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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  September 3, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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terminal. a few commuters left early enough that they did not get stuck in early traffic. drivers driving after 6:30 may have avoided the extra drivers on the road curious about the experience of driving over the new eastern span of the bay bridge. others seemed to try to prepare for what they encountered on the commute back home. >> i am glad i left home early. i got to see the bridge on the way over here. it's looking good. hopefully this traffic doesn't last all week. >> reporter: i think most drivers would agree with him. reporting on yerba buena island, jade hernandez, ktvu news. taking a look at live traffic. the red area is where the traffic is the heaviest. going across the new bay bridge traffic is heaviest heading into the east bay from san francisco. it's also very heavy along 80 there. and earlier today we saw traffic start to back up in the
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westbound direction of interstate 80 as well. almost as if people are going out of their way to cross that new bridge. >> as drivers begin to get used to that new bridge, not everyone is behaving behind the wheel. eric rasmussen drove through the new bridge. and eric with a few unfortunate firsts. >> reporter: it's busy and going to get busier. you are looking at the lines heading out of san francisco to make their way to the bay bridge. the chp handled their first crash. just in the last hour, we were with a chp officer when he came up upon another crash involving vehicles that had just come off of the new bridge. >> hey, get back in your car sir. i'll figure it out. get back in your van. >> reporter: this crash involved an rv and two other cars that were heading west into san francisco.
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it doesn't appear anyone was seriously hurt. officer lou williams had been patrolling the new east span and the old west span of the bay bridge all day. he told us he has written at least one ticket for speeding since the new bridge opened. williams says he's also given out several warnings for dangerous and distracted driving. he doesn't even have to pull over one man to get him to pull his cell phone away. >> there's a lot of people, drivers particularly pulling out their cell phones, filming the tower, filming out to the side, out to sea. we've noticed a lot of that which of coursely we don't want them to do. we want them to pay attention to their driving. >> reporter: officer williams says he has not seen drivers pulling off to the shoulders of the new bay bridge to take pictures it's something the chp has been concerned about and has been warning people not to do. the chp says its officers did have to site one man believe it or not who got on to the old
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bay bridge who is now totally closed off to traffic. he was taking some pictures so they wrote him a ticket. we're live in san francisco, eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. last night was the full of first tonights. history was made there on the bay bridge. we brought it to you live as the flow of traffic was allowed on to the new eastern span. the new bike path and pedestrian walk way hoped today about 11:00. a crowd of cyclists was standing by to be among the very first to go for a spin on the new bike path. the span is named after long
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time bicycle supporter alexander zuckerman. zuckerman died after a complication after being hit while driving over the old bay bridge on a bicycle. >> i'm excited. >> reporter: for a first man account of what that new bike path is like, we go to mike sasaki who's been driving along that bike path. >> reporter: as you can see behind me people have been coming to the bay bridge not to make it to the other side but rather to take advantage of this new bike and pedestrian path. it's a first for this part of the bay. a bridge upon which people can walk or ride their bicycles. >> it's pretty fantastic. >> reporter: we road on a bicycle and pedestrian path on the new bay bridge as soon as
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it opened. >> it's a beautiful day, a beautiful walk. >> reporter: right now it's a bike path to no where because the path cannot be completed until the old bridge is torn down. but that didn't seem to deter anyone. >> i've been waiting a long time for it and we just, really enjoying being out here and seeing the old and the new and it's great. >> reporter: the path is on the south side of the bridge with the old bridge just across the water looking as oneman told me like an era gone by. >> i've lived in this area all my life. i've been across this bridge many many times. but this bridge is wonderful. >> reporter: there's a speed limit of 15 miles per hour up and down. and the chp which is patrolling the path can issue tickets to violators. >> you are going at high speeds, you're not going to see a stroller in front of you. especially those people who pass, and you're not going to
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see the stroller there. and it's a steep drop off past the railing. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00 you will meet some pedestrians who made a powerful statement at this path today. john sasaki, ktvu news. if you road across the new bay bridge it was likely a slow ride but also a memorable drive. and we also found a woman who was doing something that chp was telling drivers not too. >> reporter: things were slow coming up the incline as everyone took in this beautiful view of the bay. with alcatraz just to the distance. >> felt a little more like a cosway than a bridge. but clean and pretty other wise. >> reporter: this is the new
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view. once you get past the tower with all of those suspension cables, a lot of drivers say it's awe inspiring. bresland car pooled across the bay bridge, he had a lot of work to do but he did not want to miss this incredible view. >> i stopped the work i was doing on my laptop and looked up and said, this is great. what a great thing for the bay area. >> reporter: it was a long awaited debut for the self- anchored suspension bridge and people wanted to capture the moment. this woman held her cell phone
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out, something chp has asked people not to do. the cost of the new bridge ended up being about five times the original estimate. back in 1998 the plan for the original self-anchored suspension bridge was estimated to last four years and cost $1.4 million. however construction ended uptaking 11 years and the total cost was $6.4 billion. coming up on the news at 6:00. tom vacar investigates why it may actually cost much more than that. although the bridge is open to traffic, there is still more work to be done. crews still need to install steel saddles to cover the 32 broken bolts on that new span. for now temporary shims are in place which allowed the bridge to open on time. coming up on our bridge special at 6:30 tonight. we'll tell you about the permanent fix and when it is expected to be installed. our coverage also continues later on in this newscast. at 5:30, ktvu's david stevenson looks at what some call aty --
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call a design flaw on the new bay bridge. which drivers do not notice now but could notice in the years to come. in response to community concerns about racial profiling, the community is coming together to voice their concerns. robert handa has what police are doing differently now. >> reporter: the san jose police are answering questions by implementing a new policy for when officers stop people for questioning. a process many officers say is necessary especially in situations such as rioting. officers could make people sit on curves or place them in a police vehicle. officers must now document all limited detentions even when there's no arrest or citation issued. the independent police auditor applauded the new policy calling it a good response to
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the many complaints she's received. >> mostly from communities of color who believe that they were being stopped and made to do things that whites were not being made to do. basically racial profiling. >> this policy will address any concern that the public has had regarding the limited detention. it will paint an accurate picture of how the limited inspections will do. >> reporter: the agency does not know when they will have enough information to audit the detentions. the uniform cams will make limited detention unnecessary. live in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. police are investigating the discovery of a body near an elementary school in san jose. officers found the body inside of a car on san antonio street about 1:00 this afternoon. that's right near san antonio elementary school. police have not classified it
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as a homicide but have not said what it's being classified. 63-year-old carmen zavala and cristina de leon were on their way tho work at the near by airport. the driver of the mercedes jumped out of a car and ran. police say they think he may have been injured. >> it was a pretty gruesome scene. the accident itself, so we're thinking that the suspect was injured. >> reporter: police spotted the mercedes driving erratically. but they said they did not pursue it because it would have
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been too dangerous on the city streets. 17-year-old robert orlando died after the car he was riding in hit a tree. it happened the night before he was set to start his senior year at san ramon high school. the teenagers were all returning from a fishing trip at the time of that accident. the new bay bridge may be a smooth ride but we are learning about some problems. new at 5:30, what some call a flaw in the bridges design that could cause problems in the coming years. and later, east bay churches burglarized and the steps those churches are taking to catch those responsible. >> and continuing coverage on the crisis in syria as the nation's top lawmakers meet to ask what next. i'm back right after the break, a little bit of fog out there now. temperatures are going to increase. not that warm today but it is going to get hot around here. how hot, i'll let you know back here in just a few minutes.
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now to our continuing coverage of the crisis in syria. 5,000 refugees a day are now pouring out of the syria entering into neighboring countries. today here in u.s., senators questioned obama officials for more than three hours about what's next in syria. as jaquelin fell reports. >> reporter: three top obama officials jumped into the hot seat in capitol hill hoping to build support.
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syrian president assad is accused of using chemical weapons against his own people. >> i believe we cannot close our eyes to this clear violation of international norms. i believe america's morality, america's reputation and america's credibility are on the line. >> reporter: barbara boxer says if america doesn't act, iran will view the u.s. as a paper tiger. others aren't as convinced. >> i'm reluctant at this point and a part of it stems from where this is going to go. as to the limit that we're going to put on it. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry interrupted by protesters said this decision is one of the most important for the committee. >> when someone kills hundreds of children with a weapon the world has banned, we are all responsible. >> reporter: this hearing is leading up do a vote next week in congress on whether to authorize military action against syria. the committee will hold a closed door meeting on
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classified information wednesday. reporting in washington, jaquelin fell. president obama is trying to rally support from congressional leaders on syria. the president assured them that any strike would be limited and not involve boots on the ground. senator dianne feinstein and nancy pelosi attended a meeting with the president. and they say they support what the president wants to do. >> i am hopeful as the american people are persuaded that assad did it. that hundreds of children were killed. this is behavior outside the circle of civilized human behavior and we must respond. >> the senate is set to return on monday but party leaders might call them back early to vote on a military strike on the syrian government. there is a trend in store
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that some of us according to our chief meteorologist bill martin may not be so happy about. >> it's interesting here because the city is going to heat up. but in san francisco they've only had one to two days of 80 plus degree weather. the last warm temperature they had was in may. it's been a cool summer in the san francisco area. temperatures are going to increase as we go into the bay area middle of the week. there's some big changes coming. this is the system we've been tracking here. just spinning around here. so what is it going to do? if it's wintertime it brings rain. but if it's summer it brings cooler temperatures into the area. we had thundershowers out in here. a few sprinkles showing up in here. but right now things are drying up and we're starting to warm up. temperatures today were much like what we saw yesterday. 84 in fairfield, highs tomorrow, they are a lot like these. temperatures are going to be
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very similar. lots of mid-80s in the hot spots as we go through time as we head to the extended forecast it's going to warm up through here. and it's going to warm up as we head into saturday and sunday. as that happens the fire danger is going to go up. tomorrow morning there's your fog footprint, you know that's kind of, there's a little bit here, a little bit there. which is pretty typical. when you get into september. water temperature has a tendency to warm up a little bit. it has trouble allowing the fog to form. fog really likes super cold water. that's why it does so well in this july, august when the winds are really going. as we go into the next couple of days we're going to see patchy fog across the coast. those are mostly 80s in our area. tomorrow like today you get some clearing at the coast. i know you are seeing sunshine out there now.
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as you go into thursday, friday, saturday, the marine inversion steps down. there would be some thick dense fog but the main impact with that. squishes down the cool -- cooling from the coast doesn't get inland. tomorrow 83 in fairfield. there are your forecast highs for wednesday. a short week for many because you had monday off. good air quality with all of this and along the coast. 65 in pacifica, 68 in half-moon bay. your five day forecast with the bay area weekend clearly in view. you see numbers tomorrow like today. and then thursday, friday, saturday and sunday, these are the days that i'm thinking about the most. because there's 97, upper 90s this time of year. it wouldn't be hard to get some kind of a fire danger concern
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weather advisory something from the fire service. this is our fire season. when you get into september and october that's what you consider fire season. because you have the potential of diablo winds. tomorrow is like today and then it gradually heats up but we'll be talking about fire in the next coming days. the america's cup  international jury today penalized team usa two points in the upcoming competition. that means larry ellison's team will have to win 11 races instead of nine to win the best of 17 america's cup series. the ruling came after oracle admitted to making illegal changes to the sailboats used to generate interest in the cup. the jury fined oracle $250,000 and banned three members of the team from taking part in upcoming races against team new zealand which starts saturday. what caused a fire at
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lucas' famed ranch. and how the governor is marking the anniversary of the pipe explosion disaster. and the new span of the bay bridge, we do the math and try to uncover why there's millions missing. >> and there's a new plan in place for officers. and we're learning why some officers are against the new plan. >> i would call it a waste of time. >> we have that coming up.
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the mayor of san bruno is renewing the call to utility reforms. next monday is the official anniversary of the explosion and fire that detroyed 28 homes and killed eight people. 60 others were injured and many of those injuries were catastrophic. this morning the mayor said the community is still healing and rebuilding as he continues to demand stricter pipeline safety regulations. the mayor says while the city can't bring back innocent lives lost in that disaster he wants to make sure that something like that never happens again. >> what we have committed to do is to make sure the legacy of san bruno becomes an opportunity to prevent future negligence by pg & e and stronger active oversight but the upuc. >> the rebuilding of the crest
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moore community is ongoing. the price tag so far, about $13 million. the mayor says he will continue to press for the maximum $3.8 billion fine against pg & e. >> we feel that they have to pay. they have to be penalized. they have to hurt the shareholders, the stockholders have to hurt and let's get on with it. >> the mayor says it's important that natural pipeline reform takes place across the country which is why he's pulling for a mayor's conference on pipeline safety. the mayor also says he's disappointed with governor brown. he says the mayor has not returned calls despite repeated attempts to reach him. an old man believed to have stabbed his grandmother to death is expected in court tomorrow for charges. he called police and told them
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he heard an intruder in the home he shared with his grandmother. they found nina torrez and torrez in their individual rooms. it appears an electric fan at a room started the fire at the lucas farm. it damaged office furniture in the unit and the roof. the sprinkler system went off and that helped officers fight the fire in about 20 minutes. no one was hurt. good news for the bay area committee could mean bad news for the new span of the bay bridge. >> new bridge, same old problem. why traffic tie ups could get worse as the bridge gets older. >> plus new developments on that fire burning in and around yosemite. firefighters gaining more
5:28 pm
ground. and san francisco's mayor addresses concerns about the city's water supply. >> and you think they would be a safe haven. churches, but in one bay area county thieves are ripping them off. why the thefts are keeping the churches from getting things they desperately need. unbelievable.
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a live look at the first evening commute on the new bay bridge. there's already been one accident and already tickets issued. adding to that there's new concern that that new bay bridge is going to get a lot more crowded in the future. david stevenson is live in san francisco with some good economic news that could mean bad news for drivers. >> reporter: frank take a look this is a typical traffic tie up at fifth and bryant street here in san francisco. with job growth forecast in the bay area through 2020 it may not get too much better on the bay bridge in the coming years. despite at least one accident earlier that brought traffic to a halt, the commute was good. >> it only takes me 20 minutes
5:32 pm
to get here. it took me 45 minutes today. >> reporter: with the 50-mile an hour speed limit, wider lanes and shoulders to clear up traffic faster. >> it's not only a faster commute but a more reliability commute. >> reporter: the question is how long will it last. the new bridge's capacity is the same as the old one. >> we didn't really have to increase capacity, because it's five lanes as soon as you get to the bay area. >> reporter: but the new bridge might boost jobs and that means more drivers. >> people going to work, coming home from work. >> reporter: the metropolitan commission forecasts the next 25 years of growth will center around san jose, san francisco and oakland. the hope is many of those commuters will also choose public transit over the roads. many drivers hope the new span brings fewer traffic tie ups than the old. >> my experience was like three hours and that, i needed to use
5:33 pm
the bathroom really bad i. -- it was bad for me. but with this new bridge we'll see. it might get better. >> reporter: lawmakers voted to extend stickers for fuel efficient vehicles for five more years. that means more cars the commute in the comes days. taking another look now on the new bay bridge. consumer editor tom vacar explores why the price tag for the new bay bridge may be more than we thought. then stay with ktvu for in- depth coverage of the new bay bridge. we're putting together a half an hour on the opening including an update on where we stand with the broken bolts plus we're talking live with the chp on how this day has gone. that's all coming up at 10:30. new at 5:00, how low can you go.
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stealing from churches. thieves are targeting churches. it's to the point that at least one church has patrols going on around the clock. that's not all they're doing. john fowler is in antioch with details on the escalating problems. >> reporter: crooks began targeting st. ignacious church two years ago. thieves took cooper wires and air-conditioning now protected by security bars. >> we're simply not going to allow those individuals who are doing this to have power over us. >> reporter: the latest incident on this sidewalk two weeks ago. an 82-year-old woman knocked down by an assailant. she was on her way to morning mass. we've learned thieves took air conditioners from this church. and at this church burglars stole computers, speakers and a
5:35 pm
flat screen tv. last month at this church, during sunday services, thieves took a garage door opener then burglarized the owners home according to the contra costa times. this stand stands where st. ignacious new classrooms were supposed to go. but instead they had to install a security fence. >> we have not been able to put the money toward security. >> reporter: st. ignacious says they have round the clock surveillance. other clergy members told me that this rash of criminal activity represents a new low. reporting live in antioch, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. the future of the drakes bay oyster company is in
5:36 pm
serious threat of closure today. there's the point rays national seashore, the court's allowed the oyster farm to continue operating while the case was being appealed. the owner kevin luney can appeal again to the full appellate court. so far no decision has been made. a novato man is suing the blue man crew. he said he was hit in the arm after a large blue ball was thrown into the audience without warning. mitchell claims he suffered shock and injury. the lawsuit name it is blue man group, the theater and theater's owner. and city leaders addressing a problem in san francisco. where the worm has landed now.
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students at cal state universities can now take some classes online. for the first time ever the csu system is offering 33 online courses this fall semester. they also help students complete required lower level course work in order to complete their degrees on time. initially students are only allowed to enroll in one online
5:40 pm
course per semester. in san francisco the campus of ucsf is now tobacco free. a new policy went into effect today and applies to all ucsf locations and communities. the goal of the new policy is to improve the air quality and health of students, faculty and visitors. other uc schools are also in the process of implementing the new policy. there's a new recommendation to tell you about tonight involving the flu vaccine. the american academy of pediatrics recommends all children six months and older should be immunized against the flu. the cdc say it is vaccine can reduce the risk of illness by about 60%. former nba star dennis rodman is back in korea.
5:41 pm
rodman says he has no plan to negotiate with leader un with the release of a man who is currently serving a 60 year sentence. instead rodman says quote i'm just going there on another basketball diplomacy tour. the 13th season of american idol begins right here in january. firefighters gaining more ground against the rim fire in and around yosemite. also san francisco's mayor addresses concerns about the city's water supply. >> and later, proof that persistence pays off. anaya talks about a successful swim from cuba to florida after
5:42 pm
four suspended swims. >> and it's going to get cool in the area. we'll talk about that. [ marco ] i'm a student at devry university.
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and this is my home team. this is my large lecture hall. this is my professor. and also my coach. this is my booster club.
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this is the guy who's graduating ready for a great career in technology. [ male announcer ] in 2012, 90% of devry university grads actively seeking employment had careers in their field in 6 months. find your career success in the bay area. learn how at a significant bay clean up effort is on the way. a dredging contractor is at work just south of treasure island. the dredging scoops up a 2-foot carpet of bay mud. the material was left behind
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after years of skeet shooting by bay personnel. richmond police released details of a b.a.r.t. shooting. it happened at 10:00, a witness told police that the shooter might have taken off on a bicycle. b.a.r.t. surveillance footage is being reviewed. the coroner has identified the victim as 30-year-old fahim of richmond. julie haener is live to tell us about the progress calfire is making. >> reporter: calfire says thousands of homes are still threatened but fire crews are getting closer to surrounding the flames. here are the latest numbers. the fire is 75% contained. nearly 7,200 acres have burned.
5:46 pm
that's almost 72,000 square miles. homes and structures are still threatened. the fire started back in august 17th and investigators still haven't said what they think sparked this fire. >> well the cause is under investigation. and you have to understand that there may be rumors out there that say what started it, until there's an actual arrest or confession or a conviction we somehow hear about later, it has to be under investigation. >> full containment of the rim fire is not expected until september 20th. i'm julie haener reporting live in the newsroom. and today we learned that the two power plants near the fire that supply the city of san francisco are back online. mayor ed lee and the public utilities commission made that announcement. they say that both power generation and delivery has now been restore and they also say that the quality of the water from the reservoir continues to be safe to drink. the next incarnation of google's android google system will be named after the kit kat
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candy bar. it now features an android kit kat bar on its own page. hersheys is also celebrating with free kit-kat minis. the kit-kat theme was a good participant -- partnership because people often take a break and look at their smart phones. >> you skipped over the gasia singing. >> you know that song. >> we're just trying to move right along. >> that was good. i would never have the courage to do that. you sounded good too. the weather has been great. it's been great out there it's going to warm up as we go throughout the week. that's the weather story. that's what i have to talk about. because tomorrow will be much like today and then from there temperatures start to step up. then temperatures get downright hot around here especially in the valley.
5:48 pm
86 in fairfield, 86 in napa and then 87 in livermore, so a nice day. the low pressure center that sits there. if that thing stayed there over the weekend we stay with very similar temperatures this is the mechanism such as the fog out. this is going to move as we get into thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. when it moves high pressure will place it and temperatures will begin to climb up. as we look at the radar, you see nothing is going on. light sprinkles, thunderstorms up in the sacramento area are not the case tonight. there's the tropical nature. the instability clearing out of the area and giving us a little bit not warmer day about the same as yesterday. but it will gradually turn warmer as we get into wednesday night, thursdays. 78 in napa. that's right now. highs tomorrow at this time will be about the same and then after that that's thursday they
5:49 pm
start to ratchet up. lets check out the airport, 23- miles-an-hour sustained wind at the san francisco airport. it's breezy. nothing unusual for that kind of wind for this time of year especially around the airport. a warming trend as we go into the long range. here's the low pressure center. it's hanging out there now. tomorrow just like today almost exactly which was a lot like yesterday. this pattern, expect for the subtropical moisture. tomorrow is going to be a lot like today suffice it to say. just like today six -- 60s around the bay, low 70s. so the forecast highs specifically clear lake 85, 84 in vacaville, 83 in antioch. 84 in brentwood like we said 84 in brentwood you go five miles
5:50 pm
that way, five miles that way and you will get to 76 and 77. your tore cast is coming up right after this. -- your forecast is coming up right after this. if you're a firefighter, you're glad to see this pattern. as we go into the weekend, definitely without a question the headlines are going to be fire. there's going to be fires and warnings around the bay area and northern california. i'm not hoping for that but as you get into the mid- and upper 90s, this time of year fire goes back on the table. >> i was out at the bay bridge yesterday. >> yeah, i saw you out there. >> it was humid. also the skies were really dramatic it reminded me of when i used to work in minneapolis when you had these really dramatic skies. nothing something you see around here. >> that's subtropical moistures. it really made it feel muggy but it makes for a beautiful
5:51 pm
backdrop. that's where the sunset, i have some sunset pictures on my facebook page people send me. amazing. rainbows, the sky was stunning last night. >> it sure was, all right, thanks bill. i want to show you here a record breaking alligator. after struggling for hours three men from mississippi managed to pull that alligator from the mississippi river. it weighs 727 pounds, we're told that's a record. it's believed the alligator is at least 50 years old. the men who kill it say they plan to eat the meat and give it out to friend as well. they also plan to make the alligator skin to make a gun strap and picture frame. it's crime fighting and safety as simple as changing a light bull. the push in a bay area city to keep the lighting shining. >> and more on what we're working on for 6:00. >> the numbers behind the new bay bridge. the surprises we uncovered from the price tag to the two ways the bridge protects us.
5:52 pm
plus a new effort in san jose to boost the police force and pay officers more. some of the strongest criticism is coming from the police themselves. >> there's nothing in that plan that would retain a san jose police officer. >> these stories and much more coming up in 10 minutes at 6:00.
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5:54 pm
a new reform suggests
5:55 pm
keeping water ways clean totals half a million dollars a year. the report from the natural resources council looked at five different communities. san jose, oakland, sacramento cost the most when it comes to clean up. the measure calls to reduce trash and share the clean up costs. norwegan air shuttle plans to offer service twice a week between oakland and stockholm sweden beginning october 1st. and twice a week beginning next may 28th. tickets begin at $335 per person one way. san francisco is promises progress with what many consider a chronic problem. keeping the street lights on. rob roth reports how the
5:56 pm
outages are fueling residents biking concerns. >> reporter: you can't tell in the daylight but this street light is not working. residents around san francisco say street light outages are a problem. nobody likes darkened streets. >> for someone who's an elder like i am, during walks it feels dangerous. it's not comfortable. >> reporter: the mayor is so concerned today he called a meeting. >> it takes way too long to fix those lights when they burn out. so we're trying to get a more reliable system. >> reporter: according to records of the approximately 45,000 street lights in san francisco about 6,000 burn out each year that's an average of 16 per day or 15% of all the cities street lights. >> a lot of these street lights are decades old. they are not in the greatest of shape. >> reporter: the san francisco public utilities commission is responsible for 60% of the street lights pg & e the other
5:57 pm
40%. while the puc says it now repairs lights within three days, pg & e says in 2012 repairs often took them about 30 days. >> it's noticeable. i can take a walk one day and it's out and several nights later it's out. >> reporter: but pg & e says this past july most repairs were completed within five days. still residents say darkened streets and crime often go hand in hand. >> i came home and i noticed somebody lurking on the dark street. so i just kind of watched from my window and sure enough they were breaking into cars. >> reporter: supervisor lee says he expects to hold hearings with the puc and pg & e in about a month. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. plans for a new bike lane along a short stretch of polk street are rolling along. the transportation transportation agency today voted to move forward with a bike lane that will be two miles t south of polk.
5:58 pm
the goal of the traffic is to make transportation safer for everyone. a night after nayad made her trek from cuba to florida, she is speaking out. >> i need to witness somebody who as difficult as impossible as it seems just would not give up. nayad became the first swimmer to complete the 100- mile journey after 53 hours of nonstop swimming. she did it without a shark cage but you see there she did wear a special mask to protect against jelly fish stings. it was her fifth attempt. now diana nayad is 66 years
5:59 pm
old. we take a look at the complete cost for making the bay bridge seismically safe. and hires hundreds of police officers to patrol streets isn't as easy as you might think. the plan to boost public safety that is coming under fire tonight. >> a push on control. the key three bills that are making headway. the evening commute is well under way as bay area drivers head home over the new signature span of the bay bridge. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. that new bay bridge opened hours earlier than planned and throughout the day as commuters made their first crossings there were some problems but mostly it was a smooth eye catching drive. new at 6:00, tom vacar has learned that view of the touted signature span is actually just
6:00 pm
part of the cost to keep drivers on the new bridge safe, tom -- >> reporter: all this work deep from san francisco to oakland had to be done. and for it we got double protection, but the real cost, 7-1/2 billion dollars. we get protection for commuters when a truly major earthquake would strike. the bridge can provide protection on the expected earthquakes every 15 years. it begins on the one mile long elevated freeway above the streets of san francisco known as the western approach which was done seven years ago. done without halting traffic while caltrans placed a new set of roadways in the very same footprint. cost, $430 million. the much much retrofitted and ad


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