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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  September 5, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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59 will go and the temperatures will be mild to warm. temperatures are near 60 degrees for some. this system will usher a slightly cooler pattern. morning fog, sunny and breezy to windy at times. cooler on those afternoon highs. 60s, #s and 80s. here's sal. >> good morning, we're looking at a toll plaza delay. the media heights went on. it looks like it's a 10 to 15 minute delay. we've seen bigger delays for the bay bridge this week. a lot of people especially in the afternoon, but sometimes in the morning too getting in and out of san francisco. san mateo bridge probably a decent way to go, this is a look at westbound 92, likewise for the did you know barton bring. highway -- dunbarton bring.
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bridde. if you look at the road sensors, you can see the 4 is a lot of red. 6:00, let's go back to the desk. police in san mateo are investigating a gun battle inside a home in an usually quiet neighborhood our reporter spoke about why the investigation is going beyond the city of san mateo. >> reporter: we just learned that this was a gun pat will. one person was shot, possibly two more. this has been roped off this street right here. it police say they're going to be here for hours. this is being treated as a homicide scene although police are not confirming anyone was killed. when police arrived they found a 24-year-old man who had been shot in the shoulder. he lives in south norfolk.
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police say they have solid leads. >> we're aware that there were two gunshot victims that walked into a hospital or appeared at a hospital in san jose. there are gunshot victims in san jose war they're trying to figure out what happened. we have a gun battle in san mate tow. we're trying to explore the possibility treeing to understand if those two things are related. >> miss are searching other homes in connection to this case. we don't know the motive here of the victim. he was shot in the shoulder, his injury noni've theyening. obviously, a lot of unanswered questions. detectives are working on how all of this is connected. they're supposed to give us an update later on this morning. san jose police say a body found at an elementary school is officially a homicide case.
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the victim's husband found his wife's body inside the mini van at san antonio elementary school. they have identified that woman as a school yard supervisor and wife and mother of two. they last saw her when she left her home to run errands. they expect to release information later today. today marks the somber time for the highway patrol. it was a year ago when the police officer died from gunshot wounds he suffered a day earlier. he was pulling over a driver for a routine traffic stop in alamo when he shot and fired. another one killed the suspect. he had a wife and four children. the oakland tribune said the man who oversaw the court order reforms is expanding his mission. he says he's focused on
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bolstering the ranks of short staffed police force. he is manning quick action to hire officers from other departments. if it's taken you longer than normal to get across the new bay bridge you're in the alone. it could be weeks before commute times return to normal. they may be slowing down to an enjoy the beautiful views, and we have several drivers taking pictures and video on the road. they want drivers to know it is illegal to stop on the bridge for any reason other than an emergency and drivers will be ticketed. >> the novel of that new bridge, seeing the open view, and seeing the bicyclists on the path that may be throwing people off too. >> 127,000 vehicles traveled
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westbound through westbound on tuesday and that compares to 124,000 a year ago. offering 24 hour service caused bart to fall behind on maintenance. it will take at east a week to catch up on maintenance. that's about 7800 extra hours of work. a dozen cars are out of service. millions of e-mail users could be in involved in a lawsuit today. we're joined live to explain. >> reporter: ever wonder why certain advertisements pop up on your screen. google is responsible for some of that. it does that by looking through your e-mail. today in court google will argue that it has every right to do that. attorneys for the tech giant will go to throw out a lawsuit,
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to stop the practice of electronically scanning e-mail. users must expect their e-mails to be ought mat pitted processes. it uses that to figure out the best advertisements to be on your screen. they allege the practice of looking at e-mail is illegal and it scans messages received by gmail users who never afreed to the company's terms. >> it bothers me that even on the gmail i send it to gmail users and i don't want that information out to anybody who doesn't need to be seeing it. >> the plaintiffs in this case maintains that google is violating privacy laws and wire tapping by opening and reading
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e-mails, they're watching this court battle closely. we'll see if we can find somebody who does agree with google's practices regarding this. so far the people we've talked to disagree against it. we're going to take the temperature of people out here. reporting live from san jose. ktvu channel 2. the city counsel of san francisco may have another chance to keep its accreditation. they're requesting a review the decision. a clause in the bylaws says if the commission dense the request, the school can file an appeal and they are hoping they can introduce new evidence that the school has addressed the members. they're considering a grant to crackdown on underage training it. it will give $75,000 in funding to pay for overtime for party patrol enforcement teams or to
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investigate adults who buy alcohol for minors. at uc berkeley there have been 13 alcohol-related incidents since students have moved into the dorms. there could be a plan to build a bike path on the western span that could face major members. the message president obama has for world leaders about syria coming up. >> good morning, right now. we're wondering what the bay bridge toll plaza is going to be like on day number 3 of the new bridge. we'll let you know. >> for those of you who like it cooler, you may not like the extended outlook. we'll explain why.
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welcome back. time now 6:10 and happening now president obama and the other world leaders taking part in a g20 summit. they're beginning their first working session. now, this is video of the president refusing, being greeted by russian president vladimir putin. he will try to talk to leaders about syria. russian president vladimir putin is firmly opposed. >> reporter: russian has
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blocked military involvement in syria for more than two years, but putin said russia will react if this is proof that chemical weapons were used two months ago. they'll determine only if chemical weapons were used not who used them. in this past hour, the european union you remembered to -- urged to release information as soon as possible so they can decide how to respond. they'll brief here's on syria at the g20 summit. they'll lobby congress against military action. house speaker john boehner said he won't meet with them. he backs obama's decision to take military action. the un said it could argue against an u.s. military strike on syria.
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the resolution limits the duration of any military action to 60 days with one 30-day extension possible. it prohibits the use of ground troops. it moves on to the full senate for a vote. >> 48% of respondents say they oppose u.s. air strikes against syria. 29% say they support military action and they think military strikes would lead to a long- term u.s. military commitment there. the survey was conducted last week. >> the mayoral candidate anthony we were was caught out on the campaign trail. a man inside the bakery called him a scum bag. we were went back inside the bakery to confront the man. >> that's up to you to decide.
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i don't take -- weiner went to confront the man. [ argument -- two people speaking at once. >> you don't judge me. >> he defended himself on twitter saying he stood up to a heckler and that's what mayors have to do sometimes. weiner is in a distant fourth place for candidates for mayor. the number of americans who are choosing to give up their us citizenship this year, they turned in their passports during the first half of this year. that's twice as many as the first half of last year. many say they're tired of dealing with overly complicated tax fires and others are aiming to avoid a disclosure law aimed at taxing. the program is currently at sfo and will go to oakland and san jose. airline passengers pay $85 for
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a background check and fingerprinting. this he can avoid security lines and avoid taking off their shoes and have liquids in carry on bags. 540 people work at the labs, most of them will lose their jobs. lab core is buying the lab. it will keep 150 workers. john health says it will close that core lab once the deal is closed. the bussing of people out of town, it's helped 117 homeless people get off the streets. tickets are only given to homeless people with family members who have agreed to take them in and are not too mentally ill to travel. they're moving homeless people
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to other cities. the district attorney is taking legal action to bussing people to homeless city. they reimburse the cost of homeless psychiatric patients and are bussing people in recent years. she's threatened to sue the city for not paying pack. they want to make sure people have family in the city where they're being sent. 6:16 and the honorary mayor of an alaskan town is being hospitalized after being viciously attack. he's been unable to carry out his official duties after being attacked by a dog last friday. ironically they do not have a human mayor.
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the traffic looks good around the bay so far. it's getting more crowded at the bay bridge toll plaza. there's a 20-minute delay already. we're coming on to that new bridge. we're going to see this for a little bit. the good thing you might want to do is take bart or use another bring like the san mate tow bring. that bridge has been looking good. now, that people are on the bay bridge, the traffic looks good. maybe you want to use the san mate tow bring, if you don't like the long backups. highway 4 rest bound or interstate 6:80 -- 680. it looks food, 6:18, let's go to sal.
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>> good morning, everybody. we have a cooler pattern. some low clouds around. a good breeze for some. there's an area of hoe pressure that is finally on the move. for us we're looking for some low clouds, not solid or anything, clear breezy and windy for some, calm for others. breezy and cooler today, after today everything point toking to a warmup. it's 51-degree at the airport. concord south at 12. napa has a west wind. things have calmed down a little bit. we have extensive low clouds from san francisco and sfo, livermore a little bit of a westerly breeze. we'll see a cooler pattern. there's plenty to go around, these a fog bank. it's filling in slowly from santa cruz down to monterrey as
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well. this bumps the high out. a lot of moisture coming up from mexico. some of this bears watching for next week. we'll get warm to hot. some of the moisture will come up to california. it's 61 here, there goes the spin in the atmosphere low. once that boot scoots out of the area, high pressure will be moving back in. the lows are mild, the sea surface temperatures are mild. and after today warm weather kicks in, warm to hot. it will be warmer weather taking us to hot into the weekend. it looks like upper 90s inland. the breeze at the time is out of a westerly direction. a little cool down today. 60s to 80s to 90s today. sunny side up and warmer. warm to hot as we about into the weekend. >> it thank you, steve.
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as consumer confidence begins to grow, apple is the fastest growing retailer in the country. sales jumped 35% between 2011 and last year. at&t wireless and bed bath and beyond and chick-fil-a are the fastest retailers. a new version of it. ide, it will be called it. ide simply clean and fresh. they don't have enough products in the mid price range. coming up tragedy near an oakland fruit stand. the death of a little boy while his mom worked alongside. suing the pope over the sounds of a church. why a rhode island man is taking the church to court. [ marco ] i'm a student at devry university.
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. quite the rumble, is in san diego county, a man said a lightning strike was at his feet. it happened tuesday, he took out his phone to record a video of the lightning when he says
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it hit him. luckily he wasn't hurt. any report says a massive earthquake in alaska could create a tsunami that would force millions out of their homes in california. that adds importance to an upgrade to a tsunami warning system. this is a beach that has the riskiest part for a tsunami. a tsunami would create a major risk for ships docked in the san francisco bay. they're trying to alleviate fears that this will put a damper on the 2011 olympics. there are still leaks in the
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nuclear power mantuan they're telling the committee not to be concerned. they're trying to prevent the spread of west nile virus. that fogging was in san jose after the discovery of dead birds. 54 dead birds were found this year. one was tested positive for west nile. 4,000 mosquito traps were set up. one rhode island man is tired of church bells going off. 54-year-old john says they ring early in the morning six days a week. it has forced him to wear ear plugs and contributed to his divorce. he complained to the city, but he has been told mazes of worship are exempt from city ordinances. >> it's taken along time to complain about a church.
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no one wants to complain about a church. >> they said the bell ringing is reasonable and well within the church's rights. it may be the perfect excuse to play videogames. a new study shows videogames may improve attention and focus in seniors. research says seniors who play videogames are better at multitasking and paying attention and improvements in  short term media. it can help people with adhd dementia and stroke victims. >> reporter: google heads to court and what we're learning about how google plans to respond to a class action lawsuit over a gmail. a gun battle breaks out in san mateo and why police are not leading the investigation to this house. >> we'll let i you know what
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mcdonald's may get rid of. >> we're looking at traffic at the bay bridge and it's another slow day and traffic is beginning to pick up as well. >> westerly winds in some of the higher elevations. it's cooler today, but what about the upcoming weekend. hey lena, what ya looking for!
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♪ ♪ if you wanna go and fly with me ♪ ♪ it's buzz the bee on your tv ♪ ♪ oh how did i get this way? ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ it is so honey swagalish
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♪ so much crunch, can you handle this? ♪ ♪ the party in the bowl don't stop! ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ must be the honey! . welcome back to ktvu morning news. they're getting ready to ring the opening bell this morning. something that caught my eye this morning, mcdonald's talking about getting rid of the dollar menu. mixed reviews from analysts as to whether or not it's working. we'll have more of that coming up. it looks like a pretty quiet opening, a little bit of a mixed picture. we'll start getting closer to a big earnings season report. that will definitely, of course, we're watching the g20
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summit, what happens in syria, certainly on the minds of investors around the world. all of those things are affecting business news here on wall street and around the world. they're bringing the opening bell this morning. thanks for joining us on the ktvu morning news. >> i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. >> do . we have a cool down today. a little system moving into the north. 51 santa rosa, it will break through today. san francisco been on the mild to warm side. it didn't change much, it could be cooler for some, some low clouds, not extensive. clear breezy to windy.
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mostly sunny and breezy, a cooler system goes through. after today the high temperature builds in. we have low clouds, sunny, breezy at times and cooler today. a little bit cooler. 50s, 70s, temperatures inland and here's sal. >> we're looking at traffic that is moving along more slowly than we were a half-hour ago. it looks like there's a half- hour tray at the bay bridge toll plaza. it may take a few weeks, maybe even a month. the draft looks food. livermore valley westbound 580. slow traffic after 205, and slowing in the main part of livermore. some slowing on the 580 commute. they're getting over to the
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castro valley. if you're driving into the south bay, also will 5 looking good. northbound 81, this is a new noninjury crash there. 631, let's did back to the desk. >> we continue to follow developing news from the peninsula this morning. police in san mate tow are investigating a late night gun battle inside a home of a quiet neighborhood. tell us how it's going beyond the city of san mateo. >> reporter: that is exactly how misdescribe it. a gun battle inside of the home here. at least one person shot, possibly two more. take a look behind me. you can see the road has been roped off here and in my experience this is being treated as a homicide scene although police are not confirming anyone was killed. they'll be here for hours. when police arrived they found a 4-year-old man shot in the shoulder. he lives near south norfolk.
6:33 am
witnesses say they heard shots at 11:30 last night. weeny the shell cases outside the street, insiders say this could have been a home invasion robbery gone wrong. the crime scene appears to be quite extensive and not random. >> was there something inside the house that perhaps the two suspects were after such as drugs. >> we believe this residence was targeted we don't think this was a random act. what in particular that made this house a target it's part of our investigation and we're exploring that. >> two people walked into a san jose hospital one later died. detectives are investigating whether there is a connection to this case. they're searching other homes and locationed possibly linked to the scene. we don't know the victim, his injury nonlife-threatening. we're live in san mateo,
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channel 2 ktvu news. >> they're investigating a death of a two-year-old boy in a traffic accident. it happened on the embarkado on interstate 880. his mother was selling fruit at a nearby stand and he was killed by a truck driver who never saw the little. the driver is cooperating with investigators. petaluma police officers are asking for help to find a gunman and intended victim. someone received a report of someone shooting at a car near highway 101. a man knocked on a window of a silver pontiac and it fled and he shot into it. a billion dollar makeover on the western span of the
6:35 am
bridge. it calls for a bike path that would be used by maintenance vehicles. it faces specific engineering challenges. it would need the weight balanced but adding extra lanes could make the span too heavy. cyclists are enjoying the new bay bridge but pedestrians want them to slow down. the speed limit for cyclists are 15 miles per hour, but some bicyclists are going faster. >> look at this deplore i couldn't say day, you have this straight shot, you're out, if you're a kid, you're going to do it. you're going to do it. >> the chp cyclists can be ticketed for speeding, tickets start at $150. google is fight being back against a lawsuit that affects millions of e-mail users. they tell us that attorneys with the giant tech company will be in federal court today trying to dismiss the case
6:36 am
centered around privacy. >> pam, if you sign up to use gmail then you agree to its policies and according to google that means being okay to your e-mail being electronically scanned so it can target advertising for you. well, a lawsuit is challenging that. today attorneys for the tech giant will be asking a federal judge to throw out that class action lawsuit that asks google to stop the process of electronically scanning through e-mail. google argues that users must expect their e-mails to be subject to automated processing. they scan e-mails looking for key words and uses that to decide the best advertisements on your screen. the practice of looking at e- mail is illegal and the company says no human reads your e-mail during the process while numerous users object it that
6:37 am
the others say they understand google's position. >> as long as they use technology to scan e-mails and humans aren't reading it i don't see any reason. they're using it for advertising purposes. i think it's okay. >> the plaintiffs in the case maintain that google is violating the california's privacy laws and by opening reading and acquiring the e- mails, it scans messages received by gmail users and nongmail users who never used the company's terms. they'll be watching this court battle closely. that federal court hearing will happen later in san jose. we have continuing coverage of the "rim" fire burning around yosemite national park. investigators say the fire was not caused by an illegal marijuana proceeding operation. it could take months to
6:38 am
determine a cause, however. the fear is now 80% contained. full con tapement expected by september 20th. air quality is starting to improve near yosemite. concerns about air pollution for schools in the yosemite area to cancel classes force a year after children complained of respiratory problems. >> it's been a cabin fever type thing. >> it's kind of fun, sometimes i'm like okay, i wish i was in school right now. >> the "rim" fire is creating concerns about air quality in nevada. some students are being kept inside for recess. a landlord attacked in front of his rental property. the brave action that helps police make an arrest. two people in the hospital after being shot. why police this morning are calling them suspects and not victims. >> westbound 24, we're looking
6:39 am
at wallet creek and oakland. it's not a bad drive. find out what's waiting for you on the other side of the tunnel. >> a cool down today but a warmup coming in the weekend. we'll explain that coming up. ♪
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[ horn honks ] kevin! toaster strudel, yah? ♪ warm, flaky, gooey toaster strudel. faster than kenny can dodge a question. honey, how'd that test go? [ female announcer ] in just 60 seconds, you've got snack-defying, satisfying mmmm. totino's pizza rolls. mmm hmmm. mmmm. [ female announcer ] zero to pizza. pronto. . the search is on for whoever shot two people in
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oakland. the shooter may be the victim. claw dean is here to explain -- claudine is here to explain why. >> reporter: it came in as a shooting. it looks like it was a robbery where the victims turned the tables on the suspects. let's show you how it happened. police were called here just after 5 or just before 5 yesterday for multiple gunshots. when they got there they found an individual in the street suffering from a gunshot wound. a second person had been taken to the hospital. then i started talking to people at the scene and as they were putting the pieces together they realized this may not be what it first looked like. >> witnesses and victims have reported to us that three suspects were robbing some of our citizens who were shot by
6:43 am
someone, it's n who, currently we have two suspects who are in the hospital suffering from gunshot wounds and the third suspect left the scene with the police arriving. >> we don't know if the shooter was a victim or a witness. we to know where the shooter is this morning. miss certainly want to talk to that individual. they're still trying to term if this was a case of self twins or something else. then there's the third suspect that fled the scene. no suspect description has been given. live in oakland claudine wong. a man was beaten and robbed by a man who was pretending to be interested in renting his property. he was attacked on 72nd and hamilton street. he stole his money and ran off.
6:44 am
>> i followed him all the way down there. he said he had a been. i write down his license number. >> police used the license number to track down the suspect a few blocks away. they arrested him after what short chase that ended on -- in a crash. photos were released of a woman involved in a snake scam. she claimed to be hooking for snakes. while she occupied the homeowners inside an applies ransacked the houses. they think she's working with one or two men. she's 5 feet tall with a medium to heavy build. she has appeared tongue with a ball on it t. the new hampshire department of health says one person in the state has died of a rare degenerative pain disease and doctors say there's a remote chance that a dozen
6:45 am
may have been exposed to the disease from the surgical equipment used on the patient who died. house minority leader nancy pelosi will help mark the next phase of construction. the next poured permanent foundation will be done on the the streets. the transit hub is expected to open in late 2017. some folks in oregon border want to discuss seed from california. they want to begin the process of pulling out of the state. sacramento is ignoring it their concerns, they say, other groups involve water rights and over bureaucracy problems. now, the creation of a 51st state would require the
6:46 am
approval of the california legislature as well as the us congress. 6:45 is the to check in with tori campbell. >> coming up in minutes, we're getting information on an overnight fire in richmond, what caused an motion that neighbors say woke they them up. the stamp prices can be going up again. there's an emergency postal meeting scheduled today. how much a first-class stamp could cost. would you want to take a class onsome business. find out why an uc school is taking a class new this morning, the mystery is solved involving the panda cub, the zoo announced that this critter is a female. its father is at the zoo.
6:47 am
the cub was conceived from artificial insemination. it takes time to determine the cub's general ter and a sample termed the buy hodge cal father. >> he's adorable. let's go after the traffic, the traffic is actually moving along pretty well if you're driving around the bay area. in some spots it's slowing down. this is a normal slow down. it is not that deep. how deep is it? it's only show right here and it picks up for the drive on 101. let's look at the bay bridge. that's about a 20 to 25 minute delay. it's been more crowded on the bay bridge as people are slowing down to take in the bridge. that probably should change in a few weeks maybe in a month.
6:48 am
we'll see what happens. moving ahopping to the commute here. if you're driving on antioch, it's slow over the willow pass frayed. a low-down is building on 682 and 24 on pleasant hill: let's go to steve. a system moving into the north is giving us a cool town. what's interesting the low cloud deck is funneling from sfo to parts of the east bay. it's not nearly as extensive. an onshore push. santa rosa is there, sfo 61, low 60s oakland, livermore stuck at 64. decent breeze for some, more so on the hills. we're geting a westerly breeze across the board here. it's about wind gust the at 33. it's all out of the west.
6:49 am
things seem to have calmed down a little. the low cloud deck is surging, it's starting to fill in on most of the coast, but there's holes or pockets in it. the tropical clouds have moved in the system pushes it out of the high. some of this bears watching for next week. our forecast models will latch to it. we'll see it. it's warmer in, though, though. we start a warm up here h morning low clouds, mostly sunny today. fire danger increases. this does not look like a rip roaring heat wave. we'll get upper 90s, 100 in eastern sacramento. the coast looks warmer.
6:50 am
morning fog sunny breezy at tiles. 80s for some, a lot in fact, 70s for others. everyone is close here, 60s, 70s, 80s, antioch vacaville, 72 berkeley, castro valley 76. 79 san jose. santa clara sunny ville, # 0 in san francisco, 76 san mateo. a cool morning. 80 in palo alto. most hi sunny and warmer friday, a lot a bit warmer as we go into the weekend. unemployment insurance dropped last week. it's down 9,000 from the week before and near the lowest level in 5 years. that's a sign employers are laying off fewer workers. it's an encouraging sign before the government releases the jobs report for august. it's an important one.
6:51 am
hiring has not picked up so. so the rate is going to be at 7.4%. it's up 33% who were concerned four years ago. two-thirds of the people say the current laws are not enough to protect their privacy and others have taken a step to not be tracked online. >> the launch win tow opens tomorrow night. the spacecraft is signed to heroin more about the thin atmosphere of the moon. it can help figure out what caused the know of the moon's surface in the apollo astronauts touring the 506 -- 60s and '70s. a plan to allow teens to sheep in. why that can help america's
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i want to take you out to the big born board, dodges up
6:55 am
22 points. blackberry getting a boost today, 2%, on news it can be looking for a buyer. joseph naso is asking the jury to spare his life. the penalty phase of the trial. he should not be sentenced to death because he still cares about his others. he added that prosecutors were jealous of his opening statement as well. he was convicted of killing four women in the' # 0s to '90s. a student is accused of stabbing a classmate to death and injuring thee others. the 1-year-old suspect is in jail and scheduled to amere in court today. a fight broke out in the cafeteria yesterday morning. the suspect is old enough to be tried as an adult. two more people, a 19-year- old was riding in a car in
6:56 am
downtown san jose when she was caught in a crossfire of a gang related shooting. they arrested a man four days later. they've arrested two more suspects. >> no word yet on whether a group of peninsula high school students that invalidated their advanced placement test stores. the college board and education testing service had the right to toss out the tests of 300 students in mills high. the san mate tow high school students broke protocol when they allowed students to face each other when they took exams in may. the sacramento says new legislation can end the use of star math and education tests this school year. students in fifth eighth and tenth grades would continue to
6:57 am
take the science portion of the star test this is year. >> these a new proposal to tackle the age old member of sheepy students. today's teenagers are becoming more and more sleep deprived. he's calling on high schools across the country to day the start time of the first-class. that would allow teens to get more rest and be alert during the school day. that he wonder if teens will be going to bed later and get the same amount of rest. when reporters asked col incapper nick, he denied he is dating someone on the soccer team. there are rumors he's making passes to cindy la rue. she was in a match in mexico. those approved on the body issue, but not together. >> we'll keep watching for
6:58 am
that. coming up next, a late night gun battle in the quiet san mateo neighborhood. the many questions around the shooting. >> a privacy battle between a tech giant, google and e-mail, stay with us. blahs
6:59 am
7:00 am
police are now calling it a gun battle inside a san mateo home. at least one person shot. why they say possibly another person has been killed. >> another day, another traffic jam. we'll tell you when experts say drivers will finally get used to the new bay bridge. >> reporter: google is heading to federal court today and the battle is over privacy and email. we'll explain. >> and president obama and russian president putin meet face-to-face. mornings on 2 starts now. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> you are looking live at the scene of a violent home invasion robbery in this neighborhood in san mateo. good


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