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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  September 27, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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a toddler and her father killed in an early morning house fire here in san francisco. we just got new information from the fire chief. we'll tell you what she learned when she just walked through this home. we are live in san francisco where the father of the man accused of stabbing a dodgers fan to death speaks out about the incident. we will also tell you what we have learned about the victim. disturbing new information about the man accused in the random killing of a student from san francisco state ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. good morning. welcome back. we unfortunately starting the day with just a tragic story in san francisco. you are looking live now at firefighters. investigators on the scene in
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san francisco. they are examing the garage of a home in san francisco trying to figure out how a fire started and we learned this morning that, that fire was deadly. a father and a little girl killed in that fire. claudine wong is out there at the scene. we'll have more coming up. it's friday, september 27th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. we'll when your weather and traffic. how are we looking for friday? we are look good. we have cold readings. i've seen 40-43 along the coast. and upper 30s near scotts valley. other areas are 50s and 60s. depends if you get a little breeze or not. clear skies cold to warm. cool to warm by noon. sunshine nice to warm. everyone will be on the sun today. we can't find any clouds. 46 for santa rosa. 59 synura tell. 61 san francisco. 48 redwood city. 49 concord. low 60s antioch and fairfield.
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livermore 51. 61 to start off san francisco. go for a high of 74 today. looking good sunshine coast and bay. but again a very brisk start for some. the red flag warning continues north and east bay hills. it's very marginal. lots of sunshine today until sunday. tomorrow sunny and warm. a little breezy at times but it's not wide spread. there is not a cloud to be found. doesn't have a chance at all today. 70s and 80s for everybody. right now the traffic does look good if you are driving around the bay area. we haven't had a rough start. which is good. the last few days we had rough starts. today we will take the advantage of having a nice commute across the bay bridge into san francisco. also looking at the commute here on the san mateo bridge it is looking very nice over to the peninsula. which by the way it looks good
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on 101 and 280 and 238 as you drive through. southbound 880 the traffic will be busy as you drive down to fremont. but it's not stop and go yet. 6:02 let's go back to the desk. there. we are starting our 6:00 hour with developing news. a two-year-old girl and her father were killed in an early morning house fire in san francisco. the child's grandfather is in critical condition. ktvu claudine wong is there at the fire scene in the sunset district. what do you know how claudine? >> reporter: we just got new details from the fire chief. behind me you can see the block of 18th avenue it's still shut down to traffic while this investigation continues. we have been telling you the fire started in the garage. that is where the bulk of the activity is. we can give you a look inside there as investigators and fire crews continue to do their work. they have given us new details and what she is describing is nothing short of heartbreaking. the home you're looking at have four people lived inside.
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a mother, father, grandfather, and two-year-old child. when fire firers got on scene they say the mother was outside screaming to them that her baby was inside. firefighters got inside but it took a few minutes because they had to cut through a security gate. once inside they found the father in the gram. the fire started there and then the upper floors filled with smoke and intense heat. we have learned the house did have working smoke detectors. they have may have woken up the little girl and grandfather. >> she wasn't in the crib. she was in a big girl bed. >> do you think she woke up? >> probably. probably woke up and maybe was disoriented or heard noises. because that was my question too. she was old enough to be able to walk. and wasn't in a crib. she is probably between two and
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four. >> so you think the smoke or smoke detector woke her up. >> yeah. >> reporter: the child was pronounced dead at the hospital. the grandfather we are told very, very critical condition. it is unclear if he will survive from his injuries. the mother is okay. she's being treated for minor to moderate injuries. she was able to escape from the rear of the home. as we come back out here live i want to point out a couple things to you. if you look at the windows on the second and third floor, it was a newly remodeled home. the windows were intact. we did see firefighters breakthrough some of them. they are insulated windows. the security gate that was supposed to keep them safe that made things difficult. a lot of questions right now. the fire chief actually said this is a family that did everything right. they had the smoke detectors. the house wasn't cluttered. they just couldn't get out.
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it's unclear as to why. live in san francisco claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. the father of the man suspected of stabbing a dodgers fan to death wednesday night is now speaking out about the incident. ktvu tara moriarty is joining us thousand from the jail where the 21-year-old is being held. tara. >> reporter: yeah. michael montgomery is being charged with suspicion of murder. the 18-year-old who was questioned here, he has been released without any charges. remember police are still looking for two other people who fled the scene of the crime. michael montgomery's father told a newspaper that his son and friend were with two women attending a ray party in san francisco wednesday night. he says his son acted in self- defense and the victim 21-year- old jonathan denver hit montgomery over the head with a chair. denver grew up in fort bragg where the small tight knit community is reeling. he was at the ballpark with his father and brother just hours before he was killed. authorities believe montgomery stabbed denver outside of a bar.
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after a fight provoked by team rivalry. denver and his group were wearing dodgers gear. they were celebrating denver's brother's birthday with their dad. >> i gave him a big warning before because i knew what happened down a couple years ago in the giants verses l.a.. and it was -- i just never thought that would happen. >> reporter: this is the building where denver was training to become a plumber. he was an apprentice. his brother told friends the first scuffle wednesday night was over dodgers gear. the second deadly altercation was an ambush. we will keep you posted on when month golly will make -- when montgomery will make his next court appearance. expect very tight security at at & t park because of that stabbing. last night giants fans paused in a moment of silence.
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>> please stand and remove your cap and join us as we observe a moment of silence on behalf of 24-year-old jonathan denver. >> in the stands police officers are patrolling the stadium. some wearing dodgers gear. they are also in plain clothes. both fans and the players are shocked by what happened. >> we're always pumped up for the dodgers series but we are doing a little bit more on the outside of the ballpark. >> the giants released this official statement saying there is no place in our community for this type of senseless violence. police say the deadly shooting of a san francisco state student was a random unprovoked attack. they showed the weapon, money, and survival gear that was at the home of the suspect. he was arrested tuesday on suspicion of murder. investigators say he shot 20- year-old justin valdez monday night as he was getting off a
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muni train. police say the suspect is also a san francisco state student and think he may have been planning a larger attack. >> the conduct of this person to harm someone that by all accounts was a terrific young man with the brightest of futures. before him it's just a tragedy. >> after the shooting two other people told police the suspect also pulled a gun on them earlier monday night. last night family and friends held an emotional attribute for justin valdez at san francisco state. he was a sophomore and environment science major. and just turned 20 years old three weeks ago. his family says he was passionate about recycling and conservation and his goal was to find new ways to conserve energy. >> it pains me to know he will never be there.
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time 6:09. a man accused of one of the worst mass murders? san francisco history is in due in cart today. a judge may set the date for ben tie luke. he killed three women and two men at a home in san francisco's ingleside neighborhood. he has entered a plea of not guilty in the attack. we have new information about the threats targeting a high school in richmond. security was a lot tighter after two threatening letters were sent to the school earlier this month. now the letters are both racist and they are disturbing. but investigators now say they don't appear to be a credible threat. richmond police are still trying to figure out who sent the letters. investigators have learned that a starbucks near the school recently received a similar letter. police in palo alto want your help finding the suspects that broke into 15 cars in one day. it happened on wednesday. the palo alto weekly reports
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thieves stole $10,000 worth of computers and electronics and clothing from cars in oak creek drive and on it willton avenue. police are reminding drivers to keep valuables out of site and immediately call 911 if you see anything suspicious. they have been living for more than a week without any gas service in a south bay community. why the gas was cut off and when it may be restored. plus the conclusion this morning by a group of scientists around the world on the cause of climate change. good morning. it is pretty good out there so far. westbound highway 4 looks good coming up over the grade but it's getting busier in the construction zone. skies are clear but it's really cold for some and not too bad for others. what about the forecast highs today? will it hold into the weekend?
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welcome back. time is 6:14. the u.s. senate plans to vote today on legislation to avert a government shut down. but house leaders say they won't accept the plan. and that takes us even closer to a government shut down. ktvu kyla campbell is in our washington, d.c. bureau where bay area congressman john told you this morning that this battle is foolish. kyla. >> reporter: congressman gary left our studio 30 minutes ago. he told me a government shut down will be bad news for
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people in the bay area. he said senior citizens who need to apply for social security won't be able to because offices will be closed. he said people who already collect social security should expect their checks to be delayed. >> if you are on a fixed income, watch out. >> reporter: if the house and senate don't strike a deal by monday night at midnight the government shuts down. that means thousands of federal workers could be furloughed. others kept on the job still might not get paid. congressman gave men di told me the national parks would close. we are learning about instances of surveillance abuse by a national security agency employees. the nsa inspector general detailed a dozen incidents where employees abuse the
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surveillance program. in one case a wife listened in on a phone number she found on her husband's cell phone suspecting him of being unfaithful. an employee tapped into his exgirlfriend's e-mail. the employees were punished or resigned. governor brown just signed a new law. it requires overtime pay for an estimated 200,000 domestic workers in california. last tight uc berkeley labor center celebrated the new law and they honored a half dozen domestic workers. the new law gives house cleaners, nannies and home health care workers overtime pay if they work more than nine hours a day or 45 hours a week. but some are still questioning how this law will be enforced. >> the numbers of investigators to do field investigations are just over 60. throughout the entire state. >> new york and hawaii they have similar laws for domestic workers. california's new law takes effect january 1st.
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new report out this morning shows scientists are very sure that people are to blame for global warming. the climate change says global warming is effecting extreme weather and it could get worse. the u.n. intergovernmental panel on climate change put together the report. >> it should serve as yet another wakeup call. that our activities today have led a profound impact on society not just for us but for many generations to come. >> scientists believe global warm willing raise sea levels. let's get everybody out the door. sal, everybody behaving? >> yeah. i think today is a better day than yesterday was. we're looking at interstate 880. it looks good in both directions. we don't have a lot going on. which i hope it stays this way. it stays nice and quiet on the
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roads. sometimes things change. we will be here if they do. no major problems by the way on the bridge. westbound at the toll plaza we have a light delay. so far no problems there. if we're look agent the entire bay area commute, i would say we don't see a lot of red. expect we are trying to push into it here. on the livermore approach. after 2:05 into the main part of livermore you have stop and go traffic there. let's go to steve. sal, thank you, sir. for those puttering around the house you are listening but you're not watching. there you go. there is your day. i painted this. yes. it took me all morning long to do that. and it will be a beautiful day. it's a little cold for some. i saw 40 between half-moon bay. 30s. a few upper 30s. yet not far away. you can see upper 50s and 60s. 70 in san jose.
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we'll go for a high today. temperatures are really close coast and bay. it won't be that big of a difference here. clear skies. cool, cold for some. even is in on the sunshine today. it will be breezy for some. the red flag warning continues all day. it's kind of marginal. not much happening here. at least 1,000 feet or below. 36 in reno. 44 ukiah. and eureka is at 42. 43 walnut creek. 60 fairfield. your napa airport 59. pacifica 43. san francisco 61. hayward 49. there is some very cold numbers or there is some very mild to warm. north wind is the key. fairfield is in on it. oakland has an easterly breeze if you know that is probably -- if it holds it will be a warm pattern. cloud cover looks like it's moving out. could be a few pop up isolated
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showers. i think most of the energy is done. sunny and warm. it will be breezy for some it will be warm. 70s to near 80 degrees. breezy at times. a lot of sunshine. any fog if there is any it won't last long. sunshine. it's a little brisk for some. into that kind of pattern where it could be warmer. 78 martinez. 76 downtown oakland. and hayward 75. low 80s for a few. daly city 66. pacifica is in there. 78 san mateo and low 80s.
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and palo alto 81. nice on saturday. a little cooler sunday. maybe some light rain to the north bay on monday. ea sports has settled a lawsuit. it will not release the college football game next year. electronic arts says it will evaluate the future of the ncaa franchise beyond next year. the suit was brought on by student athletes looking to be paid for the use of their names and likenesses in video games. seven cars with new systems have earned high ratings. the insurance institute tested the safety feature in 74 middize cars. the cadillac ats -- all earned superior ratings. auto makers have been offering the safety systems on more and more models that uses radar and cameras to warn drivers of a
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. the united airlines crew member who suffered a heart attack during a flight as died. this morning a spokesman identified the man as the pilot. there were conflicting reports about his identity. flight 1603 was going from houston to seattle with 161 passengers when it had to make an emergency landing in boise, idaho. witnesses say a co-pilot landed the plane while passengers in the cabin performed cpr. the passengers were later put on another plane. advisory committee has approved a plan to keep airline passengers committed. consider the proposal for relaxation restrictions on use of smart phones, tablets and other personal electronic devices. passengers are currently required to turn off the devices when planes are below 2,000 feet to -- with sensitive
6:26 am
cockpit equipment. time is 6:25. oracle team usa incredible comeback thrilled a lot of yacht racing fans as you know. the america's cup was a big hit. the chamber of commerce still adding up numbers. the race also created an estimated 2,000 jobs half of those jobs went to people who live in san francisco. oracle's world famous ceo sailed with big winner in more ways than none. larry ellison's racing team pulled off the biggest win in racing history. it was ellison's idea to transform a once quiet yachting event into a tv friendly extreme sports spectacle. this week oracle is hosting a big conference in san francisco. thousands of people are
6:27 am
attending oracle's open world conference. a new milestone for biking in the bay area could be set in just about an hour. a man plans to ride a water bike to raise awareness of sustainable commuting. take a look. the unusual sport has brighter pedaling on bikes mounted on flotation devices. if the ride is successful it will be the first time they have biked across the san francisco bay. 6:27 is the time. california's affordable health insurance program set to launch on tuesday. the new website hoping to guide people through that enrollment process. we are live in san francisco where a two-year-old girl and her father are killed in an early morning house fire. what the fire chief is telling us alabama the conditions inside and why they have may have been difficult to escape. things are getting a little more crowded now with the morning commute. find out what the trouble spots are including the look to getting to san francisco.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. a lot of cheering going opinion. you know it's partial coffee day today -- you know it's national coffee day today. dunkin donuts there celebrates. dunkin you can driver any time. over on the new york stock exchange i want to draw your attention. ring central. that is another bay area company going public. celebrating their ipo. they are in the cloud business. communications solutions. congratulations to them. they are based in san mateo.
6:31 am
>> they are waving at you pam. >> yes, good morning. thank you for joining us here. i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. time is 6:30. we will check in with steve. look at the friday forecast. >> national coffee day. >> yeah i love it. every day is national coffee day on this hour. >> i guess we better perk up. we have clear skies. it will be a nice day. [ laughter ] it's friday. it's friday. a little cold for some. not too bad for others. cold to warm. sunny and breezy. sunshine nice to warm later on today. 40s and 50s and 60s on the low. any breeze the temperatures held up. if it's calm you are on the cold side. san francisco will go for 74 today. it's very mild in san francisco. 61. pacifica is 43. red flag warning again. i think it's barely holding on. i can't find hardly any breeze. most of the stronger gusts are in the higher elevations. sunny and warm today. a little breezy for a few.
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decent breeze from fairfield to vacaville. they will be held up with temps. 70s and a lot of low 80s. here is sal. we are finding out about a serious crash on the peninsula on middle field road. you will find out a little bit more about it. try to confirm details and get back to you. if you use littlefield road you want to think about using a different route. and we are hearing that just from police reports. let's take a look at commute on westbound bay bridge. the traffic here is moderately heavy. there are no problems onth upper deck of the bay bridge. but traffic is a little busy at the toll plaza now. and if you are driving on the peninsula or on 101 we talked about getting into san francisco. it's not all that bad. northbound 101 looks good approaching the 80 split. speaking of the peninsula 101 and 280 are off to a good start so far. let's go back to the desk. sal, thank you. we are start with developing news. san francisco fire chief at the scene of an overnight tragedy.
6:33 am
a two-year-old girl and her father were killed just hours ago in a house fire in the sunset district. the child's grandfather is in critical condition. ktvu claudine wong has been out there since 4:30 this morning. you are back now with all the details. claudine. >> reporter: let me show you what is happening now. firefighters are wrapping up their work. they are rolling hoses and at the garage area where the fire started they are putting up boards to secure the area. you know i've been talking to the fire chief, she says this is not what firefighters sign up for. they sign up to save lives and it's devastating when they can't. there are a lot of firefighters hurting right now. hurting for the people and little girl they couldn't save. they knew this was a life and death situation from the moment they got here. they could see the smoke and the mother was already outside telling them there were people inside. >> the mom indicated when we got on scene there were people inside. and particularly saying their
6:34 am
baby is inside. >> reporter: and inside that home was a two-year-old girl. her father and her grandfather. the father was found inside the garage where the fire started. efforts to resuscitate him were unsuccessful. the two-year-old and grandfather were on the second floor. the girl was found out of her bed. they also say the conditions up there would have been difficult to escape. >> so probably not a lot of flame impingement but significant heat and smoke. firefighters report there was heavy smoke and heat on the third floor. >> reporter: back out here live on the scene. i want to show you the house again. on the third floor of this home that is where the little girl and her grandfather were found. this actually wasn't a big fire according to firefighters. there were challenges. firefighters were give the wrong address. they had to cut through a security gate to get in. this was a newly remodeled home that had a lot of insulated
6:35 am
windows. that being said, there were working smoke detectors. the fire chief says they were still going on when she did a walk through of this home. live in san francisco claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. also happening now firefighters from vacaville hoping to battle this a huge hay stack fire in yolo county. it's right near highway 505 in hay kingdom. ten acres of hay have already burned. we've been told three hay barns have been destroyed. firefighters say this could burn for several days and the wind out there obviously is a concern. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. a possible moltive in the deadly stabbing of a dodgers fan. coming up why the father of a suspect says it was self- defense. people who live in a south bay mobile home community are frustrated because they have been living without gas for a week and a half. ktvu janine de la vega is
6:36 am
joining us now from san jose to explain what is going on and when the people will have service restored. janine. >> reporter: pam, many of the people who live here in oak crest are mad this has gone on for so long. it's been a major inconvenience for them. pg&e did restore gas yesterday afternoon but residents still won't have service until later today. residents have been living without gas service since wednesday of last week. when pg&e found several leaks and shut the gas off. the utility said it was a mobile home parks responsibility to make repairs since it owns the equipment. during the repair process meters were dismantled and still need to be reassembled. management has posted a notice saying they will start to do that sometime this morning. homeowners have tried to be patient but say it's been miserable living without hot water for showers and cooking. some blame the mobile home
6:37 am
parks owner for not doing the work quick enough. >> it should have been if not around the clock at least sun to sun. it was not. it was during the convenient working hours. and when the weekend came along weekend took precedence. >> reporter: he blames pg&e because even though the meters are properties possibility, he says when the mobile home parks contractors repair the work they would not turn the gas on for safety reasons. now the latest from the property management here is that gas service is supposed to be restored sometime this afternoon. we're told the actual owner of this mobile home park is based out of irvine, california. and they say they will definitely put pressure on the owner. the residents here. coming up in the next half hour you can hear from a resident who says that she is staying in a hotel because she is just
6:38 am
tired of not having any hot water. reporting live from san jose janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. in just a couple hours face to face contract talks are expected to resume in the -- bart workers could walk off the board in two weeks. they met about their next move. reportedly the two sides are more than $100 million apart. governor brown signed a new law based on bart's decision to shut down cell phone service two years ago during a protest. the state law says that a court order is needed first to interrupt wireless communications services. the new law will go into effect january 1st of next year. starting next tuesday people can start to enroll in the new covered california program and a preview of the website is already up. millions of people will be able to use the site to choose health insurance under president obama's health care law. the staff at st. anthony's
6:39 am
medical clinic says the site will be helpful for their clients. >> because a lot of times our patients are asking us what do we qualify for? on covered california all of that information will be right there. >> the enrollment page will not be online until tuesday at 8:00. right now you can go to covered california's website and get a list of insurance plans to -- benefits begin january 1st, 2014. now you can find a link to the covered california website and a preview. the enrollment process by going to our website at time is 6:39. top government official says investigators have found a car believed to have been used by the terrorist the ones who took over that shopping mall in kenya. the official says investigators are tracing the ownership of the car after it was found outside the mall. fbi agents along with investigator from britain, canada, and germany are helping
6:40 am
out with the investigation. but so far there have been few details releasted on what that international team has found inside the mall. we have deping news from india. a five story apartment building collapsed. dozens of people are trapped in the rubble. at least three people are known to be dead. 25 people were pulled out alive. the latest was a baby. earlier this morning. it's feared that 80-90 people are still trapped. this is the third deadly building collapse. a lot of the old buildings are run down and neglected while the newer are built with substandard material. 6:40 is the time right now. warning for women who plan to go out for drinks this weekend. more on the sexual assault cases possibly linked to the date rape drug. we are live in san francisco where the man accused of stabbing a dodgers fan to death awaits his first court
6:41 am
appearance. also hear what friends of jonathan denver have to say about him. good morning. we do have problems now for the morning commute on some of the busy roads and freeways. 24 looks good but other freeways are getting busy. happy friday. clear skies. no wind for some means cold lows. others very mild with a decent breeze. we will see how that translate into the forecasted highs. 
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welcome back. time is 6:43. the father of the man suspected of that fatal stabbing of a dodgers fan is talking about what happened. ktvu tara moriarty is joining us. you're at the jail where the 21- year-old man is being held. tara. >> reporter: let's not forget the police are still look for two people who fled the scene of the crime. they are described as women. he says his son was here with his friend and two women attending a rays party in san francisco on wednesday night. he says his son acted in self- defense when the victim hit his son over the head with a chair. now we want to show you a photo of 24-year-old jonathan denver. he and his father and brother were at the ballpark just hours before denver was killed. authorities believe that 21- year-old michael montgomery stabbed and killed denver outside of a bar. blocked from the ballpark
6:45 am
wednesday night. after a fight. denver and his group were wearing dodgers gear. denver's friend gazel la whom he knew from his hometown fort bragg recently posted a picture on facebook. denver had been celebrating his birthday with his dad and brother. >> i still can't believe it. it just doesn't seem real. i was at work when i found out. i don't believe it yet. just going on facebook and seeing all the pictures. it just doesn't seem real. i feel like i'm going to see him later. >> reporter: denver worked at this building where he was training to become a plumber. his brother told friends the first scuffle wednesday night was over dodgers gear and the second deadly fight was an ambush by the attackers in waiting. we will keep you posted on when montgomery is scheduled to make his first court appearance. he is being charged with murder. live in san francisco i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news.
6:46 am
>> now the violence between dodgers and giants fans reminded everybody about the near fatal beating of giants fan bryan stow. the stow family sent a text to ktvu saying we are horrified and deeply saddened by this senseless act of violence. bryan stow was beaten by rival fans at dodgers stadium on opening night 2.5 years ago. a worning for women as police investigate sexual assaults using the date rape drug in san rafael. at least two women may have been drugged at the nickels rose lounge on b street. the attacks happened within ten days of each other. the victims say they woke up the day after drinking at the bar and say they have been sexually assaulted. fremont police created the sketch of a man want for kidnapping and robbing a woman at gunpoint. he is said to be middle eastern
6:47 am
and in his mid 20s. about 58 2:00 2:00 -- a college student has been arrested acaused -- jared used web cams to tape his victims changing their clothes, and then threatened to release the pictures unless the women sent him more explicit images. reigning team usa cassidy wolf says she was a victim and many of the photos may have been taken when she was under age. >> it's still an ongoing federal investigation. i was cyber hacked and cyber terrorized about four months ago. >> reporter: abram suffers from autism. abram targeted at least 11
6:48 am
other victims. 6:47 is the time. time to check in woman tori campbell for a look at what is is coming up on mornings on 2. >> good morning. coming up on mornings on 2 the united nations has another secret ease dropping scandal on its hands. but this time it goes back to the 1960s and involves one of the most iconic figures from that era. giving up on a gold mine find out why ea sports says it will not make one of its most popular lines of video games this year. and the reasons hundreds of thousands dollars worth of jewelry was found on a mountain top in france. sal is coming back. you are still watching 880 aren't you? >> when we can see you >> it's a mime cohing. >> we have live pictures to show you. 880 north and southbound.
6:49 am
thtraffic is looking good. it's getting busier in the east bay for sure. and what had been a light commute is now beginning to pick up. looking at the east span getting into san francisco the traffic is moving along okay. looking at the san mateo bridge that looks good heading out to the high-rise. and over to the peninsula. i want to let you know that middle field road near glenwood is a good area to avoid because of a very serious crash. if you are in the menlo area. also moving along to interstate 280 in san jose that traffic is okay getting up to highway 17. our news chopper 2 is on the way to the crash. let's go to steve. right now? >> yes. steve at 6:49 our chopper is on the way but we will take it to you. >> okay. thank you sal. good morning. i had no idea we were coming out on this shot but it looks lovely. no wind, fog free.
6:50 am
up in the sierra nevada there could be a few more showers. san jose starting off at 50. not far away. there will be a lot of 30s and 40s. clear for some. not too bad for others. temperatures upper 50s to near 60s. sunshine breeze psi and warm. red flag warnings continue but hard pressed to find anything really above 20-25 miles an hour. still it goes until this afternoon and things will calm down a little bit. 26. yeah 26 in tahoe. 36 in reno. 44 ukiah. cool air has made all the way down to the san joaquin valley. 42 in walnut week. 60 in fairfield. 51 san jose. 49 hayward. 61 in san francisco. so again any breeze or offshore breeze there is one in fairfield. there is one in napa. oakland downtown is a little
6:51 am
easterly breeze. south bay peninsula there is not much. tahoe truckee a little bit of snow. but it looks like everything is moving out. maybe later this afternoon. a couple pop ups. things are quieting down. sunny and warm. breezy for some. not for all. i think over the next day wind will decrease. 70s and 80s for coast bay and inland. looks good until sunday. and maybe monday could be rain coming in. sunny and warm. breezy at times. wall to wall sunshine. coast, bay inland. everybody is in. we had a couple spectacular days pap lot of upper 70s or very, very low 80s. if we don't top out today it will be saturday. there is not much of a difference near the coast or inland. looks good on saturday. rain to the north. 6:51 is the time. injury on the playground.
6:52 am
the piece of playground equipment removed after a little girl ended up in the hospital. did you see this? the giants have a reason to fear the beard. that weird incident last night at at & t park.
6:53 am
6:54 am
news chopper 2 over this deadly crash in atherton.
6:55 am
closed because of this fatal crash involving a pedestrian that was hit and killed. we don't know much about this. the person that was killed was reportedly a maltases hit in the road here -- was a male that was hit in the road here. atherton police are on the scene helping out with the investigation. this is happening now and right now we do have the street completely blocked off. so middlefield road is closed between oak grove and innal. we'll have more on this scene coming up. the two big recalls this morning. one from nissan. the other from toyota. nissan recalling more than 900,000 cars including the mini van, infinity m luxury model, x- trail suv. the toyota recall involves 615,000 sienna mini vans. it covers model years 2004 and
6:56 am
2005. and 2007 to 2009. the mini vans could shift themselves out of park and roll away. an investigation goes on at an east bay elementary school. it happened at john sweat elementary school in martinez earlier this week. a four-year-old girl was playing on or near a play house and puppet theater when she was hurt. parents were alerted and emergency crews rushed to the school. >> i'm curious what happened because i would like to know how a child got hurt at the school my daughter goes to. i know the school has always had really good supervision. just curious of what happened. >> school administrators say they don't know exactly how that accident happened. that play house by the way has been removed from the playground. this morning the oakland a's will begin single ticket sales for the american league championship series. the tickets will go on sale at 10:00 at the oakland coliseum. fans are encouraged to buy those tickets online.
6:57 am
the tickets are for the al championship series. of course we know the a's clenched the american league west title last weekend. former giants closer and current los angeles dodger brian wilson has stunned the giants front office with his bizarre post game show. it happened after last night's dodgers-giants game. he walked up to larry bear in the stands and began yelling he never got his 2012 world series ring. the giants say wilson never responded to their repeated attempts to present him with the ring. the confrontation came after the giants beat the dodgers 3- 1. coming up a tragedy to tell you about at san francisco. we've been talking about it since 4:30 this morning. a two-year-old girl one of two people killed in a house fire in the sunset district. plus just four days to go until the federal government should shut down. how local lawmakers say this
6:58 am
could slow down and cost the state millions of dollars.
6:59 am
>> reporter: breaking news. a deadly car crash has shut down a road in atherton. the latest details we're just
7:00 am
getting into the newsroom. >> reporter: a 2-year-old little girl killed in a house fire. a grandfather fighting for his life. what we've learned about the fire and why it may have been so hard to escape the home. the investigation into the deadly stabbing of a dodgers' fan continues. new information we're learning about the victim and the suspect. and a raging haystack fire is burning out of control right now in solano county. the big concern that fire crews say could make this fire burn for days. "mornings on 2" begins right now. we're live over atherton. these are li


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