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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  November 8, 2013 9:30am-10:01am PST

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hi, everyone. i'm beth troutman and it's time for great videos from the web "right this minute." talk about bold. thieves steal copper wiring -- >> directly off of an energy truck. that's bigger than bold. >> what these guys didn't know about the goods that got them busted. >> climbing a cliff with no rope? no problem. >> this is raw human strength. >> see the amazing moves of thailand's monkey man.
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>> mannequins are getting bustier and shoppers are buying it. >> people are getting incredibly rich off of making people feel really, really bad. >> the "new york times" breaks down an inflated sense of beauty. >> plus, if you want a 42 inch flat screen, we've got the buzz word for your chance to win. and she thinks she's just getting an award but -- >> this is a proposal. >> the surprise reaction in a hospital hallway. >> where'd she go? >> many of us know that copper theft is a huge epidemic problem across the nation. our friends at wxyz in detroit just posted this really interesting investigative report on how bad copper theft has gotten in detroit. you see these four guys jump out of a van, broad daylight and they go and steal copper directly off of an energy truck. that's bigger than bold. the energy company had had a serious problem with this, so
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they decided to record this from done the street. they also put hidden cameras on the truck as well and they installed a gps tracker into the bundles of wire. they were able to track the wire back to a recycling facility where they tracked down these four guys. you may look at this video and think, well, this is an isolated incident. it happened 41 times in three months this summer. >> there's so many angles of this, it looks like they're reenacting it, like they're paid actors but this is when it's actually happening. >> linemen in the detroit area say they're in jeopardy. some people are lurking in the bushes. others claim they've had guns pulled on them while they're at stop signs and getting ripped off. this just happened to you like today, right? >> it was a couple days ago. i thought they turned off my water for nonpayment. people came to my house and said your pipes are missing.
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it never occurred to me i didn't have water because someone stole my pipe. >> these guys were quite active, $30,000 in total. those four men were caught and pleaded guilty to felony larceny. >> the human body is an amazing thing, especially under high pressure scenarios. this is mark healy, a big wave surfer. he's made some friends. the biggest friend he's making is this giant tiger shark coming right for him. what do you do in this scenario? >> punch him in the nose. >> kind of. >> gouge himself eyes out with your finger. >> pray. >> all of those would be good. mark went with the old heisman move. kind of just turned him around. >> but there's another one. >> the other one doesn't bother
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him, swims away. mark comes to the surface, listen to what he says. >> what an [ bleep ] idiot! >> he has quite a swim to get out of the shark invested waters. >> from there we jump to thailand where this fella is known as the monkey man. he's performing for a crowd here. one quick look you notice he doesn't have any ropes. this is raw human strength. imagine how strong this guy's hands are. and he just sort of climbing around this rock face but just watch how impressive this gets. when he starts to be like upside down with his back facing the ground, think about the strength that it takes to do something like that. >> and you do see people sometimes end upside down and they have special shoes. this guy's not using anything and he's barefoot. >> barefoot on this jagged rock.
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he's so limber. he looks like he's made out of rubber as he's climbing all over this stuff. >> hey, hey, hey. >> what is that? >> you notice somebody is being arrested here. this video is from russia. this isn't somebody just suspected of stealing a loaf of bread. let's show you what precipitated that arrest. you're looking at video from a club and at this club a police officer suspects somebody in this room right here is responsible for the death of somebody at that club earlier. so you see the officer standing there. he's showing his badge to all these people. he's questioning them because he believes one of these guys is a suspect. up see that guy there holding on to him? that's the man who was arrested. look what he's doing. he's got that officer by the throat. he's choking him. all these people, plus the guy holding the officer, they're kind of impeding the investigation. you can see what's going on with
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them with the officer on the floor. >> no one else does anything. everyone watches. they peck up some stuff that fell, like some of the officers belonging. they just stay in there. >> do they think this guy putting the officer in the choke hod,do they thi to do anything with this? >> they suspected he's the culprit but after they arrested him, police say he admitted his involvement in the case. >> tgif, y'all! and coming up in a little buiit we are giving away a flat screen tv. >> you must be 18 years old, a u.s. resident and know the friday buzz word. good luck, y'all. >> the "new york times" recently posted a video online with a very interesting topic. >> right off the bat you see mr.
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sosa, he's the president and director of miss venezuela. he says that the international rules don't specify that beauty has to be natural, so he encourages doing whatever you have to do to be pretty, to be beautiful, whether that includes nose jobs, boob jobs, whatever that means. in the country of venezuela, the standard of beauty has changed from what used to be as close to natural to suddenly anything goes. we get into the mannequins that are being used to sell clothing to women. and the woman at the store is also saying that, yeah, in the last few years, the busts on the mannequins has increased and that has also meant increase in sales. >> this is really sad and it's really depressing for all of the women who live in venezuela. >> women that aren't necessarily going to compete in a pageant
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are selling their cars, they are mortgaging their homes to be able to get the money to pay for the surgeries. it's a big industry in that country because beauty is a big deal. in fact, one of the women in the videos that actually works making mannequins locally says herself if i could look look this, i would totally pay to have my surgery to look like this. >> which is crazy because even the mannequins look completely ridiculous. >> yeah. >> and it's tough to buy clothes because how the clothes in the store fit the mannequins, it's not close to how it fits you. >> unless you've altered yourself. >> it doesn't matter. it's the idea being sold to these women and they are buying. >> it's really heart breaking. i would imagine there's a ton of problems like eating disorders and low self-esteem that go along with this and some plastic surgeons are getting incredibly rich off of it. >> there's the old lumber jack way to cut down a tree. >> and then there's just the
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fun, destructive way to do it. >> see how to take down a tree with one blow. >> and an ad company uses your worst nightmares to get attention. >> they like to do traumatic instead of dramatic. >> hear why they're using flat out fear in this viral video campaign. [uncle]this is hopscotch,okay?
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uncle go one,two,one,two,one two,one. [niece]okay! [uncle]okay? [niece]one,two three,four,five,six,seven,eight! [uncle laughing] okay,we go the other way,okay? [niece]one,two,three,four,five, six,seven! [uncle laughs]there's ten spaces,you want to try again? [uncle]yeah?
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there's the right way to cut down a tree and then there's just the fun, destructive way to do it. >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> you all right? >> yes. >> yeah! >> you can't call that cutting down a treat. that's shooting down a tree. >> apparently they used explosives and an ar-15 to ignite it. that essentially cut the tree down. it looks like the video they shot before this one was this video where they were taking down the dead tree. a little explosive, a little bit of fire power. >> looks like that was a dead tree they took down. when they did that, it looked like it damaged the tree behind it so that's where they do that one as well.
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>> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >>al yes. >> yeah! >> did you see that piece of wood fly back here? >> yeah. >> viral video marketing campaign, nothing new. we see them all the time on this show, all over youtube. >> good advertising should make you nervous, should scare you. but we're taking that idea to the next level. we call it experiential. >> he's talking about how they're into this viral marketing. they like do traumatic instead of dramatic in their commercials. here's one of their latest works.
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>> nice cold beer. >> nice ad for coggins brewery. you see the ad, rough day? grab a coggins. >> they say this is what they were looking for. >> fear releases adrenaline. we're literally searing it into their mind. >> another marketing attempt. this one for deodorant. >> help me quick! >> it's okay, you're in a deodorant ad. >> that is awful. >> this really is happening. a lot of marketing companies are using fear to grab our attention. the thing is it works. >> it's funny because it's a spoof promo video for this company. it's similar to some of the videos that you see. >> it a great way to get their name out there, using a viral
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video making fun of viral videos that have taken it maybe a step too far. >> if you're looking for a marketing company, you're going to look for these people. >> yeah. >> no work here. this is all play. >> if you don't have a boat but you have a track ho, this is what you do. >> how to have a track hoeing good time. >> and want to win a flat screen tv? the buzz word you need to win is coming up.
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closed captioning provided by: old man winter is creeping up on us and with old man winter often time come storms that can knock out your power. you might need to have an emergency stash of candles. and i'm here to help you if you don't have those. i'm going to light hack you. i'm going to hack your lights. >> that's scary.
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>> it is from the dave hack's youtube channel. he's going to show you how to make some emergency candles. first, cheese. >> cheese? >> he's actually peeling the whack. you. >> to have the fancy cheese. >> put a hole down the middle, put the top of the wick, put butter. >> it might not smell so good, an old can a tuna. tuna in sunflower oil, according to dave hack. he said can you eat the tuna later. if you don't have tuna, butter or cheese, you can light a crayon. >> it might take a while to get going. >> and use it outside, it might give off toxic fumes. >> and an orange peel. you take off the orange peel and
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fill the bottom with olive oil. >> or you could just use a flashlight. >> i think you just hacked us. >> very interesting, though. >> shut up. >> in this video heavy machinery means fun, not work. check this out. they take track ho out in the middle of lake utah, tie a string to the backhoe and off they go wake boards in the middle part of this shallow part of the lake. all kinds of fun being had. does this look familiar? >> 7 super tramp. >> this the third installment of the mountain dew road trip. you can submit them to devyn and they'll go out and shoot them if they select your idea. >> really they're going in a big circle. >> and they're going very fast, which makes it exhilarating.
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>> i'm shocked this track ho can get whipping around fast enough to keep them above water. >> that's a good idea. if you don't have a boat but you have a track ho, this is what you do. >> when they stand up, the water is in the middle of their shin. >> so you wipe out and you might get hurt when you have no real water cushion. >> you're right. and behind the scenes video, there's sol interesting tidbits. >> you're going to fall, you want to tuck and roll, that way you won't hit the bottom or you want to be completely laid out. other than that, hang on tight and have a good time. >> you're going to want to see the video for a special romantic treat. go to "right this minute".com and don't forget to use our mobile app. >> it's a good way to end the week, the rtm flat screen give away. >> your chance to win a 42 inch flat screen tv, you need friday's buzz word, 18 years or
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older and a u.s. resident. >> enter on our facebook page. if you're using a mobile often or tablet go to the first post on our facebook page and tap on that mobile link. >> so here it, is the friday buzz word is robot. >> get on over to and click on a win a flat skrcreen button. >> and then the buzz word is rob-o-b-o- r-o-b-o-t, robot, to win a flat screen tv. >> he can get down just about anything. >> bananas with the peels
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we love this kitchen! what's next? great! do you have measurements? yeah, i paced it off. it's about twenty by twelve of these. so, we can measure, plan and install it for you. yea, let's do that! ikea. professional kitchen services at a low price.
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we lowhat's next?hen! great! do you have measurements? yeah, i paced it off. it's about twenty by twelve of these. so, we can measure, plan and install it for you. yea, let's do that! ikea. professional kitchen services at a low price. high school football highlights from rhode island. guy gets the ball, running back. that's randolph. the ball was on their on 32 yard
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line. watch this. heads to the right sideline. you think he's going to get stopped here. he's basically walking at this point. almost gets tackled, almost runs out of bound, reverses, runs to the other side to the 30, almost gets tackled, does fancy footwork, runs back, up the middle, you think he's going to middle, up the sidelines, gets a touchdown. in all a 68-yard touchdown. if you can get how many yards he actually ran, probably 150, 200. >> as he was doing all this fancy footwork, the offensive line got in and took the guys down. >> they never gave up. if you're the guys in white, you think they'll be working on some tackle drills this week? >> yes. >> a fan named sophia challenged me to eat a boat load of bananas. >> i'm sure this guy is familiar to youtube. this is the l.a. beast.
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we've seen many videos where he does all sorts of food challeng challenges, like eating a tub of butter. he put it out to his fans for suggestions. >> sophia wanted me to eat all six bananas whole with the peel still on it. i was like sophia's challenge is accepted! >> blah. >> sophia, this is for you. have a good day. >> the sound of it is -- >> what cracks me up is he uses the song "amazing grace," which is what he has because he gets through this by the graof god without choking. >> can you see how hard here has to bite into that peel to rip it off. he's got to use a lot of force there. >> this is going on the list of stuff i'm never eating again. >> i don't think i'd be able to do that, bite through a banana
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peel. they are thick and rubbery. >> let's try. >> oh, did you it. you got through there. that's a strong bite. what does that taste like? >> that was a lot harder than i thought. i have to go to the bathroom. have a good day. >> this is video from the jefferson memorial hospital that's in jefferson city, tennessee. the staff have gathered to award stacy allen with a very special associate recognition. >> you took care of us. >> there's family that had some really wonderful things to say about her and how good she made the family feel when the family had a patient in the hospital. so then they invite thomas tally, her boyfriend, to share more of why stacy should get the recognition. >> some of y'all know, this is where we met.
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>> then it starts to become more about them. >> oh! >> it wasn't an award ceremony at all. >> where's she going? where's she going? >> oh, my god! >> she comes back. she does want the ring. this is a proposal. oh, yes, i will. >> they hug and everybody starts taking pictures, everybody hugs and congratulates them. >> meanwhile, all the patients in the hospital are -- [ machines beeping ] >> that's it for rtm. [ machines beeping ] >> that's it for rtm. we'll see you next time. -- captions by vitac --
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live from new york city, it's" wendy williams." regina hall tells wendy all about reuniting with her cast after 14 years. plus, celebrity look-alikes, pop star edition. and, all the latest, juicy, hot topics. now here's wendy. >> wendy: thank you.


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