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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  October 11, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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notices go up on a bay area campus about a city wide vent sparked because of a spike in reported rapes and school policies to handle sexual assault. the city of berkeley is declaring tomorrow sexual assault awareness day and hosting an event to respond to the increase of the number of rapes reported. ktvu's amber lee is live in berkeley after she talked with one victim. amber. >> reporter: julie, tomorrow's event will be held here at
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trinity united methodist church. organizers says the an important first step preventing sexual assault and improving services for women. college life often is the first time away from home for students. the university environment a safe haven but complaints from students who have been victimized have lead to a state audit of uc berkeley's sexual assault cases. >> i was really scared because i felt like it was my fault. >> reporter: 19-year-old aerial butler tells me she was sexually assaulted twice by a man with ties to the university. she didn't report the incidents to police because in part she was ashamed but turned to a school official for help. >> in the end she told me there was nothing the university could do. >> reporter: she recently testified at a hearing to get uc to do more to protect victims. >> a lot of sexual assaults
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that occur, they are acquaintance assaults. people you know. >> reporter: how this senior, is a state licensed rape counsellor and organizer of tomorrow's events. >> we can't change it unless everybody gets involved. >> my experience was as a teenager. >> reporter: auberge lee city councilmember, encourages students to get involved. >> we hope to do a massive campaign. >> reporter: by speaking out she hopes to see change. >> especially at a university like berkeley with its liberal frontier it should be the leader. >> reporter: organizers hope the event will be the first in a series of workshops to prevent sexual violence, amber lee ktvu channel 2 news. >> more details now. the event is free open to the public from 12:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. held at trinity united
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methodist on dana street. there will be workshops on rape myths, reporting and survivor report. now our continuing coverage of the shut down. tomorrow will be day 12 of theism pass in washington. tonight, there are reports of progress being made but no deal to end the partial government shut down or raise the debt ceiling. republicans met with president obama to discuss proposals for ending the impasse in the meantime the senate democratic leader and gop counter part both say a solution has to be found. >> let's put this hysterical talk of default behind us and instead start talking about finding solutions. >> we allow the united states to default on its debt the first time in our glorious history, it will be a black mark on our reputation,. >> reporter: the white house said the president spoke on the phone with house speaker john
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boehner and portrayed their talk as con destructive. a deal needs to be finalized by next thursday. the national transportation safety board said the shut down is effecting its ability to investigate crashes including the deadly crash at sfo back in july. the chairwoman said more than 90% of ntsb employees arefurloughed. the ntsb has postponed an investigation of a recent battery fire involving a tesla model s sedan. a prolonged government shut down could shut down two bay area labs that employ thousands of people. lawrence livermore lab is the largest with 6500 workers another 1,000 work at sandia national labs.
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both are funded by existent government contracts but that money is set to run out in 10 days. some people are furious about being reallotted with their boats. they have to pay the fees but can't use their boats. >> reporter: lake sonoma may look like a boaters paradise but the only ones on it were these guys. many of the boats are sitting in the marina this is a 3 day weekend. >> it is frustrating you know. and to be shut down on a lake the army corps doesn't have a big presence. i don't understand the big issue on the water itself. we are year around slip holders we should be able to use the boats. >> reporter: he pays $360 a month to berth his house boat but he can't take it out on the lake. >> it is a nice weekend and we have the chance to go out yet we can't. >> reporter: because the army
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corpses of engineers has jurisdiction here due to a dam it belt. furloughs for the park rangers here. they over see safety so bottom line, no rangers no boating. but what boaters find even more infuriating the army corpses still collects a percentage of the berthing fees. >> no body likes to go pay for dinner and not be served. >> reporter: the ban is being imposed by the sonoma county sheriff's department. you can sit in your boat as long as it is in the marina. >> it is going to take us all yearlong to recoupe what we've lost. >> reporter: people here all agree the shut down must end. >> i think we should remember this when election time comes. >> reporter: in sonoma county, ktvu channel 2 news. a cup of coffee with a call
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to action. starbuck's latest forray and how it is asking you to participate. a federal judge handed down a split decision today on major league baseball over plans to move the as to the south bay. both sides say they found something in the ruling to their liking. the judge rejected the challenge to the anti trust exemptions the city wants the as to move to the south bay and argued anti trust provisions covered the relocation of the teams. the judge said no. but san jose was allowed to move forward with other claims against major league baseball and hopes to eventually get a new downtown stadium for the as. this comes as oakland tries to keep its pro teams from leaving. next week city council is set to discuss a proposed coliseum city calls for building a new stadium for the raiders, as and golden state warriors. they are hopeful because some investment firms with deep pockets are interested. skaters are stoked the do
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tour is back in town. a massive park has gone up to the dismay of one city supervisor. debra. >> reporter: julie, it is right in the shadow of city hall and across the way in front of the public library. events ended an hour ago but it is a packed schedule the next two days. top skaters and bmx bikers and big air. >> they are crazy. i never seen jumps in person and those things are huge. >> reporter: 21-year-old came for skate boarding, stayed for the dirt semi finals. this is the america's cup for the millennial generation the first full day of the dew tour. >> a lot of these guys are famous. >> reporter: this mom brought her son and his buddy. >> we left early from school to come here and had a good time. it was cool watching everybody
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do all the stuff. >> it is a diverse city to begin with having it in front of city hall is a statement. >> reporter: not so fast. >> we did it for just four days planned event the public can come to. >> reporter: this supervisor said the main sponsor mountain dew greats against the city's opposition to sugary drinks and the set up and tear down keep the public plaza away from the public. the parks chief argues on top of fees the tour will give the city a skate ramp and left over dirt to build a track in a local park plus 30 bmx bikes promoting sports and business. >> for some kids that means shooting hoops for a lot of kids that means skate boarding and so we are thrilled to bring this to san francisco. >> getting bigger and bigger from when i was a kid. everyone is skate boarding now. >> reporter: young fans were baffled anyone would rail against this competition.
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>> takes away from the public? i believe the public is here right now. >> reporter: viewing is free although tickets are needed for the grand stands and sunday kids will also be able to try out the skate park for themselves before the event ends. dew tour promises to completely resod civic center plaza on its way out. reporting live, ktvu channel 2 news. facebook ceo mark zucker berg is paying a lot of money for privacy the 29-year-old billionaire spent $30 million to buy four homes that surround his house in palo alto. this apparently started last year when he heard that a developer was planning to tear down one property and build a huge new home there, and market it as a chance to live next to the facebook ceo. he is reportedly leasing the homes he bought back to the former owners. in san jose, the transformation from hp pavilion
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to sap center is now over. part of this new sign was put up this afternoon. previously only the word center was up. hp pulled out in june and sap signed a new 5 year deal it is a software company and founder of sap, also happens to be majority owner of the sharks. moderate earthquake jolted the north coast just after 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. the u.s. gs says the mag any constitute 4.9 was centered 35 miles offshore from eureka. three at the tonic plates coming to there. it was felt as a sharp jolt. no reports of damage. >> a macciatto with a message. whether customers support it. >> how much it could cool things down where you live tomorrow. >> in 90 seconds the threat of a bart strike for monday's
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commute incite into the closed door negotiations
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talks are rolling into the night. bart's general manager joined negotiations for the first time as both sides try to avoid a strike live where she went in depth about the talks and what is on the table.
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just in the past two or three minutes there has been a flurry of activity they have ended the meetings tonight plan to come back 9:30 a.m. tomorrow. you can see some noon i don't know members are coming -- union members are coming out right now. today we talked with one of the key players in this and they are telling us this was more about goodwill, and information sharing, rather than hard numbers and costing. bart's general manager returned from a dinner break and went right back into negotiations. >> any offer until it is made, faces change. >> reporter: her face to face at the table has been helpful. >> she seemed interested. >> reporter: tonight we sat down with atu president, for an in depth talk about what is going on behind closed doors.
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>> we have moved significantly. >> reporter: i asked her why the unions wouldn't take bart's last public offer. >> after everything, they are asking the members give back it comes up a negative .6% so it is a negative wage increase. >> reporter: bart is seeking more health care and pension contributions from workers that means some union members would lose up to $800 each of the four years. >> we do not give social security a lot of transit agencies do. bart made a deal with us they want us to pull out of social security so we agreed we have given give backs. >> reporter: she is trying to balance union demands with necessary long term investment costs with new trains and infrastructure. state and local lawmakers were here trying to help move the pros is along. i did ask the negotiationer directly will the general
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manager be at the table tomorrow. he tells me yes, she will. those meetings start 9:30 a.m. live in oakland. ktvu channel 2 news. more details now bart says its ridership dropped sharply today by midday it was down 20,000 pass eninjuries compared to -- passengers compared to recent fridays, trans bay trips were down 11,000. it is thought a lot of commuters may have made alternate plans because of the threat of a walk out. >> because there was no strike bart is out tens of thousands of dollars. it was money used to reserve charter buses that would have taken some people across the bay like the last strike in july. the two sides decided to keep negotiating, the buses were cancelled late last night it was early enough to meet cancellation deadlines for some but not all bus companies. >> we have to have contingency plans in place imagine if we
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didn't. there is a price to moving forward. >> no word how much of the $900,000 deposit money was forfeited in the event of a strike bart ear marked $20 million. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage as sunday's deadline nears we will bring you the latest on air, and on twitter and facebook. >> photographs show a suspected armed robber in action at wal- mart store in american canyon. these surveillance photos show the suspect leaving the store. security guards say they stopped him after he tried to return items he hasn't paid for and used a fake id to buy a gift card. according to investigators the suspect pulled out a gun ran out of the store and pulled away in a dark grey, 1980s honda civic. a man is in custody following a violent attack on a woman that happened in fremont at a wal-mart store and caught on surveillance video.
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how a ktvu viewer helped police catch their suspect. >> reporter: wal-mart, big store, big crowd, big crime. what are your thoughts of younger people picking on seniors. >> horrendous. horrible. >> i don't think anybody should anybody especially a senior citizen. >> reporter: it did happen in this parking lot, a little after 9, last friday night not only was the older couple picked on they were attacked. >> yes, she was yelling, violently. >> reporter: detective says this young man and woman entered the store, hunting for a victim and quickly found one a 70-year-old woman. >> he targets her putting his hands up and basically with a rifle action shoots at the target he has identified who she is. >> reporter: they were stalked, followed out the door and into the parking lot it is here where the violent attack occurs the robbers goal, a gold necklace. >> suspect approaches the
10:19 pm
victim from behind grabs on to the necklace. suspect throws her to the ground, rips it from her neck and starts running away. >> reporter: not for long detectives say a ktvu viewer called in a tip after watching the surveillance footage. >> from an off duty, law enforcement officer the officer was able to give a name. >> reporter: they took that tip and arrested 18-year-old alberto at his home in newa, 1:20 p.m. this afternoon booked on three felony counts the 70-year-old victim who police say identified him as the attacker is recovering from a fractured hip. ktvu, channel 2 news. fisherman's war of merchants -- wharf will take a hit this weekend after the cancellation of fleet week. it was called off due to budget cuts. fireworks are scheduled every saturday night, and a special
10:20 pm
festival planned two weeks from this weekend but for many businesses this is not the same. >> next to 4th of july it is one of our biggest weekends of the year. >> local merchants say they usually see a 20% bump in sales or more during fleet week with 1 million people or more coming into the city. on our facebook page we are asking if you will miss fleet week. we are hearing from a lot of people with strong feelings on both sides join the conversation at ktvu channel 2 news on facebook. fog out there, along the coast. going to fill in tonight and fog around tomorrow morning just like this morning. as a matter of fact, tomorrow stacks up a lot like today. overnight lows low 40s maybe upper 30s, mid-40s low 40s, low 50s. chilly like this morning and fog in many locations.
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daytime highs tomorrow will be just like today that means a lot of 60s and low 70s. warming as we go through the weekend. back at 10:45 p.m. specific with your forecast highs and sunday and how warm it will get sunday, monday and tuesday. stepping up, limousine safety. new rule signed into law on the wake of a deadly limo fire that killed five people. allegations of abuse, prompt a protest the rude awakening one man complained about
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some homeless people are claiming abuse. dozens of people protested today outside the rec and parks patrol headquarters they are calling for an investigation into claims two park rangers are physically harassing people who sleep in golden gate park.
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>> i woke up to the two rangers picking me up, dumping me out of my sleeping bag, on to my head, kicking me in the head. >> a department spokesperson told us any complaints about rangers behaviour should be referred to a city ombudsman for investigation. governor brown, signed law regarding, i will mows. they are required to have two emergency exits and one emergency window. governor brown vetoed a law, regarding inspections. >> another law gives schools more leeway to take
10:25 pm
disciplinaryaction against bullying. supporters of the bill include family who is have had children victimized by bullying the measure is set to go into effect in january. police in south dakota investigating the death of a 2- year-old -- of 2-year-old son of minnesota vikings running back adrian peterson. he was beaten wednesday by his mothers boyfriend. patterson has been charged with aggravated assault and prosecutors are reviewing the case to consider additional charges. before an announcement about his son's death was made, he told reporters he planned to play sunday. a san jose man will likely spend the rest of his life in prison, 27-year-old pleaded guilty to 10 felonies including murder, attempted murder and four counts of robbery. he and a 15-year-old, robbed four san jose businesses at gun
10:26 pm
point in november. he was also accused of shooting and killing 22-year-old rory park pettifor and shooting at a police officer. he now faces life in prison without the possibility of parole when he is sentenced in december. a former employee at the walnut creek leisure center for the arts has been sentenced to 90 days in jail. he took a deal in august pleading guilty to misdemeanour, child molestation and using minors to engage in child pornography. he will have to register as a sex offender but may only have to serve home detention. he could also face charges in a separate face in san mateo county. gun control legislation on the governor's desk. some of the toughest gun laws in the country.
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and oikos greek yogurt is just a buck. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. now our continuing coverage of the government shut down and a story that mixes grass roots politic s with a daily ritual of a cup of coffee. in san jose a petition being circulated at starbucks across the country. >> reporter: frank it all started today. you can see behind me the petition went up inside this starbucks. the company expects to gather lot of signatures this weekend. some people have a new way to vent when buying their vente when millions head to starbucks for their cup of coffee they will find this petition nearby.
10:30 pm
>> i saw it when i grabbed coffee. it is necessary for us to sign things like this because the leaders in congress are not doing their jobs. >> reporter: at this starbucks, one page of the petition was filled with signatures. >> i have been recently laid off. >> reporter: south bay native, chris sonders says this weekend marks one month since he lost his job. >> i saw the petition i signed it. i am behind it. i don't understand, we elected these people to represent us they are too busy keeping their job to do their job. >> reporter: the head of the coffee company says the nonpartisan petition demands three things, open the government, pay our debt and pass a long term budget deal. >> we must provide a level of pressure and concern, delivered to washington so they understand the american people are watching and serious. >> reporter: starbucks ceo is a
10:31 pm
registered democrat known for weighing in on hot topics from the gun debate to same-sex marriage. >> always a little risky for a business to take a political stand like this not everyone is going to agree. >> reporter: me linda jackson doesn't expect much opposition because so many americans are frustrated. >> i don't expect this will be the thing that gets the government open again. i don't expect it to have a big impact but gives people a chance to express how they are feeling. >> reporter: company also promoting what it is calling the come together petition on twitter and will be in stores through only sunday. talk of a potential deal in washington to end the stale mate drove wall street higher. the dow was up 111 points nasdaq added 31. some national parks closed by that government shut down will be reopening soon but the federal government won't pick up the tab in this case the state of new york plans to pay
10:32 pm
to reopen the statue of liberty and arizona will ante up 93,000 dollars a day to open the grand canyon. the reason, those states want the tourist business. obama administration gave the okay but warned the states may not get the money back. governor brown says he does not want to jeopardize the state budget to get national parks back open. to the south bay where nurses protested outside kaiser permanente in san jose to call attention to patient care. nurses say people should bewarery of enrolling in insurance plans that limit access to hospitals and state nursing care. kaiser has been sending patients home when they should still be in the hospital. kaiser says that is due to advances in medicine and the nurses are pickets because of a labor dispute. a statewide silver alert
10:33 pm
issued for a missing woman. 87-year-old woman was last seen 8:30 p.m. last night she is a white female, 5'2", and 135 pounds. investigators say she was last seen driving away from her home in a brown 2003 honda civic. she could be heading to redding and she recently under went surgery and may not be in good condition to drive. ucsf agreed to conduct the investigation into the death of a patient at san francisco general hospital. mayor lee requested the independent review after 57- year-old lynn spalding was found dead in a stairwell at the hospital 17 days after she vanished from her hospital room. friends of the victim call it inexcusable the police department, sheriff's department and california department of public health are also investigating. governor brown signed into law 11 gun control bills today.
10:34 pm
as noel walker reports, he disappointed some advocates, rejecting assault weapons. >> reporter: when crime scene tape goes up in oakland, it hardly gets a second glance. few agree on one single solution. >> how much more sense does it say we want to give law enforcement every tool we can to even the playing field. >> reporter: east ballards and law enforcement -- east bay leaders and law enforcement signed law. >> the purpose of each bill is increase safety, prevent gun violence and give our public safety officials and others more tools. >> reporter: one bill signed bans high capacity conversion kits. >> provides ability to turn a weapon into a mass shooting machine. >> reporter: leaders say assembly bill 48 closes the
10:35 pm
assault weapons ban loophole. another makes it more difficult for someone who made violent threats to own a gun. among the two bills rejected one governor brown said was intended to strengthen restrictions on military assault weapons but would have spilled over to include hunting rifles and collectible firearms. the governor said quote i don't believe the blanket ban would reduce criminal activity or enhance public safety enough to warrant this inferentialment on rights. -- infringement on rights. earlier this week ... >> are you at all concerned. >> reporter: assembly woman skinner says the poll shows support for gun safety. >> i am confident anyone who is attacked on their support of these bills will be quite safe. more details now on another bill signed today, makes california the first state to
10:36 pm
ban lead ammunition. environmentalists say it can poison wildlife that feed on carcasses of animal or birds. a man suspected of helping plan a shooting that killed an 8-year-old girl was arraigned in court. 27-year-old joseph caroll of oakland is charged with murder and attempted murder for that shooting during a sleep over back in july. a judge today referred him to alameda county public defenders office. he is due back in court tuesday. 22-year-old williams also of oakland is accused of firing the shots that killed the 8- year-old and wounded three others. williams was arraigned october 1st. he doesn't have a place to call home but his generous spirit inspired a mural. >> it was amazing. >> how this touching tribute could change his life. >> i am tracking when the
10:37 pm
clearing fog will warm things up. the changes you need to know about to plan your weekend. >> a massive drug bust worth millions
10:38 pm
10:39 pm
thirteen people in east bay
10:40 pm
are facing charges after authorities raided an extensive grow-op. they targeted 11 separate homes and seized million in marijuana plants. police gave us these photos showing the scene in some of those homes. >> our biggest concern is that it is in neighbourhoods a lot of times we would find these in the industrial area. in this case all these were in homes. >> investigators say they confiscated 1700 plants with a street value of $4 million. they also collected more than $15,000 in cash. police say they believe all of the grow houses are related and plan to charge the 13 suspects with conspiracy. u.s. state department is confirming the capture of a senior pakistani taliban commander. he is with a group that claimed responsibility for an attempted bombing in times square in new york city three years ago. he is said to be a trusted
10:41 pm
deputy to pakistan taliban. he was picked up in afghanistan and is being detained there. the group human rights watch is accusing five syrian rebel groups of war crimes in its most detailed account yet of allegations against the opposition. 190 civilians were killed among them women, children, the elderly and the handicapped. the group says the killings happened in august and claims two of the five rebel groups have links to al qaeda. in all some 120,000 people have died so far in that civil war. an organization working to eliminate chemical weapons such as those this syria is a recipient of the nobel prize for piece. it came as a surprise to many but reflects the core purpose of the nobel peace prize, disarming the world's powers.
10:42 pm
they have worked quietly until this year when it was called to syria. space shuttle endeavour is proving to be a star attraction. one year after it was retired in l.a. it is on display at california science center and has drawn a record 2 million visitors. it drew a huge crowd as it made its way through l.a. last october. >> i think it had a fly by over the bay area. >> your face on a google ad. how your photo could be used in a product endorsement. the all important weekend weather forecast. exactly what we can expect. giving back through art how a local painter is using this mural to help a popular homeless man get off the street at tyco integrated security,
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people in west oakland are so impressed with what a homeless man is doing they have donated more than $6,000 to help the man find a home. >> his nickname is clean up. >> reporter: he spends his time sweeping up the sidewalks in front of homes and businesses in west oakland. >> i like to keep the place clean. >> reporter: everyone calls him clean up. 63-year-old james is a fixture in this neighbourhood. and now he is a fixture on the side of this brick building. >> he is just really sweet, captivating, fun, funny. >> reporter: local artist, kate decided to paint a mural of clean up to tell his story and hopefully get him a place to live. >> art is a special medium in capturing the spirit of a
10:46 pm
person who is as alive as james. >> she captured me as i am and showing this on a big wall like this, it was amazing to see. >> reporter: this is more than just a mural. at the bottom she put this website and created a way for people to make donations. at sidewalk people have already contributed more than $6,000 to help get boatenner off the streets and help him write a book about his life. >> it means a lot. some body really cares. >> reporter: he tells me he used to work as a truck driver for city of oakland until a injury cost him his job. he has been homeless for 15 years but despite facing hard times clean up has always tried to give back. >> i would rather do this than just be sitting around divideling my fingers -- twiddling my fingers.
10:47 pm
>> reporter: a homeless man with a generous spirit and a mural giving him hope. mitt romney is getting the green light to build a new mansion in southern california. they approve add permit but the neighbor appealed due to the intended size of the home. california coastal commission rejected the appeal. romney and his wife own a beach front home but want to build an 11,000 square foot mansion in its place. google will start putting users profile names and pictures into ads their friends might see. if you post an opinion on your google plus account they could use your photo in a product endorsement similar to what facebook does when they suggest a page friends already liked. they will provide ways to opt out. murdered gay rights pioneer, harvey milk will be featured on a new stamp. u.s. postal service only selects 20 subjects for year to
10:48 pm
put on a stamp from among thousands of proposals viewed. milling would be the first gay politician on a stamp. it is expected to include a picture of harvey milk with the message hope will never be silenced. weekend is upon us. a nice one. warm as we head towards sunday. highs from today, highs tomorrow just like these maybe a little warmer and then on sunday looks like it will be the warmest day on your bay area weekend. you can see some of the clouds flying through the area now and they are just going over the top of us. coastal fog out there, that fog sits right along the beaches, out at ocean beach down towards pacifica. i suspect tomorrow morning, when you get up, you will have fog. berkeley you will have fog. a lot like we did this morning. and temperatures tomorrow end up a lot like they were today sunday is the day where things
10:49 pm
turn around. wind will shift and fog will get peeled off the coast. a day just like today. cloudfog as we go into sunday the high shifts and creates more of an offshore flow which increases temperatures a few degrees and clears the fog out. just a warmer day and also going to be a warming trend basically sunday through tuesday, and beyond that, wednesday and thursday we will continue a dry, north, northerly flow which is a dry pattern usually clears the coast and keeps temperatures on the mild side. as we look at the fog forecast tomorrow morning, there is it is 7:00 a.m. across into oakland and concord area. towards the vallejo area. it burns off a little bit here but i think a little patchy fog along the coast all day to tell you the truth. 70s tomorrow. this is just like today. i could be showing you a temperature footprint from today. the forecast let's check out oakland tomorrow. right now, daytime high
10:50 pm
tomorrow, daytime high, 65, 67 degrees. mild temperature curve there and then sunday you notice temperatures warmer than that. 74 fairfield tomorrow, 75 vacaville, 75 brent wood. low 70s santa clara valley. 5 day forecast, looks good. i mean warms up as we go. big football game going as we go into sunday obviously and the forecast for that. sunday 70 degrees, for the niner game against the cardinals. 70 degrees for daytime highs. 12-mile an hour winds very light. the bay area weekend in view temperatures mostly 70s. numbers going to continue to rise as we go early into next week so low 80s maybe a little increase in that fire danger as well. >> looks like a good weekend. >> thank you. >> all right mark is here now to talk baseball. >> just barely made it out
10:51 pm
here. >> yeah. >> wild game back in st. louis, cardinals, 13 innings just wrapped it up. you know giant fans have special interest in that national league championship. there was a guy who briefly played for the giants he was a full on hero. another former giant, juan, with a 2 run single, catching in clutch as he always seems to do 2 outs in the third, 2-0 l.a. cardinals answer back. left side of the plate, deep to center. can't make the play. injured can't play center for the dodgers. 2-2 game and that is the way it stayed. in the 10th inning dodgers looked like they might take the lead. runner in third, fly ball to
10:52 pm
right, center fielder look at the throw to the plate. clearly out at the plate and stays 2-2, into the bottom of the 13th. doing it with the arm, and the bat again. clean single with a couple men on into the right field corner it goes end of game. 3-2, 13 innings game 1 belongs to the cardinals. >> meantime you know home runs are a thing of beauty but champions won by doing more than swinging for the fences as are fully aware of after setting the all time record 57 times in a 5 game series. another game. many thought the key was letting game 4 get away in detroit. >> season is over.
10:53 pm
but i think it is kind of the low hanging fruit to call you know, to sort of say game 4 is a dispointment i think they deserve that win they fought for it. i don't think we gave it to them. >> i am not frustrated for me. our guys are frustrated with the way their game went but again we still have a lot to be proud of. we expected to go a little father than that, this year but -- farther, than this this year but dispointing. team usa meantime, smoothly rolling into another world cup berth in soccer and what would friday night be without some high school football. back with the high scoring shoot out, sports part two next look at them with that u-verse wireless receiver.
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lights out football in san ramon. that is not necessarily a good thing if any of the kids were working with a parent mandated curfew. all kinds of delays. got to the game 40 minutes late with bus travel. 7-6, hooks up with farouk.
10:57 pm
31-yards, 14-6. quickly striking back. 50-yards, 3 play drive, 31 of those yards, evans to monte cabrera. touchdown, 21-18, again, josh evans at corner back looking for finding his man this times the grant hill, 33-24 el hambra and then a problem first the bus mechanical issues then the lights went out. yeah. nothing wrong with your tv set they had to delay the game. there is a curfew out there in san ramon for having the lights on they finally got it together. el hambra, 2, 3 and 1 they win. doherty valley upset. bus problems light issues the show must go on.
10:58 pm
>> all right. >> team usa won over jamaica, 2- 0. >> thank you for choosing, ktvu channel 2 news, have a food night -- have a good night
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