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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  November 11, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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killed following last friday's storm. as for the official death toll it fluctuates. so far the confirmed death toll is 942. the united nations says 620,000 people have been displaced. today a survey over the city by u.s. marines found that nearly every building there has been damaged or destroyed. emergency supplies are on their way to survives today. u.s. marines and soldiers loaded up cargo planes. here in the bay area they are coordinating relief supplies and money. ktvu's david stevenson has a look at these efforts. >> reporter: activists worked hard to raise money for typhoon haiyan relief today in downtown san francisco. the hope is people will give
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now and through the holidays. >> this is going to go beyond christmas. we need to rebuild. >> no sleep, trying to call people. >> reporter: she is the ceo of the women's network. her brother and sister were discovered alive this morning. >> my brother was missing for three days. couldn't find them. he and his wife and his -- their son. he is still missing. >> reporter: she used facebook and twitter to reach out for word. >> when they came out of their home bodies unclaimed. >> reporter: she is coordinating efforts with san francisco city hall for a funderation event here -- fundraising event here. >> raise money. >> reporter: money isn't the only aid item. they will begin free airlifts
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of relief goods and food to the philippines. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >> and to find out how you can help the victims of typhoon haiyan visit we posted information about donations just look under web links. only on 2 police officers in one city are learning how taturn the side -- to turn the tied against street violence. an officer's approach can make all the difference. a new strategy police learned during a trip to chicago. ktvu's eric rasmussen explains why they had to travel half way across the country to do that. >> reporter: the training is called procedural justice and police legitimacy but it is how officers learn to deal with the citizens, despite their own challenges. chicago said it made a difference so oakland police wanted to learn to do the same
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thing here. >> reporter: chicago, more than 450 homicides last year is where oakland police department is looking for answers. >> i hope somebody can help. >> reporter: he is among those just finding out they traveled to chicago last week to study how that city's police department trains its officers to better interact with the community. he has visiting chicago police department twice in two weeks. police credit their procedural justice training in part for a 15% drop in crime this year. homicides down 19%. shootings down 24%. >> when law enforcement takes an action the individual wants to know there is fairness involved and they will have a voice in the process. >> reporter: what about those who say you shouldn't have to fly to chicago to better interact? >> as professionals in the industry and professionals in
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our communities as well we should always look to examples of best practices where things are working. >> reporter: they could start similar training next year. something this man says he supports. >> we are human beings. first. we need to address that more with each other. >> reporter: police from stockton also joined them for the trip to chicago. and it has the approval of one well known critic of oakland police and we are putting that together for 10:00 p.m. eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. >> more details now. a look at who attended chicago last week. one police chief with one sergeant and two lu10ened, a administrator and a probation officer. we don't have a number but we know members paid for their own trip and covered the costs.
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a burglary suspect is under arrest after a five hour stand off. officers responded to reports of suspicious activity just before 9:00 a.m. this morning. news chopper 2 was over head as police and s.w.a.t converged on the home. the burglary suspect came out of the home after 2:00 p.m. this afternoon and was taken into custody. in san jose police have arrested three people on suspicion of carjacking, kidnapping and robbery. police say they were arrested in connection with an incident last month where they carjacked and kidnapped a delivery man while operating a prostitution ring. police also say the three robbed a bank.
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authorities on the peninsula lifted health advisories today in the wake of a massive fire. it started yesterday afternoon in redwood city. people were asked to keep their windows closed and stay indoors. >> felt like it was a fire that inundated the area. you couldn't escape it. we tried to go inside and the smell was bad. >> the highest reading yesterday was 113 micrograms per cubic meter. the stander is 35 micrograms. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36 as we dig deeper we find it was sited several times. there are new developments in the labor dispute between
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kaiser and its nurses. kaiser says all of the 22 nurses have been guaranteed a job at another location when they close this weekend. the nurses say they plan to picket on thursday to protest the closure. they say their dispute isn't just about jobs. first responders are performing emergency drills in preparation for real world problems once the fourth bore of the caldecot tunnel opens. ktvu's tom vacar joins us with the critical listen crews learned today. >> reporter: we are down to the final crucial tests that are needed to convince the fire marshal this tunnel is indeed ready to open. in one drill this afternoon a car wreck was also programmed to be a fire.
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smoke grenades and all. responding crews had to deal with the smoke but the very real winds generated by the 19 jet fans designed to restore fresh air and visibility. >> this is a big, big improvement safety wise. >> reporter: these tests will know all week and are absolutely necessary to open the tunnel. >> real emergency that we have no issues, rescuing people, or communications. >> reporter: smoke was a major issue in the fire in the first bore two weeks ago. consider this, no matter where the fire is, all the air can be evacuated and replaced with fresh in 1 to 3 minutes. >> 20-30 miles per hour.
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i don't anticipate smoke or carbon dioxide will be a problem. >> reporter: getting to incidents will be easier. >> we have a 10-foot shoulder which will enable workers to access the tunnel and to access a stalled vehicle, fire, whatever, more quickly. >> reporter: the lesson, one draw back, the powerful fans are so loud hand signals may be necessary to community if radios are down, hampered or overwhelmed. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. >> our coverage continues on we posted more information about the emergency drills inside the fourth bore of the caldecot tunnel and you can watch tom's report as he went inside getting their first tour of the tunnel. homeless camp will be cleared out tomorrow. it is under an over pass along
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south california boulevard. police say they received complaints about public drunkenness and drug use. advocates say space at shelters is limited. lawyers for apple and samsung are expected tomorrow for round two over patten rights. they will begin a retrail as part of the legal battle from last year. a jury said samsung must pay apple a billion dollars in damages but the judge cut it in half. tomorrow's trial will reconsider the damages. in 2 minutes from tracking gun violence in the streets to protecting students. the technology bay area schools are turning to keep our children safe. >> is the new face of the military a female one? >> i was always been proud of the fact that i served. >> the reason veterans organizations are looking to fill their ranks with women.
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that i'll never wear. ohh. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for two years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. a bay area company unveiled a new type of shot spotter system designed for school campuses. sst designed the new shot spotter to track a gunman inside a building. one oakland school is considering using the system. it would help police respond faster to emergencies such as a school shooting. >> what we are seeing here in the u.s. is we are seeing increase in the number of active shooter situations. >> the company says it is not just for schools but could be useful in work places and military and government
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installations. the systems cost $15,000 and $10,000 a year for monitoring. people paused to honor the service of u.s. military personnel. [ music ] >> a big crowd gathered for the veterans day parade in downtown san jose. crowds of people lined up for the event. it featured bands, cars, and motorcycles. this parade is now in its 95th year. [ music ] the state capitol was filled with sights and sounds of military service for the parade through sacramento. many veterans came out to offer their support and thanked those who are still in accountive duty -- in active duty. >> i served in the middle east and thank god i made it back.
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we just took care of business. as we were directed to do by leadership and we came home to our families. >> a long with the parade a wreath laying was held outside the memorial. new at 6:00 p.m. tonight we hear about it every veterans day, how there are fewer vets alive from wars fought long ago but one group is growing. women who served in recent wars. ktvu's ken pritchett reports, veterans organizations are now seeking out those women vets to fill their shrinking numbers. >> reporter: on board the uss hornet a line of veterans stood today to be recognized for their service. all men but the veteran in the center. >> i have always been proud of the fact that i served in the military. >> reporter: she served in world war ii as a nurse.
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she says it has been true veterans gathering, she is one of the few women. >> makes me sad. >> reporter: times are changing. visible in the faces of soldiers marching in the parade. more than 11% of iraq and afghanistan veterans are women. >> not very many join but we are trying to get them. >> reporter: he says there is a push on to recruit women veterans. 7% are women. a number that is doubled in recent years. >> we did get one in. >> while growing, women veteran membership in the vfw remains small however they say those women that are joining are taking leadership roles in the organization. >> i hope so. we need all the leadership we could get. >> reporter: camaraderie is a pay out for joining.
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why she joins to stand proud on veterans day. >> i hope they can be as proud of what they have done, for the women of it service, the women of the world and the women of our country. >> reporter: ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. >> you can show your appreciation for the men and women by sharing our facebook beige. go to ktvu -- badge. go to ktvu on facebook. google come up with an unusual invention. a electronic neck tattoo that doubles a as lie detector. it will adhere to a sticky substance on the skin. it contain as microphone that hooks up to your mobile device enabling hands free communication. the tattoo could include a skin response detector that shows skin resistance of a user when the user is lying.
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there was no word if it will get passed the patten stage. 2013 could go down in the record books as the driest year on record in california and the lack of rain is causing problems for farmers. many cattle ranchers are struggling. today is the first day of planting for hay farmers. so it is a major concern for them as well. we got clouds off shore. even green showing up on the radar. you can see that right there. problem is, most of that rain ends up north of us. and that is where we are seeing showers now and we will continue to see those and the showers try spread south tonight and tomorrow morning but it is weak. whatever we see will be light at best. north of the golden gate
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bridge. with all the clouds, over night lows will be warmer. not in the 30s but in the 40s. mild when you get going. lots of clouds. right? no rain. little. all that cloud cover by tomorrow you will see drizzle along the coast. drizzle on the bridge. golden gate park, bay bridge. there will be glaze on the roads. drizzle is the best we will do. north we could see light showers and sprinkles between midnight tonight and 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. lots of 70s. sun comes out in the afternoon. tonight look for clouds increasing. chance of light shower north. looks robust here on the map. the front it would show this front fraying apart. palling apart. that is where the rain will fall. we will continue on with this
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chance. slight chance for sprinkle or two. that is it. here is the system at 10:00 p.m. see where the rain is? there is 7:00 a.m. right? that is real rain right there. it will stay north. drops down. mid-morning. that is when you could see drizzle around here. we are tracking it. chance of showers and perhaps wet on the roads in the north bay and coastal stretches of highway 1 around san francisco. 70 fremont tomorrow. warms up. starts off cool. temperatures continue in this realm. thursday night, look for the winds to increase. we could see the fire danger pop up this late in the season. lends to that not lot of rain this year. winds thursday night and friday morning. >> keep our fingers crossed.
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maybe we will get rain. >> maybe. maybe. maybe. [ talking at the same time ] >> thank you. two of the best women's basketball teams in the country is tipping off tonight. sports is next with the look at the face-off. ktvu's gasia mikaelian with what we are working on for bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. >> we will take you back to redwood city where a recycling facility fire is out but concerns about air pollution remain. we are looking at how high the levels of contamination got and how it impacted residents. join us for these stories and more on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. ñ
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using the classroom to fight back against illegally downloaded movies and musics. they are backing a non-profit that is developing curriculum to teach about copyright rules. mark is here now with sports. stanford, uconn, women's basketball. you got it all. >> for how many years? those two teams near the top. uconn, winning the national
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title it seems like and tonight against stanford not a lot of change. they raise their 8th national title banner. not since 1992 has stanford won it. she gets it to her. off night shooting. 16 points for her. down 13 at the half. the big gun for uconn. she had 20 points on the night. 76-57. uconn winning going away. stanford work to do. mean time the warriors and pro basketball have work to do. first 7 games they have turned the ball over 136 times. it has to get better than that. they play at home tomorrow against the pistons following a 2-2 road trip. working out today. and the mental mistakes that lead to the turnovers the main topic of conversation as they got to get it turned around and
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quickly. >> we are up tempo team. one thing we don't want to do is throw away possessions. it is important for us and it starts with stef. all of our guys on the floor. especially when you play against the better teams. you got to be sharper with your execution. >> the bay area hitting a losing skid. you name it they lost around here. the 49ers with an ugly defeat at the hands of carolina yesterday. colin kaepernick sacked six times. one fumble. one intersections. but coach says it wasn't just colin kaepernick. >> offensively, you know, we didn't play well enough to win the game. we had too many negative plays in the game. penalties, sack, turnover. you know, we got to get better.
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>> got to get better but not easier. new orleans against the saints who looked good against the cowboys. [ talking at the same time ] >> hard to watch last night. thank you. on this veterans day we honor the men and women who serve. but tonight 2 investigates how veterans become victims. the medical malpractice that left some disabled for life. >> we are always here for you on, facebook and twitter. good night everyone. >> good night. [ male announcer ] you can change your tomorrow
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