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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  October 7, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> reporter: we got a slight reprieve from a friday strike. >> we are not giving a 72 hour hotes at this time. we have to -- notice at this time. we are keeping all options on. >> the table. -- options on the table. >> we are continuing to talk. i don't want to characterize how the negotiations are going. the mediator asked us not to. riders say this: >> think about us. we are the people who they serve. >> they told us to go to school and everything and not have transportation available is killing us. we got to be in class, got to work. >> just pray and try do the be you can and understand that everybody is in the same situation. >> reporter: the unions have no
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legal duty to give any notice but most expect if there is no deal such a notice will come. the question is,ish when will it -- is, when will it come, tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. >> more details, the last strike lasted 4-1/2 days. 50% of the riders used other transits. bart averages 400,000 riders every week day. they are bracing for a bigger impact this time because ridership is higher. stay with and we are posting a list of alternatives for you. new at 6:00 p.m. the state says it cleared a back log of californians waiting for their unemployment checks but we learned of new concerns of unprocessed claims. ktvu learned the department's problems may be far larger than
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a commute glitch. ktvu's eric rasmussen is live where one lawmaker is getting involved. >> reporter: we talked to the state senator at his office here. his staff says they receive dozens of calls asking for help. many says they can't get a response from the state. >> we want an answer. a time frame. >> reporter: she thought the waiting was almost over. >> reporter: you have your money yet? >> no. >> with three dollar left this employee says she owed $1,900 in delayed unemployment abenefits going back -- benefits going back to august. the department announced they finished clearing bag log of payments -- back log of payments but they are still
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waiting. >> i was told tuesday, wednesday, now friday, saturday, sunday and now monday still nothing. >> we have just under 2 dozen open cases right now. >> reporter: his office contacted us after hearing the story offering to help but he says the problem goes beyond their computer glitch. >> people shouldn't have to call, we are happy to help. they should get it because it is what we have for people. >> reporter: other whose haven't received benefits into reach out to us. one man wrote this is a cry for help. they into ignore us and give us the run around. no money to live. we called officials in sacramento again today, they said they couldn't discuss why certain people haven't received
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benefits. this afternoon staff told us she should be getting her money tomorrow. live, eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. a police officer has resignicide amid allegations of extortion. police say he turned himself in today. authorities say in september he tried to make an informant out of a woman but when she couldn't provide information the woman claims he demanded cash. the police chief held a news conference. >> i am here to let the community know that we are not going to be complaisant in criminal or administrative misbehavior or misconduct on the part of any personnel. >> if there are additional victims out there reachitute the police department. -- reach out to the police department. drugs are off the streets after a meth seizure. authorities identify the
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suspect as this man. he wasn't home when authorities served a search warrant. we have a photo here of the drugs deputies took. they took 29 pounds of crystal meth, 4 pounds of cocaine, guns and $825,000 in cash. [ cheers and applause ] how about the a's? they are one win away from advancing. the a's beat the tigers today 6- 3. the a's played well. fans are hopeful they can finish off the tigers. fred inglis is in detroit, he was there for the game. great game today. >> we saw a lot of heroes today. great pitching, clutch hitting, super defense and this all in a park that hasn't been playoff
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friendly to the a's. >> reporter: a's fans were outnumbered but it didn't take long for them to make themselves heard. >> i was the loudest person here. they wanted me out. >> reporter: a's lost the last six post season games they played here but it didn't matter to the fans. >> isee parker surprising folks. >> they don't have a great post season record, maybe this is our year. >> why? >> it feels like it. team has chemistry and feels like they will do it. >> reporter: three home runs and a solid bullpen puts them in the driver's seat. >> i know they are waking up on
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their bats so they will crush it tomorrow. we are going to be the world series, i swear it. >> reporter: fans got their money's worth today, it included a 9th inning drama when grant bellfore went nose to nose with victor martinez. mark ibanez will have details of that and post game comments in sports. fred inglis, ktvu channel 2 news. >> more details now on the playoff schedule. game 4 tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. in detroit. if the a's win the series is over. if the tigers win both teams will return to oakland on thursday for a final game deciding game 5. >> and a's fans are filling our facebook page. she shared a couple photos with us. including this one.
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true a's fans. >> she shared this photo of her with a friend and stomper. >> take a good look here. these are two ktvu viewers who spotted sal castaneda at the game and she just had to take this photo with sal. >> sends us your photos at the games or watching from home. just e-mail us at or most them oo facebook -- to facebook. >> share this badge on our ktvu facebook wall. a's take the lead, one more for the win. twitter is already getting a buy rating. an analyst says he expects twitter shares to sell for 28- $30 a share. that number could reach $50 by 2014. they are expected to begin trading later this year. city leaders announced a private donation of mill iens
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of -- millions of dollars to upgrade access to technology. mayor ed lee said it was no accident the funds from sales force were spent on middle schools. >> we discovered when we lookbed at all the schools -- looked at all the schools we saw the drop off. that is where the truancy starts. that is where the resources were very much lacking. >> at a morning tour of the school leaders saw the effect of the grant earmarked for buying ipads and increasing wireless access for the students. sales force founder, that is him, vowed to continue to help the san francisco school district. >> this is not our first contribution to the school district and not our last. we are here for the long haul. >> the teacher cools are aimed
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at improving student performance in science and math. one stop shopping for help with housing,iotomy and mental health -- employment and mental health services. among them -- >> i am transgender and i have been homeless for two years and i am desperate for help. it is been way too long. i am hear to get information about housing or what i can do to further -- better my situation. >> the san francisco health department says they are trying to refine. governor jerry brown vetoed a bill that sought to expand the pool of jurors in california. it calls for non-citizens to
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serve. he argued they should be included but governor jerry brown said it is a possibility of citizenship. biggerring -- bickering in washington is impacting live in bay area, from tourists, to federal employees, we explore the range of repercussions. >> and an arrest in a parking lot shooting. police found the suspect hiding out. >> tracking cooler weather for your work week, when you can expect lower temperatures and a chance of showers. ♪
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pg&e has reduced pressure on a gas pipeline in san carlos after a judge ordered them to shut it down. it stems from e-mails from a
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engineer who asked are we sitting on another san bruno situation. 8 people were killed in 2010. many seriously injured after a pipeline exploded in san bruno. pg&e maintains the line is safe. >> we have isolated the line. we believe we are complying with the court's order. >> telling theme turn the line off and they are saying they don't need to. you know, sounds sketchy to me. >> officials want the entire line inspected and for pg&e to hand over records about the line. new developments on the budget battle in washington. president obama offered hopep today to republicans who refused to budge on funding the government. the white house said it is up to congress to determine the length and amount of any increase, signaling the president is willing to negotiate with republicanps but the resident -- republicans but
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the president won't discuss the debt ceiling till the government shut down is over. >> the government shut down is entering its second week now and businesses are feeling the pinch. new at 6:00 p.m. ktvu's noelle walker is live where the government shut down is keeping some tourists away. >> reporter: this sign went up an hour ago. it is meant to give tourists a heads up but local businesses say the signs are too general and they are worried they will scare tourists away. >> reporter: a welcome sign it is not. a lonely road with national parks service detours along the way. >> people were very understanding. >> reporter: they came from new york but the space they wanted to see is closed off. >> we can't get the ocean
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views. >> reporter: polices that are still open are feeling the government shut down pinch. >> we are california's largest oyster farm. >> reporter: the beach access is closed. but the farm is still open. business has been down since the government shut down. >> at this point it was just here we go again. here is one more thing. >> reporter: she says the government shut down is driving tourists to other more welcoming destination. >> not much of an attraction now to come out here on the weekend and spend time. >> reporter: he says guests are canceling reservations because the woods is closed. what is open is misleading. this sign greets visitors at the gate. >> you have to know your way
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around. >> reporter: with no convenient parking it takes creativity to get comfortable. we got this from one of the rangers for the nationals parks. he had to turn around letting them know there is plenty of open space to explore that is not federal land. noelle walker, ktvu channel 2 news. a suspect caught hiding in las vegas is expected to be brought back to face charges. u.s. marshals arrested him over the weekend and booked him. he is accused of shooting a 22- year-old in august. surveillance video captured the attack which happened n in a park -- in a parking lot in san jose. investigators are trying to determine if fireworks sparked the fire on yerba buena island. so far there is no evidence fireworks were the cause
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although there are reports fireworks were heard in the area before the fire started. the fire burned through 4 acres. mosquitos fogging is planned this weekend in contra costa county. they will spray along the water front on wednesday night between 6:40 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. the area is boarded here. temperatures trending down after a warm period. warm over the weekend. hot in some places. today mid-80s. but it changes now as clouds move in and temperatures trend down. that means the winds are coming off the water. and that changes things. today the winds have been coming out of the northeast and that create as high fire danger
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and it warms the temperatures and this wind comes out of the west and that cools things down. last night's numbers got down there. upper 30s inland. the cooling trend is on and it started -- starts tomorrow. starts tomorrow. temperatures trend down tuesday and wednesday and thursday. is it cold? no. 60s, 70s. not 50s. san jose 73 degrees for a day time high tomorrow. 77 fairfield. cooler. but not -- you know, not 87. 78 is not bad for october. 78 brentwood. 73 san jose. the wind will be more noticeable. you might see coastal fog. small patches of it. on the bay.
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winds 10-15 miles per hour. 66 pacifica. the weather story is a cooling trend. five-day forecast the temperatures as they cool bring in clouds and that is right here on wednesday with a slight chance of wet weather as we get into wednesday, during the day, north and east of the bay area. not a big deal. san jose you won't notice anything. main story, cooler, cooler, cooler. weekend, temperatures stabilize. fire danger, never off the table but the pattern if you work at -- for cal fire, you are happy to see these numbers. [ talking at the same time ] >> winds we talked about it,s it changes everything. cooler. takes the burn out of the fire. >> thank you. bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36 more on the bart unions, no strike notice today, how it
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could effect the negotiations and san francisco usually teaming with visitors but with the scaled back fleet week workers are coping. join us for these stories and more on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. it is the stair that cleared the bug outs. -- dug outs. mark ibanez up next with what grant balfore has to say about the situation in the final inning of game three today. at tyco integrated security,
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as the bart unions consider a possible strike riders are chosing the seats of the future. this afternoon bart began a survey of the new seats for its new fleet of cars.  it lets riders pick their favorite. they are in three groups. they all have cushions but the firmness varies riders can sit in each of the sample seats. passengers could help decides whether they should be arm rests also. mark ibanez joining us now. oakland sports fans have lots of reasons to be happy. >> watching the raiders,
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watching the a's. breakfast in detroit, if you are an a's fan you liked it. 3-3. brandon moss turns on it. gone. solo shot. the playoffs, 4-3. same frame. man on. smith owns him. that is gone. two run homer. 5 runs. 9th. 6-3 a's. pop up. harmless by martinez but he gives grant ballfore the stair down. next thing you know he is right on martinez. the benches clear, the bullpens empty. a lot of harsh words but as usual in baseball fights no punches thrown but plenty of comments after the game.
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>> i look up to get the ball and the guy is staring at me like -- i just said if you have a problem come on out. don't just stair me down. you know? whatever you want to call it. i mean, what are you going to do? >> he is crazy. we love him. bottom line. he is going to get the job done for us. i don't see that -- i don't think it was a big deal. two good ball players having a discussion. >> a's could wrap it up leading the series 2-1. did you see this coming? matt flynn who had that poor game against the redskins released by the raiders today and they will still have to pay him the bulk of his salary. time to vote for the high school game of the week. get on we will announce the winner thursday night and highlight
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the game friday evening. that is the sporting life for now. more tonight at 10:00 p.m. >> thank you. bart management and union leaders are committed to reaching an agreement and avoiding another strike. tonight at 10:00 p.m. the talks as we head into the final 72 hours left in the 60 day cooling off period. >> we are always here for you on and mobile ktvu. thank you for joining us. see you at 10:00 p.m. >> good night. 0!ockñ?çóxo?ñ=çñññçvxqx?ñññ?óioy
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