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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  September 16, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> this is an active investigation. we have a lot of law enforcement activity in the area. ly had been discharged from the navy following disconduct. >> i would never believe this until it happened. it would never crossed my mind he would be capable of that. >> reporter: 8:20 a.m. a typical monday morning at the office changed very quickly. situation unfolded a few miles from the white house.
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president obama offered his condolences. >> they are patriots. they know the dangers of serving abroad. today they faced the violence that they would not have expected at home. more details on the shooter. this is not the first violent act by aaron alexis. 34-year-old was arrested in 2004 in seattle for shooting up the tires of a man's car in an anger-fueled blackout. he was arrested in texas in 2010 for shooting a gun in city limits. charges were never filed. navy said aaron alexis received a general discharge from navy reserves in 2011 after a series of misconduct issues. after the arrest his father contacted police telling them aaron alexis had anger management problems associated with the ptsd. his son had been an active participant in rescue attempts in new york on september 11, 2001. the suspect worked for hp
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subcontractor. he worked for a company called the experts working on the navy marine corp intranet network. condolences on our facebook page. just look for ktvu channel 2. bart management and officials are talking about another possible bart strike. there are 24 days. 5 hours left in the court- imposed of day cooling off period. tom banker is joining us live in oakland where bart officials wrapped up a news conference moment ago. are the two sides any closer together? >> reporter: the bart union
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that held the news conference. they claim they made a $10 million concession by lower wage demands and trying to do other things with the numbers to make that happen. whether that is really true, whether that is a serious proposal to be considered by bart, we don't know yet. we do know that when you hear what other people had to say, including the governor and chief negotiator for bart and what riders say this is nowhere near being settled. cornered by reporters the governor commented on the reality of the stalemate of the long dragged out bart negotiations. >> i exercised my power. that was the cooling off period. now we are in collective bargaining which says both sides talk together. if they don't agree workers can't go on strike. >> we have to wait and see what they'll do and what we'll do in response. it is a tough time. >> reporter: if you ask bart riders why after 24 weeks a
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strike, seven day cooler off period and most of a 60 day cooler off period now gone, they see something other than pay and safety issues. egos. >> unfortunately i think that has a lot to do with it. there are issues that they can not come together on. i think personalties are involved. >> it is about money. politics. who does what to whom. >> it probably does have something to do with people's egos and them not wanting to make a move or not wanting to bow down. >> i feel like there is ego. it can't go on this long without a decision. >> reporter: that realization is likely to court anger from riders and legislators and voters today one state senator introduced a no-strike deal. >> i don't think the people of
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san francisco or the bay area have the time or patience. >> reporter: the transit union informed bart it will not negotiate on the last day of the cooling off period. that is an allegation the union denies. you can see nowhere close to being resolved. san francisco police arrested one suspected car thief. another one got away this afternoon. police say officers spotted the two. a man and woman. stealing two separate cars in the 1700 block of lasalle avenue off of third street. the man rammed a police car and took off running. police caught him and said they recovered a gun they said the suspect threw away during that chase. the woman took off in another car. police chased after her. authorities stopped the chase after a few minutes in the interest of public safety. san jose police say the death of an elderly man is
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suspicious. investigators say at first the man's death appeared to be natural causesment coroner found something suspicious. series of gang-related homicide. the patrol has units focusing on gang hot spots. today it ended the program with a report on how it went. robert is live in san jose with details and feedback. >> reporter: the san jose police department is entering a new phase today. people say the time is right to shift focus. as one merchant said the writing is on the wall or in san jose's case, it is about everywhere. perry has been a clerk at the
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bottle shop on south first street for seven years. he is glad police are cracking down on graffiti in the neighborhood. >> it costs a lot of money to take care of it. it does not look good. >> bad for business? >> yes. >> reporter: san jose police say a summer crack down was a success. numbers show from june 20th to august there was a significant drop in gang-related homicides and violent crime and overall crime in the city with police conducting 357 searches making 83 arrests and recovering four guns and three knives. >> it is too early to claim victory but it is definitely a step in the right direction. >> i know we still need more officers and intervention staff. we need to focus on female gangs. there are aspects that we need help with. >> reporter: police officers union is more critical. >> it is taking away from another place in the city. we are seeing property crimes, burglaries and prostitution
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skyrocket. we are putting emphasis where it should be. no doubt other areas are suffering. >> reporter: perry agrees saying it takes diligence to get to the root of the crime. >> you have to take care of the roots if you don't there will be more and more. it will be a disaster. >> reporter: police emphasize units will be focusing on other problems while having a full- time gang suppression unit. package of 14 gun control bills now rest on the governor's desk. if he signs them, the governor would be strengthening gun laws in california, which are already considered some of the toughest in the country. the legislation covers a wide range of issues involving weapons. one bill will allow the city of oakland to pass gun regulations. another will ban the use of lead ammunition.
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the most hotly contested bill will ban high powered assault rifles with detachable magazines. >> if the governor signs it we are going to court and we are confident that will be the foundation to get rid of the ban in the state of california. >> all the gun control bills draw a very careful distictions between rights of gun owners and weapons only intended to kill people. governor brown has not discussed the legislation since taking office. he has signed some new gun control laws. he discussed his own gun ownership publicly.
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state spark opened again eight face after the big fire. >> reporter: we are found in glider enjoying a you laxing ride down. cyclist grinning on a grueling ride up. >> views are spectacular. it is a nice road. toe there is hardly any traffic. apparently people don't know it is opened again. >> reporter: they said they had to come today. >> this is what brought us together. this place holds a very special place in our hearts. >> reporter: despite 3100 acres burned, no campgrounds were damaged. just a couple picnic areas. rangers ask everyone to stay off the burn area. regrowth is delicate. two miles of dozer lines contain the fire but created erosion risk. specialist called for unusual techniques. >> one is to spread brush on
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the soil. another one is to make divets. they catch water and slow it. they make the water zigzag. >> reporter: what is bad for a golf course is good for steep slopes. with rain coming they did it in time. because of a park water shortage there is no overnight camping here until later this week. perhaps thursday or friday. young victim of a pit bull attack meets the people who saved him. >> we go on these calls a lot. >> the surprise that had this boy thanking firefighters for a second time. gay conversion therapy is banned in california. that is not stopping some conservative groups. how they plan to make the councilling legal. ♪
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the tunnel caused a power outage this morning. construction crews were transferring power to a substation which cut power. tunnel workers could not open the second like they do every morning at 4:00 a.m. it took crews three hours to get the power restored. conservative group said it will challenge california's ban on gay conversion therapy. they barred the practice to convert minors to convert from home sexuality.
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justice institute said there is no scientific evidence to prove the therapy works. reunion today between firefighters and a 10-year-old boy who was mauled by a pit bull. >> reporter: you can see hunter faced is bandaged. he was all smiles today. he did not let injuries interfere with meeting the men who rushed to his side after the dog attack. >> give me a hug. you look good. remember us? >> yes. >> we sure remember you. >> reporter: today his family to fire station 82. hunter was mauled by a pit bug at a friend's house august 11th. after two skin graph surgeries at uc davis medical center hunter said he is glad he is out of the hospital and thankful these guys were there
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in the moments after the attack. >> they are awesome and helped me a ton. they are really good people. >> reporter: firefighters told hunter what they remember was how brave he was through the whole ordeal. >> every since then every day i can thought i can not wait to see you. we got you a fire truck lego set. >> we go on these calls a lot. a lot of times they don't have happy endings. we can see this one from beginning to end with a good outcome. we are glad to see he is doing better. it is good for his healing process our ours, as well. >> reporter: hunter is back at school in the 4th grade. he is going half days until his doctors give him clearance to go all day. as for the dog that attacked hunter the mother wants it euthanized. owners are fighting to get the dog back. public hearing is set september
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26th. chef ron agreed to pay $130 million to settle a lawsuit in brazil. brazilian prosecutors say it includes measures to prevent new incidents. 3600 barrels of oil spilled in the ocean in november 2011. 40 companies stood with governor brown in a show of force for expanding california's electric vehicle market. drive the dream event today many companies promised to build more charging stations. google will convert 5% of all parking spaces into charging stations. coca-cola is using electric trucks to deliver products. bank of america will give employees $3,000 toward an electric vehicle. this is main stream america in california promoting electric vehicles, electric charging and
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changing the very nature of how we live together. >> governor brown announced today he'll sign two bills that support electric cars. one provides funding and rebates to people who buy electric vehicles. the other dedicates funding to state programs for low emotion vehicles. twitter is soaring past top rivals in mobile advertising revenue. experts said twitter is outpacing facebook and google. those numbers will likely be confirmed as twitter files paper work for impending ipo. mobile ads make up 41% of facebook's revenue. less than a quarter of googles. temperatures today on the warm side inland. 90 degrees morgan hill. 87 antioch. 83 santa rosa. tomorrow will be nice. just not as warm.
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temperatures drop four degrees. weather system to the north. it is nice looking as it develops and drops down towards the end of the week it brings a chance for sprinkles and showers to northern california and maybe wet weather for us, as well. a long the coast we have patchy fog along ocean beach. that fog will fill in again tonight. you'll see plenty fog tomorrow morning. fog forecast all shows up again early morning. temperatures warm tomorrow. 70s are yellow. greens are 60s. it is cool. fire danger is low. air quality good. a very cool temperature footprint for tomorrow. temperatures will drop off. san jose tomorrow downtown 59 degrees waking up. 68 degrees lunchtime. 75 degrees in downtown san jose
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for a daytime high tomorrow. low pressure center moves in. that starts us off with a cooling trend tomorrow. temperatures drop off again as the system comes in and brings wet weather friday and saturday. 78 napa. don't change weekend plans. don't freak out if you have outdoor plans for friday and saturday. it is a long way to go. right now just drizzle. along the coast low 60s. cooler tomorrow. warmer in the bay area wednesday and thursday. temperatures get back in the upper 80s. bay area friday. friday things change. we are looking for clouds to move in. showers to develop late in the day on friday. we'll track that for you. friday looks like a transition day. there is your weekend in view. clouds but not a bad week ahead. i don't think fires will be the
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head line this week with this pattern. >> taste of fall. thank you very much. parking rates could be doubling in one city. we'll tell you why. and what city leaders propose to do with increased revenue. going to a baseball game will feel like going through the airport. we'll tell you about major league baseball rules going into effect. music and dancing to celebrate mexican independence. the reason this year's celebration had special significance in san francisco.
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mexican music and dancing filled downtown san francisco today to mark the independence day for mexico. aztek blessing was performed at jesse square plaza. museum operates at four mason center. work is underway for a world- class facility in mission street in the art district. >> this has been a dream that will be coming true on the land that we are now standing on.
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>> right now opening date has not been set for that new museum site. started off slow. then things went from bad to worse for the 49ers. >> i enjoyed your x's and o's break down. 49ers have regrouping to do after second straight disastrous experience in seattle until december when seahawks come to san francisco. they have the bragging rights in this series. the guy doing a lot of bragging is corner back sherman. he played at stanford and was outspoken backed up his word with his performance. he had an interception. kyle williams paid for one of the few decent games the 49ers made in the passing game. after the win, sherman was more vocal. >> they might not have watched the last game we played them. i don't know. i don't know what the score was. you know? it wasn't that similar from
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this score was it? >> he did a very good job. coverage was tight. >> what are the combined scores from the last two game? anybody? how much is real? how much is fabricate? that is real. >> sherman had interesting comments after the game. what are your thoughts? >> i am not aware of his comments. high school football going full blast. it is time to vote for the game of the week you want to see friday night. to vote for the game you want to see go to click high school sports. zach johnson put himself in the mid of the conversation for fed-
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ex championship. that allowed him to win by two strokes. he is in fourth place. winner gets $10 million. she is breaking down barriers. >> miss new york! >> the first indian miss america is now the target of racist tweets on twitter. tonight on the 10:00 news we'll take a closer look at the backlash she is getting. >> we are always here on thank you for joining us tonight. ♪ for a store near you go to
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