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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  November 13, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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what it prompted people in the south bay to do. some new plastic devices at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is causing a bigger problem, it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> complete area bay coverage starts right now, this is the ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning. the lights are on now but this is that brand-new casino, largest in the area it just open had up and we have some big problems and some angry gamblers there and thank you for joining us november 13th, i am pam cook. >> it is already the middle of the week. we will check weather and traffic now. steve knows your forecast. >> we have mostly clear skies, a little bit of fog, maybe the
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marin coast is clear inland and we have sunny and warmer a few high clouds and today will be the warmer day as the we head toward friday and saturday. nights will be long but it is definitely cooler, there is a hint or two for patchy skies and in the city, yesterday's system pushes out a couple of high clouds and lots of sunshine today, warmer temperatures and just some patchy fog near the coast, it will be a cooler morning, temperatures a few mid-$70 here. antioch, it will be close to morgan hill. here is sal. we are looking good around the roads if you are trying to get out there and it is a good time to do it and you can see we are getting out to the
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mcarthur maze with problems and it is not going to be like that for too long and you want to see the roads just like this when you roll up but there are no major problems driving on the freeways, san mateo bridge looks good, also northbound 880 is off to a good start, 501, let's go back to the desk. we are beginning with a big power problem which is young thousands of whom at the park that lost hate last night. there was age there are and confusion and i want to show you what it looks like outside the great resort as you can see
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lights are back on but last night it was a a little bit story. -- little bit different story. last night a crash took out a utility pole and then it went dark. we are hearing mixed reports, some lights went out, some lights didn't go out, some machines were working, while we are trying to figure it out, some customers had more to say. here is one can customer. >> we were gambling, and the power went out and everybody gasped and there is a lot of angry people there. >> reporter: this is a short distance away from the road in which the great resort and
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casino is located on. power was restored early this morning to the 3600 cuss maters and it appears those generateors were not as relyiable. many were trying to figure out what to do from there as they were left in the dark. >> ktvu channel 2 morning news. vallejo police say last night's shooting case is now a homicide investigation, an unidentified man was left shot in the parking lot in the fairgrounds drive. he later died at the hospital. they are warping other parents to stay alert right after a stranger walked into
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her daughter's school and tried taking her out of class. it is a small private elementary school. the principal admits he made mistakes when he gave the girl's first name and a visit terrible's pass. he is african-american with dreadlocks and when staff members approached him, after that the girl was notified. if. >> he was directed to the office and when asked what he was there for he said he was supposed to pick up my daughter. >> new security measures include tighter enforcement for people walking on to campus with new surveillance measures.
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they are now looking for that man. operation safe passage was set up to help students who may be confronted by gang members or bullies as they walk home. parents are patrolling as students leaf near by schools. we have an update and at least 1800 bodies were recovered and the finenal 500. they desperately need food and water. right here in the bay area is offering what they can do as far as relief and support for those victims. one unifying day is coinciding
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with this latest gift of solidarity and we will have the latest details on that. >> reporter: today has been designated as an international day of solidarity as a day for the victims of typhoon haiyan. it will take place at martin loutreer ding -- martin martin luther king library. students are collecting food and medical kits today and tomorrow and nearly half the population will live there includeing city leaders and palo alto and it is suching
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them and they are organizing it by a filipino youth organization and there will be speeches as well and if you would like to come it begins at 6:15 here on the corner of east fernando. reporting live from san jose, janine della vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. bay area transit leaders will meet to discuss a new problem on the bridge. drivers keep running over those plastic pile ons and it is becoming a major problem and potential traffic hazards. >> they are always on the floor. >> a lot of this quick curb has been run over and the vertical
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portion disappears. >> caltrans crews have been trying to fix the situation but more changes continue and they will have meetings continue. the work began yesterday on the bay bridge and caltrans says the old bridge still poses a safety threat even though it is closed. and it could cause some problems problems. president barack obama wanted to make good on the promise that people can keep their health insurance. the parents of a 7 month old baby are talking about what killed him during his stay at a hospital. and looking in both directions in 280 southbound in san joses, we will tell you how
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the morning is developing. and we are having patchy fog near the coast, any changes then or will we hold this pattern?
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ee. >> they are pressureing them about getting behind in legislation and former former president bill clinton is
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speaking out. joining us now, they will explain all of this and they will give us a sneak peak at what is happening today, kyla? >> reporter: pam in less than 90 minutes the house oversight committee will have top questions for top government officials. they are still working out bugs on the obama care website and they say it will be working smoothly for most americans by the end of this month but another problem, those canceled insurance policies, finestein is supporting legs lakes -- legislation to consider all existing plans and currently statewide do not meet better standards and they are permitting them to shop in california. this comes as former former president bill clinton is calling on him to honor his pledge. >> if you like your plan, keep your plan. >> i personally believe, the
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president should honor the federal commitment he made for those people. >> he will be testifying at this hearing and this is what they are expected to say to jackie spear, i am working on it for you and less than 15 minutes. they have dropped to a new low and they approve of the job the president is doing and 54% say they disapprove and it is the first time they have dipped below 44%. they are contributing to their unhappiness with their job approval performance. the new a gallop pole shows only 9 americans are approving of the job they are doing and that's for years they are conducting the gallop survey and it's partisan bickering and the fact that congress is not
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getting anything done. a lake county couple is suing the hospital after their seven month old baby died of a bacterial infection at the hospital. he died back in may at the uc san francisco hospital. his parents say he was infected with lesion fair disease while coming through a successful transplant. the water system is contaminated with the legionnaire's disease and they say after that they did not find any of the baby's water contaminated with hospital supplies. it happened in the yosemite area and it ranges as the third largest wild fire which carries
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fresh drinking water at all the way to sannian. and a watery cleanup continues, part of the pulling was flooded twice and the 6th floor was soaked by a leak on saturday and the water poured all the way down to the second floor of the administration building and the repairs may take up to a week and a half to complete. good morning pam and dave, you can see the bay bridge looks good and a lot of people don't like hanging out and waiting the way it is getting even in the late hours there
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are no problems there now if you are driving on 55 #0 west bound and if you are driving to the dumbarton, we almost never mention that bridge because it usually does well. this morning it is doing nicely and they are on their way to east palo alto. i will show you the remains of typhoon haiyan and when it reoccurs it starts to fall apart and come back to the pacific. now it is starting to fall apart and south japan gets caught up into the system which moves and that's the remains of it toward the allusions. none of that is heading in our
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directions and it is only patchy fog, we have clear skies and oop and it seems to be about and remember, my take out is very low so you get paid well. 43 in ukiah, 44 in sacramento and it is cooler. it will be warmer today just some patchy fog near the coast and i don't think it will warm up. and 60s and 70s. san leandro is in will there,
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sarah total and although it is 54, brandon earlier in pacifica, on the mild side, low 5 -- her 70s. we are also looking for a drop. thank you for that. >> they say they will not reissue a recall, and the three recent fires under investigation actually show how safe the model is, it hit debris and caught fire after hitting a tree however the drivers were were not not hurt and he said it was hit during another crash.
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the fresh are you department -- fresh are you department is looking to -- treasury department is looking to sell and the government has recovered more than $37 billion and it needs to sell the remaining shares to break even. this looks like a good drop, a little bit of a mixed picture and it looks like an 80% droop for -- drop for the dow jones industrial average, and we will talk about that as we get closer to the bell. a rent scalp forcing -- scam forcing college student out of that are whom. >> we will have more on who police are searching for right
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now. how a loophole could cause many kids to zip the shot being stay tuned. to those who've encountered welcome to covered california. new, affordable health plans so you can be ready for whatever comes your way. enroll today at
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. that is whitey bulger, he was found guilty of monday laundering and racketeering in august and they have also linked him to 11 murders they
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want a light sentence but he is one of the most dispickable criminals. he was wanted here 15 years after leaving before being indicted. they are split over you guidelines for stats. they say they should describe more stat therapy even if they do not require a stroke and they say side is a affects are under reported. they say they could actually drive the numbers down. it was designed to guard against infectious diseases but
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in years passed, he asked the health department whod a second box on the form for an exemption. >> if people are religious, they will go and get their signed note but others are doing it for convenience and say, well, i am just going to check the box. >> they are fluctuate from a low of 237 to a high. they want a deal that will allow george lucas to build his museum at the sports' basement site according to the san francisco chronicle, however they want the project scaled down to make sure the golden gate bridge is not blocked.
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they could find another location for the two other bidders who might be able to work at home. 3d program is now widely available and some of the had 357 million operations are on scene and nope by the write -- flown by the wright bothers. and we have more on why children may face the biggest danger. for people in the south philippines, we will tell you what has prompted people in the bay to do. skies are clear, so it is
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. we are live in san jose, we are here because later on today, there will be a vigil for the victims of the
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philippines at 6:00 tonight and we have all the details 0 0 so stay tuned for that. >> good morning, it is just about 5:30 let's check in with steve and it sounds like a nice week, weatherwise not for november, it is very quiet after he have it cooler and breeze sip by friday and saturday and it is a really cold dynamic system digging to the north and east of us and it will be far enough west and not by the weekend, a lot of 40s and a few 50s here. san jose is 48, antioch at 48 and skies are cleared out with some patchy fog and it will be another mild day, so we are
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warming up, patchy fog near the coast, just kind much flirting a little bit and a clear day, upper 60s and lowerp 70s so if you ban to get out there soon i think that would be a great eye of a you are hitting green also on 880 south in the south fremont area and as we hit the santa clara valley that traffic continues to move nicely on 185 and 182, all of them are doing well so far. there will is a small delay, let's did pack to the debts
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desk. >> it is among thousands of homes no roper park and many of the casinos were not put out. >> they just said all of you get out and we will call you and we will give you your money back, we promise. there is no promises, we left the money here. >> they hit a how tour and claudine wong will have an i am which came want hours and they received their first official report on the new grade and casino. the world's biggest casino was
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open and traffic has improved dramatically during the past few days. there has not been a single drunk driving arrest since it opened 10 days ago. >> we asked if they could make one and they agreed to do that. >> it way too early to see if any of the new casinos will cause any problems. the final death cool toll. now and rescuers are still having trouble getting to the half theest -- hardest day. today is a day of
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solidarity and tonight mourners will be supporting those victims. live in san jose, janine will tell us more about it. >> reporter: good morning, dave, a local philippine group is organizing the event and it is being held in front of the library. now now student from state university are collecting none perishable food from today and tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and nearly half of the population is telling heartbreaking stories about their loved ones back home. one woman said her father was visiting when the typhoon hit and flooded her house while some family members, wheel one
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grandmother was moving when she was on the couch she was sucked into the current and she drowned. >> daily news said city council decided to donate $10,000 to help with relief efforts. and there will be numerous speakers and cultural performances as well and it is loan dated heap at the corner of east fernando fernando. they are raise raising concerns about radiation poisoning and that's after repeated assurances that the island is safe.
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they found radioactive shards and they say the navy is scheduled to turn the land over to the city as they plan to turn it into a development. >> and this is for a woman who didn't even only in, it was listed for rent and college students said they paid the woman $1,800 in rent and one day they came home to find the locks were changed and that the woman they rented from, she is not the landlord. >> we did do homework on who was the owner of the house and how long the house has been there and everything, just as much as she did. she has used craigslist in the
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past. the woman is described as an asian woman, 5-foot 3 inches tall with short black hair. 2 investigates buying up homes still help about a year ago. so so call trans pout the home and tonight 2 investigates what happened and it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. during the holidays, the number of drunk driving incidents increases and today mothers against drunk driving is taking a step to prevent some of those accidents they will unveil a display of the car and scott was killed by a
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drunk driver, and now the car and the story about it will be held later. this crash in richmond seriously injured two people. it happened after a police chase and richmond police said they were pursuing a wanted gang member and the suspect hit another car in mcdonald. one was critically injured and the other has serious injuries and the suspects in custody had felony warrants. san francisco's police chief said he was disgusted after seeing video showing an attack on a homeless person. we first aired this, a man slooping on the sidewalk and
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police officers later tended to the victim. >> he has now a little time to clean up the encampment. it's right near the trader joe's store. people have complained about drug use and other problems in that area. homeless advocates are worried about where those people will now go and police say they are giving them some extra time to find a shelter. a san francisco police officer, the all facings he is making against his colleagues. we are seeing traffic get busier by the minute especially on key areas like corridor 4.
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. time now 541, san francisco deputy is due in court. prosecutors say he stole $1,700 and he is facing a separate weapons' charge. he was suspended without pay after being arrested. san francisco police officer is filing a federal rights lawsuit against the city and he said he was racially profiled, choked and wrongfully arrested by colleague who never
5:43 am
recognized him at a traffic area that is now stopped. he asked if he bass on -- if asked if was on probation? they are using this sketch to honor sergeant loran butch baker. it will replace the temporary memorial that people filled with flowers and pictures after the two were killed. sergeant loran butch baker was preparing to question an assault person at home when he shot and killed them and the memorial is scheduled to be dedicated on the first of the officer's death. he too has been victimized in the utility truck and he
5:44 am
told house is much colors in oakland. now they got passed this 15- foot tall fence and some very inexpensive drivers will talk about emission rolls. they want to talk about a deadline for emissions compliance. independent truck drivers are saying they are forced to meet the standards but corporations are being given seven years to make the very same changes. truck drivers are also asking for funding to help pay for the new trucks. powerful figures will be back at the mission bay campus and
5:45 am
new uc janet napolitano step down and after seeing it he is also deciding to take hi way 24. >> we are taking highway 24. interstate 880 and highway 24, still looking good, we have had a few rough days but right now it is getting more crowded on the way to the tunnel and as i check the chp list we don't see a lot going on when it comes to the region. we don't want a lot going on as a matter of fact and there is a little bit of slowing in those far right things but that's about all. it looks good on is 01, super
5:46 am
typhoon is no more which is feeding this front into a big power house front. it is long gone so in case you are wondering, it is reoccurring. and unfortunately it is not going anywhere if you want to hang outright there. it is pumping out, we do have a little bit south than it does to east and you can see some of that fog again, we are trying to get on the san mateo coast. any puff of a breeze and it comes up, 43 in ukiah, 43 in sacramento, warm today except for the patchy fog near the
5:47 am
coast after a cooler morning and by the time we get to the weekend i will show you that on extend under outlook. mid-70s, oakland 68, a lot of 65s. and from mountain view at menlo park, it is much cooler into saturday whether we are moving into the north and east of us and after that it is still very quiet and dry. oop. >> it will take a a new
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messages to sell more coffee beans and craft rejected that. star buck disagrees with the amount of the award and they are glad to have a final decision. at. >> johnson & johnson could pay as much as $4 million involving hip implants. they would give $300,000 $300,000 over what was recalled and the settlement still needs correct approval. streaming video service, the redesign as as much as specific members and the catalog works on game consoles and blue ray players but not on your mobile device. a lot of chihuahuas in the
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. welcome back, they may expand a crackdown for people living in city campers, the law took affect earlier this year and reportedly they are no longer a problem for certain areas like sunset and pet remember and other areas as well. they are due back in court to enter a plea. family members of the 16-year- old richard thomas who is accused of setting sasha fleischman's skirt on fire while the two were on a bus in oakland last week. sasha is still in the -- sasha fleischman is still in the hospital with severe bones. and an online dictionary typed the word gay into her
5:53 am
laptop the word gay. it was surprising and she wrote a letter to apple and heard back almost immediately. it says it streams from apple from four separate sources but they said they were also really surprised. gorman is also asking for the media's help and they have already publicized her campaign.. >> take a look, this is the third version of the 18,000 set arena and it appears designers have lowered the roof and decreased the amount of open space. they addressed the concerns of the privately funned arena and
5:54 am
blocked the view of the bay and caused noise and traffic but many are still not happy. >> it doesn't matter, it's all about the location, peer 32 is not the appropriate place to be putting a massive arena as well as retail space. >> critics are hoping to put it before voters with a ballot initiative. alden smith pled not guilty. he entered the plea in the san jose courtroom and it comes from charges back in early june of last year. january 15th after the nfl regular season is over, he faced a dui case in that areaing and wide receiver kyle williams has been cut and the team announced that yesterday
5:55 am
afternoon and williams said his lowest point was the 2012 championship game against the giants and he fumbled two punt returns. a lot of fans blamed him with a loss and cost him a trip to the super bowl. he fell into a ravine, hit a frozen tree and broke his back. he made sure he was okay and he said his dog juneau ran down the hill barking for help and took him to the hospital and of courser was waiting there for his release. now the topmost talked about person on the internet, according to an annual person, the pope out ranges obama care
5:56 am
and kate middleton. but he is the 4th most talked about word over katie perry i can't believe it. in roan far parkings the -- roaner parkings we have live reports on who is affected, what caused it and why the investigation is far from over, plus the road to confusion, the road markers to the bay bridge toll plaza, what it may take to fix it. and on the golden gate bridge, traffic does look good coming from marin county and marin looks good as you head south and i will tell you about the morning commute straight ahead. what about any weekend changes to the weather, all of that is coming up, stay tuned. ñsxóxgñ
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. good morning with this dark frustrating night at the resort casino we will tell you what it looked like and sounded like when the lights went out. and on the east bay campus,
5:59 am
it involved a girl and a stranger and how the east bay district is responding. and reason children may -- recent children may face the greatest danger as far as radiation. >> we will have more on the sal dartty effort -- solidarity efforts for survivors of typhoon haiyan. we want to take you up to the casino, that huge casino which opened up last week or so, the huge power outage affected gamblers last night and claudine wong is there to talk about what caused it and the reaction is not great from gamblers outside at that time of the big power outage. i am pam cook, here is more. >> well, it is clear, a little bit of fog out there and also on parts of the coast but
6:00 am
that's about it, it is colder with a few high clouds coming in and we are working our way into the north bay after the afternoon fog, it might still hang out by the coast and friday saturday, cooler breezy in fact much cooler, some upper 30s to the north and more so, theyed the cloud cover and it is down about 10 degrees from yesterday, except for some patchy fog and there is a little bit towards santa rosa, and high pressure went out for a couple of days and we'll see a big change as we head towards friday and saturday, strong low will be on the western edge of it and today we get the sunshine and warmer temperatures and some of that patchy fog and a cooler morning gives way to a warmer day, here is sal on traffic. it is getting busier by the


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