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tv   KTVU News at 6  FOX  August 31, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> the work continues on the new bay bridge as the deadline for its opening approaches. we're tracking the progress and the problems caused by the bridge's closure. plus, the president makes a decision on syria. >> the united states should take military action. >> what needs to be done though before that action is taken. >> that breaking news in the east bay where police tonight are on the scene after deadly
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officer involved shooting in union city. good evening, everyone. i'm heather holmes. ken wayne is off tonight. that shooting occurred at about 2:30 this afternoon and a residential area in union city. police there tell us a man was fire ago shotgun on -- firing a shotgun. once officers arrived they confronted the gunman and opened fire. the man died there at the scene. police did not say whether the man fired at the officers or if they were threatened. no one else was hurt. investigators say the man was a relative of someone living in that neighborhood. more progress to report tonight on the new bay bridge, as we take a live look now from news chopper 2 above the area that is under construction, if you will. about an hour ago, we learned work on the bridge is going smoothly. much of the paving, in fact, has been completed with striping scheduled for tomorrow and monday. >> this is exciting. this is kind of final stretch. it's that final dash to the finish line. it's an emotional moment for
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the people that have been on this job for years from the project managers on down to the workers out here doing the work. >> officials also say a chance of rain could affect their progress tomorrow, but so far they're still on track for the bridge to open by 5:00 tuesday morning. meantime on the san francisco side of the bridge, street closures are causing a lot of confusion for drivers. noel walker is live in the city where caltrans closed an additional off ramp today. >> reporter: i'm standing on that off ranch, the fourth street off ramp. it's closed to traffic, has been since 4:00 this morning. that's causing some confusion. we witnessedaccidents as drivers tried to navigate the detour. it's as if someone splattered orange paint, orange signs dot the street south of market. >> i've never seen it this empty before. >> reporter: directing what traffic there is around the bay bridge detours. >> it's been really, really
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light,. >> reporter: this morning caltrans closed the fourth street off ramp, what is usually the last eastbound exit to san francisco while crews prepare for the bridge opening. now 7th street is the end of the road and there are some confused drivers out there. >> are you confused by the dough tours? >> yes, i thought the last exit would be open. yes, i am confused. >> over and over again we saw drivers slowing and making last minute lane changes not knowing which way to take at the literal fork in the road. >> did the detour confuse you? >> yeah, yeah. >> we got lost. >> yeah, we got lost. >> every time we have a road closure like this we encounter people who don't expect it to happen and obviously are unprepared for it. >> the chp says local calls can take advice from tourist. >> navigation system, so the navigation's talking to us. not too bad at all. >> reporter: after this
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weekend, all roads head east. the detours last until the new bridge opens. the chp says if you're unsure where you're going, follow the detour and then pull over to a safe place and call 511 for traffic information. reporting live in san francisco, noel walker, ktvu, channel 2 news. a live look at i-80 in em bringville. the highway -- embryville. heavy traffic as people head to the oakland a's game. aye-80 has been a daily choke point. you can see right now heavy at this hour. bart had its fourth highest ridership ever yesterday due to the bridge closure. the system recorded more than 750,000 trips yesterday. that was down a little bit from thursday. thursday was the third highest ridership in bart history, just behind the giant's world series victory parades in 2012 and
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2010. extra ferris have been running this weekend. 3700 people taking the ferry by 2:00 this afternoon those numbers are comparable to what they see on a busy weekend summer day. go to for a special section to help you get around during the bay bridge closure. we posted a detail map as well as a fact sheet sent to us by bridge officials. you'll find it at the top of our home page. to our continuing coverage of the crisis in syria. tonight syrians continue to flee their war-torn country. scores of vehicles are heading west into lebanon following last week's chemical weapons attack near damascus. two million people have fled since the conflict began more than to years ago. today president obama said he will ask for congressional approval for a strike on syria in response to that deadly chemical attack that killed more than 1,400 people, including 400 children. >> i have decided that the
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united states should take military action against syrian regime targets. this would not be an open-ended intervention. we would not put boots on the ground. >> speaking from the white house, the president said the strike would be limited in duration and scope. he said the u.s. has already positioned weapons in the region and is prepared to strike at any time. >> it will be effective tomorrow or next week or one month from now. and i'm prepared to give that order. >> today, activity was seen at a turkish air base 37 miles from syria where cameras captured drones and turkish air force planes taking off and landing. president obama's decision sets up a congressional debate that could drag on for weeks. we talked with people in the bay area with ties to syria who fall on both sides of the military action debate. >> reporter: on the same day that president obama announced he would seek congressional approval for an attack on syria, russian president putin
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asked the u.s. to not launch any missile strikes. not good news for the syrian american council. >> the longer you give asad more extension, the more you're giving him the green light to kill some more people. >> reporter: he was on thecouncil and believes the president should order an attack now. he adds it should be more than just a limited attack as mr. obama has suggested because syrian dictator asad must be stopped. >> we're not going to just talk about chemical attack. don't forget in the past 2 1/2 years over 120,000 people has been killed. >> reporter: but not all syrian americans agree. >> i need more proof that there are chemical weapons and that the chemical weapons were launched by asad. >> reporter: he still has loved ones in syria. he's more concerned about how an attack would affect the united states in the long-term. >> it can't just come from
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unilaterally from our nation. that's a mistake. we're not learning from that. we've made that mistake over and over again. >> reporter: he also worries that toppling asad could cause even worse problems because there's no telling who would replace him. >> i would love to have a democracy in syria, but you can't just shove it down people's throat. >> reporter: the last u.n. inspectors searching for evidence of chemicals weapons use left syria this morning but their final report could take two weeks to complete. i'm john sasaki, ktvu news. [ chanting ] >> and downtown san francisco today, a few hundred protesters rallied against entering syria's war. the protests organized by the answer coalition compares the situation now to iraq where the u.s. invaded on what turned out to be false evidence of weapons of mass destruction. >> they're using the excuse for humanitarian. you don't bomb people for humanitarian reasons. it never works out. >> you can find a peaceful way
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of helping but bombing isn't the answer. >> other demonstrations against involvement in syria took place in california and across the u.s. [ chanting ] >> here are pictures from one of those protests in washington, where protests on both sides of the issue. dozens marched in front of the white house against u.s. intervention. supporters of the syria opposition protested against president asad's use of chemical weapons in the civil war. on we posted president obama's full speech today on syria. you can find it in the video player. in other news tonight, in oakland police are looking for the gunman in a deadly shooting inside a nightclub. officers say there was some kind of physical club at club anten on third street on broadway. then witnesses stay gunfire erupted. when police arrived, they found 23-year-old man shot to death. investigators hope that there may be surveillance video that
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will offer more clues about just what happened. police today released the man arrested in a double homicide. 25-year-old jeffery flores is being held on $2 million bail. in the deaths of his grandmother and uncle. police say they responded to a 911 call from the suspect early yesterday. officers found the bodies of a man and a woman in the home. a relative identified them to us as 76-year-old nona flores and her 54-year-old son, tony flores. the san francisco opera mourning the loss of its former general director who died yesterday at the age of 84. he searched as the opera's director from 1988 to 2001. he began his career in europe, then moved to san francisco where he was hired as the opera's stage director in 1963, going on to direct more than 75 productions. the san francisco opera says he died after a brief bought with pancreatic cancer. that wildfire in and near
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yosemite continues to burn tonight. while firefighters are making some progress, now campers are really seeing the difference. and in weather, bit cooler today across most of the bay area. coming up the temperature change you can expect for the rest of the holiday weekend and we'll break down shower chances over the next couple of days. and their encampment might be gone but their fight isn't over. the message tonight to federal officials. plus, dozens of bodies buried at what once was a boy school. the investigation underway decades after that school was shut down.  [ trina ] i'm a student at devry university.
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continuing coverage now. the huge wildfire in and around yosemite national park. ment rim fire has now burned
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220,000 acres or 443 square miles. the u.s. forest service says the two-week old fire is just 35% contained tonight and the cost of fighting that fire has reached $47 million. the budget for the entire year is $172 million. today triew crews setback burns from the reservoir south as well as harden lake. smoke from the rim fire has drifted into yosemite valley itself. park web cams show the smoke obscuring yosemite falls and half dome this afternoon. some people did cancel reservations for the holiday weekend. those vacancies filled with last minute visitors. the businesses outside the park say they have been hard hit by a drop in tourism. an almedia county couple is momentless after a fire destroyed its house it's homeless. they were doing welding when a spark caught dry grass on fire
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at 1:45 this afternoon. almedia county fire firefighters say the flames quickly spread to the housewives destroyed and the couple's dog -- the house was destroyed and the couple's dog died. researchers in florida today began exhuming dozens of graves on the side of a former boy's reform school. it is believed about 50 boys were buried on the site of the dosh your boys school in -- dosher boys school in mariana florida. in the 1950s and 1960s, boys reported horrific beatings and many vanished. they hope to bring closure to the victims' families. >> how many of the families, i knew them really well over the past year. several of them will visit through the back day and some asked to bring a minister and say a blessing. >> the researchers plan to keep digging until tuesday and resume at a later date. a popular san francisco restaurant appears to be the source of an e. coli outbreak.
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health officials say so far 14 people have been sickened. nine of them ate at the burma superstar restaurant in the mond district. officials say it looks like theygot the bacteria on august 16th or 17th. the restaurant is voluntarily closed until monday. the owner says this is the first such incident in the restaurant 17 year history. palo alto police hope a new sketch will help them catch a pair of armed robbers. police released a sketch of one of the men right here who they say robbed a married couple in their 50s. it happened after midnight on tuesday. in the parking lot of the palo alto post office on east bay shore road. both men were seen driving away in a black newer model sedan. anyone with information is asked to give palo alto police a call. protesters fighting to save berkeley's main post office gathered to express anger afterpolice breaking up their
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edge campment. today they said the fight is not over. >> this is not just a fight about a single building and a few jobs. it is a fight for the preservation of half a million living wage postal service jobs, jobs that privatizers would like to see become poverty wage jobs or be eliminated entirely. >> early they're week the postal regulatory commission rejected an appeal by berkeley mayor tom baits to stop the sale of the historic building. protesters promise today file a lawsuit once the sale is announced. a number of bay area counties are reporting fewer drunk driving arrests than last year. the holiday enforcement period started on august 16th. san mateo and other counties have reported significantly fewer arrests than last year. law enforcement will remain out in force until monday at midnight. dui checkpoints are set for tonight in hayward and redwood city. organizers of tomorrow's big prize celebration at oakland are getting ready for an estimated crowd of about
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50,000 people. parts of franklin street between 18th and 22nd street in the city's uptown district will be blocked off for the big event. the family-friendly day will include children's activities as well as a wedding pavilion for same-sex couples who wanted to tie the knot. planning to head out there? wondering what the bert will be like? ---the weather will be like? >> we cooled off a bit today. basically the rest of the weekend for sunday to monday we're talking about cooler temperatures as well. you can see the range from today still pretty warm inland. the upper 80s into the lower 90s in antioch. san francisco 65 degrees. right now on live storm tracker 2 i'm tracking moisture to the south right now in the southeastern forgeses of the state p. some of this activity could be approaching the bay area tomorrow. right now we just have some low clouds and fog redeveloping near parts of the coastline. current temperatures are dropping back down, but still
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warm. 84 in fairfield. liver more at 80. san francisco at 64 and santa rosa in the mid-70s. lots of sunshine today. a time lapse at 3:00 this afternoon but still stubborn fog near the medial coastline -- near the immediate coastline. marine layer deep into overnight that will translate into cooling for sunday into monday. forecast headlines we have the new models of the bay bridge, the old one and new one. forecast headlines for today, we'll show you this for tonight. partly cloudy skies, coastal fog. tomorrow high cloud, a little bit cooler. tomorrow partly to mostly cloudy skies, at least a slight chance of a few isolated showers. overnight lows will be starting out the day in the 50s to right around 60 degrees. san francisco 54 and san jose 60 degrees. here's the overall weather pattern. high pressure is out to the south and to our east and low pressure approaches from the north just a circulation between these two guys
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generates a southerly flow. with that more cloud cover for your sunday. there is a chance of a light shower for the late afternoon into the evening hours, basically afternoon into the evening. for labor day high clouds and some of this activity could linger into the region. once again we'll hold on to the chance of a morning shower. our forecast models show you this. tomorrow morning at 10:00 the high clouds really targeting parts of the south bay and basically the same deal throughout the day. more sunshine up in the north bay. look what happens by late tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow night. a little bit of activity possibly showing up tomorrow night and that chance will linger into early monday morning at 1:00 and 7:00 and 8:00. still some lingering clouds throughout the day on monday. this forecast model a little more aggressive with the shower. chances not so aggressive. we have to go with the chance especially for sunday night into monday morning. forecast for tomorrow we are cooling off. santa rosa 82 degrees. still warm there.
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fairfield mid-80s. oakland 74. danville 84. san jose around 80. sunnyville upper 70s. san francisco mid-60s. in sauce lit toe -- saucelito, temperatures warming up to 70 degrees. your five-day forecast with your weekend always in view. pretty much the same deal for monday. you can pick out those tiny rain clouds to reflect at least the chance of a light shower. we're concerned with the completion of the new bay bridge. been watching that closely. >> it doesn't look like any major event. >> are. >> it doesn't but something could be moving into the region. looks like the best chance would be the south bay. >> thank you. nasa radar imaging has revealed the grand canyon of sorts in green land. check it out. researchers are calling it a mega canyon at 466 miles. it's 200 miles longer than the american grand canyon. it runs from the arctic ocean to almost the center of green land. geologists estimate it's been
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under ice for at least four million years. a popular crooner is reportedly joining american idol as a judge. according to the hollywood reporter harry connick, jr., will join keith urban and jennifer lopez returning for the show's 13th season. it's also reporting long time judge randy jackson will move from judge to mentor this season. season 13 starts in january of next year right here on ktvu. next with the final cuts for the 49ers. but first, dozens of people rolling up their sleeves. the efforts today to clean up an east bay farm.
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dozens of volunteers spent part of their saturday morning sprucing up the oakland park. 100 people picked up shovels in waste oakland today. they weeded and spread mulch at an entrance to the park on wood street nearest grand avenue. the volunteers like helping the city maintain the large park which houses popular soccer and softball fields. the dreaded cut day on the nfl and a lot of notable names. >> the daydreams get dashed around the nfl. the harsh business reality of
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1/2 football is no better -- of nfl football is no better demonstrated. the player with more seniority than anyone else on the roster was among the 21 let go. the best thing you can say about a long snapper is he never gets noticed. that was the case for brian general kins in 13 -- jenkins in 13 seasons. he was the victim of a salary cap which would have -- it saved them half a million by cutting him. wide receiver hawkins, the former tennessee titans receiver scored a couple of touchdowns in the preseason including this one thursday night against the chargers but was in a very crowded group of receivers trying to make the team. among the other cuts, three more receivers, austin collie, chad hall, and osgood. defensive back trent robinson were also cut. the raiders got to the 53 man roster limit by cutting 221 players of their own, among the
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most notable andre carter. also cut reggie smith and hanson. tight end richard gordon was also released as was tackle willie smith. the new era of cal football gets started tonight with sunny dikes as the head coach -- sunny dykes as the head coach. a game to start at 7:30. the only other time the teams met was 64 years ago in the rose bowl. the much anticipated opener today for texas a&m with quarterback johnny manziel sitting out the first half. here's how manziel was greeted when he got in the game. the rice players pay attention to the media and the stories about manziel taking money for signing autographs. didn't seem to bother the sophomore heisman trophy winner who threw three touchdown passes, this one to mike evans as the aggies won by a final score of 52-31. the ashes' host tampa, the -- the a's host tampa. we'll have it for you at 10:00
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on sports wrap. see you then. >> coming up tonight on the 10:00 news, more on our breaking news we told you at the top of the newscast. police in union city shoot and kill a man who they say was armed with ashotgun. right now the ongoing construction work on the bay bridge. we are monitoring the progress as that deadline inches closer to tuesday morning's planned opening. there you see more of the work underway. thank you so much for making ktvu your source for news. we'll see you the next time news breaks and we're always here for you online at and mobile ktvu. hope to see you back here tonight at 10:00.  for the doggy bag,
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