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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  November 4, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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first. this week looks pretty quiet. we do get am northerly breeze especially out to the valley and yesterday's system cooled us down. we picked up a bit of a wind gust here and there. it will be sunny today. a little bit of snow up in the sierra nevada. northerly breeze today. yesterday some of the gusts were okay. nothing like what we had a week ago. point rays 40 miles an hour. so nothing we have ever seen before. today there will still be some of the higher elevations. around fairfield, i would say travis vacaville out to antioch. 32 until napa. 51 antioch. breeze, breeze no breeze. again you could go a block away and find no breeze. there goes our system sweeping through. sunny and breezy today. a northerly breeze especially
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again points east in some of the higher elevations. 50s, 60s, and 70s. we'll see a lot of 60s today. here is sal. steve, good morning. we are looking at a commute that still looks pretty good. we have been looking around for road work but we don't have a lot. we've been watching the commutes especially the the bay bridge we watch it very closely for you. until major problems coming into the city right now. also looking at the commute here on the east shore freeway, that is a very nice looking drive heading west out to the mccarthur maze. if you are driving in san jose northbound 280 is looking good. now let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. topping our news this morning developing news out of san francisco where a man in a wheelchair is dead after being hit by a car. ktvu channel 2 reporter katie utehs is joining us live from the scene. good morning, katie. >> reporter: good morning. the man in the wheelchair was heading east on market.
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so toward downtown. let me step out of the way and show you this busy intersection. you really see the cars zooming through right now. now that its back open. you can see some of the debris still in the roadway and the orange markings there are where the wheelchair landed. here's some of the video that we shot over night as san francisco police department investigators photographed the wreckage around 3:00 this morning. police say the man crossing in the wheelchair died at the hospital shortly after the midnight collision. you can see it took several officers to load the custom wheelchair into the police truck. but police are not says much about the victim at this point. the driver of the car involved stayed on scene. he did not want to be interviewed by us. police are not releasing any details about him either. from what i saw he appeared to be wearing a security guard jacket. he seemed shaken but coherent.
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investigators would not say if the driver was speeding or who had the right of way. >> we had a fatal collision involving a vehicle and a person in a wheelchair. and the rest is under investigation. >> reporter: investigators closed the onramp for nearly four hours. we watched many drivers coming dunnocktive yeah toward the freeway -- down octavia toward the freeway. cycling activists called this the most dangerous intersection for cyclists and pedestrians. you can see some of the efforts to catch the speeding drivers that run the red lights. there are cameras all over this intersection and violators could face a $238 fine. those new changes went into effect november 1st. live in san francisco katie utehs ktvu channel 2 news. today the family of a santa rosa teenager fatally shot is
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set to file a federal lawsuit against the county. the controversial shooting happened two weeks ago in santa rosa. 13-year-old andy lopez was shot and killed while carrying a toy gun that looked like an assault rifle. the civil rights lawsuit claims the sheriffs department encourages the use of deadly force even when there is no threat to public safety. the sheriffs office says this investigation is still in the early stages and calls the lawsuit premature. a special city council session is being held tonight in clover dale. city leaders plan to discuss the crosswalk where two boys were hit on halloween night and a woman was hit and killed back in july. the boys as ages 12 and 13 were hit by a pickup truck. they suffered broken bones and a concussion but are recovering. the driver told police he did not see them in the street. police who live in the area says the intersection is too dark. new information on the desperate search for a missing
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man in san francisco. police now hope a surveillance photo from mcdonalds restaurant could provide an important lead in this mysterious case. it was taken an halloween. investigators say it shows a man using a credit card belonging to 23-year-old palo neto. several days earlier his mother and sister in brazil received a panicked phone call from him. >> saying he was in trouble and some people were following him. and he was hiding from those people. >> neto has been missing for a week. we are learning more about the alleged gunman in the deadly shooting at lax. pleasance yeah was shot four -- paul san yeah was shot four
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times. before going to -- nay arrived 45 minutes after he left for the airport. a woman who knows the shooter and does not want to be identified spoke to cnn about what may have caused ciancia to open fire. >> all the nsa findings that came out this year he was upset about it. >> now this morning ciancia is heavily sedated in a hospital. he is being watched around the clock by an armed guard. today students in the novato school district will return to class with increased security on cameras. campus. the cameras are mounted on the exteriors on building. they are not inside classrooms, bathrooms, or other buildings.
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the cameras will help keep students safe. ed lee will be talking with people near the twitter building today as the company prepares to go public this week. the mayor plans to begin his walk at 10:00 this morning at the corner of market and tenth street. he hopes to hear from people who live and work in the area. he wants to though what they think about twitter's initial public offering. the mayor may not hear a lot of support. the new associated press poll shows 36% of americans believe investing in twitter would be a good investment. there sam report that the oakland a's could play next season at the home of the san francisco giants. if the a's can't come to terms on a new contract at the oakland coliseum, major league baseball would help the a's move across the bay and play at
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at & t park. negotiations on the lease extension have been going on for more than six months. barts board of directors will hold a special meeting in the next two weeks to vote on the agreement. the unions voted on friday to approve the deal. the board is expected to ratify the contract at the next meeting. it calls for a pay increase over 16%. and the palo alto city council will meet tonight to discuss changes to cal train. they are looking into a study to find out the cost of digging some under passes and trenches. under the new design high speed rail and cal train will share two tracks on the peninsula. many people say they like the idea of digging. they are concerned about trains and cars both running at street level. the california high speed rail authority says it would
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increase cost and engineering implications. new sections of the old eastern span of the bay bridge will start to come down soon. crews have been working since the new span opened on labor day weekend. the demolition has been divided into three parts and the public is expected to see sections being removed starting this week. the complete dismantling is expected to take overall three years and cost $239 million. a massive recovery project is discovered this afternoon. this is a photo of a partially submerged tug boat called captain l. the boat has been routing for decades and today the epa is expected to raise the 100-foot tug. the raising of the tug is part of the larger effort to clean up the estuary and get harmful con tanments out of the watt -- con con tanments out of the
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water. new casino opens up in roanoke park tomorrow. its expected to draw an additional 40,000 cars to the streets and the freeways. extra patrols will be called in to work with local police and officers are encolonelling visitors to take back roads to get to the casino. >> use alternative routes. plan your trip. don't just say hey, let's go to the casino and hop off the only exits you know. >> when the thunder valley casino opened outside of sacramento ten years ago, traffic on nearby roads
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increased by 90%. 4:40 is the time right now. new proposal being taken up today that could bring changes at workplaces across the country. a big scare for players and fans. we'll have an update on the condition of the texans head coach after he collapsed on the field. good morning. right now traffic is doing pretty well if you are driving on 80 westbound heading out to the maze. but we are watching for it to start slowing down. skies are clear but the breeze has picked up. especially some of the highest elevations.
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houston texans head coach gary kubiak. the coach collapsed just after halftime during last nights football game against the
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colts. defensive coordinator wade phillips spoke after the game. they responded by putting kubiak on a stretcher and wheeling him to an ambulance. >> we are all very worried. >> our thoughts and prayers are with coach and we pray for obviously hope that its nothing serious and he gets back to health. >> >> kubiak was conscious and with his family when he was taken to the hospital. that accident happened last night as the train was pull into the downtown davis station. it was headed from the bay area to sacramento. there were 314 passengers on the train at the time but no one else was hurt. an investigation under way at the fraternity in davis. someone tried to blow up the house with natural gas while
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students were sleeping inside. students at the fraternity woke up to the smell of gas and a small fire inside. police believe someone turned on the stove filling the home with natural gas. the explosion could have wiped out that house and others nearby. time is 4:45. friends and family are remembering a nevada math teacher who died trying to save his students during a school shooting. >> you have always been here and your friends and family knew that. but now the whole world knows. >> reporter: students say michael was trying to talk the 12-year-old gunman into surrendering when he was shot in the chest last month. two students were hurt but are expected to survive. he is a former marine and laid to rest with full military honors including a 21 gun salute. tomorrow voters in sunnyvale will decide whether to support tougher gun laws.
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guns in people's homes would have to be kept locked up. ammunition sellers would keep buyers names for two years and ammunition magazines with more than ten rounds would be banned. despite the issues with the website -- according to the new poll from the kizer family foundation, 55% of people surveyed now say they have enough information to understand. edward snowden wants the u.s. to drop the charges against him. snowden has been charged with federal crimes for leaking classified u.s. documents. he released a letter asking for international help to persuade u.s. authorities to let him off the hook. snowden says he would like to testify before congress about the nsa surveillance programs.
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california senator dianne feinstein says he's already had his chance. >> he had an opportunity if what he was was a whistle blower to pick up the phone and call the house intelligence committee, the senate intelligence committee, and say look, i have information you ought to see. that didn't happen. >> the documents snowden has released about the nsa surveillance programs around the world have angered many u.s. allies. a high-tech research firm said the information on spying could have an economic impact of $180 billion a year in lost income. reportedly the revelations have made companies around the world wary of doing business with american internet firms. time is 4:48. let's go to sal. how is your weekend? how is traffic? >> both good.
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right now. as a matter of fact. the weekend was over quick but we had that extra hour and people may be taking advantage of that time. as we look at the bay bridge westbound it is light out of oakland into san francisco. no major problems. also the slow traffic that we normally see approaching the bridge is not there just yet. if you are driving on 880 north and southbound the traffic here does look good. we don't have any road work to worry about on the sunol grade as well. also we are looking at northbound 280 in san jose. its off to a good starlet. clear skies now. a little breezy. some of the higher elevations. our system went by yesterday. maybe a little breezy to windy out in the valley. i know we have 37 in pleasant hill. there is no breeze. or there is a breeze. it will still be breezy in the hills on the coast. 20-30 miles an hour. i think from fairfield, antioch east there is some pretty good
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northerly breezes. also out toward sacramento valley. it will be a sunny day today. temperatures its tough to warm up. north wind will help. there will be a lot of upper 50s to low 70s. 36 walnut creek. 50 fairfield. there is your difference. 32 napa. they get a north wind right there. it will be cold on the coast. half-moon bay 37 degrees. novato with a northwest wind at 12. again you can probably go a couple blocks away and see 35 degrees. northwest 13. that will do it. fairfield has a little easterly breeze. skies will be clear today. lots of sunshine. again the days are very short. a little warmer tuesday and wednesday. we will get a slight offshore breeze. everything looks good. a cold morning for most. sunny breezy. some of the higher elevations might be windy. cold morning unless you have that north wind. temperatures 50s an 60s and 70s today. i think everyone will be close on these temps today.
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in fact we will see upper 60s to very low 70s. unless you are by the bay and you will get mid 60s. brentwood 72. 68 livermore. that is the time of year you can get the same temps. 67 san jose. santa cruz might be pretty good today. low 70s. 68 santa clara. and 60s on the peninsula. mid low 60s really. cold morning. sunny. sunny all the way into wednesday. and a little cooler the system moves into the north thursday and friday. nothing on saturday looks okay. clouds increase on sunday. this time next week rain. reports of a global wine shortage may have come too soon. morgan stanley released predictions of a wine shortage. the short fall is due to bad weather and fewer vineyards. but wine makers say they have already seen above average yields. >> i think over all california in general is doing pretty
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good. >> last year we produced about 1600 cases. this year we are producing about 2100 cases. >> many of the wine makers in this region agree demand is up but so far production is keeping pace. they say fear of a shortage could be based in europe. time is 4:51. coming up a push to shut down an east bay bar. what has so many oakland residents on high alert and the reason the bars owner says closing its doors isn't the answer. and new information about the is mission in space.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. some people who live near oakland's piedmont avenue are calling on the city to close down a bar after two shootings in one week. neighbors say a man was shot saturday after getting into a close fight on piedmont. a customer was also shot last weekend while walking to his car. the family that runs the bar has installed security cameras and hired security guards. >> it definitely concerns me. its people's lives and safety at stake. in addition it hurts the reputation of the bar. it hurts the reputation of the neighborhood. >> the man who was shot on saturday is in critical but stable condition. police do not believe the two
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shootings are related. san jose police are trying to make progress in the fight against gang violence. which included putting more officers on the street during high crime periods of the day. from january through september police say there were eight gang related homicides. that is six fewer than the year before. over all there have been 193 gang related crimes through september. that is compared to 228 of last year. with the upcoming retirement of the police officer in charges vicious dog unit is unclear. in july of 2010 the vicious dog unit was called in on this case when they were attacking people. last year the unit handled 823 reported dog bites. now the officer in charge john denny is in his last six months on the job. san francisco police say they will wait for a replacement officer. cell phone thefts in san francisco have been on the rise
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but police reports show the epidemic could be slowing down. in october that number dropped 84. san francisco police say the decrease could be due to officers dressed in plane clothes patrolling the hot spots. or the public could be smarter with how they are using their smart phones. >> you should keep your hands on your phone and aware of your surroundings. >> there is still room for improvement. that is why san francisco's da says he has teamed up with leaders from other states asking cell phone providers to offer better security features. nasa will announce the latest findings from the kepler space mission. kepler telescope launched four years ago. its designed to find earth
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sized planets. they have analyzed the information. kepler has found more than 130 planets outside of our solar system. coming up police investigate a deadly accident on the streets of san francisco. the new information we have learned. also major new development. a star at the center of a bullying case. traffic is moving along pretty well if you are driving on the golden gate bridge. we're watching closely to make sure that things don't get slow in a hurry. its clear and cold for some. a little breezy. not too bad for others. it will be sunny today but some of the high temperatures we'll show them for you coming up.
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we're live in san francisco where a man in a wheelchair was struck and killed in the crosswalk at a busy intersection. i will tell you what is being done to help stop red light runners. police just missed him at his home by minutes. the new information about the gunman accused in the deadly shooting at lax. plus another big challenge for gay rights advocates. the new proposal being taken up
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today that targets discrimination at the workplace. and the oakland a's could be playing all of their home games at at & t park in san francisco. we'll tell you why the team according to one report could be ditching the coliseum and moving across the bay. good morning. we want to take you out to san francisco. this is actually considered one of the most dangerous intersections in the city you can see how fast cars travel through that area. this is octavian market. fatal accident overnight. a man in a wheelchair. we will take you out there in a moment. thank you for waking up with us on this monday morning november 4th i'm pam cook. >> and good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. steve how does it look? >> it looks clear and cold for some. a little breezy for he


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