already written all the spam for us. saroyan: why won't pelant know you're sending it? i'll route it through a proxy chain and send it to every possible justin trimple. (electronic tones sounding) (electronic tones continue sounding) excuse me for one minute. (typing)
8:38 pm
he blocked us. oh, that's bad. no. it's good. tell booth i know what server he's using. the lab traced justin trimple to the in-house server at serberus. that's pelant, right? he's there right now? yes. when he killed freeman he took his security chip. that's what got him access. what do you have to tie him to freeman's murder? the start of the chain, okay? hodgins has got a eyewitness who sold him massive amounts of sevoflurane gas. that's the stuff he used to knock 'em out. you trust hodgins with this? yes. flynn: listen to me. we may not catch another break here-- we need to go in there with a tac team and take him now. look, i need that warrant. you want to take on a private army with an fbi tac squad? yeah. yes. you come up empty, and i will not be there to cover your sorry asses on account of i'll be too busy covering my own, understood?
8:39 pm
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for 2 years with qualifying bundles. (indistinct chatter) (indistinct radio transmissions) booth: right. so, how we doing? we've got gatlings at each entry and exit. 6,000 rounds per minute.
8:43 pm
they're hidden behind grates. first order of business, we get him offline, and make sure we get every man past the kill zone. what are you doing here? i want to go in with you. no. i can help you in there; i understand pelant. you're staying outside. doesn't make any sense. it makes complete sense, because if i go in there and i don't make it out, you're the only one who understands pelant, how he ticks. you're gonna have to be the one that follows through with all this-- i need to know you'll be there for me if that happens. okay. okay, i'll be here. right. over here. (tapping keys) (taps key) (taps key) (taps key) saroyan: freeman's corpse is not a perfect copy of the vesalius. pelant made some errors. what kind of errors? the cuts. some of them are identical, but others don't correspond. brennan: if those
8:44 pm
aren't errors, but purposeful anomalies, then the deviation between the two would be his code. clear the lobby! everybody move! lock down every exit, get those gatlings offline. roger that. sweep every room from the ground up. man: over here. move! move! let's go! fbi. weapons on the ground. guys... seriously? man: stand down. pelant excised pieces of several muscles from freeman's corpse that are intact in the vesalius. teres major, middle scalene, rhomboid major, brachioradialis, omohyoid, iliocostalis lumborum. can you magnify the vesalius?
8:45 pm
montenegro: he labeled each muscle with a different letter. those letters match up perfectly with the holes. hodgins: m-e-l- y-c-u. what does it mean? everybody out! move! move! (beep) (blipping) quickly! let's go! everyone to the lobby! keep moving! (beeping) fbi! let's go. out. do you have any idea what you're doing? yeah, saving your ass. (indistinct talking)
8:46 pm
(blipping) (beeping) team b headed to the server room. (beeping) clear! server room clear! out of 720 combinations, this is the only one that makes sense. saroyan: "lyceum." it's the only one that makes sense. what does it mean? it means school. derived from the greed lukeion, where aristotle taught. right. but what does it mean to pelant? if pelant's in the building, he'll show up on a security camera. got him. no, we don't. he can't be everywhere at once. we've got
8:47 pm
every exit covered. weon't. there's another way out. hey. building like this there's always an off-map evac route. where is it? pelant could crash this whole place down. he's got the tool set. you lose contact with all 5,000 of your special guys out there for god knows how long, how's that gonna go over with your clientele? it's not in the blueprints. he couldn't know about it. he knows. pelant!
8:48 pm
(levers clacking, pelant grunts with effort) (grunts) (creaking) (creaking) pelant! (blipping) (whirring) down! (rapid gunfire, grunting) (rapid gunfire continues) (grunts) (grunting) (breathing weakly) stay with me, okay? just stay with me. (groaning) (engine starting) (tires squealing) (engine revving) agent down. agent down. (tires squealing, engine revving)
8:49 pm
(tires squealing) (shouts) (engine revving) the idea even of the album, anright, you know,. there's the one, right, there's one and then it goes to many. ♪ you know, the whole thing i wanted to do was have that fireplace or that radio moment where everyone is just sitting in front of the thing listening to an album. i want everyone to hear the album at one time. do you know when it's coming out? put the album out on july 4th. it's gonna be some good picnics on this july 4th. (laughter) ♪
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8:52 pm
(indistinct radio communication, siren sounding) hey, you okay? i just had to tell the squints that pelant got away. flynn? flynn?! my last shot-- it hit pelant. all right, it hit him. it didn't kill him, but there was damage. (sighs) you couldn't have seen that shot hit pelant. i hit him. if that's so, he's gonna need medical attention, right? there's already an all-points. there's no way he gets away this time. if it was anyone else, i'd believe you, but... tom: agent booth? what's going on? every work station on the eighth floor just went on. why? i don't know. all right, bring it up for me. here we are. here it is.
8:53 pm
sweets: what are those numbers? i have no idea. booth just called. we're back online, and i'm patched into the serberus system. you need to see what it's doing. it's got to be a code. of course it's a code. it's pelant. he's showing us he still controls the board. it's not a series, not a sequence, not a progression. there's no mathematical consistency here. they have to correlate to something. booth: wait a second. i recognize these numbers from afghanistan. they're coordinates on the mgrs. what's that? military grid reference system. gps standard for air-delivered weapons. that means pelant has got a target. montenegro: the coordinates are for kandahar province. brennan: the landscape is shifting at 237 miles per hour. is that speed constant? yeah. too slow for a missile or a jet. hodgins: too fast for a copter. montenegro: it's an mq-9 predator drone. target? uh, no idea. this is pelant. we have to assume the worst. the mq-9 carries enough ordnance to take out a city block. any habitable area in the vicinity would be densely populated.
8:54 pm
a hit would be devastating. booth! you got to turn this drone around now. redirect the drone. i can't get onto its nav. we're locked out. the drone's system has been corrupted. it won't acknowledge anything i send it. try "lyceum." (beeping) montenegro: we've got the drone's video feed. can you get us a satellite image of the nearest populated area? yeah. the drone's flight path will take it directly to those buildings. saroyan: what are those dots? they're head scarves. they're girls. i'm enhancing. saroyan: they're young. based on the size differentials, they're pre-teens. lyceum. pelant is taking out a school. (indistinct conversation) (speaking native language) okay, what's that other data that he's throwing at us? okay, i'll work on that. you stay on the drone. wait a second-- why is pelant giving us the target in advance?
8:55 pm
he doesn't do that. he wants us to feel helpless when the drone blows up that school. you have any other aircraft in the area? do we? navy has a pair of hornets in flight, 93 miles out. request a redeploy. (whispering) oh, my god. hodgins: this can't be happening. oh, god. no, no, no. what? what-what is it? that word "salad" is the passwords to my accounts-- personal portfolio, corporate, the works. pelant-- he's draining every account. we'll be broke in a minute. no, no, no. it's running off of serberus's network; i can shut it down. no, you can't, angie. you can't. why not? because if you shut down serberus, we're gonna lose contact with the drone. pelant is forcing me to choose. keep our money, or save those girls. oh, my god. save the girls. go. (engine whirring) (beeping)
8:56 pm
(chirping) (shouting in native language) (laughter) drone is one minute out. hornets? five minutes and counting. they're not gonna make it. pelant sequestered his kernel with direct anonymous attestation. meaning? i'm in. (engine whirring) (drone approaching) (girl shouting) (gasps) (beeping) (engine whirring) (screaming) (screaming, shouting) (computer trilling) (blipping) (drone approaching, all shouting)
8:57 pm
(rapid beeping) got it. oh! (beeping) (sighs) (laughs quietly, sighs) (footsteps approaching) hey. been looking for you. it suddenly hit me, i haven't eaten all day. how long have those been here? well, absence of bug infestation indicates less than two days. and i am not about to turn down a free muffin. not now, anyway. you know, we're gonna be all right. we don't need the money. i know.
8:58 pm
but it was a lot of money. it sure was. you know, there's a bag of frozen bagels downstairs. it's been there for weeks. really? oh, that's our breakfast. (laughs) (both laugh) love you. i love you, too. (crickets chirping) hi. how's flynn? he's stabilized, but we still don't know. i didn't get a chance to say good night to her. (sighs) it's about more than that, isn't it, booth? (sighs) pelant is still out there. you said you hit him. if he's injured, that helps us.
8:59 pm
but we're still waiting for him to make the next move, and i'm not okay with that. whatever's next, we'll handle it. we always do. (groans) (barking) (dog barking) (dog whines) (barking) (gasping) (groans) (groaning and gasping) captioning sponsored by 20th century fox television and toyota. captioned by media access group at wgbh
9:00 pm
what's that mean? man: carroll was convicted in 2004 for the murders of 14 young women. fbi director: we need you in virginia, ryan. i'm not an agent anymore. you caught carroll. no one knows him like you do. so what's my sequel about, joe? carroll: we're gonna write this together, ryan... ohh! even though you slept with my wife.


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