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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  September 6, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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of the big rig. firefighters have put out the flames, but is going to take a while to clear the scene. and this is the result of that fire. huge backups. there are backups in both directions for drivers heading home tonight. and take a look at this. a viewer shot this photo with a cell phone camera a bit earlier this evening. you can see the flames fully engulfing the front of that big rig. we're still working to find out how that fire started and we'll let you know as soon as we get an update. the oakland police department's been reporting anedoctal improvement in gang violence, but the department isn't even collecting data to back up its claims of success. at issue here are these two highlighted areas. one's in north oakland. the other is the fruitvale neighborhood. a judge has approved gang injunction orders in these areas, limiting the activities of named gang members. well, new at 6:00, ktvu's patty lee is live in oakland, where you've learned there's little evidence to back up whether the injunction orders are working. >> reporter: that's right, gasia. we are live inside the unity
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council, and the council wanted to use those statisticses to help launch a program for foster kids. now, it turns out those stats don't even exist. sal esparza keeps the books at his family's clothing store. >> if we don't write it down, it causes a problem. >> reporter: he says he's only 14, but he knows you need to track input and out to run a successful business. it's a lesson the city of oakland might have heeded after it launched its gang injunction program in the fruitvale district more than a year ago. >> they try to take people to jail by being in a gang, but that ain't working. it ain't stopping nothing. >> reporter: oakland police have said gang violence has improved, but have no statistics to back that claim. >> because it does impact, you know, an amount of people here in fruitvale that we would want to see the statistics to find out and determine whether or not this has been an effective tool.
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>> reporter: sophia navarro, coo of an organization that oversees programs for more than 10,000 underprivileged residents says that data would be invaluable to the community, to pinpoint what's working, what's not, and whom to hold accountable. >> that will help us ensure that we do a better job in our work as well. >> reporter: oakland police have said there are many reasons the department doesn't track the stats, including lack of manpower. an explanation some residents call an excuse. >> that's just laziness. that's just getting paid for not doing your job. >> reporter: and the men who set up the gang injunctions, the current city manager of alameda told me there may be no success to measure. and that's because he says the program now is a mere figure leaf of what it used to be. patty lee, ktvu channel 2news. . a dramatic standoff ended peacefully this afternoon in oakland. police pinged stolen cell phones from a car robbery to a
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convenience store, at mcarthur boulevard and randolph avenue right off 580. there, they arrested two women and three men, but a fourth man holed up in the store for about an hour before he surrendered, as we're showing you here. there were no customers inside. and the store clerk got out before the suspect came in. in the end, no one was injured. it is going to be a busy weekend around the bay. take a look. each of these points on the map is a major event happening this weekend. we've got baseball. we've got the first races of the america's cup finals. and we've got the opening games of the niners against the green bay packers. ktvu's mike mibach is live on treasure island with the crush of people and traffic that's expected, especially heading over that new bay bridge. mike? >> reporter: chp telling us tonight, frank, don't even risk it. take public transportation this weekend. and what a weekend it will be. september in the city by the bay, as a native, i can tell you it is almost always a classic. blue skies, warm weather, and
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this saturday and sunday will be no different. >> i love it. >> reporter: a great week, a hot-looking weekend. >> i heard today was supposed to be close to 100, unbelievable. >> reporter: she's not talking about the weather. she's talking about the america's cup finals. >> a little bit of the cup, have fun. >> 49ers all the way. >> reporter: 49ers and the giants, both at home, both on sunday. >> so if you have the choice, america's cup or 49er game? >> oh, well, my husband's going to the 49er game on sunday at the packers opening, so he might say 49ers! >> reporter: across the bay, tomorrow afternoon, you have the a's in oakland, cal football in berkeley. 580, 80, bay bridge, embarcadero, you name it, chp says it will most likely be bumper to bumper. >> plan ahead. expect traffic. leave a little bit earlier than you probably normally would. >> reporter: and especially if you plan to take bart. a spokeswoman said due to track maintenance on the pittsburgh bay point line, expect 10 to 15- minute delays saturday and sunday. and if you drive, don't expect to drive fast, as you approach
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the new span. >> the view is beautiful, so it looks really interesting, really neat. >> reporter: as chp says, some folks are ilvery curious about the new bridge. >> some of it's probably people looking at the bridge and the view from the bridge. they are not quite used to it yet. >> reporter: and also tomorrow night, stanford football hosting the spartans of san jose state. live here on treasure island, mike mibach, ktvu channel 2news. we're in for real summer heat this weekend. sure is a pretty picture outside, but the clear skies come with air quality concerns. there is a spare the air alert for tomorrow because pollution levels are expected to reach unhealthy levels. that means people are being asked to limit their driving and their time in the sun. our chief meteorologist bill martin is here now. sounds like it's really going to heat up. >> yeah, and that was a good shot we just showed, gasia. last few days, we've had crystal clear visibilities. you can actually see the particulate matter in the atmosphere lining up. that's where we get the spare
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the air day tomorrow. lot of this stuff is getting trapped in the lower atmosphere. folks will notice that, with that spare the air. the current numbers right now, it's 92 in livermore, 90 in the napa area. 78 in downtown san francisco. we're heating up. warmer today, you noticed that. going into tomorrow and sunday, the fire danger really ratchets up. spare the air day, might even see one on sunday. and we have offshore winds that are going to develop and go into a northeasterly direction, dropping humidity, increasing the temperature, and increases the fire danger. so back here in 10 minutes and we'll talk about saturday, because temperatures are coming up. talking about the fire danger, and we'll also talk about beach weather, because it really is going to be one of those weekends where if you have a chance, you want to head up to the coastal sections. and can help you get around this weekend. just check out our traffic page for the latest on delays and information about public transit. you can also take us with you. just download our mobile ktvu app.
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new developments tonight in the officer-involved shooting in sunnyvale we reported earlier this week. police say the man who was fatally shot during an undercover drug operation was not armed. police say officers shot 34- year-old juan ruelles of sunnyvale when it appeared he was reaching for a gun. officers say he also stated he had a gun. but after a search no, weapon was found. a total of six santa clara police officers shot the man. those officers have not been identified yet. we do know they all have between five and 15 years of service. the man accused of killing a school yard mom was charged with murder today. 43-year-old oscar antonio ayala walked into a san jose courtroom today with his head down. he is charged with one count of murder for the death of rena figueroa. she worked as a playground monitor at olande elementary school for more than a decade. we spoke to her family and friends, who say they are relieved that someone has now been charged. >> i am so thankful that they
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caught this person, that broke up a family, you know. i'm just so thankful they caught this person. i just don't imagine why it would hurt rena like that. >> figueroa's son says he recognized ayala's name, but says he is not a family friend. ayala is due back in court on september 13. the father pleaded guilty today to a deadly crash last year that killed his two daughters. he had fallen asleep at the we'll. arvin tandell was formally charged of two counts of misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter. the accident happened on november 23rd last year. his two adult daughters were killed. we're learning more tonight about the parks department employee, now accused of running over a san francisco woman who was sunning herself in a park. ktvu's david stevenson found out about other complaints in the area, including an arrest for a parks employee driving through the park.
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david? >> reporter: gasia, we first want you all to take a look at a picture. this is a mug shot just released by the san francisco police department, just under an hour and a half ago. it is 57-year-old thomas burnoski. he has worked with the parks department since 2006. he's accused of running down a mother in this park. now, coming back out here live, we learned more about the suspect today. and we also learned about these. we obtained these documents, complaints that people in the area registered about park employees speeding and driving through this park. in groups, san francisco cans brought flowers to this spot in holly park, where christie svanemyr was killed yet, run over by a city rec truck, as she lay sunbathing with her 11- month-old daughter. the child was not injured. >> i feel so bad for the family, to know she was here with her baby and, you know, just really tragic. >> reporter: police arrested parks worker thomas burnoski. investigators are charging him
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with misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter and leaving the scene of an accident. his bail was reset late today to $25,000. police say he did not appear to be driving under the influence. >> we've had to stop them from driving. they drive fast through here all the time. if you go around, you can see where they have driven off the path, onto the grass. >> reporter: a document search requested by ktvu uncovered four complaints in two years about park workers driving. two focus on holly park. a march complaint says workers sped through the park and drove on pedestrian paths. the parks department says an employee was fired. the complaint filed last thursday says a holly park worker left deep tire marks on the grass. it's unclear whether that complaint refers to burnoski. in a memo today, the head of the city's parks department told employees, quote, department policy requires staff to not drive onto park path ways, sidewalks, or closed roads, unless necessary for actual work in progress. you may never travers a park area merely for convenience purposes. >> i don't know how, how that, something like that could
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happen, if you're just not paying attention, how you don't see someone laying in the park when you're driving through with a truck. >> reporter: and the assistant district attorney's office tells us they expect to get the case on monday. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2news. the california legislature has passed a bill that makes it more difficult for cell phone service to be shut down. the bill stems from an incident two years ago in which bart shut down cell phone service for three hours during protests. this new bill would require a court order before any government agency could demand cell phone service be cut. >> the very same paperwork that a police or sheriff would have to submit to the telecommunications company, to shut down service, is exactly what we're asking them to submit to the public for public review and consideration. >> the bill still allows law enforcement to shut down cell phone service in extreme circumstances, such as a hostage situation. the bill now heads to the
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governor's desk. the rim wildfire has now grown to the third largest fire in california history. calfire says 246,000 acres have now burned. the wildfire is about 80% contained. a piece of good news today, highway 120, which is a key route into yosemite valley, reopened today. but fire officials say they do not expect to have this fire fully contained until september 20th. are local officials undermining the president's immigration agenda? why this bay area mother faces deportation without her children. >> 50,000 miles of pipeline. the new command center that's helping monitor the system. >> and in two minutes-- >> i was asleep on the couch and i woke up i think because i smelled something burning. >> how potatoes led to this building burning to the ground.
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. a fire in martinez that destroyed a business early this morning was likely caused by a pot that was left on the stove. the fire started just after 3:15 this morning inside an apartment housed in a wholesale auto business. the man who lived in the apartment said he put a pot of potatoes on the stove to cook, then left the apartment. his girlfriend was asleep. >> fell asleep on the couch and i woke up i think because i smelled something burning probably and i didn't know where he was because i had been asleep, so i was calling his name. >> fortunately, no one was hurt in the fire, but the couple living in the apartment lost everything. they are now staying with friends. damage is estimated at about $175,000. pg&e today faced a california public utilities advertising over a proposed fine for record keeping following the san bruno
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disaster. they explained why two lines were not as strong as originally recorded. pg&e did self-report the paperwork error, but since the allowable pressure is determined by correct record, critics say the pressure should be lowered, pg&e should be fined and other records play be plawed. a decision is pending. pg&e showed off its $38 million nerve center for its gas pipeline system. it's located in san ramon's bishop ranch business park. the center oversees 7000 miles of gas transmission pipelines and 42,000 miles of distribution pipes. the new center even has a simulator room, where system operators can run drills on all manner of emergencies, such as leaks, breaks and disruptions to better respond when the real thing happens. new at 6:00, a last-minute plea tonight from a mother to stay here in the united states with her children, who are u.s. citizens. ktvu's rob ross spoke to her, as word comes from the obama administration may be giving a
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second look to some of these special immigration cases. >> reporter: she got teary when talking about the prospect of being deported back to mexico. speaking through a translator, she said she worries about the danger she and her family face, if she is deported. [ speaking spanish ] >> the truth is that i'm scared because right now, the state i'm from is experiencing a huge wave of violence, and i'm really scared for both my life and my daughters' lives. >> reporter: she and her husband own this restaurant in downtown san mateo. they say they are both undocumented, but she received a deportation order from immigrations and customs enforcement. while their three daughters are u.s. citizens, she says she worries about leaving them behind and she worries about taking them with her. >> my daughters ask me, mom, do we have to leave? >> reporter: she says she came to the u.s. 15 years ago as a teenager. she says last may, ice agents
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came to their san mateo home looking for someone else, but discovered her immigration status. no date has been set for her deportation. while immigration reform remains stalled in congress, community advocates say too often, families are torn apart. maribel says she plans to ask for an extension, hoping that will give her time to get on the path to becoming a u.s. citizen. we received a statement from ice this afternoon that could bode well for mir bell. it says, quote, among the circumstances that figure favorably when considering the exercise of discretion, whether the individual has a u.s. citizen spouse or child. >> i would like for people to listen to our story, know that we haven't done anything bad. we've been -- all we've been doing is working hard. >> reporter: in san mateo, rob ross, ktvu channel 2news. . the bay area weekend is here. these are the numbers you've got today in bay area city.
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it's going to be hotter tomorrow by far. today's numbers came up a good 5 to 10 degrees. tomorrow, hot spots in the upper 90s. the low pressure center that i've been tracking has moved off. you know why we were so cool around here for the last couple of days, was this low pressure center. as it moves off, we're warming up. daytime highs in the area are going to get hotter each day going into the bay area weekend. probably triple digits at some point, probably on sunday. the heat continues. of course that gets you the spare the air day, gets you the high fire danger and pretty warm overnigh. ws 68 in antioch, 68 in livermore. those are warm. these are the overnight lows, as cool as it gets. when you wake up in mountain view tomorrow morning, saturday morning, you're in the upper 60s. it's going to be hot right as you wake up, almost 70 degrees. how warm will it get when the sun comes out? we'll see lots of 90s all around the bay. at the coast, upper 70s. i even think some 80s could show up along the coast, half moon bay, pacifica. here's the high pressure center that's rapidly filling in right
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behind that low. the low leaves, leaving a vacuum. nature doesn't like a vacuum. so the high builds into that, creating an offshore wind. this goes on all fall. this is why it's a high fire danger pattern, especially getting into october and november, when the winds get really strong. in san jose tomorrow afternoon, 90 degrees. on the concrete, feels like 100- something. 97 in clear lake tomorrow, 98 in clearfield. downtown san rafael, the concrete really generates a lot of heat. most thermometers are out away, or supposed to be, away from the big city so you get a better idea of what the real temperature s but the concrete changes up the temperature profile. no fog tomorrow, so plenty warm. five-day forecast, bay area weekend in view. saturday warms up noticeably. hot today, warmer tomorrow. sunday warms up noticeably. you can see 100 on monday, too, but it just depends.
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i'm just giving you an idea of a trend. peak out at about 100 sunday. monday will be very similar, but slightly cooler. then tuesday and wednesday, still pretty hot. a bit of a cooldown. there's your five-day forecast with your weekend in view. spare the air day tomorrow, wouldn't be surprised to see one tomorrow and wouldn't be surprised to see a fire weather advisory saturday night into sunday. >> i can't even remember the last time we hit 100 degrees. >> it's been a while. >> thanks, bill. coming up tonight on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36, police call it an epidemic. soda, skittles, cough syrup. the dangerous combination that's being compared to heroin. >> now, more than two months since toddler daphne webb was reported missing in oakland, the attention being brought back to her case. join us at 7:00 on tv 36. . it's friday night! and it's our second edition of high school football game of the week. the pun valley spartans trying to avenge last year's loss to the oakland bulldogs. we'll have a live report, next.
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valley is taking on the spartans. >> reporter: gasia, a very warm night here at pinole valley. but the spartans are getting warmed up. our head coach, luke bodwin, only your second year. the incredible thick about it, you're the fourth head coach ever at this school. that really helps to establish a program, doesn't it? >> i think so. lot of tradition here. and that's evidenced by there only being four head coaches in the history of the school. they are legends around here. they have done a great job paving the way, keeping the great tradition and everything going. >> reporter: 3-7 last year. one of the things, maybe an upset last year, oakland tech took care of you. you're looking to avenge that, i'm sure. >> definitely. they played a great game. we didn't take care of business, handling the football. they really gave it their best. we definitely are after a little bit of redemption tonight. >> reporter: you know, the old cliche, if you've got two
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quarterbacks, have you no quarterback at all. you're going with the two- quarterback system now. >> that's the plan to start. obviously we would like to have one of these guys separate themselves and take control. we do have two quarterbacks right now that are both playing well. so they are both going to see time in the first half and we'll make a decision at half time and go with the hot hand. >> reporter: of course this is the time, 1992 heisman trophy winner geno teretta, played great in his high school gays. do you have a heisman trophy winner stashed up? >> i wish i did. that's another part of the great tradition, a great family, genie and his brother have contributed an awful lot, in their playing days and in the time sense. it's a small slice of what it is to be an athlete and a coach and a teacher here in the great city of pinole. >> reporter: we wish coach bodwin and pinole valley good luck. more at 7:00, highlights at 10:00, you guys. >> thanks, fred. last night, it was the niners. tonight, it's the raiders. you can become a member of the raider nation. share our raiders badge from
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