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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  September 2, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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. we are getting closer. less than 24 hours from the new bay bridge opening. we'll tell you about construction and special ceremonies to mark the event. unions representing bart employees say talks with management are going nowhere in the middle of a cooling off period. when negotiations are set to resume. a fight goes on near yosemite national park. what we're finding out about what may have caused the rim fire. all ahead on ktvu channel 2 morning news. stoke complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning. we want to take you out to the scene of a deadly accident in san jose. two people were killed in the accident. a driver is still on the run.
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ktvu's janine will have a report coming up at 6:30. it is monday, labor day, september 2nd. i'm pam cook. >> and good morning i'm dave clark. we want to check weather and traffic. steve is out today. but we're lucky to have rosemary. we're going to continue this mostly cloudy muggy pattern we settled into yesterday. storm tracker 2, mainly dry over the bay area. you have to look into the valley to see light sprinkles falling. but we'll see a few squeezed out over the area today. we'll look at the future cast model and i'll show you what will fall won't be a lot. it shouldn't spoil outdoor plans. mostly gray skies at this hour. as we progress through the afternoon, no blues, no greens popping up. we're all ready into 9:00 this evening. but we have that in place for today. the moisture coming in from the south. comingling with the system off the northwest coastline. the two combined will bring us
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a possibility of a few spotty showers for your labor day monday. outside right now, relatively mild. a lot of 60s. a few in the north bay. right about the lunch hour, temperatures are going to start to feel pretty good around the bay, about 70 degrees. the inland locations in the upper 70s. for the afternoon, 80s for the warmest locations. 70s around the bay. good morning sal. right now we're looking at people going around the closure of the bay bridge. and people have been using 880. it's been crowded during the day. near 238 and 92. let's look at what we have now. this is a look at 880. the traffic looks pretty good driving south and northbound. if you're driving on the san mateo bridge, right now is a good time to go. it's lightly traveled. it doesn't seem like there are more cars than usual. but still plenty of room for you to get to and from the
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penninsula. a deadly hit and run crash near century center court. we have a reporter on the scene. we'll have report on that. cooing up. and these are live pictures from the scene. we'll have a report on that coming up soon. around the clock work to open the bay bridge is right on target we're being told. ktvu's tara joining us live at the construction headquarters to tell us more about today's opening ceremony. good morning. >> reporter: quite a few dignitaries will be ob hand the infamous bay bridge troll. we may catch a glimpse of him. but the boys choir of oakland will be performing and a parade of old and new cars will be crossing through the bay bridge toll plaza. speaking of cars, joining me live is chp officer danny. he'll tell us more about traffic. right now not too bad. it's labor day. but later that might change. >> good morning we're expecting
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traffic patterns to increase as people come home from labor day weekend. we're expecting those to increase midday through the end of the day. but it should be well distributed throughout the bay area. no real check points. no one's going from where they're going to to a certain point. everybody's coming home in the bay area. heavier traffic around the san mateo bridge and the golden gate bridge bridge the ones that are used in lieu of the bay bridge. >> opening ceremonies for 3:00 this afternoon. if they're able to open early, what would be the process for you guys ? >> for us it's rather routine. cal trans will tell us the bridge is clear and ready to open and ready for public traffic. at that point we'll stop traffic on the feeder roads. the cal trans crews will pick up cones and we'll escort traffic in. we'll allow traffic to build up to a point where it's not going to be one or two cars going as fast as they can. and we'll guide the first set
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of cars through the bay bridge. if traffic is still light, we'll run traffic breaks to make sure the speed limit is adhered too and people don't drive too fast on the bay bridge. >> same would apply at opening tomorrow at 5:00. >> that's correct. the highway patrol is on hand. once the road is ready to open, we'll open the road. >> reporter: you had the latest number of dui arrests. >> throughout golden gate bridge division, we had 114 dui arrests. as far as last night, there were no fatals on our freeways. >> thank you so much for joining us live with the chp. reporting live from oakland, i'm tara, ktvu channel 2 news. >> 8300 people road golden gate feiries sunday. on saturday, more than 8900 people took golden gate feiries. 3200 more than last saturday.
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we're learning how the closure of the bay bridge impacted bart employees. alex savage joins us now with what workers are saying about offering 24 hour service and the contract talks, alex. all right, having a hard time hearing alex. maybe we can adjust the microphone out there and we'll check back in with alex in a moment. for today's labor day holiday bart is running on a saturday schedule. golden gate bridge transit will run on a weekend holiday schedule. ac transit and santa clara vta will also be on a holiday schedule. the time is 6:06. we have new information about a deadly shooting that happened in oakland. there's a 10,000-dollar reward being offered for information about a shooting that happened outside an apartment complex on daisy street. it happened saturday night. a couple blocks away from the campus of mills college.
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police say a 48-year-old man was at that apartment complex visiting a friend. he got into an argument with another man, and he was shot. he died later at the hospital. so far, no further information but an investigation continues. we have continuing coverage of the rim fire still burning in and around yosemite. it is now the fourth largest fire in california history. it's burned 224,000-acres since august 17th. it's now 45 percent contained. it may keep burning for a few more weeks before they fully knock it down. some 4500 homes are still threatened. now all the smoke from the rim fire is causing major air quality and breathing problems in the sierra. the worst smoke is expected in alpine and northern mono counties. if you have a breathing problem like the elderly or young children, you're advised to reduce your outdoor activity. they also recommend shutting your windows, turn on the air conditioning, and drink a lot
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of water, stay hydrated. many tuolumne county businesses are thanking firefighters by giving free meals and making donations vibes are up all over the county praising the work of the more than 5100 firefighters and policemen who have been helping to fight the wildfire. several veteran firefighters say they've never been treated as warningly as they have been in tuolumne county. we were talking about how the closure of the bay bridge is impacting bart employees. we're going to check back in with ktvu channel 2 reporter alex savage who's talking about what bart workers are saying about this 24 hour service. >> reporter: they say the crowds have been a bit unruly. that's what bart employees have said over the labor day weekend with trains running for 24 hours. we're in the middle of a negotiations period or what's supposed to be a negotiations period. but the bart employee unions accuse management of stalling these talks and not playing by
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the rules. a spokesman for bart told me he disputes that notion. there's a cooling off period right now. a 60 day cooling off period that's happening as we speak. that expires on october 10th but the unions say the two sides don't return to the bargaining table until september 17th. bart says talks are set to pick back up on september 9th. the two unions representing bart train operators say management is engaging in unfair labor practices in their words trying to force employees to vote on bart's final offer before any further bargaining can take place. a bart spokesman said workers never responded to management's latest contract. in the mean time, bart has been running trains around the clock since the bay bridge closed on wednesday. and employees say the 4 hour shifts highlight the difficulties of the job. a union representing bart workers took to twitter eluding to unruly passengers who have been calling problems.
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one tweet from the transit union local 1555 referred to annoying drunks riding the trains this labor day weekend. there was another tweet sent out. this one said the things we've seen during the bay bridge closure, yikes. riders we talked to have noticed a different kind of crowd. >> it wouldn't be my -- the crowd i'd like to ride the train with at all points in time. but you know, it is what it is. you know. people are having fun. it's a holiday weekend. >> reporter: the two sides remain tens of millions of dollars apart on the issues of pay and benefits. and the key sticking points have yet to be addressed and likely won't be for another couple weeks. planning to hold a news conference on the negotiations and what they say has been a lack of progress that happens at 11:00 this morning. live in walnut creek, alex
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savage, ktvu channel 2 news. a patent office in northern california is meeting with protest for many silicon valley companies. the government says it doesn't have the money to open the office because of the sequester. but high-tech firms say it would be paid for by the annual patent fees collected from companies and investors and that's expected to be at least $2.8 million san jose applies for more patents than any other city in the country. a homeless camp in silicon valley attracting national attention. 175 people call 65-acres bordering coyote creek in san jose their home many nights it's an area known as the jungle. the business insider is reporting it's the largest homeless camp in the continental u.s. some people have lived there for more than a decade. homeowners in the area are concerned about fires as well as the hygiene at that camp. san jose has also been named
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the happiest and healthiest city in america. san jose according to a new survey came in number one on prevention magazine's list of happy and healthy cities. prevention magazine praised its farmer's markets, community gardens, and the mediterranean climate. san francisco by the way came in number seven. because of its cultural offerings and the walk ability of the san francisco neighborhoods. very nice. 6:1 is the time. the new 49ers stadium is not complete but the cost for fans is all ready stacking up. plus president obama asked permission from congress to attack syria. we're looking pretty good if you're crossing the bay using alternates the bay bridge toll plaza not up. for your holiday, a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures remain below the seasonal average and a few
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light sprinkles. i'll have a look at what to expect in your neighborhood, coming up.
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. welcome back. a lot of rain in las vegas caused flash flooding. some drivers were trapped in their cars. streets buckled the rescue workers pulling two women and that baby there out of an suv that was swept away by flood waters and landed on rocks. several campers were rescued as
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well. and two highways were closed for a while. no one was hurt. president obama invited senator john mccain to the white house today to try and get support for a military strike on syria after the president announced over the weekend that he would seek congressional approval before moving ahead with an air strike on syria. about 100 members of congress returned to washington yesterday for a classified briefing. after words, reactions were mixed. >> the briefing classified i think confirmed the unchases if id material. there was an attack by the syrian government on august 21, chemical weapons. it cross add red line. and we must respond. >> certainly the mood of the district that i represent is do not do this. and i honestly didn't hear anything that told me i ought to have a different position. >> congress is currently on recess. they are not officially
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scheduled to return until september 9th. the taliban is claiming responsibility for an attack on a u.s. base in afghanistan today. nato says none of the troops were killed in the attack. this is video of the after math of the attack on the base near the border with pakistan. the attacks set off bombs, burned several trucks, and shut down a key road used by nato supply trucks. at least three insurgence were killed in that attack. back here at home, an out break of valley fever forcing hundreds of high risk inmates to be moved out of two prisons in the valley. high risk inmates are transferred out of pleasant valley prisons, they're being replaced by hundreds of other inmates. 2/3 of the valley fever cases in prisons occur at those two location. many of the new inmate arrivals and their families are fearing the worse because valley fever can be fatal. labor day is a holiday for
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most workers but today economists are looking at just how americans are out of work. how many. the government released the august jobless report on friday. most economists expect the unemployment rate to drop from 7.4 percent national average. they say the u.s. recovered 6.7 million of the 9 million jobs lost during the recession. however they say some workers are choosing not to work. >> when people don't, when they elect not to take jobs in the work force, they're electing also to take money out of our economy through the tax dollars that taxpayers pay in. >> he adds when more people are earning money, it creates a stronger econ economy, and that pushes wages hire. doctors are urging parents and kids to get flu shots as soon as possible. they say you can't afford to wait. with the possible dangers tied to the flu. u.s. centers for disease control points out that thousands of american adults die every year from the flu and
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just last null 160 children died from the flu here in the u.s. right now it's 6:18. we'll go back to sal to check in on the traffic. it will be a very busy 24 hours. >> i think a lot of people are waiting for the bridge to be back. let's take a look at what we have now. the traffic is doing pretty well. this is a look at the toll plaza area. there's a chp car coming up. but there's not anything going on here. because it's not open yet. it's kind of cool to see. but this will be one of the times when the last time i think we'll see it this way for a good, long time. let's take a look at 880 north and south. people have been using that as an alternate route. obviously to the closure up to 580 as well. the closure, i'll put it on maps here. pretty good 580 to 101 and the golden gate bridge. we have a look at the hayward
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san mateo bridge and that traffic has been light. and no problems on 580 this morning. not one but two weather elements impacting the bay area for today. we continue in this muggy pattern. maybe a few sprinkles. the sub tropical moisture is being drawn in. you heard dave talk about the thunderstorms and flash floods over las vegas. you can see this is why. we have that coming in. it's moving into california. in fact, at times over the weekend, the rim fire and the american fire are reporting light scattered showers in the area. and they have some lightning detection there. so that was the good with the bad. in any case, back to the here and now here at home. this system moving closer to the coast today. and the two combine willed bring us the possibility of maybe a few sprinkles. now, while most of us will remain dry, i think it's going to feel muggy out there today. the dew points are up at this hour and it's relatively mild. a few sprinkles off the coastline. maybe a little bit of drizzle
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in half-moon bay and santa cruz. the on shore breeze continues as well. in addition to the muggy weather and the possibility of a brief shower passing overhead for your labor day. temperatures remain on the mild side. 63 in oakland. 64 in nevado. 62 for caster valley. and 64 san ramon. 64 in lafayette. into the afternoon, these numbers a lot like yesterday. we're looking at 80 for sonoma. 73 for sausalito. 73 in oakland. 84 for danville. 85 for livermore. upper 80s for brentwood for the afternoon. mid 80s morgan hill. mild to warm. maybe sticky. 77 redwood city. 74 in san mateo. 65 for san francisco. there's your extended forecast.
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i don't think it should spoil your plans if you plan on being outdoors today. meanwhile as we get back to work and school tomorrow, we are entering dryer weather. it's coming our way. and then we'll remain with temperatures in the low to mid 80s for tuesday as well as wednesday. we finally get into a warm up. but it comes late in the business week and into your weekend. low 90s in the forecast. perhaps mid 90s by saturday for inland cities. upper 60s for the coast. back to the desk. ford is recalling 370,000 cars for a problem that could make it impossible the steer. the cars are from the 2006 through 2011 model years. they include ford crown victorian, mercury grand marquis, and lincoln town cars. there could be corrosion on the staring shaft. it involves 22 eastern and midwestern states. people in california who have one of those cars, you can ask for an inspection. but you won't get a recall notice. time is 6:22.
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this year's oakland pride festival had something new. how the new addition made history. plus a special honor for hundreds of bay area breast cancer survivors the important message to baseball fans and the big donation to ad
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. >> that's an amazing sight as hundreds of breast cancer survivors filled the oakland coliseum outfield. part of the oakland a's breast cancer awareness day. the a's gave 5,000-dollar check to the friends of faith. it's a charity named in memory of the late ktvu channel 2 reporter. it's the fifth year for event on the coliseum. the latest hearing between the team and an international jury, that was on friday. the jury's investigating whether oracle illegally modified two of its yachts. the san francisco examiner reports the yachts were sailed in ac 45 warm up regadas. the jury could force oracle to
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forfeit the races in the finals against new zealand. the racing goes on today in the red bull youth america's cup on san francisco bay. the american youth won the first race in the series yesterday. they defeated new zealand's sailing team. the youth america's cup features 60 young sailors from ten teams. they represent eight countries. the over all winner will be crowned on wednesday. concord assemblywoman proposed new legislation to regulate the youth martial arts. it combines karate and jujitsu. some parents and coaches say the martial arts is misunderstood. an official with the state athletic commission said it could be dangerous for young children. it's now 6:27. another day without the bay area's busiest bridge. what cal trans is saying about the closure. and last minute work for the opening of the new eastern
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span. a driver is missing and wanted by police this morning in san jose after being involved in a deadly accident. good morning, at the bay bridge, well this might be the last time you see this for a good, long time. the toll plaza still closed. by this time tomorrow it will be back in action. mostly cloudy muggy start to the morning for your holiday, possibility of a few scattered showers in the forecast coming up i'll have a look at your temperature time line for today and when i expect we will be returning to warmer weather.
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. good morning. welcome back. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. these are live pictures from richmond. police and swat teams are positioned outside of a home. the camera's zooming in there.
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they're out there. ktvu's brian flores is out there as well. we'll have an update in a couple minutes. thanks for joining us on ktvu channel 2 news. rosemary is here for steve. what's the labor day forecast. >> a little cloudy. a little muggy. and you see a few scattered showers here on storm tracker 2 over the central valley there. a few bit of drizzle and light sprinkles off the coastline here. most you have us will remain dry. most of us will feel sticky. because this batch of moisture will be over us today. a slight chance, maybe a few passing showers. not enough to ruin outdoor activities today. upper 50s to low 60s. upper 60s in some locations like antioch and brentwood. by the lunch hours 60 at the coast. 70 at the bay. afternoon temperatures the day a lot like yesterday.
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mid to upper 70s for the san francisco area. along the shore line, upper 60s to low 70s. if you're going to see the a's play this afternoon, low to mid 80s. warmer locations in up ther 80s. good morning sal. good morning. right now we're looking at traffic that's moving well around the bay as you might expect on labor day. not a lot of people have to work today. that will change tomorrow. and that's why they'll want to open that bridge for sure by tomorrow. and tara will talk about this. but it looks like they'll open it by tomorrow at the least. let's look at the san mateo bridge. traffic moving along nicely. this has been the bridge though that most of the traffic has been on during the bay bridge closure. speaking of the closure, we can talk about it with alternate routes. richmond looks good. we talked about the san mateo bridge, the east bay commute also looking good.
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we're catching a break on this labor day monday. 6:32. back to the desk. a deadly two-car accident turned into a mystery for police. when they arrived on the scene, one of the drivers was missing. ktvu channel 2 reporter janine joins us from san jose with what happened and what police are doing to try to track this person down. the accident investigation team arrived here a short time ago. they've been gathering evidence taking pictures of the cars involved in the accident. first street near sky port is closed off. officers say one of the cars involved is a silver mercedes. it's not been reported stolen. they want the know who drove it this morning. witnesses say they heard a screeching and a crash sound at 3:20:00 a.m. when emergency crews arrived they found a toyota yaris with two women trapped inside. next to it was a silver mercedes with no one inside
6:34 am
that car. it appears the mercedes was traveling northbound on first and crashed head on with the toyota as it made a turn on to technology. fire crews used the jaws of life to free the women from the toyota. one died at the hospital. the other dies while still in the car. a security guard that heard the crash said he's like to see more police patrol at first street. >> i think if they had more presence, it'd stop this nonsense from happening. i see people drive by fast everyday, all night long. and the officers just can't be on both ends of the strip at once. >> reporter: it's unknown if speed or alcohol played a factor in the accident. investigators will be looking for the registration to see who owns the silver mercedes. it's too early to identify either of the two women who were in the other car. first street near sky port will be closed for several hours while police investigate. again they need to gather evidence before the body can be removed and for the cars to be
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towed away. reporting live from san jose, janine, ktvu, channel 2 news. we expect one more bay bridge update from cal trans this morning. it's the last ahead of this afternoon's chain cutting ceremony marking the bridge opening. tara joining us live from construction headquarters now with the work being done today. good morning tara. >> reporter: in an hour and a half construction crews will come out and update us on progress being made. we spoke to a chp officer that was able to take a look from the toll plaza. and he said everything is looking great. now of course we have been told that by 5:00 tomorrow morning that they will open the bridge. but that could happen earlier with everything been on track. yesterday we got a look at the progress. the s curve is gone. the approach to the tunnel is smooth and straight. and inside new led lights and fresh paint. demolition of the thousand feet of the old bridge is done to make way for the new bike path
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and today crews will remove barriers and wrap up paving and striping on the eastbound deck. we have light traffic because of the holiday. but later that could change today. >> we're expecting traffic patterns to increase as people come home from labor day weekend. we're expecting those to increase about midday through the end of the day. but it should be well distributed throughout the area. no one is going from where they're coming from to a certain point. everyone is going home in the bay area. >> reporter: the chp wants to remind you that it's in maximum enforcement mode expect congestion around the major bridges today. last night traffic on the golden gate bridge bridge was pretty slow southbound to the northern end of the span but not that bad. and the other bridges were fine. so clearly the holiday weekend helping us out traffic wise. live from oakland, i'm tara moriarti. ktvu channel 2 news. a temporary bike path on the eastern span of the bay bridge will open tomorrow to
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the public. for now it will stop near the bridge tower but eventually it will reach all the way to buena island. right now there's not enough room to finish it until the old bridge is demolished. the trail to get to bike and pedestrian path begins in emeryville. cal trans is hoping to have the entire path finished sometime in 2015. to get the latest bay bridge information along with watching us, go to and click on the bay bridge closure tab at the top of the home page. happening right now, police and swat teams are outside of a house in richmond. ktvu's brian flores is also there to tell us how this stand off started and what's been going on now for more than circumstance hours. >> reporter: good morning. the situation's been going on for more than six hours. richmond police set up a mobile command unit. there are several other units
6:38 am
here as well. detectives on scene. there's a ambulance on scene at the bottom of the hill here in richmond. just after midnight after reports of somebody pulling a gun out on other people inside a home on the 2800 block of shane drive. i got off the phone with richmond police spokesperson who says they're waiting for swat officers on scene to make their way into the home by force or negotiation. we have been told to remain a couple blocks away even though from what we understand many residents have not been evacuated yet. this is the best vantage point we can show you this morning i spoke with a spokesperson that says at this point as well there was possible movement inside the house fife or ten minutes ago. we're working to confirm that information this morning on what they saw. there are reports of one person this pulled out a gun on to others inside this home. police say the call came in from two other people inside the home around midnight. it's unclear this morning whether there's anyone inside the home.
6:39 am
police don't want to take any chances so they're sending in the swat team. a fluid situation out here this morning. we'll keep you updated through out the mornings here. live in richmond, brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. the holiday crack down on drunk drivers is coming to an end. some bay area county haves seen a reduction dui arrests. san mateo, solano, and santa clara counties report fewer arrests compared to last year. the crack down officially ends at midnight. dui arrests are low her in this year's crack down compared to last year. from midnight friday august 16th to mid saturday august 31st, 272 people were arrested for driving under the influence. and that was here in the bay area. in 2012, there were 325 arrests during the same time period. dui arrest data collection will continue through midnight
6:40 am
tonight. your time is now 6:39. a fisherman drawn yesterday in tualmas bay. this happened at 9:30 yesterday morning. the man's leg became tangled in a crab pot line. he drowned when the heavy pot pulled him underneath. his name has not yet been released. the cost of going to a game at the 49ers new stadium keeps going up. the san jose mercury news says parking could range between 40 and $50 a car. right now drivers are paying between 30 and $35 to park at candle stick for a 49ers game. the mercury news also reporting cal train is if talks with the vta and the 49ers to figure out the level of service it will provide on a game day. the owner of the 49ers is responding to a conspiracy theory over the last super bowl. retired baltimore ravens star
6:41 am
ray lewis said he thinks someone purposefully blew out the lights during the ravens super bowl victory over the 49ers. he said the nfl did it to give the 49ers a chance to come back in the super bowl. the 49ers owner jedd york responded on twitter, he had fun with it. he said there is no conspiracy. i pulled the plug. unquote. 6:40 is the time right now. suspected serial arsonist caught in the act. how hunters tracked him down and the number of fires he's accused of setting. and the weekend bay bridge closure meant bart trains running around the clock. some employees say that's led to disruptive behavior by passengers. we'll tell you what they're seeing, coming up. and right now on the road, so you're seeing a pretty decent drive despite the closure and on the golden gate bridge the traffic looks good. but it's foggy. >> mid and high level clouds
6:42 am
for inland locations and a few scattered showers in the forecast on this labor day. i'll have what you can expect in your neighborhood, coming up.
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so we just look for this g. 'cause general mills makes over 40 yummy flavors that are 130 calories or less per serving. and they're packed with vitamins and minerals. from lucky charms to cheerios. over 40 cereals. 130 calories or less. [ laughs ] ♪ [ female announcer ] hey ladies. you love it. you've got to have it. cinnamon toast crunch, 'cause that cinnamon and sugar is so irresistible. everybody craves those crazy squares.® welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. this morning bart employees are speaking out about the closure of the bay bridge. alex savage joins us with what
6:45 am
they're saying about potential safety issues and the on going contract talks. alex. >> reporter: first of all the unions representing bart employees believe contract negotiations have in essence stalled atthis point. at the same time, bart workers this morning are highlighting difficulties of the job that they've noted during this bay bridge closure we've seen during the labor day weekend. the bart trains have been running 24 hours a day since the bridge closed on wednesday night. and a union representing bart workers took to twitter recently to address and speak about what they say were some unruly passengers who were causing problems. there was a tweet from the transit union local 1555 that referred to quote annoying drunks riding the train this is labor day weekend. and another said the things we've seen during the bay bridge closure, yikes. they don't have bart employees have been put at risk.
6:46 am
>> i didn't see safety as an issue. i saw people being more rambunctious than usual. >> reporter: in the mean time, we're in the middle of a court ordered 60 day cooling off period right now. the two sides are supposed to be talking this cooling off period expires on october 10th. but at this point the two sides don't seem close to returning to the bargaining table. they don't have scheduled negotiations to discuss the key issues of pay and benefits until september 17th. now the unions will be talking about what they say as a lack of progress. they plan to hold a news conference at 11:00 this morning. live this morning at walnut creek, alex savage, ktvu channel 2 news. a suspected arsonist caught in the act. deputies arrested james novack of cloverdale yesterday after four hunters said they saw him set several small fires near
6:47 am
geyserville. novack claimed he was starting a controlled burn. they called 911 after getting suspicious. >> we actually saw the guy lighting a fourth fire down there. we went ahead and apprehended him. >> novack is suspected of starting a fire saturday. and also a fire behind his home in cloverdale. deputies investigating the fire say a witness saw a man flow flairs out of a car that's registered to novack. we received exclusive photos from the hunters that caught the arsonist. you can see the size of the flames and the suspected arsonist, james novack after being stopped by the hunters. firefighters say the fire near geyserville burned about an acre before it was finally knocked down. officials in san bruno are about to give the public an update on the deadly pg and e pipeline disaster from three years ago. the 2010 disaster killed eight people, injured 60 more and
6:48 am
destroyed 38 homes. tomorrow san bruno's mayor will talk about the rebuilding efforts in the crest more neighborhood and push for reforms in how public utility companies are regulated and managed. oakland's pride festival had a new feature this year. same-sex weddings were formed at the wedding pavilion. several couples registered to tie the knot at the festival. many are basking in the glow of the supreme court decision that legalized same sex marriage in california. 60,000 people turned out for the pride festival in oakland. all right our time is now 6:48. let's look at stories we're working on for you. we're going to continue our coverage of the approaching opening of the new bay bridge. we'll bring you a live news conference from cal trans right out there once it begins. new concerns about the right to privacy in the united states. how it's all tied to the war on
6:49 am
drugs. and the bay area plays a central role in the legal battle over food labels why class action lawsuit haves been filed right here in northern california. let's get you to where you need to go. if you're up with us on labor day. we have sal who's watching everything. how are we looking. >> we're looking pretty good. a lot of people sleep in on this extra day. we have. this labor day. lafayette looks empty. i don't think i've seen that for a bit. the traffic is moving along relatively well as you drive through. no major problems as you're driving to the tunnel. however westbound 24 eastbound there's a brief accident -- or a brief delay approaching an accident eastbound 24. i don't think there's such thing as a brief accident if you will. but there is a crash eastbound
6:50 am
24. let's move along and look at the commute on 880. this traffic looks nice with no major problems. bart, cal train and muni reporting no problems on their systems today. mostly cloudy, muggy, a few scattered showers in the forecast for your holiday. this is the system here that has brought us the unseasonably cool weather. we're a little below the seasonal average in the afternoon these days. the on shore push as well. kicking up the sea breeze and the delta breeze in the afternoon. but it's also help with the possibility of showers. because we have this system helping to draw in some of this moisture. and you can see over the bay area, the two combined could squeeze out a shower or two for the afternoon. now, i don't think it's going to be enough to ruin the outdoor plans. but i have to try really hard -- or and i have to try really hard to pick up a few scattered showers. perhaps over half-moon bay moving closer to san mateo. light drizzle outside your doors. this is the case for today.
6:51 am
when i show the future cast model you won't see blue or green popping up on the screen. as we get through your labor day. it's a mostly cloudy day. but a moist air mass in place. i think we will squeeze out perhaps a few light scattered showers. it shouldn't be a big deal. i think it will be muggy though in those areas that get into the 80s for today like nevado petaluma, in comparison to yesterday, i've shaved off a degree or two. it's going to feel like yesterday in many areas. 84 for concord. 84 for danville. 80 degrees san jose. santa clara, 79 for the afternoon. 77 redwood city. 74 san mateo. 65 degrees with the afternoon sea breeze in san francisco. a big bike ride this morning. maybe you're headed out to watch america's cup. another nice day. the extended forecast, we're trying out. the atmosphere at least. and we're clearing out as we get back to work on tuesday.
6:52 am
temperatures don't budge a whole lot until second half of the business week. there's the warming trend into next weekend. low to mid 90s. upper 70s to low 80s around the bay. i'll have a look at your labor day lunchtime numbers coming up. the official announcement expected this afternoon but sources say verizon and vote a phone have agreed to the third largest corporate deal in history the two companies have tried to buy etcheer out several times. if this deal goes through it could be worth 130 billion- dollar. retailers are cutting price of the iphone. wal-mart, best buy, and radioshack. the cost of a 16 gigabyte iphone 5 as low as $100 the move comes days before the next generation iphone is expected to be unveiled. >> all right. time is now 6:52. the national security agency says there's t-shirts where the nsa logo got passed them.
6:53 am
what the agency says about these parody t-shirts using its name. after being evicted from the old bay bridge will a famous troll be welcome on the new span? [ marco ] i'm a student at devry university. and this is my home team. this is my large lecture hall. this is my professor. and also my coach. this is my booster club. this is the guy who's graduating ready for a great career in technology. [ male announcer ] in 2012, 90% of devry university grads actively seeking employment had careers in their field in 6 months. find your career success in the bay area.
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learn how at i'm bill martin. thanking you for your heroes nomination. it's now time to vote. this year's finalists are lynn adams for her years of cleaning up pacifica beaches.
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bill long, a modern day trail blazer. and karen, restoring watershed and removing innovative plants. vote today by visiting heroes. [ male announcer ] at sizzler... it's back for a limited time! fire grilled steak and golden all-you-can-eat shrimp for an incredible $9.99! only at sizzler! . welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 6:55. will the famous bay bridge troll live on the new eastern
6:56 am
span? the troll is an 18-inch tall metal sculpture created by an oakland blacksmith. iron workers instilled it on the old bay bridge without permission. it was meant to be a good luck charm to ward off disasters after the 1989 earthquake. >> i think it's become a part of san francisco and oakland's own story about themselves as folklore that people have learned about it and followed it. a replica of the troll is now featured in a new exhibit at the oakland museum of california. the actual troll has been taken down. bridge officials say it may come out of hiding soon. the troll is reportedly part of today's ceremony marking the completion of the bridge. we'll see. the oakland museum of california also has a display of bridge photographs taken by the late peter stagpole. he was one of first photographers hired by life magazine. he chronicled the building of the original bridge taking black and white photos of the workers and the structure and they'll be on display at the
6:57 am
museum through january 26th. the national security agency said it never ordered a redwood city company to stop selling t-shirts with its name and seal on them. they were designed by an independent artist that included the phrase we're peeping while you're sleeping and sold them on zazzle. it's against the law to use its seal without the permission of the nsa director. anyone that wants one can go to cafe the shirts are still on sale. this year airport screeners nationwide are stopping more travelers trying to get on planes carrying weapons. salt lake city has seen a big jump in numbers with 30 passengers stopped from taking guns on to planes. that's more than twice as many as other airports with similar numbers of travelers. nationwide screeners found 660 of them in 2005.
6:58 am
and discovered more than twice that many last year. and they're on pace to set a new record this year. 1150 guns have been discovered as of last saturday. that's 0 percent more than the number found between january and august of last year. all right coming up next on mornings on 2. the scheduled opening of the new bay bridge less than 24 hours away. what cal trans is saying about the chances of an early opening. developing news from san jose. we told you about this at 4:30 this morning. two women killed in a hit and run crash. stay right here with us.
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. these are live pictures. the long wait is almost over. we're now in the final hours of the countdown of the opening of the new bay bridge. >> reporter: so far, everything is running right on schedule. we'll tell you what the chp is planning to do once the bridge opens. two women are dead after being involved in a deadly head- on collision in san jose. police say the person who may be responsible has gone into hiding. the investigation -- up


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