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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  November 6, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. >> a young bay area mother is finally able to smile tonight after an amber alert leads to the recovery of her newborn baby at a border crossing. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. a young father is in custody and a young mother awaiting the return of her newborn baby after a kidnapping ordeal in the desert southwest. we get new information from ktvu's ken wayne live in sunnyvale where he spoke to the mother tonight after our 6:00
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news. >> reporter: there is a very relieved mother tonight, but she's still waiting to find out when she'll see her baby boy again. surrounded by loved ones, patricia romero said through an interpreter tonight the last 24 hours have been very hard. translator: i was really afraid i wouldn't be able to see him again. i was really scared. >> reporter: her 2-week-old son henry was allegedly abducted by the boy's father 20- year-old mesut guler. after several reported sightings in the san diego area guler and his son were found in mexico. >> we're currently waiting for the mexican authorities to turn over the suspect and the child over to u.s. border agents at the lukeville, arizona border crossing. >> reporter: sunnyvale authorities are trying to learn how guler got into mexico through arizona undetected by
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u.s. border patrol agents. >> the u.s. border patrol was notified of the amber alert and it was placed into the computer system as wanted. that's something we'll have to figure out in our investigation. >> reporter: it was only after guler ran into a second check point deeper into mexico that mexican authorities learned he was wanted. >> based on the interview they had with him, they contacted the u.s. border patrol at the lukeville substation, provided his name to those authorities and discovered that he had a $1 million arrest warrant. translator: i'm really happy and really thankful for the police and the people that helped me to find my baby. >> reporter: the mother is waiting to find out when her young son will be returned home. sunnyvale authorities are also waiting to find out when their suspect will be extradited to the bay area. live in sunnyvale ken wayne, ktvu ktvu channel 2 news. two arson fires tonight in castro valley after a recent
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string of suspicious fires. these latest fires burned trees, brush and debris. the first fire was reported at almond and walnut roads at 6:00 tonight. then an hour later a second fire burned brush and trees behind homes in the 17000 block of almond. firefighters and police tell us there have been at least 10 other suspicious fires in the past month. neighbors say they're worried that more than trees and brush will burn next time. an oakland woman is dead tonight and her twin sister is hospitalized after their car was nearly split in two when it crashed into a tree. it happened just after 7:30 on eastbound 580 near the keller avenue exit. a 3-year-old baby was in the back seat of the car. the chp says the baby appeared unhurt but was tape to the hospital as a precaution -- taken to the hospital as a precaution. the mother is from san leandro and is expected to survive. the driver died. investigators still don't know what caused her to lose control of the car.
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2 investigates tonight drivers crossing bay area bridges for free, it's a multi- million dollar problem we first exposed last week. tonight we obtained new data showing the loophole is big are and costlier. ktvu's jana katsuyama is live right now with how toll takers there allowed even more people to get a free ride. >> reporter: this loophole has existed for years and i've learned it's getting bigger. under the freedom of information act i obtained data from the golden gate district that shows just how many are crossing this toll plaza for free. it's $6, five if you have fastrak, the toll that every noncommercial driver is supposed to pay when they drive across the golden gate bridge, but our investigation and our cameras have found that drivers with no license plates or with those ununtraceable cardboard dealer plates can drive through without paying. >> i think that's pretty unfair because i pay tolls every time
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i go across. >> everyone should pay their fair share. >> reporter: the data we obtained shows a huge spike in offenders at the golden gate bridge. in 2011 there were about 80,000 no plate violations. in 2012 that jumped to 108,000 this year that has more than doubled to 224,000 that's just through october. bridge officials say the rise in violations is likely due to the switch in march from toll booth workers to all electronic tolling. >> prior to all electronic tolling they were stopping and paying their toll and now there is a larger number of people crossing the golden gate bridge without paying. >> reporter: toll money going uncollected to the tune of $1.2 million this year at the golden gate and as much as 6.1 million a year for the other seven bay area bridges, money lost through a loophole just as the golden gate district considers increasing the toll to cover a projected budget deficit. >> closing that loophole would be a huge success in california.
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>> reporter: transit officials tell me all that lost toll revenue is offset by fines paid by separators who are caught. still unless lawmaker -- by violators who are caught. still unless lawmakers make some sort of change like requiring temporary numbered plates this loophole in the law will remain open. live in san francisco jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. >> more details, there are three ways to comply with the law and pay the toll if you do not have a license plate. use a fastrak transponder, make a one time online payment with a credit card or make a one time payment at a cash location. now to wall street where the dow reached a new record high today. the dow gained 128 points beating its previous record high that was set last tuesday. investors are banking on the fed's continued stimulus plan. the nasdaq didn't fare quite as well losing seven points today. at 10:30 twitter meets wall street, how the success of the social media giant is fueling
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tomorrow's highly anticipated ipo. an 18-year-old oakland high school student is facing skin grafts for burns to his legs after someone set him on fire deliberately. tonight police are looking for two witnesses. monday night police say a 16- year-old set luke fleischmann on fire as he slept on an ac transit bus. he goes by the name sasha and was wearing a skirt at the time. police say two men came to his aid putting out the fire but they left the area before police could interview them. an online fundraiser was set up to help pay for fleischmann's medical bills and today it passed its goal raising more than $21,000. sunnyvale officials say if all goes as planned strict new gun regulations approved by voters could go into effect by january. the new rules require gun owners to keep weapons stored safely and report lost or stolen guns within 48 hours.
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gun stores must track anyone buying ammunition and the law prohibits sale or possession of ammunition magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. the nra has threatened to sue, but sunnyvale officials tell us they have seen nothing so far. now to san francisco where some call the voters' rejection of a waterfront condo complex a shot across the bow for developers of the golden state warriors planned arena. the proposal calls for a huge complex on piers 30 and 32. opponents are concerned about the height of the arena and want the waterfront kept open for public use. still they concede there are major differences between the warriors' projects and the eight washington development that voters rejected. >> unlike eight washington which was primarily luxury condos for very high end private use, that's an example like the giants ballpark of something that includes a real public use, entertainment and sports. >> community activist john bollinger says developers will have to work with residents to create something voters want. he says there may be a sense
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the warriors project is a done deal, but voter led initiatives can determine whether a project moves forward or not. the biggest college football game of the year on the west coast is set to kick off tomorrow night at stanford stadium and since it's a weeknight palo alto police are preparing for the possibility of gridlock during the evening commute. new at 10:00 ktvu's amber lee live at stanford where all the excitement seems to be mixed with some inconvenience. amber? >> reporter: we're just outside the stadium. the gates will open to fans at 4 p.m. freshly cut grass and a new coat of paint for the much anticipated game between the stanford cardinals and the oregon ducks. espn crews are setting up cameras here ready to shine the national spotlight on palo alto. the band practiced till about an hour ago readying themselves for an anticipated crowd of over 51,000 fans, a turnout almost guaranteed to cause
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traffic congestion. stanford told employees they can leave work early to alleviate some of the backup. >> hoping for the best. we'll see how it goes of. >> reporter: school officials tell us they're working in partnership with palo al tomorrow police to direct traffic. that's -- palo alto police to direct traffic. workers at the sheraton hotel at el camino tell me all rooms have been sold out since sunday. >> we're excited about the game. >> reporter: when did you get in? >> early this morning and just been imagining out and getting in the mood for the -- hanging out and getting in the mood for the game. >> reporter: back on campus as students prepared merchandise for tomorrow's game, we saw this rv arrive to camp overnight and start the tailgate party early. >> this is a big game, no. 2 in the nation versus no. 5. if you're going to do it, you might as well go big. >> reporter: school officials say the game sold out in august and even standing room tickets at 90 to $110 each are gone.
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school officials advise people to get here as early as they can to try to ease congestion. parking is $20 per vehicle. live at stanford amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. bay area police officers throw jabs on facebook, the explicit remarks getting them in trouble. >> great weather is making its way to the bay area, the cool spots and the big changes i'm tracking for your extended forecast. >> next police know their faces and their names, so why are these thieves still on the loose? we reveal what's holding back an arrest. [ man ] it's big.
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new developments in a home burglary caught on camera, we've obtained crystal clear video from police showing two young men going through a home in the south bay. police say they know who their suspects are and have surveillance videos you just saw to prove it. >> ktvu maureen naylor is live to explain why no one has been arrested. >> reporter: police say staffing shortages are hindering arrests which is why they hope the video we're about to show you will help. the south san jose home was empty last morning but cameras rolled as the first burglar crawls into the room. >> they're doing that because they feel as though there might be some motion sensors inside the house. >> reporter: it doesn't take long before the thief looks
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around, then starts rifling through the desk. he even turns around toward the camera unaware it was clearly capturing his face and he wasn't alone. you then see another young man crawl into the room. the two talking and at times smiling before nine minutes later they love with backs of stole -- leave with bags of stolen goods including electronics. >> it's disgusting, you know. these guys keep coming back. >> reporter: tonight we showed the video to frustrated residents of the neighborhood near the 101 in hilliard. you don't think they'll be arrested? >> no, no, no. >> reporter: why? >> who is going to go get them? >> reporter: we also watched the video with san jose police who say officers in pleasanton identified the two as 16-year- olds, but two weeks later they remain on the run. >> there's only a few detectives in that unit right now of. >> reporter: the san jose police say its burglary unit at headquarters went from eight detectives to two in the last
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two years. now sorting through more than 400 reports a month. >> going out and hunting down individuals that are wanted, there just really isn't the time for them to do that. >> reporter: one neighbor who didn't want to appear on camera showed us his brand-new surveillance system with night vision while other residents wonder if weapons are a better deterrent. >> if it continues on, somebody is going to end up getting hurt that breaks in a house because the people are just getting fed up. >> reporter: the teens tonight remain on the run and are thought to be hiding. police say patrol units are actively looking for them. however, they say that comes after higher priority 911 calls. maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. new information about a man shot and killed while riding in a car in san francisco south of market district. the medical examiner's office identifies him as 22-year-old jeremy buenaluz of fairfield,
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one of four people inside a toyota camry hit by gunfire at third and bryant early this morning. the car crashed. no arrests were made. there are reports tonight the notorious drug selling website silk road reappeared on the so-called deep web. the new site is dubbed skilling road 2.0 and is said to look like -- silk road 2.0 and is said to look like this. fors said the new site has dubbed the right. he glenn park. photographs of a suspected bank robber from police in brentwood. the man walked up to a teller at bank of the west shortly
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after noon yesterday said to be in his late teens or early 20s wearing an oakland a's baseball cap. he had a piercing below his lower lip and a short goatee and wire ripped glasses. anyone who recognizes him is asked to call brentwood police. in menlo park police are looking for witnesses to a deadly crash that killed a couple nearly two weeks ago. kamal and balbir singh were hit while walking their dog. 54-year-old marjorie reitzell facing dui charges and manslaughter. her blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit. police were told a man driving a white ford explorer witnessed the crash and they would like to talk to him or any other witnesses. what you say on your personal facebook page can get you in trouble with your boss. the latest example, three san jose police officers. as ktvu's john fowler reports now, they are being investigated for comments about a city councilman.
10:18 pm
>> reporter: san jose police confirm an internal investigation. three officers including one sergeant posted comments on facebook a week ago. this is officer tim ramos' public facebook page. he criticized councilman johnny khamis for not attending a memorial in his district for slain officer jeffrey fontana. sergeant rick foster replied f that pos. officer robert mccalavy quoted i concur followed by profanity. >> i think the council member need to get a grip and toughen up a bit. we've got real problems. >> reporter: the department's concern is the posts are timestamped and the duty manual prohibits personal activities while on duty. >> council members thank you for all that you do. >> reporter: relations between san jose city officials and police are strained. pay cuts have veteran officers leaving. the substation remains unopened and new academy grads are going to other cities. councilman khamis was elected on a platform of police pension
10:19 pm
reform. khamis himself posted in the facebook conversation he was unaware of the memorial asking for the benefit of the doubt. khamis declined my interview request sending a written statement in part, "it is the chief's responsibility to maintain decorum and discipline in this department and ensure his officers act in a professional manner at all time." officers ask if this investigation send a good recruiting message. >> you want to go to a place where you don't have the right to say anything on or off duty for 30 years? >> reporter: whether these officers were on or off duty could be the crucial department. the police department declined specific comment on this investigation. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. lots of clouds showing up this afternoon and they're still filtering into the bay area, so it's mostly cloudy throughout the bay area right now. these clouds will be around tomorrow morning and as they linger in the morning, it will keep temperatures warmer than they have been.
10:20 pm
here's what the forecast does at 7 a.m. with the clouds, overnight lows, low 40s, chilly but shouldn't see too many 30s because the cloud cover will keep things a little warmer. as i roll it further we'll bring in the isotherm map and look at the temperatures tomorrow, slightly cooler. yellows are 70s. greens are 60s. we'll have a little more cloud cover, hence cooler daytime highs tomorrow, still nice, sun in the afternoon. i'm back at 10:45. in the five-day forecast i've got some rain to show you. google breaks its silence on that mysterious barge being built in the bay. >> then at 10:30 san francisco sheriff admits mistakes in the search for a missing hospital patient, the changes now being made. >> but up first a ktvu camera captured this sight in the past 40 minutes, the fire that lit up a bay area freeway ramp. when our little girl was born,
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new video of a vehicle fire alongside a busy freeway. a van caught fire in oakland on the broadway off ramp from interstate 880. everybody got out safely. fire crews responded in a couple minutes and put out the flames. families of children molested by a daycare worker say they want to protect others from the same nightmare. they filed a civil lawsuit against the south bay church and daycare center where that convicted man works. only on 2 ktvu's robert honda spoke with one of the families about their anger and heartbreak. >> reporter: the families of the children allegedly molested by daycare worker keith woodhouse showed up unexpectedly at the start of a civil lawsuit in san jose today of one mother talked to me about the pain her family suffered after enduring a criminal trial that ended last month with woodhouse found guilty of 30 counts of lewd and
10:24 pm
lascivious conduct on children under 14, mainly touching girls for sexual purposes. >> it has really destroyed our family. >> reporter: woodhouse is expected to take the stand in the civil trial. the lawsuit by the families targets woodhouse's employers, child development incorporated and first baptist church of san jose known as church on the hill. >> they betrayed our trust and as a result of this lawsuit, i would never want another childor family to go through what we are going through now. >> reporter: their attorneys compare it to penn state calling it another case where the institution did not do enough to protect children in terms of supervision or background checks. attorney robert allard said the families seek unspecified monetary damages but are more interested in changing the system. >> making sure that when children are with entities that care for children and there's a pedophile in their midst they have measures in place to find out who they are and get rid of them. >> reporter: attorneys for the defendants declined to comment but said they will later.
10:25 pm
the jury trial is expected to take at least two weeks. special arrangements will have to be made before sentencing on november 22nd and woodhouse is sent to prison. robert honda, ktvu channel 2 news. a check on a paroleee led to his arrest on human trafficking charges in south san francisco. police say 207-year-old shawn hensley -- 27-year-old shawn hensley of vallejo was holding a woman against her will and forced her into prostitution. hensley was charged with pimping and pandering and his parole was revoked. plans are moving forward for a large residential development project in dub len. the city wants to develop 189 lakers -- dublin. the city wants to develop 189 acres. last night the city council voted unanimously to use some of that land for the dublin crossing project. plans call for building up to 2,000 homes, an elementary school and retail space. work is expected to begin next
10:26 pm
year. google finally provided a bit of information birth mystery barge off treasure island -- about its mystery barge off treasure island. this will be used as an interactive space where people can learn about new technology, but no specifics were given. speculation has been swirling the barge could be a floating event center, a data storage facility or even a store for google glass. a similar barge is sitting off the coast of maine. gate to gate with your electronic devices, the major airline now on board. >> plus mistakes in the search for a missing hospital patient and admission that initial information was very wrong. >> can twitter translate its success into a successful ipo? >> and get ktvu news to go. download the app. click the live icon and you can watch all of our newscasts live right on your mobile device. his is h >> closed captioning for the 10:00 news is brought to you by
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there's no doubt it's the hottest ipo of the year. san francisco's twitter will make its debut on the new york stock exchange tomorrow and ktvu's heather holmes live outside twitter headquarters tonight with all the hype and the hope. twitter? excuse me, heather? >> reporter: hi, frank. a lot of people have twitter on their mind. here we are the night before the company goes public and while there is a lot of excitement, many are wondering will be it #lucrative or osing? superstars use the social media site to connect with fans. lady gaga uses tweets to connect with 40 million followers. even his holiness pope francis tweets. while twitter can help celebrities reach the masses, can it make money? >> twitter can't just plaster lots of banner ads on its screen like facebook. they've got to find other ways to make money.
10:30 pm
they can put promoted tweets into the stream of content people see. >> reporter: twitter is a free service and relies on advertising revenue to generate profits. while analysts agree it has become a powerful platform with it's more than 200 million users, twitter has yet to reach the financial milestone of profitability. still as the closing bell rings at the new york stock exchange talk grew of twitter's power and potential and today the company which had been planning to sell 70 million shares in a range of 17 to $20 sent out a tweet raising the price to 26. would you invest in twitter? >> not right away of. >> reporter: miles novak shares the same sentiment as some on wall street who struggle to value a social media company with a novel business model. >> they only have a whole bunch of people that visit their site. >> reporter: a lack of interest from individual investors doesn't mean twitter will tank on its debut like facebook did on its first day.
10:31 pm
analysts expect shares to experience a small pop tomorrow given the company's success so far. >> over the years i think people are like what is twitter used for? what is it worth? we rely on it for most of the people we want to connect with and i think twitter is very important. >> reporter: walk by the ticker in downtown san francisco tomorrow and you will see the addition of twtr and frank and julie, only time will tell if investors clamor for shares. i'm heather holmes, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, heather. more details now, social media ipos have had mixed successful take facebook, for example. it opened at $38 in may of 2012. then shares immediately fell before recovering. today facebook closed at $49. linkedin opened at $45 in may of 2011 and it's done well closing today at $220.
10:32 pm
another san francisco-based internet company is reportedly considering its own ipo as well. it's square which uses credit card readers that plug into mobile devices for electronic payment. the wall street journal says its ipo could come next year. square is another venture that was co-founded by jack dorsey who happens to be the chairman of twitter. $4 million, that's what administrators at san jose state university say they need to meet budget. the school held an emergency meeting today. faculty members say the budget troubles took them by surprise. university officials instructed department heads to drop classes and increase class sizes. some department chairs say they will have to lay off professors including some veteran teachers to make the budget cuts. a public hearing tomorrow will focus on workplace safety issues at bart nearly three weeks after chris sheppard and lawrence daniels were killed while conducting a track inspection between walnut creek and pleasant hill stations. the hearing was requested
10:33 pm
before the deadly accident. managers are expected to attend the hearing and answer questions. it begins at 10:00 tomorrow at the state building on golden gate avenue in san francisco. each day seems to bring new developments about the disappearance and death of a patient at san francisco general hospital. we know the search was botched and tonight ktvu's david stevenson tells us what the sheriff said about the mistakes that were made and the changes that are coming. >> reporter: a shakeup is ahead for sheriff's deputies working san francisco general hospital. >> there will be staffing changes. that's all i can tell you of. >> reporter: sheriff ross mirkarimi said the changes are in response to a missing hospital patient lynne spalding found dead in a stairwell days after being found missing. there was missing information incorrectly giving by hospital workers. >> the deputy was told the missing woman was african american wearing a hospital
10:34 pm
gown. >> they don't seem to know who their patient was and they don't seem to have done much to find her of. >> reporter: hank harris, attorney for the spalding family, says he is disturbed spalding's physician said he was going to discharge her but described her as confused and not safe to be on her own. >> he says he wasn't at risk in one sentence and then to say she was confused and shouldn't be by herself in another sentence is just to me extraordinary indifference. >> reporter: it took nine days before the hospital requested deputies search the entire 24- acre campus, but -- >> staff was directed to search stairwells. only about half of them were searched. >> reporter: the missing persons unit met with staff october 1st concerned spalding may have never left the site. three days later a staffer called deputies with a report of someone laying in a third or fourth floor landing. >> the communication center staff responded we'll take care of it. there is no indication that anyone was dispatched to that
10:35 pm
stairwell. >> i'm not sure anybody seemed to have taken this particularly seriously. >> reporter: in a statement released by san francisco general hospital this evening a spokeswoman said, "it is good to have more information as we are all seeking answers about what happened to ms. spalding so that it will never happen again." in san francisco david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >> more details now, san francisco general released a statement that outlines the immediate steps that include an independent review of security and facilities by ucsf. also recommendations are expected in 30 to 90 days. refresher training is now being provided to deputies assigned to the hospital and the hospital says it is exploring whether to expand private security contracts to help fill in the gaps. united airlines is the latest airline to lift restrictions on portable electronic devices. united's new policy starts immediately. passengers can use tablets, e readers, games and smartphones from gate to gate.
10:36 pm
larger devices such as laptops still must be stored during takeoff and landing for safety reasons and voice calls on cell phones are still prohibited. sobering news about the number of people living in poverty in california. when cost of living is taken into account, california has the highest poverty rate in the country. according to the census bureau, 23.8% of people in california live below the poverty line. that translates to about 9 million people. the census bureau says the poverty level for a family of four in the bay area is about $35,500. 27 vehicles stolen in 18 hours, where auto thefts are on the rise and what makes one popular make an easy target. >> clouds are making their way towards the bay area. with them come the chance for rain. i'll pinpoint the wet weather you could see in your extended forecast. >> next how a crime from more than 20 years ago helped save a bay area family from
10:37 pm
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a san francisco couple was spared deportation because of a decades old crime. supporters of manuel and dora morales gathered this afternoon outside the immigration office in san francisco. the couple was granted a one year reprieve hours before they were to be deported to
10:40 pm
guatemala. they say they came to the u.s. illegally in 1990 to escape a violent civil war. >> i don't have the luxuries or anything fancy, but we are stable. we work hard and we do live day to day, but we are happy. >> the couple is appealing the deportation order based on a police report from 1991. it shows that manuel morales was beaten and robbed while walking home from work. he could be eligible for a special visa that allows crime victims to remain in the u.s. new at 10:00 information that parents of young children may want to know about, booster seats. the insurance institute for highway safety says it tested 31 models that went on sale this year and most do a good job. it says the lap part of the seat belt should lie flat across the child's upper thighs and the shoulder portion should snugly fit across the middle of the shoulder. 19 of the 31 models got a best bet rating. if you'd like to see where
10:41 pm
yours ranks, go to our website and look under web links. autism may be identified in children as young as 2 months old. that's according to a new study by emory university. researchers used eye tracking technology to study 59 infants at high risk for autism and 51 at low risk. they found that children diagnosed later with autism had diminished eye contact in the first few months of life. researchers say the findings show it may be possible to detect autism earlier which would lead to earlier treatment. a new report says the long time palestinian leader yassir arafat likely died of radioactive poisoning. al-jazeera says swiss scientists found moderate evidence of pa -- -- palonium poisoning. many pal stipulatians long
10:42 pm
believed israeli leader -- palestinians long believed israel leaders killed arafat. engineers are preparing for what they say is a delicate dangerous operation. crews are getting ready to remove the first of more than 1,000 fuel rods in one of the wrecked reactor buildings. engineers worry the rods may be leaking. they must be kept cool, so they are now being taken from the water filled building and put into water filled containers. the tsa screener killed at los angeles airport last week was honored today by colleagues and other well wishers. [ bagpipes ] >> an honor guard marched in front of a plane that frommed a united states national honor -- transported a united states national honors guard flag. this 39-year-old father of two was shot and killed in last friday's attack. two other tsa officials were hurt. the accused gunman was shot by police and remains in the hospital.
10:43 pm
chief meteorologist meteorologist bill martin is tracking the return of rain for the area. he's back with when the changes will arrive. >> but first we ride along on a search for stolen cars, the rash of auto thefts in the last few days that we've learned about and the type of vehicle being targeted the most. the price of gold rises, s so should the coverage on your jewelry? [prospector] ahh! what if you didn't know that kitty litter can help you out of a slippery situation? the more you know, the better you can plan for what's ahead. talk to farmers and get smarter about your insurance. ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum - bum♪ we provide the exact individualization that your body needs. before you invest in a mattress, discover the bed clinically proven to improve sleep quality. the sleep number bed. once you experience it, there's no going back. right now c4 queen mattress sets are just $1299 our lowest price ever!
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car thieves have been very busy in alameda county with the city of san leandro hit particularly hard in the past week. ktvu's allie rasmus tells us which cars they're going after the most. >> they're looking for cars stolen and left on the street of. >> reporter: investigators with the chp's alameda county task force finds dozens of them every day. today investigator marc hinch took us on patrol in oakland. 1990 honda accords are the most stolen vehicle in alameda
10:46 pm
county. this car is confirmed stolen. >> stolen out of oakland back on october 19th. >> reporter: auto thefts are on the rise in alameda county up 14% from a year ago and the trend seems to be accelerating. >> since yesterday at 1:00 in the afternoon to about 7:00 this morning there were at least 27 cars stolen within the county. >> reporter: the most common vehicles stolen are 1990s hondas, acuras, nissans and toyotas. the cars are reliable, parts easy to sell and they're easy to steal. >> the ignition system is so old basically anything can start this car. >> reporter: it's a trend that caught the attention of san leandro police this week. >> we're looking at a map of stolen vehicles in san leandro. >> reporter: they had 21 cars stolen in the city in the past six days, five of them monday evening. in many cases the cars aren't even used for parts, just
10:47 pm
joyrides. >> someone might steal a car at a medical and ride it to the next city and -- mall and ride it to the next city and abandon it. >> reporter: we have a list of the top 10 vehicles stolen in alameda county posted on our website the mayor of atherd is suggesting teslas might make a good police car in his town. the -- atherton is suggesting tess has might make a good police car in his town. blockbuster announced plans to close its last 300 retail stores by early january which includes three in the bay area. over the past decade blockbuster lost customers to netflix and other video streaming services. dish network bought blockbuster in 2011. the final push to close the remaining stores means about 3,000 people will lose their
10:48 pm
jobs. starbucks is helping service members and their families adjust to life after the military. the coffee giant announced it will hire more than 10,000 veterans and military spouses over the next five years. jobs range from baristas to supply change management. this veterans day starbucks also plans to treat vets and their spouses to a free talled brewed coffee. -- free tall brewed coffee. temperatures today are on the warm side, the warmest day we'll see for a while because temperatures tomorrow drop off a few degrees, more clouds, less sunshine, cooler daytime highs, still going to be warm though. it will be real nice tomorrow. in the morning there's a lot of clouds. they're coming in now. the clouds will be here when you wake up and then they'll clear out. the showers are moving into the north. you could feel it out there today. the weather is changing obviously with the increasing clouds and we've talked about that chance for some rain as we get into the five-day forecast
10:49 pm
mainly after sunday night into monday. right now things are changing, clouds coming in sort of represent the change. overnight lows tonight are on the mild side because of the cloud cover. tonight we're looking at mild overnight lows, low 40s, tomorrow partly sunny, clearing in the afternoon and then slightly cooler. here we are at 10:00 tonight, the clouds. here we are tomorrow morning and at lunchtime clears out quick. then it clears out further and then you see the showers starting to drop south. so high pressure gave us the warmest day of the week today and then this low pressure gets close to us the next couple days into the weekend increasing the clouds, trends temperatures down, but doesn't bring that shot of showers or rain into the bay area until it really drops down over us and that is on monday night into tuesday. that's what the latest models say. it's going to bounce around. so you'll hear all sorts of things sunday night to tuesday. suffice it to say it looks like we're getting ready for wet
10:50 pm
weather. so the long range models is going out to saturday, now sunday. sunday night into monday this system starts to tee up offshore. we'll see how that goes. it looks like it could bring maybe 1/4-inch or 1/2-inch of rain, some snow in the mountains as well, kind of looks like a warm system. forecast highs tomorrow a lot like today. so we're way out looking at monday and tuesday. so we've got a few more days before the weekend and it will continue along these lines, 60s, low 70s, partly cloudy at times and then temperatures basically in the 60s. there it is, five-day forecast. the bay area weekend in view, good chance of showers and rooting it on just because it is november and a little rain would be good, but in the mean time enjoy what you got because it's nice. it's going to be good weather, just more clouds in the forecast. >> boy, if we get 1/2-inch of rain, it's going to seem like a ton. >> be nice seeing the changes.
10:51 pm
to some people it's starting to feel a little bit like winter in downtown san francisco. >> three, two, one! [ applause ] >> today is the first day of skating at the holiday ice rink in union square. it is open now from 10 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. every day through january 20th. tickets are $11 for adults, $7 for kids under 8 and skate rentals are $5. a little more than two hours ago a soyuz rocket lifted off carrying the olympic torch up to the international space station. the crew of three carried the unlit torch to the launch pad in kazakhstan in central asia. then it was off to the space station. two cosmonauts are scheduled to carry the torch on a space sidewalk. then it will return to earth eventually ending up at the games in sochi, russia in february. >> definitely taking it to new heights there. mark is here now. the warriors win big. >> yeah. all the good teams went on the road and the warriors are
10:52 pm
perfect so far on this particular road trip and yes, this sample size is small, but so far the warriors giving the league a big dose of what they could be about in the big picture, athleticism, speed, quickness, dead eye shooting and even a little defense this year all four victories coming handily. tonight minneapolis the place, harrison barnes looking healthy, his first appearance of the year after the foot problem breaking here. steph curry spots david lee, 20.15 rebounds for lee, curry only 5.7 assists. andre iguodala chipped in with a 20 point night, fantastic play. warriors come up with a turnover, make the steal happen and watch the bounce between the legs for curry leaving it back for barnes who had 14 points in 14 minutes, not to forget klay thompson, 19 of his 30 in the 4th from way out. the only bummer, curry sustained a bone bruise and a
10:53 pm
sore knee. he is listed day to day, but the warriors win by 13. curry will be all right. long ways off, but one of the teams standing in the way of the warriors in the west, oklahoma city, especially if that guy is back, russell westbrook for okc, no signs of his knee surgery, 22 points. he'll go coast to coast pillar to post here as dallas is blown off the floor, particularly in the 2nd half, 107-93 westbrook looking plenty healthy, dirk a little bummed out. 9ers ready up for cam newton and the upstart carolina panthers and maybe the marquis college football game of the year so far, the ducks try to take stanford by storm, sports, part two next. when it's time to talk business security,
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
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10:56 pm
49ers ready to come out of hiding after the bye week starting the 2nd half at home against a team it's going to be ready for, carolina panthers better than expected and a defense that figures to be ready for colin kaepernick as they practice against the quarterback every day similar in many ways to the 9ers qb. that would be none other than cam newton. both came out of college at the same time. they actually roomed together at the combines and, of course, share a mutual respect. >> he's a good guy.
10:57 pm
i think how people look at him is different than how he really is. i think we have similar attributes, but i think we're both two different players. i think we're both just trying to do the best we can to put our team in a good situation. >> even if you have no particular allegiance to either school, even if you are only a college fan of a casual sort, absolute must see tv tomorrow night. two of the nation's best oregon arrives at stanford trying to avenge a loss in eugene last year to the cardinals and the ducks popping up a little bit. their running back de'anthony thomas says oregon should put up at least 40 on the cardinal defense. coach david shaw addresses that high octane oregon offense. >> it's hard because the guys just have to go through it. that first quarter is going to be a -- that 1st quarter is going to be a wakeup call because these guys are still the fastest. the guys get the call, getting lined up in position and executing their assignments. you do it once, twice, three times, might have to do it 10
10:58 pm
times in a row and that tent time if you're not in position, they're -- 10th time if you're not in position, they're going to score a position. >> like i said, must see tv. >> thank you for choosing ktvu channel 2 news. >> good night. i want you to know stuff i want you to be kind. i want you to be smart. super smart. i want one thing in a doctor. i want you to be handsome.
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