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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  October 4, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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now at noon high fire danger and a red flag warning, we will tell you about the fires that kept crews busy this morning and what is expected for later today. plus six hours until game time as post-season baseball gets underway in oakland, what is happening right now ahead of tonight's first game of the american league division series. and to fight a major agreement yesterday in the bart negotiations the union is still talking about when it could announce plans to walk off the
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job. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> good afternoon, i am tori campbell. fire crews are on heightened alert today because of a red flag warning in effect across parts of the bay area. we have team coverage with rosemary orosco, monitoring the wind conditions from the weather center. we begin with claudine wong, who talked to busy fire crews this morning and joins us live from the oakland hills. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon, yes, we are on title road just near they have tunnel and there is a brisk wind down here and gets windier as you get higher. take a look at the sign. it tells the story, fire danger high today. it is those types of conditions that had contra costa county firefighters overnight calling in for some extra help. this morning firefighters packed up, trucks pulled out and everything was locked back up at station 87 in pittsburgh. it had been closed due to
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budget cuts since july but last night it re-opened because of the red flag warning now in place. >> it is not part of our minimum staffing every day, down to 23 companies, so there is some criteria we put together, 1, having equipment, 2, personnel and 3, what we have the money to do it. edwe yesterday we were able to do that. >> the wind did kick up problems, the crew had to respond to the fire on this property. the fire broke out this morning but under control 20 minutes later but continued to smolder for hours, the spokesperson said it is unclear what sparked it but it never interrupted refinery operations. up in the hills it proved to be a busy morning for crews, workers starts cutting up this tree at 5:15 this morning and took them hours to get it out of the way. at sun up the work continued up
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the road as this crew cut down another limb blocking lanes. back in contra costa county the winds continued to blow the warning flag raised in front of station 85 but the battalion chief says there is no chance of opening 87 again today, even though the danger remains. >> it is not an issue of desire or danger, it is an issue of money and people. >> it is a completely money and people. >> so firefighters say they will do the best they can with what they have got but they are warning people to be cautious as this red flag warning continues, live in oakland, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. high winds helped spread a grass fire in alameda county this morning. it started around 7:30 a.m. in livermore, didn't take much time for it to expand, fire officials say it grew to 150 acres. the kl fire says the fire is now contained. no homes or structured
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threatened, no yet known what sparked the fire, a grass fire in napa county has burned 375 acres near the lake, these are from overnight after the fire started at 8:30. right now it is 75% contained and crews say forward spread of the fire has been stopped. >> critically high winds and low relative humidities combined with the seasonal drying of the vegetation, this does make it a -- a critical time for fire control and -- >> the fire is expected to be fully contained by friday night. let's go now to ktvu's weather center where rosemary is monitoring the red flag warning for more on the areas effected and how long it is expected to last. >> yes, the dry winds still whipping around the area pretty good, a live look at mt. diablo, where we continue to see dry and gusty conditions
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over the east bay hills winds peak above 50 earlier this morning. rered flag warning in place for the hills as well as the santa cruz mountains until tomorrow morning. the winds are expected to die down by afternoon but will continue be breezy and we will continue to have very dry conditions through about tomorrow morning. things will begin to settle down but take a look at where the winds are still blowing quite strong. these were the peak gusts from earlier this morning. in the oakland hills 54 miles per hour, santa rosa, 39 miles per hour, twin peaks reported direction miles per hour, so the strongest gusts reported in the hills. you don't have to be in the hills to feel the wind. fairfield at the airport the gusts 33 miles per hour, 25 in napa, 25 santa rosa, 23 miles per hour reported in livermore. so when i come back i will let you know when these winds are expected to finally die out and the winds are definitely driving up our temperatures even at this hour, i will have a look at your current conditions and what you can
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expect for the afternoon tory. >> thank you rosemary. as the state faces heightened fire danger response time is threatened because of the shut down, 2000 national guard technicians are furloughed, which is 1/3 of the guard's full time force. that means there are fewer people to maintain the firefighting aircraft used in big fires. we will continue to monitor it. go to our website for the latest weather advisories and warnings across the bay area. we have new details now on the connecticut woman who led washington, d.c. police on a high speed chase from the white house to capitol hill yesterday. federal law enforcement sources say 34-year-old miriam carey was delusional and thought the president was communicating with her, she tried to ram a barrier and took off, police shot and killed her when she
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tried to run from her car. her daughter was in the back seat the entire time. this is day 4 of the shut dun and little has changed including the rhetoric. yesterday democrats targeted john boehner, today he fired back with a more forceful version of the same message. >> this is not some damn game, the american people don't want their government shut down and neither do i. all we are asking for is to sit down and have a discussion and to bring fairness -- re-open the government and bring fairness to the american people under obamacare. >> this shut down could be over today. we know there are the votes for it in the house of representatives and as i said, yesterday if speaker boehner will simply allow that vote to take place we can end this shut down. >> the president made those comments at a sandwich shop near the white house where he and vice-president biden walked for lunch today. happening now the gates are open at the coliseum ahead of
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the first game of the american league division series, when the as, host the tigers. rob roth talked to as fans already there and joins us live. i bet they are excited rob. >> tory, first pitch is still 6 hours away but here the gates are opening and some have come early. over the course of the day we can expect to see the lot filled if not overflowing, all 48,000 tickets have been sold and everyone here expects the coliseum to be rocking. we spoke to some fan whose could not wait to go in. >> so we want to make sure we come and get our good spot like we have always had and just want to enjoy a good game and we tailgate like everyone else out here so because you get these new people that want to come in for the party but they ain't been here for the whole party, so we just making sure we get our spots. >> they removed the tarps, adding an additional 13,000 seats. the players say they have been
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looking forward to the crowds and say the noisier the better, we have been told the tigers managerring advised his players to accept and embrace it. we asked them if they are concerned about the plumbing. you may remember there have been three plumbing back-ups but the coliseum says they are not worried. the problems are not with the pipes but people flushing items down the toilet they should not. we are back live here at the parking lot, which is open, fans won't be able to walk through the gates until 4:30, two hours before the first pitch, today's game is sold out, so is tomorrow's game. it should be quite a scene. reporting live at the oakland coliseum, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, rob. the family of the dodger fan killed near at&t park last month is disputing self-defense claims by the father of the accused stabber. the victim's family held an emotional news conference last
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week and yesterday the brother of victim jonathan denver said his brother swung a light aluminum lawn chair only after a crowd gathered around them. the father of the man accused of stabbing denver, michael montgomery, says his son actedded in self-defense after denver hit him over the head with the chair. the district attorney has not yet filed any charges in the case. san mateo sheriff's deputies have arrested a 50 year old transient, daniel brickman on sexual battery charges, dispatchers got a call of a man inappropriately touching children. the caller helped them track him down, investigators say he touched a 4-year-old girl, a 7- year-old boy and a 16-year-old girl. this evening an event to mark 20 years since the loss of petaluma polly class is scheduled for 6:30 there, she was kidnapped and murdered in 1993. the so-called polly glass evening of hope will be held
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there and will include community presentations and performances. it comes during a week long celebration to honor polly's memory. >> attorneys for major league baseball and the city of san jose squared off in federal court today over an antitrust lawsuit, i will tell you where the fight for the oakland as stands coming up following the hearing. >> regardless of a major development in the bart labor negotiations the unions are still talking about when they plan to give notice of a possible strike.
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it is 12:13, san jose's lawsuit against baseball got underway before a judge today, we were in court this morning and said attorneys representing baseball asked the judge to dismiss the suit. katie. >> reporter: the city's tactic involving suing the mlb over antitrust laws, alleged violations, the problem is the mlb unlike other sports organization is exempt. both sides left court about an hour ago. attorneys for the city of san jose argued the mlb is causing financial damage to the area by preventing the athletics organization from exercising their option to move from oakland to san jose, in an
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effort to force the move the city filed an antitrust lawsuit against the mlb, again the problem is they are exempt from it due to a 1922 supreme court ruling. san jose's attorney says the rule is outdated and hope this case will set new court precedent. >> this exemption they claim has long passed, it is gone, it is not relevant to the economy of today. anybody thinks baseball is just an exhibition as stated in that case hasn't been to a baseball game. baseball makes 8 to 10 billion with a b dollars a year, they are in the stream of commerce in this country. >> get back to your question -- >> -- attorneys representing the mlb declined to comment on camera following the hearing. they argued in court the judge should dismiss the lawsuit altogether because of that 1922
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ruling that i mentioned. they also say san jose's claim of economic loss because of the delay indecision making on the as is hard to prove. now the judge has not said when he will make his decision but either way the city says they are not only fighting to get the as but to also change the antitrust exemption that the mlb currently benefits from and also the city attorney confirmed for us today that the oakland as have extended their option into the next -- into next year and have offered 25,000 dollars given that check to the city, so it appears the as are still on board with the option to move. live in san jose, katie yodeas, ktvu channel 2 news. >> baseball is speaking out about alex rodriguez lawsuit against the league and calling them that. the new york yankees star filed
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the lawsuit yesterday accusing mlb and baseball commissioner bud selig of a witch-hunt. the suit alleges the league paid the former head of a florida drug company 5 million dollars to buy his corporation in its investigation. now to the looming bart strike, now just six days away from the expiration of the governor order 60 day cooling off period and barts unions tell us they would give their 72 hour notice of a impending strike on monday. meantime, bart and its unions return to the bargaining table in oakland a few hours ago, a day after one major hurdle was crossed, yesterday they announced they have reached an agreement on pensions but remain far apart on the other key issues of wage and benefits. the unions say they want a deal and have made a new offer. >> the information we gave them in our offer in our proposal should seal the deal, we should haveany an agreement, okay, we
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should have an agreement, we should not be going into the weekend wondering. >> however the unions tell us it appears bart's chief negotiator, thomas hawk will not be at the table for the next few days of negotiations. meanwhile a new poll says the public is running out of patience with bart's labor problems and strike threats, 63% of those polled said bart employees should accept bart's current contract offer and avoid another strike. just 26% said the two sides shut continue to negotiate, even if it means another strike. >> i take note of the public's strong feeling about this and the fact that it is -- it has increased since the last time we took the poll. >> the bay area council released this poll after talking to more than 500 local commuters. with flu season just around the corner children lined up this morning in oakland to receive free flu vaccinations. >> all this is is claire is a
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little spray up in your noise, okay, breath in though, go. >> these students are at the school, the health department provided the vaccine in a national spray, they say it is very important for children to get the flu vaccine. >> every year many children get very sick from school contacts and not only they themselves get sick, being kept away from school, they also infect the rest of the class and also potentially bring it back to home and at home there might be elderlies, grandma, grandpa and also the younger brothers sisters can get sick as well. >> health workers expected to vac night 120 children at the school this morning. a san jose family of 6 will not go home for a while after a fire seriously damaged their house. >> i just gathered the keys, come back, go back and they come out. >> that woman said she smelled smoke, when when she realized it was her house on fire she grabbed her children and parents and ran outside. the fire started around 2:30
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a.m. at the oust on foothill court, firefighters say it appears to have been sparked in the attic and when they arrived the home's roof was engulfed in flames, the homeowner says no one was injured. >> i say hurry up, hurry up there and there we see the flames show up like that, the neighborhood all wake up, they see. >> most of the fire and smoke damage was upstairs, the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> it is warm and breezy around the area, giving you a look here at the as flag flipping around in the wind. if you are seeing them play this evening the winds will begin to let up for the second half of the afternoon and i am thinking at game time still in the low 70s out at the ball field, so it is going to be a nice evening for a ball game. meanwhile the red flag warning continues. i want to zero in on some of these areas, the santa cruz mountains above 1000 feet expected this to last until tomorrow morning.
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in the east bay hills. notice where it is patchy, right over the hills, so above 1000 feet again. you get into the north bay hills more of the same and solano county included. although the winds day down later today the dry conditions will continue in the overnight hours so the hills have little chance to recover. the winds still kicking strong in some areas, fairfield 26, 16 concord, 20 napa, 18 miles per hour reported in oakland. as i shift south a little bit you can see 15 miles per hour livermore, 10 hayward, mountain view 12, these are sustained, we get those bursts that could be 5 to 10 miles per hour faster than this, so still feels quite pesky out there when it comes to the winds. this could mean trouble for allergy suffers as well, you may experience that today. temperatures because of these winds the dry offshore winds driving our temperatures. with started out mild in most cases this morning and most
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places. 77 now in navato, 81 reported in oakland, 71 redwood city and wow, widespread 70s around concord as well as livermore. as we get into the afternoon low 80s for the north bay, 78 expected for sausalito, east bay along the east bay shoreline upper 70s to low 80s, low to mid 80s for inland east bay locations, south bay 85 morgan hill, 83 san jose, along the peninsula for the afternoon mostly sunny skies, 78 san mateo, 78 in san francisco. low 70s along the coast with mostly sunny conditions. again by the afternoon the winds will let up although we will remain breezy for today. as we get into tomorrow temperatures continue to climb and the winds will die down, so tomorrow is a nice day to be out and about. temperatures in the mid to upper 80s inland cities. low 80s for the bay, low 70s along the coast. if you plan on heading to the beaches. sunday we begin a transition, a slight cool down on sunday for some of us, the
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bigger drop in temperatures will come early next week, monday into tuesday, but let's enjoy the weekend, we have got warm weather. >> very good, i think we are looking forward to the weekend, thank you. >> you are welcome. >> a popular photo sharing app says advertisements are coming plus we are learning more about twitter's initial public offering including who stands to pocket the most money.
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stocks are up after strong economic data including retail sales, apple boosted the nasdaq after carl icon revealed a long position in the stock, the big board now, the dow is currently up 69, the nasdaq is up 32 and s & p up 11. twitter hopes to raise 1 billion dollars in its ipo, according to its filing shares could trade in november, one of the biggest winners is likely to be evan williams, he owns a 12% stake and it is believed the ipo will make him a billionaire and traded under the symbol t w t r, ads are coming to instagram. it will start by showing a small number of high quality photos and videos from a handful of brands, users could see the brands by the end of the year and have the option of
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hiding or rejecting an ad and even tell the company what they don't like about the ad. coming up we are continuing to monitor the high winds and red flag warning and we will have team coverage as they remain on high alert. thank you for making us your choice for news, we will see you the next time news breaks, we are always here for you on and mobile, have a great day.
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