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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  October 4, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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are effected and show you the damage mother nature has caused. the winds are causing problems all across the bay area. the close call for a driver in napa county after strong gusts toppled the tree. and the dry winds will continue whipping the bay area this morning. how it is impacting fire concerns and your temperatures. coming up. san jose family of six is displaced over night by a house fire. we will tell you what made this fire so difficult for fire crews. we want to take you out live to oakland this morning. you can see by the flag what we've been talking about all morning. very, very windy out there. and that is certainly causing problems on the roads for the commute. i definitely felt it coming in.
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it's also creating some worries for firefighters. we will be checking in on that throughout the morning. it is friday, october 4th i'm pam cook. >> i was caught off guard. good morning, i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. rosemary is in for steve. >> the winds for howling at my place. woke me up in the early morning hours. red flag warning will continue through the day and last until tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m.. i don't expect the winds will be this strong the entire time. in fact, i think the winds are peaking right now. they will begin to ease up as we get into the second half of the morning and then by the afternoon we will remain breezy but not as windy as we are seeing at this point. 36 miles an hour the gusts reported in fairfield. santa roe virginia has gone calm. that is why we lost the reading there. 17 miles an hour reported in hayward. this is not where the strongest
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winds are blowing. it's in the hills. we are talking about winds close to 50 miles an hour in the hills. 30 miles an hour gusts reported at atlas peak and big rock. definitely a breezy one. pam mentioned it. you may have a little trouble outdoors. sal will have that in a few moments. 65 san francisco. 63 in novato. with the winds blowing, that cool air just can't settle. and we are a lot warmer than where we started yesterday. while it's breezy, you will notice it's relatively mild as well. you may need the windbreaker but you won't need the winter coat for sure. 84 for santa rosa. 83 in concord. 81 for hayward. 80 redwood city. check out pacifica 72 degrees this afternoon. and today will not be the warmest day. the warmest day will come tomorrow. i'll have an extended look at your weekend forecast coming up. good morning, sal. rosemary, good morning. we do have a tree down probably
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because of the wind. but we do know it's down in the lanes. southbound 13 at lincoln. it's between lincoln and carson. right now on 13 it's lightly traveled. be careful if you are driving through. let's go to oakland's 880 now. traffic right there looks good. you can see it's a little shaky out there. bay bridge toll plaza is light coming into san francisco. let's go back to the the desk. >> thank you. the fire danger very high this morning here in the bay area. fire crews are worried about the weather conditions and the possibility for a big fire. ktvu tara moriarty is live in the oakland hills. there is a red flag warning out there. good morning, tara. >> reporter: good morning. the wind gusts knocked down trees here. really creating headaches for people who live here in the oakland hills. if you take a look behind me, you can see this tree is
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blocking the roadway. crews should be arriving a little bit later this morning to remove it. the red flag warning is in effect for spots around 1500 feet. firefighters from alameda county were really busy overnight. gust got up to 50 miles an hour in the oakland hills. toppled trees. snagged wires. skyline boulevard sparking spot fires. pg&e had to cut the power. parts of alameda, santa cruz above 1,000 feet are part of this red flag zone. people want people to call 911 if you see smoke today. something sparks it could go up quickly. gusts 30-45 miles an hour. that is a reversal from the normal wind pattern.
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barbecuing in parks effected by the warning are prohibited. we were told by a city worker that crews will be there for hours. also highway 13 in lincoln there is a tree blocking the lane on the freeway. so we just want to remind folks to be careful out this morning. drive slowly. both hands on the wheel. the red flag warning is in effect for 6:00 tomorrow morning. live from the oakland hills i'm tara moriarty. over night gusty winds helped fuel a grass fire. it started at 8:30 and quickly spread. right now it's 75% contained. no evacuations have been ordered but some of the areas will be closed until that fire is i ifly claimed. >> combined with the seasonal drying of the vegetation, this does make it a critical time
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for fire control. >> people as far away as san francisco tweeted they could smell the fire. a partial government shut down is hampering san francisco's fire fighting capabilities. 2,000 government workers have been furloughed. some national guard members repeatly came back from helping to maintain the cargo planes and helicopters used to fight the rim fire in yosemite. they are moving equipmenten. part of a tree smashed right -- it happened about 10:30 here on solano avenue. this is near the st. helena highway. it hit the hood of the pickup truck and the branch smashed right through the windshield. barely missing the driver and
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the passenger. they were shaken up but neither had to go to a hospital. police blame the high winds. that road there was closed for how weres as the debris was removed. gusty winds turned an attic fire into a two alarm call for san jose firefighters this morning. katie utehs is there where the crews at the home still working to put this fairest. >> reporter: they are mopping up hot spots this morning. firefighter tells me it's very fortunate the family one of the six people who lived here smelled smoke because the fire started in the attic and it's unlikely that the smoke alarms would have registered for quite awhile because the s'more alarms are -- san jose fire received the call around 2:30 this morning that heavy smoke was coming from the home on foothill court. the family two adults. their two young children and grandparents all made it out
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unharmed. firefighters arrived five minutes after receiving the call. they say gusty winds soon fueled the fire. fire captain rob brown says gusty conditions put nearby holes in danger. >> there are shake roofs nearby. there is one house nearby. we were real aware of that potential problem for embers. >> reporter: crews were able to put tarps on some of the valuables located on the first floor of this home but the family had to watch as most of the attic and second floor sustained fire and water damage. now i just spoke with the fire captain and he said that it appears the fire is accidental and at this point only insurance investigators will be coming out to determine the cause. they did tell us there was some construction at this home and so it could be electrical in nature. but at this point nobody injured and the fire is under
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control. live in san jose katie utehs ktvu channel 2 news. the chp is investigating a deadly accident on highway 101. it happened shortly after midnight just north of the lawrence express way. the chp tells us the man on the motorcycle hit debris on the freeway, crashed, and ran over by a car. he was pronounced dead at the scene. the driver that hit the motorcyclist is cooperating with authorities. time is 5:09. later today a prayer group will gather at three different locations in san francisco. they are remembering three homicide victims. the group started today near san francisco state university to hold an outdoor prayer service for justin valdez. he was shot after getting off a muni train last week. the group moves to third and harrison to remember jonathan denver. the dodger fan was stabbed to death last week after going to a giants game. then the group will pray for a man that uz was killed in the
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city's western edition last week. berkeley police are dealing with a growing number of copper thefts. this week's explosion and power blackout is tied to the theft of copper wire from an off campus power substation. berkeley police say they now deal with copper thieves on a regular basis. the thieves commonly cash in at the metal recycling centers. time now 5:10. a very windily -- windy morning. planning an escape route. terrifying moments outside the u.s. capitol. the new information we're learning about the woman shot dead after a high speed chase around washington, d.c.. and it's windy in case you are just joining us. you might feel it if you are driving anywhere. this is a look at highway 4 and this traffic here is doing well
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but you will feel the gusty winds all over the place. i do think the strongest winds will occur this morning. we are looking at breezy conditions for the afternoon. a warmer day in store. and saturday expected to be the warmest day of the weekend. i'll have a look at your temperatures coming up. to those who've encountered welcome to covered california. new, affordable health plans so you can be ready for whatever comes your way. enroll today at
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chaos at the u.s. capitol. a mother with a one-year-old girl in the backseat shot and
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killed after leading police on a wild chase through washington, d.c.. for several hours yesterday the focus in washington shifted from am government shut down to a lock down. this morning investigators continuing to exam why the woman led law enforcement on that dangerous chase. ktvu kyla campbell is in the washington, d.c. bureau and saw how the whole ordeal unfolded. >> reporter: most of us were right here in the office when we heard the police sirens and saw their cars racing toward the capitol building. then we heard the pa system warning people to take cover. that warning after a woman driving this car led police on a chase from the white house to the capitol complex. she eventually crashed her car. police shot and killed her got her 18-month-old daughter out of the car and into protective custody. we are learning more about the
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woman that was driving that car. carrie's boyfriend called authorities last year saying he feared for their daughter's safety and saying carrie had been suffering from postpartum depression. and carrie claimed president barack obama had surveillance at her home in connecticut. investigators are searching for her home in connecticut for clues. what stopped them in their tracks i'm working on that story for you for 6:15. live in washington kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 news. congress praised the capitol police for their bravery during that whole incident but in an odd twist these officers are not getting paid due to the government shut down. they are considered federal law enforcement officers deemed essential personnel and will be paid eventually once the shut down is over. however, one senator says it's a national disgrace that these officers are not getting paid for their heroic work they are
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doing. the house of representatives could vote on a proposal that effected all of the furloughed workers. it would give them retroactive pay when the government reopens. democrats are restating they will not reopen some parts of the government as republicans are proposing. chuck schumer says you can't fall for that legislative blackmail or it will get worse and worse. republican insiders says house speaker john boehner says he will avoid a federal default. boehner has told lawmakers he plans to use republican and democrat vote town crease the federal debt limit if necessary. he's trying to pressure both sides of the aisle. it's not just federal workers who are crying the blues about the government shut down, those businesses that depend on those federal workers to spend their money buying coffee and lunch
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during the workdays those businesses are hurting. restaurants around the san francisco federal building are seeing a lot less customers. they are worried that would cut the workers hours. the man charged with running a billion dollar drug market is due in court this morning. 29-year-old ross william is accused of creating what was essentially a the of illegal goods and services. prosecutors say he attempted to arrange the murder of the man who threatened to reveal personal data about silk road users. san francisco police arrested him at the glen park library earlier this week. time is 5:17. let's get everybody out the door moving. sal, how sit looking on the roads? >> it's a little windy out there dave and pam. as you noticed it. you were driving in yourself. there is tree debris in many
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places. let me move my maps over here. i will press the button. now we can put the maps up. southbound 13 at lincoln there is a tree down. they have removed it now. traffic is recovering in that area. there is a crash west 80. it's on the shoulder but traffic may be a little busy in that area. let's go to live pictures interstate 880 you can see the camera shaking. tonight the athletics will play a playoff game at the coliseum against the tigers and it's a sold out game. they even have some of the tarps removed from the upper deck. so there will be a lot of people at the coliseum tonight. and if you are driving there, the afternoon commute, just be aware of that. if you are going to the game, i would think the best way to get there is bart. so convenient to the coliseum. you already know that. i'm just saying it for the casual fan. this is a look at highway 9:as you head out -- highway 92 as you head out to the high-rise.
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at 5:18 let's go to rosemary. in addition to the dry, breezy conditions bag pain for many of us, it's also increasing our fire danger. that will continue with our red flag warning for tomorrow morning for our north and east bay hills. i want to spend a moment showing you here. we have a ridge of high pressure to the west of us and the circulation going in this direction. we have the trough to the east of us and the circulation around that coming this way. and we are caught right in the middle. that is really, really helping to pick up the winds. again i think right now is when we are seeing the breeziest conditions by later this morning into the early half of the afternoon the winds are going to let up just a bit. we will remain breezy but just not as windy as we experiencing now. fairfield reporting 20 miles an hour. these are sustained winds. gusts will be 35 miles an hour easy for fairfield. i want to point you to santa rosa. let me step you this way. calm conditions. and here is how the winds actually impact our temperatures. so with half the wind and
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stirring around the air doesn't allow that cool air to settle. that is why temperatures relatively mild. a lot warmer than yesterday. if you take a look at santa rosa. cooler. one of the cooler spots. at least on this map. 60-degrees in santa rosa. the winds have gone calm and the temperatures have begun to drop off. the rest of us are pretty much holding steady in the low to mid 60s. into the afternoon temperatures are going to be warm and breezy. 83 for petaluma today. 83 for novato. 80-degrees in richmond. gusting to 33 miles an hour right now in sausalito. 81 in oakland. 83 for danville into the south bay. temperatures 83 san jose. 82 santa clara. 78 san francisco. a nice day to head out toward  the beach. we have 72 in pacifica with mostly sunny skies. your extended forecast here with your weekend in view. so far today we have nice weather in store by about noontime i think our
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temperatures will already be feeling pretty good and the winds will let up. it will be sunny and breezy for your lunch hour. mid to upper 70s for our warmest locations. as we get into saturday, saturday is the warmest day. sunday feeling a lot like saturday but we will see temperatures drop off just a tad around the bay. back to the desk. thank you. the major european markets have traded in a very narrow range if the government shut down enter its fourth day. overnight most asian markets closed the week with losses with investors concerned about how long the shut down will continue. japan's nikkei saw the biggest decline down nearly 1%. only taiwan closed up for the final trading day of the week there. that was less than a tenth of a percent. numbers indicate a slightly higher opening. maybe because of decent corporate news coming in that is offsetting the government
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shut down. certainly that is having a wide impact on the economy here and around the world. the dow, the nasdaq and s & t taking a bit of a hit yesterday. twitter has lifted the curtain on the initial public offering. they hope to raise $1 billion in its debut. it's also based in san francisco. revealed it has never made a profit and lost $114 million. however, it adds that revenue is growing. the timing means twitter will probably announce is a share price by thanksgiving. twitter also says it will use the stock symbol twtr but did not say which exchange it will list its shares on. that is a big deal. time is 5:22. oakland a's fans are already pumped up about tonight's big game. what you need to know if you will be in that crowd for the first game of the playoffs tonight. >> i was not allowed to wear that at school because it promoted gun violence. >> controversy at a southern california high school. why a high school principal is
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apologizing to one of its students. ♪
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it looked like a geyser last night at fifth and madison in oakland. a tree branch fell down on to a fire hydrant and the hydrant burst. drivers on the freeway could see it but did not cause any
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problems. a man from redwood city will be sentenced after being convicted of trying to rape a high school teacher. david velazquez testified it was part of a senior prank intended to scare the teacher. a jury deliberated 90 minutes before they convicted him. he could get a sentence of life in prison. right now he's in jail on bail of $1 million. a crash involving a school bus, a truck, and suv is under investigation in san jose. it happened at 4:00 yesterday afternoon right there. the chp says the truck was turning left on east julian street near highway 101 when it hit a bus carrying students from san jose high school. the truck spun out of control and hit an suv. three students and that suv driver were treated for injuries. a high school in southern california is apologizing this morning after forcing a 16-year- old student to remove her
5:27 am
national rifle association shirt at school last month. now the girl is a sophomore at canyon high. she was forced to change her shirt or face suspension. the shirt featured a buck, american flag, and hunters sill wet. the school says it was a violation of school policy since it promoted gun violence. the principal says school staff will be train sod an incident like this doesn't happen again. strong winds, crashing waves, that is just the beginning. over night a fire breaks out. what we have learned about the fire and getting those flames out. good morning. hearing of another large tree branch in the roadway somewhere. just heard it on the police radios. it's that kind of morning driving around.
5:28 am
just be careful. we'll tell you more about what is going on out there. it's a warmer start to the morning. a warmer afternoon in store for your friday. and as you probably are aware of, it is windy out there this morning. i will have a look at the winds and what you can expect for your weekend coming up.
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good morning. welcome back. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. these are live pictures. early morning house fire in san
5:31 am
jose right in there. this is triggered by the high winds we've been telling you about. we have a live crew out there right now. welcome back. it is friday. it is october the 4th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. it is 5:30. rosemary orozco is in for steve as well. and the high winds could cause problems today. >> you are right. dry and breezy and out right windy in some locations. we do have the red flag warning that continues until tomorrow morning for our hills above 1,000 feet. north bay, east bay hills and the santa cruz mountains. winds gusting to 45 miles an hour throughout today. they will twin to ease up by later this afternoon and into the evening hours. it is quiet breezy out there. even stronger the gusts i'm seeing in some cases. mountain view has dropped off a little bit. santa rosa has gone calm so we have lost the reading there. napa reporting 32 miles an hour winds. 17 still in san jose. and i want to get to the hills
5:32 am
because that is where they are really howling this morning. the oakland hills now 54 miles an hour gusts. also 54 miles an hour gusts at middle peak. i don't have the reading but it is quite breezy. mt. diablo reporting close to 40 miles an hour. so again i think it will pick up. warmer conditions for today. breezy. 83 for antioch. mid 10:s morgan hill. 80 for santa rosa. 70s to low 80s around the bay. and 70s with mostly sunny skies expected along the coastline. we will continue to warm up into your weekend. good morning, sal. good morning, rosemary. the winds have brought tree
5:33 am
branches down and whole entire trees have come down and we've had just debris all over the place. just be careful. let's take a look at what we have with interstate 880. you can tell our cameras are shaking. that means you will feel gusty winds on your drive around the bay area. especially if you are on a bridge. the chp issued a wind advisory for the dumbarton bridge. i don't see any other advisories here. it will be windy. i see one at westbound at the bay bridge toll plaza. so there is wind advisory for the bay bridge as well. just be careful out there. let's move along and take a look at the commute here on the bay area freeway. there are no major problems by the way. but there is already a little bit of slow traffic on 580 westbound as you come into livermore over the altamont pass. it looks good over to castro valley with very little delay. let's go back to the desk. strong, gusty winds turned an attic fire in san jose into
5:34 am
a two alarm call for firefighters just hours ago. ktvu katie utehs is live at the home now. and katie you talked to family members that escaped those flames. >> reporter: they did. they ran out of their home after smelling smoke. let me get out of the way and show you that house that is heavily damaged. the family members just did a walk through to survey the damage. it appears at this point the fire is accidental. let me show you the photos the family took as they watched their house burn early this morning. you can see the flames rising from the roof. san jose fire received the call around 2:30 that heavy smoke was coming from the home on foothill court. the family two adults, two young children ages three and six. and the grandparents made it out all unharmed. firefighters arrived five minutes after the call. gusty winds fueled the fire and flames started shooting out of
5:35 am
the roof. fire captain rob brown says the gusty conditions put nearby homes in danger. crews were able to put tarps on some of the valuables located on the first floor of the home but the family had to watch as most of the attic and second floor sustained fire and water damage. again at this point it appears to be accidental. fire crews say insurance agents will come out to inspect. family members tell me that they heard the crackling of the fire upstairs but only first recognized the smoke. that is when they escaped their home. coming up i will have that interview with the family members that were able to make it out safely. live in san jose katie utehs ktvu channel 2 news. firefighters in contra costa county are battling a grass fire near the refinery in north concord. ktvu claudine wong is joining
5:36 am
us live with more on that fire danger in the area. we can see it's a little windy out there. >> yes, it is really windy out here. roads have branches and debris in it. the fire was at refinery on property. we are are outside the gates of the refinery. you can see the refinery in the background. there is actually marsh land between us and the refinery you can see. that is what was burning earlier. let me show you video of what it looked like. as it was going there was an orange glow coming up from that marsh land. and there was smoke being reported from the area. contra costa firefighters came out to the refinery and told us they were turned away at the gate. they do have their own fire department and they were able to handle their flames. that fire was at 1:00 when the video was taken. it was out shortly after that. we believe when we got out here just that little bit ago. we were not able to see any visible flames. the good news it appears that fire is out. certainly on a day like this when you have fire dangers you have red flag warnings.
5:37 am
we have winds whipping around here. any fire becomes a lot more dangerous. at this point it looks like all is fine. no comment but the fire is out. claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. contra costa fire, pinole, and east county fire agencies are bringing in extra staff because of the high fire danger. the red flag warning runs through saturday morning. one of the bay area peaks for high -- firefighters say people can reduce fire danger by removing dry pine needles. >> we've already seen a lot of erratic fire danger this year. here we are in october and typically october late october is when california experiences some of the worst fire behavior. >> one fire station in pittsburgh that closed due to budget cuts has temporarily reopened. tomorrow the kentfield fire district and marin county sheriffs office will conduct an
5:38 am
emergency evacuation drill. the drill is held every year. about 200 homes will participate. it starts at 9:00 tomorrow morning. firefighters say these homes are are especially susceptible to fire dangers since they are located in a wild land area. the contract talks in the bart labor dispute resume this morning. today's negotiations between bart management and the unions follow the first major agreement in this bitter labor dispute. yesterday the two sides announced they have reached a deal on pensions but they do remain far apart on the other big issues. there is also still a possibility that bart workers could walk off the job when the cooling off period ends next thursday. a new poll shows the public is running out of patients and they are angry over the threat of another strike that would cripple the bay area commute. 63% polled said bart employees should accept the current
5:39 am
contract offer and avoid another strike. just 26% said the two sides should continue to negotiate even if it means another strike. >> i take note of this public strong feeling about this and the fact that it has increased since the last time we took the poll. >> the bay area council released this poll after talking to 500 commuters. a tropical storm taking aim on the gulf coast and tropical storm karen could drop a lot of wind and rain this weekend. the clouds are building. the waves are crashing. officials are getting ready for tropical storm karen that could hit with near hurricane strength over the weekend. state officials are worried the government shut down could cause big issues when it comes with state and federal officials. >> depending on the impact of the storm there could be impacts. >> tropical storm karen could
5:40 am
become the first named tropical storm to cause havoc on the u.s. this year. mississippi, louisiana, and florida they have all declared a state of emergency. 5:39 is the time. instagram users are going to see a new feature alongside their photos but the site is offering an unusual option to go along with it. good morning. right now traffic is still light on the bridge getting into san francisco. nice picture but it's a little gusty. the winds are a little gusty i should say. you might want to allow yourself extra time. and those winds driving our temperatures on your friday for the afternoon anywhere from 5- 10 degrees warmer than just yesterday. i will have a look at what you can expect for your neighborhood and the warmest day of the weekend onlying -- weekend coming up.
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more than 100 people were at this memorial yesterday evening for a mother run over and killed in a san francisco park. now the husband of christie talked publicly for the first time about the death of his wife. he says he is overwhelmed. >> almost no one else gets this kind of help. that is something that is weighing on me. to feel everyone elses pain that doesn't have what i have. >> now his family has received more than $70,000 in donations. she was sunbathing last month. she was with her baby daughter. a city employee 57-year-old thomas burnoski is accused of hitting and killing her when he drove a park and rec vehicle through the park. so far no charges have been
5:44 am
filed. a memorial service will be held in petaluma to remember polly class. thousands of people turned out for a memorial in 1993. today's service will be at the petaluma community center. and overflow crowd can watch that service at walnut park. that park was polly's favorite playground. funeral services are being planned for a grandfather who was killed after his car was hit by suspects fleeing the scene of a shooting in oakland. 75-year-old robert walo was driving home on september 23rd when his car was hit. two 17-year-old boys were arrested in connection with that crash. wollo was the grandfather of ten. he was also a care giver for the developmentally disabled and a pastor in oakland. he immigrated to the united states in 2007 to flee the violence of civil war in his
5:45 am
native liberia. his funeral will be held on october 19th at the chapel of the chimes in hayward. mistakes were made in the investigation into the death of a cyclist. 24-year-old a.m. lee was hit by a truck and killed on sixth and folsom streets in august. bike advocates found surveillance video in the area that showed the truck driver caused the crash. during a hearing last night, bicyclist accused the police of being bias against bicyclists. investigators don't know the exact cause of a huge apartment building fire in sunnyvale. now those flames there caused the roof of the daisy ridge apartments to collapse. a neighbor shot this video.
5:46 am
the flames burned the top six units of the building while smoke and water damaged the six units below. sot entire building has become uninhabitable. >> the smoke was about a dark white color. it filled the sky and blocked out the sun. >> luckily no one was hurt. crews are actually able to rescue a dog inside one of the units. the red cross helped tenants find temporary shelter. one man checked into a local hotel himself. time is 5:46. a federal judge is due to take up san jose's lawsuit against major league baseball. the city is claiming that baseball has imposed illegal roadblocks to lure away the oakland a's to the south bay. major league baseball will be asking a judge to throw out san jose's lawsuit. however the shut down of the federal government is going to slow down the entire case. that is because the lawsuit is being heard in federal court.
5:47 am
we have new video this morning of oakland's city hall. you might notice the building. sporting the colors of green and gold. it's all in honor of the oakland a's making the playoffs. they start with game one tonight against the detroit tiger. while the excitement is building among fans. the biggest visible change happened yesterday when the tarps on the third deck were removed. that adds 13,000 seats to the stadium. the team says all 48,000 tickets are sold out for both tonight and tomorrow's game. it is something that the team says they are looking forward to. >> they added decks. it should help. i hope this place doesn't crumble. when it gets loud and rumble it's like an earthquake here.
5:48 am
the team also concerned about the plumbing problem that happened three times this season. they hope that won't happen during the playoffs. the oakland a's are also encouraging fans to take bart to the game and come early. bart announced they will put longer trains into operation to accommodate the bigger crowd. tonight's game starts at the peak of the friday night commute. bart is also adding longer trains this weekend to accommodate cal football fans, people going to the hardly strictly bluegrass festival, and the oakland raiders game. quite a lot going on. time is 5:48. sal, a lot going on this morning? >> yeah. you know, just to reiterate what pam said, the best way to get to the game is the coliseum. you don't have to worry about parking. i think parking in the main lot will be gone. they open that lot up at noon. people will be tailgating. >> it's not cheap to park either. >> no. i think bart is a good option. let's take a look at what we
5:49 am
have with interstate 880. you can tell it's a little windy there. even if you are not a baseball fan, be aware tonight it will be very crowded along this stretch of highway. also this morning we are looking at the san mateo bridge. it's going to be gusty winds there. only about the good thing we can say is it's pretty clear out there. we don't have any fog to get in your way visibility wise as you head out to the peninsula. and if you are driving on 580 westbound through the livermore valley getting a little bit more slow traffic coming into pleasanton and dublin on 580. now let's go to rose mar -- rosemary. those winds helping to keep our temperatures up. we are anywhere from 10-20 degrees warmer at this hour then we were 24 hours ago. even warmer than that in areas around napa. they are really howling in the hills. wind gusts to 50 miles an hour.
5:50 am
even 54 reported in the oakland hills. but here where we reside, 24 in fairfield. nine in concord. 20 in napa. we have gone calm in areas around santa rosa. santa rosa one of the cooler areas. at least on my map. i know some areas a little cooler than that. 40s around gilroy, morgan hill. santa cruz a chilly start this morning. it really has a lot to do with the winds. san jose reporting 16 miles an hour. notice the arrows pointing downward. meaning the winds are coming from the north so it's a dry wind. if you are just joining us, there is a red flag warning in our hills. in addition to that and sal has been talking about that, the winds going in this direction going to be hitting up against you if you are crossing over the bay bridge, crossing over the san rafael-richmond bridge. i came to work this morning and
5:51 am
had tree debris all over the place. that to be aware of as well. 65 in napa. 60 in santa rosa. santa rosa one of the cooler spots at least on my map here. 66 redwood city. low 60s in mountain view. it has to do with the winds. 82 for san rafael. low 80s for oakland. upper 70s for san francisco. 82 in santa cruz. mid 80s for morgan hill. these numbers anywhere from 5- 10 degrees warmer. going out to the ballpark, it will be a fabulous evening. the winds will ease up 74 degrees at game time. still a little breezy but not like what we are experiencing. your extended forecast here with your weekend in view. temperatures will continue to climb into saturday. sunday a near repeat for our inland cities. we will drop off a few degrees along the bay. temperatures will continue to fall as we get back to work on monday and tuesday. back to the desk. samsung expect to post
5:52 am
another records earning report. the third quarter sales rose 25%. that would put earnings at $9.4 billion. that is despite a slow down in the smart phone business. samsung reported new record earnings for five of the last six quarters. instagram will start posting ads on its photo sharing site. it will show a small number of high quality photos and videos from a handful of brands. the adds will start appearing before the end of the year. users will have the option of hiding or rejecting an ad and tell the company what they like or don't like about the ad. amazon looking to expand its own electronics beyond the kindle. it would deliver amazon's prime video service. like the kindle has helped push amazon, it would help the video sharing as well.
5:53 am
the fast thinking that averted a bay area plane disaster. what the pilot was thinking yesterday during this emergency landing on a busy san jose street. plus the beef over a burger. the reason there is a sizzling outridge over a sandwich linked to a solemn church service.
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5:56 am
welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. you remember this story yesterday morning. we are finding out more about that pie rot of a small plane. flight instructor mark says he suddenly had engine trouble during a lesson with a student. that forced him to land a plane on a capitol expressway. >> it did an excellent job deciding i will put it down here. rather than trying to nurse it all around. >> he says you can't talk this detail about the incident until he meets with the faa. yesterday he told us he was just doing what he is supposed to do. this week construction crews began installing the first seats at the new home of the 49ers in santa clara. and there will be more rooms for fans. project managers say the new stadium will be able to hold nearly 70,000 fans.
5:57 am
construction supervisors say they were able to find space sprinkled around the stadium to squeeze in a few more extra seats. organizers reportedly taking action to pay their debts. about 120,000 people went to the festival in may. they had big name acts like the black keys, the kings of leeon. the napa valley register is reporting bottle rock organizers sent out letters say iing they almost pay their debts in the next few weeks. the city of napa is owed more than $100,000. the highly anticipated bluegrass music festival starts today. crews will be busy setting up the stages for the three-day music festival. the performers include bonnie rate and emmylou harris. if you want to see a full list of the musicians and the other details, go to our channel 2
5:58 am
website, click on the hot topics. winds of 50 miles an hour blasting parts of the bay area. we will show you some of the trouble spots in the east bay hill. also real close call for a driver in napa county after strong winds knocked over a tree. good morning. it's windy out there. it could effect your driving. we'll tell you about wind advisory on some of the bay area bridges.
5:59 am
6:00 am
we are live in the oakland hills where a red flag warning is in effect. we will tell you how long it will last and show you damage caused by high winds. real close call for a driver in napa county. strong winds toppled a tree. i will show you where the winds are blowing and how long i expect they all last. that tells you a lot. the trees are down in many parts. you


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