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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 6, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. if you want great videos, they're on the way, "right this minute." >> a mysterious man sends the internet world a message about drinking and driving. >> a bit of a confession video. all true. >> i killed a man. >> the story be hind the face setting the record straight. two people on a motorcycle pull up to bust in. they spot the woman's purse in her lap. see why not even a car is safe from a smash and grab. this lovely lady is making
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headlines because she's spending a whole year wearing nothing but recycled secondhand, donated clothes. how she's setting the latest trends aside to make a bold fashion statement. >> i've worn so many different looks that i would never have worn myself. and a new song that answers the big question. >> what is this? >> the viral hit sure to stick in your head. >> i want it. >> me, too. i think this is great! i've got a video for you guys that's going wildly viral online. i think you'll see why. >> i was out with some friends. we were all drinking really heavily. >> this is a bit of a confession video. all true. >> i was having a good time and lost control. i made a mistake and got in my truck and decided to try to drive home. i ended up going the wrong way down the highway directly into oncoming traffic.
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i struck a car. i killed a man. >> talks about how he met with some attorneys who said, hey, we can get your blood test thrown out. we're going to help you get off. >> all i would have to do is lie. i won't go down that path. >> all of a sudden you see the blair go away, the voice distortion goes away. >> my name is matthew coil. on june 22nd, 2013, i hit and killed a man. >> we're seeing 22-year-old matthew cordal, the who did this talking about what he did, drinking behind the wheel and killing 61-year-old, navy veteran, who is now survived by his two daughters. >> this video is my confession. >> wru see him writing on a small business card. >> when i get ch guilty. >> he wrote this prior to being charged. >> this is against all of his
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legal counsel advice. >> full responsibility to everything i did to his family. >> in court because i said this was released by because i said i would is a not for profit start-up. >> he could have taken those offers' offer and tried to get off. >> yeah. >> instead, he's doing the right thing and owning up. >> i'm begging you, please don't drink and drive. just seems like you're not safe anywhere these days. check out this dash cam footage from a car in singapore. see that motorcycle pull up beside the car. and then -- doesn't even know what happened there. the motorcycle has two people on it. it pulls up next to that car. they spot the woman's purse in her lap. one guy jumps off, smashes the passenger window, grabs the bag, jumps back on the bike and takes off. >> unbelievable. >> how do you protect yourself from that. >> i don't know. the couple is now terrified the
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thieveses are going to find their home because their house keys are in the purse. they're scared that now they're going to find where they live and break into that, too. >> what can you do? you're in traffic and they can zip around the cars on the shoulder. you can't chase after them. >> apparently motorcycle crimes in sing for is a big problem. see this guy, rumbling, rumbling around outside this door? police say he was very intoxicated. he is grabbing pretty much anything he can and throwing it around. road cones, signs. now that. >> oh, geez. >> he goes through that glass door, breaks into this building. now that he's inside he goes on a destructive rampage. he's breaking windows. busting outdoors. eventually he finds a fire extinguisher. he stumbles down the steps and falls. then he decides to pull the trigger. making a mess in the stairwell with that fire extinguisher. he makes his way down the main hallway of the building.
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people below start hearing something. that's a police station in city hall. he broke into city hall. officers down on the first floor hear what's going on. he basically walks right into their hands and promptly gets arrested. 21-year-old matthew zachini. this happened back in march. police just now releasing the video because the court case is over. the thief pleaded guilty. paid restitution to the city and went to drug treatment as part of his plea agreement. this is firefighter rescue animal edition. it's a rainy day. there's lightning. the roads are wet and you've got an officer on patrol. what does he see in his dash cam on the roadway, a dough, a deer. she's is on this bridge. look at her. she is in the roadway, struggling. she can't get up. >> a fish out of water. >> the ground is too slippery to get any traction.
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when she does the run spoos the side of the cement pile listen and she can't get up. >> is she injured? >> he is not injured but she is having a hard time managing. you think is the officer leafing? he backs up. no, sergeant steven sandusky arrives on the scene and both of them are going to try to rescue this deer. she's on the ground. they say that one of her legs is stuck in a drain pipe all of the way up to her body, her entire leg was in there. here they're getting her out of this drainage and finally she's out. officer rains goes back to the car to get a rope to kind of guide her to aed wooed area that's nearby. but officer sandusky is like, i don't need that rope, let me get my baton. guided her gently off the bridge. she was taken to a memorial park nearby. she was so tired by the incident she laid down. when they came back an hour later she was out of there. we go from kansas city to bang bangor, maine. you have a firefighter climbing up the ladder. how does that dog get up there? it is not a mountain goat, it is
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a dog. they call plaintiffses to get the dog down. the firefighter eventually got the dog down even know he slipped down the ladder. in the end, they are okay. >> good guys for rescuing this little pooch. we're getting ready to be perplexed. this is in norway. today he's going to demonstrate a very mysterious thing apparently. introduces what he's doing to demonstrate very passionately. walks around the panel. stands right in front of all of them. raises his hands. into the air. and before you know it, he starts seeing what he's demonstrating. he is peeing on himself on stage in the middle of the program.
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>> why. >> what is the scientific purpose for this experiment? >> i have no idea. neither did any of his panelists. and it's going everywhere. >> always looks like more when you're not peeing in the toilet though. got to be ratings in norway right now. doing anything to get people to watch. >> i think that's probably what it is because they are starting a new season of the show. i don't know how he did it. >> stage fright. >> yeah. couldn't do it in front of everybody. >> he may have sabotaged his show a little bit because apparently this stunt damaged the floor. now they have to go in and repair it. >> he's got to walk backstage. >> people are like, did you see that show where the guy pee'd himself? >> hideous. the legal mind in ghana is rampant and the local military is cracking down.
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>> no, i have nothing. i have no paperwork. i don't even have my passport on me. >> hear what happens on the scary stop for the stars of a reality show. plus, a hit and run is caught on camera. >> you don't take off after you hit somebody. >> find out why the driver may not face any charges.
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as if mine for gold in ghana isn't scary and dangerous enough, you also have to worry about local militia and military men. >> this sewed chul oldier is pu over. >> this is a scene from "underle gold," a discovery channel series. guys from utah are mining for gold in ghana. >> they will handcuff you, never get to leave the country. >> illegal mining in ghana is
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rampant so the local military is crack down and their trying to kick out all the illegal miners. >> do you have any paperwork on you? >> no, i have nothing. i have no paperwork. i don't even have my passport on me. >> we're in trouble. >> a couple of tense moments. luckily scott and goernl and production crew from discovery make it through this time. >> without your passport, we allow you to go back here. >> go, go, go, let's go. >> to tell us more about how they got through this roadblock, we're joined by george wright and scott. guys, did you just happen to come across just a really nice military guy with a machine gun or sweet talk your way through? >> a little bit of both. they had already arrested a you too chinese miners. in the clip they only showed one but there were more. they were occupied and probably out of handcuffs so we got true. >> what would have happened? >> you would have had to pay the
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price. spend quite a lonlg long time in jail or pay out the ears. way out there where illegal mining is so rampant, even though you're legitimate and you can do everything the right way, it doesn't always work out. >> what's the craziest thing that has happened? >> tonight you're going to see the craziest thing i think that's ever been aired on television, ever. that's been caught on camera. such an extent. it's like nothing anyone has ever seen before. it's the most scared i've ever been since starting to work in africa. >> all hell breaks loose. >> sounds like a must see episode tonight. two-hour season finale of "jungle gold," friday, september 6th, 9:00 p.m. eastern and pacific on discovery channel. believe it or not social media may be pivotal in helping solve this case. this is in malaysia. and this driver with a dash cam is about to make a right-hand turn when you see a motorcyclist coming up on that street up ahead.
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you see that motorcyclist coming up? you also see a wide bmw that doesn't stop. >> oh, boy. >> the white car hits the motorcyclist. but before that person can even stand up the driver of that white bmw starts to take off. >> it doesn't matter whose fault is you don't take off. even if it wasn't your fault you have to make sure the person is okay. >> that's what this person did. but the people were so enraged by watching the video that's gone viral, someone actually took it, posted it on facebook, and some people because they can see the license plate is there, some people believe they have identified this man and they lgs believe the driver of this car is responsible for several other very similar cases. >> yeah. you almost get a good view of the driver. >> the serial is on the right. >> even if they don't identify him, it sounds like if the motorcyclist didn't file a police report and press charges there's nothing that the police can do because they consider
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this a traffic achoffense, not criminal offense. >> glad the motorcyclist was wearing a helmet because it looks like the helmet cracked on the ground. a massive snake is on the loose. >> whoa. >> but this snake is fake. >> you guys are so mean! >> on the next "right this minute." and still to come, she's making fashion news by going secondhand all year. >> and look how amazing she looks. this is perfect and i love it. >> how she pulls it off with style. plus, ready, aim, fire. for an ear piercing the hillbilly way. >> that is a dart gun and it is going to pierce his ear. >> they got it. >> why this look ain't working.
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lots of people excited about football season kicking off this weekend, but -- >> if you're t not into football you may be into captain videos. >> yeah. and we got them all for you in one little convenient place. head on over to and click on top ten videos and all the week's best videos are there for you to enjoy. why search around? it's right in front of you. top ten. also perfect for halftime. this gorgeous lady you're looking at on your screen is kristina dean. she's in all of these fantastic outf outfits. she's the founder of redress, which is an eco-friendly fashion
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focused organization. and all of these fantastic outfits that you're seeing in all of these photos, they're all secondhand outfits. in fact, kristina dean is spending all of this year, all of 2013, wearing nothing but recycled secondhand, donated clothes. to really let people know the importance of reusing things like clothing, look how amazing she looks. this is in hong kong. it's a place called friends of the earth. it's literally a warehouse where people dump clothes. >> this is perfect and i love it. i'm not kidding. i'm so excited about this because i agree with her 1,000%. you can take anything and just give it a little twist and give it some style, some new life, and make it look amazing. clearly she's done it. >> the idea of thrift shop shopping isn't new, so what does she recommend? >> let's find out. to tell us more about what it is that she is doing we have kristina dean via skype from
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hong kong "right this minute." welcome to the show, kristina. >> thank you very much. >> what do you recommend to other people who want to maybe do this for themselves? >> my particular case is a little bit extreme because i'm spending the entire year wearing clothes that have actually been chocked away by somebody else. however, my suggestion to consumers out there who probably have pack edward droebs including many garments that they never actually wear is to dig back down into your wardrobes and to look at what you have in your wardrobe that you can reinvent, restyle, or redress rather than chucking it away either in landfill or in recycling. >> what's the biggest challenge you think that most people could face in trying to do this? >> the obstacle is consumer mindset. people need to overcome is actually themselves. they can actually be a little more inventive just by looking in their ward droerobe and prob their own trend.
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dig further back into last season's stuff. the little black dress may have been the most versatile garment that i found in the bin. but everyone has got one. and actually you can style it in so many different ways that you don't need five black dresses, honestly one will pretty much do you. >> when this year is done, what are you going to do with all of these clothes? >> i would say my clothes will sold to charity with all proceeds going to charity. the other 5%, i think i'm going to buy myself. hi, mitchell. >> let's say you're broke but you really want your ears pierced. >> you can do it the hillbilly way like mitchell does. >> we got this from juke them video. >> this is hillbilly piercing. >> that is a dart gun and they are going to pierce his ear. >> they got it! they really did shoot it. >> oh, yeah, they really did shoot it. >> it didn't pierce it it just
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shot him in the ear. >> well, there is that. >> ah! >> oih, my god. get it out. oh, my god. >> if you're going to act like one of the "jack ass" crew you can't sit around and cry about it. >> oh! >> got to. you got to get it out somehow. >> help me! >> once it's done, he regrets it. >> you think? >> so stupid. >> just pull it quick. pull it. >> pull it. >> yeah. >> ah! a new music video breaking down animal sounds. ♪ >> that's what the fox says. why this creation could be the
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new gunham style.
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it's the latest trail is top gun is real life, a few fighting falcons from new jersey's air national guard, 177th fighter wing, also known as the jersey devils. >> the jersey devils is a lo ss cooler and less to say. >> it was captured in 2012 but just uploaded.
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they're flying through the canyons in afghanistan on some battle runs. these guys are pretty much below ground level in a lot of this video, flying through these canyons. i don't know where you start doing stuff like this. it's not like it's on their gps. turn here at this canyon wall. smash into that canyon wall. >> almost looks like it's out of "star wars" where they were zipping through the canyons. >> probably saw that scene and they're like, let's get create i6. >> i know this isn't a "top gun" trailer but could you consider this the highway through the danger zone? >> absolutely the highway to the danger zone, no doubt. baby bunny keep on sneezing.
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♪ a cat goes. >> meow. >> a dog. >> woof. >> a cow? >> moo. ♪ there's a sound that no one snows ♪ ♪ what does the fox say >> apparently that's what the fox says. >> what is this? >> i don't get it. ♪ what does the fox say >> they are known as comedy duo. and they created this video about the fox. ♪ if you need a friendly home ♪ communicate
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♪ would you speak through that ♪ what does the fox say >> some people say maybe, just maybe this could be the new gangnam style? >> me, too. >> i think this is great. >> this is hilarious. >> i don't get it. >> you don't get it but a lot of people do. it's going viral. it had more than one many views in three days. this is part of a premier for them for a new show in norway. it remepremiers september 10th. that's going to do it for us here at "right this minute." we'll see you next time. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] it's time healthy gets a dose of happy. new yoplait greek. bye-bye, stir. so long, sour. hello, happy. it's time to lick the lid again. ♪
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heist, everybody. i'm beth troutman. the internet is full of videos but we've got the best ones for you, "right this minute." an officer struggles to take down a woman armed with a hammer and scissors. >> she actually manages to come loose and release from his grip. >> and you won't believe what she does next. >> the cop criar joyride that doesn't get her too far. spectators at t a show gets smoked out as the parking lot goes up in flames. >> people are scrambl


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