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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  November 13, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>> simon: josh levi. >> mario: we'll see you tomorrow night. dozens of breast cancer patients receiving treatment at a bay area hospital are victimized by identity thieves. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. vulnerable cancer patients victimized by thieves. authorities in santa clara county announce the arrest of two women. they're accused of stealing the identities of more than 100 people, including those of of breast cancer patients. maureen naylor is live now in santa clara to tell us how police got this big break in the case. >> reporter: the id theft victims are from all over the
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bay area, from as far north as san francisco to as far south as santa clara county. >> there's a paper trail. >> reporter: investigators tonight are still going through a paper trail of stolen mail, and documents, uncovered last week inside a room at the avatar hotel off great america parkway. authorities say two san jose women staying here tried to use a fake credit card. when the hotel went to evict them, authorities found a lot more. >> there was a ton of stolen mail, there was notebooks, including people's personal identifying information in there. names, credit card information. >> reporter: jennifer deng says investigators noticed something strange in the bags of papers. a list of women's names with similar birth dates, which turned out to be a stolen patient list. >> it's horrifying that these people who are at such tough
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time in their lives are getting victimized by random strangers who don't care. >> reporter: deng says the two women now charged in the case are accused of stealing the identities of more than 100 people, including 35 patients from alta bates. most patients reported new credit cards being opened in their names, or a current credit card used illegally. authorities also found a payroll sheet from aver media technologies in fremont. a spokesperson told us, they took matters such as this seriously and are working with law enforcement to see what happened. maureen naylor, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> more details now. prosecutors identify their suspects as 37-year-old salina
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soriano of san jose, and 36- year-old regina palacios. both are due in court later this month. if convicted, they face eight years in prison. new video tonight of a truck that crashed into a home in oakland. it happened about 6:00 tonight. people who live at seminary and overdale avenues say there have been several crashes at that intersection which is right off interstate 580. the driver of the truck tonight hit another car before crashing into the home. the woman who lives in the home says she heard a loud boom, and then felt a lot of shaking, fortunately, no one was seriously hurt. dozens of muni passengers have a story to tell tonight. they were onboard a train that left the operating station without anyone on the controls. noel, this is a crazy story, even for muni. >> reporter: yeah, it is, frank. that passenger was on a train here at the castro station. he told me, he was zoned out,
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listening to his phone, as you do, when suddenly he saw another passenger run down the aisle. that's the point he knew his routine muni ride was anything but. the evening commute was back on track. passengers racing to catch their train before the doors closed. earlier today, a train left the station without someone. the driver. >> i would have been scared out of my wits, i think. >> reporter: surveillance video shows the kt line train in the castro station around 10:20 a.m. the driver gets out to check a stuck door. when the door closes, the single car train, operating in automatic mode pulls out of the station with about 30 people onboard. you can see the driver still on the platform. muni is looking into whether it was mechanical, or operator error. >> i think had the emergency brake been applied, then the train would not have moved. >> reporter: a passenger raced
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up the aisle, and pulled the stop line like this one. that passenger is a contractor for the clippard card service. the emergency stop triggered dispatch, which sent help. >> had there not been an intervention with the emergency stop, the train would have gone to forest hills, serviced the platform, opened the doors. ingly do know it's controlled by a master computer somewhere. so that's sort of reassuring, but not 100% reassuring. >> reporter: muni says passengers were never in danger, and did the right thing by waiting 14 minutes for help to arrive. some passengers we spoke to though, aren't too sure they would have been so calm. >> i'm glad it wasn't me. i'm not good in a crisis. >> i'd call 911. i'll try to remember the number to 911 in that case. >> reporter: so the good news, nobody injured in this incident. the driver, by the way is on
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paid leave during the investigation. reporting live in san francisco, noel walker, ktvu, channel 2 news. livermore police are asking for the public's help tonight in finding a bank robber. take a look at this. investigators release this surveillance picture today. they say this man robbed a citibank on fortola avenue. he walked up to the teller and demanded cash. anyone with information is asked to contact fremont police. and police released photos of a man walking up to a house on soly street a week ago monday. he leaves a large empty box and walks off with two just delivered packages. police say he drives away in an older blue sedan. he is now wanted for petty theft. it's a basic piece of technology and paying off in a big way for police in san francisco.
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right now, the department is in the process of giving all of its officers new smartphones. how they're being used by officers on patrol. >> reporter: frank, those phones are samsung galaxies like this one. they can allow officers to snap photos at a crime scene, then put those photos directly in a police report. they can also look up mug shots. tonight, we got to see why that is especially important for officers on foot patrol here at market street. you're looking at an arrest that might not have been so easy for the officers a few months ago. on foot patrol in the 6th and market corridor, their only equipment is what they can carry. they normally would have had to radio for help when this man, suspected of smoking drugs, didn't have id. tonight, they searched the name he gave in a police database, using new department issued smartphones, and they discovered something else.
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>> so he comes back with a possible warrant out for his arrest, and we're able to use the phones, pulled the mug shot, and confirmed that he's wanted in the city and county. >> reporter: that's why the san francisco police department is rolling out smartphones with apps to all officers on patrol. >> you can actually pull it up. >> reporter: putting critical information at an officer's fingertips. >> it's a little bit safer on the other side of the street. >> reporter: and there are more tools for other officers. >> it's going to transform the way we do our work. it's going to allow us to do it faster, and more efficiently. >> reporter: officers in barns and costa were among the first to get the new phones. the rest of the department is expected to have the new phones by the end of the year.
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eric rasmussen, ktvu, channel 2 news. police are searching for a sexual assault suspect. investigators released this sketch today. the suspect is described as white, 5'8", about 170 pounds. the aassault happened on july 30, but it wasn't reported until the last month. the victim says she was walking in the richmond district when a man pulled up and asked for directions. police say he drove to el camino del mar and sexually assaulted the victim. cal osha is investigating an accident that sent three tesla workers to the hospital. all three workers were taken to valley medical center in san jose. two were admitted to the burn unit, and were visited tonight by tesla's ceo, elan musk.
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the company issued a statement. three employees were injured by hot metal from the press. the coast guard is searching the pacific ocean for a woman who witnesses say intentionally went overboard from a cruise ship that had departed from san francisco. the grand princess was about 650 miles northeast of hilo, hawaii. the spokesperson confirmed the 54-year-old woman went into the water on purpose. right now, it's three days into a 15 day round trip cruise to hawaii. the ship changed course today, and is said to be helping in searching for that missing passenger. four marines were killed at camp pendleton today. the marine corps said there was no live firing at the time. one report said the marines were just finishing their work when a piece of unexploded
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ordinance detonated. 8 months ago, 7 marines at camp pendleton died when a mortar exploded during an exercise. temperatures in the mid- 70s. in mid-november. when gusty winds could blow away this summer like pattern. >> and next, several quakes in less than a week. >> i was terrified. i kind of screamed really loud, and thought it was the end. >> why experts won't call these quakes a swarm just yet.
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the san ramon area was rattled by another small quake today. it was reported at 9:13 this morning. the u.s. geological survey says it was the 6th earthquake to happen in that general area since last saturday. they also say small frequent earthquakes are characteristic of the san ramon valley. >> it's not really possible to say that these have any special meaning, other than they're telling us this is an active area. >> experts say even more quakes would have to happen in that same spot for it to be considered a swarm. two sides in a bitter contract dispute have agreed on one thing, they're at an
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impasse. ktvu's heather holmes is live in concord, where teachers say it's time for a raise. >> reporter: julie, some of those teachers are making their case to the school board right now. while the district has offered a raise, teachers tell me, it is not large enough. that is why earlier tonight, hundreds of educators that were standing right here, urging the board to boost its offer. >> we are helping provide them in the classroom. >> reporter: out in the classroom, and in the fight for a new contract. hundreds of teachers in the mount diablo school district rallied before tonight's school board meeting. >> we have to fight for everything we get. >> reporter: what they got has been six years without a raise. >> we want an increase in our salaries. >> reporter: the president of the teacher's union is pushing for a 7% pay hike, and increasing funding to help cover spiraling health insurance costs. >> if you look at san ramon, our salary structure is almost identical, and they get full
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medical for all of their people at no cost. >> we're trying to address the issues of no health benefits. >> reporter: but the gap remains. last week, an impasse was declared. >> we really can't bargain any further. the next step is for a mediator to come in. >> reporter: but no word on when that might happen. frank and julie, with negotiations now stalled, it will be up to an outsider to try to bring these two sides together. heather holmes, ktvu, channel 2 news. the santa clara county sheriff's office is searching for a 17-year-old girl who has been missing now for nearly two days. emma picket was last seen yesterday at 8:00 a.m. investigators last traced her phone to the palo alto area at 7:00 last night. emma is described as about 5'7", and 115 pounds. she has short, purple, and gray hair and drives a 2001 black
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jaguar. new details are emerging about the death of an infant with legionnaire's disease. the baby died last may. a wrongful death lawsuit by his parents, kelly, and rod joseph claims the legionnaires bacteria was found in water pipes at the hospital. the hospital insists that several water samples found in evidence of legionnaires. san francisco police chief greg suhr has provided new details about a horrifying attack on a homeless person who was sleeping on the street. surveillance video of last week's attack aired on ktvu news, and that prompted police to start an investigation. the video showed a man repeatedly stomping right on the head of the defenseless victim. the chief now tells us, the victim was a woman. he says she did not want to go to the hospital, but did agree to see a doctor.
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he also says investigators have now identified a person of interest, and want to interview him. now to our continuing coverage of the devastation in the philippines from typhoon haiyan. shipments of food, water, and medicine are arriving at the tacloban airport. there is very little fuel available for trucks, and if one does make a delivery, hundreds who haven't eaten in days descend upon it. in the south bay, a gathering for support of typhoon victims. their mission is to reach out to those in the philippines, as well as the community at home. ♪ [ music ] ♪ i once was lost but now am found ♪ >> reporter: about 60 members of the filipino community gathered tonight to raise money for typhoon victims and the spirit of family and friends
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here trying to help. monica says it's not easy. >> my hometown in the philippines, not okay. a lot of damage going on, and i really wish i could be there >> a moment of silence for all the victims of the typhoon. >> reporter: monica and the youth group in silicon valley are channeling energy here, and forming a community task force to organize relief efforts and pressure the government for more aid, and to distribute it more rapidly. >> we're trying on the one hand to raise funds, but also to raise energy. >> reporter: it is hard to tell how much money or food will be raised since collections will continue, but the event did raise spirits. monica says she's inspired by her family. >> they're not just sitting back and watching things unfold. it's very important for me to take action. >> reporter: based on tonight's turn out organizers plan to
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hold more fundraising. in san jose, robert honda, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> more details now, the philippine government is currently reporting more than 3,000 deaths. the world food program says so far, 49,000 people have received rice and canned food. it could take up to six weeks to get power restored. the u.s. has pledged $20 million in immediate aid. other nations are also promising donations totally in the millions. in our next half hour, heartache for a bay area family. they shared their story of losing 11 relatives in the philippines. the coastal fog returned this afternoon. there it is out there now. we've got some clouds too. but there's fog along the coast. the fog shooting across into the bay right now. fog, coastal fog. temperatures got into the 70s, and mid-70s. temperatures tomorrow, right
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there again. we're going to see lots of 70s. tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. there's fog along the coast, and it will be dense on the great highway. even on the bay bridge, visibility would be low. fog burns out. parts of patchy fog. then, your forecast highs tomorrow, you're back into the 60s and 70s. lots of mid, and low 70s, with a lot of upper 60s. when we come back, the weekend is just around the corner, the temperatures are going the other way. how much cooler will they get? i'll have the specifics. caltrans is warning drivers to be aware of delays at the caldecott tunnel. we showed you the training going on there, to get the new fourth bore ready for next week's opening. the final work will begin on friday night at 8:30 and run through 10:30 saturday morning. that work could cause delays. it also may need to be repeated
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through the weekend. the new bore should open sometime between this saturday and early monday morning. a long time bay area bar suddenly being called a magnet for crime. >> should make a greater effort to provide additional police. >> tonight at 10:30, neighbors take their demands to city leaders. >> students not calling it a bombshell announcement, but definitely eye opening, as the uc president has something in store for tuition throughout the state.
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a one year freeze on uc tuition. that's the announcement by janet napolitano. the goal is to keep more money in students' pockets. >> reporter: students singing a classic on the classic uc
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berkely campus. others are singing the tuition blues. >> it's not completely reasonable to some agree. >> reporter: affordable, and accessibility, two words driven home today by janet napolitano. freezing tuition for the next academic year. >> this is the right thing to do, given what's happened with tuition in california over the last years. >> reporter: uc undergrad tuition has jumped about 145% the last decade? the last boost was the 2011 academic year, putting the tuition where it stands now. today, janet napolitano said freezing tuition for one year gives her time to create a new tuition policy. >> which is basically when you enter a university as a
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freshman, your tuition doesn't dramatically increase over the course of four years. >> for me, i think it's pretty good right now, but if they raise it, that might be kind of hard. >> reporter: most cal students welcome a reprieve. others say they're okay with a bump in tuition, if it were to happen again. >> without a doubt, it's worth it to pay the extra money to come here. it's going to benefit you in the long run as far as getting a job and everything. >> reporter: she would not say if it's contingent on more money from sacramento. she did emphasize the state of california must do its part. >> more details now, we compared uca $12,000 tuition with other state universities. we found penn state's campus had one of the highest. oklahoma state was one of the lowest at 2,559 for its oklahoma city campus. according to the u.s. department of education, the national average for tuition at a four year public college is
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$7,135. us stock markets closed higher today on new optimism for holiday shopping. the dow industrials closed at a new record high. the nasdaq added 45. the new optimism game late in the day after macy's's said it's expecting strong retail sales in the next month and a half. shares were up nearly 10%, but the good holiday outlook is even more important. it can account for as much as 40% of annual revenue. one survey found shoppers are expected to spend roughly 10% more this year. the photo messaging website, snap chat has reportedly turned down a $3 billion buyout offer from facebook. snapchat is a 2-year-old start up. it's based in venice beach. it allows users to send text and photo messages that disappear in seconds.
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the service is very popular among teenagers. $3 billion. well a huge diamond sells for tens of millions of dollars. we will show you the rock that set the record. then concerns about radiation on treasure island. the search for potential sources. >> an east bay bar that has been around since 1968 now faces neighborhood opposition over violent incidents. the fight over its future. >> and a reminder that you can get ktvu news to go. download the app, click on the live icon, and watch all of our newscasts live on your mobile device.
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that neighborhood bar that's been on the same corner in oakland for 45 years is suddenly drawing the wrath of its neighbors. some even want to close it down. neighbors came together this
10:30 pm
evening to meet with police and try to figure out what can be done here. >> reporter: frank it's been at this corner of piedmont and west mcarthur boulevard since 1968. now some neighbors say there's been some shootings out the business. long time patrons will say it serves up a good meal and drink. >> it's a nice place to be. the people there are friendly, and the food is good. >> reporter: but when night falls, neighbors say it can be a magnet for crime and violence. police tell us during the past 6 months, there's been three shootings that took place just outside eggberts. the most recent less than two weeks ago. >> there are incidents of drug dealing going on there as well. >> reporter: eggbert's long time bartender john forester
10:31 pm
says in response to the problem, the owners have hired two new security guards, and the restaurant bar know closes at midnight instead of 2:00 a.m. >> we've got strict security at night now. so i don't know what more we can do. >> is that enough? >> i think that's a good start. >> reporter: police say they're working with the owners to improve safety, including better lighting, and surveillance cameras. but more needs to be done. >> it includes managing the capacity inside the business. the type of music. >> reporter: tonight, it was an overflow crowd of piedmont avenue neighbors who gathered for a meeting with police. >> the city should make a good effort to provide additional police. >> reporter: one patron says she supports the business, but that public safety is priority. >> a compromise, we shut the bar down, shut the bar down and keep the restaurant.
10:32 pm
>> reporter: patrons blame the problems largely on people from outside of oakland, but police tell me the shooting victims are from oakland. reporting live in oakland. amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news channel 2 news. a pleasant hill massage parlor has lost its permit to operate one month after police arrested the owner. the healing garden spa is located in an office suite on gregory lane. the owner is facing criminal charges after being arrested on suspicion of prostitution during a sting operation on october 3. arrests were also made that same day at happy 8 massage. advocates for homeless people living on a plot of land known as the albany bulb tried to fight city leaders from evicting them. they clean up the former landfill just north of golden
10:33 pm
gate park. the city is setting up a temporary shelter. the homeless say it's inadequate. a state lawmaker from the east bay has launched a probe into cost overruns. the huge cost overruns for the new eastern spain of the bay bridge. the congressman held the first of three hearings today in sacramento. he wants to know why that new bridge took so long to build, and why it was so far over budget. >> it's the largest public works project in the history of the state. when i voted for it it, when i was in local government, it was supposed to cost $1.4 billion. it ended up costing $6.4 billion, and it was ten years late. we really need to learn from our mistakes. >> he's hoping that those answers will help him draft reform legislation to better manage other projects such as high speed rail. new information about the affordable care act, and how many americans have signed up for the health insurance
10:34 pm
program. today, the obama administration announced the first official numbers. it said 106,000 people have selected health insurance plans in the first six weeks. the administration had hoped for half a million by now. here in california, the covered california website has been far more successful than the national website. an estimated 6 million californians still don't have health insurance. ktvu's allie rasmus tonight on the progress and why many people haven't signed up. >> reporter: when michelle boseman gets sick there's only one place for her to go. >> the emergency room of course. >> reporter: using the emergency room for regular healthcare is exactly what state and federal health officials don't want people to do. it's supposed to help the uninsured sign up for coverage under the affordable care act. she signed up, but didn't follow through. >> a hassle. i don't like the hassle. >> reporter: the cover california website went live on october 1. in the first month,
10:35 pm
30,000 californians enrolled. since november, it's picked up with another 29,000 signed up. >> how quickly the numbers were growing in the first 12 days of november, as many people signed up as signed up in october. >> reporter: but with six million californians uninsured, there's still a long way to go. >> we're starting healthcare new for america. everyone's not going to be in on day 1. >> it's too early to be concerned. >> reporter: the director of cover california said his goal was to have 5 to 700,000 people enrolled by march. but with just a few more months to go there is still a lot of ground to cover. a large dazzling diamond brought a record setting price at auction today. it's the largest pink diamond known to exist.
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the rough diamond was mined somewhere in africa in 1999, and it took two years to cut and polish. it's 59 carats and it is flawless. grizzly photos of a car accident next to a gray panel. it went for $105 million at a christy's auction. the work has only been seen in public once in 26 years. the buyer wasn't identified. bay area children at risk of radiation exposure. >> it concerns me very much as a parent, because my baby is always sick. >> we asked why residents were told it was safe. >> the feeling of summer in mid- november. how much longer this unusual weather will linger in the bay area. >> coming up, a warning about spiked drinks. where police say several women were drugged. avo: the volkswagen "sign then drive"
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and right now you can drive one home for practically just your signature. sign. then drive. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on any new 2014 volkswagen. hurry, this offer ends december 2nd. for details, visit today. see these hands?
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they gripped the wheel of a humvee in afghanistan. twelve years, flying choppers. my hands? they're here for the person who fought in afghanistan. i made the call and got support for my sister. mine take care of the person who flew those helicopters. and if life gets overwhelming they're ready to dial the veterans crisis line. confidential help is just a call, click or text away. continuing coverage now of typhoon haiyan. a south bay family is devastated to learn 11 family members were killed. he says they were in the hard
10:40 pm
hit city of tacloban. >> i can only feel a hurt situation right now. i can imagine how she feels right now. it would be really hard for her. hopefully, she will be able to handle this ordeal. >> now he says the focus is getting his sister out of the disaster zone. one family member already left the bay area, and is heading for the typhoon ravaged region. others plan to make the trip, and are working to gather money, and supplies to bring with them. san francisco based wells- fargo is doing its part to support the relief efforts in the philippines. it's giving $125,000 to the red cross, and another $125,000 to the medi corps. we have posted additional resources to sending to the
10:41 pm
philippines on opening statements today in a federal trial in san jose. a jury will determine just how much samsung has to pay apple for copies iphone, and ipad features. a previous jury awarded apple $1.5 billion. but a judge ruled that the jury miscalculated, and ordered the new trial. many of the products at issue are no longer even sold new. google, and hewlett-packard are stopping sales of the new chrome book 11 computer. that after reports that the charger can overheat. google says it's working on a fix, but for now, it's recommending other chargers that can fit the computer. they sell for less than $300. a bipartisan group of senators is trying to close a loophole in new rules for airline pilots. barbara boxer is one of the authors. the new rules limit commercial pilots to no more than 9 hours
10:42 pm
of flying a day. the pilots of cargo planes are not included. they can fly up to 16 hours a day. bay area pilot sully sullenberger who landed a plane in the hudson river says the rules don't make sense. >> when you're asleep in your bed at night, and there are 200,000 airplanes trying to find an airport at 3:00 a.m., it doesn't matter whether they're flying packages or passengers. more than 20,000 law enforcement were honored by the state attorney general for their efforts to fight crime. pittsburg officer brian scott received an award of valor at the ceremony in dublin. in february he was shot in the back as he and another officer chased a suspect who is now behind bars. fortunately, officer scott was wearing body armor. >> i'm honored and humbled to be here, so thank you.
10:43 pm
>> reporter: also among those honored, christopher handle. employees were dealing with an armed robber inside boulevard burger back in june. he shot and killed the robber, possibly saving three lives. a warning to women. the bulletin posted at a college campus after at least three students reported their drinks were drugged. >> in five minutes, our chief meteorologist bill martin has your complete bay area forecast. >> up first, concerns about radiation exposure. the active search for radiation our ktvu view witnessed in this bay area neighborhood. [ female announcer ] welcome one and all
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to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor, a feeding frenzy to say the least. a turkey from safeway is just what they crave. a hero of the table, "so delicious" they'll rave. fresh, natural, frozen. it's the best selection around. spend $30 and a frozen safeway turkey is just 59 cents a pound. so raise your glass, pull up a chair, grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. safeway. ingredients for life. there are new concerns about the risk for radiation exposure on treasure island. it all stems from reports of a discovery of a shard of radioactive material earlier this year. ktvu's ken pritchett was on
10:46 pm
treasure island today, and tells us, scientists were out there looking for potential hot spots. >> reporter: this is a california department of health survey team. we found them today, using radiation detectors in common areas around treasure island department. he says he's used to it. >> i know, they've come into our backyard before. >> reporter: the survey team says it was following up on previous hits from other surveys. >> they've kept us informed, told us what they were looking for. >> reporter: but according to an especially memo, a survey in march found this object buried in a common grassy area. tests thoughed that quote, a one hour skin contact with the fragment could cause radiation burns, hair loss, and possible ulceration. >> that information has been shared with residents of the
10:47 pm
island back in march, and april of this past year. >> reporter: while some residents are unconcerned. others say the news makes them feel just the opposite. >> it concerns me very much as a parent, because my baby is always sick. >> reporter: but beck says ti is safe despite the finding of locations with higher than normal levels. >> but not areas that would cause us, or the health department to reevaluate that there's a risk to public health. >> reporter: the memo says these buried fragments if found but children could be dangerous, and it recommended more surveys, and we're told those have been underway since september. on treasure island, ken pritchett, ktvu, channel 2 news. police at uc santa cruz are warning about spiked drinks. police say in the past week, three female students have
10:48 pm
reported their drinks may have been drugged. at least one reported she was sexually assaulted. a driver accused in a hit and run crash in roanoke park surrendered to police today. 23-year-old roberto ragarro told the chp he was scared, so he left the scene after hitting a utility pole around 11:00 last night. the incident forced the new casino to shut down for a time. the casino says it is able to match customers to their slot machines and everyone who had money in them will be reimbursed. fog out there today along the coast like you might see in the summer months. there it is as it pushes in under the north tower of the golden gate bridge. that tower is just over 700 feet. so the inversion below 1,000 feet for the most part. that's why it was so warm
10:49 pm
inland. the fog pressed down. that's why visibility along the coast tonight and today were kind of reduced. something we typically see more of in the summer months. not in the middle of november. this is kind of a summer weather pattern. upper 70s and low 80s inland. a 20-degree spread from coast to inland. not normal for this time of year. fog along the coast now. that fog will be there tomorrow morning when you get going. it will cool things off for most of the day in the area along the coast and in the city by the bay. overnight lows tonight are going to get down into the upper 40s, in the bay spots. low 40s, and upper 30s in the inland bay valleys. 41 is the forecast overnight low in santa rosa. 44 in vallejo. there's a ton of coastal fog
10:50 pm
out there. the visibility is okay right there, but the fog is right along the coast, and it will make it tough in the morning hoursment thursday's highs are back into the 70s. so another nice day, and the weather headline, with a chance of windy conditions into tomorrow night and friday morning. an increasing fire danger in the middle of november as well. tomorrow, another nice day like today. here comes that wind event, thursday night, because of this low pressure. that low pressure is the deal that will kick up the winds, but it will also take our bay area weekend temperatures, and drop them down out of the mid- 70s, and into the mid-60s. cold, just not going to be as darn warm as it's been. lots of 70s along the coast. there's the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view. your bay area weekend shapes up something like that with cooler weather on saturday and sunday. no rain in the forecast right
10:51 pm
now. just a really pleasant, pleasant weather pattern that doesn't want to end. >> it just keeps going. >> don't see any rain anytime soon. thanks bill. first responders were out on the waters of half moon bay today training to make sure they're ready for the surfers a at the annual mavericks invitational. the wind for the contest opened on november 1. organizers wait for waves 30 feet or higher, before alerting surfers from around the world. they have 20 hours to get there when that does open up. mark's here now with sports. real sad news for the raiders. a former tight end has died, and used to live in alameda. >> when someone dies unexpectedly, the a tough story. even worse when there is a personal connection. got to know todd christianson in the mid-'80s, when we did live in alameda. football only part of the story. that is certainly not to be ignored. he played 10 years as a tight
10:52 pm
end for the raiders, and made the pro bowl five times. he made it all the easier to transition into a fine career in broadcasting after he retired from the nfl. todd suffered from liver disease, and died today from complications during a liver transplant. if you're a quarterback in the nfl, you just have to wear it sometimes. especially when things aren't going well. everyone seems to have an imprint. trent dilfer said while cap is a great player and incredible athlete, he hasn't impressed as a passer. he basically needs to work through his progressions much better. a 49er response. >> i think he should know what
10:53 pm
my progression is first before he says that. >> he's one of those rare quarterbacks that can come in and play winning football at a very early time in his career. those kinds of quarterbacks are rare throughout the history of the nfl. he's one of them. >> always a little soap opera going on. meantime, the warriors get a sneak preview of what they'll be in for tomorrow night when the thunder storm oakland. oakland city battle tested against the l.a. clippers tonight. when push comes to shove. we'll have the rest of sports next. is this flu shot necessary? it keeps you healthy during flu season.
10:54 pm
but does it hurt? nah. plus you get a really sweet bandaid! anything else i should know? here's a thought, try scoring more points on the other team. okay. even a warrior can get sick. kaiser permanente reminds you to get your flu shot this season.
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big league baseball passing out the major hardware this week. big daddy awards today. the cy young awards to the best pitchers in both league. clayton kershaw might consider changing the name of the entire ward in honor of him. he wins his second cy young. only 26 years old. no lefty has won twice at that age. kershaw, 16-9 with l.a., leading the league in e.r.a. at 1.93. the american league cy young award winner, max scherzer of the tigers, runaway winner. detroit has provided the cy young winner in two of the last
10:57 pm
three years. justin verlander won it in 2011. no doubt a few warriors checking out today's televised national game. thunder could be a little extra tired. tangled up with blake griffin. no problem, except matt barnes comes in. they are ejected. that hurts the thunder big time. barnes was 0 for 5 at the point. blake griffin and the clips get the last laugh. 22 points for griffin, 12 rebounds. 7 assists. that is the sporting life for a wednesday night. warriors and thunder tomorrow. that will be another good one. >> can't wait for that one. >> warriors undefeated at home. so we'll see. thanks for choosing ktvu, channel 2 news. >> if you missed part of
10:58 pm
tonight's newscast, you can always check the rebroadcast over on tv36. starts in a couple of minutes. and you can follow us anytime on twitter, facebook, and the ktvu app. good night. when our little girl was born,
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