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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  October 18, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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what do we want? contracts, when do you want it? now. >> now at noon no bart trains are running and union workers are picketing. the stress caused and what is going on right now. another accident in san francisco involving a bicyclist, police are investigating and we will have a live report. a decision has been made about whether or not to charge a fran firefighter who ran over and killed a surviving passenger of the flight at sfo.
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>> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> good afternoon, everybody, i am brian flores in for tori campbell, bart workers are on strike leaving communitiers scrambling to find alternative transportation, we want to take you live to the bart station where as you can see they are rallied to gather and picket. this is the scene as they lined up at ferries and waited to load there and took their chances driving to work, we have latest developments, tom vacar the developments but begin with david where they struggled to get into the city today. >> reporter: good afternoon, some of the most visible signs were here at the intersection of howard and fremont streets. parking and traffic control
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officers told us this traffic tie up at the bay bridge fremont exit should have been gone by 9:00 butly 11:30 they were still coming as they struggled to make their way in. >> it was an inconvenience because i had to leave at 6:30 and it used to take me 25 minutes and has taken me an hour. >> casual carpoolers saw more drivers willing to offer up a right but. >> traffic was horrible, horrible, all the way from there took me an hour and 45 minutes to get here. >> at the transbay terminal down the block, lines, confusion and anger about missed appointments and opportunities. >> i basically have my internship at 10:00 and i can't be late no matter what and i am already late. >> i am frustrated because i been waiting for the appointment almost a month now and now the bart is not
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running. >> commuters from the east bay said they tried to plan ahead by lining up hours early for buses. >> i left my house at 7, i started work at 11 but so i could make it on time because i didn't want to be late for work. >> for out of town visitors it is an even more confusing friday. >> we flew in to sfo and now i have to get back out to see friends, i am checking the buses. >> san francisco's muni france sit system is offering beefed up bus service along bart lines. the expectation is this afternoon's commute will get off to an early start with folks trying to leave early. casual commuters are being warned that lines could be very long this afternoon for folks looking for a ride to get out of san francisco to the east bay, that has been the case in the bart strike in july. we will be monitoring the situation going into the afternoon and have a complete report later today on our 5:00
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and 6:00 news, for now live in san francisco david stephenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. more news on the comiewft, people began lining up at 4:00 a.m. at the station to board free charter buses going into san francisco, bart is providing 140 buses that pick up from nine east bay stations. the lines were long at times but the last bus of the morning was only half full when it left walnut creek. commuters were frustrated but some don't blame bart workers for walking off the job. >> everyone has their right to do strike, argue, so forth, so on, a lot of us just have to get to work. >> for the commute home from san francisco this afternoon bart is also providing charter buses that will pick up commuters near the transbay terminal starting at 3:00 this afternoon. bart riders also turned to ac transit to get to work this morning. commuters started showing up at around 4:30 a.m. at the 20th street bus stop at broadway and oakland. to make sure they would get a seat. lines started getting heavier
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around 6:00. commuters waited between 15 to 30 minutes to get a seat. ac transit workers were on -- on hand to direct traffic and sheriff's deputies were patrolling the bus stops to make sure no one cut in line. ferries were also a popular option this morning for commuters trying to get across the bay. this is what it looked like at the main street ferry terminal in alameda, some riders tell us they got up hours early to make sure they got a seat on the first boat that left terminal 6 this morning. extra boats were brought in to accommodate the extra passengers today. >> it is close to my house, yeah. >> have you used it before? >> i did use it the last time. >> did it work out well. >> it work out well for a couple of days but become congested. >> a steady flow of boats helped keep the line down but the parking lots filled up quickly, ferry officials say riders should expect the commute home to start earlier. right now the roads are clear, a live look alt the bay
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bridge toll plaza, on the left- hand-side of your screen you can see smooth sailing right now, that was not the case this morning. the same thing for smooth sailing, clear at the bridge on the right side of your screen. mostly green here on the live drive time traffic tracker, a little bit of red there, you can see interstate 80 and the approach to the bay bridge there as well. cal trans trying to make it easier for carpoolers during the strike, expanding hov lane hours, instead of just during rush hour in the east bay on interstates 80, 880 and 680, diamond lane hours will be extended from 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. single motorists need to be be ware, hov lane violation tickets carey a minimum of 490 dollar fine, how long will it be a nightmare, tom vacar is at the station where union members are rallying and tom it seems like there is no end in sight. >> it seems like there is no end in sight and if you take a look over here what you will see is a situation where this
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thing is going and a lot of people from around the neighborhood are coming to take a look but as in every strike day 1 is always a day of defiance. no different here at oakland's station, 50 to 100 union members rallied to make public their concerns why they felt they were forced into a strike. a major sticking point, management's desire, its insistence to tighten up loose work rules so they say, 1, something that bart -- a board member says is simply not going to help out. he says this: >> because of how our break schedule works our train operators only complete two round trips per day and perhaps 30 minutes of miscellaneous work in train yards. they work about 55 to 60% of their eight hour shift. >> this is a 12% package that will be retroactive back to july 5th, if voted on and
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passed by the unions, by october 27th. after that date the package we are eving will no longer be retroactive. >> here is the situation, we have a change of the game here now. when it was all negotiations it was just negotiations, now there are real pressures on both sides to do something about this, pressure on the union is personal in the fact that a lot of these folks simply don't have the money to support themselves very long without that paycheck but the pressure is also on bart because bart is going to be approached by the likes of managers of the major stores downtown that depend on bart for a lot of the traffic that comes in to their stores so now the different kinds of pressure will be held, the only real help would be if the governor called a special session and they did something, that is highly unlikely. >> arinda city councilman is working to ban strikes, at the station he asked commuters to
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sign a petition calling for legislation that would ban transit workers from walking off the job. >> they can still collectively bargain, worker and management and try to work things out but if they can't work things out at the bargaining table they can't make the riders responsible for their failure, they can't strike. >> glacier says transit workers in san francisco and across the nation are already prohibited from striking. he says he has a lot of support from stranded commuters this morning. he is currently runing for a seaten the state assembly. we want to know did you stay home from work to avoid the mess or brave the commute in a car, carpool, bus or ferry? join our conversation on facebook. we are always here for you on we have an entire section set up where you will find a comprehensive list of transit options and information about the bart strike. >> right now the police tape is up and the investigation is underway. a bicyclist killed after colliding with a muni bus here in san francisco this afternoon.
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new information on the man behind the wheel of that bus. >> and it is another beautiful day today, but will it last through the weekend? ktvu's rosemary orosco will be here to tell us what to expect. plus new information on whether a san francisco firefighter will be charged with running over and killing a passenger from asiana flight. [ male announcer ] with at&t,
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new information on the at the time of a teenage passenger in the aftermath of the flight asiana as they declined to face challenges, the survived but died as she was struck on the tarmac, the attorney called her death a tragic accident that did not any violation of our criminal laws. in just a few hours a man accused of killing a federal criminal investigator is expected to be arraigned. police say randy alana, a registered sex offender was the last person seen with sandra coke before he disappeared august 4th in oakland, her body was found 5 days later in vacaville, he was her former boyfriend and claims they had rekindled their relationship
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and planned to marry. police are investigateing a accident in san francisco involving a bus that struck and killed a bicyclist after 8:30 this morning. mike nemack has the report. >> yes, the bicycle was there and involved and the spokemans said it happened then when it collided with the bicyclist. it does not appear the bus was damaged, they say the bicyclist was a man and died at the scene, attached a garbage bag and scattered and a number of bottles, police and muni have launched separate
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investigations, both say the driver of the bus, a 10 year veteran with muni is cooperating. >> we are talking to the witnesses involved, some of the witnesses that were nearby, some of the witnesses that were on the vehicle and we are talking to everyone that we can and working with the police department to do that and are hearing conflicting reports so it is too early to really say exactly what took place here. >> specifically investigators are trying to determine if the bus ran a red light or possibly the bicyclist. we do knee the bus is equipped with a camera, that footage muni says has been handed over to the police department. the driver is going to be tested right now for drugs and alcohol, as is standard procedure and is now on none driving status during this investigation, live for you this afternoon in san francisco, mike nemack, ktvu channel to news. >> twins remain hospitalized this noon hour after being hit by a driver on the peninsula, the were struck yesterday by
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the driver of a bmw suv outside a walgreen's in menlo park, police say the 90-year-old driver jumped the curb and pinned the boys, the driver says he hit the accelerator instead of the brake, one of the boy's injuries are believed to be life-threatening, the other child is as being treated and expected to survive. also in oakland police say an injured three-year-old boy who we told you about last week has taken a turn for the worse, he is being treated at the hospital. his father took him there last week saying he had a seizure and passed out after he picked him up from day care. the has a skull fracture. they are trying to figure out how he was hurt. >> they are investigating a double shooting on treasure island after 11:30 last night. officers found one victim shot in the arm and a second victim walked into san francisco general hospital to be treated. no word on any arrests or suspects. firefighters in east palo alto are investigating the
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cause of a fire that damaged two homes overnight. the fire started at 2:00 this morning at a home on lotus drive. two homes have significant fire and smoke damage. people who were inside smelled smoke and got out just in time to see their home go up in flames. >> we were in their watching television and laying around relaxing and then all of a sudden we smelled smoke and her sound and her daughter came and said, hey, mom, get out, get out, get out. >> one firefighter suffered a minor injury fighting the fire, the mir aga arinda fire district has voted to reduce staff on a daily basis in an effort to gap a budget shortfall of almost 1.8 million dollars. the district directors have voted to reduce the daily minimum staffing from 19 firefighters captains and engineers to 17. however, none of the district's 59 firefighters and other emergency workers will be laid off. under the plan it will be up to the fire chief to decide
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exactly how staff and emergency resources will be deployed. district officials say the plan could save as much as 73,000 dollars a month. a group of immigration advocates in san francisco blocked a bus filled with people on their way to be deported. protesters surrounded the bus last night outside the san francisco offices of immigration and customs enforcement. the protests blocked traffic for close to two hours. protesters say it is part of a national movement to pressure president obama to stop deportations. >> first we need to stop the deportations and then he needs to come up with the legislation and an immigration reform that works for everyone. >> demonstrators say it is the first time a group has ever blocked a deportation bus in the city and ended when san francisco police escorted the protesters away, overall no arrests were made. >> fair weather in the forecast for your friday and the weekend looks just as good, giving you
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a live look at the mostly sunny skies over the east bay. temperatures warming into the 70s already at this hour. 76 digs in walnut creek. some of us noticing a difference though, take a look at half moon bay. 55 degrees. so we have a 20 to 25 degree gradient going on at this hour, 60s around the bay, 77 livermore, the five at half moon bay, north bay temperatures trending slightly cooler as well, it has to do with the low clouds and the fog that have returned to the coastline. take a look here, i noticed in the last hour half moon bay has cleared out quite nice, santa cruz sunny skies here along the sunset district into edge mar low clouds hugging the coast line, it will thin out but i don't think we will lose them altogether today along the coast. away from the coast mostly sunny skies and on the grand scheme of things little change taking place with this ridge of high pressure still in place. storms riding over the north.
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so we are going to continue in this dry mild to warm pattern as we get into your weekend because the ridge not going to budge, giving you a look at temperatures for the afternoon. 78 for navato, 77 in vallejo, 70 richmond, 76 san rafael, into the east bay low 80s for livermore, brentwood, pittsburgh, 70s oakland, 74, 75 in hayward, santa clara valley, 82 morgan hill, 80 degrees san jose, 74 this afternoon, mostly sunny skies santa cruz, 79 for redwood 70, 76 san mateo, upper 60s san francisco, so slightly cooler along the peninsula for today and along the coast low to mid 60s expected, your extended forecast with your weekend in view if you do have plans for the evening nice weather friday evening, temperatures still upper 70s right about sunset some some of our inland commutes, into the
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8:00 hour temperatures widespread 60s and upper 50s low 60s friday evening. all in all a good-looking forecast into the weekend there, temperatures changed very little. monday into tuesday we are going to knock temperatures back just slightly for some but we have a dry forecast through the next several days and looks like all the way until about thursday perhaps a system sliding our way with maybe a little bit of rain. >> dare we say showers during that time? >> we could use them. >> yeah, we sure can, thanks a lot. >> you are welcome. >> following breaking news out of los angeles this noon hour, there are live pictures now of an apartment fire there. you see thick smoke seen on the 11th floor of a residential high rise that is in the westside of l.a. fire officials say that fire was reported a short time ago in 1 unit of the 25 story building there on wilshire boulevard, more than 100 firefighters or on scene there, see smoke there coming from that building.
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the address is at barrington plaza, which we understand is a luxury residential building. well coming up google shares hit an all time he. we will tell you why some of california's unemployed are anxiously waiting for their benefit checks. to thosuffered in silence... hoped... and lived in a state of fear... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition.
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welcome back to the ktvu news at noon, all three indices ending the week higher right now, big board stocks are up 22
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points perhaps in recollection to the government re-opening this week. meantime google shares surpasses the 1000 dollar mark today for the first time ever. analysts credit strong third quarter earnings after shares jumped more than 12%, while they say while their advertising prices are declining but offset by a larger number of people clicking on the ads. many of the unemployed are waiting for their benefit checks held up by a backlog in the system. a recent computer upgrade has led to the delay of thousands of benefit chex. in the latest problem many are saying they have not received claim forms while others report receiving multiple forms sometimes for the same period, claims have to be certified in order to receive them. they say the second phase has been delayed because of the problems. a south san francisco cost could is expanding its recall
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of foster farms checking after that. it is recalling an additional 14,000 precooked chicken products in addition to the 40,000 pounds of foster farms chickens called last week, they are kirkland signature foster farms rotisserie chickens and soup, leg quarters and chicken salad. a broken relay switch on the golden gate bridge's foghorn has been repaired after reportedly blared continuously early this morning and several residents living near by tweeted these messages about the noise. one person tweeted is there some sort of 2 a.m. foghorn concert tonight in sf? either that or someone passed out on the horn, 20 minutes without a pass. >> another person tweeted what the what, foghorn went silent for 30 seconds and now back to being constantly on, go home foghorn, you are drunk. interesting tweets there. coming up at 5:00 we are continuing to follow the ripple effect of the first day of the
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bart strike. we will have team coverage to help navigate bay area roadways this evening. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news, we will see you the next time the news breaks and be sure to join us again at 5:00 where again we will update you on the first day of the bart strike, also mere for you on as well as ktvu on your smart phone, have a good friday. send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc.
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