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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  October 2, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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continues on capitol hill. the reason why there's no end in site for the government problem. >> the shutdown of the agency that monitors earthquakes all over the world including here in the bay area. . welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. we're live on the scene of a house fire in san jose. flames, a smoke scene coming from that house early this morning. gene is out there, with fire investigators as they look to for clues on what happened there. >> good morning, i'm dave clark, let's check your weather and traffic. steve is right there. >> we do have an elevated fire danger for tomorrow. the red flag warning will kick on thursday afternoon and
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evening. today things will be quiet, but they'll pick up later on in the north bay. we're going to for a warmer forecast, napa county and also into sonoma county. for us clear skies where there is a high cloud deck 40, 50s, 60s, some areas are on the mild side and some cool. santa rosa got down to 42. it's filtering in, partly cloudy skies, partly sunny. once this system goes by high pressure is on its way. high clouds mild to warmer, lighter breeze, higher today. 60s, there will be a few low 8 50s. here's sal. >> traffic is doing well around the bay area. we'll look at the bridges, we'll show you the bay bridge. it's looking good, the traffic looks good coming into san
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francisco. the morning commute looks good on the san mateo bridge on the high rise. we want to look at westbound 580, traffic is moving along nicely. it's off to a good start with castro valley without any delays. let's go back to the desk. a scene of a house fire, flames and smoke coming from the attic area that house is located on delmas avenue, and that's where janine is there and you just talked to the family of that home. >> reporter: they're a little bit shaken up and they're glad everyone is safe and no one is injured. it's close to where 280 and 87 connect. the fire is out, things have calmed down a bit. there are fire engines still here standing by sort of wrapping up. lots of people woke up to make
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sure their neighbor was okay. firefighters arrived, four people were inside the home when the fire broke out at 3:30 this morning. no smoke alarms appeared to have sounded in the house. if the homeowner said he heard a crackling sound and that alerted him to the fire. they were able to knock down the flames in 20 minutes. they had to cut through two skylights in the roof to ventilate the home. the fire started in the attic area. they were able to talk to the homeowner about what was in that room. >> there's a little language barrier. he described it to me as a prayer area, a shrine. but, there was no live candles. i asked him about that. he described it as a light. >> so, firefighters still have to conduct their investigation out here. but, so far from the information that they were able to receive, they don't appear
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that there was anything malicious. obviously, something in that room sparked that fire. they're in the monopoly up stages, back here live, you can see they're out here with their flashlight, just kind of going over the house, making sure that it is safe to leave. the family originally was going to get some help from the red cross, but instead, no, they're going to find other arrangements for themselves on where to stay, but it doesn't appear they're able to stay with their house just from that damage inside. ktvu, channel 2 news. time now 5:04, robbers robbed a store in union square. claudine wong is there, now, to tell us which store was hit. >> reporter: we're a block away from the busiest part of union square. they hit the store ice breaker.
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there's a plywood board that is on the window where it happened. this smash and grab happened at 11:30 last night. we're not sure what they got away with. the police say it happened quickly. the store was closed and it was 8:00 last night. i talked to a man who works in that area. he said that it has happened a couple of times. they have not been able to confirm that with police. police say there should be surveillance cameras in the area to help catch the people responsible. new this morning, a fedex cargo jet made a landing in the past 30 minutes. they received a call at 4:20 this morning that the jet was
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experiencing hydraulic problems. that brought emergency crews out on to the runway. the plane did land safely 20 minutes ago. the federal government shutdown, the white house announced president obama is cancelling two stops on his upcoming trip to asia because of the government shutdown. he will still fly to indonesia, but he's cancelling trips to malaysia and the philippines. secretary of state john kerry will go instead of president obama. there is no end in site. coming up, the latest tactic by republicans which was shot down by governments. what members of congress is giving up their paychecks until this shutdown is over. one of the agencies affected by the shutdown is one that watches earthquakes.
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33 employees around the country are furloughed including three of them at the park office. they're maintaining the agency's website to protect life and property. some seismologists would be called in if there ever was an earthquake. tourists who showed up to take a tour of alcatraz are being turned away because of it being closed. they're getting refunds. other parts that are cold is the golden gate national recreational area and other places. they forced another close, a flag was supposed to go up by the sister city association, the ceremony to celebrate china's national day which marks the founding of the people's republic of china.
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they stopped to raise the chinese flag in that city. it would show a support of the growing chinese community. that could be viewed as supporting the human rights violation. this was evacuated overnight. the reason for that five hour evacuation, the blue angels will be grounded, but this event will still be going next week. >> we're looking at traffic that is doing well in many areas. it's beginning to get slow in autopsy can will of spots. we'll tell you where. >> the weather is doing well if you like warmer temperatures for some. also we'll have any fire danger advisories.
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welcome back. the partial government shutdown continues and so does the blame game. we are joined by kyla campbell to explain the effects so far from washington, d.c. >> reporter: people are off the job today. the democrats blame the republicans for the shutdown because they wand to -- want to defend or delay "obamacare."
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>> we urge our colleagues to see what this is. it's pathetic, it's not responsible. >> house republicans tried to fund the government in stages starting with veterans affairs, national parks and the city of washington, but that first attempt failed. so far this week the house passed four bills, they chip away at the president's health care law. it's something that the senate refuses to sign on to. >> we're ready to talk and they have rejected that and we have to send that back every day. >> reporter: the house and senate both get back to couple of hours, get back to capitol hill. i'm working on that story for you for 6:15, kyla campbell channel 2 news. they've outlined a bill for revenge porn, the law takes
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affect immediately and it makes it illegal to post pictures with intent to cause stress or emotional humanlation. there will be a fine or even jail. this forced a five hour evacuation in jacksonville airport because of two packages. one was of a destructive nature. one was in a parking garage and the other was in the terminal near the tsa check point. >> one of the devices was located, was found near the check point, exactly where i couldn't stay. incoming planes were in there until buses could come out to pick up the passengers. no flights were allowed to take off. the jacksonville airport is bakeapple open this morning.
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san francisco will still host fleet week starting next week despite the government shutdown, the navy parade of ships have been cancelled. tourism officials have come up with a plan to draw in visitors. there will be a firework show every single night starting this weekend. they also are planning awharf fest at the end of the month. they are trying to get more healthful choices in vending machines. 5% of the snacks are considered healthy fare. that's low in sugar, salt and fat. the old law required half of the food items were considered healthy. they're worried that the
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city is selling its soul. dirt bikes are taking up space this month. the city is bending over backwards for cheap bucks. the so da mountain dew will be backing america's cup. the supervisor is a big giant's fan. a lot of the supervisors are big giants fan. >> why not? >> good morning, everybody. let's go out and take a look at the commute now. traffic is moving along relatively well. a beautiful picture of the east span coming into san francisco. no major problems. if you're the early commuter, you're going to get a nice drive all the way into san francisco with little or no delay. we'll just check with public transit and those systems are
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doing well. let's take a look at the bay bridge approach here. no big delay. usually 6:00, we start seeing the first signs of delays. as we look at the san mateo bridge, 880, that looks good. 580 westbound looks good. there is show traffic coming over the altamont pass. as you move to san jose, the traffic is moving well. and on the peninsula it's a good start. we have elevated fire danger. the redwood factor kicks in tomorrow. we'll see -- red flag kicks in tomorrow. this does not look like a rip roaring event. we'll keep an eye on events. this is digging in to eastern nevada. high clouds scooting over to the north. a mix of sun and clouds,
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similar to what we had yesterday. santa rosa and napa, it's warmer. we're going to 81, 48 on the low. we'll keep the lows as cool as yesterday. this will zip on by for the early-morning hours. 56 in sacramento and 59 fresno, 47 down in monterrey. upper 40s for walnut creek and napa and santa rosa, half moon bay 45, one of the cooler locations. look for a lot of sunshine later on, mild to warmer, a lighter breeze today. heartily anything at the surface today. not much in the hills, not much on the surface, 60s, 70s or low 80, the soft 80s, tomorrow will start to warm up, that's when the breeze will kick in. we'll take that into friday,
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most of the weekend, sunshine and warmer temperatures. >> all the markets are down in early trading this morning. investors for concerned that the shutdown will cause more problems. they're waiting for european central bank policy decision. investors tray traded -- traded heavily in options last night. analysts say investors are forcing on the likelihood that the it us federal reserve will change policy during the shutdown. gains across the board yesterday and the futures point to a lower opening though, about the same with the dow except in the opposite direction 50 points on the opening. the nasdaq, now, triple the level that it dropped to during the financial crisis in 2009. so quite a recovery there.
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the car maker hyundai says furloughed workers will not have to make what payment until january of next year if they buy a car and they also can delay paying bills. a lawsuit against toyota, they'll decide whether toyota is liable for the death of a southern california woman. she couldn't stop an accelerator, and the car crashed. toyota says the driver is at fault. this is the first of a series of lawsuits filed in california. this is known as the most colorful foot race in the world. the reason why the beta breakers may be turned down. a man found guilty of murder and moments of celebration by a judge that has the victim's family outraged. get the morning's to
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. last night hundreds of people gathered for this very
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emotional vigil in a small colorado town. they remember five members killed in a rock slide on monday. a 13-year-old girl was the only one to survive her. the teenager's father jumped in front of those rocks to save his daughter's life. a san diego judge is accused of showing favoritism towards a man accused of murder. he was sentenced to 53 years of life. she cleared the court and presided over the wedding of the defendant and the woman. the judge is accused of making the couple a cake. >> why would she do that? i'm lost for words. >> the defense attorney believes the judge was hoping that the defendant who has a
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long history of violence would cause less trouble in prison. it was a celebration for the two women credited for paving the way for marriage equality in california. members of the lgb community and their supporters honored chris perry and sandy in berkeley after being married. in a historic decision, they ruled in the couple's favor. >> berkeley has been a leader in equality for many years, and we appreciate the commitment to this city and we know that many families and couples have benefited. >> they were married in june by california attorney general pamela harris. the largest career fair takes place in san francisco. it starts at noontime at the
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lbgt center on market street. it includes bank of the west, macy's, safe way, apple and the san francisco police department. for entry level to management jobs are available. the organizers say all the employers are committed to work plaisters it. electric cigarettes claim to be a safe alternative to smoking, some users find they have risks of their own. >> this is something that is supposed to be safe and it's not. i mean it turned into a firework. >> renee leslie said she was in bed when she heard something in her house explode. it was her husband's e cigarette. it had been plugged into the computer to charge. >> the company has heard self of these reports. the problem is from the batteries not having overcharge protection.
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a little girl missing since the 1980, why the police have decided to reopen the amber garcia case. >> we're live in oakland telling you where the bart negotiations stand, the mud slinging and good news about another pay area agency. >> san francisco traffic looks good if you're driving through downtown. we'll tell you more about that straight ahead. >> weather looks good. the focus now will be on warmer temperatures and maybe higher fire danger, we'll explain it all coming up.
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. welcome back. 5:25, we're in san jose. there was an early morning houstonia there. our reporter is how the there and we're going to find out what was found at the house with the fire and what is interesting. >> the time sh now 567-8930, what's it going to be like today steve. >> pam cook, thank you very much. red flag warning, tomorrow, tomorrow, thursday into afternoon and friday, the winter is more northerly and northeast. later on this afternoon, once
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the band of high clouds zips on by. it makes it partly sunny and cloudy. it's mainly 50s but upper 40s north bay. it stops it from cooling down as much today. 68 degrees in san francisco today. stuck in the high. it will warm up today and tomorrow. we can see the band right there, the high pressure will kick in and that will give as you northerly breeze. high clouds mild to warm. not much of a breeze now. things are quiet in the hilts and also at the surface. # 0s, low 80s, 60s near the water. here's sal. >> if you're driving around the bay area let's look at what we have around here. its to look good. there are no major problems. i appreciate the comments after we discover how the bay bridge is more crowded. people give me their opinions
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on facebook or twitter, however, you want to reach out. look at that traffic. that traffic looks good with no major problems, no problems on northbound 280 extension and looking at the peninsula, it's been a nice drive here on 101 and 280 to the airport. here as you look at the heaviest traffic in the bay, it continues to be, of course, what else, 580 over the altamont pass, 531, let's did back to the desk. >> new this morning, a family escaped a house fire in san jose. this started on delmas avenue and guateluma street. they made an important discovery once they went inside. >> reporter: we learned from firefighters there were no working smoke alarms in this house. firefighters left the scene a short time ago. they made sure they installed
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working smoke detectors inside. most of the damage sh up above there. the house is still standing. but, now, when this fire started, they thought it was going to be much better when we were driving on to it early this morning. the fire broke out and it broke out at 3:30 this morning at delmas avenue near virginia. four people were inside and were able to get out quickly without any injuries. it took firefighters 15 minutes to knock it down. the homeowner tells us he has as prayer room with a small shrine in the attic. some use oil in the room, a light in the room. no candles were lit. it was a crackling noise that alerted him to the flames. and neighbors were worried. >> they are really good people. his family happened to be
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visiting. they all got safe. >> reporter: firefighters will be investigating the cause, power sh not on in the house. right now, the homeowner is actually inside, firefighters made sure he was not going to light any candles for safety reasons, they're going to work to get the power back on here. the house is still livable, but in the roof area, and the attic, that's where most of the damage was. the other three people we're told are staying with family members. reporting live from san jose, ktvu, channel 2 news. police opened a case of amber schwartz, a missing girl. she was 7 years who disappeared from her yard in 1988. they closed the case after a convicted killer confessed to her murder. her body was never found and
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anderson died a month after he confessed. this officer said the case deserves a fresh set of eyes and the body of forensic science. >> i wouldn't want this to happen. i wouldn't want my child in whatever shape that is. >> they believe it's important to reopen the case. however, they emphasize there's no new evidence to contradict anderson's confession. a west coast search team is being formed now by the class kids foundation. the person is to help families with missing children and organize search efforts. the class kids foundation which was started by the father mark, was at the mark in san francisco, polly klaas, it was 12 years ago she was taken and
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killed. the officer she was killed and he said it's a night he'll never forget. >> it haunts you, all the piece the come into play where you think how you could have made a difference if you knew something earlier. >> the overflow crowd can go to walnut park, that is polly's favorite play ground. and you can watch this on the big screen. the strike deadline is 8 days away. tim more quarter joins us now -- tara. >> . >> reporter: we're only ten days away from another possible strike. ktvu has learned that had the unions presented a counterproposal during a six hour session yesterday. union leaders are complaining about the top negotiator about
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how he has racked up a 19 $4,000 tab since these talks began this spring. that includes his fee of $350 an hour, first-class airline tickets and more. >> bart management has allowed thomas to spend over $3,000 on fine typing and alcohol. >> bart's general manager reacted if a reimbursement was made even for one glass, bart will recover payment as a credit against a future invoice. it reimburses for coach fair. there has been problems with ac transit and unions. we should know whether they can vote on it yesterday. they rejected an august proposal. it's the third largest transit system carrying 180,000 people today. we don't know where we stand
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with bart. a federal government shutdown is having a ripple effect in the bay area. 3,000 people work at the federal government building in oakland. many are told not to come to work. shoppers are saying they're hurting. >> i hope it doesn't last really for everybody's sake. >> this is the way i feel. we're not, you know, i can't respect either one of them. they're not working as a team and they're not playing fairly with each other. >> the business owners say they can handle having fewer customers for a day or so, but if the shutdown lasts more than a week, they'll take a hit. football teams from the armed forces, they may have to cancel their games this weekend because of the shutdown. the defense department has
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suspended sports competition due to lack of funding and legal concerns. the army is supposed to play boston college and air force is to take on navy. they're looking for options to proceed with the game. while the oakland a's get ready for the playoffs against detroit, they're trying to convince the team to stay in oakland, don't leave. hundreds of fans were at this rally for the green and gold. while they want to move the team to the south bay, they have found a deep pocketed investor to support a coliseum city plan which supports a current site at the airport and three pro stadiums. there's a second site at howard terminal, and it could be ready within months that's hideous, and it's at the army base.
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most people believe it is a better site. now, the first game is friday against the detroit targets, that one sold out. there's only a thousand tickets left for game 2 on saturday. game 1 starts at 6:30, friday night. first pitch 6:00 p.m. on saturday then they go to detroit for games 3 and 4 and if necessary game 5 will be back in oakland a week from tomorrow. the first team that wins 3 games advances further. it's what homicide that outraged the city of oakland. police have made arrests of a deadly shooting of a 8-year-old girl. we have reaction from her family as they face the man accused of pulling the trigger. a final farewell for families where the old bay bridge is being torn down. traffic is getting busier
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on the bay area. it looks good so far. >> if you enjoyed yesterday's weather you'll like today's. there's a change in the weather coming and also fire danger. that's a hint.
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. welcome back to the ktvu morning news. that's 5:42. a schoolteacher is facing life in prison after being convicted of molesting nine young girls. he was convicted yesterday afternoon on 30 felony counts. he was convicted of children who were at two elementary school schools. a sentencing date has not been set. a vigil scheduled for tomorrow to remember a young mother who was run over and
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killed at san francisco holly park. a shrine was created for christy. she was killed while sun bathing at the park with her 11- year-old dog and daughter. the widower is having trouble. and their friends said she was a loving mother. >> he shent her husband a picture of -- sent her husband a picture of their daughter playing in the grass. >> no charges have been filed against the 57-year-old employee. his lawyer says he's depressed
5:44 am
and the incident hats taken a heavy toll on him -- has taken a heavy toll on him. this boy was killed in a horrific crash last week. a speeding driver slammed into his van and killed the teenager and critically hurting his mother and sister. the funeral will be held at the same funeral home 8:00 saturday morning. there will be a funeral session for a burial ceremony at 9:0. a $10,000 reward is being offered in a freemont case where john mcdowell was riding his bike and he was hit by his car. it happened 5:45 on august will willth. he -- eighth. he spent three weeks in the
5:45 am
hospital with an injured spine, broken ribs and brain injury. it was a black camry. last month the california highway patrol took carol out to the spot where her 21-year- old son was killed by a drunk driver. they're offering the same chance to other families. they'll allow relatives of people who died on the old bring to go out there -- bridge. sand has been washed away at the beach. some parts of the beach are just two feet wide. it will be 12 feet wide when this project is complete. the work starts this week onshore line drive between willow and grand streets. the entire project is expected to take two months. san francisco's famous bay to breakers race has a new
5:46 am
owner. he's sharing his vision for one of the city's best-known events. casey wasserman bought the race for an undisclosed amount for aeg. he's meeting with long time race participants. he wants to hear their thoughts about the race. he wants the race to be fun and clean. there needs to be fun and cleanup and post race improvements to keep it save. >> good morning, we're doing very well. so far we're doing pretty well on highway 4, coming up to concord, but you can tell it's getting more crowded right now. there's nothing unusual on the roads or in your way on that stretch. if there is a crash it usually makes it much worse.
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there is the anything going on reported on westbound 4. let's look at the commute on the westbound bay bridge. we're seeing a crowd, we're turning those media lights on. the traffic from hayward to freemont is off to a good start. let's go to steve. >> good morning, everybody. red flag warning starts tomorrow. thursday afternoon goes into friday. it does not look similar to what we just had. it's a little stronger. an enhanced fire danger, the northeast winds, september, october we get that. the high clouds will play into the weather for the morning. still raining on the pacific northwest, we're getting rain up in seattle. once this system goes through, there will be another one diving into eastern nevada that will crank up on the north wind. high clouds, mostly sunny, mild
5:48 am
to warm, nicely sunny this afternoon. higher clouds over us. santa rosa will start off mostly cloudy in the morning, we'll about for low 80s, sonoma county airport. 33 in tahoe, 56 sacramento, there are cool readings by the coast. half moon bay, 45, one of the coolest, on this handle they are, there are a lot of 50s, livermore 53, san jose is 54h you can see the band going through the north and overall higher clouds that will be mostly sunny, mild to warm, it might kick in later. some of the higher elevations, low 80s, coast to coast, 60s and low # 0s, temperatures will start to warm up just a wee bit today for the north. as get to the weekend, it will
5:49 am
be a warm weekend. there are reports this morning that apple face it is delays rolling out the new version mini. it will have a higher resolution, that screen is available on the ipad as well as twices from google and amazon. the screen supplier is fearing up to make the mini displays. they're not commenting on the report as usual. they're pushing to have gates step down as chairman. he's the largest shareholder with more than 4% of the company's total stock. no indication of whether the board of directors will demand him to step aside. they're calling 343,000 of their suvs and trucks. there's a problem with the instrument display panels of the cherokee and ram trucks.
5:50 am
dodge is notifying their others to come in for free repairs. he's still on the loose after robbing a bay area bank. what does he have in his hands. >> why a san mateo bank robber may be planning to blow up the bank. >> planning for day 2 of the covered insurance plan. will the frustrations be fixed today? too big.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. there are several new developments in that kenya shopping mall attack. they've recovered the bodies of two kenyan soldiers and the bodies of several other victims. an al qaeda group from somalia is pledging a new terror campaign against kenya. analysts predict kenya will lose $1 quarter billion in tourism. the double amputee is accused of murdering his girlfriend on valid. the forensic team is already in south africa and has met with the defense team.
5:54 am
the trial of this man killing his girlfriend is up for march 20th next year. the first day of business, the government is shutdown. the government website was hit over a million times yesterday and now it's shutdown. >> health care is monumental. there's too much stress and pain and agony and sickness. that's why i'm here. now, besides the website, covered california has free call centers to get information, sign up by phone. one of those call centers is here in the bay area, it's in concord. we've a special section to help you navigate the affordable care act. look for the topic health care
5:55 am
reform under the newsmen eye. all classes are scheduled to resume on uc berkeley this morning. crews have been working around the clock to restore power to at that nearly a dozen buildings that have been without electricity since monday night. they, now, confirm the theft of copper canes that caused a motion and power outage across the campus. five people suffered minor injuries in that motion and police are looking for the thieves. 10:00 this morning, 8 newly refurbished sirens will be tested. sirens were installed from a 30- mile stretch seven years ago. those sirens were upgraded to include voice announcements in addition to those loud warning terms. this morning's test will be at full volume. so, i'm warning you, it's scheduled to last about three
5:56 am
minutes. the san jose sharks get back on the ice tomorrow night. they'll start the regular season at home against the vancouver canucks. this will be a few names of the shark tang. the hp pavillion will be called the hsp center. find out which high end clothing store was targeted. this is day 2 of the government shutdown, there appears to be more finger- pointing than progress. >> traffic is getting busy all over the place including on highway 24 heading up from walnut creek and oakland. changes brewing for tomorrow. today is the tweet day, temperatures warm up or cool down for another day.
5:57 am
5:58 am
. union square store targeted by smash and grab burglars, what people are saying about the crime in the area. >> we're live in oakland where bart negotiations pick up
5:59 am
today. the latest mud slinging and how bart passengers are reacting. >> day 2 of the shutdown, is there any hope of the deal to get the feds back in business. channel 2 morning news continues. . i want to take you back to union square this morning, pretty surprising site as one of the stores was broken into. the boards are up protecting the glass that was broken. we'll go back out to claudine wong who is out there now. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. pam wants good weather. >> wow, i always try to deliver good weather. high clouds, a little warmer today than tomorrow. we'll be sunny, warmer, breezy, the extent, what do you mean by that, the weekend looks warmer. winds will be decreasing by
6:00 am
friday. elevated fire danger kicks in tomorrow morning. it goes into thursday afternoon evening and goes into friday. 25 to 50, it looks close to what we had last time. higher clouds moving in the air, mostly cloudy, partly cloudy, all the observations say partly cloudy. temperatures kind of held up a little bit. 40s, some 50s, had more 50s and 40s, by this afternoon it will be out of here and temperatures will start to warm up in the north bay. san francisco 68 and i've been stuck on that. it looks warmer as i head into the next couple of days. lows move into nevada and everything goes sunny and warmer. higher clouds today, mild to warm. there is some indications of a little north wind. a lot of sundays, a low 80s, right now traffic is doing well around the bay area. as a matter of fact, if u'


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