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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  October 29, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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it'd be even colder than that and the low will continue to churn and back cloud cover back to the sacramento valley and for us. partly cloudy and partly sunny. a few sprinkles but staying cool on the temps and 50s and 60s we should bump up a few degrees from yesterday's very very cool conditions. that means low to mid-60s by the coast. here's tara. all right thanks steve. looks hike we have a pretty nice start to the morning to the tuesday morning. a little bit of construction going on out there but nothing that you really you know that's going to cause you any delays at this time. right now a look at some of the travel times here on this -- this is highway 4 from lone tree way to leverage road. normal speeds also same story 680 from 242 to highway 24. and if we take a live look here from our maps, at the antioch area, you can see that all of the arrows are green so that's some good news. same story in walnut creek, lafayette area and same over in the richmond area. all right, if i take a live look at the bay bridge spin you
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can see the traffic is moving very nicely at this hour. absolutely no days head -- no delays heading into san francisco. on the san mateo bridge, we still have the fog we had there yesterday. be careful into unionty or the opposite direction towards heyward. 4:30 back to the desk. a group of protestors camped out all night in san francisco's dolores park protesting against a new plan. christian captain is this live at the -- is there live at the dolores park where the campers are stirring this morning. >> reporter: good morning, the folks who are camped out here right now. the supervisor pitched a plan to close the city parks between midnight and 5:00 a.m. and the two dozen or so campers out here say that plan would essentially criminalize being poor. they raised awareness about the new plan and the supervisor wiener said it would give cops another tool to fight quality
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of life crimes like vandalism. >> there's nothing more frustrating than to see vandalism in the parks. >> reporter: one of those camping out here in opposition of the plan is compton prado from the lbgt democratic club here in san francisco. if you can tell us more about why you guys are out here camping in park that's essentially you're breaking the law now right? >> yes we are. what we're doing tonight is standing in solidarity can homeless -- with homeless san franciscans who don't have a choice sometimes but to sleep in the park. there's a plan coming up today that would further criminalize poverty and homelessness in san francisco. we're saying enough is enough and we need to be caring for the most vulnerable residents not criminalizing them. >> reporter: the supervisor has the backing of the chief of police. for a moment, play the devil's advocate and then tell me why -- why this would not reduce
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quality of life crimes like vandalism. >> sure, so vandalism and illegal dumping both of which senator weiner said are the reasons for the parks are already illegal. this would give the police extra added teeth and really get them in fuller force out into the parks enforcing all of the different crimes and what you -- what you see and you know we've spent the night in the park isn't a bunch of vandals. isn't people running around causing trouble. it's people who have nowhere else left to sleep. they're going to be targeted by this new legislation. >> reporter: tom from the harvey milk lbgt democratic club here in san francisco, thank you for joining us. the protestors are going to be getting up around 5:00 when the park officially opens. they'll then be going to a 12:30 rally on the steps of city hall and getting ready for today's meeting. of course we'll have coverage for you throughout the day. we are live here in san francisco, christian captain, ktvu channel 2 news. a march this afternoon will protest the deadly shooting of
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a 13-year-old boy by a sheriff's deputy. andy lopez was killed last week. goalhouse is a 24 year veteran of the department. he was a field training officer for the department and was on a training exercise tuesday night when he saw lopez holing a bb gun that looked like a weapon. he shot lopez seven times. >> shame on -- on sonoma county sheriff. shame on you. you have broken our hearts. >> a funeral mass is being held tonight in santa rosa for lopez. another march in his honor is being held on wednesday. the suspect wounded in sunday's police shooting in san francisco's marina district is scheduled to be formally charged today. police say they were forced to open fire on the armed man after he beat and shot another person at chestnut and pierce streets. ktvu channel 2 news has learned the name of the man wounded in
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that shooting is navares mobo jr.. he is in critical condition at san francisco general hospital. time now is 4:34. and the snow keeps falling in the sierra. several inches fell yesterday. it continued overnight and more snow is expected today. the news has many skiers and snowboarders expected. and ktvu reporter debra villone caught up with one skier at a resort. >> reporter: this is the sound of the season for sierra ski resorts. >> it's a little light for bait snow but it's pretty good. it will congresswoman pact a little -- compact a little bit down. >> reporter: for the next few nights, temperatures willing. >> the colder it is, the more we can open up the water hydrants and the more snow we can push out of each gun. temperature is huge. >> reporter: alpine meadows 14 inches on the upper elevations.
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squaw valley, 10 inches up high. and same for sierra at tahoe up to the south. it's fueling optimism after two lackluster seasons. this year might go from mild to wild and maybe mimic the record- setting winter of three years ago. >> reporter: a lumberjack trail. >> reporter: those are running north star the targeting fist. the resort not scheduled to open for three more weeks but it could come alive early if the storm door stays open. >> you know, like we had a huge snowstorm a couple feet every wednesday. would be perfect you know. clear the highways up in time for the folks to get to truckee and north lake tahoe. that'd be perfect. >> that was debra villone reporting. meantime the ski resort could be the first resort to open in the sierra. today or tomorrow the company is expected to annoyance if they'll open -- announce if they'll open up this weekend. most ski resorts have slated the opening dates around thanksgiving but the more snow comes before then it could come
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sooner. after a delay a flight from oakland has finally arrived in utah after 11 hours. according to the flight tracking website an allegiant air flight that was supposed to take off 9:30 yesterday morning from oakland to provo, utah finally took off just before 9:00 last night. that was delayed because of the issues with the plane. a replacement plane had to be flown in to take its place. happening today, a ceremony is being held to celebrate the demolition of san francisco's cathedral hill hotel. the hotel closed in 2009. it's being knocked down to make room for construction of california pacific medical center's new hospital. the # 555 room hospital is expected to open in 2015. today's ceremony begins at 11:00 a.m. on van ness. the number of injury accidents involving cars and pedestrians is on the rise in san francisco. according to police data from 2000 to 2013 the lowest number of car versus pedestrian accidents was in 2009.
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that number was 734. last year, there were 948. police say they are cracking down on drivers and enforcing laws such as driving at unsafe speeds and failing to yield at crosswalks. they say it's an effort to make san francisco the most walkable city in the country. b.a.r.t.'s two largest unions are scheduled to vote this mid on a new -- friday on a new four year contract. whether or not ratify the tentative contract agreement that ended the latest strike a week ago. yesterday union leaders handed out cappies of the agreement -- copies of the agreement to workers. >> of course everything is not going to be perfect. but as far as initially read over, as far as what i see now, it seems pretty good and i'm going to vote yes. >> it's a decent contract that we can live with and considering the long fight we've been in i think we'll come out victorious. >> the results of the union vote are expected late friday night or early saturday
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morning. b.a.r.t.'s board of directors would then decide whether to ratify the new contract. they are both expected to approve the deal. in the meantime more than 120 new bike racks have been added to the north berkeley b.a.r.t. station. b.a.r.t. says more bike racks will be installed at the lake merit station in oakland in the next two weeks. police say the racks are more secure than standard poles. yesterday officers handed out information on how to prevent bike thefts. they say u shaped locks are better than cable locks and also recommend writing down your bike's serial number. a safety meeting is planned tonight in response to home burglaries in the mountains of southern santa clara county. armed men stole thousands of dollars in electronics, jewelry and a gun on brush road and highway 17 back on october 11th. a similar case was reported on september 27th on stagecoach road inlos gatos. 7:00 meeting at the redwood estates pavilion in los gatos. time now 4:39.
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today san francisco supervisor scott weiner will propose a new tax on sugary drinks. his plan increases the price of sodas and other sweet drinks by two cents an ounce. it would then cost 24 cents more and his proposal would have the money raised go for health and nutrition programs for children and teenagers. san francisco's supervisors are expected to approve the idea but it would still need voter approval. the deadline for people to sign up for health insurance under the affordable health care act has been extended until march 31st. previously, the deadline for signing up was the middle of february. so that people would have health insurance in place by march 31st and avoid a penalty. but now as long as people sign up by march 31st they won't be fined. some republican lawmakers are calling for a one year postponements of the penalties americans will have to pay if they are uninsured. the cost to build a new arena in san francisco keeps going up for the warriors. according to the "san francisco chronicle" the cost to rehabilitate the abling pieing
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could cost as much as $170 million. that's about $70 million more than originally thought. the team is also facing a shrinking time frame to get its arena project approved and built in time for the 2017 nba season. when its lease at oracle arena runs out. the warriors open up their season tomorrow in oakland. 4:40 is the time right now. celebrity chef guy fieri was in a marin county court. coming up at 5:00 what he told us about his testimony. >> and new problems for tesla. >> and we have a traffic hazard in marin county we want to tell you about and here's a live look right now at highway 24 through lafayette. more traffic hot spots coming up. >> wow rather impressive vigorous low gave the sierra lots of snow. there was snowstorms and funnel clouds but for us mainly just a cool pattern. will that continue or will it be a little warmer today?
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 news in the morning.
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it's now 4:44. taking you back to the east coast because today marks one year since hurricane sandy caused devastation along the northeast coast. it was the second costliest storm on record after hurricane katrina. with damage totalling $50 billion. more than 100 people were killed in that storm. several people still without homes and the rebuilding effort continues. >> if i can get my doors open, pay my rent, pay my employees, i'll be happy. i'll be happy. i'll be open. that's the goal. >> now many people who live near the shore are now fearing they may have to leave for good as the cost of flood insurance is skyrocketing. starting today, 300,000 special i love new york metro cards will go into circulation as part of the statewide come see the comeback campaign. president obama scheduled to speak today at a memorial service for the late house speaker thomas foley. the president also ordered flags be flown at half staff
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today in foley's honor. foley a democrat from washington state served as house speaker from 1989 to 1995. he died 11 days ago at the age of 84 after months of bad health. time now is 4:45 and a san francisco jury has awarded $3.7 million to 15 firefighters who sued claiming age discrimination. jurors found the san francisco fire department guilty of tampering with promotions exam. a 2008 lieutenant's exam was doctored after the initial scoring process and they were denied promotions. the majority of the jury agreed. >> it kind of validates everything that we always thought. and this is the group that said hey wait a minute. this is not right. >> the city attorney's office says it disagrees with the verdict and maintains there's no age discrimination within the fire department. administrators have not said how the ruling would affect future exams. well, tesla says the latest fire of a model s. sedan shows
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once again how the car protects the driver in a crash. a mexican newspaper posted this video of a tesla sedan after it crashed through a concrete wall and ran into a tree. the driver was able to get out before the car burst into flames. and the company adds the driver is already buying another model s.. it's the second time this month a model s. was involved in a fiery crash. the earlier crash happened in washington state. business, religious leaders and high-tech executives from around the world -- country that is are in washington, d.c. today to pressure the house of representatives to take up the issue of immigration reform. now the u.s. chamber of commerce is hosting a forum on the need for immigration reform. high-tech representatives from silicon valley, the immigration advocacy group there, founded by facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg are also attending the event. president obama has said that he wants congress to pass immigration reform legislation before the end of the year. syrian hackers are claiming
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responsibility for breaking into president obama's twitter account. yesterday, two links posted on the president's account redirected users to sites in support of syrian president bashar al-assad. syrian electronic army has hacked into several prominent websites including the "new york times." google looking for about 30,000 more people to test its wearable computers. they are already 10,000 people who are testing google glass and now they're being asked to invite three friends or co- workers to also buy the devices. they will have to pay $1,500 in addition to get a current tester's recommendation. it's upgraded google glass to work with prescription glasses and a single ear bud. original testers can trade up. >> i was kind of hoping they would give them away for free. i would sign up right away. let me try. to setaria now in for -- tara now in for sal this morning.
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>> yes that's right. we have a dead deer that is in the roadway and that's on 101 northbound at the tara linda exit. so be careful but also want to mention the great highway between skyline boulevard still shutdown because of the high winds that happened yesterday. just be aware of it. right now we are going to head outside and we're going take a live look here at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is flowing nicely into san francisco at this hour. no delays. in the south bay, 237 taillights are westbound traffic and eastbound traffic is toward 680 and mill pee december. no delays. and mass transit you can see that b.a.r.t. is looking good right now. muni and caltrain also experiencing no delays. pretty good start to the tuesday morning, here's steve. we have some kind of a rain/snow mix up in the sierra. kingvale reporting some light rain 33 degrees. blue canyon says rain but it's snowing in boar hill. after i'd say by noon most of this should be moving off towards the east as that low continues to send in bands of
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clouds. 35 lake tahoe and 37 reno. 37 yucaipa. if it wasn't for the cloud cover we'd be even colder than that but there's a lot of partly cloudies and mostly cloudies out there. but it's hard to pick up though the radar just doesn't do it justice here. there's still coming on shore towards monterey. big sur a lot of rain. in the santa clara valley a lot of rain. it's there. so we'll see pockets of that up in the sierra again some mix of rain and snow but around -- you know it looks like you know still some snow showers but nothing compared to yesterday. 40s on the temps and cooler to the north. 50s because of the cloud cover to the south. and you can see the little churning right there and it's still kind of sending in bands but it's now inching towards the east. which will take a lot of that cloud cover with it. so we do have partly cloudy skies here. rain to the south. again lot of that is toward san jose south and santa clara valley or monterey. staying cool and a mix of sun and clouds and probably better this afternoon. partly sunny. a few sprinkles though this
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morning. and i know there's some to the east staying cooler some light rain to the south. staying cool on the temps in fact yesterday we saw about this. maybe just a couple of degrees warmer today. and the extended outlook does show a little bit improving conditions as we head towards wednesday. mostly sunny and it will be warmer. thursday, frill. another system that will clip us maybe some cloud cover but rain will stay north on sunday. all right steve thank you. time now is 4:50. the boston red sox now just one win away from another world series championship. >> that's down into the corner. it is a -- fair ball! it hopped out of play. >> the red sox defeated the cardinals in game five in st. louis last night 3-1. that gay the red sox a 3-2 lead in the series. the world series now heads back to boston's fenway park for game six tomorrow night. the victory would give the red sox their third world series championship in the past ten years. and you can see the game right here on ktvu. our coverage begins at 4:30 tomorrow afternoon after a special edition of the ktvu
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channel 2 news. many fans here in the bay area will be watching petaluma native jonny gomes. he was boston's hero with a game-winning homer in game four. baseball's all time home run champion is fighting for another day in court. lawyers for barry bonds are asking a federal appeals court in san francisco to reconsider its ruling last month. that ruling upheld bonds' 2011 obstruction of justice conviction for his grand jury testimony in the ball koa steroids scandal. he's asking the court to assemble a panel of 11 judges to rehear the case. time now is 4:52. we have new information surrounding the investigation of that nursing home in castro valley. what the owner says she was trying to do before the facility was shut down. >> and a crackdown on halloween celebrations in santa cruz. the reason party goers could face fines.
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welcome back. well, firefighters are trying to figure out what caused a major fire that damaged several buildings in san francisco's mission district. the fire started yesterday afternoon in a residential building on valencia street. fire crews helped people escape but luckily no one was hurt: eight people are now without a place to live. a pilates studio was also
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damaged. restricting the driving privileges for the city gardener accused of a deadly hit and run at holly park. 58-year-old appeared in court yesterday. the judge says he's only allowed to drive when he is taking his children to school or to find work. he has been suspended without pay from his job at racken parks and he is accused of running over and killing christine vandermeer. we are now getting a look inside a castro alley nursing home that -- valley nursing home that's accused of abandoning more than a dozen patients. new information on what the owner says she was trying to do before that facility was shut down. now on saturday, paramedics removed 14 people from the home after someone called for an ambulance. now there were just three staff members there and neighbors say the conditions there have been bad for years. >> the facility and i would hear screaming and yelling and -- things like get me out of here. and help me. this hurts. >> yesterday, speaking through
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her attorney, owner hill daman you'll spent more than $100,000 fixing up the nursing home and she says she was addressing deficiencies found by state inspectors five months ago. now her attorney says the patients were not abandoned there. and that a staff of three is adequate. o.j. simpson's home in florida is going on the auction block today. former football player lived there before going to jail. court records show simpson owes the bank almost $800,000 in principal and interest on that home. a five years ago he was convicted of kidnapping and armed robbery of two sports memorabilia dealers in las vegas. time now is 4:56. and starting today santa cruz police will be cracking down on halloween partiers. police will enforce triple fines for drinking in public leading up to halloween on thursday. fines can cost you about $200 to more than $1,000. an unofficial costume parade is
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expected on halloween night. and take a look at this. baby from kansas city has gone viral with her halloween costume. her parents dressed her up like kansas city chiefs' head coach andy reid. they posted the picture on facebook and it instantly went viral. the costume includes the -- >> oh my gosh. >> headphones and his infamous mustache. we need a jim harbaugh baby as well. many people stay it's a pretty good resemblance. pretty good. >> that's pretty funny. later that kid is not going to be happy with his parents maybe. but -- all right coming up next in our 5:00 hour, the feds target a fremont apartment complex. the department of justice lawsuit involving child play outside the complex. >> also a car crashes into an east bay apartment building. what neighbors heard moments before the accident. >> off to a great start this tuesday morning. we will tell you what mass transit is looking like and here's a live look here at the golden gate bridge. >> well, still some rain/snow mix up in the sierra nevada. for us a couple of little
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sprinkles here but today looks a little better than yesterday but how much warmer? not enough. we'll have -- much. we'll have your forecast coming up.
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we'll tell you why campers are protesting here in dolores
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park in san francisco. we're live in fremont and an apartment complex is being sued by the federal government because it's allegedly not allowing children to do a certain activity. we'll tell you what that is. outrage over the death of a 13-year-old boy shot and killed by a sonoma county sheriff's deputy. the march set to get underway in just a few hours and the reason some people are being encouraged to stay away. also concern about what is lurking in the san francisco bay. the chemical that was found and how it was tied to a common item you may use in your house. all ahead on ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, we want to take you right out to dolores park this morning. we've been watching as people camped out overnight. you can see they are waking up and they are out there -- they're very upset about a plan that the city has to close parks overnight.


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