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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  November 7, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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complete bay area news coverage starts now this is the 10:00 p.m. news on ktvu. >> sources tell us a student may have been attacked because of her gender identity. i am frank somerville. >> i am julie haener. >> police increased patrols after a 19-year-old student said she was raped inside a campus bath room. ktvu's maureen naylor is live at de anza college in cupertino with why she may have been targeted. >> reporter: first let me tell you i checked with investigators, they say still no arrests. the woman said she was attack
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here on the de anza college campus. a source tells me she could be considered part of the lgbt community and the case is being investigated as a hate crime. >> reporter: she was raped monday afternoon inside a stall in this bath room. >> it was a rape and during the school day and classes were in session during the time. >> reporter: the police chief is calling it an isolated incident. students received an e-mail yesterday. >> unbelievable. >> reporter: police identified the attacker as an 18 to 20- year-old man who is a de anza college student. they were acquaintances and not friends. >> scary whether you know the person or not. you feel very unsafe. especially in a place you should feel secure. >> the woman was brought to
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the health center after telling a faculty member and then talked with police. students are surprised to hear of a attack in a busy location. >> i use that bath room because my classrooms are there. >> makes me feel weird, like, i have to fear that it could happen to me too. >> reporter: i reached out reached out to a adviser who says if confirmed this is not just a attack on the lgbt community but on the entire campus. police know who they are looking for, the lead investigators says still no arrests at this point although the investigation is ongoing. reporting live, maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. authorities investigating another bay area attack say it was motivated by the victim's gender identity and now the teen accused of setting a teen
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on fire is charged with a hate crime. he is facing tellany charges. -- felony charges and will be tried as a adult to setting fire to an 18-year-old on a bus. the charges carry hate crime enhancements. the arresting officer wrote the teen stated he did it because he is homophobic. but outside the courtroom the family defended him. >> he is a good kid. very good kid. joking around. that is all. >> she said i am very sorry for my son's actions. i didn't raise him that way. the victim was wearing a skirt that was set on fire monday. tonight the victim remained
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hospitalized with second and third degree burns. ktvu's amber lee is live with how students are planning to show their support for him tomorrow. amber? >> reporter: frank, a small private school where everyone knows each other. students wanted to do something meaningful. >> reporter: a small student population with a big heart. some of the students plan to wear a skirt to school tomorrow to show support. >> hope that it is a gesture, you know, that moves people. i think people need to be aware. >> reporter: he says what happened caused him to be concerned for his son's safety when riding the bus to school. he doesn't plan to wear a skirt but still sports him. >> good to show. >> the whole thing is crushing to all of us. >> reporter: the school directedder tells us the attack
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is the -- director tells us the attack is the second blow. in august a fire forced them to evacuate a summer camp. there is a banner remembering the event where he started a computer programming club. he takes pride in being a safe haven for students. >> they know they can be themselves and nobody will make fun of them. >> reporter: his mom says he is a gender, not identifying himself male or female. there is support for the 18- year-old online. don't ever stop being who you are. if you ever want to go skirt shopping just say the word. still the skirt he wore may have triggered the attack. >> we see high rates of homicides, violence. >> the school says students are coping coping with the help
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of counseling. she said he is a top notch academic student. reporting live, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. developing news tonight from the other side of the pacific where early reports show three people have been killed by one of the strongest titunes on -- typhoons on record, super typhoon haiyan, winds at 195 miles per hour and gusts 235 miles per hour a. millions of people have been evacuated and they are predicting catastrophic damage. this is the 24th typhoon to hit this year. and the winds make it the equivalent to a category 5 hurricane. ktvu's bill martin is tracking the storm. >> this is a big storm. 195 winds. here is how it looks now as it moves through time. notice how well defined the eye
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is. it breaks down here. i will back it up. the system weakened a little bit as it moved through the fill phenes. wind gust -- fill phenes -- philippines. wind gusts 185 miles per hour sustained winds. it remains a category 5 storm. really into the next 24 hours. breaks down a category 4 after that. 30-foot storm surge. the equivalent of wind speeds of a f3 tornado. could be the strongest storm ever to make land fall. that will be determined tomorrow. a developing story here. when i come back we will keep the updates going and how the storm moves through. a young mother was reunited with her kidnapped baby today.
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authorities in mexico found him with his father mesut guler. the baby's mother flew to arizona today to pick up her child. the amber alert was issued yesterday after the mother reported mesut guler disappeared with the baby. suspicious fires is raising concerns in a neighborhood. ktvu's debora villalon is live near the canyon where two fires started last night alone. >> reporter: julie, looking out at this open space with homes you can see why people would be worried. all it would take is for one fire to get away. >> kids come running up fire! >> reporter: a shout heard on this street all too often lately. >> there has been four, five, six of them here recently. >> reporter: at least a half dozen brush fires. three this month alone.
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all were called in and a quick response kept them small but before this one last night there was another one hour earlier. >> suspicious in nature. isn't any obvious cause for this. so that draws attention to it. >> everybody talks to everybody. we are like why is this happening. >> the latest fire burned close to these car ports. there were frantic moments getting their dodge moved out of harm's way. >> reporter: do you think there is a fire bug? >> there has to be, yeah. >> reporter: residents have hunches about what is lighting up their gully. >> i think it is kids. when we walk the dogs there is kids out there smoking pot. >> kids in the canyon drinking and partying.
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>> we will all be sleeping with one ear more open now. >> the open space is steep and dry with tall trees that could spread fire in windy conditions. the fire department is urging residents to remain alert. reporting live, debora villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. students celebrating on the farm tonight after a huge win for stanford over the oregon ducks. [ music ] >> getting going with a rally today. stanford held off number two oregon for the upset win tonight and later in sports our sports director mark ibanez will have post game interviews and how stanford slowed down the duck's offense. millions of recalled tires on the road with
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devastatingcant sequences. >> step to protect yourself. >> temperatures trending down. how much cooler it will be where you live tomorrow. >> a local animal rescue soliciting money on facebook. >> i am glad they are being exposed. >> what one learned that made him demand his donation back.
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two investigates questions about a animal rescue group soliciting donations from around the country. ktvu's eric rasmussen got a tip from a donor and eric is live in antioch with what he found. >> reporter: we checked with the state attorney general and it shows last chance critter rescue is not registered as a charity with the state and animal service officials say their concerns go beyond that. >> reporter: this is last chance critter rescue on facebook, 87 "likes" seeking donations to care for cats and dogs. this is what we found at their address. be wear of dog signs and the founder in her truck. >> reporter: we came looking for answers when a donor contacted ktvu with questions.
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>> the more i dug the more suspicious i got. >> reporter: he spoke to ktvu tonight. he asked them to return his $100 donation when he couldn't find records to back up their claim it is a 501c3 non-profit. >> they are good about asking for money but not about showing what they are doing with the money. >> reporter: how do the people know where their money is going? >> i am not discussing this with you. >> reporter: can you explain what your group does? >> no. go on my website. >> reporter: would you recommend anybody give money to this group? >> this particular group, no. >> reporter: animal services has sited them for not caring for an injured cat and officials question the claims on her facebook page. >> there was a picture of a cat. we found this cat a home. if you researched it and did a
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search, it was a picture from another site. >> reporter: tonight she insisted her group is registered as a non-profit even after we showed her the letter from the attorney general. they said they work with good rescue groups but you should always check out any group before donating money. eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. >> more details now. california's attorney general maintains a database of registered charities. you can check the status and view documents. go to and you will find a link under web links. police are asking for help in identifying a man who assaulted a teenaged girl. she filipino in his 30s with dark spiky hair driving a white honda yesterday morning. officers say he approached a 16-
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year-old girl in 31 avenue near isabel avenue. kaiser is hoping a newgreement with nurses will -- new agreement with nurses will lead to -- kaiser said today the 22 nurses from hayward will get preferential treatment for new positions. nurses said they are abandon the kids in hayward but they said the kids will get better care at the new facility in oakland. the san francisco sheriff's department says it reassigned a dispatcher in the wake of lynne spaulding's death. her body was found at san francisco general hospital 17 days after she went missing. today the sheriff's department sent an e-mail saying a dispatcher has been reassigned
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but they wouldn't give further details. there are still no answers as to what happened tolynne spaulding. her -- to lynne spaulding. her family said the hospital and the sheriff's department botched the search. more grumbling from police who said the biggest city is short on officer. ktvu's robert handa and the latest installment in the saga. >> reporter: the san jose police department says due to benefit cuts and people leaving it gone from 1400 officers to 900 now. so it has to spread out jobs once handled by special units. officers say crimes are often ignored. >> those crimes are going unchecked and uninvestigated. >> ktvu showed how with surveillance video of burglary suspects the unit doesn't have enough investigators to track
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them down. officers say auto thefts, 6200 this year, is handled by one officer who doesn't investigate, only processes reports. cops from the vice squad said there is a rise in prostitution. >> now, i mean, it is more prevalent. even in day time. >> reporter: do you see police action? >> no. >> we try clean up the area and have a nice neighborhood but we can't do it without the police. >> reporter: some officers say it is ironic seeing commercials showing a drug bust. >> when you don't have officers it is something we will see expand. >> reporter: police officials acknowledge they have a system and would like to restore the old units but they would need to add 200 officers to do it.
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robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. a san jose police detective has been fired. we are told he plead guilty today admitted to exchanging sexually explicit photographs with a girl. he was a police officer for eight years. he could get six months in jail. the san francisco city attorney filed a lawsuit in hopes of shutting down a internet cafe aused of illegal -- accused of illegal gambling. it alleges they have computerized slot machines. and claims the business is responsible for bringing more criminal activity to the neighborhood. the lawsuit is asking the court to declare them as a public nuse response close it down for -- nuisance and close it down for one year. mild, temperatures dropping off. less cloud cover. 48 right now in novato.
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frust inland. friday morning chilly. day time highs tomorrow, like today. no big change. biggest change is the coastal fog along the coast in the next 12 hours. that will cool pacifica off. you will see more fog, cooler along the coast at the cliff house, golden gate park and pacifica, half moon bay. fog stays at the coast. inland cools. lots of 70s tomorrow. mid-60s. when i come back i am tracking rain in the five-day forecast. i will time that out for you. there is rain headed our way. i will be back. old, unsafe, even recalled. tonight two investigates how easy it is to be driving on dangerous tires. >> how much is your tweet worth? why users of twitter might find
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changes now that they have gone public.
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twitter took off on wall street in the most anticipated ipo. they set the price at $26. it opened in the 40s and went to 50. that is a 73% increase. tonight ktvu's jana katsuyama is live with a look at whether going public might mean changes for users. >> reporter: the short answer is yes. this company is going to have to figure out how to make money off of users. >> reporter: at the opening bell twitter brought the nexgeneration to the stock
10:24 pm
exchange -- next generation to the stock exchange. twitter staff tweeted #ring and they showed employees inside the new san francisco headquarters watching their stock options rise. the company has in 7 years developed a loyal following, 232 million users. >> free. you can use it to communicate. >> reporter: those users will see changes. the company must find a way to make money to satisfy share holders. >> show the market how to convert millions of users into customers. >> chal for twitter. -- a challenge for twitters. users will see more
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advertising. >> you have to think about can you capture the demographic information, intelligence about what people are communicating about. >> reporter: twitter must innovate without alienating followers. >> we see how quickly new trends pop up, facebook replaces my space, is twitter going to be as durable. >> reporter: the staff expanded from up with hundred to 2300 people, all a pool of talent who will have to chart a profitable path. jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. >> more details now. the girl who rang the opening
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bell is vivian bell. she rose money to fight slavery and received world wide attention when word spread through twitter. they want to show appreciation to their users. patrick stewart was there. the broader markets did not share in success. dow fell 152 points. nasdaq slid 74 points lower. they are facing a third lawsuit. attorneys for save ccsf coalition filed a petition against the commission. they asked them to nullify a decision to yank the accreditation. the lawsuit claims they violated several laws. they represent students, teachers and staff. in the south bay the perez
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accident of san jose state university said no classes will be cut during had spring semester after all. money allocated to infrastructure is being redirected to academic units. as a result classes that faced elimination will be spared. yesterday the university held an emergency meeting to discuss a budget short fall. i woke up in the median with a paramedic and the car was in the north bound lane. >> his suv flipped 7 times when a tire tore apart. while millions of unsafe tires are still on the road. >> workers blocking city streets. the protests tonight that landed 50 people in handcuffs. >> you can get ktvu news to go, download the ktvu app and watch live on your mobile device.
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more than 50 people were arrested during a protest at a walmart store in los angeles. this is the second day employees demonstrated outside the store. protesters are asking for better pay and more full time work. the store opened in september and is the focus of protests since it was in its planning stages. sexual assault on campuses is outdated. the report was from the u.s. office for civil rights and it found incidents of sexual assault harassment and assault at all levels. the report was done after the horrible gang rape at a high school home coming dance in 2009. and since then the district says it spent millions of dollars on security and
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training and made huge strides towards keeping students safe. >> they don't have to worry about harassment, violence and crime. >> he wants west contra costa county school district to be a model. bart may have to reduce operating hours because of rules that were adopted following the death of two workers. one official said the new rules are going to be disruptive. the head of the union calls for a investigation into the worker's death last month. police in san francisco want passengers on public transit to keep eyes up, phone down. it aims to stop smart phone theft from people who are distracted. 2-3 robberies are smart phones.
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they are using a grant to add officers on bus and train routes. they have seen 83% drop during september and october. 2 investigators the millions of danger tires that have been recalled or too old but that isn't stopping them to making it on to vehicles. ktvu's gasia mikaelian shows us how it is happening and how you can protect yourselves. >> the tires might look new but they could be considered old and dangerous. he wishes he was told about the hazards associated with old tires. the recommendation that tires be replaced once they are six years old. >> everyone needs to learn. >> reporter: he was in a terrible crash when the rear left tire on his suv tore
10:33 pm
apart. his suv flipped 7 times. >> i woke up in the median with a paramedic and the car was in the north bound lanes. both sides of i-5 were closed. >> he tougherred a brain injury and damage to his back. her injuries were worse. >> i am afraid that you will be paralyzed. you will never be able to walk again. it was like dying. >> reporter: her suv rolled several times after this tire shredded. she had no idea it was recalled. >> they put me in this chair. >> reporter: they recalled 596ish thousand of these tires but recovered fewer than 275,000. they use dmv records to track owners for cars but for tires
10:34 pm
-- >> it is broken. >> reporter: 4.5 million tires were recalled but fewer than 1 million were recovered. surprising drivers, she just found out her spare should not be there. >> i feel lucky nothing happened to me. fortunate i dodged the bullet. >> anthony: we are doing a story about tire shops that sell old tires. >> reporter: we saw what is in stock. >> what is the oldest tire you have? >> i don't know. all new. >> reporter: you want to check with us? >> come on. >> reporter: half of the tires we checked were a year or two old but most were from 2013. at frank's tires in oakland. >> 2012. >> the owner showed us his
10:35 pm
inventory. he special orders tires and warns just because it looks new doesn't mean it is. >> after 7 years looks new but it is too old. >> reporter: you could always see the department of transportation stapped on every time -- stamped on every tire. the last four digits indicate the year the tire was made. there is a app so you can know when and where it was manufactured to whether it has been recalled. >> i was shocked at all preventible the wrecks are. >> reporter: victims hope others will take advantage of while they struggle to recover. >> take away your freedom essentially. i can't sit still. i am forced to. >> reporter: the app is free
10:36 pm
and it includes a flash light. there is a website with the same function on gasia mikaelian ktvu channel 2 news. >> if you have an idea we would like to hear from you. e-mail it. a court delivered a set back today to supporters of gun control with a ruling on a ammunition law. the law would require people to buy ammunition for guns in person. today a judge ruled the law is vague and could lead to unpredictable enforcement. a major ingredient in guilty pleasures. how an ban could change your favorite foods. >> cool down with rain making a rare appearance. tracking a chance of precipitation. >> and in 2 minutes two boys hit while crossing the street
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[ whispers ] get eight hours. ♪ [ shouts over music ] turn it down! and, of course, talk to farmers. hi. hi. ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum - bum ♪ continuing coverage of a dark and dangerous cross walk. we showed you how difficult it is to cross at night. on halloween two boys were hit by a car and three months earlier a woman was killed. now we learned they are considering installing lights that are triggered when a pedestrian is in the cross walk. and new information about a bus crash that killed 8 people. the national transportation safety board said a report found the bus had no working breaks and it criticized inspectors for allowing the bus company to operate.
10:40 pm
it crashed in february in san bernardino as the driver sped down the road and lost control causing the bus to flip over. president obama offered apalagies today to americans who have to give up their current health insurance plans because of the affordable care act. he promised people wouldn't have to give up their plans if they didn't want to. >> i am sorry are finding themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from me. >> on nbc news the president said he assigned his team to find ways to close the gaps in the law. republicans up their attacks. the senate passed a bill outlining work place discriminations against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender but it may end there. it took the support of democrats and republicans for a final vote of 64-32. advocates call it a major
10:41 pm
victory. senate majority leader harry reid said 80% of americans believe it is against the law. >> well it isn't already the law but that is what they feel so let's just do what they already thinks exists. >> speaker of the house john boehner said it is not necessary and says he will refuse to allow it to come up for a vote. 22 states already have laws that ban work place discrimination based on sexual orientation. 16 states prohibit discrimination. the san jose school district said computers stolen from a school are going a be replaced. last week 62 were stolen from the school. now the safeway foundation stepped forward and donating 31
10:42 pm
ipads. the district will pay for 31 31 laptops. two communities a world apart. the effort in nasa to build a much needed surgical center and an operating room video that has gone viral and our chief meteorologist bill martin will tell us when sunny skies give way to rain. and the fda's move to ban a popular ingredient in many foods. ♪
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new at 10:00 p.m. an effort in napa time prove the quality -- to improve the quality of life for people. raising money for a medical clinic in a east african
10:45 pm
american county. he worked with the founder of a non-profit. he says that county is still recovering and the need for medical service is high. the founder says the napa valley is making a huge impact in the lives of many people. >> fundraiser will help us build our first ever, starting with a phase one. >> since being introduced the people in the napa valley have contributed more than $150,000 to fund a new ambulance, and construct a barn for the non- profit's food security programs. the food and drug administration is acknowledging transfats are unsafe. it is taking the first steps towards bang them. ktvu's john fowler spoke with a
10:46 pm
heart surgeon who said they are poison. >> reporter: trans fat kills 20,000 americans a year from heart attacks. many people are aware. >> i check the label. calories, everything. >> once common in fast food. california two years ago forbade restaurants to use transit is fats. -- transfats. california law does not require frozen food. >> i think it as poison. >> reporter: he told me transfats lead directedly to clogged arteries -- directly to clogged arteries. >> just builds plaque. >> reporter: they use it to add
10:47 pm
shelf life and texture. the fda wants it trans fats. manufacturers claim that will raise prices. >> it is worth it because of our health. >> reporter: we have learned even if you read zero trans fats today, zero doesn't mean zero. legally it only has to be under half a gram per serving. under john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. >> they could be found in scores of processed store bought items, freezin' pizza, popcorn, cookies, crackers, cakes and muserrens and cake mixes -- muffins, and cake mixes. lulu lemon's ceo is responding to complaints by
10:48 pm
suggesting large side women might want to shop elsewhere. they pulled some pants because you could see through the fablic and now they are say -- pabric and now they are saying it is still too thin. a.c. transit is about to roll out new buses that will have passengers riding in style. they purchased 54. the first 16 go into service tomorrow. they are built locally and equipped with free wifi and individual reading lamps. nice day out there today. it will continue that way for the next couple days. few clouds but more 60s and 70s. 78 livermore today. warm up there. 76 santa rosa. 72 redwood city.
10:49 pm
high temperatures tomorrow like today. high clouds and it stays north of here for the next couple days. towards the end of the weekend as we have been talking about the jet stream drop south and as it does we will see more of an onshore flow. winds coming off the water and cooler temperatures and a chance for rain. we have winds right now, 12al miles per hour and -- 12 miles per hours and fog at the coast. coastal fog back in the myx. over night low -- in the mix. over night lows in the 40s. coastal fog tomorrow morning. cooler tomorrow, cooler along it coast and the bay area weekend more clouds and more of the same, mild temperatures. the low gets closer to us. more clouds show up. temperatures trend down but we stay dry through the weekend and that changes around monday
10:50 pm
and tuesday when we have a shot of showers. here is the fog for tomorrow morning. clears off and clouds stay to the north. right now dry. it will stay dry as we go into -- into saturday and sunday and monday and tuesday it gets murky. we will follow that. 67 in oakland tomorrow. 73 livermore. friday. flew by. 70 san jose. 72 morgan hill. week looks fine. clouds. and coastal fog off the ocean beaches and pacific and half moon bay. five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view there is the clouds and here is the break down of the ridge. here is my hope. models backed away. rain, monday and tuesday and beyond that but the models backed off. they can change. you are worrying about the weekend? dry forecast. partly cloudy skies. and a warmer day sunday.
10:51 pm
should be the warmest day on the weekend. five-day forecast just like that turning to winter. clouds. fire danger goes off the map and here we are. >> maybe rain. >> i hope so. >> thank you. all right. sorry, frank -- >> hold on. >> too excited about stanford. >> a double mastectomy patient who held a dance party in san francisco is a huge hit on the internet. [ music playing ] >> she shook it up with her surgical team tuesday morning. she a doctor and mother of two and now at home recuperator. she was more worried about how the flash mop would go rather than the surgery. the video has been viewed by 2.5 million people on youtube. it is time to talk about
10:52 pm
stanford. they played the ducks tonight. who thought they would end the game like that. >> second half incredible. the coach's game plan brilliant. run the ball. run it more. keep oregon's offense off the field. nearly unraveled at the end. check the final. cardinals domination, 45 carries for him. touchdown there. 156 yards rushing. 7-0 lead. keep your eyes on the quarterback. fake. kept it. touchdown. 14-0 and at halftime john elway honored. had his number 7 retired. third player in school history. 26-0 at one point for the
10:53 pm
cardinal. second half. 26-7. field goal attempt blocked. returning it 65 yards. it is now 26-13 with a 2-point conversion missed but plenty of time for oregon to come back. they recovered. quick touchdown. 4th and goal. zipped it to him. 26-20. plenty of time left. they tried the onside kick. recovered by jeff trojan of stanford and the cardinal number 5 in the country, up ending the ducks, pand pandemonium afterwards. fred inglis is there. >> played a great game. scary at the end. >> we just beat oregon. we shocked the nation. no one thought we could do it.
10:54 pm
we did it on this field. [ laughter ] >> i think that sums up what happened on the farm today. great for the cardinal tonight. sometimes is not -- something not going right with the sharks. show you what did not happen for them in a minute with the rest of sports. i love watching tv outside.
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and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space.
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the way the sharks burst out of the gate looked like something special was about to happen but they hit a spot where they are greatly disappointing. four straight losses. sharks down 2-1. 1st period breaking shepherd up the stick to brown who nots it 2-2. 2nd period sharks down 3-2 again. blasting away. directing it in for the canucks. he is out of the net. 4-2 final. four straight losses for san jose. thursday night football the vikings won a game. second of the year. 34-27 over the redskins. that is the sporting life. everybody talk about the stanford game. if that game went another
10:58 pm
minute -- [ talking at the same time ] >> different outcome maybe. >> thank you. >> over now. >> thank you. thank you for choosing ktvu channel 2 news. have a great evening everyone. >> good night.
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soon, californians from to salinas to san diego will have equal access to quality health insurance. those who need financial assistance will get it. and nobody will be denied because of a pre-existing condition. welcome to a new state of health. welcome to covered california. we are your health insurance marketplace. enroll today at
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