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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  November 7, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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. a pedestrian is killed in an early morning tragedy, how the tragedy is affecting traffic. the initial public offering is about an hour away and some people are saying they will not be investing right away. a two-week-old baby is safe, the father is behind bars, we will tell you what led to that amber alert. , they are getting ready to watch the biggest college football game on the west coast and we will tell you what it will be like out there on the
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road. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, thank you for waking up with us, i want to take you out to 580 this morning, a horrible crash, a pedestrian killed on the roadway and you can see lanes are still blocked and investigation traffic is moving along on the right-hand side and i want to take you for of the very latest and traffic is coming up and thank you for joining us, november 7th, i am pam cook. >> let's check weather and traffic. steve, is this rain? >> i don't know about next week, it is a wish more than an actual forecast, we have a lot of high clouds and they are already mostly sunny a lot of low 50s so not as cold as it
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has been, maybe a hint of a westerly breeze we will have 65 and it is mostly cloudy and cool to mild to warm and mostly cloudy and it will be cloudy for most but stays warm. high clouds, calm conditions and that easterly breeze is turning around. not much happening, 70s low, for some, a lot of mid-60s and lower 70s, here is sal. we are looking at the commute in the east bay, starting off with the bay bridge and traffic is backing up and metering lights for san francisco will be tough about is a -- about a 15 minute wait. we will recommend you come in from oakland just go down to 880 and avoid 508 for the time- being -- 580 for the time-
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being. traffic is very slow and we do have a reporter on the scene brian flores who arrived shortly after the crash happened with more details. >> reporter: good morning, very unusual circumstances when you go on the freeway you don't expect to see anybody walking on the lanes but that's exactly what happened. the left two lanes are blocked on westbound 580 near the mcarthur higher high area. i am here with a chp officer good morning to you, what can you tell us about what happened, this is very unusual. >> yes, we received calls about a pedestrian in the mcarthur high area, we received a call about a collision here and what the driver said was that the
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pedestrian was in the number 2 lane and for some unknown reason decided to sprint in the path of his truck. he was unable to avoid her and she was killed on impact. >> why was she there will, what do we know about her if anything? >> we don't know much about anything, she was not on the freeway for any sort of emergency purpose, whether or not she was here because she thought it was a good idea to cross the freeway, we will find out we will make contact with the family and make sure we notify her next of kin. >> do you know when this will clear up? >> we will be out of here in the next 10 to 15 minutes. >> this is a little bit of a slow pace but the pace is starting to pick up again.
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we will be out here throughout the morning. the live here on ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> all a big day on wall street. twitter makes an initial public offering to $26 each. live at twitter headquarters with details of a protest that will happen as well. duty -- katie? >> the new york stock exchange is going to live twitter and that's because 30,000 users have twitter accounts and however the company has yet to turn a profit profit. >> as twitter users follow influential people around the
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world celebrities and their own friends, investors will be banging on the wide -- banking on the widespread popularity. twitter will be on the new york stock exchange this morning and 70 million shares are priced which is is above the targeted range and both are potentially happy. they depend on twitter growth and advertising as the company uses more ads to a piece its -- apiece its
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shareholders. >> san francisco rising is a housing advocacy group that is upset about twitter and other tech companies and the influx of millionaires coming to the bay area because of these ipos which have a strain on the city's already housing crisis and affordability issue. we have not seen any of those protests and according to their facebook page, that is when the official offering happens. >> there are concerns that twitter's a rifle could -- arrival could cause technical glitches, however the new york stock exchange completed a test run for the long awaited ipo and executives are confident
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that they can handle the extra volume and we will be waiting and watching for that. a very relieved mother waiting to see her two-week-old baby after the baby was found with his father in mexico. last night the family surrounded patricia after she learned her baby henry was safe. he was abducted by his father after crossing into mexico through arizona. he was caught after mexican authorities turned them over at the lukeville arizona border crossing. >> they want to know how he was able to get into mexico despite a statewide amber alert. aboarder patrol said they should have been aware of that alert even though it came from
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california. the campus is going to be storming with thousands of football fans on the west coast for sure. janine della vague? you can see the espn crew will have a live broadcast to be held at noon. i want to show you about the men to spend the night here sleeping and they want a good spot and the gates will open at 4:00 p.m. for the 6:00 stamford and the oregon ducks. many are expected to attend the highly anticipated game for the bcs standings which will determine who will vote for the
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game. and they are getting on the field while students are setting out merchandise and we are joined right now by one of those fans. steve mcbride at alumni. tell me, how do you feel about the game? >> i am really excited for the guys, they are smart students and they are seeking excellence in all parts of their life in their academics and they are happy they are going to dominate. >> have you taught your son anything? >> dominate? he can, he wants them to do well and i'm sure they will. >> reporter: the traffic situation is expected to be very congested and the huge turnout will cause a huge traffic back up and they are working with palo alto police.
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police are asking people who are not going to if the game and just so you no, i, the game is sold out and we are told parking will be $20 per vehicle. reporting live from stamford, janine della vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. new science plate readers will be up and running 38 cameras will be installed at 13 piedmont locations. the installation process started back in september. car thefts are on the rise and they are up 14% from a year ago. they will be riding from the regional auto theft areas.
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and in the 1990s, acuras, hondas nissans and toyotas, they are easy to steal and their parts are easy to sell. >> somebody might steel a vehicle at a mall and might drive to the next city and abandon it. >> san leandro has been especially hard hit. they had 21 cars stolen in the last for areas. >> we have a list of stolen cars on our website. check it out under the east bay tab. the gang rape that shocked the entire country, what the feds have uncovered about the school district four years after that horrifying crime. also they are making it harder to turn a blind eye to crime on certain types of property. and what is good in the
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morning may not be good tonight because of a huge sporting event may have a ripple affect. >> it is getting easier on the western front. >> it will be a little cooler here as we take a look at the typhoon bearing down on the philippines. [ male announcer ] you can change your tomorrow
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. it was something out of a sigh few movie, scientists think it is a meteor and it is known as the south torridest which can be extremely -- south torrids which can be extremely bright. this comes as they have been studying the meteor which exploded over russia and it is now measuring 62 feet across and burst with the force of 42 at tonight bombs an injured more than 1600 people. scientists said a meteor like that would only reach earth every 150 years but now it is more likely to be every 30
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years. >> they expected to pass legislation to outlaw unemployment against gay and transgender americans. they joined democrats to move the legislation forward and it will be another procedural vote however the vote may go nowhere in the republican controlled house after speaker house speaker john boehner opposes it. and they just approved and it may take affect by january. measure c passed with 66% of the vote. new rules required gun owners to savely restore weapons and reporting after a gun is lost or stolen. gun owners have to keep track of who is buying ammunition. they are also banning magazines
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that hold more than 10 rounds and the rifle association claim the new law violates the second amendment. they are looking the other way when crimes occur on their property and now the city can order property owners to pay up to $5,000 in crimes when criminal activity happens on their land and they don't do anything about it. they require them to be notified but if no steps are taken, fines can be involved. vallejo and stock couldn't -- stockton are doing the same. they include teenage ninja turtles and they are based on
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innovation an appeal. the national toy hall of fame is in rochester and new york. there is a lot happening in the bay area roads this morning. >> yes, 580 westbound coming up on high street, the two left lanes are blocked and they are in the process of clearing it but the coroner came as a pedestrian was killed on the freeway. 580 came through and there is some improvement being made and they were holding traffic back, doing traffic breaks and that's why traffic is slow, right now it is improving and it is getting out of the way for a bit. you can see traffic is slow as you drive to the toll plaza and it is about a 15 minute wait. if you are driving to your job in the valley, it should be a nice drive but that football
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game in stamford, it's going to to be a sold out crowd, it is going to be a tough one, just put that in the back of your mind. >> i would not go near university, sal. >> minor cooling trend, we will go mostly cloudy but i think mostly supplement new. i think some low-to-mid 70s and we lose that easterly breeze. en in the east -- and in the east, a super typhoon in the philippines, it is taking aim with 175 mile-per-hour winds and this is a huge system which will head towards hong kong in the next five days and it's a
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beast. we do have a bit of rain in the pacific northwest and it is squashing the high a little bit and allows us to get a little bit cooler. oakland airports, oakland san jose, it is showing higher clouds holding up and higher clouds calm conditions and a little cooler and mild for some. even up towards points north getting some lower 70s, sonoma 71, san leandro 67, oakland is in there as well. 5 gilroy, we will have 74 today, very low 70s and a
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little cooler into friday and increasing clouds on monday. >> thank you steve, 6:21 is the time, a patient was found dead in san francisco general hospital. the mistaken identity that may have delayed finding her. and what they dug up that is 80 million years old and why this may be just the beginning. take deep breaths. avoid bad weather. [ whispers ] get eight hours. ♪ [ shouts over music ] turn it down! and, of course, talk to farmers. hi. hi. ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum - bum ♪
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so you want to drive more safely? of smart. stop eating. take deep breaths. avoid bad weather. [ whispers ] get eight hours. ♪ [ shouts over music ] turn it down! and, of course, talk to farmers. hi. hi. ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum - bum ♪
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. welcome back, the u.s. economy rose faster than expected at an annual rate of 8.2%. exports rose local government spent at the fastest pace in four years. the first major retailer will close its remaining 300 u.s. stores by early january. it is also shutting down dvd service. they owned blockbuster and they said video streaming is how most rent mooch visit but they plan to keep the blockbuster name in the future.
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the u.s. census suspect bureau said 23% of people in california were living in poverty between 2010 and 2012. they are factoring the cost of housing child childcare and medical cost. the cost of housing rose 16% last year. they have found a type of dinosaur they have never seen before which lived 80 million years ago. it lived before toran sawyer russ wrecks. they made the discovery and it took several more years just to study them and get them ready tore display. >> we are just getting started on the staircase. we have a big san box to play in, about 1 million acres in fact. over the last four years they
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have gone 20% to that land. well a bay area college student says she was sexually assaulted on campus and what she told police about the person who attacked her and how it could help. and camp is for the highly anticipated game tonight against oregon. we will tell you what to expect here on campus as well as out there on the road. and, oh look at that, right in the back, on twitter, the opening bell is about to ring and we will be right back.
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. welcome back, it is very
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quiet, they are ready to ring the opening bell there on the new york stock exchange. you can see twitter and it is not going to trade right away. it is not over subscribed but basically a lot of people want the stock and institutional investors, primarily, the current ceo, cost tell low, oh, look they tweeted out, hash tag green with the opening bell. there is a lot of interesting -- actually i just tweeted out, but the first tweet ever was from jack dorsi who is a san francisco native whoco founded square and the first tweet just set up my twitter. the wt r which is their simple.
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>> we will follow and watch it. we will smile and say good morning november 7th, i am dave clark. >> time now with brian flores, it is friday eve as they would say. >> a lot of high clouds over us and it is mostly sunny by this afternoon and it is a little cooler which open is the door for a westerly breeze. it is 57 and 58 on the embarcadero and it is very mild in the city. we will go a little cooler on the high side. 65 down from 4 yesterday, cooler to mild to warm, not that cool yesterday, we are almost on the back edge which they continue to mark their way through. they mix for a beautiful sunrise, calm conditions coast
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and bay. inland temperatures and low-to- mid 70s, here is sal. we had an injury crash which turned into a fatal collision. brian flores was there shortly after it happened and we have been on it ever since. we have gotten news all of the lanes have just cleared near highway 13 and it did cause a bit of traffic and it will take a bit to unwind. tragically one person was killed in this crash on 580 near high street but again they just opened. this is a live picture and you can see a 10 to 15 minute wait at the toll plaza but no major problems and if you are driving, stanford and oregon, i understand not everyone is a college football fan but this will affect you if you have a
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job in the palo alto mountain view area. it will make its highly anticipated public offering on the new york stock exchange and they just rang the opening bell. they went out to headquarters with more details and we'll see some excited employees out there. >> absolutely very exciting day for employees and users of twitter. we all used twitter for certain and it is very popular. twitter has revolutionized the media and it has some investors nervous and some say they are not going to invest right away. >> it is up to them to value those media companies and they don't have any tangible assets.
6:34 am
>> it could mean more ads as the company tries to turn a profit for shareholders. here is the break down and as we said, they just went down and within an hour we should see some trading movement and it does take awhile. 70million shares are above the target range of 23 to $25 a share. they are cautiously optimistic and some of this is a bit unnerving for traditional investors. they invited media but twitter is trying to distance themselves and you can see across market street some protesters have gathered. things are heating up a bit and
6:35 am
they are a local housing advocacy group and they are concerned with ipos making local investors millionaires and billionaires they are worried that will put more of a strain on the already strained housing situation in san francisco. ktvu channel 2 morning news. we want to look back at the other social media like facebook which opened and they are now $49 a share. the professional media opened at $48 and its price has rocketed and this morning they opened at $220 a share.
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all 200 companies. they are looking for a patient found dead in a stairwell. lynn spalding was found and 17 days later her body was found. sheriff ross mirkarimi said his deputies failed to search the hospital. >> the staff was expected to search stairwells and only half of the stairwells were searched. >> sheriff ross mirkarimi also said when lynn spalding first went missing the hospital incorrectlyily identified her as being african-american. >> they say recommendations are expected between 30 and 90 days. also refresher training is being provided to sheriff's deputies assigned to the hospital and administrators are
6:37 am
exploring whether to expand contracts to help fill in the gaps. she said she was sexually assaulted in the women's restroom of the school's media center. she also told police she knows her attacker and campus police are now investigating. it has now been four years since the infamous gang rape of a high school student. the report says quote, there was an environment much sexual harassment and assaults by students that administrators failed to address. however it is not clear if the rape opted an investigation. -- prompted an investigation. a big thing going on in stamford. they are warning people come
6:38 am
early or get ready for major traffic jams. they are telling us what it is like on the campus right now, good morning, janine. we definitely heard, go stamford and you can see a couple of fans camped out from stamford and oregon and they are here in white plaza waiting for an area for a live broadcast. they are beginning at noon today and 51,000 people are expected between the stamford cardinal and the oregon ducks. they are ranked for the top 5 which difference who goes to the national championship game. they are now sitting on merchandise and they are
6:39 am
getting the field ready for the game. >> it is going to be absolutely loud. we will have a hard time for sure. >> the huge fan turnout is expected to cause congestion. they can leave work early to investigate and they are directing police near the school and they are asking those who are not going starting at 2:30 this afternoon, even standing room tickets cost 90 to $100 and we are told it is $20 per week for parking. these guys were lucky enough to get tickets and they sure are excited. this place is expected to be packed, janine della vega, ktvu
6:40 am
channel 2 morning news. two crews are celebrating international competition. how they plan to marco olympic dark mark olympic history in space. they showed up, why investigators believe it could be arson. >> good morning, why traffic is getting busier and they are busy coming up to the lafayette area. the lows are warmer and the weekend, could we get some rain here and we will look at the super typhoons bearing down on the philippines. what can you score at t.j.maxx?
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. it is 6:42, we are talking about a series of suspicious fires and some think it could be arson. here is more on why neighbors are so worried, tara? >> reporter: well, neighbors are worried because even though these fires have been fairly small, all it takes is one fire and somebody could lose a life. these fires have been happening over the past year and they have been cropping up on the 17th hundred block of almond road and last night around 6:00, a fire broke out in a
6:44 am
grove of trees and just a half hour later another one sprung up close by. neighbors say there have been ten other fires this past month alone. >> we have had several fires over the past year and again they are suspicious circumstances and we have the sheriff's department along with the fire department investigating trying to find any witnesses in the area. >> or any of thes say -- arsonists say they are trying to access the back yards of homes on almond road and targeting them through proker which is on the backside of the area. live from caster valley, i am tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. a 16-year-old boy from oakland may be charged with
6:45 am
setting a young man on fire on an "a" c transit -- on a transit bus. he is suspected of setting a young man on fire as he slept on the bus. the senior who also goes by the name of sasha was wearing a skirt at the time. investigators want to know if this was a hate crime. the online fundraiser has raised more than $20,000 for his medical bills. it happened last night at a home in south almond avenue near west virginia street. they were engulfed in flames during an explosion and they may have been started by squatters. they will hold a moment of silence for the tsa act at all
6:46 am
lx -- al x. >> this was yesterday, bag types and an honored guard and many welcomed a plane carrying a flag used in 9/11. he was the first tsa officer killed in the line of duty. a moment of silence will be at 6:20 a.m. and the gunman is facing a federal murder charge. happening right now, the senate is holding a hearing on the sequester of the defense department and we are taking you live, cleave of staff is expected to testify along with the heads of the navy and marine corp, chuck senator chuck hagel said they should
6:47 am
prepare for spending cuts for the next decade. four new visiters at the international space station are now waving at you. a japanese astronaut, a rush cosmonaut all just docked and this is part of a historic relay for the winter games in russia. the crew members are taking the torch on the first ever space walk on saturday before they come back to earth sunday night. right now 6:47, that means it is time to check in with torii campbell, here is a look at what is coming up. >> coming up in minutes, a california high school is facing pressure to get rid of that controversial mascot and for 82 years, they have rooted for the arabs and we will take
6:48 am
a look at both sides of that debate. and we will look at how it will improve the safety of passengers at one of the major airplanes and also how it helps the environment and it is ready to quit with jonathan martin who was not happy even before he left for being bullied. we will look at his state of mind and whether or not he wants to return to the sport. >> all right, torii, thank you, let's go to sal and get you to where you need to go. >> 880 may be a good option especially out before san leandro and it looks like we just lost that picture. 880 north looks like the best picture, let's show you the bridge, that is backed up to the mcarthur maze and it is backed up for 20 minutes before
6:49 am
you make it onto the span. 280 has some busy traffic now and some are on their way into the valley. and some are already slow. >> 108, let's go to steve. some hire clouds and we will have more clouds by this afternoon. we could sure use some rain in here, it is looking worse and worse this afternoon. some higher clouds will mean a warmer sunday and even then i am starting to lose some faith in it. these are definitely holding up the overnight lows and we have a few upper 50s. it is knocking down the ridge which allows more of a cooler pattern. the strongest tropical storm of
6:50 am
the year may equal 16 feet and they are calling it typhoon control long do and it looks like it is taking a track towards vietnam. we might get the higher clouds and we have more 50s, 50s and 70s in fso and a lot more due to higher clouds. sacramento, 50 in ukiah which is running much warmer and the reason being, they are not allowing the regional cooling. partly sunny and calm conditions, although there is a slight component and it will be mild to warm and the cooling takes place to coast and bay and it may be even a little
6:51 am
warmer. >> not as warm in santa cruz, they did hit 80s. not much change saturday and sunday, increasing clouds on monday. only on 2, we have an investigation into the bridge toll chief. the new numbers and just how many people are crossing bay areas for free. plus changing the way of the show and what they like. ♪
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. welcome back, taking you live to the new york stock exchange, of the big debute on the big board will be twitter because it went public today and it does take awhile but twitter is over subscribe had and it will be a little while. priced at $26 a share last night and it will open up at $41 a share. we are keeping an eye on that and we will let you know when if starts trading. we are keeping an eye on
6:55 am
testers. they are down $8 a share and they fell more than 14% and they found tess letter should be priced at $140 a share and it is a little more than $142 a share selling who are than 90 just a few weeks ago. they earned add top rating from the insurance industry and even flow, harmony, safety first, they all were safe on the list of best bets and they all performed equally well. you can see their ratings, just checkup web links. ktvu channel 2 morning news has documents showing how many people cheat and going across bay area bridges without paying
6:56 am
tolls. it happened at the golden gate bridge in 2012, it jumped and this year it more than doubled and that's up through october. in march, the golden gate bridge switched from having toll booth workers to all electronic workers. but you can't trace. >> now there is a larger number much people crossing the golden gate bridge without paying. >> 1.2 million gwen unselected -- uncollected and it is 1.6 million a year and they are now paying a fee to offset the lawsuits. they are confirming with a lot of muni riders and many are
6:57 am
behind schedule. 50% were on time in june and july. 60% of buses were on time in august and that's lower than many any's goal. that is 50% of the on time rate and the extended delays have gone down and more are going into service. theythey have a surveillance video of a man robbing a house last month. you can see one burglar crawling around a room trying to avoid motion sensors and at one point he turns towards the camera clearly unaware it was capturing his face. at times you see them both talking and smiling and they left with bags of stolen
6:58 am
electronics. if you recognize them in this video it will lead to their arrest. the thumbs up symbol from the company's headquarters will not be used anymore. they used thumbs up in 2010 and now the like and share button is seen more than 22 million times a year. it all right, pam, coming up, the most anticipated public offering in silicone valley is up and running but not everybody is happy for twitter. a major growing about the death of two bart workers and they will be asking bart officials some tough questions. stay with us. nz
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we're live in san francisco at twitter's headquarters. the initial public offering happened at 6:30 which has a lot of people excited about the potential for profit for people in the bay area. but not everyone so


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