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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  October 14, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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looking at the pleasant hill bart station this morning. bart is not on strike today. it is columbus day, and could be a little lighter. the big news is bart not on strike today. it is monday, october 14th.
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i'm pam cook. i'm brian flores, let's get a good look at weather and traffic. with meteorologist pam paulson. sunshine once we get cranked up here. high pressure building in, not that strong. looks like it is going to hang around the west coast for a pattern. hardly any clouds in sight. it is definitely colder this morning. santa rose a41. concord livermore san jose 4. 24 up in tahoe. overall once things get going we are looking at high pressure. remember the days are getting very, very short. it is nice, even though it is cold in the morning. severe today, a little bump up on the temperatures, a lot of
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low, mid-70s -- mid 70s. we are looking at the commute. driving to san francisco. today it is columbus day. we have a bit of a break, as pam mentioned some people may not be taking the trains. we'll see what happens, this is a look at interstate 880 north and southbound. the traffic is moving, the trains are running if you want to take bart on your normal commute. moving to east bay as we look at the maps here. the traffic is still light. back to the desk. we begin with our developing news this morning. bart trains are running. kara is at the pleasant hill bart station but we begin with
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tara more areaty -- with tara -- >> reporter: negotiations here at cal trans headquarters. unions have agreed to hold off a strike for at least one more day. union leaders blasted bart management for what they call a refusal for negotiate. management say -- to negotiate. management says this offer is more than they made a few days ago. >> we have been at this since april 1. tonight i gave a last, best and final offer to the unions on behalf of the board. it gave them ample time to ask any questions they had. we will be here tomorrow morning ready to bargain. we hope the district will take that as seriously as we are, and not keep the bay area and the raiding public in jeopardy.
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>> reporter: state lawmakers are not pleased bart has said this is its final offer. they are happy a strike was avoided for today, but at midnight tonight workers could go on strike. coming up we are going to breakdown the final offer and let you know what kind of raise bart workers are looking at. >> reporter: this morning riders are also reacting to the on going threat of a bart strike. kara is live at the pleasant hill bart station with what riders have been saying on social media. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. bart has been saying they expect some riders to be making alternate plans, due to the uncertainty. so far we are seeing riders trickling in at the early morning hour. they have called it a waiting game. one commuter some morning was cautiously optimistic, another was fed up.
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>> i understand both sides. but it is getting awful old. it is getting frustrating that you can allow an organization to just basically shut an entire city down and hold them hostage. i think something needs to be done about that. >> it seemed they are along at this point. despite the past, it would be nice to get this over with and back on a regular schedule, and not have to lug my computer home every night, wondering whether or not the next day they are going to strike. >> reporter: according to the examiner, ridership was down friday, we have reached out to bart this morning to see what they anticipate for today. we'll let you know what we find out, coming up in the next hour. >> if there is a bart strike tomorrow, bart will offer limited bus service to the
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transfer station in san francisco. county connection will run a small number of buses between the concord bart station and the uptown oakland transit center. wheels is also planning to run buses between the dublin and east way transit hub. bart will charter 200 buses in and out of san francisco. commuters can catch a bus at 9 east bay bart stations, west oakland, concord, walnut creek, pleasanton and haymarket. bus stops include bus stations moved outside the stations to avoid any confrontations. the san francisco bay ferry is on a regular schedule today. if there is a strike additional ferry service will be offered in oakland and alameda.
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car pool hours will be extended on parts of i-80, 680 and 808 and all bay area toll bridges if there is a strike as well. casual car pooling is also available at east bay locations. for a full list of locations log on to stay with ktvu for continuing coverage. if there is a strike or if the decision comes late at night. we will be on air again half an hour early at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. you can also get updates online at and on facebook and twitter. richmond police are investigating a fatal shooting. at 5:30 that night, shots were exchanged between two cars. one car crashed on ohio and south seventh street. the driver of the car died at the scene. anyone with information is asked to call richmond police.
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a 72-year-old hunter who spent 19 days lost in the forest is now speaking out about his ordeal. gene says he was hunting way friend last month -- with a friend, when he stepped into a crevice. he survived by eating a snake, lizards and squirrels and covering himself with leaves. he kept a campfire burning around the clock to signal rescue crews, but it was never spotted. a hunter finally found him over the weekend and he has been reunited with his family. the san jose mercury
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mercury news says the students won't be granted any credit for their classes. schools who transferred to defaults other than cam bells have been awarded full or partial credits for their classes. the pumpkin weigh off in half moon bay. this year's winner will receive $6000 a pound. there is a bonus of $30,000 for any pumpkin that sets a new world record. there are also cash prizes for the heaviest pumpkin from california and the prettiest pumpkin, which will be chosen by the public. 50:00 is the time. people behind prop 8 are launching a newly passed california law. they are trying to repeal. barriers taken down.
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the tense moments during a protest in washington, d.c. right now we are looking at the roads. they still look pretty good at the golden gate bridge. the weather is looking good as well. temperatures warming up a little bit. is there any rain on the extended outlook
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welcome back. in the last hour three americans were announced as the winners as the nobel prize for economics. the royal academy for sciences named eugene fame and yale university's robert schiller as the 2013 winners. they were given the award for their separate research. american economists have dominated this category winning every year since 2000. u.s. lawmakers are no closer to a deal on increasing the debt ceiling. ktvu's kyla campbell, she is there to explain what lawmakers are doing today kyla? >> reporter: the house returns to capitol hill, the only real talks yesterday were done via
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phone calls. president obama and nancy pelosi sid the house needed to reopen the negotiations on the debt ceiling. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell. >> our discussions were substantive and we'll continue the discussions. but they now have three days to strike a deal to increase the country's borrowing limit. global financial leaders met in washington this weekend and warned if the u.s. risks defaulting on its payments, it will impact the entire world. how both parties hope trading on wal-mart could force a compromise. plus new demands from the democrats. i'm working on that story for you. ktvu channel 2 news. growing numbers of protesters in washington, d.c. are venting their anger over
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the continued government shutdown. yesterday demonstrators, including veterans, carried barricades from the memorial in washington dc and piled them outside of the white house. >> to have a memorial shutdown, death benefits aren't being paid, honestly, it is unacceptable. >> u.s. park police and the secret service moved protesters away from the white house fence. tomorrow a coalition of 33 veterans groups is planning a demonstration at the world war ii memorial, calling for an end to the government shutdown. the fbi is now handling an investigation of a dry ice explosion at l.a.x. it happened in terminal 2 yesterday evening. the bathroom is in a restricted area, not accessible to the public. the explosion temporarily stopped security screenings and four departing flights were
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delayed. no injuries were reported. new security screenings are in place at oakland airport today. passengers kept their shoes and jackets on when going through security and they do not need to remove laptops from their cases. the program is available to select frequent flyers and members of the u.s. global and border entry program. so far the precheck lane is only available in terminal 1. today san francisco mayor ed lee is scheduled to head to china. his aides tell the chronicle it is a business trip aimed at attracting chinese business to san francisco. oakland mayor quan is meeting with investors about possible opportunities in china this week. however the potential of -- potential of a bart strike could force both to delay trips. the vallejo education
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administration is holding its fifth annual event. today supplies will be handed out between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m. at the omega boys and girls club. tomorrow there is a handout and the next day. will track be lighter or heavier today? maybe normal? >> we don't know. we are watching it. maybe columbus day will have an effect. some schools and some establishments are not open today, so we'll see. right now it looks good. the traffic is moving along very nicely here on interstate 880 northbound and southbound, with no major problems passing the coliseum. also the morning commute looks good, westbound bay bridge. it is a nice looking drive coming into san francisco.
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if you are driving into east bay, not a lot of traffic. it is still early. speaking of looking good sal, how do you do it? >> hi def tv, i'm telling you. good morning, clear skies, cold for some. a few upper 30s, a lot of 40s. temperatures warming up. again kind of running out of time. sunshine, a little bit warmer temperatures. not really an offshore breeze, a slight component of it. the west coast is being controlled, it will cover 95% of the forecast now. fire danger up a little bit tonight. very dry and this will be in some of the higher elevations, probably north and in east bay hills. can be really nice.
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low 71 for a high today. a few locations cooler than that. a lot of 40s popping up on the lows. maybe even longer, but probably at least a week, 42 napa, half moon bay 41. without the fog on the coast, temperatures really take a dip. it is chilly to cold for some. everything is playing in the middle of the country or on the east coast. breezy at times, not ridiculous or anything like that. sunny and warmer, probably wednesday and thursday. upper 70s near 80 degrees without a strong offshore breeze, it is tough to get above 80. each though, those mornings, it is cold. 70s for many, mid to upper, again car thermometers won't
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change that much. 72 alameda, 75 mar teens, castro valley, 78 morgan hill. gilroy. 76 wood wide, menlo park is in there brisbane upper 70s. warmer temperatures not a lot. 70s and 80s into wednesday, thursday. unless something dramatic changes, i don't see anything different going into the weekend. most european markets down this morning. many asian markets closed. the rest of the markets in pacific and asia region finished the trading session lower. the u.s. investors worried as well. the possibility that we could default on loan payments the
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deadline coming this week. the dow and s & p 500 right now the futures indicate the same amount of a loss, about 100 points for the dow today. netflix in talks with set top boxes streaming video. no deals expected in the near future. two european cable companies reached similar deals with netflix. police respond to a house party in bellingham, washington. a weekend celebration that got way too out of hand. and gabrielle giffords tours her first gun show over the weekend. the message she is trying to send to lawmakers.
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welcome back. time now is 5:24. former congresswoman gabrielle giffords toured her first gun show, since she was shot and seriously wounded back in 2011. giffords and her husband, mark kelley went to a gun show in new york over the weekend where dealers agreed to perform a background check for every gun sale. the giffords, who are gun owners themselves, are pushing for stricter gun control, over guns. >> it takes courage.
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the courage to do what is right. >> reporter: giffords has made a partial recovery since she was shot in the head during a political rally in arizona. 18 others were shot and six people died. security was tight for the chicago marathon, the first world marathon held since the boston bombings in april. a record 40,000 runners from 120 countries took part in the race. a moment of silence was observed for the start to remember the three people killed, and hundreds of others hurt in the boston marathon bombing. uniformed and undercover officers along with k-9 units were stationed along the route. runners were told to carry everything in see through bags and spectators were closely monitored. the san francisco 49ers are not counting online back --
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alden smith. he is facing three charges of illegal possession of an assault weapon, stemming from a 2012 party at his home. the niners say they hope smith will benefit from his help he receives at rehab. the 49ers continued their hot streak against the arizona cardinals. carson palmer finds larry fitzgerald for the touchdown pass. cardinals take the lead 7-6. the niners would pull ahead in the fourth quarter. kendall hunter finds his way into the end zone for 6 yards rushing, san francisco extends their lead and goes on to win the final 32-20. if that sounds loud to you, it was. the chiefs celebrating the continuation of their perfect record season, while fans are
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celebrating a win in the record books. yesterday the fans broke the record for the loudest sports stadium. the last record was set during the niners seahawks game in seattle on september 16th. in texas several days of heavy rain have triggered flash floods. the popular music festival that was shut down because of the weather. bart workers have not gone on strike. what has lawmakers so frustrated about the whole situation. good morning, we have word of a crash in san francisco, and we are also looking at the freeways, you can see highway 4 looks pretty good. it does lock warmer, we'll tell you how much, coming right up.
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good morning, everybody. welcome back to ktvu channel 2 morning news. here's a live look at the pleasant hill bart station. a deal has not been set between management and the unions. strong reaction from both sides, as well as passengers this morning. it is monday, october 14th, i'm brian flores in for david clark. let's check in with steve. it is going to warm up a little
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bit though. >> we have cold lows out there. a lot of 40s. temperatures clear skies cool to cold. sunny and nice by noon. by this afternoon and many, low 40s, a few upper 30s, a few 50s, any breeze, san jose today, high 77. four warmer than yesterday. it will be in the upper 40s. you don't have to go far away. everything says sunshine and warm temperatures. the days are not that long any more. clear skies down to southern california. here 70s all the way to near 80s for a few. 70s around the bay. traffic is doing pretty well in most areas. i want to show you the bay bridge toll plaza. that is light, you can see for yourself, it is a nice looking commute, getting into san francisco.
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also speaking of san francisco, looks good, you might want to avoid the area at third and howard. it is so light, you can just go around a few blocks. you are not going to be inconvenienced a long time. san francisco police don't think that incident to be there much longer across the bay on peninsula 101 and 280 also look good. as we have been reporting bart is not on strike this morning, the deadline was extended by one day. ktvu channel 2 has more on the negotiations. >> reporter: despite the gag order that the mediators have put into place, bart's general manager is announcing details. it gives employees a 3% pay
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raise, requires a nearly 10% medical contribution. the unions are considering it. extending talks. but union leaders blasted bart management and they say this is the best, final offer. >> they have misrepresented or mischaracterized not only the contract or they have demonized workers in a way that is unseen in the bay area. >> trying to big this -- bring this to a close. the bay area is tired of going to bed at night and not knowing if bart is going to be open or not. >> reporter: state lawmakers are not pleased that bart has said this is the final offer. they indicated that both sides seem to be further apart. so at midnight tonight workers could go on strike. they are supposed to reconvene
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at 10:30 this morning. it remains to be seen whether or not bart management will show up. many are expressing their anger on social media. riders have called it a waiting game many say they are hopeful talks will be successful and this will eventually be the result soon. on friday, we do know that ridership with his down. by midday it had dropped about 20,000 passengers, compared to recent examinations. >> bart says manager could operate the trains. a spokeswoman said that would only happen if a strike goes on for a long period of time. and would require board
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approval. a martinez man is so frustrated by the threat of a strike, he has been picketing outside the negotiations. >> we want to be set free. >> reporter: stan green says bart workers shouldn't be allowed to walk off the job. green also says he reports a petition that would ban transit workers from striking. stay with us here at ktvu news on the strike. if there is a strike or if the decision comes down to late night, we will be on half an hour early, again, starting at 4:00 a.m., just like we did today. you can get updates online and alerts as well as facebook and twitter. a former san jose teacher accused of sexual misconduct is now suing a group of parents.
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the families accused john fishler of inappropriately touched -- touching their daughters. police cleared him of the charges and fishler is now seeing for defamation. over the weekend governor jerry brown vetoed a bill that allowed adults who had been sexually abused as children to file lawsuits in civil courts against their abusers. governor brown says no matter how valid a claim the statute of limit takes is there because, over time, evidence is lost, memories fade or dee witnesses die or move away. governor brown also vetoed a bill from mark leno. that gave the option of reducing heroin and cocaine possession charged from -- charges from a felony to a misdemeanor. con servetive groups are
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trying to repeal a new state law. opponents of the law are hoping to gather more than 500,000 signatures by november to keep it from taking effect in january. governor brown signed legislation in saying. a registered sex offender has been arrested in santa rosa after police say he exposed himself to children. police say james canada approached a group of children on polk street yesterday and started touching himself inappropriately. officers found him hiding in the backyard of a home he was arrested on suspicion of indecent exposure and a parole violation. this winter if flooding or some kind of emergency threatens napa, businesses will
5:38 am
not be notified but instead on the internet. the city is doing away with the phone system and will alert people through the online system. in texas several days of heavy rain have triggered flash floods and shut down a popular music festival. more than 10 inches of rain fell in downtown austin. organizers canceled the final day of the austin city limits music festival. more than 40 acts were scheduled to perform, including lionel richie which i and atoms for peace. concert attendees will be awarded a third of the ticket price. ski season already underway
5:39 am
in colorado. excited skier and his snowboarders hit the slopes at arapahoe basin. getting the board ready? >> i love seeing that. coming up, the government shutdown now affecting lawrence livermore labs as more than 5000 workers begin to shut down. a warning for unc berkeley, what happened on campus that could be putting your safety at risk. south down to the toll plaza area we'll tell you more about the morning commute. >> the day looks nice, temperatures warming up.
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police had to pepper spray and disperse a group of hundreds of college students in bellingham, washington after a house party led it a riot. that incident happened near the campus of western washington university. officers tried to break up the party when students began to throw bottles and yelled at officers. at least three people were arrested. power has been fully restored to all buildings at uc berkeley. following that explosion, 11 buildings were unable to connect with the campus power grid after last month's explosion near a california hall. most were able to connect to portable generators until the repairs were finished. one student had to be hospitalized and the school to declare a state of emergency.
5:43 am
uc berkeley police are warning students and faculty to be on alert after two women were robbed on campus. the robberies happened last week, the first near the beverly clearry housing building. the other happened on berkeley way and oxford street, where a woman says a gunman took her purse. the suspect in the first robberies, described as african- american about 1 years old, the second suspect also described as african-american but 30 to 35 years old, anyone with information about these crimes are asked to call berkeley police. the red cross says six workers and a syrian volunteer have been abducted in northern syria. the eight workers were traveling with armed guards when gunmen stopped their convoy and took them hostage.
5:44 am
kidnappings of aid workers and journalists have become increasingly common in the syrian civil war. an american soldier died when the shooting came a day after afghan president karzai and u.s. secretary of state john kerry announced they had reached a deal. beyond the next year when the nato combat anything ends. the u.s. and afghanistan have agreed in principle to keep troops in afghanistan. they announced they have agreed on key elements to the deal. that deal would keep u.s. troops. there are still a few issues yet to be worked out such as whether or not american soldiers will have immunity. here in the bay area, volunteers put together
5:45 am
packages for afghans in need. this weekend, the group was packing clothing, shoes and rice for some of the millions in the country displaced by war. >> what we can do is help the victims of war rebuild their lives and rebuild their country. it turns out to be the most rewarding thing i've ever done in my life. the founder of the group says he hopes america's commitment to afghanistan won't disappear when the combat mission ends. go to sal. keeping an eye on traffic. people behaving themselves this morning? >> yes, taking a page from the dave clark book. >> we have a decent commute out there you can see by my pictures it doesn't look all
5:46 am
that bad. first of all the road is not lighting up deep red, they are in antioch but not so much here as you drive toward pittsburgh, from 680 it still looks very good. in western contracosta county, it is a nice drive. let's take a look at some of the live pictures. we can see interstate 880 does look good. people who have it off will make it easier for the rest of us. this is a bill bit of a -- a little bit of a delay. we do have clear skies, there might be a little patch of fog off of like southern california. maybe a little bit off of
5:47 am
monterey. overall, sunshine will be here with us today and warmer temperatures, starting to get earlier. cold in the morning. between 70 and 80 should cover almost everybody today. we will get a little bit of a breeze into tuesday. some of the higher elevations can deal with that. anything right now would mean warmer temperatures for the coast. san francisco 71 today, 2 degrees warmer than yesterday. 24 in tahoe, 40 in reno. you can see from seattle all the way down to san diego, things are really quiet. napa in there 3. the coast is
5:48 am
clear as we say and cold over there some locations there won't be any breeze whatsoever. tuesday into wednesday, looks like wednesday we just keep it there. afternoon highs don't last very long though. 60s, 70s and upper 70s to near 80 degrees. oakland downtown, 74. berkeley 72. san jose 77. 7 gill ray. down in santa cruz 76. same for fremont. 60s to near 70s on the coach, south san francisco peninsula mid to upper 70s, redwood city in there at 78. a lot of sun here, can we go all the way through?
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yes we can. not much change, even going into the weekend. two big names in michigan are opening a new battery research and manufacturing laboratory. ford hopes to expect batteries for electric and hybrid cars. they will test new batteries for prototype vehicles. crude oil prices slip as the u.s. government is not running at full power. crude oil is now selling for less than $110 a barrel. that is bushing down gas prices. aaa reports san francisco has the highest local price. south bay drivers paying the lowest. time now is 54:00. coming up, it is the battle of
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the -- time now is 5:49. coming up, the battle of the pumpkins. new clues in the case of a british girl who disappeared from her parents hotel room six years ago. get ktvu news to go. download the app and click the icon and you can watch all of our newscast live on your -- newscasts live on your smartphone. ♪
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new this morning. at least 23 people have been killed in a devastating cyclone in india. but the death toll could have been much worse. a mass evacuation ordered by the government may have spared close do a million people. 17 sailors also had to be rescued after their cargo ship sunk during the weekend storm. frightening moments for passengers on a catamaran cruise ship. 30 people and a dog were rescued after their catamaran began taking on water and capsized. the rescue came at a busy time for the coast guard. thousands of people were celebrating the long weekend holiday. british police have released two computer images in
5:54 am
the possible suspect of the case of a three-year-old girl in 2007. several witnesses spotted this man in the resort on the evening madeleine mccann disappeared. >> if you know who this person is, please come forepardon. >> reporter: police have also released an age progression photo of madeleine, showing what they would expect her to look like at nine years old. she disappeared from her hotel room. new stanford research shows a link between a common chemical and the risk of miscarriage. bpa is used in the lining of cans, it has been removed from baby bottles, but tests show bpa is still present.
5:55 am
a lot of land uc berkeley owns in albany. they hear discussions about how to preserve the land for good morning. the guild tract is used by the agricultural researchers. animal rights activists are using more aggressive tactics to protect bears at lake tahoe. members of the bear league have used pine solo traps to keep the bears away. -- pinesol, on traps to keep the bears away.
5:56 am
it was an exciting game that came down to the final innings. game two was held in boston yesterday. the destroy tigers led by 5 all the way until the sixth inning. red sox trailed 5-1. david ortiz, big poppy, hit the grand slam. series now moves to detroit tomorrow to watch that game right here on ktvu. coverage begins at 12:30. coming up next in our 6:00 hour. you may have felt it, we are just learning about a small earth quick that hit just minutes ago. and bart not on strike this morning as the latest in negotiations includes why bart management may not be at the table this morning. shots fired in richmond. police are trying to determine
5:57 am
what started the shootout that killed one person. traffic is moving along relatively well in most areas. we'll tell you more about the san mateo bridge. clear skies out there, a little chill in the morning. warmer today, how much warmer with clear skies and how much warmer will this last?
5:58 am
5:59 am
we are live at the pleasant hill bart station, where we are hearing a fair amount of frustration from riders. we are live in half moon bay, surrounded by pumpkins, where growers are hoping to beat a world record for the heaviest and largest pumpkins good morning,. we are keeping an eye on
6:00 am
the bart staying today because of the good news this morning. -- bart stations today because of the good news this morning. bart stations are running. we will be here early tomorrow because the bart deadline is extended to midnight. we are going to continue this throughout the morning. it is monday, october 14th. i'm pam cook. >> and i'm brian flores in for dave clark. colder in the morning, sunny and warmer later on. clear skies, cool, cold. sunny and nice by noon. sunny and warmer. 40 degrees in napa. a lot of 40s around. san jose in the upper


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