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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  November 11, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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. good morning, three bay area counties, what led to this on the bay area peninsular. there are lanes blocked and you can see what it is doing to the 10 commute -- 101 commute in san francis. -- san francisco. how the bay area's large philippine community is responding, it is all ahead on the bay area news. this is ktvu channel 2
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morning news. good morning, we are in red wood city this morning, boy, last time, last hour you saw smoke and now you are seeing water and there has been a fire for many hours and it did prompt a shelter in place for scrap metal and there is dangerous fumes because of that fire and there is an update and it sounds like there is good news coming from the scene, we will check in with catty in just a moment. if you are sleeping in on veterans day, you may be able to hang out with us longer. >> steve has your veterans day forecast. >> a lot of smoke because of a southeast wind and some of that smoke is actually blowing more
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westerly or northeast. there seems to be more of an easterly -- easterly -- easterly breeze. 40s and 50s on the temperatures for some, most of the lows are kind of stuck and if you get that low cloud deck it is tough to burn off. 64 will start you off with and there is a lot of low clouds in place in advance of that system which is trying to work its way in which a to the north so it looks not very promising for tomorrow, a lot of upper of 60s and 70s, here is sal. if you want to get on the freeway heading down the
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peninsular, if you are headed towards caesar shove visit it will -- caesar chavez it will take you passed the accident and the only problem is it could affect the bay bridge and the other problem is, it is light. we have a problem at northwest 80 in texas and there are no major injuries only minor injuries. they are okay on highway 4, on veterans day they have the day off and it will make it easier for those of us who do have to go to work. let's go back to the desk. crews are on the scene of a recycle aming fire and it has burned nearly 17 hours. they prompted a shelter in
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place advisory and there is intense smoke and it started yesterday afternoon on the port of redwood city. the fire has burned junked cars, which means paint, wiring and a polls city. it was 30 feet wide and 40 feet high so you can see crews. >> you can't just push it over like a san castle. >> there are no propers of smoke related problems but it did lead to a shelter in place warning for santa clara and alameda counties and we understand that order soon may be lifted. continuing coverage of typhoon haiyan, the deadly storm which devastated the philippines. this morning the u.s. military
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arrived to help coordinate military efforts and humanitarian efforts. military soldiers are unloading supplies and they will be flown to one of the worst hit areas in the country. u.s. marines are the first outside help in what is expected to be a major relief mission. >> it is the whole government approach, they asked for military, international relief organizations are here, obviously we have if the capability of what they need and they fear they don't have enough hospital space or vietnam. winds were up to 75 miles per hour reported there before weakening to a, tropical storm then heading towards china the
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vietnam government said they evacuated areas where the storm was expected to hit. >> the philippines are watching the aftermath of typhoon haiyan and we caught up with a woman who went through it and she said she was in one of the areas hard hit and his family home was badly damaged. >> the kitchen collapsed considering it is 60 years old and then leaking of course from the roof simply because it got blown off. >> reporter: she said she was able to get a plane ticket to manila and. >> google is accepting apps to help people look for people and
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the other app helps to upload information about somebody. they have other apps during disaster situations and you can also make donations to the recovery efforts. there are ways you can help those in the philippines and our web team has a post listed right there on the home page. police at uc berkeley are checking with a man exposing himself on campus and the campus where five women filed complaints last week... >> the first one, on the 2400 block, that was the last night, a woman inside of a path room who exposed himself and the second woman reported it and
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called police. one man looked outside and they saw a man standing outside of that window exposing himself and he ran before the uc police arrived. >> i have seen security come through to check if there are homeless people behind where the fire escape usually is but other than that, there doesn't seem to be much going on here. >> so the suspect is a white man. >> reporter: he is in his late 20s early 30s, 5-foot 10 to 6- foot tall, he has short dark hear was not shaven at the time and wearing dark stretch pants. if you know anything, knoll
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walker. a drives lost control in the marin neighborhood. a man was detained for questioning and there is minor damage. the bay area has some of the worst traffic in the country and we have more with why commutes are getting longer he is special little in the south bay. alex? >> reporter: just this morning, we are standing right along 101 through the area of mountain view and if you stand here you know the traffic backs up quite a bit and you know, it especially happens in the south bay and they monitor traffic nationwide and san jose is one
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of the most harmful. they say you can blame silicone valley in part for the extra cars on the roadway. one man said he is certainly spending a lot more time stuck in traffic. >> it has gotten worse. i drive for my other job also and traffic is getting worse like before traffic was not so bad during work hours and now this is traffic throughout the whole day. >> we are not the only ones suffering, honolulu is followed by l.a. >> number 4 san francisco and san jose rounding out the top
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5. experts say you can expect congestion to get even worse so no relief in sight for bay area commuters. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now, happening today, president barack obama will lead the nation's observance of the cemetery, he will take part in the layte laying ceremony to honor veterans and their families. and one of the men invited to breakfast is this man, 107-year- old richard overtown from texas. he is the oldest veteran still living. when we asked him why he was invited he said...
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>> they want to send me back over there. >> he still cuts his own grass and drives a car and he has a girlfriend, she is only 90 years old. 6:11 is the time right now, the important number that will be released this week, while the focus is on what she did while accepting an award. there is an injury crash and it is not getting better and traffic will soon be getting back on to the bay bridge. well, if you are smelling smoke, it is all in advance of a southeast wind, that gives us the question.
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. welcome back, time now 6:15 the city may hire private security guards after last month's death after lynn spaulding. her body was found in a hospital stairwell 17 days after she was seen in her room. that tragedy has led to a shakeup with police and some say hiring private guards may be less expensive and more efficient. secretary of state john is
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meeting with officials from the united arab emeritz. he is meeting about the nuclear program and unlike other states, they have concerns about iran's nuclear plans. this week we are finding out how many have signed up with the affordable care act despite put website problems. they are ensuring americans who like their current plans really will not have to switch. millions of americans say they will have to change their plans because of regulations. also they are still looking for teens in shooting at a birthday party which handed out
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side of houston. more than 100 teens came to celebrate a girl's 18th birthday party when somebody fired a gun to mark the celebration, however that gunfire led to mass confusion and panic. two other teens opened fire in a home filled with party goers. time now 6:15, there is a new study which supports gun violence and they found gun violence in pg 13 movies has more than tripled and it means that it's more marketed to teens and the motion pictures association so far has made no comment on that study. this time, it is about what she did last night in amsterdam.
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she is accepting an award for the video wrecking ball. she pulled out what looked like a joint from her purse and smoked it and march want in is -- marijuana is not legal there but she opened with a performance of her song which we can't start which including 24 to 36 hoursing with a dwarf. the piece ship rainbow warrior is now docked near the exploratorium. many are expected to visit which gets 90% of its power from the wind. it is the third ship to be called the rainbow warrior off the coast of new zealand in 1985. >> this is not a holiday off for you? >> no and we have a lot of people stuck in traffic and we
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thought they would not be, south one 101, this crash is involving major tie ups in san francisco, southbound 101 is still trying to get more emergency vehicles to the scene and that has become a huge mess. it looks like there could be another crash in that back up and we are still seeing a couple of flashing lights in the backup here and it is getting to be ridiculous. i would say they use 280 or get on the freeway after caesar chavez and it is not affecting the bay bridge yet. we are just lucky a lot of people have the day off, but if you get on to the bridges, remember you could see some slow traffic as you pull into san francisco. fairfield, they have cleared the crash northbound 880 texas
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and traffic is still slow in this area. 6:19 let's go to steve. some twitter updates from the scrap yard, they have d.c. in column and i can smell that from here. i think it is frank up in glenn park and so southeast along the peninsular is taking some of that smoke, so if you are around business brain -- brisbane, that is what it is. a lot of low clouds but now santa rosa, now it is southeast, fremont union city, moving up if you will and it does not look good, i don't think it will make it here, it is a dry pattern. what about san francisco and 164 years of record keeping? we need some rain desperately but there have been four times
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since 1829 and 1859 when there was no rain in san francisco. three rains and it dried as well and as you know all four of those rain years, we had 17 and a half. lots of clouds cough and the low is too far away and 40s on the temperatures and 50s, 35 ukiah, 23 in lake tahoe and it is darn cold out there. we will have some low clouds and a little bit of sun and these high and mid-level clouds are working their way in so we have some clouds but we have no
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rain up until possibly tomorrow but after that it is high pressure for a while. fog sun, mild a few high clouds in place and they increase later on and around noon hours, 60s and 70s and they are very low, upper 60s, pleasanton and livermore is in there warmer towards gilroy and it is mostly cloudy tuesday afternoon and we go wednesday, mostly sunny and cooler and breezezy overnight. >> some say it can reduce crime and some say why in one neighborhood they could see
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including nearly all the bargain shoppers. last year target opened at 9:00 on thanksgiving night. there is a report johnson & johnson has reported not using its products and they are not doing enough from selling damaged or purchased merchandise. corpses say there are -- sources say there are still disagreements between the two companies. and they are fighting a rent hike that could double their rent. dozens of people at the mobile home park say they own them and they rent the ocean view property where they live. they received notices, their rent could go up to 1900 a month. the people who own the mobile homes will not be affected by that increase. >> here is your letter, be
6:27 am
prepared on top of your present amount that you pay for your rent. >> on top of operating costs, improvements made to the parkings there is a farm lar and the, formula shows that an $1,100 increase is warranted. >> a judge has been a pointed to see if this rent hike will stand. >> they have spent money upgrading and they have not raised the rent in four years. a man is caught stomping on a homeless person and one man thinks he note is the recycling. >> i i will tell you when if the shelterer in place is
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lifted. well there are a lot of low clouds and fog in place but the after for mentioned rain is not looking too good but you may be able to smell the smoke from the fire and we will talk about that plus the week ahead. nz
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. right on time, current members of the lump my west point and it looks like a couple of students from the academy and they are ringing the opening bell, the 95th anniversary of veterans day, honoring veterans and markets are open today and it looks like a bit of a mixed picture. we will smile and say good
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morning, time now 6:30 i guess no word, 0 no look the -- no word, no look of rain ahead, mostly clear, in fact, here it is november and i am talking about a fog bank. a few high clouds and it will turn most live sunny and you can see where it is going even north and eureka, so if you are smelling some of that smoke, it was a little westerly, so pacifica, maybe in oakland, the wind has turned a little more southeast and it doesn't smelly more. so it is dancing around, had a couple of 30s and it starts the temperatures up a little bit. we will go for a high of 60
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today and we will meet on the high side, you can see the cloud cover coming in. a lot of low clouds, it was down just a bit, here is more with sal. >> here is one on san francisco but it is improvement, they still have one lane closed and they have opened up the three left lanes and at one point the entire area was blocked. we hope veterans day will make the traffic go away quicker and it will lighten quicken than it normally would. you can see it is light and this is not typical for a monday and we are not driving as there is a little bit from
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livermore to the main problems. stillstill lookings good which triggered shelter in place advisories. katie is there to tell us when that shelter in place advisory may be lifted, good morning, katie. >> reporter: good morning, dave, we just heard that the shelter in place warning has been lifted and residents can feel free to open their windows, leave their homes and it is now safe because the smoke hazardous pay thed. -- dissipate -- has dissipated. in the two hours we have been
6:34 am
here and if you look, there is a large black scrap pile and you can imagine the smell from those materials burning and to keep their windows in place, it happened afternoon and it bass ever in not taken care of and it was estimated to be 30 feet wide and 30 feet high. >> it is a large bunch of scrap metal and for thability for us to get in is very in and
6:35 am
determine a cause is very difficult. they just received a tweet from somebody who said they are smelling the smoke as far point as oyster point in south san francisco, so at this point the shelter in place is lifted and the smell of that smoke is still around. ktvu channel 2 morning news. police may have access on somebody who brought an attack on a home his person. >> after we aired this, he called to say he recognized the attacker. do you think your commute is getting worse? you may be right. alex savage is joan being us with some of the reasons why the commute the have --
6:36 am
commutes have doubled. they are spending a lot more time and in large part, we are here a long mound taken view, and the commute times have jumped in the past few years and this area is where they monitor traffic nationwide and this area is also the most congested in the country and in 2010 san jose was the 13th most congested in the country. the traffic in the south bay is really unheard of and one south bay drivers said they are
6:37 am
happy. >> you will deal and we are the only ones here in the count tri -- country. . according to the survey, drivers nationwide spend about 38 hours nationwide stuck in traffic compare that to news california and we waste an average of 62 hours a year sitting in those backups. live this morning in mountain view, alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. tomorrow the oakland city council will debate a plan on curfews. critics worry it could lead to
6:38 am
fitting's rememberrested until 1 and they may face fines up to $500. as you know it is veterans day in the bay area and as you know several events are planned today. flores is joining us in el cerrito, and he is there to tell us about an event that takes place there in just about an hour. >> reporter: thank you to those who have served in our military and we thank you for your service and in just about a half hour, will members of the el cerrito boycotts will be
6:39 am
placing flags on the graves and as well in san jose, at 11:00 they will have the opening ceremony of the 95th annual day parade and in san carlos, a special ceremony it will take place to those who made the annual sacrifice and veterans, they they planned for the vigil and there was a ceremony with and it will be is the 6 fort since the cross the were installed. live here in el cerrito. 2 investigates growing concerns about the medical
6:40 am
treatment they are receiving from v.a. hospitals. >> banana... say it again. >> okay, chris ellison is learning to talk and to walk not from injuries suffered during his service but instead when he went to a hospital for routine teeth extractions doctors ignored his low blood pressure and suffered a lawsuit which is the largest mall practice. two vexing how many are out there and what is standing in the way of help from lawmakers. from washington. >> typhoon haiyan leaves thousands dead after slamming
6:41 am
into the philippines and we will take you there live after the recovery efforts. >> good morning right now we are looking at trouble in salon know county and san francisco where they are still clearing an accident on southbound 101. they are making progress but one lane is still blocked. and brentwood after the discovery they are still getting fog can you smell the smoke and what about any rain, can we get any in here this weekend? [ male announcer ] you can change your tomorrow
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. welcome back to the continuing coverage of the typhoon haiyan where one of the hardest hit areas where 10,000 people are feared dead, this morning an international relief effort is underway. part of that effort is the u.s. military and marines have arrived in the philippines. some are in washington d.c. and we will learn on what they are now doing.
6:45 am
good morning pam. >> some say it is 3.5 times higher than hurricane katrina, storm surges were 16 feet high leaving a devastating path of destruction. ment committee of the red cross says it is possible as many as 10,000 people have died. the official death toll now is 942 according to authorities but that -- authorities but that number is starting to increase as remote places are not accessible. some of the hardest hit areas have hospitals full and food and water is scarce and survivors are desk plate for supplies. they are looking to reach the region over the weekend and they report that the most pressing need right now is shelter, clean water, hygiene kits and sanitation facilities.
6:46 am
teams have already reached the ground for relief efforts and they will deploy helicopters for search and rescue missions. they will report to other branches for international agencies and president barack obama has released a statement saying u.s. stands at the ready as recovery efforts go forth. pam, back to you. for more information on how to help the victims, go to our website and we have a list under the web link section under the home paint. there are reports of a map being seen exposing himself on campus f.
6:47 am
>> good morning. >> reporter: good morning, we spoke to a couple of students and one woman said she is not surprised. >> i have never seen him but the fact that he is here is a little nerve racking and i have never felt unsafe and there is usually people around and it has not altered my feelings as far as living in either one. >> okay, so the most recent one happened wednesday at 11:30, three women who were in unit one building on duran, looked out the work out room window and saw a man exposing himself. there was a man in a bathroom on two separate occasions and in both occasions he ran before uc police arrived. the suspect is described as a
6:48 am
white man in his late 20s to early 30s, medium build, short dark hair, he was unshaven at the time and waking light area. reporting live in pokily, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> let's look at torii for a look at what is coming up, torii? >> reporter: we have some moderately good news with the bag log of vets waiting a year for disability compensation is you are shrinking but the department is still far from reaching its goal. also it would seem from richmond, 17% of people spending $100,000 may be warmly welcomed but find out
6:49 am
why that is not the case. >> >> and good news if you are set to take lessons for a while, find out what kind of benefit will last a lifetime, those stories are new. >> he is looking pretty good, i want to mention, west 80, they have been looking into rough starts up there in fairfield, it's going to be a little slow but you are driving in richmond and the bay bridge toll plaza is nice and light, many government workers have the day off, many not all but most of them, an earlier crash,
6:50 am
southbound 101 in the right lane at one point the entire lane was blocked and one lane is still blocked, i would use 280 as an alternate route. thank you sal. and even out to brentwood, discovery bay, kristin just came in and fog is coming in and there is a lot of fog to go around reporting from san jose, low clouds, they are actually getting an easterly breeze, anyway a lot of high clouds, it is not going to do much for us at all and it seems to be dissipating a little bit and a couple of reports, i can't smell it anymore. earlier, daily city over to oakland as well parts of the peninsular. we are off to a dry start, october, no rainfall at all, we had any dry novembers and yes we have, i am glad you asked,
6:51 am
there have been four, 1829 and 1959 and three of those four, october was dry as well, .01 or less. all four of those had below average, so it is not promising, we still had time, some of that continues to race towards us and most of it is going north, it enhances the cloud deck 55 fso, 35 in ukiah, 37 in lakeport, they checked in from clear lake and told me that on a tweet. you can see the clouds drifting in after the low cloud deck it may take longer to burn off, so we have a little bit of sun but not a lot. if there is any rain with it will be up towards cape men seen know -- towards the cape and it looks really far north
6:52 am
and nothing here. some high clouds and partly sunny skies, partly cloudy skies as well. we have low 70s and temperatures will come down today even upper 60s in walnut creek so there will not be that much of a spread. 60s on the peninsular as well, mostly cloudy tomorrow but it should be about it mostly sunny wednesday and the weekend does look cooler and breezy though. we just got a tweet, still smelling smoke in menlo park. a bay area company at the center of a major recall, why salads and wraps are being recalled from store shelves. what happened near the port of oakland, it is a major distraction for drivers.
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with qualifying bundles.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news taking a live look at the big board, dow jones industrial average up and s&p 500 is up as well even though it is veterans day. amazon is helping postal service make deliveries during the postal season and they will get orders on sundays for the
6:56 am
internet retailer and deliver risk will be made in new york and los angeles starting this weekend and the program will expand next year. the partnership is expected to help the financially struggling postal service as well as get the orders out quickly. they are thanking them to mark veterans day today including dennis which is all you can eat buttermilk pancakes. crispy cream donuts -- crispy cream donuts, proof of military service has to be provided. investigators want to know how many stores are involved in a major recall of premade salads and wraps containing salad and chicken. it was sold to stores including trader joe's which recalled its
6:57 am
salad with chilly lime chicken and the field fresh with grilled chicken. others are sold under the delish and fine foods names. we have a full list of the recall list, just go to news, and go to the health and science tab on our website. it caused quite a distraction for drivers and as many as 200 drivers took part in this. police stopped some of the drivers and there is no word if any arrests were made. it has become a common occurrence especially on the weekends. you may recall a 69-year-old man was beaten last month, he tried to break up a show in east oakland. coming up next on mornings on 2, a man prompted a shelter in place in three bay area counties and we are hearing on twitter there is a major new
6:58 am
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so you want to drive more safely? of smart. stop eating. take deep breaths. avoid bad weather. [ whispers ] get eight hours. ♪ [ shouts over music ] turn it down! and, of course, talk to farmers. hi. hi. ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum - bum ♪
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>> reporter: we're live in redwood city where a fire at a metal recycling plant is almost extinguished. i just spoke with bay area air quality. i will tell you the latest on what the smoke was like last night. >> reporter: do you feel like your commute has gotten longer? it probably has. we'll tell you about a survey showing traffic increasing here in the bay area and why the economic recovery could be to blame. typhoon haiyan continues a deadly run through asia. the areas that are being hit hard right now and how locals are being left behind.


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