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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  September 17, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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remembering the victims in the d.c. navy yard shooting and the surprising support friends are showing for the gunman. only on 2, the case widens against a ymca worker in a string of sexual assaults on children. and b.a.r.t. looks over the latest proposal to avert a strike. we'll update the talks -- happening right now. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. today authorities honored the
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victims of yesterday's mass shooting as investigators uncover new information about the gunman. [taps] this morning secretary of defense, chuck hagel, laid a wreath at the u.s. navy memorial in washington, d.c. to pay tribute to the 12 people killed by a shooter who died in a gun battle with police. in a news conference that just wrapped up within the past half- hour, the fbi says it has concluded that aaron lexis acted alone -- aaron alexis acted alone. >> we have personnel from our behavioral analysis unit investigating as we try to determine the motivation behind the shootings. we continue to look into mr. alexis's past including his medical and criminal histories. >> sources said the alleged gunman had been hearing voices
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and was undergoing treatment from the veterans affairs in the weeks before the shootings. our coverage continues in washington, d.c. with more details on the gunman's background. steve? >> reporter: good afternoon,er to i. that's right. the -- that's right. the fbi is puzzled. they are trying to figure out what could have driven aaron alexis to this horrible deed that left 12 people dead at the wash navy yard behind me. they will be looking at his background, his security clearance, purchase of weapons. all of these things come together. we're learning quite a few things about the man, to, about mr. alexis. it's a much calmer scene at the navy yard as authorities continue to investigate the manned at the -- an and the motive behind the rampage. aaron alexis reportedly suffering from mental issues. the v.a. said to be treating the defense contractor and former navy reservist since last month for
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his problems including hearing voices but the navy did not declare him unfit. >> we had hussein, we had sneaden. where is the next -- snowden. where is the next time bomb? >> reporter: this is not the first time alexis has had a brush with the law. two shootings in the last nine years leading to arrests. friends say he did not show any aggressive. >> i don't believe he's that kind of guy. really nice and gent. >> reporter: washington getting back to business. the white house flag flying at half staff as chuck hagel lays a wreath at the memorial in honors of the victims. >> we're continuing to try to things back to normcy as quickly as we possibly can in the city. it was a horrific tragedy, unlike anything we've seen in
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the district of columbia. >> reporter: defense officials say aaron alexis did get an honorable discharge from the navy back in 2011, in spite of the record his showed absences and insubordination. back to you. >> more details. the cap a i doctors the country -- the capitol buildings across the country are flying at half staff. go to to learn more about what happened in this tragic shooting. our hot topics section information has more information. a former ynca worker charged in child molestation cases is facing new trouble. new charges are expected to be
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filed today against the suspect. robert handa is live in morganhill with exclusive details. >> reporter: good afternoon. we're in morgan hill at the police department, where the investigation into this former child care worker continues to add more victims. now, we've been following the case of 20-year-old nicholas larimey since we first broke the story in july when he was arrested. two more victims were added a week later. a 5-year-old and 7-year-old, both girl and now we've learned a fifth leaked victim has been found. this time a 3-year-old girl. more devastating developments for his family, friends and former coworkers. >> it's devastating for everyone involved. i think what is the most alarming about this case is that it reminds us all that a child molester if these charges are proven true can be anybody. it's not necessarily someone that's easily identifiable. >> one of our detectives, met
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with the family and the victim. it appears this minor will be added to the list of victims with the santa clara district attorney's office. >> reporter: now, nick coy list is scheduled to be in court this -- nicholas is scheduled to be in court this afternoon. district attorney says they will be adding the new charges of lewd and lascivious conduct on a mooner. we'll have more at 5:00 and 6:00 tonight. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. a registered sex offender arrested in mountain view is suspected in a separate attack on a 10-year-old girl on the peninsula. san mateo police this summer released video of an incident in a barnes & noble on june 23rd. investigators say the man lured the girl to an isolated area of the store and attacked her. the description in the case matches christopher miller, arrested ten days ago in mountain view. police say he was arrested there for lewd behavior in front of a woman and her two
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young children. it's only a matter of time before san jose police catch up with a driver in a hit-and-run crash on 880 early this morning. they say the driver lost control near bascom avenue just after 2:00 a.m. and caused a five-car accident. the pileup shut all northbound lanes for a short time 57 the driver of the jaguar that caused the accident disappeared in another unknown vehicle. police say the jaguar was new, bought six days ago and did not have plates. but police found a cell phone inside. the people in the other cars only suffered minor injuries. officers dealing with a series of car break-ins in san jose caught up with one suspect this morning and are looking for a second. they say people in the almaden valley neighborhood reported two suspicious-looking suspects sometime before 4:00 a.m. police responding to the calls, found a stolen chevy that crashed into a light pole on coleman avenue.
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the suspect driver was hospitalized with serious injuries under police watch. >> recently, we've had a small rash of vehicles being broken into and most of them are vehicles that are left unlocked. these individuals are actually going around finding unlocked vehicles and taking the items. >> police confiscated several stolen items from the stolen suv. they said they identified at least four victims and would be arresting the hospitalized suspect. a hayward police officer suffered minor injuries after being hurt in a scuffle during an early-morning chase. police say two suspects were arrested after leading police on a chase in a stolen car and then ramming a police cruiser. police say two other cars in the neighborhood were also hit by the getaway car. the suspects are now in custody. there are now 23 days until the cooling-off period ends in the ongoing labor dispute. both sides have maintained, they are far apart in
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negotiations. happening now, ktvu's sal castanedo is live in oakland where talks resumed this morning and sal, where are things going so far? >> reporter: well, toeshry -- tori, b.a.r.t. is reviewing the latest offer. it promises tone another tough day here. people walking in with no smiles on their cases and the union is now accusing b.a.r.t. of refusing to negotiate. they are talking about pay and benefits and trying to hammer out a new labor contract. today, union members say bargain has come to a standstill. >> they are not interested in negotiating. they've made their offer and they are sticking with the district's offer. so the union is willing to negotiate. we are willing to keep negotiating for the next 23 days that we got left. >> reporter: the union said it's made concessions which would save b.a.r.t. more than $10 million but the chief negotiator said the two sides are still more than $100
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million apart. >> we're talking about $112 million over four years. that's a lot of money. >> reporter: now, the impasse led to a strike in july. could lead to another one if there's no agreement. the governor said he's done all he could by asking for and receiving a 60-day cooling off period. now he says it's up to the union and b.a.r.t. it does seem as if both sides are more hopeful something can get done to avoid what would be another commute nightmare for bay area drivers and for ferry and train passengers as well. live in oakland, sal castanedo, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you, sal. a problem with electrical wiring may be at fault for a fire that destroyed two victorian homes in oakland and displaced 11 people. 911 calls started to come in at 3:30 this morning as smoke and flames rose from two homes at 24th and market. fire officials say the flames
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broke out inside a first-floor laundry room and quickly spread to the attics. the fire caused minor damage to a third home in a bedroom where a young man was sleeping. >> and my bed was on fire. after my bed was on fire, the side of the wall inside was on fire and the flames just went up in flames up there, destroyed my ceiling and most of my clothes, you know. >> investigators say a problem with electric wiring may have sparked the fire no one was hurt. >> a nature center worker is being credited for the capture of two suspects in the deadly humboldt county cross bow attack. the arrest ended a massive manhunt in the woods near arcadia after two homeless were shot last week. authorities arrested 20-year- old phoenix kick and a 16-year- old -- king and a 16-year-old girl after an employee at the center recognized the pair and called 911. prosecutors say the judge will ultimately decide if the girls should be tried as an adult.
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a big boost for the oakland police department. more money to hire new officers. why the city of oakland is receiving a federal-setting federal grant. part of the bay area are in for a warmup. rosemary will tell us when temperatures will peak and how soon we could see wet weather. and taking a stand against i.c.e. the plan being used that may cut city at odds with federal policy. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week.
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the capsized cruise ship costa concordia is upright 20 months after it ran aground off the italian coast. you are looking at a time lapse video of crews pulling the ship upwards overnight. they are trying to prevent the ship from breaking apart and keep the chemicals on board from polluting the water. this type of operation had never been attempted on a ship this big. you can go to to click more video. there's good news for oakland's crime-fighting efforts. new at noon, city leaders just announced new money is available to hire more police officers. alex savidge is live in oakland with word on why oakland was apardon -- awarded these federal dollars. >> reporter: good afternoon. the oakland police department
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has been decimated by budget cuts. this money will help pay for ten new police officers. the money is awarded to departments all across the country facing staffing shortages and high crime rates. this year the city was given the largest grant in the country. >> eyes our hope. it's definitely our belief that these resources we are announcing today they will offer push lick safety agencies here in oakland and throughout california sol much-needed assistance -- some much-needed assistance to address major issues, homicides, gang crimes, gun crimes. >> reporter: the oakland police department will get over $4.5 million from the cops program. that's community oriented police services. this money is awarded by the u.s. department of justice. right now, the city of oakland has just 614 sworn police officers. the some is down about 200 officers from just a few years
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ago, the city is brapling with gun violence that's recently defendant -- graphing grappling with gun violence that's recently left a young girl dead. >> we say no more. we're gonna do everything we can to stop the violence and stop the snuffing out of our young children at such early ages. >> reporter: several other bay area law enforcement agencies will also receive sizable grants this year through the c.o.p.s. program. the alameda sheriff's office is getting over $2 million. vallejo will receive about a million dollars and east palo alto will be getting $250,000. in the meantime, the city of oakland is slowly restoring its staffing levels. a representative from the mayor's office will be graduating 36 new officers from their academy. that will happen thfern this friday and they will be hitting
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the streets shortly after that. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. san francisco supervisors are considering a controversial plan to ops out of the federal secure communitities program. the program requires local authorities to submit fingerprints in every arrest to federal immigration officials. if a match occurs, a person can be held for up to 48 hours to allow ice agents to assume custody. john avaolos is introducing due process for all that would prohibit immigration detention. tonight, walnut creek city leaders will discuss a law to ban smoking for most of downtown. in june, the city council delayed hearing that proposal. the plan would ban smoking in all commercial areas at public events and in city-owned parks. the ban may extend to condos and apartment complexes. community leaders in the excelsior district are try tog
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shut down an -- trying to shut down an internet cafe. critics say they've seen plenty of gambling and very little googling. they also say they've witnessed drinking, drug use and lightering. >> there are individuals who go into the business and they come out $200 richer. it looks like there's a gamble going on. >> it's not gambling. it's sweepstakes. it follows the law very closely. sweepstakes is predetermined prices. gambling you take chances. there's no chances here. >> last night a meeting was held to discuss the issue. police say the cafe has been the subject of numerous complaints. general motors unveileddable electric car plan -- unveiled an electric car plan that would challenge the tesla. it says it is developing an electric car that would go 200 miles on a singing charge for
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about $30,000. right now the bay area's tesla is the leader with its long- range model-s. but the cost for the car, $70,000. strong winds could detail team new zealand's chance to clinch the 34th america's cup today. the team needs two victories to win and is scheduled for a first race against defending champ oracle team at 1:15. a second race is set to start an hour later. we're hearing it will likely be postponed because of strong winds. no decision will be made on canceling the second race until after the first race is completed. we are looking at unseasonably cooler weather for your tuesday afternoon. outside our doors right knew, plenty of -- right now. plenty of sunshine to go around. a live look at mt. diablo. temperatures are within a few degrees of yesterday. some slightly cooler, some slightly warmer. but again, we're running a little cool for this time of
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year and for many it is going to be breezy today. 78 in napa right now. 64 san francisco. 67 in hayward. low to mid-70s as you get into the independent -- i land east bay. 74 in livermore. 7 talking about the -- talking about the winds a few minutes ago, 54 through fairfield. concord, napa, oakland, everybody reporting some type of breeze. ary we looking at this -- we're looking at this breeze to pick up in the afternoon. a small craft advisory for the bay. 1:00 to 9:00 today with winds gusting to perhaps 25 knots. as tori mentioned, that could impact america's cup races for today because that could go beyond their limits. into the afternoon for today, we have coomb conditions, breezy conditions. here's your source. the system will continue to move to the east. behind it we're looking at a warmup for tomorrow. for today there is a look at
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the numbers. 76 in san rafael for the afternoon. 72 for oakland. 74 in fremont. 76 in san jose. up along the peninsula for the afternoon, 75 redwood city, 73 san mateo, 68 in san francisco with the afternoon breeze, again, quite strong along the coast, around the bay and perhaps through the delta. so expect that for the second half of your day. if you are not dealing with the winds now, they may come later. taking care of today, temperatures relatively mild as we get into wednesday/thursday, we do have a warm up in store. i want to turn you to friday because by the afternoon, we'll be turning cloudy. temperatures are cooler and by the evening hours, the possibility of a few scattered showers moving into the area, it is a slight chance but this -- that this will continue for saturday morning as well. the two final days of summer could actually have a little bit of rain. we'll be tracking that for you. it doesn't look like a big system but maybe a few sprinkles. we dry out saturday afternoon. we're dry on sunday. but temperatures relatively mild.
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upper 70s in the forecast. low 70s around the bay and low 60s along the coast. >> sounds good. a new warning about the use of antibiotics. coming up how drugs given to livestock may tin yard vertently be possible for -- inadvertently be responsible for thousands of deaths every year. ?.=(=pcpcpcpcpcpcpcpcpc2h
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stocks holding onto their gains putting the market on track for its third advance in a row. trading is light as the federal reserve gathered for a two-day meeting. many expect the fed to reduce
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its $85 million bond-buying program. the dow is up 38. the nasdaq is up 28 and the s&p is up 7. a new cdc warning is out about the use of antibiotics in livestock. the cdc says antibiotics given to livestock have been linked to growing instances of humane resistance to antibiotics. experts say that may amount to 20,000 deaths each year. the cdc also says people who live near farms where animals are given antibiotics are at a significantly higher risk of contract, the superbug mrsa. fans of the red hot oakland as are lining up to buy tickets for the postseason. tickets for the playoffs went on sale. hundreds began to line up more than four hours ago . the as are in first place and the magic number to clinch is 7. meanwhile, jerry seinfeld is taking the microphone for the giants' game against the
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new york mets. seinfeld is a life-long mets' fan and will be at the booth in new york. today at 5:00 on the news, more on the story we brought you on only 2, allegations against a ymc -- ymca child care worker. alex savidge will have more details. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we'll see you the next time news breaks.
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