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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  October 30, 2013 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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here's david freese who struck out his last time 0 for 3. cardinal first baseman without an rbi in this world series. freese, strike one. chopper to third, bogaerts. inning over. what's better, eating your halloween candy now
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>> joe: 6-1 red sox bottom of the eighth. ball one outside. ellsbury has been on base three times with two hits. he reached on an error. 2-0. ellsbury leading off. takes ball three. 3-0. uehara the closer for the red sox getting loose.
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>> tim: one of the few nonsave situations he'll come into. >> joe: choate walks the leadoff man. and on the heels of that walk, erin andrews? >> erin: hello so much. you've been a season ticket holder for 6 ayears. he's never missed a game. what would it be like for you to finally set red sox win a world series game here? >> it's a great feeling. i'm all set in life. if it could justin for next generation and generations to come. >> erin: i have to go back to work. you work at a convenience store across the street that sells hats and shirts. how well do you think you're going to do? >> 65 years i've been doing. that i'll keep doing it as long as i live. i'm 88 years of age. i don't know how long i'll be
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him. he does so much day in and day out for this red sox team. he fouls it away. he has got a streak that's in jeopardy here. he came in having reached base in 20 straight home postseason games. ch is the best streak if franchise history. he was 0 for 3 tonight. make it 0 for 4 with two groundoutouts, two flyouts and waiting for an 0-1 from trevor rosenthal. and a check on ellsbury. here is the 0-1 pitch. shot to second. out at second.
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and we came into this game talking about the pitching and the matchup of the kid and the veteran and tonight it was the veteran, john lackey. and he's been just like this really all postseason. >> tim: he is brilliant throughout the postseason. the biggest game is a clincher tonight for his start. he did his work giving up only one run in six and two-thirds. but that game he pitched against detroit, he'll never forget that game. you ask him in 25, 30 years, what was the best game you ever pitched, he'll answer game three in detroit. >> the series was tied at a game apiece. it was coming on the heels of this man, david ortiz hitting that game tying grand slam in game two.
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steve horn was talking during the break about how david ortiz, with saves like this, is clearly -- that will be a balk. rosenthal stumblings coming off. before he could let go of the baseball. >> tim: looked like he got his spike hung up on the pitching rubber. and mike matheny out to make sure he is all right. you can break an ankle like that. >> joe: he said he was fine. he was telling matheny and greg hock to stay in the dugout. just to finish the point about david ortiz with what he's done at the plate, steve was saying that you look at what jon lester has done on the mound in this world series, he's 2-0. one earned run.
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15 and a third innings pitched. and in the matchup of the aces, he got the better of adam wainwright not once but twice in this world series. and now after the balk, he takes the bat out of the hands of david ortiz. >> he's been walked three times now intentionally this evening. scoring two runs in the third and fourth innings. i think i'd give it to ortiz. that would be my vote right now. but jon lester, why would the red sox be without jon lester? the answer is you don't know. >> joe: the series was tied at two apiece. lester beat wainwright in game five. and now boston three defensive
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outs from their eighth championship in franchise history. coming up on america's new 24 hours sports network, fox sports 1, live postgame coverage from fenway. lebron and philly and allen tifr iverson officially retires. there is a celebration here after tonight's game. it will be covered and covered well. two on, one out for napoli. strike one. napoli has two hits in this world series. one was a three-run double in game one. and the other, an rbi hit in the fourth inning tonight.
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strike two. >> tim: the world series team in recent memory made more economic use of their base hits than the red sox in this series. >> joe: out of play. >> joe: napoli trying to avoid striking out for the fourth time tonight. two on, one out. 0-2 the count. ball one.
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>> joe: here's the 1-2. 2-2. >> joe: now 2-2. full count. with three intentional walks handed to ortiz tonight, ties a world series record. barry bonds and albert pujols the other two. here's the 3-2. strikeout for the second out. we said it a couple times already tonight. if it happens here tonight, the
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red sox will clinch a world series here at home for the first time in 95 years. and a couple of notes. final game back in 1918 with a win over the cubs was on september 11, as you read. regular season ended on september 2 due to the world war i work or fight order. with two on, two out. here is jonny gomes. strike one. eight strong innings and game four win. and there's the clifrnler, september 11th. game six, 2-1 win. behind carl mays. >> tim: here it is 9 ayears late eastern the red sox worked and fought to get this far.
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>> joe: and every round of the postseason -- here's a comebacker to rosenthal and now they're three outs away from their eighth championship in franchise history. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ on a pretzel bun.en? pretzel bun!! wendy's new pretzel pub chicken. lightly breaded chicken with melted cheddar sauce
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>> joe: there's a team photo of the 1918 boston red sox. uehara takes over and finds strike one on jon jay. seven saves. an e.r.a. of .71. a big reason why the red sox are in this position. jay, pops it into left center. it's gomes. one away. here's descalso with the red sox won that 1918 world series, they were a perfect 5-0 in world series play. and the clincher, babe ruth entered as a defensive replacement in the eighth
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inning. and it wouldn't be another world championship for 86 years. >> tim: babe ruth was known for defense, right? >> joe: here's a strike one-and-one on descalso. the 86-year drought ended in 2004. the four-game sweep over the cardinals. that's strike two. red sox try to win their third world series the past ten years now. descalso pops it up. gomes is there again. two out.
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>> joe: these great red sox fans have not seen a world series clinching victory here at fenway. there's not anybody in the stadium tonight who's ever seen it. strike one on carpenter. one ball, one strike. check swing. he held up, 2-1. great pitching by lackey, tazawa, workman. big night at the plate for
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victorino. that has ripped foul. 2-2. >> that caught a piece of beltran in the on-deck-circle.
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>> joe: the dh is ready to celebrate and so are these fans. it hasn't happened at fenway park for 95 years! the red sox are world champions!
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>> joe: let's go down to ken rosenthal. >> ken: shane this is the first red sox team to win a world series at fenway park since 1918. how much did you talk about that, the idea of making history? >> you know, honestly with this team, we focus all year long. our goal from day one was to be the best team that we could possibly be. we wanted to end up here. we worked hard every single day. hey, we're world champs. i can't believe it! >> ken: shane, you won a world series. we all know what happened here in april in the marathon. how much more meaningful is it to win this series in this park in this city? >> hey, all i know isser that affected in the tragedy. boston strong! thank you very much.
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that's all i got to say. >> ken: now what about your b e bases loaded at bat. you've had magic in the postseason. >> my parents always told me, take every moment, live every moment, love every moment. i just said hey, i got another moment. i missed two games. time to shine. do what can you. i was able to get in a good hitter's count. put the ball up the wall. enjoy it. >> ken: congratulations. now over to erin andrews. >> erin: kenny, thanks so much i'm here with john lackey who told me back in st. louis it's taken 11 years to get back here. and you also said you weren't going to put it in perspective until it's over. all right. it's over. what does this mean? >> we're going to have some fun tonight. it was awesome atmosphere here tonight. and the guys on the team are so awesome. i'm really fired up. just to be a part of this. pretty cool. >> erin: take a minute. listen to these fans. you've been through a lot here
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in boston, johnment how does that sound? >> sounds pretty good. >> erin: one more question we promised to let you go. we saw you fighting your manager, as always, you didn't want to come off the mound. what did you say to him as you took an exit? >> i can't say all of that. but i wanted to stay in there. i wanted to get that last out. didn't work out. taz came in and did a great job. the rest of the guys in the bull pen shut it down. great team win for a great team. >> erin: great job by you. over you to. >> we're here with johnny goem. you just instructed me what to ask you. team was 10-1 with you starting in the postseason. how does that happen? >> there are a lot of numbers and stuff. you know the whole war stat. but we were going to play-offs, you know, it's -- you want me to
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go to war with. to, man, i work inside of museums but this is the loudest the museum has been in a long time. >> ken: jonny gomes, you told me the other night that if the red sox won the world series at fenway park on the first time in 95 years you would be one of the biggest wins in sports history. why did you say that? >> well, i'm a believer in as soon as we went to for the meyers the movie is renting. . all we have to do is press play and this is what happens. >> ken: the atmosphere here tonight, fans chanting, cheering all night long, on their feet. how you would describe it? >> well, i think i screwed up if i decided to describe it with words. i'll describe it with actions when this place is rocking and rolling. >> ken: congratulations. >> right on. >> joe: wm said. by the starting left fielder here tonight. as ken said, the redd sox 10-1
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when he gets a start in the outfield. here's the final out an a strikeout. such a big part of the championship here with the red sox. the celebration is on at fenway park! >> joe: david ortiz the likely mvp. the presence in that lineup. jon lester so good on the mound. the bull pen worked. the timely hits. the defensive work. the job by guys like pedroia and stephen drew. pedroia got his second. ortiz has got his third. and so do these red sox fans over the last ten years. we'll come back. [ male announcer ] the world series trophy
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