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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  October 17, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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bart strike but still no deal. we will is the latest on negotiations. in a 501 bar fight, i will have the latest just ahead. and living in fear. the frustrations of a group of people who feel police have not addressed their concerns. it's all ahead on the ktvu morning news. marathon bart negotiations continuing once again. they met throughout the night once again. another late night announcement that there will not be a bart strike today. sounds like a replay. we are looking live. we are outside the building. the caltrans headquarters building in oakland where those talks are still going on right now and we're going to have an
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update on what's happening in just a moment. but thank you for waking up with us. it's thursday, october 17. i am pam cook. >> friday eve. >> that's right. good morning everybody. i am brian flores. we will return to the bart talks in a moment. first we begin with traffic and weather. steve paulsen here. >> did you make it to the beach? >> i didn't make it to the beach. i wanted to. >> i was in the produce section thinking, i thought you and steve were going to santa cruz. >> of course. we do have clear skies. a little fog out there but it's not on the coast yet. it's just kind of lurking out there. i don't think it's going to do too much. i can still see a easterly component in san francisco. so they don't have a west wind. how is it going to make it unless that turns a little? it may. sunny and warm this week and also today. i do think we topped it out two days ago. now, we get a little easterly breeze but there has been
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slight little turns. it will still be in the 70s. upper 70s to very low 80s. so slightly cooler. 40 napa. i know other locations are in the 40s. 58 in san francisco. 41 ukiah. 49 sacramento. this is one of those patterns where it's warmer on the coast in many areas like sacramento because it's that kind of a pattern. we do have some clouds. things are trying to change a little bit but it's still going to be sunny. slightly cooler coast. again it will be subtle. 70s closer to the coast. steve, good morning. we are off to a good start here on this thursday. the traffic is moving along very nicely if you are driving on westbound bay bridge approach. no major problems getting into san francisco. nearby on interstate 880 past the coliseum it is a nice looking drive in oakland.
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southbound 880 looks good to the san mateo bridge. >> thank you. we begin with continuing coverage of the bart labor dispute. 4:32 in the morning and marathon contract talks continue between bart management and union leaders. we know once again that bart trains will run today. which don't know what stage they are at in the negotiating process. tomahawk took a break to stretch his legs and get some air. bart's general manager has been leading the charge in his absence. at 10:00 last night we heard from a federal mediator.
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>> negotiations have been continuing. the parties are totally engaged. some progress has been made. you trains will be running for the day tomorrow. >> on sunday bart management game up with a $57 million proposal called its best and final offer. the union says with the pension and medical contributions their 12% raise over a four-year period would be wiped out. we have no idea how long they plan to stay in here. it's really anyone's guess. we will keep you posted. live from oakland, karen moriarty. >> and stay with ktvu for continuing coverage. we will monitor the ongoing bart talks, provide updates on air, online, on twitter and facebook. there will not be an ac
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transit strike today. the governor ordered a seven day investigation into that dispute. union members cannot strike during that time. the healthcare costs, they say, wanted them it pay were too high for the raise that was offered. ac transit says it will to raise fares if workers don't make concession. the great shakeout drill takes place. at 10:17 this morning bay area cities, schools and businesses will drop, cover, and hold on. millions of people in the earthquake zones worldwide will practice similar drills. later this morning president obama scheduled to make statement on the last-minute deal by congress to reopen the government and raise the debt ceiling. the deal approved which congress last night keeps the government up and running through january 15. also new this morning, san francisco police are investigating a stabbing this ininjured one man. paul chambers is in san francisco this morning where police say the stabbing started with a fight.
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paul. >> reporter: good morning, pam. we are along mission street between 25th and 26th. police say it all started with a fight outside a club. police also said that when they got here there was a trail of blood on the other side of 26th leading up to this area behind us. police just released the scene a half hour ago. take a look at some video. they say it started before 2:00 this morning. police responded to a fight outside of a bar at 26th and mission. when they got on scene they saw a man and he had several slashes to his face. police say it appears that it was a fight between five males against one. the victim was transported to the hospital and several people are in custody in this situation. now, it's unclear exactly what caused the fight, what started the fight, exactly who had a knife. of course, these are questions we will put to police and hopefully have information for you and bring it to you later this morning. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2
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news. a san francisco police officer is accused of hanging out at home on the taxpayers' dime. the "san francisco chronicle" reports a neighbor of officer arnold gehrke told police the officer's patrol car was parked at home a little too often. undercover officers saw the 19 year veteran spend too much time at home. he faces a year in jail. he has a court date next thursday. a former oakland police officer is being commended for helping a mother find her lost cellphone. coming up at 4:47, why the cellphone is so important to the woman and how the officer went out of his way to find it. some people in north oakland say they are frustrated after learning that plans for extra police protection have fallen apart. armed robberies in north oakland, rock ridge are up 34% from a year ago. police were planning to assign a crime reduction team to north oakland to help lower crime in the area, but now police say the north oakland team will be working mostly in east oakland.
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>> simply it was the level of gun violence in east oakland. the murders and the shootings. >> we want faster reaction to things that are important. armed robbery, burglary seems to be important. but it's not fast enough response. >> oakland police say focusing their efforts in the most violent part of oakland should lead to a drop in crime throughout the city. some people in oakland are considering other options to keep their neighborhood safe. some residents plan to discuss hiring private security companies for patrols. that talk is at faith presbyterian church on 49th street. we are told the public is invited to attend. today we except to get details on a panel that will study the possibility of legalizing marijuana in california. the aclu says the lt. governor will chair the panel. the aclu is holding a news conference in san francisco tomorrow and says it will release new public poll numbers showing support for legalized
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marijuana. san francisco's quake tower will get $1 million makeover. today the city's recreation and park commission will consider bids in a project to fix up the world famous landmark on tall graph hill. it calls for major renovation work on the inside and outside of the 210-foot tower. this is expected to be one of the biggest renovation projects for the tower that was built back in 1933. >> i have yet to see that. >> you have to go inside. coming up we have new information about the two teenagers who went missing in the south bay. coming up in the 5:00 hour, where they were located. a ground breaking for one of the largest cellphone makers in the world. the new home here in the bay area. >> good morning. right now traffic is doing pretty well around the bay area. if you are looking at the golden gate bridge and you are going to be driving there soon i think you should like what you see. it's looking good. >> our string of nice weather continues. how long will this last and can
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we hold it into the weekend?
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welcome back to ktvu morning news. marathon contract talks still ongoing between bart management and union leaders. we know that bart trains will run again today. this is live picture outside the caltrans building in oakland where marathon negotiations are still going at this hour. we will have a live update at the top of the hour. some calling it one of the best salmon seasons in ten years. the state department of fish and wild live says nearly 267,000 salmon were hauled in by the end of august. that season ended tuesday and complete numbers aren't out yet. local fishermen tell the "mercury news" the fish have been large and abundant. they say good wholesale prices mean they made more none this year. we are a little more than a
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week away from the surf contest. contest founder jeff clark says surf brand body gloves has agreed to a sponsorship. the contest, which against next friday, brings big wave surfers from around the world to the san mateo county coast. >> he is checking me out. oh, my god. right on the board. >> yikes. some thrilling or scary moments for a paddle border. that was in southern california. what was believed to be a shark, possibly a great white, swam right up to him. the shark was one of two spotted yesterday in the waters off manhattan beach in los angeles county. the paddle border decided to go back to shore and get his go pro camera. he says the experience left him shaking like a leaf. a non-profit group that provides mortgage relief to struggling homeowners begins a five day event in oakland this morning. it is called neighborhood
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assistance corporation of america. yesterday it held a kickoff event on the steps of oakland city hall to promote a program designed to help people modify their loans. one oakland homeowner says it helped her reduce your mortgage which $1,100 a month. >> i was a couple of days from losing my house and losing all my credit and everything else, and it helped me within months, you know, stabilize my life and helped me rebuild it. >> the event will be held at the oakland city center from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. from today through monday. a lawsuit against the morton hills school district for telling students not to wear american flag it sister shirts on cinco de mayo will be heard by a federal appeals court in san francisco today. now, back in 2010 three boys were sent home for wearing clothing featuring the american flag on cinco de mayo. school officials say they is it because of trouble between mexican-americans and other
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students. parents of the boy schooled the school district. the judge dismissed the lawsuit but the parents appealed that decision. the older sister of the accused boston marathon bomber is in court on another case. she is accused of misleading police in a counterfeiting investigation. prosecutors say she picked up a person in her car who passed out counterfeit money at a boston mall three years ago. when questioned about it, officers say she was uncooperative. her brother is facing charges in the boston bombing. a uc davis police sergeant and former oakland police officer went out of his way to help find a mother find a lost phone. and when sergeant walter watt heard the woman lost her phone it wasn't anything new until he found out what was on it. it is filled with pictures and videos of the woman's son, who is now in a coma at uc davis medical center after suffering an aneurysm. watt decided to check surveillance video at the
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hospital and was able to track down the phone. >> she cried. she was very happy. >> when he came in to bring the phone back he just kind of rebuilt our hope. there is always hope for everything. >> great story. before becoming a uc davis police sergeant watt worked as an oakland police officer for 15 years. samsung is breaking ground on a giant campus in mountain view. the south korean company held a ground breaking ceremony for a new research center on clyde avenue. it will cover eight and a half acres with two structures. mountain view officials say it will be god for the economic diversity. >> we love having new companies get established in town, get some diversity in the
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employment and really shake things up a little bit. >> the campus should be ready for business by december of next year. apple reportedly reducing orders for the new iphone 5c in favor of stepping up production of the more expensive 5s. sources tell the "wall street journal" that they have cut orders 30%. since the 5c with the plastic case only cost $100 less. >> it's sure heating up, isn't it? hopefully traffic isn't heating up. it's called a tease, not a very good. >> you know, speaking of being up early, we have been on the air because of this, you know, pending bart strike. there is a one -- one viewer who says i am not early because of the bart strike, but i like you guys on at 4 a.m. so there you go. >> tell that person to go back
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to bed. thank you. >> good morning everybody. yes, we've been here since 4 a.m. because we want to keep you covered on the bart strike. that's linda roberts. thank you, linda. there are no major -- that's on my facebook page if you want to respond to her. this is a look at traffic on 58880 north. the traffic at the toll plaza looks good if you are on westbound bay bridge coming up to the bay area, to the bay bridge. the bay area bay bridge, i guess. westbound 238 -- or northbound 238 looks good to interstate 880. no problems on the westbound san mateo bridge. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. good morning everybody. some fog is out there. it's trying. i just looked from about, well, it's trying but it runs into resistance. so far we will see if that turns. there will be a slight cooldown
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today. no doubt about it. easterly or more of a northerly breeze. there will be a slight turn today. there is a weak system moving into the north. it may not be much of an impact throw. it's very weak. 40s and 50s on the temp. san francisco 59 degrees. there will be some 30s popping up usually around 7 a.m. a high cloud zipped through. you see some of that low cloud deck out there but it's not moving west. it's just going north to south. i want to show you a couple things here. typhoon which just hit japan, especially tokyo, and left behind torrential rain, strong wind, mudslides, is moving into the bering sea. why do i bring this up? that's a tremendous amount of energy. it can do a couple of things downstream. that would be up. it could fire up the ridge of high pressure and give us a bigger dry stretch, or it can turn a weaker system and make it into a much stronger one. forecast models don't handle that much energy well a lot of
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times. i think changes are brewing for next beak. we will have to ease into it. usually, when a typhoon comes across it definitely throws a wrench into the works. there is an easterly breeze for some. slight west for others. it's just a push. it will be another nice day. temperatures, lots of sunshine. a little haze around the edges. slightly cooler by the coast. but only a couple degrees. mild to warm and upper 70s to low 80s. again another day where it's just -- i mean, everyone is really close. the please doesn't turn westerly, then the coast will be warmer. oakland will be near 80 degrees. oakland 82. 70s on the coast. low 80s palo alto, mountain view, menlo park. not much change. maybe just a slight cooldown as we get a westerly breeze near the coast. inland and bay side 70s to 80 for the next couple of day. harley davidson is voluntarily recalling some of its 2014 motorcycles due to a possible safety issue.
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they issued a do not ride notice to owners and a do not deliver to dealers for 29,000 motorcycles. harley davidson says the problem is with the hydraulic clutch. the chp set to start using harleys. we checked with a dealer who told us the highway patrol is due to get some of those recalled bikes but they have not been delivered yet. are you a fan of kiss, nirvana or linda ronstadt? music lovers can vote for the performers they want to see inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame next year. among the nominees is the band deep purple. > [music]. >> ears perked up with that song. there are 16 nominees under consideration. they will be chosen by the hall of fame's 600-member voting body which consists of music artists, historians and music professionals. music fans also get a chance to voted, which ends december 10. the public's choice counts as a
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single vote. winners will be announced later in december. >> i am more of a kiss, nirvana -- >> yeah, nirvana. >> timeless. 4:52 is the time. a makeover for a popular business park in walnut creek. the reason some businesses may have to move out.
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welcome back. that's the good news right there. bart trains are going to be running again today, but again, once again that announcement made late last night and the talks continue. marathon contract talks this time around. they have been going on all night between part management and union leaders, and they are still going on right now this morning. not even 5:00 this morning right now and ktvu's tara moriarty has been outside where the negotiations continue. we will get an update in a few minutes. time now 4:55. scientists have recovered what may be a giant chunk of the meteorite that crossed over russia last february. divers pulled up the big rock from the bottom of a lake. the entire piece weighed more than 1,200 pounds, then broke apart. a strike forced a strike. a plane had taken off from san jose headed to honolulu about nine yesterday morning. it landed in oakland without
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incident. >> the owners of the broad way plaza are planning a massive makeover. according to the san francisco business times, about 40 businesses have already been told that they have until january 31st to find a new home. some have not received a guarantee of being able to come back. a decision on the project from the walnut creek city council is expected in december. the city of hayward looking to replace its long closed mervin's headquarters with a new development that would include townhouses and storefronts. the current proposal to build 194 townhouses on the site of foothill boulevard is scheduled to come before the planning commission later today. in addition, developers want to put in 17,000 square feet of retail space. we know that building has been empty since 2008. well, coming up in our
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5:00 hour, they are still talking in the bart labor dispute. we will go live to downtown oakland to see if the two sides are closer to a deal. >> if you are up early and you are looking at the traffic picture right now, it's not all that bad. but you will surprised how it gets slow quickly. we will tell you where it's getting slow. some fog is trying to make a little push, but there is an offshore component or a breeze on much of the coast. will it cool down a little bit or stay the same? we will have the forecast coming up.
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that the bart labor dispute, still trying to hammer out a deal at this hour. develop news from oakland where police officers are on the scene where a stolen car crashed into a building. the government shutdown finally over. what's happening today for one million furloughed workers. >> plus, how people across the bay area will be getting ready for the next big one today. it's all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, welcome back. we are camped outside the caltrans headquarters building and bart management andian
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leaders inside. they have been negotiating all night long. they are still in talks this morning. ktvu's tara moriarty outside the building waiting for word. hopefully, wouldn't that be nice if we got a deal sometime in the next hour or so? but we have had a couple of people, we have seen a couple of people come out, stretch their legs. it's quite a marathon negotiation session and we are keeping an eye on that. thank you for joining us. thursday, also known as friday eve, brian would say, october 17th. i am pam cook cook. >> i am brian flores. dave clark has the day off today. let's get a look at weather and traffic. steve paulsen is here. sunny this whole week? >> no doubt about it. some fog is trying to make a little bit of a push, but it's going more north to south than it is west to east. but so far the wind barbs, if you will, be showing an offshore breeze. nice to warm. maybe a slight cooldown by the coast instead of those 80s, more 70s. high pressure doesn't want to let go right now. that's for re


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