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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  September 24, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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it's coming out of the west so even though it's howling at 41 miles an hour at the san francisco airport, a westerly wind was setting us up with a moisture cooler flow. so winds right now in san francisco are 21 miles an hour so the winds are still out of the west. here's what changes. as we go into the next 24 hours, winds are going to start to clock around and start to come out of the east. that give this is prompt the national weather service to issue a fire weather watch for the hills around the bay area. winds are going to gust 25, 35, maybe a little more than that. the fire danger is increasing. today's winds not good, but not as bad as dryer winds forecasted over the next 36 to 48 hours. we'll see you back here and ken? >> bill, max welton road is still closed, that leads to the fire scene. the evacuation order has been lifted. even though this fire is out, firefighters and of course neighbors who live in these hills are very concerned about
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tonight's winds. >> the fast moving fire heavily damaged this home on max welton road and wind whipped embers set two other houses on fire next door. it broke out around 2:30 this afternoon while a woman was sleeping inside. she got on out safely. firefighters faced same problems we saw in the 91 oakland hills fire storm. narrow roads limiting access, low water pressure and strong winds. >> winds not favorable to us coming up canyon pushing the fire into the exposure buildings and across the street. >> we witnessed a spot fire erupt a few hundred feet from the main fire. neighbors quickly grabbed some tools and a hose and knocked down the flames before spreading. >> i grew up not too far from here and we evacuated and are well aware of what happened up here. very scary. >> reporter: we had the family that lived in that house was allowed to visit it here about 90 minutes ago and this was
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their first chance to see the damage. the house was heavily damaged. they're not quite yet calling it totally destroyed, but it does not look good for the 4,200-square foot home. and the fire chief just happened to stop by so i wanted to ask you with these conditions we're expecting tonight are firefighters going to be on the scene all night long? >> we're going to have engine companies on all the night tonight. we're going to put foam on it right now and we'll be doing overhaul and fire watch also most of the day tomorrow. >> thank you, chief. from the piedmont fire department. again, the fire for the most part is out but they don't want to take any chances with these winds. ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news only on two with the possibility of another bart strike looming we have learned the way bart is structured, board of directors, leaves the transit agency vulnerable of strikes. tom has more. >> reporter: it's a big question
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because it raises the question, is bart's labor management relationship irreparably broken? >> i put that to the county supervisor and teacher, john perada. >> does the model work anymore? it hasn't worked for quite sometime. he says the publicly elected board has proven infective. >> there are only three directly elected transportation agencies in the entire country. two of them are here, ac transit and bart. >> and ac transit's also looking at the possible strike. parada would replace bart with the single wide rail agency subject to binding arbitration. >> if we're going to have a strangle hold on the economy that is through bart when the strikes become apparent, we ought to have a process that says no strikes. >> riders we saw should be
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appointed all is true with all major systems expect denver. we elected board. they don't necessarily know much about budgets and how to run a good budget. >> they should probably picket themselves. i don't know if -- it's not something i would vote on. i would probably skip it if it was on the ballot because i don't know who could run this company. >> he says his well honed political antenna tells him if there is a strike, both sides could be saddled with legislation or an initiative. it could change bart's structure and management. transit unions could lose the ability to strike in the future in favor of processes used by other systems binding arbitration or independent wage boards. >> reporter: neither bart or the union could provide a spokesperson today, but we're going to pursue that part of the story tomorrow. eventually we'll get them to answer.
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ktvu channel 2 news today, union negotiations got their say with a federal mediator. today, the unions got to comment on it, pay and benefits are the two major issues and the two sides are an estimated $100 million apart. the federal mediator schedules talks in the coming days. there are 16 days left and we could have another bart strike unless a contract is reached before then new video tonight, a shocking assault inside a safeway store in san lel eshgs leandro. the incident happened yesterday morning at the save safeway store. anyone with information about this man is asked to call police
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a multiagency sweep has lended eight wanted sex ovunderstander -- landed eight wanted ex-offenders. sex offenders. the county wieb sweep targeted wide sweep targeted wanted criminals. 70 checks to make sure the conditions were being met of the par roll parole conditions police arrest ed 217-year-old boys on bank croft avenue -- 2, 17-year-old boys. police say shots were fired on 82 nd avenue. the teens sped away and crashed into a subaru.
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a man was pronounced dead at the scene. police arrested the two teens on the spot. >> we're happy they're off the street because clearly they are dangerous individuals. >> no one was hurt in the shooting prior are to the crash. the names of the two teens have not been released because they are minors a chunk of metal caused big headaches for more than a dozen drivers when their car was damaged on an east bay highway. 13-car his flood tires or body damage after running over metal near interstate 880. a witness tells us the highway patrol that he saw it fall off a truck. fortunately, no one was hurt a california congressman wants to penalize if they bus patients off the state and dumps
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then, coming on the acquisition that a nevada company dumps patients out of the state. repeat offenders would have 45 days to correct issues or lose federal funding for medicare patients today, a bill was signed into law to crediteate a statewide -- create a statewide earthquake system, 60 seconds warning before a quake. been 2016, it has an estimated price tag of $80 million it is official. oracle team usa has made an unheard of come back and is now one away from holding on to the america's. we've live now from san francisco with a do-or-die day facing both teams right now. david? >> with great weather and a thrilling competition today, the fans aren't going home. they've stuck around to watch a
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repeat of the two races that brought oracle from behind to within reach of winning tomorrow. oracle team usa won seven races in a row to tie at 8 races each. a remarkable come back for a team on the edge of defeat for about a week. the ac 72s will face off tomorrow, that's brought back some excitement to the competition. >> very exciting. and nervous and just on my tip toes cheering for them. >> this is a bill deal. this is the main sport they have. u.s. has so many sports so we really hope new zealand will get this. >> reporter: just about an hour ago i was briefed by a race official about what fans can expect to see here tomorrow. between 11:00 and noon, both yachts will pull up to the pier 24. they'll do a fly by at about
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12:10 and the race will start at 1:15. crowds have averaged 20,000 during the week. higher on the weekends and race officials tell me they have no idea how many will turn out tomorrow. expected guests include san francisco mayor ed lee and former mayor gavin newsome who was instrumental in bringing the race here. the award ceremony tomorrow is scheduled for about an hour after the races end with either team oracle or team new zealand taking home the trophy pedestrian in 1848 and the rights to run next competition of america's cup. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news community leaders celebrated '2 news community leaders celebrated the reopening of a freshly reason o valted -- renov ated village -- renovated village. they includea health clinic,
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charter school and a 3,000-square foot community space. >> this needs a multiservice center and this is the place we'll do that. i want to thank all of you and it's a beautiful present. >> the village was previously managed by you a nonprofit. the city took over management two years ago we told about you crimes against casual car poolers. now, new information about why commuters aren't the only ones being targeted. >> i'm very, very worried. this is an unprecedented kind of ride. >> also, few are bay area women are getting breast cancer dying. >> and temperatures trending upward in the bay area forecast. i'll lay at the specific conditions to assess in your neighborhood.
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security wear john macafes he working on a new venture in silicone valley. he'll fund the project himself and is meeting with potential partners in palo alto. he says he will unveil one of his ideas at the c 2 sv music and technology festival in san jose this weekend. he left his home in belize a year ago following the shooting of a neighbor of the during the interview he insisted he was not involved in the killing there are new developments tonight involving robbers who targeted commuters in a neighborhood car pool line. today, we discovered the incident is part of a disturbing trend. police say robberies are on the rise in a part of oakland usually considered safe and family friendly. ktvu's alley rasmus talked with city leaders about the uptick in rock ridge. >> a brazen armed robbery at the
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casual car pool stop in oakland has residents questioning their safety in rock ridge. >> it's just really scarey and unnerving. >> a gunman forced at least eight people waiting for line to hand over bags. it's the first time commuters have been targeted. it was not an isolated incident of the armed robberies are on the rise in rock ridge are. there have been three in the past four days. >> in oakland, police district two, including parts of the oakland hills, there have been nine armed robberies and nearly 50 percent increase over the same period a year ago. police arrest ed two people for the robbery at the -- arrested two people and they're looking into whether the same people may be involved. >> two arrests have been made, one adult and one juvenile. at least three neighborhoods are are discussing the idea of high are private security to
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supplement patrol. >> councilman says five officers from the last graduating police academy have been assigned to area 2 along with several new investigators. >> we've also been assigned a new investigator solely for robberies north oakland, separate investigators solely for burglaries, and we're about to get a investigator for assaults in north oakland. >> we just need to talk to each other more and watching what's going to and letting each other know if we're going to be away. >> for now, residents are depending on each other to stay safe. alley rasmus, channel 2 news. >> and neighborhoods banding together to hire private security is not something new in oakland. we reported earlier this month the okaymore neighborhood more the okay -- oakland zoo and mills college have all hired private security new at 6:00 tonight, fewer women in marin county are getting and dying from breast cancer. that's the conclusion of new
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data from the california cancer registry. researchers saw a steady decline in cancer diagnosis, and deaths during the five-year period of 2008 to 2010. marin county's cancer rate is still 10% higher than california and 20% than the national change. the rate of cancer diagnosis is 144 out on of 100,000. the national rate is 142. researchers say the decline is due to earlier declaration and improved personalized treatment. >> we posted the study and some of its major findings on under hot topics google cleared up issues with its g mail service. delays and downloads were reported throughout the day yesterday. the problem was repaired last night. it appears the glitch only impacted about 29% of users.
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>> netflix has launched technology to make sure your twitter feed has no more spoilers. it lets you log into twitter but blacks out tweets on the show. can you log back into your full twitter account after the show temperatures today a lot like yesterday. temperatures tomorrow, cooler still, and the wind withes are out there. the on shore winds and that's got temperatures on the mild side. 79 in antiock. it's going to be a little cooler inland tomorrow. a nice looking day and then things start to warm up as we go into the bay area thursday, friday, and saturday. 69 in livermore, 68 in napa. temperatures right now cooler than they were last night at this time, and that's because of that brisk wind. we had 30, 40 miles an hour. away from the beaches offshore
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but that's pretty significant off ocean beach. 52 in vallejo, 54 if antioch, kind of chilly when you get going. this low pressure's close enough. that's why temperatures have been sort of down a little a. remember how warm it was? temperatures are trending down because of this low pressure. low pressure's going to go away. high pressure's going to build there and temperatures are going to warm. tomorrow in san jose, it's 71 degrees for the daytime high. we take a downtown oakland tomorrow. you're going to be back in the 70ings, as well of the the microclimates flatten out in this type flatten out. 70 in vallejo and 72 in san raphael. warm coast and -- warm bay and warm coast. this is typical. the temperatures pattern sort of flushes out. what is going to happen, winds will clock around out of the east and temperatures will warm up, humidities will go down and that fire weather watch goes
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into effect in the hills and north bay. you'll notice warmer temperatures. for the next few days, temperatures trended down and after wednesday, they start to stair step their way right back up. we'll be here thursday, that sort of turnaround day when you really notice the temperatures on the increase, you're going to notice lots of 80s in the inland valleys, and upper 70s, and friday, saturday, and sunday you're in the upper 80s. this is when fire danger gets a little more intense, and the winds coming out of the northeast. updates on the 10:00 broadcast. tomorrow's another mild day a lot like today, very pleasant. the warmer weather coming. >> this is the best time of year. it's really perfect. thank you, bill coming up on bay area news, a warehouse targeted by thieves, and a major player's big merger
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california drivers will have to give cyclists more room with they pass them on the road. governor signed a bill requiring three feet between riders as they pass, this replacing the more lenient law that requires a quote, safe distance. the new law says they have to slow down. >> hopefully with an education plan and as we make more people aware, we won't need the law as much. it makes us all feel a little bit safe. >> the new law takings effect in september 2014. violators will face a $35 fine that could go up to $220. california is the 22nd state to pass such a law all right. mark's here now. 49ers have a really short week. they've had two rough weekends. they have to turn things around
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quickly. a short intense in what you might call very strakting work week as they -- distracting work week as they get ready for st. louis, and the rams they did not beat last year. as you well know by now, smith will not be a participant thursday night or maybe any time soon. that doesn't mean the media's not going to be asking about his absence. here's defensive back's response to the question. let that be a distraction. head coaches put a good team together. that next person has to come in and play to the level of him or better than him. >> in the meantime, we want to talk a little bit about the raiders who came as no surprise the way they got worked last
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night. there were some definite positives. terrell prior was t oshgsoed. he has a concussion, not knowing the severity of it, but he has to go through the nfl protocol. he's not allowed to talk to you media. we don't know if he'll face the redskins this coming sunday. he did have a tweet. now you don't know what kind of mood he was in or if it was tongue and cheek. sorry about the loss raider nation, good hit by whoever it was. i heard our team well and we will be back. so that doesn't sound all that promising with regard to him actually playing sunday against rg3. meantime, soccer in london, looks leak a typical play here -- like a typical play. upon further review look what happens as the defender is
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called for a foul and rightly so, most embarrassing moment over there. coach is on, like, what? can't do that, can you? and he still kicked it. >> that's dedication, playing through pain or embarrassment. his cheeks were red and police want to take their 911 system high-tech and tonight on the 10:00 news, the obstacles that would let people call for help with a text. >> and we're always here at good night.
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