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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  October 15, 2013 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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strike one on ortiz. kelly has taken over in left after the tigers pinch hit. for dirks to start the bottom of the eighth. here's the 0-1. into the seats. two out. infante makes the play. jim leyland will make a pitching change with mike napoli one of the me rose for the red sox so far in this game three coming up.
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>> joe: al albuquerque takes over for the tigers in the ninth. two out, nobody on. mike napoli, who has produced the only run of the night, a sew he will shot in the seventh or verlander. takes a ball high. his sixth career postseason home run, and his first of this postseason. one ball, one strike. in the bottom of this ninth inning they'll deal with victor martinez, jhonny peralta and alex avila.
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strike two. mike napoli has proven that he is willing to change. he's also proven that -- first two games of this alcs, red sox showing. even in this game, in his first two at-bats against verlander, his third at-bat, pant legs were down, no red sox showing, but he lifted the red sox with a home run over the wall in left center.
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he's a guy who followed david ortiz in his game-tying grand slam in the eighth inning on sunday night in game two. said how am i going to top that? tonight he's the only one who's made a swing where it counted. to this point. striking out after that grand slam by ortiz. >> tim: you could say that the only time he's had a hit was with his pants down. >> joe: 0-2. two out, nobody on. a little slow hopper left side. that's peralta and he gets him out. into the bottom of the ninth. this place will be alive.
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1-0 the red sox lead. the bull pen for boston has been so good this entire postseason. koji uehara taking over as the closer has been brilliant. victor martinez first up. then peralta. then avila. strike one. >> tim: that's 12 straight strikes in the last two games thrown by uehara. eight on sunday, we got the win. and four straight tonight. >> tim: struck out fielder, after tazawa struck out cabrera with the tying run at third. that was in the eighth. that's into left center field. can he get down for a single.
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and victor martinez to the bag to start the night. >> tim: probably a pinch runner now for martinez. >> joe: perez is going to come off the bench. meanwhile victor martinez stumbled after getting around the first base bag trying to get around to second. let's take a look. >> tim: the ball was trying to get past -- past an outfielder. remember he missed all of last year with a bad left knee. >> joe: hernan perez does the running. >> tim: also worth noting had the red sox not been in that no double defense that ball perhaps is through between the left fielder and center fielder. >> joe: now it's peralta.
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the red sox started the season with joel hanrahan as their closer. he underwent tommy john surgery in may. andrew bailey two stints on the dl. shoulder surgery in july. uehara is the man. helped get the red sox here and he misses high with ball one to jhonny peralta. one ball, one strike. >> tim: boy, that was a wicked splitter.
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diving out of the strike zone. it looks like a strike. and it difference late. >> joe: strike two. >> tim: peralta thought it was low, and it was. sox with a huge break on that 1-1 pitch. >> joe: reaching for it. out at second. double play! and the tigers are down to their final out with avila coming up.
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>> tim: that was the splitter. he reaches for it and grounds it out. but in fairness, that at-bat could have changed had that 1-1 pitch been a ball instead of a strike. >> joe: koji uehara is trying for his second save in this postseason of more than an inning. he went an inning and a third in game four the divisional series in tampa bay. trying for his sixth save in that category overall. here's avila. ball one. alex avila homered sunday night. he made 11 during the regular season. has that one this postseason. shift on the infield, playing avila to pull. two out, bases empty, strike one.
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you heard a lot about john lackey not being able to win this season away from fenway park. as avila takes strike two. he was 4-10 on the road, lackey. he turned in a country clutch road playoff match here tonight. 6 2/3 no runs, four hits, eight strikeouts, no walks. uehara trying to save it for him. 1-2 on avila. with two outs. 2-2. crowd gets back in.
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avila. just got a piece. now full count. on deck is infante.
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game over! red sox win game three. and a 1-0 final here in detroit. uehara doing his thing here in detroit, and getting the four-out save. you see justin verlander walking away. this is the fourth time in the last six verlander starts that the tigers did not go for him. and it's the tigers third 1-0 loss in the last four verlander starts. got a no decision the first two games. he is on the hook for the loss here tonight. what a pitching performance here tonight by lackey, breslow,
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tazawa and uehara who gets the save. and for the red sox, their third 1-0 win in their postseason history. and it was the splitter that ended the night for the tigers. >> tim: remarkable control with that splitter when you can throw it on a 3-2 count for the 27th out of the game. >> joe: uehara came on to strike out fielder with thirst and third, two out in the eighth. he gets the double-play ball off the lead-off hit by victor martinez in the ninth. gets a lift from big papi after his second strikeout ends the ball game 1-0 red sox. down to erin andrews we go. >> erin: thanks so much. here with mike napoli. now your last home run against justin verlander came on may 4th, 2006, your first career at-bat. what took you so long to get another one? >> i don't know, man. he's tough. you know. he was on his game tonight, and
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you know, keeping all of us off balance. but i got to a 3-2 count and put a good swing on the pitch and was able to get -- >> erin: we noticed everyone is trying to figure out how to hit this guy. you may have figured it out by pulling the pant legs down. when did that come into play? >> i don't know. i rub my bat on johnny's beard before i went up to the at-bat. i don't know. just try to put a good at-bat together and came through. >> erin: thanks so much. congratulations. kenny over to you. >> ken: thanks, erin. john lackey was brilliant tonight. what made him so good. >> it was i mean he just never gave in. you know. he was in situations first and third, you know, he never gave in. never wanted to really leave anything over the plate. didn't matter the situation on third. one out, you know, some big at-bats that we were able to keep in our favor. >> ken: it seemed like he got even better after the 17-minute delay. did anything change?
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>> you know, i think maybe a little time off had a chance to kind of slow down a little bit. he was excited and pumped that first inning. you know, kind of getting excited with the slider throwing it maybe a little too hard. but he was still, you know, still pretty effective. >> ken: your bull pen in the eighth inning. uehara, cabrera, uehara gets fielder how did they approach those at-bats? >> that seventh, eighth inning with breslow coming in and shutting that inning down and eighth inning, that was huge. cabrera is a great hitter. one out. those are situation we thrive in. he gets a situation where he can get an rbi, and it's tough to get him out you know, let alone strike him out. but he did a great job putting the fastballs away. you know, he's so smokey with that 94, 95 it's tough to hit. >> ken: getting back to lackey he sometimes gets upset when he has to come out of a game. how was he tonight? >> he's the same as always. he's a competitor.
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he is a guy you want on the mound every night. he's going to compete whether he has something or doesn't. nobody wants to come out of a big game like this. we can trust our bull pen. that's one thing i think lack understood. >> joe: all right, kenny, thank you. this series already has reminded us all why this game is so great. so many wonderful moments already through three games. and it has been heart-racing action between the red sox and the tigers. the red sox lead this best of seven two games to one. we're going to take a break and come back here to detroit, a 1-0 boston win behind john lackey. here tonight in detroit. back after this. when you've got to get to the other side of no-man's-land, it's not the ford ecoboost v6 you want under your hood. chevy silverado offers the most fuel-efficient v8 of any pickup. even better than the f-150 ecoboost v6. out here, you want what's under here. put silverado to the test
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[ smooch ] [ male announcer ] french the rainbow! taste the rainbow! ♪ ♪ ♪ [ card reader beeps ] [ male announcer ] getting out just in time: priceless. no card is more accepted than mastercard, which is handy when you're in a hurry. red sox lead the best of seven series two games to one. all pitching again here tonight. we've come to expect. some missed opportunities. there were some today for the tigers.
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>> tim: three times during the game they had a runner on third and one out. and failed to score. john lackey with that brilliant breaking ball. you talked about it. and then tazawa came in the game and uehara did what he's done, particularly since july 1st. and that's just blow people away. >> joe: on the heels of this 1-0 boston victory let's go down to the field and ken rosenthal. >> ken: how tough was verlander tonight? >> yeah, i mean, a lot of talk tonight's game about verlander, verlander's a competitor but go ahead and grab the other side and what john lackey did for the detroit tigers and then adding on with our bull pen. verlander, we -- >> ken: what made lackey so good tonight? >> i mean i got the good old country fastball and at the same time he's threeing 3-0 sliders to peralta for strikes. he had all the pitches working. not a whole lot of shape, had a plan and stuck with it.
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>> ken: for you guys going up 2-1 now how much bigger is this victory than it might have been otherwise simply because it was verlander? >> with where we're at right now in detroit it was pretty tough. you know it's kind of like feeding the animals, giving them wind, you know, so i mean this team can play at home. this team can play on the road. and you know i mean we won a game with four hits tonight. so it says a lot about this team. says a lot about us coming in here. so we're definitely going to, you know, turn this into momentum and come out tomorrow. >> thanks very much. >> joe: all right, kenny. i'm joe, that's tim, and we'll take our cue from jonny gomes. who by the way is about as direct and to the point as any athlete you can interview after a ball game but he's right. i mean, yeah, justin verlander, one of, if not the best in the game. he was great tonight. ten strikeouts, eight innings. 120 pitches. but, john lackey was phenomenal, and he really pitched here tonight. >> tim: over the last 11 years
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since we first saw john lackey in 2002 we know what kind of competitor he is. what kind of fastball he had. but i don't think i have seen him pitch with as good a breaking ball as he had tonight. throwing it behind in the count, as jonny gomes said. accura accurately. throwing it 3-2. and with a runner on at third base, and one out, getting out of it, in every inning three times. >> joe: and then add to that the red sox, who have had to completely reinvent their bull pen here in 2013 get out of breslow. get out of tazawa. maybe the biggest at-bat of the night first and third one out miguel cabrera at the plate. he strikes him out. blew him away with fastballs. and then uehara doing what they've just come to expect in boston. >> tim: john farrell working his bull pen masterly as he's done all season long. >> joe: take a look at tomorrow night's pitching match-up. and it's doug fister against jake peavy. two veteran right-handers, and
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two guys who won't be scared and two guys who have a good plan on the mound. >> tim: and two right-handers that have been around for a while. and you got it. >> joe: we got a chance to talk to both guys here tonight. fister is ready to go. jake peavy has never pitched in a league championship series, a guy who's been around with the padres, with the white sox earlier in the year, and now here he is with the boston red sox, and his team up two games to one. so you came in to this, and now there's really no margin for error for detroit, is why things shift so much in a seven-game series. you know, you lose the heartbreaker sunday night. you've got verlander going, that's the guy that's going to erase it for detroit. and it just didn't happen because of lackey. >> tim: joe, when you think about it. we've had backend 1-0 games. first one 1-0 in favor of detroit. tonight 1-0 in favor of the red sox. >> joe: this has been some kind of series. the red sox and the tigers. we look ahead to tomorrow. game four of the american league
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championship series from here in detroit. red sox have peavy. the tigers have fister. our coverage of alcs game number four begins tomorrow night at 7:30 eastern. for more coverage of today's game three, please turn to fox sports 1 for fox sports live. nightly, for exclusive coverage with the heroes of today's game. and a reminder, fox tonight, a night of can't-miss comedy with "dads," "brooklyn 99," "new girl "and "the mindy project." good knight from detroit. sfloeths. ♪
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now at 5:00, a change in tone between b.a.r.t. and its unions. >> there could be a strike. but we're doing everything we can. >> we're monitoring the talks with the threat of another strike still looming. plus a 7-year-old boy struck by a train in the south bay. what one family member tells us happened right before the boy was hit. even though alcatraz is still closed because of the government shut down, a former prisoner there giving would be visitors a taste of what it was like at the rock.


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