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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 30, 2013 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. it is time for great videos from the web "right this minute." a guy barges into a packed emergency room and people immediately know he is up to no good. >> what he did to spark panic in the e.r. a crazy chase as a cop trails suspected car thieves who take off. >> how things came to a screeching halt. man, cheetah, wild, an extraordinary look at a
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filmmakers life with a cheetah family. >> for a year and a half. >> now, a discovery special shows how he made friends and enemies during his time in the bush. >> and a bright house trick shot. >> this is a one to call. >> see the moment they nailed it. >> a full e.r. is the last place you expect an arsonist to hit. that's exactly what happened in southern brazil. you could see all these people standing in the e.r. when a 24-year-old man comes in and people know he is up to know good. he is spreading gasoline around. people get up and leave and immediately it turns into flames. instantly, the whole thing is burning. >> he didn't like the service he was getting. somebody at the hospital apparently told him they will meet him in the e.r. he left and came back and that's when he set the place ablaze. here he could see fire from another angle. >> he made it worse for everyone
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else with his medical care. >> completely selfish act. he is worried about how long he had to wait and now, no one is going to receive care, because they are dealing with a fire. >> real proper reaction. >> this looks to be what happened behind that wall where the fire erupted. they didn't evacuate as quickly as the other people did. they were all able to get out. >> oh, my goodness, i can't believe how quickly >> the interesting thing is that the hospital did not have to close the e.r. they are still able to take patients but they just have marks on the wall. they are taking only emergency cases now but they will be back to speed in a couple of days. >> according to police, the man was arrested. >> lots of people talking about an incident that went down a week ago in koitsville, ohio. it involves police officer, donald dudley. this is his dash cam. the video just released.
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he pulse ls up to a pair of suspected car thieves where they take off. they are in this car up ahead you see pulling away. in this video, you never see the car belonging to the suspects but you do see officer donald dudley ripping it up here, going as fast as 77 miles per hour. >> this is in a residential zone. >> you see there in that intersection, he even got some air. >> then, this is what everybody is talking about. lights and sirens going. as he goes through this intersection. >> did he have a green light or a red light? >> it is tough as hell in real time. if you slow it down, you are able to tell that he was going into a red light. he slowed down 40 miles an hour as he was going flew that intersection. dudley had some bruises and was sore following the accident but the person in the other car had
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to go to the hospital. >> she was in critical condition. the youngstown police department responded to this crash. they had the video for several days. they are looking into the video. it has yet to be determined if officer dudley violated the pursuit policy of the koitsville township police department. >> you are looking at the aftermath of a terrorist attack in baghdad, iraq. this was the result of a suicide bomber. this actually happened several days ago but this video is just now popping up. >> what makes this even more terrifying and even more heartbreaking, this attack was at a funeral. a tent that contained, police say, nearly 500 mourners. keep watching the video.
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that was a second suicide bomber at this same funeral tent around these same mourners, after already having gone through this first explosion. now, according to police, the first suicide bomber drove an explosive-laden car close to the site of this funeral tent. this second suicide bomber was a person who was strapped with these bombs. >> had this single attack at this funeral, police say, killed 72 people and wounded nearly 120 more. >> it boggles the mind that you could be so corrupted in your mind and in your spirit, that you would target somebody's funeral to get the maximum number of people and we're not
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just talking about people. we're talking about fathers, mothers, children. of all the epic standoffs we have had on the show, i am pretty sure this is the most epic of them aum. kim wilder is a filmmaker that documented wildlife. he spotted a very rare and aggressive black rhino. kim wants to get the shot. so he is going to get as close as possible. you see that the rhino has noticed kim and right here is where things get really tense. >> oh, boy. >> instead of running, he stops, faces the rhino directly and stands his ground. >> the rhino stands his ground too, charging at kim a number of times. >> you won't believe what sends the rhino running.
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>> wow. that's why human beings are at the top of the food chain. >> this is part of a two-hour special on discovery called, man, cheetah, wild. kim lived with a family of cheetahs for a year and a half investigating how this mother cheetah brought her cubs up. in this second video, that's an exclusive to "right this minute." we get to see one of the interactions that kim gets to have with the cubs and it's nothing short of amazing, because, cheetah mothers are known to be very protective of their cubs. before you know it, the cubs are walking up toward him and they start playing with him. >> that's probably his secret to success, if you show the animals that you are not afraid, maybe they are not afraid and you kind of share that energy of discovery. >> i don't know why.
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>> you can watch discovery's, "man, cheetah wild" at 9:00 p.m. pacific. dude performing until a showstopper gets in the way. >> he stops the show and says, you shouldn't have thrown the cigarette. you have been a bad boy. >> why you are never too old to be put in time-out. >> and, the cat who ain't taking its paws off the pizza. . and, t taking its paws off the pizza. g its paws off the pizza. > and, t taking its paws off the pizza.
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videos that i am going to have to break down step by step. the first one, you see a car come around the corner. in the middle of the street, you see a guy and girl that appear to be arguing but watch as this crusader steps in from the left. >> what is that? >> hold on. >> here comes a little old lady entering the crosswalk. don't forget about her. watch as this cape crusader gets involved to try to protect the woman valiantly. the guy in the jacket does not like this idea, punches him. down, our cape crusader goes. he is not done. remember the little old lady. grabs an umbrella from her bag, whack, drops the guy in the jack jacket to the ground and gives him a couple other thumps and then proposes to her. it looks fake. >> is it real? >> who wears a cape. maybe that one is fake.
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i don't think this one is. here goes this car going down the road approaching a tight 90-degree right-hand turn up ahead. watch as he gets close to the turn. >> did he get rear-ended? >> he did. got completely rear-ended. now, we do know that in russia, there is a proliferation of dash cam videos. there are actually two dash cam videos of this exact accident. the second view from the car behind this incident. watch what actually happened. >> an unruly driver smashes right into the back of that car. he keeps going like nothing ever happened. goes right around the corner. if we go back to the original dash cam video, there he goes. >> there he goes. >> with a smashed bumper too. >> yep. >> with a name like -- >> ashton. you know you are pretty much a bad ass off the bat. he is a rapper from queens new
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york. i listened to some of his stuff. ♪ i actually kind of like him. jake liked him too. this is at a show in bloomington, indiana. this is at the blue bird cafe. do you see this dude in the tap-out shirt. apparently, this dude flicked his cigarette on to the stage. >> that's rude. >> that's a big no-no. >> he stops the show, gets in this guy's face and tells him he shouldn't have thrown the cigarette. you have been a bad boy. >> you shouldn't have thrown the cigarette. you understand that. you've been a bad boy. >> scolding this grown man. >> the punishment is, he is not allowed to dance. >> way worse. >> he gets kicked out? >> watch. >> get out. get out. take that. >> makes this guy face the wall like he is in time-out and goes back to the show.
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>> that is really humiliating. >> you can't throw your cigarette on the stage. >> so, kick him out. public shaming and humiliation is much better. >> he did get to go on stage with the guy he was there to see. >> not everybody got to do that. >> we could call these videos, cats gone wild. we start someone's kitchen with a cat that's unknown to them. this cat doesn't want to be asked to leave. >> tell him to go away. the cat starts saying, you go away. >> i can't believe he keeps saying go away. >> did you hear that? >> it sounds like go away. >> let's hear that one more time. >> go away. >> this cat is talking. it's a black cat. she is possessed. >> she is scared. >> he is scared. he is cornered.
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he doesn't know where to go. he lost his home. i feel bad. poor little guy. >> this cat was accused of a little theory. it stole a piece of pizza, and, as you can see right here, it is not giving it up. >> pizza is delicious. i would hang on to a slice like that as well if somebody tried to take it from me. >> i have seen pizza, very similar. this cob the first time this cat experienced italian cuisine. >> what, no cheesy crust. cat not declawed either. >> you want to be careful with that one. >> we're looking at three videos with matt dreidel from e-bomb's world to decide real or fake. >> real, real, real. >> i have another angle to show you guys on this video. >> why some videos require a closer look. >> matt, you swayed me to
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welcome back, everybody. check out videos all day long. let's check in with matt dreidel for some real or fake videos. welcome back, matt. >> hey, guys. >> video number one. >> oh! >> ouch! >> that's not over yet. >> oh! are you kidding me? there is no way. now, i'm not buying it. >> something doesn't add up. that little gate, i don't know. is that enough to really knock you down so you can't get up like this guy? >> yeah. if your legs are run over by presumably an actual car, i don't think you would just jump right out. >> i think it is set up. >> it seems like he purposely put himself in that position to get hit and then he was in the perfect position to get his legs run over. >> so are we saying fake?
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>> i wasn't really sure about this one. to hear you guys air it out, i'm going to go with you guys on it. >> unanimous. >> video number two. >> oh! >> real, real, real. >> real? >> do we really need to talk about this one. >> i have another angle to show you guys on this video. look at how light this is and then it moves so easily. >> i don't think he was even trying to slap him to hurt him. have i think he was trying to slap imhhim, get hit attention. >> i think he hit the sign like that. >> i am going with real. >> i think it would be hard to fall face first with the prank. >> the slap, why would he get so mad about this little tap on the cheek? >> now, actually, he is starting to convince me a little bit. >> the more i watch it, people try to make the funny vines now. >> you swayed me too.
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i'm changing it as well. i'm going fake. >> nope. i'm going to still say real. >> i'm going to stick with real. >> i wish it was real. >> i want the fake. video number three. >> what the heck is that? >> is that a bug? >> it is a bug but it doesn't have a body. >> it still has some guts in there. it's legs, guts and head. the only thing we know that's missing is the back. >> could be just wings that are gone. >> i don't know what to say about this one. >> it's sad. >> i feel sad too. >> real but ah. >> itly looks like some type of carved-out bug. we know cockroaches can survive anything. it has to be real. >> real, real. >> real. >> real. >> morbid with it. ♪ soccer fans are known to be full of passion and emotion. sometimes that turns into routety behavior. watch these guys after a match in sweden even throwing stuff at
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police as they are trying to go down this escalator. watch what happens to these guys. look, look, look. the escalator starts to speed up and it gets flushed down the escalator really quickly as the police in rank are right behind him. >> you think they did that on purpose, because the police set it up. >> a lot of people initially started to point things out to the police. the police said, wait a minute. we don't have control over the escalators. they then asked the metro station after a few days to try to look into this. it was the escalator that broke under the weight of the fans. fans were trying to go down the up escalator. that automatically will set some sort of brake, reports say, but the brakes failed under the weight of all those people. what you see is basically a free-falling escalator. >> it is just spinning, because there were so many people on it. >> bedside table, make room for
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the bedside toilet. >> talk about convenience. >> how
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we're going to go on a little fishing trip right in the backyard. >> squirrel fishing. >> what you got is a fishing pole that really looks like it might be a cue stick from a pool table with some maybe some tape
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tied to it and the bait, a peanut. >> they like peanuts. >> the squirrel gets the peanut and then hangs on. >> she really wants that peanut. >> go ahead. >> does she know enough not to crash the shell of the peanut. >> she can't quite figure out what's going on. this is probably her first experience with this. >> this is on the youtube chael he said he and his buddies were talking about how aggressive the squirrels are in their backyard. they like to come up and steal food, even often try to get into the house to get some food. they thought they would try this and they did end up getting the peanut. >> at the university of arkansas, they say they are not really hitting the books this semester. instead, they are working on stuff like this, trick shot, basketball. boing, boing, boing, and in.
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>> you can see they stay on the youtube channel. this is what we are doing instead of studying. >> that's their fraternity house. you could see, it seems like the entire chapter is there to witness this. they celebrate after, of course, this he go he wilthis he go heg. >> you much a dude sitting on the roof. i love it. this had to take i don't know how many cans to nail it. >> this could be turned into a math project. look, i figured out angles. if you are the parents of any of these duds, you are lies, what for? it is tech time for the really science minded and the people looking for help and convenience. >> i'm one of those people but not the science one. >> the first video is for people
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that are really into science, because it includes neo dims magnet in spiro fluid to explain what we are looking at here. really, what it looks like is gelatin ous wad. >> hey, zach. what in the heck are we looking at? it looks like a big glob of goo. >> the small magnet is the most powerful permanent magnet you can make and the kind of oily substance is there afluid, a liquid that reacts to a magnetic field. it is usually made up of oil and small iron particles. >> so it is like oily iron. >> it will react to the magnetic field around this magnet. it has spikes around it. >> it looks like a sea creature. >> the fluid is trying to go around the magnetic field as much as possible while it is balanced out by gravity and surface tension.
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>> it looks alive. i said this was about people that are looking for convenience and help. bedside toilet. >> this is a bedside flushable toilet you can put next to your bedside and actually move around your house. it is hooked up to i ataa tank for elderly, sick or disabled people so they don't have to move around.or people that have surgery and can't move around. it is connected to a tube. these very small tubes are able to transport the waste away from the toilet. >> at first, i was thinking, how lazy are some people. >> these are the people that don't like to wake up to pee. >> that's it for "right this minute." we'll see you next time. now at 5:00 p.m. a police officer on the other side of the law.
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the serious allegations she facing tonight -- he is facing tonight. >> and a federal shut down could be hours away. >> shut down will have a very real economic impact on real people. right away. >> tonight live team coverage on what is happening in washington. >> then it is called a crisis in education, the truancy problem and why it could cost some district as lot of money -- districts a lot of money. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. hello. i am gasia mikalian. >> and i am frank somerville. >> new information on a horrible crash in san francisco last week. police released this picture of jennie zhu. she was driving 80 miles per hour when she slammed into the back of a car killing a teenage
4:59 pm
boy inside. ktvu's david stevenson is here with more about the suspect. >> we expect to speak to the father of the slain teen here at his son's high school. this comes as we learn more about the suspect in the crash, including her driving record. >> reporter: san francisco police identified the woman behind the wheel of the deadly crash as 58-year-old jennie zhu. police booked her saturday on one charge of vehicle manslaughter not involving drugs or alcohol with gross negligence and associated vehicle code violation. she posted $300,000 bail. her neighbors are finding the news hard to take. >> horrible it is a -- you know, not -- not the way -- >> reporter: police say jennie zhu was driving at speeds up to 80s miles per hour when she rear ended a van killing a student. >> everybody feels grief.
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>> reporter: the teen's mother remains in critical condition. his sister was released sunday in good condition. a spokes womannen for the department of motor vehicles says jennie zhu has a clean record. it is unclear where she now staying. neighbors say they never saw her speeding along this street. >> reporter: investigators don't believe drugs or alcohol were involved in the crash. the district attorney expects to be handed the case tomorrow. coming up at 6:00 p.m. we will hear from the father and find out about the tributes students held for him today at the high school. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. one rider on


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