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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  September 4, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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some patchy fog, 63 to 68, around the bay the same deal for this morning, still tracking fog around the bay and then increasing sun this afternoon. 75 to 80 at about 3:00 and for the inland spots on track to reach the mid to upper 80s. 82 to 87, are thes of sun out there. these numbers really not a big change from yesterday. a few spots may be warmer, temperatures from the mid60s in pacifica, lots of 80s for santa rosa, san jose a forecast high of 80. i will let you know when the 90s resurface. >> mark. good morning to you we are doing pretty well. we are looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is light though we may have another bad day for the bay bridge and by that i mean crowded. we are looking at the new east span and traffic violations sick moving along well on the upper deck and for the west span here. westbound as you drive through.
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the traffic is moving along nicely. if you are driving onto the livermore freeway, westbound 580, traffic is moving along nicely. >> we are following breaking news this morning of a deadly fire in san leandro. it happened at a mobile home park between grand and 580 claudine arrived on the scene just minutes ago and is going to tell us what she learned so far. >> reporter: good morning. let me give you a look at what the scene is behind me. firefighters were still putting water on this trailer just a few minutes ago. as you can see up close, at the activity ongoing right now. what we can tell you is that one person has died. this fire call came in from neighbors, just after 3:30 this morning. firefighters just said they got here with in four minutes. when they did this trailer was involved. it took them a couple of
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minutes to put the fire out and then they found the victim inside. it's unclear if the victim is male or female. we don't have age, we don't have any of that information because it's still very early in this investigation. a fire investigator is on their way and then the police handling this investigation because of the death. what i can tell you about this area that you are looking at right now is that it's a trailer park. there are several of these mobile trailers. you can see this is property that has a lot of these trailers in it. apparently it was the neighbors who called for help. again, all that information just coming in. we are about to talk to the battalion chief to get more information and will bring that to you coming up on the morning news. >> we are also tracking the drive crunch on the new bay bridge. traffic looked typical yesterday morning but after
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rush hour drivers noticed something that doesn't usually happen. tara joins us from the toll plaza. >> reporter: that traffic never really let up even during off peak drive hours. right now you can see the traffic is flowing nicely into san francisco at the toll plaza. no delays but if you were here at 11 or even 9:30 you hit gridlock this was the scene in san francisco about 5:30 last night as drivers were trying to get on the bridge. the first street on-ramp backed up and tempers were flaring. the merge was slow, traffic crawling at less than 20 miles an hour. many say you can chalk it up to drivers slowing down because they want to soak in the new bridge for the first time. >> curious played into it. back to school played into it. back to work after a long holiday played into it. >> reporter: the new bridge has
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the same number of lanes as the old one and the speed limit is still 50 miles an hour plenty were snapping photographs or recording video while driving, something the chp said is dangerous. officers spent much of yesterday giving out tickets and issuing warnings. coming up we will tell you why it's easier for the chp to catch you if you are speeding or taking video or talking on the cell phone. leave, ktvu channel 2news. >> concan convicted ohio kidnapper ariel castro is dead. he was found hanging in his cell last night weeks after pleading guilty to holding three women captive for ten years. he has been in protective custody. he was sentenced to life plus a thousand years for kidnapping and raping the three women. the three were rescued from his home in may.
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time now 4:34. happening today, the penalty phase starts in the trial of a convicted serial killer. the 79-year-old was found guilty of killing four women. some of them date back to the late 70s. he is also the suspect in a 5th murder in nevada county during the penalty part prosecutors plan to reveal new evidence that links him to a 6th killing. he could receive life or even the death penalty. we know the name of a man shot and killed by police in union city this past weekend. he has been identified as 46- year-old virgil maral. he was shooting randomly near homes saturday afternoon. they just released calls. >> we are -- there is someone firing a shot gun. please. >> it's a hand gun. we just drove by. he almost hit us. >> police say worrell was
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screaming screaming screaming curses and they tried to calm him down. firefighters are investigating the cause of a fire on the grounds of a newark elementary school. that fire burned a trailer last night where a care taker was living. care taker was not hurt but several animals had to be rescued. the school was not damaged. there is encouraging news about the reservoir with standing the rim fire. two power plants that provide power to san francisco are back up and running. the power houses near yosemite went off line at the height of the fire. the public utilities commission said that water shows no evidence of ash from the fire. the reservoir supplies water to 2.6 million customers here in the bay area. meantime the rim fire is
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now 80% contained. it has burned nearly 236,000 acres, about almost 370 square miles. that's larger than the city of san diego. many evacuations have been lifted there are still 4300 firefighters on the scene. the united states forest service without going into specifics, said that investigators have made some progress in determining what started that fire. it is speculated that it was caused by an illegal pot operation an east bay homeless community faces eviction despite a show support. more than 30 protesters marched in favor of letting them stay in a park area west of interstate 80 and near golden gate field. the people who live there say there is no low income housing in the area but opponents say they have taken over a park. >> we want to make sure it's used in the way it's supposed too, it should be open to everybody, not just the camper
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who have made it private for themselves. >> i have been in the same home and the same piece of land for six years . >> reporter: the city has a no camping ordinance and said it'll start enforcing that next month. a federal court may have sealed the fate of a marin county oyster farm. the panel ruled to up hold the government's decision not to renew the lease for drake's bay at point reyes. the area is being returned into marine wilderness. activists applaud that decision. the owner of the company can appeal the ruling but no announcement has been made trish there is now a sketch of one of two men who posed as pg&e workers to break-in to a home in oakland. police released this sketch. take a look. a spokeswoman describes how the scam works. >> they are robbing a home
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while they have the residents or the homeowners in the backyard checking either for power lines, drainage, whatever excuse they are using. >> the suspects description is somewhat vague. a latino man between 35 to 40, about 5'6'' weighing 180, short, dark hair. he asked an elderly couple for access to the back of their property to check some things out. while they were outside another man stole jewelry and cash from inside facing discipline. the reason a san francisco battalion chief was reprimanded over the sfo plane crash. >> this is not the time to watch slaughter. >> the secretary of state makes a case for a strike on syria. his testy exchange with the senator. >> good morning.
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right now we are looking at traffic that's doing well around the bay area and even on the new span of the bridge >> and in weather patchy clouds resurfacing over the coast and bay. in weather after the break lower humidity for the bay. it may not be as muggy. the hottest days of the week. mçó4+y?i
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. new this morning the president is in sweden, it's the first stop of a three day overseas trip for him this is new video of the president arriving this morning. sweden was added to his schedule after he canceled plans to meet with russian president ahead of the g20 summit. he will travel there for the summit tomorrow. john kerry returns to the capitol today. this time to be grilled about
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the administration's push for a military strike on syria. yesterday his appearance before the senate had some testy moments. >> if the united states of america doesn't do this senator, is it more or less likely that he does it again? you want to answer that question? >> i don't think it's known. i think it's unknown. >> it's unknown? senator it's not unknown. if the united states of america does president hold him responsible with our allies and friends it's a guarantee he will do it again. >> the senate foreign relations committee is set to vote today on a draft resolution authorizing a strike on syria that sets a 60 to 90 day limit on the use of force and bars the use of american ground troops. a mural will be revealed today for a sailor who died training for the america's cup.
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andrew simpson, known as bart, belonged to the team artem is racing. 18 students the academy of art university in san francisco painted the mural members of the team will take part in the ceremony. the america's cup finals start on saturday but oracle team usa will start at a disadvantage. a jury sanctioned them after they admitted to making illegal changes to its smaller sailboat that were used in previous competitions. they must now win 11 while the challenger only needs to win nine. three were also banned and the team fined a quarter million dollars. they said it disagree was the penalties but will make the necessary changes to its crew. they revealed their new 11 member team starting line up
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yesterday. they come -- the united states, australia, italy, and new zealand. the skipper is the youngest who ever win the america's cup. apple is sending out notices for an event next tuesday. the notes say this should brighten everybody's day. they are expected to reveal a faster i-phone as well as a new and cheaper version that comes in a various of colors, a lot of people speculating gold. here are some of the photographs of what it could look like. cnet posted these images saying it came from a website in china. the opening of the new bay bridge was also historic for cyclists. dozens of them and the oakland mayor were on hand for a ribbon
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cutting ceremony for a new bike path. plans call for the path to be extended by 2015. that will be after the s curve on the old bridge is demolished. thousands of cyclists also rode across in a group bike ride. some rode on vintage bikes. >> i know i'm the first person to ride it on the bridge today. that made me feel special. >> the speed limit of 15 miles an hour will be in effect for the bicyclists and the path closes at dusk san trans could approve discount passes, one would be $115 but only companies or housing complexes could take advantage. they would have to bypasses for every resident or employee with a minimum of 100. the second allows for groups of
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25 for more to buy prepaid tickets at a 20% discount and then a temporary day pass reduction is also being considered. a former deputy sheriff faces up to 20 years in jail in connection to a dui scam. a jury found the 50-year-old guilty of conspiracy, wire fraud and extortion. he arrested three men who left a baron dui charges and he accepted a pistol from a private investigator who tried to set the men up in divorce and child custody cases, the sentencing is set for december. san jose has approved a plan to boost police officer's wages and adoption wages and add more. the problem is the city doesn't have the support of the union or the money. they voted to back a plan from the mayor and councilman. it would raise city worker pay 10% and add 141 officers over
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four years. the una . >> we won't be able to hire that amount in the time frame he has indicated. it was more about an announcement for running for mayor. >> we are trying to do everything we can to get more officers out. i know the police union leadership is very upset about pension reform. >> they are narrowing down ways to raise the money needed. they hope to return city services to where they were two and a half years ago. san jose police are also chasing a controversial policy. at issue is a tactic called limited detention or curb sitting. that's when officers handcuff possible suspects or make them sit on a curb or in a police car. now officers must report any time they do that. the new policy comes in response to many complaints. >> mostly from communities of color who believe that they
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were being stopped and made to do thing that whites weren't being made to do. >> it'll paint an accurate picture of how its being used and the type of work that officers are doing on a daily basis. >> the police auditor is pushing to hold officers responsible by having them wear video cameras. today the california court will hear arguments on if an undocumented mexican immigrant should be licensed as an attorney. the 36-year-old sergio garcia has been waiting four years. he went to college and law school and passed the bar exam in 1994. his application for a green card has been approved but it could be years until he receives it. the state bar of california and attorney general support his petition for a law license. now want to check in with sal for a look at traffic. hopefully the bay bridge will move faster throughout the day. >> i think the novelty will wear off. >> at some point. >> we also saw the same thing
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at the s curve a few years back when they put that thing in. it was slower for a while and then everybody got used to it. it took a month or so. let's look at the new east span now. traffic is moving well. it's -- pretty interesting and actually very good for our point of view to be able to see traffic in both directions. you can see its moving along nicely, no longer the first day and maybe that will make traffic a little better since it's not the very first day. let's move along and take a look at san mateo bridge that. looks good if you want to avoid the bay bridge until nutness wears off you can use the san mateo bridge. if you are driving from tracy to livermore it's a nice looking drive. also looking at san jose here. the traffic is moving well into santa clara in the south bay and no problems this morning in
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-- on the peninsula, on the 101 or on 280. let's go to mark. >> good morning. the low clouds, patchy fog regrouping right now with the forecast headlines for today as we look at the new bay bridge span. at least on the computer model here. tonight partly cloudy. the fog regroups. this is the next developing headline. a big warming trend for the weekend. we are talking about the mid- 90s inland. right now ono the satellite, some of the fog we grouping. haywood reporting mostly cloudy and santa rosa reports fog there. the fog moving around president it's not widespread. mostly patchy in nature but could be a part of the forecast at least in the short term. current temperatures are in the 50s to the 60s downtown san francisco 60 degrees. livermore 63 and san jose reporting mostly clear skies, 61. this area of low pressure up to the north capping the temperatures for today and
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tomorrow. go stick around and keep that on shore flow in place. patchy morning fog, i was talking about the warm up. look what happens by friday and into the weekend. high pressure returns. a bit of a northerly flow, this normally happens this time of year. 90s inland and with that weak off flow. nothing issued just yet but something we will watch by the weekend. this morning starting off the day in the 50s and 60s. here is the temperature scale into the 60s. that green contour, the 80s inland. back up around 84 to 86 degrees later on this afternoon. the forecast highs not a big change from yesterday. still warm numbers toward clear lake, vacaville. stinson beach 67, around the rim of the bay 70s and over the hills more 80s toward
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pleasanton and livermore. san francisco upper 60s, parts of san francisco could be around 70, we will go with 60s for daley city and pacifica. here is a look ahead. the five-day. it's that time of year. we talk about warming, for the inland spots and the bay and coast that. will happen, it'll take a few days though. thursday not to much change. the warming trend by friday. this weekend warmest locations inland at least approaching the mid-90s. >> the 49ers getting ready for a new season this sunday. the serious problem that could prove to be a distraction for the team's star linebacker. >> and buster posey has broken a finger. unbelievable.
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shhhhh! in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet. yeah, our babysitter didn't have a million ways to serve mom up on a silver platter. we had to count sheep to fall asleep.
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and i always worried that i was creating an overcrowded sheep farm. in my head... never looked like that farmer took proper care of those sheep. too much? a little. [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. . welcome back san francisco 49ers star linebacker smith is being sued by a man shot during a party at smith's home. the suit claims smith others fired guns into the air and then another group started firing at the house. it was in this chaos that the plaintiff said he was shot. he said he suffered permanent and serious injuries buster posey has a busted finger. he was injured in yesterday's loss against the padres.
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a pitch bounced off the lip of home plate while he was catching, it hit him in the ring finger on his throwing hand and posey is questionable for today's game in san diego where the giants have dropped two straight. today about 1200 rescued hens will fly from the bay area to the east coast in a private jet. two months ago they were rescued from an egg production farm and taken to animal sanctuaries. a private donor paid for them to fly to new york. nine areas are taking them in. coming up next we have breaking news from the east bay. a tragic find at a trailer park. update from the scene. shocking new development involving the man who held three women captive for ten years. >> good morning. we are looking pretty good at around the bay area when it comes to traffic.
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looking at highway 24. it does look good. . >> and in weather patchy low clouds and fog developing right now. coming up in weather after the break, could be a little less humid for today. we will talk more about that. also the timing of our next warming trend and the hottest days of the week.
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. breaking news for you this morning, firefighters and police still on scene. what neighbors just told us about the victim and their attempt to save her. >> excitement over the new bay bridge may be going down but the traffic isn't. what the chp has to say. >> and the president is overseas rallying support for military action in syria. the meeting taking place during his visit about a possible military strike >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel news. >> good morning. we are live in san leandro. firefighters responding with in minutes to calls calls of a fire but found a tragedy inside. we are on the scene talking to investigators. thank you for waking up with


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