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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  September 17, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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access to the washington naval base. the chp is looking for a man who crashed his car, set off a train reaction and then ran off. we'll tell chu freeway was impacted -- you which freeway was impacted. a suspect caught on camera. that all ahead on channel 2 morning news. a fire in oakland this morning. you can see a huge response, two homes on fire. many people affected this morning. alex savage is out there as well talking to investigators to find out how all this happened. we'll be there in just a moment. thank you for joining us. it's tuesday, september 17. >> we'll check weather and traffic. steve is right over there. >> thank you. we do have agent system moving into the north helping to pick
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up the breeze a little bit here. so for today, some patchy low clouds. i don't think they'll last too long. low clouds, cooler, breezy. 50s and 60s to start on the inland temps. kind after chill. sfo has over 26 miles an hour. san francisco hovering upper 60s or 70 degrees. it looks sunny today, breezy. we'll go 70. there's the system swinging through. the next one is where we're focusing our attention on, late saturday into sunday. so fog, sun, breezy, a little cooler. look for upper 70s for some. a lot of low to mid-70s elsewhere. here's sal. good morning. right now we're looking at the traffic and it does look good. we don't have a lot going on. let's take a look at our new east span and the traffic here is moving along very nicely. no major problems as you drive through. as a matter of fact, we have been looking pretty good throughout into san fran. i want to take a look also at the san mateo bridge.
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that traffic is moving along nicely as you drive through there. san francisco itself is not bad. north and southbound 101 as you drive. no major problems. we go to the east bay and oakland and alameda and emeryville. everything looks good here. 501. let's go back to the desk. >> we're starting with breaking news. investigators want to know what caused a fast moving fire that damaged two homes in west oakland just a couple of hours ago. alex savage joining us live at the scene. you're not far from interstate 980. good morning, al. well, good morning. everyone made it out safely as fire tore through two homes. both of them two-story homes that are side by side here on this street behind me. crews, you can see, still on scene right now from the oakland fire department. at this point they have fully contained the flames. the fire began in the back of one house and quickly spread to the house right next door. let me show you some video. this is what things looked like whether we arrived here on
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scene. flames and smoke were seen pouring from boat of these homes. we saw the flames -- both of these homes. we saw the flames cause a nearby power line to arc. they're just off 24th street off market. the fire was called into 911 about 3:30 this morning. a battalion chief here at the scene told us a short time ago that at least five people had to evacuate because of the fire but at this point firefighters are still tallying up exactly how many people were inside both of those homes. we talked to one man who lives in the home where this fire started. he told us he woke up to find his place filling with flames and thick smoke. >> we heard crackling. our neighborhood screaming. i saw like the flickering light of the flames. came out of the bedroom. saw out of the back door, saw that the whole back of the house was on fire and immediately told everybody to
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get out. >> reporter: it was a three- alarm fire meaning a lot of extra crews were called in here. in the end more than 50 firefighters were involved. again the flames have been knocked down. as we came back out here live, crews remain on scene. they'll have to work on some of the hot spots and make sure the fire is all the way out and stays out. there is also a fire investigator here on scene trying to figure out what caused the early morning house fire here in oakland. live this morning in oakland, alex savage, ktvu channel 2 news. we have developing news in san jose this morning where police are investigating a crash. ktvu channel 2 reporter de la vega -- jeanine de la vega is on the scene where police arrest add burglary suspect. >> reporter: they're still trying to piece the story again but i'm on coleman road near her rid january. i want to show -- near her rid january. i want to show you a police response. you can see the white suburban
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crashed. they pulled somebody out of there that we believe is possibly tied to a burglary that happened earlier this morning. i'm joined by lieutenant danny acosta. can you tell me what happened? >> we received a couple of calls of people trying to break into vehicles. as a result of that call, police headed to the scene. one of the calls we had was a description of the vehicle. the officers spotted the vehicle. it fled. he lost sight of it. he came up to the intersection and he found this accident, the same vehicle he saw. >> reporter: was the suspect inside? we saw somebody taken away on a gurney. >> right. there were two vehicles involved. but this is the only one that we found. there was only one person in this vehicle and it's a possible suspect. we're still in the middle of investigating that to determine if they were actually the same suspects that were spotted
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after the burglaries. >> reporter: the other suspect car got away or you're still searching for it? >> we're still searching. it fled. we have not found that vehicle. probably somewhere in the area. >> reporter: we're still trying to again as you heard, they're still trying to piece together what happened, if there's more suspects, if the person who was hurt in this crash was involved in breaking into vehicles in a certain neighborhood. as soon as we get more information, we'll bring it you to. jeanine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. 880 in san jose has reopened but that was after a multicar crash shut down the freeway for a short time overnight. channel 2 reporter tara moriarty is at the scene of the search for the driver who police say started this whole chain reaction crash. >> reporter: we're just off the freeway from where the accident happened at a gas station where a bunch of the tow trucks
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brought cars involved in the accident. we want to show you one of those cars. it's a jaguar that witnesses say actually set off a chain reaction. it is very badly damaged. and the chp says the driver of that car ran from the scene and they're still looking for him. this crash unfolded at 2:15 this morning. the driver of the jaguar lost control of the car on 8830 northbound near the baskin avenue exit. he ended up causing four other cars to crash. one car hit the concrete barrier wall. neighbors could hear the screams. they called 911. luckily it sounded a lot worse than it was, according to chp. all people involved only received minor injuries and were taken to local hospitals. all northbound lanes of the freeway were shut down briefly. only one lane was open for an hour and a half. the backup wasn't too bad given the hour it happened. now officers are looking for that man who ran off. his car appears to be newly bought. there are no license plates on the vehicle. and we know that authorities have his cell phone and they are currently interviewing crash victims at the hospital. we're supposed to receive an
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update about this story a little bit before 6:00. so as soon as we get new information, we'll pass it along to you. we're live in san jose, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. we're getting new details this morning about yesterday's mass shooting at the naval yard in washington, d.c. the shooter 34-year-old aaron alexis was reportedly being treated for a serious mental illness that included hearing voices in his head. authorities say alexis killed 12 people and himself during that shooting. police say he had legitimate access to the naval facility because he worked as a contractor. yesterday morning at 5:20 hour time, alexis started shooting people who were eating breakfast in a cafeteria one floor below them. >> i heard pow, pow, pow. a few seconds it stopped and then pow, pow, pow, pow. we just ran. >> investigators are still searching for a motive for the shooting. the f.b.i. is treating it as a criminal investigation, not an act of terrorism. eight other people were
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injured, including a d.c. police officer. the f.b.i. believes alexis had at least three weapons, one of which may have been the weapon taken from that injured police officer. more details now on the navy yard. it's a large walled complex that covers 16 blocks in the southeast part of washington, d.c. it's a little more than a mile from the u.s. capitol building. after yesterday's shooting, senate members and their staff were put on lockdown as a precaution. the house is not in session. the washington nationals ballpark is just a few blocks away. last night's game between the nationals and the atlanta braves was postponed. the teams are playing a doubleheader today. the shooting also temporarily grounded flights in washington's ronald reagan national airport. >> that naval yard shooting in washington, d.c. has new renewed the debate over gun control. coming up for you at 5:15, the
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very emotional plea from california senator dianne feinstein who has unsuccessfully pushed for an assault wech upons ban on -- assault weapons ban on capitol hill. the labor dispute with bart ends soon. bart management is expected to respond to the latest offer by the union. last night union leaders emerged from a meeting in oakland to unveil what they call a comprehensive proposal. the union says bart workers are willing to make major concessions in order to reach a deal and keep the trains rolling next month. the two sides are negotiating the major issues of salary, benefits and worker safety, but many frustrated bart riders see another critical issue in these contract talks. ego. >> unfortunately i think that it has a lot to do with it. i think there are issues they could come together on but i think personalities are involved. >> it's about money, politics, who does what to whom.
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>> plus, bart management expressed some skepticism over the latest union offer ich leer bart millions of dollars. however, managers say they'll crunch the numbers and come back with a detailed response this morning. last month governor brown stepped into the bart labor dispute by asking a judge to call 560-day cooling off -- call a 60-day cooling off period but the governor says he does not anticipate intervening again once the cooling off period ends next month. >> neither has society an appetite for binding arbitration. i do not want to see a strike. i urge the parties to get real. >> the governor says he is very concerned about the stalled contract talks but governor brown stopped short of saying that he would support new legislation in sacramento that would prevent another strike. time now 5:11. a bold attack at a bay area university. >> he didn't get attacked down a dark alley or off on a bad
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part of town. this was campus. >> the growing violent trend that has some students feeling very nervous. plus, how two suspects in a cross bow shooting were finally captured ending a massive man hunt. good morning. right now traffic is getting a little bit busier. but it's still not really slow. on interstate 680. a little bit of a breeze has picked up. it will be cooler. how much cooler? we'll talk about that but all eyes are to the north for possible weekend rain. ♪ [ female announcer ] wherever morning brings you, bring the energy you need.
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new details about the capture of two suspects in a cross beau attack. 20-year-old phoenix king and a 16-year-old girl were arrested when a nature center employee recognized them. then called 911. these arrests ended a massive manhunt in the woods near arcade today after two homeless people were shot last week with cross beaus. -- cross crossbows. >> we welcomed them into the nature center without even know but it was obvious they were the suspects. >> one of the victims died. the other managed to crawl to safety. the suspects may have been robbed by those victims. later on today, the three dependents in the killing of a former santa clara winery owner are due back in court for a pretrial hearing. sheriff's deputies found the body of 66-year-old rabeesh.
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comra in his home. he had been bound and gagged. his wife had been tied up and beaten but survived. she called police to report the home invasion and robbery. continuing coverage now of the navy yard shooting rampage in washington, d.c. this latest mass shooting is once again prompting calls for gun control. could i la campbell is -- kyla campbell is live in d.c. >> reporter: pam senator feinstein said congress must stop shirking its responsibility and resume a thoughtful debate on gun violence in this country. feinstein called it one more event to add to the litany of massacres that occur when a deranged killer is able to obtain multiple weapons and kill many people in a short period of time. earlier this year, she proposed an assault weapons ban but that
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did not pass the senate. a bipartisan proposal to expand background checks also failed in the senate by a narrow margin. live in washington, kyla camp bill, ktvu channel 2 news. >> on our facebook page, you can express your condolences to the shooting victims of the navy yard. time is now 5:16. the army psychiatrist sentenced to death last month for killing 13 people at fort hood, texas, collected almost $300,000 in his military salary while awaiting trial for that shooting four years ago. the layer for nidal hassan says nearly all of that money has been given to charity. he didn't identify the charities but if it's true, the money would not be accessible to hassan's victims. an army spokesman says all army service people charged with crimes continue to get their salaries till convicted. some of his victims are still reportedly struggling to find jobs or pay their medical bills. more officers could soon be headed to the oakland police
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department part after federal grant that will bring more officers to cities across the state. later this morning, oakland mayor gene quan and barbra lee will release the details of the grant and how it will be used to put more officers on oakland streets. in san jose, police say gang related crimes have gone down during the past eight months. police statistics show gang- related homicides dropped by 43% since last -- this time last year. the number of aggravated soughts is down 15%. robberies are down 39%. the department says the decrease is due to a summer crackdown on gains. 5:18. sal is back. hey, sal, it's early but are drivers behaving for you? >> they are. as a matter of fact, it's not all that bad out there, dave and pam. good morning you to. we're looking at some of these live pictures starting off in san francisco. and the traffic does look pretty good as you drive across to the 80 split. let's say you're coming in on northbound 101. if you're taking the bay bridge, it looks good to the east bay. also looking at the bay bridge
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toll plaza. westbound traffic is moving along nicely as you drive into san francisco. we did mention the east bay and you can see traffic road centers showing green which means it is at or near the speed limit here. and public transportation, bart cal tran, muni are reporting no delays. for the the time being we're off to a good start. a very good morning. a system swirnging by to the north. -- swinging by to the north. i've been doing this a long time. each one of these systems getting a little closer. getting to that time of the year. around the 21st of september usually something comes in a little before or a little after. everything is on line for that to happen this year as well. there will be a system moving in on saturday. a cooler day from the system. it will be breezy, highs 60s, 70s, mainly low 80s. the winds have picked up, no doubt about t. san jose will go for a high of 76. that's the spirit in san jose. warmer toward east san jose. 50s on the temps. a few low 60s. but san jose, it's already 57.
5:20 am
fairfield 22. napa 10. oakland 18 miles an hour. concord 17. mainly out of the west. is aen jose is not but livermore 15 and sfo28. that's an extra hold on the hair spray today if you're heading out towards sfo. patchy low clouds seem to be ramping up agent bit all associated with this system which is to the north. that's going to give us a little cooldown today. the next one coming down the pipeline will be here late friday. but wednesday, thursday do look agent warm near advance of that. so our cloud and rain forecast, that's for friday morning. i think this is a little fast. then late friday, saturday, the forecast models are wrestling with this one forecast run. they're a little wetter with that step. the next one they back off agent bit but i think they'll make it. we have four days to iron it out. highs 60s, 70s, 80s. a north wind should kick in for santa rosa. 182 there. 78 concord, hayward. low 80s for morgan hill, gilroy. upper 70s livermore. 72347 santa cruz.
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a little warmer on wednesday into thursday. then here comes the system for friday. so increasing clouds, cloudy. rain will make it to the north bay. it's a question of how far south that friday. clear and cool and the mornings will be cool on sunday morning. european markets opening lower this morning as investors expect the u.s. federal reserve to slow down its bond buying program. most asian markets closed their trading day with losses. china shanghai index lot more than 2%. checking in our numbers, futures indicate a little bit of a higher opening for the dow and the nasdaq. maybe a drop for the s&p 500. you can see a little bit of a mixed picture yesterday with the dow gaining, though, 118 points and starts today at 15,494. the average price for gas is setting a record today. aaa says this is day 1,000 that national gas prices are more than $3 a gallon. it's the longest streak at that level ever. >> pam, i don't want to pay more for gas. >> neither do i. i hate that. time 5:21. a new twist in the battle to
5:22 am
reduce california's prison population. the new request from the governor. why he says he needs more time to develop a plan. >> a rising trend in throat cancer among white men. doctors say it could be caused by something done up to 20 years ago. goodnight.
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and wicked fun in both parks, the disneyland resort just got spookier! visit trick or treat. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. there's a new call for people to be vaccinated against hpv
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after a rising trend in throat cancer among men. jeff got cancer last week. he thinks it was from oral sex in college with someone infected with the human pamplona virus. doctors say triple the amount of white males between the ages of 40 to 60 are getting throat cancer. doctors say those cases are all caused by coming into contact with hpv. >> it was a rude awakening, you know. it's like i was just final. everything was fine. -- just fine. everything was fine. now i can contemplate possibly dying. >> doctors say most symptoms involve a painless lump at the back of the throat and unexplained weight loss. the cdc is advising all young boys and girls to be vaccinated against hpv to help stop this latest epidemic. time 5:25. later today the san francisco board of supervisors will consider a controversial idea for the city to opt out of the federal secure communities program. that program requires local law enforcement to send
5:26 am
fingerprints of everyone who is arrested to immigration officials for a review. federal officials can then ask that a person held up for up to 48 hours to be picked up for deportation. the san francisco supervisor has introduced new legislation called due process for all that would prohibit that immigration detention. plan to develop a new civic center in san jose will go before the santa clara county board of supervisors next week. the county wants to build the project on the 55 acres between north 1st street, west mission street, north san pedro street, and west younger avenue. board members are hoping for a project that would include county government office space and some other mixed use buildings. the san francisco presidio trust now has three very different proposals for attractions at the national park. star wars creator george lieu cuss says the -- lucas says the site is perfect for a museum.
5:27 am
he would pay for the construction and the maintenance of the museum which he said would be a world class visual venue. a competing proposal comes from the golden gate national parks conservancy. they want open space that would include displays of presidio history. there's a third idea called the bridge. it would be a museum and nature setting. time is 5:27. we're still following breaking news in oakland. a fast moving fire damages two homes in west oakland just hours ago. we'll let you hear from investigators when we get a live update from that scene. >> plus, a big crash scene in san jose. look at this. the clue left behind that macon effect this incident -- may connect this incident to a wanted suspect. >> good morning. if you're driving any time soon, should abnice drive now as we look at san mateo bridge. it's moving well over to the peninsula. >> the wind has picked up. 28 miles an hour at sfo. 23 gusting in livermore. it will be a cooler forecast
5:28 am
today. we'll also talk about what looks to be our first rain of the season by this saturday.
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good morning. welcome back to ktvu channel 2 morning news. these are live pictures. oakland, a three-alarm house fire there and the camera zooming in. you can get a close look at what's left here. it's been contained, though. alex savage has been out there since 4:30. he's coming back in a couple of
5:31 am
minutes. he has more details on an intense firefight out there in west oakland. good morning. it is tuesday, september 17. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. time 5:30. steve paulson is here with the forecast today. steve? >> pamela? >> how is it? >> a little cooler. a little cooler today. the wind is also cranked up from that system which moved in from the north. whenever she says steve or pamela, someone always makes a comment. they do we have some fog there. a little bit of cloud deck around. patchy low clouds. it's not extensive. it will be cooler today and the wind is out of the west or southwest. look for breezy, cooler pattern. the only fly in the ointment might be the north bay which could get a little bit of north wind today so those could be the warmest locations. generally running a little cooler here with all the breaks in the low clouds. the last couple of hours low clouds have definitely picked up a little bit. 65 at noon. 70 today in san francisco. there's the system to the north. we're just getting the tail end
5:32 am
of it. that just moves cool air aloft moves in. we'll translate that into a cool every amp. wind -- cooler afternoon. a little windy for some. 60s and 70s coast and bay. good morning. right now we are doing very well on the roads as we take a look at some of these live pictures. the bay bridge. we are getting some more slow traffic, though, as you can see. it's not exactly a big crowd but you will see some people on the road already and always surprises me how early people are getting on the road. but once you get on to the bridge, it looks good. if you are driving across the san mateo or the bay bridge, you look at a live picture of it here, it is a nice looking drive across that span. let's talk about the south bay where 101, 285, the freeways here look pretty g. if you're driving on 101 getting up to the san mateo area, it looks nice and across the bay over to hayward, so far so good on the
5:33 am
san mateo bridge and on the freeway systems there. right now bart, caltrain and miewnl any not reporting any -- puhn ni not reporting any delays -- muni not reporting any delays. investigators still searching for the cause of a fast moving fire that damaged two homes early this morning. alex savage is out talking with investigators and joins us now live from the scene. >> reporter: a possible cause is coming to light. the battalion chief just told me a few minutes ago this fire broke out in a laundry room. it appears as though there may have been an issue with the electrical system. crews are out here right now. they remain on scene. as you can see here behind me, they're trying to make sure this fire is all the way out. it burned two homes side by side here on this street. crews are trying to make sure the flames are knocked down and this fire doesn't blare back up. the good news is everyone -- flair back up. the good news is everyone made it out safely when the fire
5:34 am
erupted. the homes are on 24th street just off market. the fire started in the back of a blue two-story victorian home and then jumped to the place right next door. we saw flames in one case caused power lines to arc during this firefight. a total of 12 people were inside of those two homes. they were all forced outside but again everyone made it out safely. and because these are older victorian homes, firefighters say the flames in this case spread quickly. >> what makes a victorian building difficult to fight is that there are no fire blocks to block it from the floor to the ceiling. so the fire can start at the bottom and reach the attic before we get here. so when we get on scene, no matter where the fire is, we always send someone to the roof and send someone to the attic. >> this was a three-alarm fire this morning meaning there were quite a few extra crews called in from various stations to help out here. all told, more than 50
5:35 am
firefighters were involved and crews did knock down the fire very quickly. it was a very large fire involving two separate home. no firefighters injured. neither were any of the people who live in those two homes. they're all being helped out by the red cross. the red cross will be helping them with a place to stay. crews i'm told will be out here for several more hours tracking down hot spots and trying to make sure this large fire is all the way out. live this morning in oakland. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 news. >> time 5:35. we have developing news in san jose. police are investigating a pretty bad crash. ktvu's jeanine de la vega gathering information from police who say this started with reports of a car burglary. >> reporter: yes. the story keeps developing further as the morning goes o. i'm here on coleman avenue. they have the eastbound lanes blocked off from about sentinel to close to where meridian is. you can see here a car crashed into that pole over there and then it ended up crashing,
5:36 am
turning around here. there is also debris on the street and officers are here investigating. that vehicle turned out to be a stolen vehicle tied to a series of break-ins that happened in neighborhoods close by a couple of hours ago. now, let's go to some video that we shot earlier this morning. this all happened at around 4:00. a couple of people called 911 saying that they saw two suspicious vehicles in the neighborhood and they saw some sort of suspects trying to unlock doors of cars. they said somebody is trying to break into all these vehicles. officers responded to the neighborhood and then recognized a white chevy suburban as one of the vehicles that the suspect was in. they found that car crashed here on coleman. police believe the suspect was inside. he was taken away on a gurney to the hospital. they're still trying to find out more information. the second vehicle, they haven't been able to locate.
5:37 am
they're out in the neighborhoods looking for any more information. but here's what a lieutenant told me a short time ago of what they're doing right now. >> we're trying to see how many victims we have and speak to the victim, what's been taken and at the same time during that investigation, we found a victim of the stolen vehicle here. so we do have the stolen vehicle that was taken unbeknownst to the victim at that location. >> reporter: so at this point it's unclear if there's also another vehicle that's been stolen, what sort of property was taken. we know that there are officers on three different streets in the almadin neighborhoods talking to the victims, talking tots people about what she saw out there gathering more information. it's all sort of developing at this time. as soon as we found out more and as far as the identity of any possible suspect, we'll let you know. reporting from san jose, jeanine de la vega, ktvu
5:38 am
channel 2 news. a sex offender arrested in mountain view is also a suspect in an attack against a 10-year- old girl in san mateo. this is video of the suspect in a barnes and noble bookstore. on june 23 he lured the girl to annual isolated area of the store and attacked her. the description matches that of 70-year-old christopher miller who was arrested ten days ago in mountain view. this is another look at christopher miller. mountain view police say he was arrested after touching himself in front of a woman and her two young children. union city police say he also matches the description of a man who exposed himself to people at a burger king restaurant in july. flags will be at half staff this morning for victims of the washington, d.c. naval yard shooting. on the minds of many is the shooter's motive. brian flores is in our newsroom this morning with some new information that we've learned in just the last half-hour. brian? >> reporter: investigators say it's going to be some time before they piece together a motive but the new detail we're
5:39 am
learning this morning is that the shooter was being treated for mental illness. the ap through u.s. law enforcement sources is reporting that 34-year-old aaron alexis was being treated for mental illnesses that included hearing voices, paranoia and a sleep disorder. he was being treated since august by veterans administration. alexis killed 12 people and himself during yesterday's shooting at the historic washington navy yard. the fbi says he was working as a contractor and had a valid pass which allowed him entry into the building. we're also lettering that alexis was a former navy reservist who was discharged after misconduct but he was able to still hold a security clearance to enter the facility. >> 'pow, pow, wow. then a few seconds it stopped. then pow, pow, pow, pow. so we just ran. >> again investigators are still searching for a motive for the shooting. the f.b.i. is treating it as a criminal investigation, not an act of terrorism. eight other people were injured, including a d.c. police officer. the f.b.i. believes alexis had three
5:40 am
weapons, one of which may have been taken from the injured police officer. yesterday's tragedy is the deadliest on a u.s. military basins the fort hood shooting in 2009. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. there are several reports that security may have been compromised at navy facilities in an effort to cut costs. sources tell both "time" magazine and cnn that a soon to be released government audit found the navy's risk assessment of outside contractors is inadd squat. the audit found that -- is inadequate. the audit found convicted felons received access which could put people at risk. for continued coverage, just go to our website you can look for the national and international section on the main home pain. time is 5:40. a u.c. berkley fan is recovering after being attacked over the weekend after the big game. family members say the unidentified 25-year-old man was beaten saturday night outside of a fraternity house
5:41 am
after the cal-ohio state game. the man had a concussion and also needed stitches. fraternity members say it's the latest attack on greek row. another assault involving a gun was reported that same night. one fraternity member has a broken jaw after being attacked on friday. >> i think these are groups of people who are looking to do something with their weekend nights. they have nothing better to do than start some trouble. >> the police have not confirmed whether the three assaults are related. one person was arrested saturday night on a warrant. we have more details now on crimes reported near the u.c. berkley campus. the fbi says that in 2012, there were 79 assaults reported on and near u.c. berkley. that's the last complete year where the stats are available. 21 robberies were also reported last year. right now it's 5:41. there was a police officer who is now injured after a chase. we'll tell what you led to the
5:42 am
high speed pursuit through the streets of hayward overnight. >> also why pretending your pet is a service dog. that could land you in jail. we'll tell you why. >> it's still a pretty decent drive, although some things have popped thawp might make it a little bit slower for you. >> a little cooler forecast today. the wind has also picked up a little bit but again maybe the weekend, you might want to have a plan b for saturday. what can i get you?
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. time 5:44. a santa rosa organization is asking lawmakers to take action against people who try to pass off their pets as service animals. the c.e.o. of canine companions for independence says anyone can buy vests or backpacks that say service dog online along with
5:45 am
fake papers. he says real service dogs go through intensive training and some restaurants and stores have banned service dogs due to the behavior of fake service animals. >> i went to the website, plunking down $50, $250 and getting a backpack or a vest that says service dog. >> the state board has voted to launch an ad campaign to shame owners of fake service dogs. those owners can face finals or even jail time -- fines or even jail time in california. time 5:45. continuing coverage now. the flooding disaster in colorado. the worst of the rain is over but people are still being rescued from the floods that have killed at least eight people. at least 3,000 families have already registered with fema asking for help. that number is expected to go up. rescue crews say many areas still have to be searched and the focus remains on people still unaccounted for. yesterday some people were actually able to go back home and see the damage. >> my building is split in half with huge boulders in it and a
5:46 am
tree that fell between the two parts of the building. it's incredible. >> almost 18,000 homes in colorado have been damaged. in boulder county alone, it's expected to cost $150 million to repair the roads and bridges affected by the flooding. the united states, britain and france say the report by united nations inspectors proves the syrian government used chemical weapons in an attack last month. the inspector's report says there is clear and convincing evidence that chemical weapons were used to kill hundreds of people. the report does not say who was behind the attack but it does say surface-to-sir fast missiles with russian righting on them were used to spread the sarin gas. a white house spokesman says only the syrian army has that type of missile. the capsized cruise ship costa concordia is now upright 20 months after it ran aground off the italian coast. this is video from this morning. they are trying to prevent the
5:47 am
ship from breaking apart to keep the spoiled food and chemicals on board from polluting the water. two of the 32 people who died are still missing and it's hoped that their bodies can now be found. governor brown has asked federal judges for a three-year delay in order to ease the state's prison overcrowding. the state had until yesterday to issue a report on how it plans to reduce the prison population by 9600 inmates by the end of the year. if the judges deny his request, the state would spend $315 million this fiscal year to house the inmates in private prisons and county jails instead. if approved, the state will send 2500 inmates to county jails or community correctional facilities. time 5:47. this morning could be the end of a very long property tax fight between chevron and contra costa county. the two sides have disagreed on the value of the chevron refinery in richmond for almost ten years now. chevron says the refinery was
5:48 am
overvalued and asked for a $73 million refund. but the county said the property's assessment was too low, wanted chevron to pay even more taxes. the board of supervisors could approve a plan that would drop all of the disputes and create more cooperation in assessing the refinery in the future. new zealand could clinch the 34th americas cup with two victory the layer today that would end this year's super bowl of yacht racing. the first race against oracle team u.s.a. is set to begin at 1:15 this afternoon. the second race is set to start one ho our later. however -- one hour later. it's possible both races could be delayed or even canceled because of today's expected high winds out there on san francisco bay. okay, 5:48. we'll check in with steve in just a moment about how windy it will be out on the bay. first let's go to sal for traffic. >> good morning once again. we're not all that bad.
5:49 am
we start off with the bay bridge. you are seeing some more slow traffic out there as the minutes wear on. northbound 101, northbound 880 and southbound 880 a little bit slower as well at the bay bridge toll plaza. all he see traffic on the actual span itself looking pretty good if you are driving through. when you're driving off the san mateo bridge or to it from industrial and 880 and 92, that traffic is moving along very nicely with no major issues. public transportation doing well. bart, caltrain and muni. now let's go back to steve. >> i just want to transition. did you build that in there, sal? >> yes, i have all these toys. you like that? >> yes, very nice, sir. a system to the north is allowing our breeze to pick up and also means a cooler forecast for most inland locations. a good gust. sfo, livermore, highs today mainly 60s and 70s. san jose will go for a high of
5:50 am
76 degrees. can be a you few low clouds in the morning but already 57. a little cool for some, especially under clear skies, a system that's producing that and the breeze and cooler temps is right here at the oregon border. the next one in the weather highway will be here late friday and saturday. that one looks stronger. 50s on the temps. low, mid or upper 60s. livermore saying 63 degrees. not a bad breeze. 22 fairfield. 17 concord. 18 oakland so things have picked up. generally it's a sea breeze out of the west. san jose calm. there's sfo, 28. that's not a gust. so a little breezy, windy over there. the patchy low clouds seem to be picking up a little bit in intensity but they'll burn off. i think we'll get a northerly breeze behind that which i think the warmest temps will be in the north bay. it will be cooler for most as our cloud and rain forecast, i want to join your -- draw your attention. i think this will be slower but it's a sign of things to come for late friday into saturday. we'll see how it develops but i think it will make it.
5:51 am
fog, sunny, breezy. temperatures coming down for the most part. 70s, 80s inland. although i did go agent bit on the low 80s in napa, santa rosa. 78 san rafael. 65 pacifica. hayward 71. upper 70s, mr. es sanity, livermore. 70s on the peninsula 75 in mountain view to redwood city. does look a little warmer on wednesday, thursday in advance of that system. then it will start to move in on friday for a cooldown. the rain will make it to the north bay saturday. we'll see if it make it is farther south. the morning lows will definitely be fall like and cooling as we head to sunday morning. >> thank you, steve. more people will be out shopping this year. shopper track expects holiday sales to be up 2.4% compared to last year. but that's not as big of an increase as 2011 and 2012. analysts say the reason? the job picture is a little better this year but most americans are still trying to juggle the higher cost of living with very modest boosts to their incomes. consumer prices are up.
5:52 am
the commerce department just released its monthly report for august and says higher housing and medical costs are the biggest reasons for the increase. forbes list of the richest americans didn't change much this year. microsoft founder bill gates remains on top for the 20th year in a row. investor warren buffett and/or cal founder larry ellison held down the second and third spots. the biggest change is the afternoon worst of people on theley. it's now $1.3 billion, that's $200 million more than last year's average. >> did you know that the woman who owns our company is the biggest media owner on that list, even more than rupert murdoch. >> the cox family, they've done well. time 5:52. what's next for the bart contract talks with time slipping away to avert another strike. why the focus is on bart management. what they're expected to do later this morning. also next, a franchise record for the golden state warriors, the milestone they reached off the course.
5:53 am
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5:56 am
of the playoffs, the warriors sold out a record 38 straight games, the largest sellout since 1988. oakland a az fans will soon have to go through extra security to get to a game. starting thursday night, fans, you've got to go through metal detectors when you enter the oakland coliseum. your bags will be searched. you'll empty your pockets as well. major league baseball said theres there's no league rule. the warriors -- there's no league rule. the board of regents will consider a proposal to spend up to $6 million to renovate a rundown mansion that used to house u.c. presidents. the three bedroom, seven bath blake house in kensington has been empty for the last five years. supporters of renovating the mansion say in the long run it would be less expensive than continuing to rent homes for u.c. presidents. the university has leased new incoming president janet napolitano a home in oakland
5:57 am
for $9900 a month. that's $2,000 less than the previous president's home. a new public charter school opens in san francisco and mark zucker burke will be one of the -- zuckerberg will be one of the featured guests. he already has a relationship with the preparatory school from his work in new jersey. this will be the first high school in san francisco, the ribbon cutting ceremony is at 11:00 this morning. our time is 5:57. still ahead, developing news. two homes that caught fire this morning in oakland. the very latest from 24th and market in west oakland and whether anyone was hurt. plus, the continuing search for clues to yesterday's shooting rampage at the washington, d.c. naval yard. what we now know about the gunman and the victim. good morning. so far so good when it comes to driving around the bay. we'll tell you more about 237 and the south bay commute coming up. >> the breeze has picked up for some, not for all. it will be cooler today.
5:58 am
how much cooler? we'll have the forecasted highs and another look and talk about that possible weekend rain. 0!ockñ?çóxo?ñ=çñññçvxqx?ñññ?óioy
5:59 am
good morning.
6:00 am
a scary scene in oakland. 50 firefighters battle an early morning blaze that damaged two homes. possible cause officials reveal to us just in the last 30 minutes. we're live in san jose where a car burglar crashes a stolen car. we will have the latest in this investigation and tell you why police think this may be linked to other burglaries. >> reporter: we're live in campbell where chp is looking for the driver of this car who they say caused a five-car crash on a south bay freeway this morning. plus new details emerging about the gunman behind yesterday's mass schooling. the condition he -- mass shooting. the condition he was being treated for before he started his rampage. ktvu channel 2 news continues. welcome back. we want to take you out live to san jose where we're o


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