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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  October 16, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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. bart trains are running. how much long letter bart riders have to wait for word? all eyes on the governor's office as ac transit asks the governor to issue a 60-day cooling off period as tonight's strike deadline looms. coming up what one bus driver had it say about walking off the job. firefighters are on the scene of an explosive house fire in contra costa county. the many questions surrounding the fast moving flames. it's all head on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning. once again seems like deja vu. once again a live picture outside the caltrans headquarters building where negotiations went late into the night, early into the morning. so a lot of people went to bed
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not knowing what's going o. there is no bart strike. trains are rolling today. but no deal as well. the negotiations will continue a little later on this morning. and we are following all the very latest developments. we'll get to that in just a moment. thank you for waking up with us wednesday morning, october 16. i'm pam cook. i'm brian flores in for dave clark. let's get your day started with weather and traffic. steve, just gorgeous out there. it is indeed. we have one more really nice day. it will still be nice as we go into friday and the weekend but there's a system coming down from the pacific northwest which will give us a cooldown tomorrow. today, though, fog still off the coast so it's clear. cool for some. warm for others. 40s, 50s to 60. a 19-degree spread between oakland airport and santa rosa. for some it's a chill. for others not that bad. san francisco spot on yesterday at 78. still looking at an off shore breeze. it's not that strong but the trend is off shore going 80 today. 21 up in tahoe which makes
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sense. sacramento a 348 degrees -- at 48 degrees so a little cool there. there's that little system but it won't be here till later today, more likely tonight into tomorrow. so one more day of beach weather. lots of sunshine for everybody. it will be nice to mild to warm today. temperatures all really close and all about 80 or 81. here's sal. steve, good morning. right now we are looking at traffic that is doing pretty well around the bay area. 80 westbound doesn't look bad. as a matter of fact, it's a nice looking drive coming into san francisco at the bay bridge toll plaza. if you're driving on the lower deck, it also looks good. here is san francisco. we've had a pretty quiet commute to start off the morning on 101, 280 and also coming down to the south of market area. and if you're driving on 880 north and southbound, that traffic looks good. 5:02. let's go back to the desk. topping our news once again, no bart strike, at least for today. the trains are running this morning following another marathon negotiation session that ended early this morning.
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once again tara moriarty joins us from outside the building where the negotiations have been going on. they start again late this morning. tara? >> reporter: at 12:30 they decided to take a break, get some rest and they'll be back at it again at 10:00 this morning. they have been hunkered here on the 13th and 14th floors of the caltrans building for months trying to ink out a deal. last night they could not get it done. at 10:15 the federal mediator came out. he announced that there would be no strike. the unions had agreed to keep talking and that something different in talks recently. the general manager has led the charge for bart since monday and that has been bart's lead negotiationor, left town for another engagement. union members say his absence has helped talks progress. >> we're working within the financial parameters and taken some of the union's ideas and we're trying to integrate them. we're costing them out.
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>> we're under a gag order trying to reach a deal. it is the union's attempt as it has always been to get a contract deal. >> reporter: sunday bart management came up with a $57 million proposal and called it best and final offer. 12% pay raises over a four-year period, pension contributions up to 4%, and an average of $144 a month in medical contributions. unions say it's a wash though they didn't accept the offer as it stood and that's when federal mediators stepped in and said you can't quit negotiating here. the two sides will be back at it again in five hours but the good news of course is that there will be no bart strike, at least for today. i'm tara more orty, ktvu channel 2 -- tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. we're learning more about why bart workers decided not to go on strike this week. the bart union slowly backed away from their strike deadline early yesterday morning. they made the decision after conclusion bart management was not going to bend in its so- called final contract offer.
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there were also -- they're also reportedly worried they risked being on the receiving end of angry public backlash if there was a repeat of the july walkout. pane bay area commuters are already giving up riding bart, possibly due to the recent deadlock drama. more than 23,000 fewer people than usual rode bart from friday to tuesday morning. that's a drop of about 5%. in the meantime it's not just bart trains but ac transit buses that could stop running soon. claudine wong is live in oakland with how the governor could step in and put off this latest strike threat. claudine? >> reporter: good morning, brian. yes, ac transit buses are running. there's actually one right there. that's good the -- that's the good news. we've been stopped numerous times by people saying are they striking. our response is no but are you talking about order or ac transit. if you're talking about ac transit, keep your eye on the governor. we've been watching as the buses do as they do every day
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line up along 14th and broadway to start that i day but tonight is the deadline. the strike notice issued by the union and one driver we talked to this morning said he is prepared to walk off the job. are you ready to strike? >> if it's what has to get done, it has to get done. >> reporter: are you planning on being work tomorrow? >> i'm planning on it. i'll get dressed but if it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen. >> reporter: ac transit says the request for a 60-day cooling off period was hand delivered to the governor's office yesterday morning. and officials say if it's not granted, the results could be catastrophic. riders say the uncertainty is hard to handle. one man told us he rides every morning with the same group of commuters and all of them are worried. >> we all catch a bus together. we all know each other. it's throwing everybody off. got everybody off balance. >> reporter: here's where things stand now.
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the governor's office says it is reviewing the request but the expectation is that he will issue it, especially considering this ongoing bart dispute and the uncertainty surrounding that transit agency. if he does though, it's still unclear where all of this goes next. there are no negotiations scheduled. live here in oakland, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> still lots of uncertainty. thank you. stay with us for continuing coverage on bart and ac transit developments. we'll bring you updates during this newscast as well as on twitter and at new information in the hospital death of lynn spaulding. the investigation surrounding her death at sf general has led to new safety precautions. the "san francisco chronicle" reports stairwell alarms at the hospital must now be manually turned off once they go off. it's believed spaulding entered a stairwell through an aharmed door that may have shut off automatically. her body was found in the stairwell more than two weeks later. turns out patient
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disappearances from sf general are pretty common. 96 people have left the hospital without telling staff since january, according to the san francisco examiner but the hospital says spaulding's case is unprecedented. this morning a san jose father is desperately searching for his missing girls. 16-year-old madeleine dorchich and her sister emily disappeared sunday night after a church service at delmar high school. their father has filed a missing person's report, started a facebook page called finding emily and madeleine and passed out flyers with volunteers. >> i don't know where they are. i don't know who they're with and i just -- i want them home. i want them safe. >> he says the girls have never run away or gone missing before. searchers have fanned out from cupertino to downtown san jose checking shopping centers and transit stations. the girl's mother has come in to help. two young children in san francisco are back safe with their father who watched helplessly as his suv was
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stolen with his kids inside. family members say the 1-year- old and 3-year-olds were in the backseat last night at 22nd and full sop when a woman jumped in and the father was outside talking to a friend. the suv was found about 45 minutes later abandoned in a driveway on sweeney street two miles away. the children were not hurt. police are still looking for the woman described as thin, white, and pale with short curly burgundy color hair. the cupertino city council has unanimously approved apple's propose to build a circular building that looks like a space shift. the complex will sit along interstate 280. the new apple headquarters can o could house more than 14,000 employees and fulfills a dream of co-founder steve jobs. there's one final council vote september is for november 14. the western span of the bay
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bridge will be glowing through the night. the hours of the show will be extended till daughter-in-law. the artist has programmed new light patterns for the extended hours. the lengthened show begins on november 1 with a public sunrise viewing party at the ferry building on november 2. it's 5:09 right now. some workers in alameda county say they've become the prime target of car thieves in oakland. the workers reached out to us here at ktvu channel 2 news. when they couldn't get answers anywhere else. the scramble on capitol hill continues. the chances for a deal to raise the nation's debt ceiling before the deadline tomorrow. >> good morning. right now traffic is doing pretty well around the bay area. as you can see a live picture of the east shore freeway shows the commute looking good. >> skies are clear again. temperatures warmed up yesterday. will they continue that today and how long is this going to last?
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welcome back to ktvu channel 2 morning news. firefighters are on the scene of a house fire and ktvu's jeanine de la vega on the scene as well where flames were huge early this morning. jeanine? >> reporter: yes, they were. it's very dramatic video we're about to show you. the fire is out. you can still smell a strong smell of smoke in the air. we're here on dove court off of pleasant hill road and grayson
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where you can see this garage and attic of this house is completely gutted and essentially inside there's so much water and smoke damage that again it's completely unlivable at this house. firefighters are doing overhaul now but i want to go to some video that shows you just how big these flames are and you can also hear explosions. to get a little more information about this fire which started about 1:25 this morning, i go to the battalion chief of the contra costa county fire protection district. what happened? >> at 1:25 this morning we were dispatched to a structure fire here in the city of pleasant hill. we had crews from the city of concord and pleasant hills responding. we found a fully involved structure. the fire appeared to have started in the garage area. an immediate hazard when we arrived on scene were the electrical wires that were down.
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we requested pge to come out because that was an immediate danger to our firefighters. fortunately the residents were able to get out unarmed and we were able to control the fire in approximately 30 minutes. >> reporter: talk to me about these explosions. you said you heard about four. what was that that caused it? >> there were numerous bystanders around here. we had two cars in front of the residence, eats an overpressuring of the batteries as well as the tires on the vehicles that popped causing what people believed to be an explosion. >> reporter: the fire was so large that people who live in an apartment complex next door, there was a car battery there that exploded because of the heat? >> there were some exposures to the apartment complex, to the left to the front of this residence. they weren't harmed at all. >> reporter: thank so much for this information, battalion chief from the contra costa county fire protection district. we're told that a mother, a father and their daughter live in this home.
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they left maybe about 20 minutes ago to seek some shelter because again this house is completely unlivable right now just because of the extent of the damage that the fire caused. reporting live from pleasant hill, jeanine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. the clock is ticking. senate leaders are negotiating a deal to keep the u.s. from breaching the debt ceiling tomorrow. ktvu's kyla campbell is live. >> reporter: a major credit agency warned the u.s. is on the verge of a costly ratings downgrade. fitch said it may grown grade the nation's aaa credit rating. a potential repeat of what standard&poors did after the last debate two years ago. the warning came after a house republican plan to increase the country's borrowing limit collapsed yesterday. and that pupts senate leaders back at the negotiating -- puts senate leaders back at negotiating table. >> we don't have a lot of time and what i'm subjecting to the
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congressional leaders is let's not do any posturing. let's not try to save face. >> reporter: the deal the senate is working on would fund the government through mid- january and extend the debt limit into early february. it would also strength thin income verification for people who will apply for subsidies for obamacare. analysts said today the markets may not react for another three or four hours once we know just how close the senate is to finalizing a deal. but will the house take it up for a vote? i'm working on that story for you for 6:15. live in washington, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. cab drivers in san francisco are applauding new rules on taxi permits. yesterday the municipal transportation agency board approved an amendment that only let at permit -- let as permit holder or taxi company operate what's called a medallion. a medallion is a permit that allows the cabby to operate. more members postpone add fee drivers must pay to rent cabs
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for their shifts. the city of oakland takes a step toward keeping the as, raidsers and golden state warriors. the city council voted knew man mousily to move forward with a development project called coliseum city. some deep pocket investors have already signaled they're interested in backing the proposal. it calls for a newcomb flex for all three my major sports franchises plus hotels and housing. it would be built at the site of the current coliseum and arena. right now 5:18 is the time. sal is covering traffic of course. coliseum city, that would be pretty cool. >> i think that would be cool. obviously the stadium needs to be revamped a little bit so i'm all for it. good morning, everybody. let's take a look at the commute. the traffic is moving along pretty well on 80 westbound as you head out to the mcarthur maze. it looks good east 80 near gillman. some flashing lights. could some road work there but eight not causing a major delay to traffic right now. also the morning commute looks good at the bay bridge toll plaza.
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it is light coming into san francisco so it's been a nice drive there. there are no major problems by the way on highway 4. highway 4 in antioch is a little slow but bay point looks good. 80 westbound from hercules to richmond. we talked about that. a very nice looking drive. then marin county between know sad dough and san a -- novato and san rafael, we're off to a pretty good start. 5:18. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. forecast headlines, there's not much in the way of breaking news for sure. breaking weather news i should say. sunny and warm, highs near 80 today. cooler tomorrow a. weak cold system coming in. there's fog off the coast. looks like it's pasted the fair lawns to be honest. but there's some trying to farm. we may go through the rest of october with really not much happening so we'll see. we'll get there. have faith. very deep systems forecast for the great lakes and the north east. probably for the next 7 to 10 days which means high pressure here. that's exactly what's happening. there will be a weak system dropping down tomorrow which i think will give a little
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enhancement to the off shore breeze. so high pressure large and in charge as we like to say. that equal as pretty warm pattern for this time of year. coast, bay, everyone is close on the temps so it's warm at the coast. hot in santa cruz yesterday. they were 88. 81 in san jose. cooler in the morning. blossom hill areas not far away from downtown san jose have been in the mid-40s on the lows. you can see some of that fog. it needs a little help. plenty of going on. from the glaikdz to the northeast -- great lakes to the northeast, pretty good systems there. the tropical moisture continues to stream over texas. been a lot of rain in missouri, arkansas and the deep south. so if there's plenty if you're heading east, just not here. 40 napa. 41 santa rosa. 46 half moon bay. they were 59 with the wind. san francisco 57. oakland went from 60 to 51. they lost the breeze so it drops. if a breeze kicks in, your temps go up about 10 degrees
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that little guy right there will give us a cooldown tomorrow. let's go with one more beach weather day. maybe not as great as yesterday but it will be close. temperatures upper 70s to near 80 degrees for everybody. looks good here. i'm still seeing a slight component of an off shore breeze in san francisco so until it turns, it will be another warm day. 88 again santa cruz. 86 gilroy. they'll be the warmest now. temperatures will cool along itself coast. things look quiet even going towards the weekend. >> thank you, steve. european markets are down in early trading again today as investors wait to see if the u.s. defaults on its debt. asian markets fluctuated between gains and losses as tomorrow's deadline for congress to raise the debt ceiling draws closer. analysts are still hoping lawmakers are able to pull off a last-minute deal. checking in on our numbers, the u.s. dawn yesterday and right now the futures indicated opposite today with maybe a 60- point gain on the dow for the opening but dismal news coming
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up. economists predicting that this bickering in washington has cost nearly one million jobs. politicians say oh, those jobs will come back. economists not so sure. we'll continue to watch all of that. >> we'll be keeping an eye on that and also the relief for people bombarded with nagging phone calls from telemarketers. the new restrictions taking effect today against robo calls. >> a drug bust that was just too easy. how a slip after finger landed one woman behind bars.
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welcome back to the cut you can morning news. -- ktvu channel 2 morning news. 5:24 is the time. four people arrested if a major drug bust are due in court today. f.b.i. acts raided six spots yesterday as part after large-scale narcotics sweep targeting mexican drug cartels. they found meth, cocaine and cash. many neighbors couldn't believe it. the operation involved the f.b.i., the drug enforcement administration and the contra costa county sheriff's office. sevens were done in oakley, antioch, pittsburg and concord. a woman contacted authorities saying they have drugs to sell. the suspect tried to text a friend but she was off a number and accidently texted a deputy instead. after a few texts back and forth, the deputy arranged to meet her and arrested her on
5:26 am
the spot. >> surprised her. she probably felt a little bit silly that she had contacted law enforcement. >> investigators say she was trying to sell an opiate similar to more final. she now faces three felony charges. the list of nominees for the 2014 rock 'n' roll hall of fame is out. among the 16 notable rockers and artists are nwa from compton, california, anywhere nirvana, linda ron stat and sheik. the induction ceremony is scheduled for april in new york. it's a combination of science and star wars. ktvu got a sneak peek of the new exhibit at the tech museum called star wars: where science meets the imagination. the exhibit offers visitors an opportunity to learn about technology depicted in all six of the star wars films. it opens officially to the
5:27 am
public. for more information and video on the exhibit, you can go to our website 5:26 is the time. neighbors in pleasantton say it is one of the most dangerous intersections in the city. the investigation into a deadly crash over the weekend and the changes to the signal lights that were made just before that accident. >> we're live in pleasant hill where there were explosions heard and downed power lines in a neighborhood where a fire started this morning. we'll have the latest from the scene. >> good morning. westbound 24, that traffic is looking pretty good coming up between walnut creek and the tunnel. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay weather. >> a little chilly for some. not too bad for others. still a slight component of an off shore breeze so no fog to deal with but what about the forecast going forward? can we hold this or will it be any cooler? i love having a free checked bag
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good morning. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. this is a live look at pleasant hill where fire crews are mopping up after a pretty dramatic house fire there this morning. we'll have a live report with pretty amazing video as well coming up. the other big news is that there is no bart strike today, although negotiations are continuing. bart trains are running today so a lot of nervous and frustrated commuters, whatever adjective you want to use. we'll keep you updated on both. good morning, everybody. wednesday, october 16. i'm brian flores in for dave
5:31 am
clark. i'm pam cook. 88 degrees in santa cruz. >> that was yesterday. i think it will be just as nice today, pam. are you leaving already? >> i'd like to. >> we have sunshine on the menu again today. it's going to be another nice day. clear skies, cool to cold, though. sunny and nice by noon. it will be sunny and warm. there could be a slight component of a westerly breeze. right now still easterly in the city. 57. oakland 54. 41 santa rosa. 48 redswood city. 45 out towards fairfield so there are some cool readings but as long as that puff of an off shore holds in san francisco which was 78 yesterday, they'll go 80 today. 21 in tahoe. 33 in reno. 48 sacramento. month row 60 so they have a little bit of an on shore breeze. that system right there, that's all it takes. that will cool us down a little bit tomorrow. we're talking only subtle changes. beach weather one more day. maybe not as great as yesterday but will still be really nice. it will be sunny and warm and
5:32 am
highs upper 70s, low 80s for emp. here's -- for everybody. here's sal. right now we're looking pretty good on the roads. i do want to show you some live pictures of 80 pb. as you can see on 80 pb, it looks a little more crowded but not bad as you head down to the bay bridge toll plaza. i also want to mention at the toll plaza, the traffic is looking good. no problems on the upper deck of the bay bridge. livermore valley getting some slowing already coming over the altamont pass and first part of livermore. now back to the desk. >> sal, thank you. barpt riders can rest -- bart riders can rest easy although many remain frustrated. there will be no strike. bart trains are running. negotiations still ongoing. tara moriarty joins us live from oakland where labor talks are being held. the big question, are they any closer to getting a deal done? >> reporter: no one knows because there's been a gag order put into place. but at 12:30 this morning bart management and its unions decided to take a break and go home and get some rest. they will be back here at 10:00
5:33 am
this morning. obviously everybody was very tired. this has been going on for so long. the two sides have been meeting here at the caltrans building for months trying to get a new contract signed. something different in talks recently. the general manager has led the charge for bart since monday. that is when bart's lead negotiator left town for another engagement. union leaders say his absence has really helped talks progress. len taste night at 10:15 the federal mediator came out to make an announcement. >> the parties have made some progress and the parties have authorized me to advise you that on behalf of themselves and in support of the public interests and all the riders in this area, there will be train service operating all day tomorrow. >> reporter: sunday bart management came up with a $57 million proposal, called it its best and final offer. 12% pay raises over a four-year period. pension contributions up to 4% and an average of $144 a month
5:34 am
in medical. the unions say it's a wash. they did not accept the offer. that's when federal mediators stepped in and said you can't quit negotiating. so the two sides will be back at it again in less than five hours and the good news is the trains are running today and there is no strike. i'm tara moriarty, ktvu news. transit workers will strike after midnight tonight if the governor does not step in today. >> if bart goes out and we're out as well, certainly it could be catastrophic. >> yesterday ac transit petitioned the governor for a 60-day cooling off period just like bart had. the governor's office is considering the request. the transit union workers could work off -- walk off the job after their contract expires at midnight. >> i've been here the last 23 years. the work conditions are really horrible and deplorable. i don't like it. >> union members have rejected two tentative deals.
5:35 am
they said what they were asked to pay in medical costs would wipe out their proposed pay increase. ac transit carries 180,000 people a day and runs the transbay buses which would be crucial during a bart strike. stay with us for continuing coverage. we'll bring you developments during this newscast as well as on twitter and facebook and we want to go back to our developing news in pleasant hill. firefighters on the scene of a fire that ruined a house and two cars. jeanine de la vega is there and has video of the explosions during that fire. jeanine? >> reporter: yes, pretty dramatic. there is a lot of activity going on. firefighters have been doing a lot of overhaul. what you're looking at is a pile of insulation. firefighters have been going in and out of the house hauling this out because it's extremely flammable and they're worried about it catching fire. i also want to show you the two cars that caught fire. there's a mercedes parked there and another car that's so badly
5:36 am
burned, i can't even tell what it is. those caught fire. so did the garage where most of the damage is. let's go to some video showing you what those flames looked like. those were the explosions heard in the neighborhood when the house caught fire at about 1:30 this morning. you could see flames were just shooting up into the air. there was a father, mother and daughter inside sleeping. they smelled smoke. the dad investigated. he looked inside the garage and that's where he saw the fire. the whole family was able to escape unharmed. now, firefighters arrived, found that the power lines were down in front of the door. that posed a danger and caused arcing in the neighborhood which is basically uncontrolled sparking from those lines. also, the cars outside were burning and that's also what caused the explosions. the battalion chief we spoke to a short time ago explains why that was happening.
5:37 am
>> the explosions were caused by the exposure which were the vehicles in the driveway of the residence and due to the overpressuring of the batteries as well as the tires on the vehicle, that's what sounded like an explosion to the nearby bystanders. >> reporter: firefighters say there's a gas meter on the side of the house that's broken. that poses a hazard so the gas and electrical have been turned off. again extensive damage in the garage and the attic. the house is completely unlivable because there's so much smoke and water damage. back out here live, you're looking at that power line that came down. we're told that pge was out here a short time ago but again, that's more work that needs to be fixed. if you look down here, firefighters are still going to be out here on the scene for at least another 30 minutes doing overhaul and taking away anything that's flammable from inside the house because they don't want to pose any sort of danger to any of the neighbors that live here. reporting live from pleasant hill, jeanine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. another berkley student has
5:38 am
been robbed on campus n. is the latest in a string of recent robberies there. the latest happened between northgate and university drive yesterday morning at about 7:15. police say two men approached a young man, showed a gun and demanded his valuables. the victim handed them other and was not hurt. this comes after another robbery on campus sunday night. a student was pushed to the ground while walking near move fit library. the suspects ran off with the student's cell phone. there were two other robberies near campus last week. it's a story all he see only on 2. some county workers in oakland say they've been the targets of repeated car break-s in. county health workers contacted ktvu about a rash of car burglaries. they say most parking spaces have a two-hour limit so workers often park on telegraph to avoid getting a ticket. that has actually been their ticket to trouble. one woman had the battery stolen right out of her car. >> i tried to start the car and
5:39 am
then my co-worker, she walked me out there. she noticed this was a little bit open. i said oh, no. >> the oakland city administrator's office says there is a team that looks at parking issues around the city. the situation is one me could add to their list. pleasanton police say 565- year-old woman struck in a crosswalk over the weekend has died. she and her 72-year-old husband were crossing at san francisco street saturday evening when they were hit. he remains hospitalized. police say the 49-year-old driver stopped at the scene and is cooperating with the investigation. neighbors say the intersection is dangerous and that they've complained to the city for months that the flashing lights at the crosswalk are not working. >> the light has not been working. it's fairly dangerous. please help fix it. >> in fact last week we took -- we didn't go that way because the light wasn't working. we went all the way down to the light and then we crossed.
5:40 am
>> pleasanton city attorneys say crews are investigating the problem and that four days before the accident, they had removed the solar powered flashing lights embedded in the roadway so they could install new hard wired lights. officials hope that will improve liability. the other four overhead flashing lights at the intersection were working properly at the time of yesterday's accident. the alameda county sheriff's office is asking for help to find a woman from san lorenzo. she was last seen about noon monday leaving her home. she's described as latino, 4 feet 11 inches tall, 150 pounds. we have patient of her on our screen. she was driving a toyota sedan. that car is described as white four-door, 2003 toyota, license plate number 5aua431. she is said to suffer from the early stages of dementia. san jose mayor chuck reed joined the leaders of four other california cities to get
5:41 am
a pension reform initiative on the november 14 state ballot. the measure would change the state's constitution to allow state and local government employers to reduce pension and retiree health benefits for current employees. public employee unions are against the plan. the mayor led a pension reform fight in san jose getting measure b approved by voters but the police union is challenging that in court. time 5:40. the cities of palo alto and east palo alto will hold a meeting tomorrow night to discuss replacing a bridge that links the two areas. officials are replacing the 102newell road bridge which must be removed to accommodate changes to the creek. some support a new and wider span but critics say it will lead to more traffic. so far the cities are looking at eight major proposals. new information on missing patients at san francisco general hospital after a body was found in a stairwell. we're hearing that the issue of people leaving their hospital
5:42 am
rooms nothing new. >> a follow-up to a story we told you on yesterday's morning news. the public anger over an alert said by santa clara county about a pancake breakfast. >> good morning. right now traffic is doing pretty well around the bay area. as we look at -- [indiscernible] -- it is getting a little more cloudy. clear skies. a little fog trying to form off the coast. it will be as warm as yesterday and are there any changes on the extended outlook? [ male announcer ] it is more than just a new car... more than a new interior lighting system. ♪
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time 5:44. a bus crash in the south bay could have been much worse than what actually happened. a truck and pickup truck collided on interstate 680 in
5:45 am
millipedes during the commute. it sent four passengers and bus driver to the hospital. none of the injuries appear to be life threatening. police say thieves were able to get into people's homes with the push of a budgetton. two burglaries happened on crest road in woodside and a third burglary just a few blocks away sunday night into monday morning. police say the burglar simply took garage door openers from unlocked cars to get into the homes. in all three cases the people were actually home at the time. emerson swan says he and his wife were just watching tv. >> someone has enough stone to come into a house with dogs going nuts and clearly they can hear us at the other end of the house watching television. that was just frightening in terms of what else can these guys do. >> police are reminding people to make sure your car doors are locked and garage door openers are stored away. the mother of a 20-year-old
5:46 am
daly city man who was gunned down in broad daylight is making a plea to tie to end gang violence. 20 year-old eric maybrey jr. was shot to death last wednesday on busy mission street at brazil avenue. candles and flowers mark that spot. his mother regina duncan said her son was involved in gang activity and says it's time for other parents to face reality if their children are also involved before it's too late. >> this is a cry out for public safety. you're not safe. no one is safe. if you think you're safe, you're in denial. >> the shooting could have injured or killed a number of people on the busy sidewalk. the gunman showed a callous disregard for public safety. police are asking for the public's help to try to locate the gunman. the contra costa county sheriff is hoping to win a $80 million grant from the state to build a new high security wing
5:47 am
at the jail. the new wing would have 240 cells and room for services intended to reduce the number of repeat offenders. the sheriff says it would allow him to move inmates from the mart nez jail which -- mart knees jail which lacks the space. new restrictions on so- called robo calls are expected to take effect. the commission is requiring telemarketers to have written consent before placing an automated call. the sec is also getting rid of the exsense allowing telemarketers to make calls with consumers with whom the caller has an established business relationship. people in palo alto are upset about an emergency alert call that touted their pancake breakfast. residents were involved the department was going to land a life flight helicopter at the benefit pancake breakfast. the fire chief says he wanted
5:48 am
residents to know so they would not call 911 but some people say it's not an appropriate use of the alert system and the short version of the text message only mentioned the pancake breakfast, not the helicopter. >> it said it was an event message for santa clara county so i opened it expecting it to be some sort of emergency and i read about the pancake breakfast and i just laughed and thought this is ridiculous. >> the chief says the announcement met the guidelines for the county alert system but if he had to do it again, he'd mention the helicopter in the first sentence. the city of san carlos will spend a quarter million dollars to investigate the pipeline that's at the center of a safety controversy. the city will hire consultants to look over pg&e's records on the pipeline that runs across the city under britain avenue. an internal memo raised questions about the possibility of a quote, san bruno-like situation on that line. pg&e inn insists the line is safe. the gas line has been shut down and will remain out of service
5:49 am
during this investigation. the time is 5:48. again bart trains are running this morning so hopefully it won't have too much of an effect on traffic. how are things in the south bay? pretty good, brian, pam. good morning you to both. we're looking at interstate 280 through downtown san jose. it drives pretty well right now. as you can see that's 280 northbound on the right. it is a very nice drive getting up to highway 17. there are no major problems by the way if you're on 101. we can look at the south bay via our computerized map system. remember when the word computerized was so cool? this is computerized. anyway, it is. doesn't seem so cool anymore but it is. some slow traffic 101 through sunnyvale looks good. santa cruz mountains looks very nice on 17 as you get down to the silicon valley. let's move along and take a look at some live pictures, the
5:50 am
bay bridge. this traffic is backing up some of the cash lanes. >> is that all computerized? >> it sure is. >> thank you. we have clear skies and a little bit of fog way out here. it won't make it. it maybe will tonight and tomorrow. if you go up higher in the elevation is still off shore. high pressure has decided to hang out in the west coast. high pressure means warm temps. you combine that with an off shore slight breeze. that's really not that strong of a one. you end up w-7s on and 80s and that's for everybody. san jose starting off with a chill. 81. sunny side up all the way through. there will be high temps about 80, 81 today. the system will give us a cooldown starting tomorrow coast and bay but doesn't look like much is happening. cloud cover from the great lakes to the northeast and there's a whole boat load of cloud cover and rain moving right over texas. i think dallas this time was
5:51 am
73. today they're 54 and rain. that's all that remains of a couple of tropical systems from kabul. 43 novato. 40 napa. 48 half moon bay. 57 san francisco. oakland airport went from 60 to 51. it will be still sunny and nice to warm. one more beach weather. i think tomorrow will be a little bit of patchy fog. no biggie. temperatures continue to be above average for this time of year and today will be no exception. i just don't see that big of a spread between coast bay, inland. lots of upper 70s and low 80s. oakley, danville, pleasanton, oakland, berkley, everyone is close. alameda 80 degrees. there's santa cruz. one more day of 88. they will cool down tomorrow. santa clara is in there. low 80s. palo alto, brisbane and san bruno. looks warm but a little cooler starting thursday into friday but then looks like another puff of a north, north east wind by the weekend. that means temperatures staying
5:52 am
sunny and mild to warm. >> very nice. thank you, steve. 5:51 is the time. we're learning more details about twitter's much abuzzed about ipo. regulatory filings showing twitter will list its shares on the new york stock exchange, not the nasdaq when it goes public. friday, november 15 has been selected as the tentative date to begin trading. the san francisco company lost $56 million in the recent quarter. that is triple the losses from the same time last year. twitter hoping to raise $1 billion. >> i'll take it from here. it will trade under the ticker symbol twtr. apple is announcing one of its big product launches next week at the center for the arts in san francisco. the company issued this invitation for tuesday's event. it says we still have a lot to cover. there are reports that apple will unveil a new ipad and ipad mini. there might also be updated versions of mac book pro laptops and maybe more
5:53 am
information about the release of the desk top operating system mavericks. we shall see. speaking of apple, the cupertino city council clears the way for apple's biggest invention. fulfilling the dream of steve jobs. new futuristic headquarters for apple. >> and the giant fish tale you have to see to believe. the tale of a woman senatorialling off of catalina. we all have our little tricks.
5:54 am
mom swaps one of my snacks for a yoplait. i don't mind, i mean it's orange crème. and when mom said bobby was too edgy... 'sup girl. i just swapped him out for tyler. 'sup girl. mom never questioned bobby again. two can play at this game. [ female announcer ] swap one snack a week for a yoplait. and everybody wins. yoplait. it is so good.
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time 5:556789 we're willing to a disaster overseas. at least 17 people have been killed after a powerful typhoon lashed japan's eastern coast. 50 others remain unaccounted for. japanese disaster agencies say it's the strongest typhoon to hit this region in more than ten years. the crippled fukushima nuclear power plant was in the path of typhoon but appears to have escaped the worst of the storm. a new health scare in the bay area to tell you about. mosquitoes testing positive for yellow fever. inspectors first discovered the problem in late august when a yellow fever mosquito egg was found in a trap at the holy cross cemetery in menlo park. since then they found mosquitoes or eggs in 20 properties. inspectors are going door to door checking standing water in people's yards. >> the goal is to eradicate this mosquito species from menlo park, california. >> this sts first time in more
5:57 am
than three decadeses that yellow fever mosquitoes have turned up in the bay area. experiments are not sure how it got here but say it's possible that it was brought in on a plant or some other convention nation. welsh it's an unbelievable but true fish tale. a southern california marine instructor says she was snorkeling at catalina island last weekend when she looked down and saw an eyeball that was the size of a half dollar. she swam closer and this is what she found. a giant ore fish. it took 15 people to drag the dead 18-foot long creature on to shore. the massive eel-like fish was almost perfectly intact as well. they die at depths of 3,000 feet and rarely seen and largely unstudied. >> wow is exactly right. >> i still think if i see a large eyeball, i'm not swimming closer to it. >> i'm swimming away. >> good for her. my goodness. coming up next in our 6:00 hour, double trouble for bay area commuters. the threat of another bart
5:58 am
shutdown while the clock ticks towards the deadline in another transit dispute. fire and explosion early this morning. you'll see more of the dramatic video and hear from fire investigators. good morning. right now we are looking pretty good when it comes to the morning commute but right now is the time when things begin to change. we'll tell you where the slowdowns are. our director ken lawrence just said in my ear make this tease fresh and new. okay, well, there's a little bit of fog out there. will it cool us down by the coast or another beautiful beach weather day. 5ñ
5:59 am
6:00 am
good morning. the bart trains are running this morning but bay area commuters still face the threat of another strike. >> reporter: ac transit buses are also running this morning but what the governor has to do to keep it that way tomorrow. a pleasant hill neighborhood wakes up to a fire and sounds of explosions. we'll tell you what firefighters encountered and what the family who was inside the house went through. welcome back. we want to take


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