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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  June 28, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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it came much sooner than expected. same-sex marriages are suddenly legal again in california. and hundreds of gay and lesbian couples raced to city hall and county offices to tie the knot. good evening i'm ken wayne. frank somerville is off tonight. >> and i'm julie haener. the ninth circuit lifted the
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stay clearing for same-sex marriages to start. >> reporter: sandy spears and perry invited the governor. >> we're here to sell celebrate a beautiful relationship. >> reporter: the berkeley couple said they were at work when they got word. the rush was on to get down to the courthouse. >> we knew our relationship would last and our family would last and we wanted our love to last and be dignified by the institution of married. >> reporter: flanked by loved
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ones and supporters the couple spoke about wanting for years for the ruling to go down. camela harris asked the supreme court to allow same-sex marriages as soon as possible and not wait for 25 days but still she said she did not know it would come down today. >> i have to applaud the ninth circumstance quit for doing this quickly. >> reporter: the legal battle to have their legal recognized by the law was for their three sons and other same-sex couples >> what i hope this represents historically is the end of a difficult period and the beginning of a unified time in this state. >> reporter: the couple says the fight isn't over until same-
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sex marriage is legal in all 50 states. reporting live at san francisco city hall, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. after the state of california, let me pronounce you married. >> the other plaintiffs in the supreme court case, tommy and zariles tied the knot. the men's wedding happened about 90 minutes after the women's. they said they plan to fly to san francisco and celebrate with chris perry and sandy spear. other same-sex couple could not get married either. 51 got married. the marriage commissioner said he raced to city hall when he heard the stay had been lifted. >> within a few minutes i was here within a few minutes after
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the stay had been lifted. couples had started lining up already which is amazing. >> reporter: we checked in with other counties and they told us they saw only a few couples because the ruling came in so late and many people had not heard of it yet. san francisco prepared for the city's annual gay pride celebration. almost 1-1/2 million people are expected to descend on the city and today's court action might bring even more. ktvu's patti lee is live in san francisco. patti with what may turn out the biggest celebration. >> reporter: the streets are already crowded. there's a real party atmosphere out here. folks are dancing out here on
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the sidewalks. last year folks started coming into town around 10:00 and that's when they went out on the town. but it seems that people are coming to town early this year. and that they didn't want to wait for tomorrow to start celebrating. on the eve of pride weekend. castro district streets are positively humming with anticipation. >> that feeling in the air. it's just like, it just tingles up your spine you know what i mean. >> reporter: a million plus people are expected to take part of the event. >> i believe it'll be an optimistic of life, marriage, the entire lgbt celebration. >> it's our 20th anniversary and we came for pride. >> reporter: mike and jerry flew san francisco as domestic
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partners, this evening they were legally wed. the ninth circuit announce ment led to this rush to san francisco city hall. >> it's kind of surreal even now. we thought days, but no today. >> reporter: frantically called our friends along the way. it's happening, and we're getting married. >> i now pronounce you to be spouses for life. >> reporter: the crowds that gathered spontaneously will likely be larger tomorrow as couples who come down to celebrate pride weekend will take time to tie the knot. a couple came up to me and told me they were planning to get married tomorrow and they made the decision today. they said it wasn't the rush, given just how long they had waited for this moment. patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news.
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courthouses in contra costa, alameda and santa clara count tips will reopen after the weekend to expected crowds of soon to be brides and grooms. contra costa county will open its doors monday morning at 8:00. alameda will open at 7:30. the defenders of prop eight are speaking out about the appellate court. they released this statement. it remains to be seen whether the fight may go on but still it is a disgrateful day for the state of california. california repairs for sunday's pride parade. how the city is preparing for the record crowd expected to celebrate coming later on. now to the triple digit heat hitting the area. the forecast calls for high temperatures and low winds. so exhaust fumes from vehicles
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are expected to cause dangerous air. and ktvu chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking the heat and the warning it's prompted, bill. >> reporter: it's going to be hot out there tomorrow. you can tell by how warm it is right now. it's 94 degrees in antioch. 85 in concord. coming up at 10:30 at night and you have numbers in the mid-80s and mid-90s in the warmest spots. it's not going to get that cool tonight. so tomorrow is going to be a very hot day. an excessive heat warning comes into effect monday and tuesday. getting into 103, 104, 105 maybe 106 degrees. társ going to be day after day -- it's going to be day after day of excessive heat not just one day. we're going to talk about that bump up in temperatures tomorrow. because it's going to warm tomorrow. hottest day of the week. we'll show you that. when does the fog return in
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ernest. you can follow bill online, they're posting updates even when we're not on the air. jade hernandez is live with some of the places people went to escape the weather. >> reporter: mico and ruby torn often find themes here at lake duvall. >> was it too hot for you today? >> i can barely move. >> reporter: mico and his grandfather made sure to keep the kids cool. temperatures reached triple digits. but back at lake duvall there are concerns as the fourth of july holiday nears. last week the body of a 30-year- old man who drowned on june 16th surfaced. on that day east bay regional parks life guards dove for him
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for more than two hours. but on sunday, if the regional district decide to strike, like our towers remain empty. fortunately the crowds did not arrive today. >> no not at all. not today. >> reporter: this woman works the ice at this shop. >> probably 250 to 300 bags. >> reporter: as for others who work in the heat like this man. >> we shut down earlier and sent guys home. decided to come up here. >> reporter: kirk farnam a painter that lives close to this lake. >> i've lived here all my life. we've seen a lot of hot summers and a lot of cool summers, and this one is a hot one. >> reporter: tonight it was movie night. >> it was hot, temperature wise. >> i went to the open space early in the morning and we got out of there by 10:00 because
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it was too hot. >> reporter: babies aren't the only ones who need protection. police arrested a woman that left a dog in her vehicle. tonight temperatures dropped to 80 degrees. that's pretty good news for those folks still enjoying the movie here at danville on movie night. i'm jade hernandez. some say the bay area heat wave is just another sign of global warming change. tom vacar explores what could be to blame and what could be our future. police say the boy was found in a community pool at the county fair mobile home park in san jose at about 5:40 this evening. he was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead. police say foul play is not suspected. the boy's name is not being released at this time. a giant's fan brutally attacked at dodger stadium.
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>> this i got from some kid. >> reporter: tonight see the progress bryan stow is making after that attack. >> with gay marriage and the heat this weekend's pride celebration could be larger than ever. we'll show you the preparations and break down the warning. >> plus up next. >> we ride on what might be b.a.r.t.'s last normal weekday commute as riders make their strike plans. have a good night. here you go. you, too. i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? oh, yeah.
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[ male announcer ] it's practically yours. [ wife ] sorry. [ male announcer ] but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. new video tonight out of oakland where a fight on a b.a.r.t. train led to the arrest of two
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men. it happened around 8:30 tonight on a train heading into the mcarthur b.a.r.t. station. witnesses say two men began fighting when a third man handed one of the man a piece of rebar. passengers began calling in the report of a disturbance says a man was on the train wielding a gun or machete. train service was never disrupted. ktvu's debra deborah villalon is live in oakland where the two sides have been trying to hammer a deal. >> reporter: it is not promising, the lights just dimmed up there where they've been negotiating and they are done for tonight. that's even earlier than last night. today was not a productive day as the clock ticks down on commuters. this train out of san francisco will cruise all the way to pittsburg bay point. it's the end of the week and as
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riders chill they can savor the fact they're not in the slow and go commute right outside. >> that's one of the reasons why i ride b.a.r.t. because i don't like being in traffic. >> reporter: in a strike everyone's last stop comes monday. >> some progress is better than none. >> reporter: b.a.r.t.'s board got an update tonight. agreement on some minor issue, no breakthroughs. >> in terms of the big things the salary pension and benefits we're at the same point we were yesterday because we haven't heard back. we haven't seen any movement. >> b.a.r.t. has money. the numbers they have projected are rubber numbers. when you come to the table with information that is not correct then we can't propose or counter propose to it.
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>> reporter: as the two sides snipe, riders are figuring out how they'll cope and there are no great options. >> they should have already been fulled. they're full and they won't let handicapped people on. then i'll just be stuck at home. >> reporter: many will car pool, many will work from home. and a group of construction workers may have the best idea. >> myself and coworkers are actually renting a party bus. it's going to take us from san francisco, we'll be partying all the way in. >> that sounds like a plan. >> absolutely. >> despite their sur urgent need for a contract and other workers, the two sides did not even meet face to face today instead they worked through a mediator. back live now here at b.a.r.t. headquarters. you can see this is the last of the b.a.r.t. negotiating team leaving for the night. they say they will be back in the morning and hopefully tomorrow these talks will get some traction. reporting live in oakland, deborah villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. if b.a.r.t. workers do go on strike it could also deal a major blow to
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san francisco's economy. david stevenson reports on why the possible work stoppage comes at one of the worse possible times. >> reporter: richard arias is one of many who may be scrambling money to find a way to work if b.a.r.t. employees go on strike. >> it's going to be, a lot of people are going to have to drive. that just means that it can get pretty crazy out there. >> reporter: at san francisco's leading economic engine the hospitality agency expects to be hit hard. >> we're a 24 hour business so we have to be there for our guests. they might have employees that are going to car pool that normally ride. >> reporter: from pride party participants to tourist flying in for thefourth of july weekend. >> we've been tweeting information about the b.a.r.t.
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strike, possibilities and altering plans for taking a shuttle or taxi. >> it's almost like a natural disaster. >> reporter: labor analysts say a strike could be a huge disruption in wages and services for big and small businesses. >> look at the number of people taking b.a.r.t. into san francisco alone on any given day. let's assume minimum wage rates, eight hours on a workday for five days let's call it. you can see it's an extremely large number. >> reporter: 70% of the systems 400,000 lady riders commute to work. riders are being asked to make plans ahead of monday. david stevenson, channel 2 news. you can be the first to know whether a strike happens by signing up for b.a.r.t. strike alerts. you can find the information at
10:19 pm a man was shot at the el cerrito station. the victim and a friend were at the station to meet someone when a man they didn't recognize opened fire. b.a.r.t. stopped service to the station for about 90 minutes and some passengers were temporarily stranded. >> they stopped down there and they won't let us come up because they said it was a shooting. so we walked up. me and a few other people and they're not letting us on b.a.r.t. >> reporter: the victim is identified only as a 19-year- old homeless man from richmond who was shot in the chest. he was air lifted to john mere hospital where she is -- he is expected to survive. the chase ended shortly after 3:00 this afternoon on the freeway between leisure town road. the get away car hit two other
10:20 pm
vehicles before coming to a stop. in all seven people including the suspects were hospitalized. there's no word at this hour on any of their conditions. governor brown asked a panel of federal judges today to give him extra time to order the release of almost 10,000 prison inmates. the governor wants to use the town to appeal the decision to the u.s. supreme court. if the panel refuses to allow the delay brown is expected to take the matter directly to supreme court justice anthony kennedy who oversees appeals in the western state. the court ordered california prison numbers lowered as a way to improve conditions for prisoners. the vessel san francisco went into service back in the 1970s. some say it badly needs a new interior. plans now include new seats, carpeting, ceilings and wall panels. the work will be done in san diego county and passengers on the san francisco to sausalito run can expect the ferry san
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francisco to be back on the bay in the fall of next year. >> it's hot today out there. official numbers 103 in concord. 103 in livermore. it's going to be hotter tomorrow. fog is not at the coach right now but i expect a little patchy fog will come back tonight. much cooler right around the coastal hills. not bad around the bay. 83 in oakland, it's warm. as you go through the microclimates tomorrow, mid- 80s. wups -- once you get over the hills you're into the low 90s and easily into the 100s. when i come back i'll have a specific high for your neighborhood for the weekend. we have word tonight that former san francisco supervisor willie kennedy died this morning at the age of 90. kennedy served as a supervisor
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from 1981 to 1996. kennedy was active in the hunters bay view neighborhood. she attended the ground breaking for the hunters point development just a few days ago. b.a.r.t. workers aren't the only one threatening to walk off the job. >> on monday we will be on strike. >> what a strike for workers in an east bay city may mean for residents. >> and the improvement of bryan stow two years after being beaten.
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the city of oakland tonight is bracing for a one day strike by city workers next week. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar has more on what oakland residents may have to do without come monday. >> so monday, we will be on
10:25 pm
strike. >> reporter: the service employees international union has called for a one day strike monday to force settlements with the city of oakland and b.a.r.t. >> you're going to see on july first that the working class in northern california are mad and we're not going to take it anymore. >> it's time for the truth to be told. it's time for the employees to be treated fairly and i'm sorry. it's going to take a strike to get it done. >> reporter: but strikes are only as good as the sympathy those inconvenienced give to workers. >> we are asking that the community stand with us. that the b.a.r.t. riders stand with us. that the citizens of the city of oakland stand with us. >> reporter: for oaklanders, losed services including police work performed by civilians, library services and housing inspections. but in oakland, it's just for one day. >> one day is really just, scaring people. but if you go back to work they're saying, okay we're not really scared. do it for longer. show them that you really mean
10:26 pm
to get things done. >> only thing it's going to do is influence people's day and make it worse. other than that it really has no effect. >> i'm not sure it's effective nor necessary. my opinion is even though i'm a union member that there should be binding arbitration. >> reporter: jean quan says the city is doing everything they can to avert a strike. tom vacar, ktvu news. we're now hearing and seeing an improved bryan stow. but the giant fan still struggles. he is still living with his elderly parents in capitola. they became his care givers. his memory is damaged. >> this i got from some kid. it says i love you. >> you know who that's from? that was from tabby, his
10:27 pm
daughter tabby. >> still his family is suing the los angeles dodgers since he was beaten outside a game there two years ago. the team is arguing that the two men who beat him are responsible for the charge. pitches for the giants in 2009, justin miller was just 35 years old. san francisco's pride weekend is getting under way. in three minutes how the city is preparing for what could be its biggest crowd. >> plus word of a third suspect in the homicide case involving a former nfl player. look at 'em.
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continuing cover -- coverage now on the first same- sex wedding after the decision. we were there when the first marriage took place. the couple says they've been together for a little more than two years. they said they were shocked to learn they were the first same- sex couple to be wed in alameda
10:31 pm
county since the prop eight was lifted. a celebration is starting off tonight. david chambers has more on how the city is preparing. >> reporter: the tenth annual trance march kicked off san francisco pride march. the mood joyous as the city celebrates its 33rd pride. >> we'll be working on all levels with the city, various agencies and police to ensure we have a safe, secure and celebratory mood at the gay pride parade. >> reporter: they say they can't do it alone so they're asking people if they see something, say something this weekend. officers recommend going in a group and watching out for pickpocketters. >> we're also going to add cameras to the parade rout on sunday for the gay pride parade from san francisco. some what like we did for betta
10:32 pm
breakers. >> with the increase in temperatures they're also bringing in extra staff. to deal with any heat related illnesses. >> my safety team is the best and most robust that it's been during pride. >> serving fresh fruit, drinks. >> reporter: debby has already ordered extra drinks and ice for the weekend because for her warmer weather means more money. >> heat days, we serve more drinks. normally we don't sell a lot of drinks because most people just want to get something to eat. >> reporter:
10:33 pm
10:34 pm
randy tied the knot. two more companies are cutting ties with embattled celebrity chef paula deen. the latest celebrity books who was about to release a new book. the other was jcpenney. meantime two big name supporters have come out in deens defense, jesse jackson and jimmy carter. today was the second day in the trial of zimmerman. first responders to the scene described what they saw. >> did you observe any injurys to the defendant. >> yes. >> what injuries did you observe. >> he had a very swollen, bleeding nose. he had lacerations to the back of his head. >> zimmerman pled not guilty claiming he acted in self- defense. if convicted he faces 25 years
10:35 pm
to life in prison. testimony is expected to continue next week. >> some positive news about the condition of former south african president nelson mandela. his wife says he is showing improvement compared to days ago. members of his family visited him but made no public comment about his health. mandela is reported to be in critical condition. in south africa, president obama and his family arrived on the second leg of a three leg stop in africa. president obama says he doesn't want to be otrusive and doesn't need a photo op. police say the monsenior planned to charter a private
10:36 pm
plane. police uncovered the plot while investigating the vatican bank. a third system in the homicide case involving former nfl player aaron hernandez turned himself in today. wallace turned himself in to police a day after massachusetts police said he was wanted in charges of being an accessory to murder. carlos ortiz who was arrested earlier in connecticut was returned to massachusetts. hernandez a former tight end for the patriots remains in custody and has pled not guilty in the shooting death of odon lloyd. still to come a major change in facebook's ad policy. >> plus fireworks and rising temperatures. in three minutes how bay area firefighters are preparing for what could be a catastrophic combination. >> at 10:35, chief meteorologist bill martin will tell us how high hot temperatures will get in his complete forecast. >> and new rules for san francisco's popular food
10:37 pm
trucks. why some of them may have to find a different parking spot.
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10:39 pm
continuing coverage now of the bay area heat wave. the hot temperatures are moving in just as fourth of july fireworks are going on sale in the bay area cities that allow
10:40 pm
them. as robert handa reports the combination of heat. fireworks and dry grass and brush has fire crews even more worried than usual. it has already been a busy fire season for calfire. today the south bay unit swarmed the storage unit especially because was near a dry storage field. >> most of that humidity and moisture is gone now due to the heat. so it's drying out. the drier the conditions the easier it is for things to ignite. >> reporter: the heat wave comes as crews set up to sell fireworks sunday. the hot weather has them more concerned about neighborhood fireworks. >> it's a good thing for them to have fun. but they have to have water or something so if a fire occurs they can put it out. >> sometimes there's alcohol
10:41 pm
involved. the fire safety is the major concern for us. with safety zones still exist you have the ability for aerial devices to go out on the grass fields. >> reporter: calfire will be out patrolling and so will the bomb squad. >> every year we get calls on injuries from fireworks. and they are from minor to extremely severe. not just injuries but fires. houses catch on fire. cars, grass. >> reporter: both calfire and the sheriff's department plan an aggressive approach of enforcement. violators can face fines and jail time. more details now. there's more than a dozen cities where people can buy and use approved sane and safe fireworks for the 4th of july. from gilroy in the south to st.
10:42 pm
helena in the north. they are required to park at least 500 feet away from public middle and junior high schools and a thousand feet from most public high schools. facebook is making a big change in its ad policy. the menlo company says it will no longer place ads with sexual or violent content. the move comes after several businesses pulled their add depicting violence against women. facebook depends heavily on ads. they account for 78% of their revenue. a mixed day on wall street on this last trading day in june. the dow dropped 114 points. nasdaq rose about one. the markets have been on a roller coaster since the fed announced a pull back on its stimulus program sometime later this year. dealing with the heat wave right now. i'll show you when temperatures will finally peak in your complete bay area forecast. >> this extreme weather is it global warming? it fits with the pattern. plus new information about what it's doing to the ocean.
10:43 pm
>> and next the battle to control a wildfire threatening homes in southern california. the element making things difficult for firefighters. one time, i had to wait half a day to watch a movie. you watched movies?! i was lucky if i could watch a show. show?! man, i was happy to see a sneezing panda clip! trevor, have you eaten today? you sound a little grumpy. [ laughter ] [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible.
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a wildfire burning in southern california came close to several large homes and damaged one of them. the fire in san san bernardino county has burned five homes. firefighters had to fight the fire in triple digit temperatures. five homes before evacuated. nathaniel smith was
10:46 pm
sentenced today for five years probation and a year in jail. he received the same sentence yesterday in sonoma county. the san mateo judge said he believes he set fires for the thrill. bay area climate scientists pointed to the heat wave and said extreme weather continues to become the norm. john fowler reports. >> reporter: it's hot and getting hotter. part of weather patterns that are now condensing. >> oh yeah, the climate changes is what's doing it. >> reporter: north of palm springs may hit the world's hottest ever, 134 degrees by monday. from our weird winter and spring rains and early may fires, to record canadian floods. and last year's super storm sandy unlike anything in seven centuries. carnegie institution institute says we're in unprecedented extreme weather. >> absolute proof that climate
10:47 pm
change caused a change is not yet available. but the big picture is a climate change picture. increased possibility of extreme events. >> storm surges that may wreck our coastline. climate change expert showed me today this new assessment of ocean acidity as c02 the number on the left goes above today's 400 parts per million. yellow and red areas mean death for corral reefs. already more than .25 of earth's corrals dead. >> things that have been around for millions of years can't survive anymore. what is going to happen to us. >> reporter: vald era s says it's not too late to begin to curve carbon omissions. scientists say there's no guarantee. but that may be the best way to
10:48 pm
fend off extreme changes. as temperatures rise, people are scrambles to try to beat the heat. a crowd of weather refugees headed to a cool center. it's important for both children and seniors to stay cool. >> we get a lot of comments about it's so much cooler in here than it is outside. >> reporter: along with keeping cool, doctors say it's important to stay hydrated when the mercury rises. it is hot and warm out there especially in the inland bay valleys. take a look at the current numbers and you can see that they are there. 93 in antioch right now. 79 and 93. that might be a little high on that reading but you get the idea. it's almost 80 in fairfield. 81 in livermore. 94 in concord. tomorrow morning you're going to wake up in the 60s. by lunch time, we'll be in the
10:49 pm
mid-90s. you know places like livermore by 1:00 easily in the mid-90s probably a little warmer than that. the forecast is going to stay inland. it's all about heat inland and hot at the coast. the 100s look how far they come. they're all the way up into the napa valley all the way into the livermore valley an around the bay. those are 80s and 70s and 50s along the coast. if you need to head east just head west. these are current numbers, the high is building from that area. so the heat is shifting toward the north and toward the west and it's pushing into our fog here. so fog along the coast is going to stay right along the coast in this heat. it's gradually going to keep pushing into the bay proper. it's going to be hot for a while now. we have the severe heat or extreme heat warning that goes into effect tomorrow. and stays into effect on tuesday. we're going to be doing very high temperatures in the inland
10:50 pm
bay valleys. that means fire danger, that means spare the air day like we have tomorrow. it means many things, you usually get these for two or three days. we're going to get this heat wave it's going to last for a while. you may want to consider takes it slow. make sure the pets have plenty of water and settle in. if you're in the livermore area or down in gilroy. settle in and get ready for a string of good days. you go two or three days and it breaks for the big on shore push of fog. that's not going to happen this time. we're going to see a lot of heat. in the inland bay valleys. the five day forecast and you see the heat. and look at the bay. the bay is not you know it's still pretty warm but it's not devastating as you're seeing in the inland bay valleys on sunday. coastal temperatures in the 60s. so if the heat is getting to you, by sunday, monday and tuesday just drive out to the coast and you will cool off rapidly. some fog, there's no fog out there now but i think we'll see patchy fog and a slight sea
10:51 pm
breeze right at the coast. the fog is really cool at the avenues but you get to the south of market and it's hot. >> it's really hot out there. and it's lasting, it doesn't really go away into the night. >> yeah, yeah. some of the overnight lows are going to be in this upper 60s as we go into tonight. the morning temperatures will be 60 degrees. >> i predict a lot of people staying inside. >> moving slow. a new pack of highway patrol officers will soon be patrolling roadways. some of them on four feet. ten canine teams graduated today. the dogs and their police handlers underwent 11 weeks of intensive training. the canine teams will be assigned to 27 positions throughout the state. the critter has been hanging around backyards in vernal heights.
10:52 pm
the food disappeared, but that marmit slipped away. the critic live at high elevations and wildlife officials say a neighbor returned from the mountains and it may have escaped in his car. >> they need to nickname that guy hudini. the a's are doing well right now. >> they're clocking people. not just winning by a little by a lot. same treatment for the cardinals behind seno strike, bartolo colon. -- senor strike, bartolo colon. putting people away are the a's and early. five run second. josh redick may be getting his stroke together. that's a double. josh donaldson with a single in to run. the clutch 2-out. base hit 3-2 pitch.
10:53 pm
seth smith delivers. a couple more runs come in in st. louis. tied for the best record in baseball. doesn't know what they're in for. but this was nice. first base hit for youngster steve boat leaving the yard. 6-1 final and lovie dovie it is for colon. he's 11-2. 8innings one run tonight. 1-1. man it's getting a little scary though for the giants as a change of scene does them no good at all. i'll tell you about that along with wet weather at wimbledon. big chocker there right. sports part two however is next. enough about the book, i want to hear about your date.
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man if it seems like the giants are in a funk you're right. no team in all of baseball has played more poorly in that stretch. and the trend continues in colorado. very zito not a stopper. first-inning, carlos gonzalez one of the rockies 13 hits. it goes for a couple of bases. right then and there. 1-0 lead. never had it in the third, michael gudire, deep. zito by the way now 4-6. high
10:57 pm
note for the giants, buster ball game starting to hit it on a more regular basis. this one leaves the yard. of the four hits the giants get. yeah posey had three of them. that's four straight losses, seven out of eight. the english rainmaking its first substantial appearance. nothing to hint the notion that we may have the first brit. there you see a little of the dribbles. wasting in time in putting robrido away in straight sets. murray exceeds in this type of surface. and this is it for sports on a friday night. have a good weekend. >> thank you for joining ktvu news. >> the morning team will be
10:58 pm
here with the very latest with the b.a.r.t. negotiations. mornings on two begins at 7:00 a.m. have a good weekend everyone. good night.
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
come on, let's go. wait. i got to pick up mr. pitt's racket. he wanted to have it restrung. hello. oh, hi. jocelyn landis from doubleday. i interviewed you for a position a couple of months ago. yes, the one i didn't get. i was watching you play. oh, i'm not very good. no. you exhibited a lot of grace out there. really? grace? so have you found anything yet? uh, no. not really. you should keep in touch. something may be opening up in a few weeks. is that a brew line? oh, brew line.


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