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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 4, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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hello, everyone. i'm beth troutman. it's time for the best videos from the web "right this minute." >> look closely and you can see a guy crawling up this mountainside to get a better view. what happens when he comes down the wrong way. as a race car comes closer, the crowd goes -- >> whoa! >> how the driver got a little engine help. >> did i see that right? a hiker's in store for a big surprise. >> didn't fall off the cliff. >> but she did fall for the right guy. you'll see why. plus, how to lull a bear to
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sleep, and the story behind a viral video called "put it in your pants and dance." ♪ >> you can catch something tr this. >> i like it. what goes up must come down. if you're coming down you just hope that it doesn't hurt. this one, quite a opposite. they're istanbul in turkey's popular tourist destination. this guy was at t some sort of motor bike event and maybe crawling up this mountainside to get a better view. somehow got himself stuck here on this ledge. this guy trying to very carefully get himself off this rocky and seemingly wet area. >> i think that we may be tricked by some of the camera angles, but i think that that's probably a deep rock face that doesn't have a lot of footing for him to walk on. >> yeah. >> this guy is only 30 years old. his name is serbar. you're about to see how steep it actually is. keep watching.
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>> oh! oh! >> you can seell. falls down. goes down the waterfall. crushes into this big rock before landing on the ground. the water here saved the guy, but doctors say, broke a leg, cracked a rib, eight stitches in his jaw. you can see and hear how much pain this guy is in once they get him to the shore. leg the dangling. you can hear him writhing in pain. >> he fell on that rock. he went boom on to the rock and then he fell again. >> he went down like he was on a waterslide. >> should have had a red bull, gives you wings. >> yeah. what i want to make you guys go whoa, i turn to dash cam videos. this one from the ukraine. see the two people right there getting ready to cross the street. the van comes to a stop.
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but then these two people just run. >> oh, boy, yeah. >> that little boy about saved himself by hopping out of the way. watch it again. listen to the screech of the wheel. >> i mean, he was hop along cassidy right there. >> he was. he did put a little giddy up in his step. >> bad judgment by the people crossing the street. once the mother sees the van stop she looks straight and runs. she can't even see on the other side of the van and the car has no idea if there's somebody on the street because the van the blocking. move on over to argentina for a rally race. the car has a mechanical issue but they seem to work it out. >> he was riding on the engine did i see that right? >> a throttle cable malfunction? reports say the driver operating the throttle of the vehicle while the driver moves inside looking where he's going. not going slow. not just going put-put-put to get back to the finish line.
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this guy literally has a fist full of throttle in his hand. >> he could get burned. he's sitting on the engine. >> that's great. that's sportsmanship. >> dedication? >> dedication. >> yeah. if you're a sponsor you put your name on this car. those guys are going to get to the end. all the rage, but some of them are blowing up. >> it wasn't a pop. it was a kaboom. >> that's elizabeth. our friends over at wsb-tv did talk to her. >> my walls rattled. okay? everything -- it shook the house up. >> she says that when she went to grab it while it was charging on her computer it blew up. as you heard her explain, it rattled her house. >> wow. >> yeah, i mean, something definitely went wrong sdl there's no word on what caused this particular one to explode. they are electronic cigarettes.
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and the owner of a store that sells these devices says that there is a chance that this could happen. she reached out to the company that manufacturers it. she's not heard back from them yet. >> you charge them on your computer many. >> i didn't know they had a usb that you plug right in. >> what? >> can i keep data on it, too? >> use it as a flash drive? >> i got my report on this. hold on a sec. >> it seemed a bit exaggerated but look at the rag that she was holding when it exploded. she claims it burned it and it burned the carpet under where the computer was. >> i know what she did. >> what? >> she forgot to properly eject the hardware before removing it from the drive and then they always say something bad can happen if you do that. we go to dayton, ohio. we t got this video from whio-tv. it was an incident at the quick and cold. according to the security guard a woman had been come to this store. they said she had been
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problematic. as you can see, this woman is having a discussion with the security guard. he comes out and hits her car with his baton. she calls 911. drives off a little ways. he said the police told her to stay put. the security guard comes up to her car and their engagement is t not over. she hits him with the car and drives with him a few feet on the hood. you can see that. but as you can see here, that guard comes back for more. and she hits him again. knocked him to the ground. he only suffered minor injuries. but now police are trying to figure out what exactly happened. the store manager told whio they had issued with this woman before. the woman said she felt threatened that he hit her car with his baton. he alleges that she threatened to shoot him and she had her 6-year-old daughter in the car. >> the police is on the way, though. if anything was going on, the police could have handled it. some other bad behavior caught on camera in dayton,
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ohio. this is at a liquor store. as you can see, there's two men hanging out in the vodka aisle. if you notice, somebody is sticking something down his pants. >> oh, boy. >> it was peach flavored vodka. >> sounds like he's got a date tonight. >> peach flavored vodka is worthless than 20 bucks. police are looking for these jokers but they were clearly seen in this video. things are popping off in the elevator. >> oh. >> oh. >> and let's just say people heard the noise and didn't take it to well. >> that was not funny. who the [ bleep ] did that. >> see who is behind the loud prank. and a driver gets pulled over, then pulls a fast one. that officer did not pursue this white car. >> how the helicopter flying above brought the driver down.
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it started as a simple
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traffic stop turned into this, a police pursuit, but from the air. this is san juan county sheriff's office helicopter following this white honda civic. the police officer had pulled this car over. that car then took off. that officer did not pursue this white car because it's procedure not to chase after people. they don't want to put the public at risk because they're chasing a guy for a traffic stop. this driver reaching speeds of 125 miles an hour in a 55-mile-per-hour zone. a police officer tried to get him to stop but, again, he does not comply. the helicopter was able to keep a very good eye on this driver, so ground units were able to get in position. not chase him but get in position and set out stop sticks. you will see an officer on the side of the road. here comes the stop sticks. hard to see in the video but that officer successfully punctures the two tires on the left side of the vehicle. immediately see the car start to slow down. eventually pulling into a dirt road.
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officers getting the guy out, as well as some other passengers. the man later identified as 31-year-old jason wagner. he was charged and booked for aggravated fleeing a law enforcement officer, aggravated officer while under influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs, and a whole list of other charges. >> wanted for other stuff, too, maybe that's why he was on the run. >> two outstanding warrants he was booked on upon his capture. that could be why he took off. >> goof ball. he's in much more trouble now had he had been had he just followed the rules the first time. you know when you're just on the oenedge of sleep, sometimes there's nothing better than a lullaby to lull you right over the edge. >> to put you right to sleep. angel lay baby. >> this is an angel baby being put to sleep. this is in park rapid, minnesota, just behind the
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pinecone lodge. there was a bear that was just teetering right on the edge of a nap. >> you've got to see this! ♪ >> the bear just curls up and starts taking a little bear nap. >> how do you know that this bear is into like flute music? maybe he hates flute music and he t attacks and malls you. >> i think it is ultra and error. lucky for this woman the bear does seem to really enjoy the flute music. >> she fluted him right to sleep. >> you can tell sheer still on the ground. shot t in 2012 but it's just now trending and going super viral. you can see why. certain sound you don't like to hear in an elevator like this one. >> oh. >> this is a prank from the magic of rahad. he's in an elevator at the
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conference of youtubers in anaheim, california. let's just say some people heard the noise and did not take it so well. >> that was not funny. who the [ bleep ] did that? >> what was that? >> what was it? >> that was a bomb. >> reached out to him. he wouldn't tell us what that was. he said it was magic. he had a little -- watch what was going on. there was a lot of wtfs uttered. >> oh, my gosh. [ bleep ]. >> i have to say, somebody figured out this prank pretty quickly. >> [ bleep ]. >> who was that? >> i did. >> oh, my gosh. >> she put two and two together and figured it out. >> smart girl. way to go. >> you have to consider your environment. see what's going on here. >> did he do something with his feet? show it again. >> he does. you're right, nick.
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>> it's like he's stepping on something. i wonder he's got something built into his shoe. >> sounds like the sound like a r racquet ball. they're taking love to new heights and jumping off. >> that's foreplay. >> see the base jumping couple, next "right this minute." and still to come, it's a surprise at the drag way when some wacky cars hit the track. >> that is weird. >> not built for speed, these cars. built for just sheer lunacy and fun. >> see which ride will rev you up, next. plus, he's the toddler who blew up the web when he called out the capitol. >> more impressive. you can also name countries on the map. >> iceland. >> iceland, yeah. >> why this /[c.>lot.tñtñ
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look at this view, you guys. the two folks you're seeing, they're on top of a dome in yosemite, a 4,737 foot cliff. now, the happy couple, that's dina in the orange tank top and that's her boyfriend robbie. they both rork in the tv news business. he's a photographer, she's a reporter. and they are experiencing this beautiful view together. he goes in for a little smooch. it starts to get romantic.
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we can't really hear what's going on, but watch her reaction. he gets down on one knee and brilliantly wraps his arms around her waist. you can tell he's about to propose. and he getter hang on to her because sometimes girls get weak in the knees when they get proposed to. she could fall right off the cliff. so she starts looking at him almost in disbelief and she starts fanning her face. >> what? what's happening? >> this is a very specific location. this location is called the diving board. >> time to take a plunge. >> ah. >> but as you can see, she's kissing hip. she's happy. she didn't fall off the cliff. they are now engaged. and the friend behind the camera are pretty excited. >> wow! >> one of their friends who is a professional photographer actually shot the video. he then apologized that it was virtual video. to give you more perspective on the scope of the event, here are some photos. look at where they are. can you really get a sense of
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how high up. i mean, they could have fallen in that hole. >> it is bad to say though that it's all downhill from here for the two of them? spectators at the maryland international raceway got what they expected, lots of heavy horsepower. always fun to see. they got an extra special treat one recent friday night when some shenanigans went down on the track. a couple of unique race cars, including the upside-down camaro, the spirit of lemons cessna, and the geometra stretch limo. all the cars built for the lemon 24-hour race. it's a race that features odd junkie cars. so they put together by speedy cop. he's the one with the upside-down camaro. speedy cop is an actually cop in the d.c. area. very interesting dude, yeah. >> he's a cop. >> yeah. >> that makes the story even more fun. >> nothing getting away from that guy. he's probably seen it all. >> check this out, man.
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i love this. the upside-down camaro racing the cessna was first down the drag strip. the camaro is upside-down camaro body on an old ford. it's even crappier than the original a motor ri camaro. >> technically eight wheels. >> four that move and four upside-down stuck in place. not very fast. >> that is weird. >> not built for speed. built for just sheer lunacy and fun. >> whether or not they're good racers, who cares. they are artists. >> now, here's the cessna smoking them up. he's doing a burnout there. i thought the car was on fire or something. no, he's doing a little bit of a burnout. fun to watch. he's that little boy from ohio, 18 months old, and he can name like most of the capitals of major countries in the world. >> ireland. >> japan. >> czech republic.
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>> america. >> brilliant little boy. >> more impressive, he can also name countries on maps. >> wow. >> excellent. and where is us a trail gentlem -- australia? >> excellent. >> new zealand? >> russia? >> very good. >> she's naming some of the major ones but i bet you he can do the smaller countries all bunched in together. those ones are tough. >> you were right, steven. >> ireland. >> very good. and what about philippines? >> very good. >> who could pick it out on the map? >> at 18 months? no one. >> hello. >> again, it shows you that children really are sponges. >> okay. show mama. excellent. hot wheels has taken this racetrack to new heights. >> they stuck it to the wall of a building and one lucky little boy here in this video got to
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start it off. >> yeah. >> see the long ride down on you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will.
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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. take a look at this video. >> bad parking job by everyone. >> yeah. not just one person. the video is apparently in russian. you've seen a lot of videos of issues from the russian road. >> wait. everything is exactly right here. there's nothing wrong going on. >> well, you could say that. apparently the issues also bleed
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into the parking lot as well because, look at this. >> gosh. >> now i have to point out, everybody is parked just completely the wrong way here. straddling the line. messing things up. this guy is taking up two spots here. however, this person here could have fixed the problem, right? there's nothing next to that person. this little black two door could have pulled in the right way and emi' remedied the problem. fixed the lane. one person starts it off. doesn't mean you have to continue it. >> hey, that last car is in. that last car was in. i bet -- i bet that was a good parking job. way to go. i think you will be with me on this one. when we were kids playing with the hot wheels track you never seem to have enough of that plastic track to do what you wanted to do, to make it go up on the wall as high as you wanted to. >> hot wheels solved that problem in a huge, huge way. this is at a fan festival for formula one nercht barcelona,
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spain. they took a bunch of track and they stuck it to the wall of a building. and one lucky little boy here in this video got to start it off. >> yeah. >> puts the car in. it goes racing down the track. and it goes through these different obstacles to keep the car from going too fast from right off the track. >> that's cool they let a kiddo it. >> yeah. >> makes it way better. >> kids from the ages of 4 years old to 12 years old. were able to interact during this whole big fan event. >> looks like another little boy got to pick up the car. happy as a clam. dad wants to play, he ain't having it.
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videos go viral for all kinds of reasons but i want you guys to tell me why you think this video has gone viral. ♪ >> this is from the ifht youtube channel. it's called "put it in your pants and dance." you may recognize the ifth youtube channel. they're also responsible for the snap chat video we put on several weeks ago. as you can see, they're putting all kinds of stuff in their pants. dirty diapers, bean burritos, cheese pizzas, to whipped cream, mayonnaise, milk. >> i can tell you why it went viral. put a cute girl on the frame and guys will click on it.
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i think the girl has the worst of it here. she has the worse stuff. >> the dude has the dirty diaper because it was soiled. >> i have to admit, though, the song is catchy. ♪ >> you can catch something from some of this? >> i like it. ♪ >> i like this one. >> you can down load the song on itunes. if you want to see this entire video head over to our website and click on best of rtm or check out our mope app. that's going to do it for us here at "right this minute." thanks for joining us. we'll see you next time. toaster strudel, yah? ♪ warm, flaky, gooey
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i'm beth troutman. if you want great videos, we've got them "right this minute." after a carjacker in a cadillac is spotted by cops, she decides to -- >> get on the freeway and strap on the gas. >> see how an suv becomes one fiery roadblock. ♪ internet sleuth take a look at this video. >> because we got ourselves a mystery on our hands. >> why an apple store employee wants to find this guy. a pair of jet packers have the water to themselves until -- >> here comes


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