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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  September 26, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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montgomery, and we have team coverage tonight, we'll tell you about the increased security for tonight's game at at&t park, and we begin with rob, and new details. >> well, in the past hour, the police have announced the arrest of 21-year-old michael montgomery for murder in the stabbing death of a dodgers fan last night. jonathan denver was stabbed to death last night, and police say after the game a fight broke out blocks from the ballpark. his father resides in southern california, and works as a security guard at the stadium. >> he would come over, and help, we have elderly people here, and take the trash out, he's a great kid. >> police say more than an hour after the game end ed, denver and his group, encountered four
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men, and the men had been to the nightclub. >> it started off, back and forth, go dodgers, and go giants, and it went down from there. >> he made incriminating statements. >> the fact that anybody got in a beef over the dodgers and giants, and somebody lost their life, it's senseless. >> denver worked as an apprentice at fort bragg, the family is grief stricken. >> they can't believe that has happened to them. >> the dodgers released a statement, saying they're shocked to learn of the death of a son of one of their security guards. ktvu channel 2 news. >> san francisco police are out in force at the park, for the game tonight, and we're there with some of the tact ticks, being used to prevent more violence. >> yeah, the officers say if they sniff a fiepth brewing, the
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fans will be ejected. speaking of fans, thousands are making their way in the ballpark here, and we've seen politically incorrect oaf -- plenty of police here, and many more uniformed officers here tonight, to prevent fights, and as one professor told us today, the fans can get so fired up, the sports team become part of their identity. thursday night at the ballpark, the giants and dodgers. with a twist. the killing of a fan. >> i think it's unfortunate, because i think san francisco is better than that. >> on the minds of the orange and ballparks as well as the blue. >> will you wear your blue? >> i don't know. >> it should never come to that, there's no place for that in sports. >> professor is a social psychologist in the university of san francisco. >> alcohol might be a factor here, but as the tempers start
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to flair, and people get obsessed. >> the groupz of teams they -- groups of teams they cheer for, can actually become part of their identity. >> the team is doing well, this is called, basking in reflected glory. >> the statement said the giants are working with sfpd, to work with them to beef up the security. >> there's no place at these games for violence. nobody's life should be at stake. >> tonight, the police will have undercover officers, patrolling inside and outside the park, just as they have been, since this fan was baenlt outside of the stadium in 2007. >> there is zero tolerance, arrests will be swift. >> back life at the ballpark,
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many fans are not afraid to wear the colors tonight. they will honor jvrdz with a moment -- jvdz jonathan denver with a moment on silence. >> there is a statement today, they can say, we are hoar if i had, and deeply -- horrified, and saddened by this is act of violence. coming up at the 10:00 news, more of jonathan denver's life and work there. there's a new contract agreement, and try to avoid another strike. the good faith is not returned by bart. the major sticking points are pay and benefits. the two sides are said to be millions of dlrz -- dollars apart. it'll resume tomorrow. and it's time to take the option
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of a strike off the table for good. he was there, asking the riders to support a ban on strikes proton he wants to protect the ride irs, and the bay area economy. >> it should never be a consequence. >> some cities, including chicago, and new york, bar the transit strikes, if you idea has not caught on here. he's running for state assembly, and the politicians, don't want to ruffle the feathers. the red flag warning is in effect tonight, a small grass fire, broke out along highway 24, and firefighters were able to contain it, before it burned a full acre. but this caused the county to bring in extra crews, fire engine, and a bulldozer. more on tonight's conditions, bill? the red flag warnings is
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about the winds. and look at the highs, it's 70s, so temperatures are not that high, but the winds are there. the red flag warning stays in effect through tomorrow, and late tonight, we'll see the winds pick up. saeshl in -- especially in this area here, in the hills. if the winds clock more to the east, there's wind gust tonight. the winds tonight in fairfield are out of the north a bit. there's to me indication they'll -- indication to me they'll turn around. the fire danger picks up, and when i come back right after the break, i'll talk about the forecast highs, as we go to the weekend, it warms up. how's that work? i have the details back here. a stockpile of cash and weapons, some of the things found in the home of a man,
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accused of killing a student. we're on campus tonight, where the police can only wonder if the man was planning a larger attack. >> he was also a student here, and never met the victim. he shot him in the back earlier this week, and with no apparent reason, the police say he was prepared to pull off, a larger so a siege. >> the friends say the sophomore valdez, was a hard working student, and monday night, police say he was a random target. >> as valdez exited the lrv, the summary judgment shot him in the -- suspect shot him in the back, unprovoked. >> the police say he was capable of doing more harm, they
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arrested him tuesday outside of his family's home. inside they recovered two assault weapons, and combat knives with survival gear. the police are tracing where wlr the suspect illegally obtained the weapons. >> whatever he wants to suggest was the circumstance, is up to him, right now we have an unprovoked murder, and there's no explaining it. >> no one answered at the door today, yesterday the father insisted he knew nothing of the arsenal that the police say they found. >> did they remove some guns from this house? >> i don't know. we stay splatly, you know -- separately, you know. >> the suspect was carrying $20,000 in cash when he was arrested, and he's not talking to detective, and tonight there's a candle light vigil
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planned for valdez. ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco police are warn it go public of a new telephone skarjs involving un-- scam, vovrg unpaid loan debts, and traffic tickets. the caller idea shows the legitimate police number, and contact is made through e-mail, and prerecorded fraud. the scam demands $500. the teacher with unlawful sex with a student, made his third court appearance today. he did not set a plea, and the judge the bail at $150,000 -- $250,000. toyota is recalling more than 600,000 mini vans.
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they're from 2004, 2005, and 2007, through 2009. and toyota says the shift locking dwieshgs may be damages, causing the vans to shift out of park, and rolling away. there's reports of 21 accidents, and 2 injuries, and the dealers will replace if damaged parts for free. the labor departmental released new numbers today. that's down to 305,000, and the four week average is the second lowest of the year. and the analysts say the steady decline of application, show that very few companies are laying off workers. another officer put his on twitter, and why why they said -- they say this is good for law enforcement. how long the warm will
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last. and risking their lives for others.
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. the police department is tweeting when ask where they'll skack down on -- crack down on traffic violators. but there's an ulterior reason for this. >> kratt was on twitter, with the help of this one, and the day in a life of a motorcycle cop. >> this is fun for the public, and it's fun for us, and most people don't get to see what we do behind the scenes. >> we followed him throughout the day, and realty combined on
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this traffic stop. he points out the enforcement downtown, comes from old fashioned complaints. >> this is a good way to say hey, the traffic team is out there, they're working a traffic complaint, the voices are heard. >> some are skeptical, about where the officers are. >> that's an advantage for people who want to engage in activity that's illegal or questionable. >> acted as a deterrent, the overall goal is to generate follower. >> we tend to use the social media, for an incident, and the more followers we have in the beginning, the fewer we have to search for in the event. >> the including of a swat team more available on twitter, and they want the public to watch it all, while it's happening, not
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while you're driving. ktvu channel 2 news. more than a dozen law enforcement officers received california's highest honor today for a public safety employee. governor jerry brown, and harris, presented the public safety meld medal of have a lore to 14 officers. for their bravery in the line of duty. >> today we're celebrating to what does work, then they're heroic, and act on a deep sense of duty. >> the men who risked their lives, and retrieved two shooting victims last year. governor brown signed a bill, prevent it go shut down or interruption of cell phone service. it was introduced as a response
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to an incident where bart shut down the mobile service, the law requires a court order based on probable cause to shut down the wireless service. e-bay has provided a company, and in an $800 million cash deal. it's an online and mobile payment service. e-bay says the new company will help papal, expand its reach. four california rural communities is about to receive an unfusion of cash for job growth. they include the city of imperial, and yuba county. they targeted them for grants to help with job growth. dozens of people rallied outside the building today, to
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support the prisoners in solitary confinement. a lawsuit has been filed on behalf of ten prisoners, held in solitary confinement, at the state prison for more than 12 years. they're asking the judge to certify the suit as a class action. >> it remit it is whole -- represents the whole population of pelican bay. >> the judge did not issue a ruling today, if you legal team says, the judge is leaning twa class action. the environmentalists, is urging them to sign a bill on fracking. they include of getting the permit, and monitor it go ground water. the oil industry says it's more regulation than necessary. >> in the absence of any risk,
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there's no basis other than emotion. to call for more on the hydraulic fracking. >> they don't have the kids coming home with nosebleeds, they go to the hospital because they're sick. >> the law is california's first comprehensive regulation of frac activity in the shale area. a group of california lawmakers is in scandanavia. none of them is from the bay area. it's paid for by the california foundation of the environment and the economy. the nonprofit is funded by business, and labor groups, including the energy industry.
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the red flag warning, stays in effect through this evening, into tomorrow, and in the hills above 1,000 feet. these are the highs from today. pretty mild, lots of 70s, the red flag warnings is mostly of the winds. the winds have been gusty, and mainly from the north direction, and the winds should turn around, and be more northeastern. it'll give you a stronger wind gust, especially in the oakland hills and in the south bay. the image shows, the high pressure is trying to build its in. we have 73 in fairfield, and 73 in concord, tomorrow, a lot like today, a little bit warmer. and mostly, the winds at due west, and maybe at 10:00, they'll turn around, but tomorrow morning, we'll notice the wind switch.
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the wind changes everything. that's what we're concerned about tonight, the air sinks, and gets pressed down, that's what's going to happen 2, 3, 4 in the morning. it gives us an approximate flat temperature graenlt, you'll see 70s, and the temperatures in the bakers easily the warmest temperatures. forecast highs tomorrow, you'll see the oranges, those are 80s, and lots of 70, and perhaps a few low 80s and long time coast, 70. look at the forecast high. the beach, this pattern favors the coastal section. and temperatures at the bay is in the aurm 60. that's hot actually, you get on the concrete, the 78, probably, street level is 85 degrees. it'll be a warm period in san
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josi. maybe 82, 78 in saratoga, and forecast high, and the friday tomorrow, looks great. warmer than today. and saturday looks warmer than friday, and sunday the temperatures will trend down. and the red flag warnings stay in effect, and saturday it goes away, and sunday it's cooler, and we'll watch for the showers. i'll be back at 10:00 for the updates. >> it could be worse. >> and showers out there? >> hopefully that'll show up on monday. coming up on bay area news at 7:00, we continue to follow the investigation of last night's stabbing that killed a dodgers fan. a play ground accident sends a young child to the hospital, and what the school is doing to ease parent's concerns. a fixture in major league baseball, announces his
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retirement, and we tell you who may replace the baseball commissioner.
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. a long time major league commissioner, announced plans to retire.
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the 79-year-old, said he'll step down in january of 2015, his transition plan will include the reorganization of central management. he took over at commissioner in 1982, the league has a while to replace him. sports, we're talking football, and some good news for the raider. >> we'll say it's guardedly good news. and pryor, who sustained a concussion against denver, was allowed to practice today with his helmet on, noncontact practice, and he still have hurdles to clear to get ready to play on sunday. it could come, and he just might be ready for the redskins, who are coming to the oakland coliseum, that's a sellout. wuft reasons -- one of the
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reasons, is rg iii, will be leading the redskins and of course, rg iii is recovering from knee surgery himself in the off season. off to a slow start, as far as running, he had 300 yards passing game, but not running like he has. >> it's hard to have that at 0 and 3, but the team has not lost the sense of confidence. we're built to get out of this hole. >> he's still a great quarterback, he's coming off a knee jury, and that's -- injury. >> the population around the ball, and the more guys you have, the less opportunity for a tackle. the less error if a guy misses a tackle. the voting it is, for tomorrow's friday night high school football game of the
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week, it's kennedy at monroe catholic, and we'll have a live broadcast of that, in the early news, and giants, dodgers this evening, it could be his final game. that's the sporting life. >> losing both of them. >> make it up next your. >> this is our newscast, and we're always here for you mobile, thanks for joining us , and hope you have a good evening. >> good night. goodnight.
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[ door opens ] jay, i'm home. did manny call? no, because he's fine. it was a slumber party, not a gang fight. i just want him to fit in. i'm gonna take a shower. do you care to join me? you know, honey, there's a gun in the footlocker in the garage. if i ever say "no" to that question, i want you to use it on me. [ chuckles ] [ haley speaking indistinctly ] [ footsteps approaching ] shh, shh, shh! what's wrong? [ continues speaking indistinctly ] why aren't they trying to hurt each other? i don't know, but i'm afraid to move. [ laughing ] you're really good at this. thanks. what is happening, claire?


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