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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  October 7, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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we're live in palo alto where firefighters are trying to enter a home to see if anyone was inside when a fire broke out. we'll tell you why they think it's suspicious. >> reporter: and crews here along interstate 80 in richmond this morning are getting set to empty out thousands of gallons of propane from an overturned tanker truck that's been blocking the roadway for several hours this morning. we'll tell you why this accident triggered evacuation
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orders at a nearby hotel. and week two of the government shutdown is underway. the latest casualty of the budget battle that could make it harder to find kidnapped children. less than a week before another b.a.r.t. strike. the progress in the talk that's giving officials some hope. "mornings on 2" begins right now. good morning. you are looking at a live shot near carlson boulevard in richmond. this is where a tanker truck crashed this morning. you can see one of the tankers on its side. what it was carrying that prompted crews to evacuate a nearby hotel. that's coming up in a live report. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. steve's how the forecast? >> looking pretty good. a few high clouds around.
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we're in between. clouds should move in later this afternoon. it's the sign of a slightly cooler pattern. clear for some. high clouds for other. partly sunny by this afternoon. 40s, 50s to 6 -- to 60s. fairfield has dipped it 47 degrees. a little chill in the morning air for a few, especially on the coast. machine in about an hour or two. we're on the tail end of the system. there's not much in the way of rain. it will turn the breeze more westerly instead of the offshore breeze that we had. going 74 san francisco. but i think you hit that before noon. then start a cooldown. you can see one system associated with the higher clouds. that next system on its way. a mixed bag sun and clouds. mostly sunny today. a light breeze. there's hardly any westerly breeze. that should pick up later. here's sal. good morning. we're looking at traffic that's
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now becoming very slow in some areas. bay bridge is kind of creeping along, especially in the middle lanes. but if you are driving in the carpool lanes, you see how good it is right now getting into san francisco. we also do have a look at san francisco traffic itself. northbound 101 and southbound 101 already crowded, especially southbound 101 near the u.p.s. building. on 80, we have a lot of slow traffic between hercules and richmond this morning. we also have a lot of slow traffic on westbound 580 from the altamont pass into the main part of livermore. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. new this morning, investigators are searching for answers in a fire. it started about three hours ago in a vacant home in palo alto. ktvu's janine de la vega was the first reporter on the scene. what's happening there right now? >> reporter: you can see smoke is rising from the roof of this house. they are still spraying it down. in the past hour, they've been working on tearing down the
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roof because it's just too dangerous for firefighters to enter. so they want to collapse the roof. that way they can enter to see if actually anyone was actually inside and then they can begin their investigation. firefighters were called to this home off el camino at 4:00 a.m. after a passing driver saw the smoke. firefighters say it was fully engulfed and could not enter so they can to attack it from the outside. they were able to knock it down in 20 minutes. surrounding neighbors were evacuated in the meantime. they say the home has been abandoned for 20 years. it was slated to be remodeled soon. neighbors were shaken up by all of the commotion. >> i didn't actually smell something but my mom was banging on my door and said there's a fire next door. i grabbed my sons and we ran out of the house. >> what did you see? >> i saw the house was totally engulfed in flames. it made my boys really scared. they had a lot of questions and things like that. i'm glad the fire department
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and everybody was here to help us out. >> reporter: that neighbor said she heard rustling around and noise coming from the house last night. fire officials say they fire appears to be suspicious because the house is abandoned. they determined there was no running electricity. a fire -- a fire investigator is going to inspect once it is safe. they are still working on tearing down the roof. they have been able to poke their heads inside. they haven't seen anyone inside. but again, they can't fully determine that until they are able to enter. there's still a lot of charred debris in there. back to you. fire crews are still on yerba buena island after two small fires last night caused a major traffic jam on the bay bridge. they were first reported about 8:00 last night. they burned about four acres of the west side of the island.
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very steep brush. there are a few fire hydrants out there, too. and the water pressure is low too. firefighters say the winds played a big role in the fire. >> a light breeze that helped fuel the fire. a greater breeze and a windy day, it would have moved much faster. >> the fire sent a big plume of smoke which distracted bay bridge drivers. there was a big traffic jam for several hours. the crews are still watching out for flareups. cleanup crews in richmond are working to move and transfer a propane from a tanker truck that flipped over earlier this morning. firefighters forced guests from a nearby hotel to evacuate because of a small leak out there. ktvu's alex savidge is there as well. you've been out there for a few hours. what's happening? how are the crews doing?
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>> reporter: good morning, dave. the plan is to empty all of the propane automatic of the tank- - out out tank -- out of the tank. they are going to siphon the propane out of the second tanker truck just brought out by chevron which owns the truck involved in this early-morning crash. as we pan over here to the left side, you can see that truck is still sitting on its side this morning on the carlson boulevard onramp to eastbound 80. crews will begin to offload all of the propane inside the tank. it promises to be a slow process. they want to be very careful. the original accident happened at 3:00 this morning as this tandem tanker trailer operated by alied was turning on the freeway. the tank was carrying about 4500 gallons of propane. it began to leak after the
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crash. it was only a small leak. there was no liquid coming out. still, firefighters say, while they are not worried about a fire, they are concerned about fumes drifting into a nearby hotel, which is why the america's best value inn was evacuated. >> if we get wind shifts, we don't want anybody breathing this product. we don't have any concerns at this point. >> reporter: in the meantime, both the on and offramps for carlson in richmond onto 80 remain closed. traffic is still flowing slow. the fire captain said the plan to offload all of the propane and clear that tanker truck, it could take several hours before the roadway is clear. live in richmond, ktvu channel 2 news, alex savidge. >> thank you. 7:08. tax payers in santa clara county will soon help pay the rent of convicted felons. starting january 1st, the
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county will give $1,000 a month in rent pay to former inmates who were sentenced under california's three strikes law. the payments will continue for one year. the county supervisor says the money will help former lifers get back on their feet and also keep the public safer at a fraction of the cost of keeping those inmates in prison. next month, joseph naso may be formally sentenced to death following a recommendation from jurors. the appeals process for death penalty cases is so long, naso, who is 79 years old, will probably die of natural causes before he's ever executed. the california's district attorneys and peace officers are trying to change that. they are hoping to expe died ex -- expedite executions next year once the moratorium is lifted on lethal injection drugs. budget cuts causing big problems for the vallejo camera program. the cameras were first
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installed two years ago in trouble spots in the city to cut back on crime. there are now more than two dozen street cameras with more on the way. however, the vallejo police department has a very serious staffing problem. the police are having trouble finding enough officers to monitor the screens from those cameras. a pail decision coming this -- bail decision coming this weekend for silling road. ross is set to appear before a federal judge on wednesday. the judge will decide if ross should be freed on bail. the federal prosecutors want to the move his case to new york. that's where he faces charges in connection with a murder- for-hire plot. in walnut creek, four city employees are asking the city to pay for their legal fees in the child sex abuse trial. all four employees were cleared of wrongdoing for failing to report the abuse. so far, the city has denied
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three of the managers' requests. there are reports the four managers may file a lawsuit against the city. new this morning, san francisco city leaders plan to make a big announcement that will help boost learning at local schools. mark benioff plans to donate $2.7 million to help boost access to technology in the city's 12 middle schools. the money would be used to buy ipads, wireless access and the funds to train teachers to use devices. this is the largest single investment in the district's history. >> wow. that's big. >> uh-huh. a former president in oakland today. why jimmy carter will tour a work site that was the scene of a violent robbery a couple of days ago. either side budged over the weekend in the federal shutdown. find out why one department is deciding to bring back some
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furloughed workers. traffic is gonna be busy. this is the sunol grade. traffic still looks good passing mission. a little change today. it will still be mostly sunny, mild, warm. cooler conditions are on the way. much cooler by midweek.
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welcome back. continuing coverage of the government shutdown now going into its second week. house of representatives john boehner has ruled out -- house speaker john boehner has ruled out a vote to raise the debt limit without getting concessions from president obama. boehner and others want changes to the affordable care act and want spending cuts and say they will not raise the nation's borrowing power without it. >> we're not going to pass a clean debt limit increase. i told the president that when
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the votes are not in the house to pass it. >> we've never gone without the united states having the ability borrow. it's very drugs. >> president obama is calling on lawmakers to pass legislation to pass the debt limit. the defense department is expected to bring back hundreds of thousands of civilian workers who have been furloughed during this shutdown. chuck hagel said on saturday employees will be able to come back next week. he also says the law allows the department to eliminate furloughs for workers whose jobs contribute to the morale, willingness and readiness of service workers. the federal amber alert website, there is a notice that reads due to the lapse in federal funding, this office of
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justice program's website is unavailable. now, state law enforcement will notify the news media still about any urgent missing cases here. the fallout from the shutdown could affect republican law party leaders. they just wrapped up a convention in orange county and are making a concerted effort to win over latino and young voters. those groups support the overhaul that the republican congressmen are opposing. tea party members were at the convention as well. one of them from here, pushing for a voter i.d. measure. new this morning, athletes and spectators attending next year's winter olympics in russia will reportedly face some of the most invasive spying in the history of the games. the british newspaper, the guardian, reports russian security agents will closely
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monitor all communication from competitors and spectators. the paper reports newly installed telephone and internet spying equipment will give agents the ability to listen in to phone calls coming into the olympic village and read nearly every single e- mail. it's another day of deadly violence in egypt. violent street battles raged for hours in cairo this morning. it was the latest violence between egypt security forces and islamist protesters. more than 50 people have been killed across egypt in just the past few days. 7:17. happening today -- a federal judge will start hearing three weeks of testimony about the 2010 gulf of mexico oil spill. now, experts are expected to give very different estimates on just how much oil spilled in the ocean. the amount of oil spilled is a major factor determining how much money bp will have to pay
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for the disaster. the penalty could range from $10.5 million and $18 billion. 7:17. it's been a big part of the palo alto community for 45 years. now the betty writhe aquatic center pool has been forced to shut down. the aging facility pool, they say, cannot be repaired. the nonprofit group who runs the pool said they explored all options to try to keep it open. the facility featured 90-degree water and wheelchair access. a cell to you remember debate in -- a sell tower debate -- a cell tower debate takes another turn. the league hopes to add light poles that would light up the field. one of them would have two verizon antennas on top. neighbors argue that would pose a health risk.
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the review board will take up the matter next month. let's bring sal back. how are your friends in the south bay doing? >> okay. as a matter of fact, right now, traffic is moving along pretty well on 280. it's getting slow and sticky downtown. i want to mention, it could be worse. but it's a little bit slow, as you can see, getting up to downtown. last week, though, was a lot worse than this. hopefully it will stay even. let's take a look at the commute here on westbound bay bridge. that's backed up, even the carpool lanes are beginning to backup. 30-minute plus delay. if you are driving on 680, i want to point out -- i want to move the map over here. you can see this drive here, very slow all the way down the sunol grade. it does get better by the time you reach fremont. let's go to steve. >> a very good morning. mostly sunny. a little bit of high clouds. not much of a breeze yet. we expect that to pick up
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later. temperatures were very warm on the coast. santa cruz, 89. 85 in oakland and 83 in san francisco. not today. 74, 75, 68. it's 46 i think in half moon bay right now. we'll go 80 in santa cruz. still warm, just not near 90. we do have a few high clouds, cool to mild. partly sunny, partly cloudy, by this afternoon as a weak little cold front comes in. there is the system -- there is the system fill far up on the north coast. light rain up towards seattle. the system will give us a little bit of a westerly wind later on. the rain has ended in detroit. it's not very warm. 46. now it's 50. but it does look dry. it looks rather chilly and breezy. 29 in tahoe. 42 in ukiah. 47 in clearlake. that's very cool readings. 44 santa rosa, 46 half moon bay, a little bit of cloud cover holding up some of the temperatures. walnut creek at 46. still can't find much of a
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breeze. there is a little co po nent at -- component at fairfield. even oakland has a component of an offshore breeze. this system will get closer and closer. still pretty good, not as warm as yesterday. not as sunny. there will be scattered high clouds kind of in between. mostly sunny. the big news will be a rather strong slow coming in for a big cooldown and very, windy cool conditions. i don't think we'll get -- we'll get rain out of the system. we'll see some snow in the sierra nevada. that will be on wednesday into early, early thursday. the temperature change will be quite noticeable as we get in the upper 60s. a little cooler today. we're kind of easing into this. tomorrow there will be additional cooling. 80s on the temperatures. but the coast that west wind should start to kick in as the front inches closer. san jose, 81.
7:22 am
sunnyvale, 80. cupertino, 81. 70s south san francisco. 60s on the coast. low 880s on the peninsula -- 80s on the peninsula. i put showers in. i think it will be toward the sierra. we'll see how the path goes on tuesday. the highs will mainly be in the 60s and 70s. >> all right. thank you, steve. 7:22. big honors for two bay area scientists. more on the early-morning phone call they received and how they are being recognized for their work. a late-night celebration in oakland. how history was made in last night's raiders' game against the chargers.
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oakland raiders are scouting out concord for a new site. they toured the old naval
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station and reportedly liked what they say. they say -- what they saw. they say this would be a convenient place. they say the talks about building a new stadium in oakland have been going nowhere. the game with the chargers started at 8:30 because of the as game. terrell pryor was back after missing because of the concussion. he can throw. he completed his first ten passes, helped give the raiders a big lead. the game didn't end until 11:30 last night. the fans say they didn't like the late start. >> we will play anybody, in the mornings, in the afternoon, evenings, any time. >> the -- the raiders won. the raiders have moved into a
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third-place tie with the chargers. mayor ed lee will have a different title this saturday. he will also on the father of the bride as his daughter, brianna lee, gets married in a ceremony at city hall. very few elected officials are invited to the ceremony under the rotunda. the couple will say their vows in front of 270 guests. no wrapped gifts are allowed into city hall for security reasons. game three of the a.l. just hours away. will the whether hold out for the game? we'll have a live report from detroit. new safety concerns about a pg&e pipeline. we just learned about that in san carlos right now. it's still getting heavier out there trafficwise. you can see for yourself. it will be slow. we'll take a look at contra costa county next.
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a little pattern change today. a little bit of high cloud deck. we'll have details coming up. [ daughter ] hi mom. hey honey, the trip's great, very relaxing. are you sure you can't make it? but you come every year!
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good morning. live pictures high above the bay area. nice shot of sutro tower. very clear skies. beautiful weather this weekend.
7:30 am
but there's a change on the way later this week. steve has your forecast coming up in just a couple of seconds. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. we can check weather and traffic now. steve's right there. thank you. we do have higher clouds around. it will be mostly sunny. i think we get partly sunnies later on. a few high clouds around. cold, chilly for some. mild for others. mostly sunny, nice to warm at noon and then partly sunny, partly cloudy, cooler this afternoon. 61 in san francisco. 47 fairfield. 44 santa rosa. some 40s on the coast. a little bit of cloud cover holding up a few temperatures. mainly 50s. there's even some 30s up to the north. higher clouds are moving out associated with a weak system to the southwest of that. it starts to drop off pretty
7:31 am
fast here. one system spinning in a few clouds. it's inching closer. 60s and 70s closer to the water. here's sal. good morning. traffic is getting a little bit busier around the bay area. let's take a look at highway 4 westbound. you can see it's a little bit slow and it's a little bit slow in the baypoint area which corresponds to what we see on the maps. there's the area of hmp 4 that was slow. we also have an area of 680 on the way down to walnut creek. you will see slow traffic on 80 westbound as you come through richmond driving through the area. i want to make sure that traffic on highway 4 is covered there in antioch. it's covered there. there are no major problems. if you are driving on southbound 680, you will see some slow traffic. bay bridge toll plaza that's backed up for a 30-minute plus delay at the pay gate. let's go back to the desk. pg&e crews are busy.
7:32 am
they are in the middle of shutting down a natural gas line in san carlos that's raised safety concerns. by the end of the day, they will shut down line 147. it runs between interstate 280 and highway 101. ktvu's tara moriarty joining us live from the newsroom and tara, you just got off the phone were pg&e. >> a pg&e spokesperson told me a year after the san bruno disaster this pipeline was tested and found safe. it was in october of 2012. frills say the leak was not the -- officials say the leak was not the result of the testing. they say they fixed it and moved on but then internal e- mails from engineers surfaced. a state of emergency was dae claired on friday -- declared on friday. it should be complete today.
7:33 am
figurely pg&e said it would simply reduce the pressure and then pg&e began to shut off the line. they say they had to turn it off and see how the other gas lines would be affected. they say customers would not be directly affected. pg&e says the line is safe but after the disaster in san bruno that killed eight people and destroyed homes, people in san carlos want more than assurances. no word how long the line will be out of service and they will decide if the state of emergency should continue in 30 days. we know the city has a meeting today to discuss the issue. we've put in a call to the mayor. coming up we'll tell you what pg&e had to say about the internal e-mails and if the reaction was indeed an overreaction. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 7:33. the clock is sticking toward
7:34 am
another possible commute meltdown in the bay area. b.a.r.t. workers could be on strike by the end of this workweek. as you can see, the coolingoff period ends in three days. that's thursday night. so a strike could begin this friday morning. so the heat is on for the two sides to reach an agreement. contract talks between management and b.a.r.t. unions are set to resume at 9:30 this morning. but the two sides are far apart on the critical issues of salaries and benefits. there's another problem tied to the political standoff in washington, d.c. the federal mediator in the b.a.r.t. talks is not being paid due to the government shutdown. the threat of another b.a.r.t. strike is prompting new action at the state capitol. one republican lawmaker wants brown to call a special session to pass a law banning b.a.r.t. strikes. governor brown signed off on
7:35 am
the 60-day period. but california law prohibits a second coolingoff period. the governor says he does not want to intervene this time around. b.a.r.t. management says it needs money to replace the aging cars. this week, they are showing off the so-called fleet of the future. b.a.r.t. riders will get a chance to try out the seats installed in new cars. the first of nine events are held today at the b.a.r.t. station in union city. some new signs are going up on more than 100 san jose buses. they read concerns about a san jose police officers and they -- police officer and they feature the independent auditor of san jose. that person worked with the police. the idea, is to let people know they can come to them for complaints about officers instead of going to the police department. happening later today, former president jimmy carter will be in oakland helping
7:36 am
people in need. last night an event was held celebrating the 30-year partnership between the former president and his wife and habitat for humanity. that event helped kick off the carter work project which helps build homes and communities nationwide. the former president said one of the greatest pleasures has been working with volunteers to build homes. >> all people on earth equal a basic human right, to have a place to live. that's why i love habitat. >> in recent years, the carters have helped build homes in haiti and minnesota and all over the place. they will be joined today by country music stars trisha yearwood and garth brooks. they helped build a dozen homes in east oakland. the former president will be in san jose tomorrow and our reporter, alex savidge, will have a live report on that coming up at 8:00.
7:37 am
former president carter will tour a site robbed last week. eight workers were at the site when gunmen robbed them. one worker was shot. another was hit in the head with a pistol. police have not captured the suspects. they were working to build new townhomes when the robbery occurred. the as will face the tigers in game three of the a.l. series. yesterday, the rain poured down keeping both the teams off the field for practice. fred ingles is live from detroit with more. >> reporter: good morning. welcome to a very sunny comerica park here. yes,er said sunny. it's stilly. but they expect 60 degrees for the start of the game at 1:07, eastern time. the tigers started to take batting practice. they could use it.
7:38 am
they've only scored three runs. have not scored a run in the last 17 innings. the first two games have been pretty much a pitchers 'duel. both great in their starting pitching staffs but, of course, the as are having their own issues. they've struck out 29 times in two games. but they managed to tie the series up saturday with a walkoff base hit by the rookie catcher. he singled. they only had four hits in the game two. but it was enough to beat the tigers. the series, tied 1-1. we talked to the rookie, steven, and we said, the reward, you get to face the tigers an -- tigers' anabel sanchez. >> they have such a great pitching staff. we know what we're up against.
7:39 am
but what do we do? we're always playing with our backs against the hall -- wall. who we are facing, doesn't matter. >> reporter: as are here at the ballpark but they did not be coming out for about an hour or two before they take the field. neither team practiced at all yesterday. we got here last night. it was raining. they say there's still a possibility of some rain later in the ball gail. the as and -- ballgame. the as and tigers felt disrespected. they get the first game. there's four games on the docket. this is the first one. some people are saying 10:07 pacific time? the kids are in school. everybody is working. who is going to see this? it's on major league baseball network only. you know what? with this weather, maybe it is a good thing it is here at 1:07 eastern time as opposed to maybe later when it gets colder and maybe a little wetter. we'll be back with another live
7:40 am
update in the next hour. back to the studio. fred ingles at comerica park for ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. we would like you to show us your pride. go to our facebook page. 37,000 strong showed up for the game. some fans got too excited. coming up at 7:53, what prompted officers to use force on one fan who became violent. a tanker crash and a gas leak. what cleanup crews are doing to ensure the safety of the guests staying at a nearby hotel. and the controversial proposal involving parks in san francisco that some feel could criminalize the homeless. northbound 101, san jose, you will see traffic that's going to be a little busy. it's not stop and go. we'll tell you more about that straight ahead. mostly sunny out there. some higher clouds.
7:41 am
it will be a little cooler today. it's not so much today, it's the next couple of days. a big cooldown expected. we'll have the details coming up. when our little girl was born, we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the two-thousand-fourteen subaru forester. (girl) what? (announcer) built to be there for your family. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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stock market opening sharply lower as the u.s. government heads into a second week of a partial shutdown with no sign of a budget agreement in sight and the looming debt ceiling deadline ten days away. the dow is down 85, back below 15,000 for the dow. the nasdaq down 16 and the s&p down 7. well, there could be more of a scramble during the holiday shopping season this year. that's because there are fewer days to shop.
7:44 am
thanksgiving is november 28th this year. the latest it can be. that means there are just 25 days between black friday and christmas eve. last year, there were 31 days, some merchants expect stores to be more crowded even if people have the same amount of money to spend. ebooks are changing reading habits. a new survey shows 35% of the people who own e readers say they read more books. and more say they could read more except they don't have time. >> what do i do! sandra bullock and george clooney start starred in "gravity." the story of two astronauts who run into a huge problem during a spacewalk. it earned $55 million in the opening week.
7:45 am
today, a controversial proposal to close san francisco's city parks during certain hours will be debated by the city's board of supervisors. the proposal callses for closing -- calls for closing all parks between midnight and 5:00 a.m. supporters say that would keep the homeless from living in the parks and reducing crime. critics say this cillizes the home -- criminalizes the homeless. for the first time today's homeless connect event will focus on helping the hbgt community. connect events link them with the mental, dental, employment, and housing services. the latest survey found 29% of the homeless are gay. organizers say this will be the first of the kind in the nation. a prestigious award for two
7:46 am
local scientists. pam cook's in the studio to tell us what happened this morning. >> it's that time of year when professionals and scientists and literature welcome an early- morning phone call. this is when the nobel assembly announces the winning. two scientists from the bay area's two biggest universities got the call at around 1:30 this morning. thomas suedhof of sanford and randy schekman of uc berkeley are sharing the price with a yale professor. professor suedhof's first words were are you serious? he was actually traveling and driving and had to pull over. professor schekman says "my first reaction was oh, my god" and that was my second reaction." they will receive the prize in sweden. they will share the prize. they are receiving the reward for their discoveries on cell traffic and disease triggers. in our next hour of "mornings
7:47 am
on 2," you will get to hear the actual phone call when professor suedhof got the news. back to you. >> thank you. new information on the terrorist captured by u.s. special forces over the weekend. abu anas al-libi is being interrogated on a u.s. navy ship. he's believed to have decades worth of information on al qaeda. abu anas al-libi was captured in tripoli. he's been wanted by the u.s. since the 1998 bombings of the american embassies. today marks 12 years since the united states invaded afghanistan. the pentagon launched "operation enduring freedom" weeks after 9/11. the goal was to drive al qaeda terrorists out of afghanistan and to remove the taliban from
7:48 am
power. more than 2,000 american troops have died in afghanistan in the past 12 years. u.s. combat troops are expected to remain in afghanistan for at least the next 15 months. 7:47. now for a story you will see only on 2, some oakland students are joining forces. they are joining up a piece of public art. a very special one. the sculpture in oakland at kaiser memorial park is tagged by taggers. just as quickly as the graffiti is taken off, it's back up. 45 students under the supervision of a school adviser have adopted the structure. >> i just cried. i was so happy. this is like the next generation. they really care. >> 25 well-known civil rights activists are featured in the challenge peopleiance for humanity -- champions for
7:49 am
humanity monument. they are responsible for going out there, maintaining the structure and even giving impromptu tours explaining the importance and significance of the humanitarians depicted. city elections take place on november 5th. san francisco has one of the biggest ballots with four propositions and four local races. starting today, voters can cast their ballots early at san francisco city hall. the polls will be open monday through friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. except on columbus day which is a week from today. city hall will be open for voting during the last weekend of this weekend and the first weekend of next month. and early voting also starts today in san mateo county for the november 5th election. several school bond measures and a parcel tax to benefit schools are on the ballot. there are also tax mesh usuals that will be decide -- measures
7:50 am
that will be decided. sal's back. everybody behaving? >> i would say so. we do have slow traffic out there. pardon my voice. of the -- the traffic is doing well in some areas. we're groan look at 280 northbound -- gonna look at 280 northbound. you will see the traffic is gonna be busy. 280 continues to be slow after 17 as well. so i want to make sure that you know that you are in for a little slow traffic. i want to show you the south bay map and show you exactly what i'm talking about here. so 280 is going to continue to be slow after highway 17 pretty much into sunnyvale. 85 is slow from 87 all the way up to saratoga. we do have that going for us. on the peninsula, southbound 101 is busy in san mateo as you drive to highway 92. let's take a look at the toll plaza. it has been 30 minutes plus. it's pea twinning to loose --
7:51 am
beginning to loosen up as you head to san francisco. let's go to steve. >> thank you. mostly sunny. a breeze. on wednesday, a cold system will drop in. today we're getting some higher clouds. this system is pushing off towards central california and the sierra being bumped along by the cold front. yesterday, temperatures on the coast. 83 in san francisco. today is 74. 85 in oakland. today we drop to 10. and santa cruz from 89 to 80. still not bad. it's just not as warm as we had on sunday. mostly sunny. overall, we do expect more of a west-northwest breeze to pick up ale will bit. a little bit of rain in the pacific northwest. as fred said, it's not bad in detroit. the rain has ended. it's just not very warm. partly cloudy skies. could be isolated showers. 29 in tahoe.
7:52 am
32 in ukiah. 37 in clearlake. 40s. novato is 43. half moon bay 46. walnut creek, 47. fairfield, 47. san jose, 57. for some maybe a high cloud deck holding up the temperature. 51 in blossom hill. northwest at fairfield. it was east. for of a northwest at santa rosa. but still a component of an easterly or southeasterly for many locations. sfo is still south. it has not turned west but it will as the system gets closer. not as warm. mostly sunny here. but the big cooling trend will be on wednesday as the cold low drops in. it looks like on northern california. this is our cloud and rain forecast. watch over the sierra. wednesday morning, yes. it's moving in far away east. there will be snow in the sierra nevada. keep that in mind if you have to travel up there on wednesday. machine today. there will be higher -- mostly sunny today. there will be higher clouds.
7:53 am
80s on machine of these temperatures. this might be the last day of 80s for a while. 70s closer to the bay. 60s and 70s by the coast. santa cruz, 80. san jose, 81. 68 half moon bay. 76 san mateo. a little cooler on tuesday. wednesday, colder and winy -- windy. breezezy cold. temperatures 60s and 70s. >> all right. thank you, steve. 7:53. helping kids learn in san francisco. the big donation today that will help put ipads and a lot of other technology inside classrooms. plus -- a front-row seat to an incredible crash. the new video that captured yesterday's terrifying incident at an indy car race.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
look at this. a horrifying crash at the texas grand prix. it landed dario franchitti in the hospital this -- this happened on the final lap of the race after a collision between him and another driver. 13 fans were hurt. 11 were treated at the scene. two were taken to the hospital. he was once married to ashley judd. she's been thanking people for their prayers for her former husband. >> it was pretty scary. >> there was a lady trapped under the fence. >> he had a concussion, broke two vertebrae and his right ankle. this is the reminder of the accident with dan well don. he was -- weldon. he was killed two years ago in las vegas at the motor speedway. police having to use force at the game between the detroit tigers and the as this weekend.
7:57 am
>> the video has been posted on websites showing officers responding to a drunk fan on friday night. he's pushing officers and he began to fight. essentially he was tased and taken into custody. what may have caused the fire on yerba buena island that led to a major backup on the bay bridge. >> reporter: we're live in palo alto, where an early-morning fire is raising a lot of questions. we'll tell you what firefighters are learning about the history of this home. westbound 24, a little bit of slow traffic still on the way to orinda. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay weather. mostly sunny out there. it will not be as warm as sunday. not too bad. by midweek, it will feel very cold around here. details are coming up. when it's time to talk security
7:58 am
for your business.. talk to the business security leader. tyco integrated security. we'll do a security review of your business to understand your needs, customize an integrated solution that meets your specific challenges. and deliver it all with responsive local service, and a personal passion to help you protect your business. we'll even give you the power to manage it all... right from the palm of your hand. call us for a free security review. tyco integrated security. safer. smarter. tyco.
7:59 am
well, good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2". you are looking at live pictures at house in palo alto. this was the scene of an early- morning fire we've been watching. we'll tell you why it is being
8:00 am
called suspicious. we'll bring you a live report. welcome back. it's monday, october 7th. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. let's have another look at weather and traffic. nice today, steve, but a change is coming? that's right. we'll wait for this afternoon for the next band to come in from the north. 40s, 50s and 60s. never got below 60 in san francisco. sitting at 61. another mild start which leads me to believe there's not much of a west wind yet. the breeze is turning more northwest slowly. you can see the system is producing some rain to the north. for us, it's just the front coming in enhancing a little bit of that low cloud deck. i think there man enough of a westerly breeze to take temperatures down around the noon hour. 72 to 74 in san francisco. mid-70s to a few upper 70s to work your way around the bay. inland upper 70s or low 80s.
8:01 am
yes was close with the temperatures. it was close all across the board. it will still be -- we'll still get some 80s. after todays it looks like the system dropping down from the north will give us a change. here's sal. steve, good morning. right now, traffic is doing well in some areas. still slow in others. let's take a look at the toll plaza. we're seeing some improvement here, which is good news. no major problems as you drive into the city. we're seeing some improvement on the far left-hand side. the morning commute looks pretty good if you are driving on the san mateo bridge. it's getting slower. the traffic continues to move along a little bit slowly on the dumbarton bridge as well. south bay is where a lot of the slow traffic is. northbound 85 and 280 northbound are very slow getting into the valley. we have a lot of slow traffic in mountain view and also on
8:02 am
the peninsula heading south. back to the desk. 8:01. the investigation continues into a suspicious early-morning fire in palo alto. investigators are on scene right now trying to determine what caused the blaze. ktvu's janine de la vega was the first reporter on the scene and janine, what have you learned from investigators? >> reporter: well, firefighters had been worried that the roof would collapse. so they tore it down so they could go inside. when they went in, they inspected them. they did not find any victims inside. now, this home has been abandoned for at least 20 years. so fire officials say it is suspicious that a fire started here. firefighters were called at 4:00 a.m. after a passing motorist reported seeing smoke. when firefighters arrived, the house was fully engulfed in flames. nearby homes were evacuated while firefighters knocked down the flames. they did that in 20 minutes. they say there was no electricity or gas running in
8:03 am
the house. because it was abandoned, they say the cause of the fire appeared to be suspicious. >> definitely surprised because it's been abandoned since about the late '70s and nothing's happened. there's recently been some work to it. >> reporter: officials say this appears to be suspicious -- [audio difficulties] >> reporter: there's been some construction crews around in the last several weeks. he says despite the property being worth a million dollars, the owner just used the house for storage. some neighbors complained because the abandoned home sat vacant. they are anxious to find out how this fire started. the inspector will be interviewing the contractor and the owner to get their questions answered and determine if this was intentionally set or if it was construction-related. back out here live, unsure if the homeowner arrived on scene
8:04 am
but that right there is the fire marshal who was waiting for the owner of the home to come so that he could interview her. so again, they are just starting their investigation unsure if the elderly lady there is the actual owner but still a lot of questions that they need to have answered. fortunately, nobody was injured at all in the fire. none of the surrounding structures received any damage. reporting live from palo alto, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 8:04. we have new information now about two small fires on yerba buena. investigators now say illegal fireworks may have caused them. they were first reported shortly before 8:00 last night. they burned about four acres of the west side of the island in steep brush areas. fire hydrants are very few there. water is low on the island. a fire boat was called in to spray water from the bay.
8:05 am
firefighters say wind proved to be a major role in the fire. >> a very light breeze that helped fuel the fire and bring it up a little bit to the hill. a greater breeze and a more windy day, it would have moved significantly rapid. >> the fire did not cause any injuries or major damage but it sent up a large plume of smoke that distracted bay bridge drivers and led to a huge traffic jam. crews are on the scene watching for flareups. happening now -- cleanup crews in richmond, working on a chev rodge tanker truck -- chevron tanker truck that flipped over carrying propane. the firefighters evacuate a hoe -- evacuated a hotel nearby. both the on and offramps to carlson have been closed. the freeway is still open. tax payers in santa clara county will help pay the rent of convicted felons.
8:06 am
starting january 1st, the county will give $1,000 a month in rent money to former inmants who were sentenced under the three strikes law. the payments will go on for a year. the county supervisor says the money will help former lifers get back on their feet and they say it will keep the public safer at a fraction of the cost of keeping those inmates in prison. next month, joseph naso may be formally sentenced to death. naso, who is 79, would probably die of natural causes before executed. however, california's district attorneys and peace officers, they are trying to change that. they are hoping to find a way to expedite executions next year once the state lifts the moratorium on lethal injection drugs. 200 bottles -- 200,000 bottles of pain medication for
8:07 am
babies are being recalled. motrin says there's a risk of tiny pieces of plastic in its concentrated infant drops. retailers are asked to remove the half ounce bottles of berry flavored medication. the manufacturer says there's only a small chance that the pieces of plastic ka cause the problem -- can cause the problem e anyone who already bought the medication can take it back to the score. napa county officials are gearing up for the upcoming flu season by holding a number of free clinics. health officials say during the peak of last year's flu season about 10% of emergency room visits were for people with flu- like symptoms. people are being urged to get their flu shot this month, the head of the peak that usually happens in january and early april. budget cuts are causing big problems for vallejo's crime camera program. the cameras were installed two years ago in trouble spots around the city in an effort to reduce crime. there are more than two dozen
8:08 am
street cameras with more on the way. the vallejo police department has a very serious staffing problem. the police are having enough trouble to watch the screens from those cameras. in walnut creek, four city employees are asking the city to pay their legal fees in the lesher trial. jason pedrosa pleaded guilty to child sex abuse charges. four employees accused of not reporting abuse were cleared of wrongdoing. so far the city has turned down three of the managers' requests to pay their legal fees. there are reports that the four managers may file a lawsuit against the city. new this morning, san francisco city leaders plan to make a big announcement that will help boost learning at local schools. mark benioff plans to donate $2.7 million to help boost
8:09 am
access to technology in the city's 12 middle schools. the money would be used to help buy hundreds of ipads, wireless access and funds to train teachers on how to use the devices, which is the largest single business investment in the district's history. fleet week in san francisco was supposed to begin today. not much planned anymore. the airshow were canceled a while back because of the federal budget cuts known as sequestration and disaster response drills sent to begin today have been canceled due to the government shutdown. a veterans art exhibit is scheduled at the marines memorial club starting tomorrow and pier 39 will have fireworks every saturday this month to make up for the cancellations. ♪ the 13th annual hardly strictly bluegrass music festival may have set
8:10 am
attendance over the weekend -- attendance records over the weekend. the festivities started on friday at golden gate park and continued through yesterday afternoon. certainly had beautiful weather for it. >> that's steve martin on the far right. he's very good. >> good banjo player. >> he's extremely good. 8:10. we're getting closer to a possible b.a.r.t. strike. why this labor dispute is tied to the government shutdown in washington. and how next year's winter olympic games could create another spy scandal. good morning. things are finally improving in some of the busiest commutes. but not for this bridge. the san mateo bridge will take a look at the bridges and a look at the busiest traffic spots. mostly sunny out there. it will still be a nice day today but signs of a pretty big cooldown are on the way.
8:11 am
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8:13 am
ing a leagues and spectators attending the winter olympics in russia will reportedly face some of the most invasive spying in the history of the games. the british newspaper reports russian security agents will closely monitor all communication from both spectators and competitors. the paper reports newly installed telephone and internet spying equipment will give agents the ability to
8:14 am
listen into phone calls coming in the olympic village and read nearly every e-mail. police in kenya are releasing new surveillance video showing some of the terrorists before the deadly shooting -- shopping mall attack last month. this video shows two men entering a bank to take out money to by a car used in the assault on september 21st. the car they bought with the money was found at the entrance of the mall with two grenade pins inside. 8:14. continuing coverage of day 7 of the government shutdown. no deal in sight to end the shutdown or a deal to raise the debt limit. kyla campbell is live in washington, d.c. to explain what the house plans to do today. kyla? >> reporter: dave, the house plans to continue its piece male approach to funding the -- piecemeal approach to funding the government. senate democrats won't support
8:15 am
it. they want to open the entire government with a clean bill, meaning no strings attached. neither side has budged. republicans are focused on the next fiscal fight, raising the debt ceiling by late next week. john boehner says that won't happen unless there are concessions from the house. >> the president is risking default by not having a conversation with us. >> under no circumstances will you pass a clean debt -- >> we're not going down that path. >> reporter: there's good news for some furloughed federal workers. the pentagon said it's bringing back almost all of its 350,000 civilian workers throughout this week. but that means there are still more than 400,000 federal workers off the job not getting paid during the shutdown. live in washington, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. well, the department of defense is expected to bring back hundreds of thousands of civilian workers who have been furloughed during the shutdown. chuck hagel announced it saturday saying the employees
8:16 am
will be asked to come back beginning next week. et also says the law allows the department to eliminate four lows for the workers whose jobs contribute to the morale, well being for service members. there is a new concern about scams as people sign upper to the affordable act. coming up at 8:15, what officials say everybody needs to watch out for though you don't become a victim. the pedestrian crushed by two vehicles in san francisco last week has now been identified. 68-year-old emmett jackson from martinez was standing by a parked vehicle on pacific avenue on polk street when it happened. police say a truck parked behind jackson suddenly accelerated pinning him between the two weeks. investigators say the truck driver has been cooperative. they are still investigating what may have caused the acceleration. one of the bikers seen on
8:17 am
video attacking an suv in new york has been arraigned on gang assault and other major charges. reginald chance bashed the driver's window with his helmet. prosecutors say his actions led others to assault the driver. another rider accused of beating the driver was arraigned on similar chargers, and a third biker who cut off the suv and slowed down causing the initial collision is fighting misdemeanor charges. the driver who ran over some bikers to get away has not been charged with any crime. 8:17. right now, firefighters in southern california are battling a 2500-acre brush fire. it started at camp pendleton. here's some home video of the fire. this was taken yesterday afternoon. 230 people had to evacuate for several hours. the fire itself started saturday. firefighters hope to have it fully contained by tomorrow. so far, only a couple of vehicles and some buildings
8:18 am
have been destroyed. still in word yet on how the fire started. did you feel it? we had a minor earthquake up here, it shook parts of the bay area last night. the usgs first reported it as a 3.1. now they are saying it was a 3.0. it was centered two miles northeast of berkeley. it hit about 9:26 last night. so far, there's no word of damage. 8:18. let's check in with sal. we're hearing about some police activity at a b.a.r.t. station that's causing some delays. >> there was a person on the tracks in north berkeley. police went out there and got him off. and now the trains are recovering but on the richmond line, there are delays and -- those delays may filter to other lines later. but right now, the richmond line in all directions is delayed. some of the other lines are not delayed as much. caltrain and muni not parting any -- reporting any delays.
8:19 am
contra costa county, southbound 680 is slow from 242. we had anker earlier crash there. traffic is -- we had an earlier crash. traffic is gonna be slow on highway 4. and it's been a slow commute sat highway 4 -- at highway 4. it's getting better but is still slow out to the peninsula. the dumbarton bridge traffic is moderate. we've come down from the peak, now it's about 25 minutes before you get own the span. 8:19. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. mostly sunny here. not much of a breeze yet. expect that to pick up later. it will be more westerly instead of the weekend when it was north nearly. the -- north northeasterly. most of clouds have moved out. the next one from the north
8:20 am
still is a ways out. 83 san francisco. 785 oakland. 80 -- 85 oakland. 80, 68, 75 and 74. still okay. just not as warm as sunday. mainly mostly clear. cool to mild to warm on the lows. partly sunny, partly cloudy in the afternoon. as the system gets closer, it will crank up a westerly breeze. a little bit of rain up in the pacific northwest, seattle portland. there was a ton of rain overnight in the detroit area. that's all gone. it will still be partly cloudy. there's a few blips upstream. i think they will play the game today. temperatures mainly in the 50s. 29 up in tahoe. 45 ukiah. they were down to 43. clearlake made it to 36. 40s for some. 50s or 60s in san francisco and also sfo. fairfield trying to turn a little westerly. it's a slow process. same for santa rosa. the direction is there.
8:21 am
it's just not much of a speed to any of these. most of these to the south are to the southeast and east. sfo cranking up at 7. here's our cool front. i don't want to call it a cold front. there will be cold air on the way. not as warm today. but still pretty nice. overall, mostly sunny. here's our cloud and rain or mixed precip forecast right there as you go into wednesday. there will be snow in the mountains. for us we'll get the cooler air. the north breeze will kick in. sun, clouds, mostly sunny. partly cloudy. a little cooler. light breeds. it should be -- light breeze. it should be picking up. a lot of upper 70s and low 80s. it's still pretty nice around the bay. a lot of 80s here. from milpitas, san jose, to morgan hill and gilroy, santa cruz. 60s, 70s. south san francisco and then upper 70s, low 8s on the peninsula -- 80sen the
8:22 am
peninsula. much -- 80s on the peninsula. much cooler. the mornings will be cool. the days will be nice with highs 60s and 70s. a nice weekend to go to the movies. >> uh-huh. >> it was a record breaker at the box office. how sandra bullock's newest space killer "gravity" went to where no other movie has gone. and the raiders' fans reacting to the rather unusual game time. ♪
8:23 am
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as uninsured americans start to sign up for the affordable care act, concern is growing about scams. one east bay group is warning illegal immy -- illegal immigrants, not to give money to anyone. they are not eligible. some worry many undocumented members may not know they are excluded from the program. >> it's just easy prey. you can kind of tell people things and promise them different things and charge them money and they find out it's not true that they don't have that kind of access. >> officials at covered california, the state-run health insurance exchange, they are concerned about the confusion of the new law could
8:26 am
lead to scamming. they want to emphasize, signing up it free. some of the biggest youth sports organizations are teaming up to raise awareness about the dangers and the risk of concussion. the national sports concussion coalition will partner with concussion experts and sports medicine professionals to establish best practices for diagnosing and treating young athletes. the cdc reports every year, 173,000 children are treated for a sports-related traumatic brain injury, including concussions. some oakland raiders' fans, may be a little sleepy as last night's game against the chargers didn't start until 8:25 p.m. so the crews would have time to prepare the field following the as game. terrell pryor was back after missing due to a concussion. he completed his first ten passes and helped take the leaders to a huge lead. the game did not end until
8:27 am
11:30. but fans say they did not find the late start. >> i love the late hour. it's great. >> we will play anybody in the mornings, in the afternoons and evenings any time! >> time to have fun. >> the raiders won with a final score of 27-17. the raiders have now moved into a third-place tie in the a.f.c. west with the chargers. 8:27. the fight on the baseball field is about to heat up this morning in detroit. the challenge the oakland as face as they go into game three of the american league. new safety concerns involving a pg&e papline on the peninsula. while tell you how the agency is responding that the line may be unsafe and pg&e is not being truthful. good morning. traffic is actually doing pretty well around the bay area. it's improving, yea way -- nay
8:28 am
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introducing the cla. starting at $29,900. ♪ well, good morning. welcome back. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. we're gonna talk about baseball, we're gonna talk about the as playing the tigers in about 90 minutes from right now. we're also gonna talk about what's happening in your traffic and weather. good morning, steve. mostly sunny. we're in between cloud decks. the one this morning has pushed far enough east that i think it's out of -- out of the picture. the wind is trying to turn westerly. it's having a tough time. mostly sunny. a few clouds. mool -- cool, mild warm. 40, 50s on the temperatures.
8:31 am
the temperatures dipped in the 30s for a few to the north. now that the cloud cover is gone, it will be mostly sunny. it will issue a westerly breeze. 83 yesterday. i went 74 today. i think it will happen early and then sun, clouds, sunny for a while, and then higher clouds. a little cooler. light breeze, but expect that to be westerly later on. 60s, 70s by the water. here's sal. steve, good morning. right now, we're still seeing some slow traffic out there although we're seeing signs of improvement. northbound 101 is not as busy as 280 and 85. the good thing, we haven't had any major problems. we've had a couple of fender- benders. the general tone of the commute has not been that bad. it's not causing a huge traffic jam. let's take a lookant the -- take a look at the richmond
8:32 am
delays on b.a.r.t. there was police activity on north berkeley station. those have been cleared up. the trains are a little bit behind. westbound highway 4. that traffic is plofning alongock -- moving along okay. westbound 80 is still backed up from hercules all the way to richmond. let's take a look at the toll plaza. still about a 20-minute delay. now back to the desk. >> all right, sal. thank you. happening now -- former president jimmy carter and his wife rosa lynn carter as well as habitat for humanity is building homes for the needy. it's all part of his carter work project. alex savidge is live right now to tell us that the president and mrs. carter are not the only fame out people taking -- famous people taking part in the project. >> reporter: former carter just finished speaking a short time ago to a crowd of about 500
8:33 am
habitat for humanity volunteers. they are all crowded here. they heard an inspiring message from the former president. they've now headed to a nearby work site. they are working on constructing 12 new townhomes at the brockfield development. this is the largest habitat for humanity project in the country. they are adding these additional townhomes at the site. mr. and mrs. carter are here to kick off the jimmy and rosalind carter project. there will be added security for them. this follows a robbery here at this work site in oakland earlier in the week. there were eight workers robbed at gunpoint on tuesday. gunman stole wallets, phones and tools. but the president east basilly con-- east bay, silicon valley, they are not be deterred.
8:34 am
>> we were shaken by it. that's an anomaly. we've been here 20 years. nothing like that has happened. it was bad. it was unfortunate. it really brought us to our knees. emotionally and then we got right back up. >> reporter: the carters will be here throughout the afternoon pitching in, helping out the volunteers and they just begun work at the site. later on today, i should say tomorrow, the carters will visit a habitat for humanity website before they leave town tomorrow. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, alex. 8:34. pg&e crews are in the middle of shutting down a natural gas line in san carlos that's raised safety concerns. by the end of the day, they will shut down line 147 which runs between brittano avenue
8:35 am
and highway 101. tara moriarty is live and has more. >> reporter: i asked about the internal e-mails, a pg&e engineer. pg&e said we're not sitting on top of another san bruno. they say they want the culture of safety. san carlos city insiders say not so fast. the mayor and the city declared a state of emergency on friday, after coming across the e-mails in a large staff of documents that pg&e turned over to the city, a judge issued a temporary injunction, pg&e said it would simply reduce the pressure on the line. yesterday, they began the process of shutting it off. a pg&e spokesperson told me two years after san bruno, officials did find a link. they say it wasn't the result of pressure testing that they did the year before. they fixed it and moovged on -- moved on. but they say it could be a band- aid solution on the line.
8:36 am
they say parts of the e-mail were receipt dacketted, not just -- redacted, not just the games. pg&e says it's been transparent. >> we have all information. >> reporter: why would the judge issue this temporary injunction? >> i'm not gonna speak on behalf of the judge. what i will say, we feel confident that the line is safe. >> reporter: that was darren with pg&e. they say they had to turn o the line and -- turn off the line and consider how the lines would be affected. after the san bruno disaster killed eight people and destroyed homes, people want more than just assurances. no word how long the pipe will be out of service. san carlos will decide whether their state of emergency should consider in 30 days. we know there is a meeting today to discuss the issues. we'll let you know what we find out later. i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news.
8:37 am
8:36. the clock is ticking toward another b.a.r.t. strike. the 60-day cooling off period will end thursday night. b.a.r.t. workers could be on strike by friday morning. the bresh ure is on for the -- pressure is on for the two sides to reach a deal. at 9:30, contract talks are set to resume. the two sides are still far apart on the big issues. salary and benefits and there is there's the problem in washington, d.c. the federal mediator in the b.a.r.t. negotiations is not being paid because of the government shutdown. and the threat of another b.a.r.t. strike is triggering new action at the state capitol. one republican lawmaker wants governor brown to call a special session of the legislature to pass a law banning the strikes. the california ha probib its -- prohibits a second coolingoff period and the governor says he
8:38 am
does not plan to intervene this time of around -- this time around. in 90 minutes, the as face the tigers. yesterday, the rain poured down in detroit keeping both teams off the field for practice. fred ingles is live in detroit with more on the preparation for game three of this big playoff series. fred? >> reporter: hi, good morning and welcome to comerica park in detroit, michigan, where they say if you don't like the weather, wait for about five minutes. actually, wait about every 30 seconds. the sun busts, then we -- bursts, then we cloud clouds. the temperature 53. they expect it to go to 60. the as are taking batting practice right now as we speak. they have only had 11 hits in the first few games, only three runs. they are still seed in the series, one -- tied in this series, one game apiece.
8:39 am
this is not a ballpark the as have had a lot of success in the postseason. you go back to 2006, they've lost six straight delay playoff games here at the park. we have talked to josh reddick and he says, we want three out of four in late august here in this very same park and that may be a better indicator. >> i think it's huge. it was a big boost of confidence for us, especially facing the top four guys like we're facing. one bad pitch turned things around. we put that behind us. we've come here and we're thinking we've done it before. >> reporter: what do you think about the starting time? in california, it's 10:07. >> it will be rough on guys. but i think they are up to it. they are coming out to win for sure. >> reporter: we talked to some of the players just before they took the batting practice and
8:40 am
asked them how their body is adjusting to this time. let's face it. 10:07 pacific time is not a time they are used to playing baseball here. they feel a little bit kiss point -- disappointed that they are one of four games today and they are the first one. it's one where in which you think about it, all of the young fans are in school. they are only on major league baseball network. not exactly a network where everybody has. it becomes a thing where a lot of people will have a difficult time following the as. we see a few as fans trig trick -- trickling in. we'll talk to them and we'll have a live update of game 3, the series that's tied, 1-1, this is it. this it is the one that lind -- this is the one. this is the one that will indicate whether. as feel good about themselves.
8:41 am
back to you. >> thank you, fred. we would like you to show us your oakland as pride. we've posted this badge on your facebook page. visit our wall and click "share." 48,000 strong showed up for the playoffs at the coliseum. with that big crowd came the fans that became a little too excited. mum at 8:53 -- coming up at 8:53, what prompted officers to use force on a violent fan. all right. terrifying moments on the racetrack in texas this weekend. this is unbelievable. what happened moments before a well-known driver slammed into that fence and why fans, well, they are lucky to be alive -- to be alive. big honor for two bay area scientists. we'll have more on the phone call they received and how they are being recognized for their work and reaction. good morning. we still have a lot of slow traffic out there.
8:42 am
i will tell you which areas are still seeing a lot of slowing for the late morning commute. mostly sunny right now. it will be a little cooler today. it will be a lot cooler coming in on wednesday. we'll explain coming up. female announcer ] now you can turn pillsbury crescents
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wall street's reacting to the continued stalemate in washington request stocks losing ground today in early trading and more attention is being turned to the debt ceiling talks or lack thereof. taking a live look at the big board, the dow is down 76. the nasdaq is also down 20 and the s&p down 7. all right, tori. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories we're following for you -- the investigation in palo alto goes on into a suspicious early- morning fire at a vacant home. it caused a lot of damage in the roof and the roof collapsed -- in the home and the roof collapsed. firefighters say the home has been abandoned for at least 20 years. there are suspicions the fire may have been arson. crews are working on a tanker truck spill. it happened earlier this
8:46 am
morning that was carrying propane. firefighters evacuated a hotel nearby after a leak was spotted. both the on and offramps at carlson have been closed. illegal fireworks may have started two small fires last night on yerba buena island. no one was hurt. there was no serious damage. but the flames and the smoke caused a disdistraction for -- big distraction for drivers crossing the bay bridge. phone calms to two local scientists -- calls to two local scientists to two bay area scientists. >> at 1:30 the calls went out from sweden announcing the nobel prize in medicine and two scientists from the bay area's two biggest plufrts -- biggest universities got the call. thomas suedhof and james -- and
8:47 am
randy schekman. they are honored for giving insight into diseases such as diabetes and alzheimer's. both reacted with humility and surprise. >> hello? >> hello? >> this is adam smith calling from the nobel prize website in stockholm, where it's just been announced that you've been awarded the noble price together with jim rothman and randy schekman. >> are you serious? >> he was actually driving somewhere in spain and had to pull over. it took a while to sink in. but the professor could not say how much he enjoys to be a scientist and that this honor is incredible. randy schekman said he danced around with his wife and called his 86-year-old father to share the wonderful news. he list hopes this means a uc
8:48 am
berkeley free parking space which is tradition. dave and tori? >> we'll have more at noon. thank you. today, a controversial proposal to close san francisco's city parks during certain hours will be debated by the city's board of supervisors. under the plan, all city parks would be off limits between the hours of midnight and 5:00 a.m. supporters of the legislation say it could keep homeless people from living in the parks and reduce crime. critics say the ordinance criminalizes the homeless. 8:48. new space movie rocketed to number one at the weekend box office. ♪ >> what do i do! >> wow. the movie is "gravity." it stars sandra bullock and george clooney. took in $55 million -- million over the weekend.
8:49 am
that's the biggest opening ever. >> that scene right there, just spinning. a little scary. >> yeah. >> on the big screen, that would be intense. right now we want to check in with sal about an injury crash on the golden gate bridge. >> that's right. it's been there for 15 minutes. it looks like each lane is blocked. we do have a big commute coming out of marin. it's backing up on the waldo grade southbound on 101. we've been able to see it from one of our cameras kinded of far away. the traffic will be a little bit slow. i want to mention that. i also want to mention that otherwise if you are trying to get into san francisco, perhaps you are going by the bay bridge toll plaza, that traffic is normal. it's about a 20-minute delay at the toll plaza. on the eastshore freeway, it's moderately heavy from 580 down to the macarthur maze. let's go to steve.
8:50 am
mostly sunny. a few high clouds. it will still be pretty good. not as nice as over the weekend when temperatures were in the 80s. have a system moving through. it's not doing too much. it will give us more of a westerly breeze. i will tell -- it was raining in detroit and now it's partly to mostly cloudy. there's little rain upstream. i don't think it will do too much. it will be a cloudy to mostly cloudy game. 29 in tahoe. 45 in reno. 45 in ukiah. clearlake made it to 46. there were cool readings including the north bay and parts of the coast. lose the breeze and temperatures drop off fast. a northwest at fairfield. it's trying northwest at santa rosa. generally speaking, there's still an ease breest or a -- east breeze or a southeast breeze. even though today is nice, we'll get more of a westerly
8:51 am
breeze. not as warm. a few high clouds. overall, sunny as the system begins to work its way in. very small lows will send our temperatures plupgeing. i -- plunging. i don't think we'll get rain. they will in the sierra. we'll get the cold air and the northwest wind. society temperatures peaked out yesterday. they will still be pretty warm for many inland. cooler by the coast. after that, everyone starts a cooldown. 60s, 70s and 80s. i think after today, we'll have to wait a week before we see 80s. there's gonna be a lot of 70s. upper 60s here. temperatures will cool down. cooler on tuesday. colder and windy on wednesday. it will be sunny and a northwest breeze. a little warmer, nice end to the weekend. 8:51. a very special monument in oakland has been covered in graffiti. how oakland school students are
8:52 am
making sure this piece of art stays clean. this is the guy who's graduating ready for a great career in technology. [ male announcer ] in 2012, 90% of devry university grads actively seeking employment had careers in their field in 6 months. find your career success in the bay area. learn how at
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8:54 am
>> oh! >> a horrific crash at the texas grand prix yesterday has landed three-time indianapolis 500 winner dario franchitti in the hospital this morning. it happened on the final lap of the race after contact between him and another driver. 13 fans were injured.
8:55 am
11 -- 11 were -- 11 were treated on the scene. >> it was pretty scary. >> there was a lady trapped under the fence. >> doctors say franchitti sustained a concussion, broke two vertebrae and his ankle. new video is surfacing of police having to use force at this weekend's playoff game between the detroit tigers and the oakland as. >> tase him! >> the video has been posted on multiple website showing officers responding to a drunk crowd and the -- to a drunk fan and the crowd. he was essentially tased and taken into custody. a story you will only see here on 2, oakland students are helping to preserve the remember them sculpture. it's been vandalized by taggers.
8:56 am
almost as soon as volunteers wipe off the graffiti, the vandals strike again. well, students from the envision academy have adopted this monument and plan to protect. >> it takes not only five seconds to destroy it and ruin the whole ground that we have to keep cleaning up. >> 25 civil rights activists are featured on the remember them champions monument including rosa parks, harvey milk and cesar chavez. every day, the students plan to go out, maintain the skull up chur and even give tour -- maintain the sculpture and even give tours. new signs are going up on more than 100 san jose buses. the signs read concerns about a san jose police officer, and then the signs show the phone number of the independent police auditor of san jose. the auditor worked with the police department and are placing the sign on vta buses. the idea is to let people know
8:57 am
they can come to the auditor with any complaints about the officers instead of going to the police department. fleet week in san francisco was supposed to begin today. there's not much planned today. the airshow and navy ship parade were canceled because of the federal budget cuts. disaster response drills have been canceled due to the shutdown. a veterans art exhibit is scheduled for tomorrow. pier 39 will have fireworks every saturday this month to make up for the cancellation. >> all right, tori. sal, you still watching the golden gate bridge. >> we are. there's an injury crash southbound. northbound is affected. although this time of the morning, southbound is what's gonna be slow and the road scenessors are -- sensors are turned completely red. the bay bridge is not that bad. backed up for a 15-minute
8:58 am
delay. san jose getting slowing. and san jose downtown, it's cleared up. let's go to steve. mostly sunny. it will still be nice. 70s, 80s inland. temperatures coming down a little bit. we get more of a westerly breeze. that will continue on tuesday. colder, windy with snow in the sierra. cold and dry on tuesday. >> thank you. that's our report. we thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. >> be sure to watch the noon news for more on jimmy carter's day in oakland. we're always here for you at and mobile ktvu. thank you for joining us. because i know it's out there. i share as soon as i find it.
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