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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  October 3, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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tonight everything they own is gone as flames destroy 12 unit apartment building in silican valley. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. residents are virtually homeless tonight after their complexes burst into flames. ktvu's amber lee is live at the scene and she's been talking to some of those who lost their
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homes, amber. >> reporter: julie the apartment building that burned is right behind me. you can see the heavy damage and why it's unlivable. chopper 2 and a neighbor captured the flames on video as it ravished this building. >> huge smoke, flames were probably 15 feet height. the smoke barrels through the other side of the street. >> reporter: neighbor mitch cadina showed us the video he took. >> it started at the balcony and went to the attic area and started traveling. >> reporter: john giles tells me he rushedded home after he learned his apartment was on fire. he is hoping to be able to go in soon to see what he can salvage. >> my thought is you can only
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replace things, i'm not too upset. >> reporter: another fire victim said it was difficult seeing his home burned. everything was lost. >> very, very sad about this. >> reporter: the fire captain told us that crews rushed out of the building when collapse risk started. the red cross was on the scene and offered temporary arrangements. >> i made arrangements to get a hotel. >> reporter: do you have insurance? >> yeah, thank god i did. >> reporter: despite the heavy damage to the building crews tell me no one was hurt. just a few minutes ago we saw firefighters return to the scene of this fire after neighbors reported seeing hot spots flair up. you can see that they're working on that. the fire captain tells me it's too early to tell what caused
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this fire. reporting live here in sunny vale, amber lee. a red flag warning in the bay area as gusty winds increase the the threat of a fire. right now firefighters tell us the fire started around 90 minutes ago and that it spread to 500 acres in part because of the strong winds. we want to show you a live picture now from downtown san francisco. these flags on top of an office building have been whipping. deborah villalon spent the evening with the residents. and our chief meteorologist bill martin has the latest. >> reporter: the winds are blowing in excess of 40 miles
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per hour. reports in livermore have strong winds. look at the 29-mile, that's a sustained wind in fairfield. the gusts are coming up at 45 miles per hour. you see the direction has changed it's coming out of the north now. very strong winds, a wind advisory in effect as well. in the oakland hills i have winds gusting near 45 miles per hour. so the winds are really just now starting to pick up. when i come back at 10:45, we'll dial in the winds and tell you where the strongest winds are going to be. we're going to be talk about the bay area weekend as well. deborah villalon is live with how fire personnel are responding. >> reporter: frank we're looking out at some of the twinkling lights on mount tam. so many households nestled in a beautiful but dangerous forest. >> i think there's still a a perception that it's not going to happen to me.
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>> reporter: firefighters know that there's a big fire that's going to happen here. >> it's not if it's when. we all understand that. >> reporter: which is why during this heightened alert they're happy to see public education pay off. >> the oak trees are limbed up off the ground. there's no branches up against the roof line i can see. >> reporter: branches are often but often it's the small stuff. leaves and needles on a roof that are like kindling. >> that ember that we keep bringing up is going to start the dry vegetation on fire which is then going to spread to the house. >> reporter: firefighters knocked these needles from a roof to keep the fire from spreading. add winds and embers flying the result would likely be dangerous. >> the red flag comes from the wind. the wind prediction and you can tell that it's starting to get a little windy. i think tonight is supposed to be the worse. >> reporter: this old pine was spared this time.
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like mount diablo, marin has many of the same ingredients. dry fuel and steep hills, but there's more people in them. on mount tam it's a tight squeeze en for a millvalely smaller than average rig -- squeeze for even for a mill valley smaller than average rig. it's an ongoing effort especially on a night like tonight. >> if we see we're starting to experiment extreme situations we may decide to send a page out and have personnel come in. >> reporter: here is how residents are supposed to evacuate. a network of steps and paths to take them down to the flat land leaving their cars behind so that fire engines can come up without being blocked. reporting live in mill valley, deborah villalon, ktvu news. some east bay fire departments are bringing in extra staff for this red flag
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warning. station 87 in contra costa county was shut down due to budget cuts. tonight officials reopened it. they say they plan to keep it open for the duration of this red flag warning. station 87 in pittsburg was one of seven fire stations that closed this year amidst budget cuts after a ballot measure failed. and california may not have all the fire fighting resources it needs because of the partial government shut down. about 2,000 california national guards have been sent to maintain firefighter aircraft. some have returned from maintaining helicopters that were used to fight the rim fire in and around yosemite. officials say they are moving staff and officials to fill the holes caused by those furloughs. now to our continuing coverage of today's shooting at capitol hill. a news photographer captured this dramatic video of capital police cornering a woman in a
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black infinity. but watch this, she maneuvers around the officers and starts shooting. that chase and the sounds of gunfire triggered a lock down of the u.s. capital with all members of congress advised to shelter in place. it all started with a confrontation at an outer security gate of the white house. then the driver raced down pennsylvania avenue to the capital where the chase ended in a hail of gunfire. reporter joe johns tonight on how it all unfolded and the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: chilling realtime video. much of it on cell phone cameras, a broad daylight confrontation who had already hit a white house barrier arrives at the west front of the u.s. capital. you can hear the shots fired as the driver with multiple police cars in pursuit hit speeds of 85 miles per hour before it all comes to an end. with more shots fired about a block away from the supreme court. two officers are injured in the
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chase. >> we have gunfire on capitol hill. if you're in the building shelter in place. >> reporter: with the public alert system urging everyone to hunker down a stunning surprise, the driver police were shooting at and killed was a woman with a small child in the backseat who was unharmed. after searching the suspect's car police find no weapon. for the bystanders on the street, shock and pandemonium. >> when i heard the gunfire, my wife and i just dropped to the ground. >> i was walking toward the capital building. 20 minutes later as i hit this point there was about two to three cop cars. after that i heard a series of loud pops, like a gun going off. >> reporter: a strange and dangerous spectacle in one of the most closely guarded public spaces in the country perhaps the world. >> this was a multiple vehicle
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pursuit. two security perimeters that were attempted to be breached. >> reporter: more details now on the suspect. police went to the apartment she lived. she is being identified as merianne kelly. she is said to be a dental hygienist. her mother said that she was suffering of postpartum depression. we remained there until we were given the all clear. >> other people did not have a place to take shelter and took off running. the congressman praised police for keeping everyone safe. the national shutdown is
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getting ready to enter its fourth day. the president said if boehner allowed a vote on a clean spending bill that does not defund the affordable health care act it would pass and the government would immediately reopen. >> the only thing that's preventing all that from happening right now today in the next five minutes is that speaker john boehner won't even let the bill get a yes or no vote. >> reporter: speaker boehner and other republicans insist they're the ones trying to get the government back open and that president obama is the one who refuses to negotiate. as of right now there is no end in sight and round two begins in just a couple of weeks when congress must decide whether to raise the nation's debt limit. wall street dropped again today as it continues to weigh in on the impact of the government shut down. the dow industrials dropped 176 points to close below 16,000. the nasdaq hit 40. tomorrow the nasdaq will not
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have the jobs report to contribute. -- if food programs that depend on federal funding are cut it could lead to a spike in demand. exposes the dark side of the web that your browser can't even access. >> you know using a new identity, it's basically piggy backing off of your internet connection. >> how the sites help keep criminals in the shadows. >> common ground between b.a.r.t. and its employees, the key issue they have tentatively agreed on. >> and plans to expand to its biggest business fears. we release the fears that twitter expressed ahead of its ipo.
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including love and happiness. benjamin moore. for everything that matters. silican valley software engineer adobe is alerting people that hackers accessed their information. user names, pass words was all compromised. adobe is alerting computer openers. hackers also accessed pass words to mass programs. we're also getting a look at the inner workings of twitter. ktvu's maureen naylor is live in san jose with what those ipo
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documents have revealed, maureen. >> reporter: frank for the past three hours we've been going through the lengthy document that twitter filed with the fcc. it was confidential until today. >> i have 291 followers. >> reporter: 24-year-old liz trata says she checks her twitter feed about five times a day. >> i'm always on the go so i'm like always checking it. facebook i feel is a little more personal and twitter is a little bit more informative. >> reporter: this unsealed document comes three weeks after the san francisco company announced in a tweet it was going public. i shows twitter plans to use the symbol twtr and raise $1 billion. >> it is saying we essentially will gain a billion, hopefully that will go up. >> reporter: he say it is pages reveal twitter is growing fast and the platform is taking off
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with $316 million in revenue from 2011 to 2012. but still hasn 't turned a profit. >> i would say one of the mayor concerns is that it's still losing money. and this tells us that we're back in like the late 90s when it comes to evaluation of technology companies. >> reporter: diamond says it's clear some of the key investors have cashed in well before any ipo. ceo costello along with dorsey sold to investors years from now. >> is it that the smart money got out. >> reporter: with advertising being the heart of its business model, the professor expects twitter's offering before thanksgiving likely in early november. reporting live tonight in san
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jose, maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now we still don't know the price of twitter stock or how many shares will be offered. today's filing did not tell us which stock exchange twitter plans to be listed on. now this comes as twitter is negotiating for another 320,000 square feet of office space. right next to its headquarters at ninth and market in san francisco. that will more than double its footprint in the city. twitter employees about 2,000 people all together. >> high wind sparked two fires sparking other fires. the fire fire started at 3:30 at the recycling plant near highway 4. the chp was forced to shut down part of the interstate because of the thick smoke and limited visibility in the area. no injuries have been reported and no word yet what sparked that original fire. in fremont police are searching for a woman who they say robbed a credit union.
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she was captured on a surveillance camera. it happened around 1:45 yesterday afternoon at the patelco credit union. the woman did not display a weapon. they also say she got away with an undisclosed amount of money. here is another picture of her. witnesses describe her at about 5'8" tall with long dark hair. she was wearing large sunglasses, she was dressed in a t-shirt and blue sweat pants. she was also wearing red and black shoes. anyone with information is asked to call fremont police. more than 100 people gathered at a san francisco park to honor a young mother who was run over and killed. the driver left the scene making it a hit-and-run. it happened a month ago but as patti lee reports no charges have been filed. >> reporter: the senseless death of 35-year-old christie sebondenier is fueling tonight's campaign to make parks safer.
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her husband told the crowd that he did not want to come tonight but he knew he had to. for christy, his family and his community. >> my wife dying has changed my world. the support is really what makes this possible for me. >> reporter: on september 6th. christy was under a tree with her son and dog when she was run over by a gardener for the parks and rec department. >> for him to drive off that trail right there and come up under that tree and run over her and leave the scene. there's no way possible that he can say he did not know what he hit. >> reporter: the victim's husband says he has not thought about what happened, that he is still thinking about his loss but more importantly his blessings. >> i didn't think that kind of help was meant for me in this
10:20 pm
lifetime. >> reporter: tonight thomas bernowski is free on bail. we called to see if he would face any charges and they tell us they are still evaluating the evidence. patti lee, ktvu news. police say there's still no sign of a woman who vanished from san francisco general hospital. she was being treated for an infection and checked every 15 minutes but she disappeared on september 21st. friends say she was disoriented and they fear for her safety. spalding is 57 years old and has a heavy british accent. temperatures for your friday are going to be warmer than today's highs by a few degrees. we're going to see lots of low 80s tomorrow. warmer than today. the winds are really blowing out there right now. the strongest winds out in the livermore valley out toward antioch, concord. the winds are howling. these are sustained winds in fairfield of 20 miles per hour. a sustained wind of 29 means it's gusting probably near 40 miles per hour.
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that's what we're seeing out in fairfield. strong winds in the oakland hills as well. the wind advisory, the red flag warning verifying as i speak. the heaviest wind are going to be overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. the wind advisory should go away at that point. gusty winds tonight. temperatures warmer tomorrow. the fire danger remains high. we'll be back with the specific forecast for your neighborhood. the highly anticipated hardly strictly bluegrass music festival is set to kick off tomorrow in san francisco. crews have been very busy this week setting up the stages for that three day music festival. among those performing this year are bonny rate and amy lou hemmet. and all of the music is free thanks to the generosity of the late warren helmen who started that festival. for more information, go to and click on hot topics. the web beyond the web. tonight at 10:30, drugs, sex
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even murder all online but hidden from plain view. we explore the deep web and what it takes to hide on the internet. bike riders sound off. their anger at police after a woman riding her bicycle was struck and killed by a truckful. >> but up first ktvu captured this hit-and-run accident. we'll tell you what happened. we all have our little tricks.
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new video just in tonight of a fire hydrant in oakland shooting water 30 feet into the air. we're told a tree limb fell on to the hydrant and caused it to burst. traffic is moving through the area so far no word on how soon that hydrant will be capped and the rush of water stopped. at least 114 people are
10:25 pm
dead and 200 others missing after an overloaded fishing bode capsized in the mediterranean between sicily and tenesia. the boat was carrying 500 african migrants when it started to sink. someone lit a fight as a signal for help, as the flames spread, everyone moved over and the boat capsized. most did not know how to swim. the electric car caught fire near seattle after hitting a metal object that damaged the battery cell. the fire was contained to the front end exactly as designed they also say this is the first battery fire ever. fire crews said they had trouble putting out the fire. tesla shares dropped 6% yesterday they dropped another 4% today. san francisco police got an ear full from angry bike riders this morning nearly two months after a woman was killed in a
10:26 pm
crash on fulsome street. at a city hearing, police acknowledged they had made some mistakes in the investigation into the death of 24-year-old amale lamulac. they included failing to collect surveillance video for a near by -- from a near by business that shows the accident. cyclists say police often blame the victim when a bike is involved in a collision with a car. >> there is a systemic problem among the police department officers when it comes to treating people fairly and equally particularly people biking and walking. >> i do not believe there is a bias. we enforce the laws, evenly for everyone. the department says it is preparing a training video for officers and cyclists about traffic laws and a bike lane is being added along a seven block stretch near fulsome street. san jose fans are all
10:27 pm
pumped up over nhl opener. hundreds of fans gathered after that they went inside to ebb joy. mark ibanez will have all the highlights coming up a little later in sports. seven days and counting. but tonight a hint of progress in avoiding a b.a.r.t. strike. hear what both sides have now agreed on. >> it's part of the web most people have never visited. we'll take you inside the deep web beyond the reach of search engines. >> a reminder you can get ktvu news to go. just download the ktvu app and click the live icon that way you can watch all of our newscasts live right on your mobile device. closed captioning brought
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to you by mancini sleep world.
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most of us have probably never heard of the deep net or deep web until the fbi arrested a san francisco man this week for allegedly running a billion dollars drug operation there. new information tonight on this invisible part of the internet. ktvu's jana katsuyama is live in san francisco where she went exploring in the deep web and tells us what she found hidden from most users. >> reporter: it is hidden from most users. this case has many people wondering what is tor, or the deep web a place where many people never even knew existed. the fbi says ross olbert used thor known as the onion router that allows people to navigate the web unanimously. it's being used by drug
10:31 pm
dealers, child porn. anyone can use this for free and it's the key to unlocking the deep web. we went there with nick stat. with one click to open the thor software and router, your computer becomes invisible with a web link that does not pinpoint you or your location. >> it is now an invisible address so no one knows who you are. >> reporter: all websites end in dot onion. usually a word and scramble of number because they've been randomly generated to be hard to find. >> reporter: all invisible to stream. and all sales are usually done
10:32 pm
in bit coins. people can buy bit coins on your credit card. >> you go to coin base and you see the current bit value. >> they all use fake identities, they all share the same ideologies of a free and open internet. >> reporter: olbert's hearing is set for 9:00 a.m. tomorrow and the fbi tells me he could be released on bail or sent to new york to face federal narcotics and drug charges. jana katsuyama, ktvu news. ads are coming to instagram. instagram is owned by facebook and says it plans to ease users into seeing the ads by showing a small quantity of videos from
10:33 pm
a small number of brands. users will have the option of hiding or rejects an ad and telling the company what they don't like about it. undocumented immigrants are one step closer to being able to get special licenses. the dmv will start issuing them january one, 2015. the governor also signed a bill to expand broad band. it gives grants to companies that can serve uncovered rural
10:34 pm
areas. tonight there is some movement to report. today the two sides said they have reached a tentative agreement on one key issue, pensions. but they also say they remain far apart on wages and benefits. the union made a counter offer and said they're waiting to hear back from b.a.r.t. the one issue that may be resolved is pensions. >> that formula is for every dollar that employees contribute to their pensions they are reimbursed 72-cents. in addition to finalizing the pension agreement the two sides still have to find common ground on health care benefits plus of course their wages. a strike would affect tens of thousands of bay area commuters and not just those who ride b.a.r.t. >> reporter: bay area rapid
10:35 pm
transit. opening and closing its doors since 1972. >> the things that i like about b.a.r.t., fast. >> reporter: pleasing some passengers but not quite pleasing others. >> probably would like to see a little bit more presence of law enforcement. >> kind of dirty sometimes. >> reporter: and knowing that we now know a little bit more about what's going on in the mind of b.a.r.t. commuters if indeed there is a strike. we find jim wandermine he's president and ceo of the bay area council. >> let's not have the strike. let's get this thing done. let's not be like washington. >> reporter: the bay area council released a new poll it surveyed more than 700 residents. 63% of those polled said b.a.r.t.'s employers should accept b.a.r.t.'s offer others
10:36 pm
said they should continue negotiations but not strike. >> negotiating is a give and take process. >> reporter: union representation and b.a.r.t. it's a frustrating scene commuters said they've seen too much of. >> they've had plenty of time to work it out. i wish they would come to a resolution. >> these feelings are intensified. >> reporter: waterman says it's one poll but it's a poll with a pulse. the pulse of those who ride this system. a surprising fight during the commute in the east bay. >> he made an excellent decision to put it down. >> reporter: and fire chances easing as we head into the weekend. when a cooling trend will settle in. >> from adding seats to addressing plumbing problems. the preparations to make the
10:37 pm
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a crash involving a school bus sent four people to the hospital. the white truck was turning left on east julian street on highway 101. the truck then spun out of control and hit an suv. three students were taken to the hospital after complaining of pain. the suv driver was also taken to the hospital with minor injuries. over 700 people packed a livermore church to remember a young woman who was killed by a suspected drunk driver. the church was filled with pink flowers and pictures of cristina chesterman. she died last month after being hit by a car while riding her bike near chico state university where she was a
10:40 pm
nursing student. family and friends said she touched many lives. no matter what was on her mind or what was going on that day. her first move is how can i help this person, how can i help that person. the little things like that is what made her so wonderful. chesterman was an organ donor. at least three lives have been saved since her death last week. the driver charged in chesterman's death faces up to three years in prison. the excitement is billing for game one tomorrow between the oakland a's and detroit tigers. rob roth shows us how the team is getting the ballpark ready and also hoping a messy problem doesn't come back for the play offs. at the oakland coliseum today workers were putting on the final touches trying to make this ages stadium presentable. the biggest change is up here, the third deck is no longer covered with a tarp. that adds 18,000 seats. tickets will be sold for friday
10:41 pm
and saturday's games against the detroit tigers. >> the added decks should help to make sure this place doesn't crumble. because when it gets loud and gets ruckus it feels like a little bit of an earthquake here. >> reporter: you can still get tickets from an online website but it will cost you. you see that area, that is reserved for standing room. people are offering $60 a ticket for standing room. will the stadium's plumbing hold up? three times this season the plumbing has overflowed including in the clubhouses. officials say that the problems were caused by people flushing improper things. >> we don't anticipate there will be any issues. we hope it will not be the focus. >> reporter: some hope the fans
10:42 pm
will help restore some pride to the beleaguered oakland. >> i think anybody people can be excited about. we need more activities like these. >> reporter: we met a couple from detroit another hard hit town. >> i think both towns have a reputation of being a tough city but you're going to find good everywhere. >> reporter: it's set to begin at 6:37. then game two is scheduled to start at 6:07. the winner advances to the american league championship series. it'll be broadcast by fox that means you can watch it right here on ktvu. why the a's may have an advantage in the play offs. plus opening night for a brand new performance arts center. a big money project at a time when many schools are cutting
10:43 pm
back. >> and our chief meteorologist bill martin tracking winds that are sparking a wildfire near bariesta. his complete forecast next. >> and a plane maked an unscheduled landing on a busy road. coming up next on 2, the pilot explains what happened. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to find big savings on the things you need. just make a straight line to safeway.
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a small plane forced to land in a busy south bay intersection right in the middle of morning commute. it all started out as a flying lesson in san jose. >> but engine problems forced that plane to land on capital expressway. only on 2, our own robert handa's interview with the pilot. >> reporter: it even isn't easy to maneuver during the morning
10:46 pm
commute, but somehow pilot guerrero managed to land on the expressway. >> the plane wasn't producing sufficient power to maintain altitude and that was about it. >> he did an excellent job deciding i'm going to put it here where it's safe instead of trying to turn it around to the airport and ending up in the mall. >> reporter: there were no obvious signs of any problems but say it's up to the faa to do a complete investigation. >> i would suspect carburetor ice. not really getting into it, inspecting the engine but i would say carburetor ice. it was cool this morning, a little precipitation. i would say that's the case. >> reporter: guerrero says he
10:47 pm
can't speak about the investigation. >> you train for it, it's a plan b. >> reporter: the people we talk to say it's important for people to know pilots are prepared when a plan b is needed. in san jose, robert handa, ktvu news. the government shutdown is creating a serious situation for cancer patients. people hoping to participate in clinical trials are being turned away. almost three dozen employees are being furloughed. >> it makes me angry when i hear that it's focused on national parks closures and people not getting paychecks. but while that is true, there's people like me who have cancer and cannot wait. campers at yosemite national park were forced to
10:48 pm
hit the road today. that park is now off limits because of the government shutdown. people who had reservations to camp or stay at a hotel were allowed to stay last night but had to be out of the park by 3:00 this afternoon. roads leading to and from the park are still open but only to drivers who are just passing through the park to get to the other side. more information now on that brush fire burning out of control right now at lake barriesta. crews have made it the punta fire. it's burned more than 900 acres so far. the blaze was first reported at 8:30 tonight and is being fueled by those strong winds. calfire and napa county firefighters are on the scene. they say three structures are now being threatened. the flames are burning grass and brush but no timber. it is windy out there, the winds have progressively picked out through the overnight hours. they're going to peak about 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning.
10:49 pm
here -- here's something we don't see all the time, this is a brush fire modesto south of fresno. that stays in effect throughout tomorrow. the wind advisory in effect for the bay area through tonight. certainly the red flag warning stays until saturday morning. the high wind advisory stays until tomorrow morning. we're seeing gusts today at 30 to 40 miles per hour. here aos -- here's something that indicates the wind strength. the air is sinking it's been compressed. it's 71 right now in livermore. the winds are going to be at their strongest about 3:00 a.m. 37miles per hour up toward the santa rosa area. by the morning and into the afternoon the wind should start to die down a little bit. it's still going to be a very breezy day. heaviest winds between now and 3:00 in the morning. mostly sunny and warm as we
10:50 pm
head into your bay area weekend. and as you look at it, let's take a peak at concord here. the forecast for concord tomorrow. 1:00 here it's 75 degrees. it's not going to be a heat wave. it's going to be warm, a little warmer maybe very warm in some places but not record heat tomorrow. just about the winds. that's where that red flag warning comes from. 84 in napa, 83 in fairfield. 83 in the antioch, 82 in livermore. again air quality is not bad for us because the winds are clearing everything out. but the wind are blowing and you're noticing. i'm tkpwáeting -- getting a lot of reports in vacaville, the wind are blowing. you know what i'm talking about. so tomorrow is going to be the windiest day for sure and those winds break down windiest in the morning hours and that's what we're talking about. winds gusting in the morning hours easily to 40 miles per hour. maybe 450 miles 450 -- 50 miles per hour on the ridge line. by 4:00 the winds not as strong
10:51 pm
as they had been. but it's a critical fire time right now for the bay area. and this is the kind of situation you don't want to see. these wind are tapering as we head into tomorrow. >> we're watching that fire at lake barriesta tonight. a multi million dollars project to renovate the theater arts center is on display tonight. the new theater has a balcony and seating along with professional writing and acoustical systems. the money was paid with bond money at a time when a lot of the school district is cutting in the arts. >> that is one good looking theater. >> mark is here with sports let's talk a little hockey. >> they've been driving us crazy waiting for hockey season to start and why not. shark fins in fact, all of them could not wait for the season to get here and then they had to wait a little longer to see the real sharks explode really late to blow up in a close one
10:52 pm
late going. a full house and a full blown success as usual. but a narrow 2-1 lead deep into the third against the canucks. 3-1 lead 5:22 left. and kevin beaks took offense there for canucks still it was all smiles. 0-8 on the power play situation for the sharks tonight. giant fans have reason to passionately watch the play offs. if only to root against the dodgers. they have someone seriously channeling colfax. adrian gonzalez the lift. his first postseason homer ever. 4-0 lead, more than cushy for
10:53 pm
cerna. atlanta struck out 15 times total. dodgers go up 1-0. there's your cy young award winner looking good. some guys were just born to perform in the postseason. and the cardinals have a guy who definitely fits that description. carlos beltran right there. 445-foot tank shot here. two run blast, 15th career postseason homer for him that ties him with a guy by the name of babe ruth for third on the all time list in postseason home runs and the cardinals cruise over the pirates game one there. the a's are the only game in town in this town. ready up for the detroit tigers. the athletics tell you why they think it's just the beginning, next.
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10:56 pm
for the a's it's no longer about the getting to the play offs it's act getting through them as into the world series. step one tomorrow evening, oakland tigers in town and if you remember it was in late august. they broke out in a four game series with the tigers. back scored 33 runs and storming into the western division title. brandon moss knows the difference between last season
10:57 pm
and this year's swing. >> we know we're a betting team this year. we know we've matched up better against teams this year. where last year when we would get an ace we would get struck down. we're going to go out and play the best baseball we can. so are they and i think it's going to be a really good series. >> unless you're from buffalo and cleveland and you checked tonight's match up. give me the remote what else is on. jim brown was on. honored in cleveland. t.j. warren of the browns as he picks off jeff. it's a pick six. browns pull it off. it turned into a pretty entertaining game. when it comes to golf you're thinking birdies and eagles. president's cup activity it was all about the squirrel and will throw in a tie -l too. that's davis love the third. then it's tiger's girlfriend vaughn getting the square and putting it on tiger's shoulder.
10:58 pm
he is not amused at all. that's your pet squirrel. that's the sporting life. >> we thank you for joining us. >> have a good night everyone.
10:59 pm
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you can stop holding your stomach in. college. you still exercising? (exhales deeply) clearly. i look at a clint eastwood or a chuck norris and i think, there's no reason i can't stay tough like... (giggles) oh, tickles! but... ow. that hurt? no. not r--ow. oh. what? it's probably nothing. you feeling okay? yeah. maybe we'll just run a couple of tests, just to be safe. what kind of tests? if there's anything wrong, i'll give you a call. oh. okay. so how's the real estate market doing? well, interest rates are low, so it's a great time to be a buyer, but if you're a seller, you really have to...


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