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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  November 16, 2013 10:00pm-10:46pm PST

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. a close friend reacts to the shooting death of a south bay woman who was armed with a knife. no call to have shot her. she wouldn't have hurt anybody. we learn more about the officer involved shooting and what the woman may have been doing when the officers opened fire. >> the woman shot and killed was 61-year-old and her friends say that shot shooting shouldn't have happened. more on this use of deadly force. >> it was a knife in her hand
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that prompted deputies to fire. those closest to this woman said she was disabled and distraught and needed help. >> she wasn't violent. she was kind and loving and had the best husband ever. >> that husband is too grief stricken to talk about how that wife was shot overnight. but her friends want answers. >> i asked the police why didn't you just tazer. >> our investigators are questioning the detectives. the deputies encountered her with a knife and she refused to drop it. >> deputies fired at the subject, the subject was pronounced dead at the scene, the weapon was located next to
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the deceased subject. >> that was after midnight and the investigation stretched through the day and into this evening as neighbors expressed surprise. the first time i met her was halloween. she was giving out water bottles. >> she's not a confrontational person. >> she had multiple sclerosis. >> it was something she was having trouble dealing with. >> i don't get it. i don't get it. >> even if she was uncooperative deputies could have given her time with no history of violence and no one in the apartment with her. why couldn't you use a taser? okay, she had a knife, maybe you need to calm her down. not destroy her whole family. >> the sheriff won't have an
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update until monday. on the taser question, it's simple. they couldn't use them because they don't carry them. the sheriff department is one of the few law enforcement agencies in santa clara county that doesn't. >> part of highway 116 in sonoma county will be closed until 5:00 a.m. after a crash that brought down a power line and started several fires. four fires started near adobe road. the car hit a power pole, the pole landed on another car. the driver of the car that hit the pole was taken to the hospital. pg&e is on the scene repairing that power line. new developments in the bart labor deal. bart board of directors is ordering the general manager to hire a new chief negotiator.
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union leaders are disputing the claim that's the clause was included in error. bart directors will vote on thursday, but it's unclear if that will happen. the hitch is with 64.8 of -- section 4.8 of the contract. bart never included for that to be in the contract. leaders say that's not true. they knew they signed it. they signed the entire agreement. for them to think it's a mistake is disingenuous white house -- >> the bart estimated the paid leave policy could cost $44 million over four years. the union says it will be 1.4 $000,000 a year. both sides want to avoid
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another strike. local 1021 said 4.8 was not a mistake or a glitch, this is nothing more than buyers remorse. this was an old agreement they've had for months to review and consider. now it's time for the board to honor our agreement. at 10:30 a transportation milestone. >> now to the philippines the devastation, it will be weeks or months before the power is fully restored to to hardest hit areas as crews continue to collect bodies. 3633 is the official death toll. 1100 are still missing. aid workers are the bay area are on board a flight heading to the philippines. you spoke to the workers as
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they prepared to depart. the team doesn't know what it will be walking into, right? >> information coming out of the philippines is spotty. the officials know only the need on the ground is dire. >> what medical experts from keitzer permanente hospitals did one last check. >> they are asking for birthing kits. >> they are escorting the supplies. >> getting the aid is not very good if there's not somebody with the expertise to deliver the care to the people. >> bob duran will be part of the seven member team. his role making sure the aid gets where it's needed most. we're bringing in medical staff next week. this is the advanced team.
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>> more than a week after typhoon haiyan struck aid is getting to the hardest hit. dr. reyes is looking for a way in. i have family in manila and men den out, they were lucky to escape the destruction. >> the emergency room doctor said step one is which areas have the most need and getting aid there quickly. i think initially anything goes. we have very few reports coming from out of there now, all i've heard there's a lot of people with wounds. >> the team is anticipating the acute injuries first. they anticipate a shift in the need of care to long term illness and some members of the team could spend a month in the philippines. we're live at sfo.
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the largest union of health care workers held a fundraiser. people came by to drop off money, medical supplies and needed items. >> i said let's get sleeping bags. we brought a couple. and some clothing they could use. >> the health care workers pledged $100,000 to relief workers and organizing a medical mission to the philippines. we have a list of way you can help. go to and click on web links. an 8-year-old boy was hospitalized this weekend after being stabbed. fairfield police say bowie stabbed the boy and another man last night at a home on scott
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street in fairfield. bowie is facing a list of charges. it's not clear what led to violence or the relationship to those two victims. the adult male has been released from the hospital. surveillance video and a tip led police to a suspected bank robber and accomplishes. a person saw images of alphonso inside the citibank on north gate drive. the call led investigators to a hotel room where they found him and to accomplishes a man and a woman. he was booked into jail, the other two suspects were booked on abetting the crime. they recovered a large amount of cash that was stolen during the robbery.
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a recovery in san francisco bay. a man was clinging to a boat. the ferry stopped and the crew pulled the man from the bay. no word on why he's in the water. miles scott, "batkid" captured the hearts of millions. he was tracked on twitter from november 5 to today, 522,000 tweets that used the hashtag sf bat kid and batkid. the number of users that could have seen the hashtag was 750 million. when you combine that and the number they were seen that's 1.7 billion.
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you can watch the full trailer at at the top of the home page. they come from the most dangerous neighborhoods. they came together in a story only on two, teens teaming up to fight crime. the most popular place in california for baby boomers to retire. >> paid to breast feed. a government agency wants to give mothers cash to breast feed their new borns.
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. young people sat down together to stop crime. spare the youth summit was more that trying to keep the peace. they come from some of oakland's most dangerous neighborhoods and don't always get along. they met on neutral territory. >> to deal with their differences and work on solutions to the violence. >> if you know the people that are involved with this you engage them and tell them it's a different way to handle it. >> the spare the youth summits
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is held by truceo, his goal is to get people the put down their guns. >> truceo gets help to steer them away from crime, job placement, houses and therapy. giving the kids life skills, employment and get the procedure treatment they need. more than 40 young men and women, many gang members are taking part in the ongoing meetings. the man behind the project speaks from experience, he's trying to make sure they -- don't make the mistakes he did. >> he spent 20 years in and out of prison. >> i did what you're doing then is what i got from it. >> to see a man like this turn his life around gives us hope. he realized things needed to change after he was shot three times last year. i like to wake up and not
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having to watch my back. when they leave participants go home and reach out to others who may be in trouble. >> alex savage. channel 2 news. >> los angeles police are looking into the deadly shooting of the father of a state assemblyman is linked to an earlier shooting in the neighborhood. police are investigating in it's tied to an assault and vehicle theft in the neighborhood the night before. his son is a democrat state assemblyman. the agencies involved in the deadly shooting at los angeles international airport asked for patience as they work to understand what happened. some have criticized the time it took before paramedics were allowed inside to help.
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in a joint statement the los angeles police department said some remarks made in the press were untrue and others merited consideration. fcc chairman sent a letter saying it's time to resolve the issue. the sticking point is a policy letting phone owners know when they can unlock their phones at the end of their contracts. they urged them to adopt the policy before the christmas season. voters in oakland hills approved a tax after the oakland hills fire in 91. the renewal would boost the charge from $65 to $78 using the money for brush removal. an unofficial ballot count shows the renewal failed by 66
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votes. a similar bill is expected next year. supporters want to keep net flicks and the jobs. opponents say it will violate the height limit for building. a letter to low income residents that is wrong. the "sacramento bee" said the state sent erroneous letters to medical patients saying they may need to find new doctors. on realizing the error the state sent a corrected letter saying medical patients can keep their doctors. an east bay city the popular with baby boomers.
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walnut creek is the most popular city in california for people over the age of 50. the web site used its own data and u.s. census information. it is where the highest number of people over 50 have moved. a would be burglar hurt himself in the home he was trying to steal from. the 20-year-old suspect received a severe arm injury. he jumped through the wind of a home in salt lake city on thursday morning. >> he walked through here, walked through the listing room and hallways. >> the homeowners called 911 and helped the suspect stop the bleeding. the suspects had one of the victim's consoles in his hand but he claimed he jumped through the window only to get away from the people chasing him. a cure for snoring, it could be what you eat.
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newly released, a gut- wrenching act account of the assassination of president kennedy. clear skies and cooling temperature. get ready for a cold start sunday morning. the neighborhoods that will be in the upper 30s and when rain chances go up. ♪
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with holiday magic in both parks, the happiest place on earth, just got merrier.
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. as we approach the 50th anniversary of the jfk assassination oughtio -- audio tapes of that day are coming to light.
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the frantic exchanges took place between the air force command center, the white house and air force one. the audio expert who worked to tape said there were many obvious edits. whoever created the tapes had parts of the conversations they didn't want people to hear. it's good for people to listen for themselves and hear how it developed. see the roughness of history. >> professor john mcadams say more missing pieces of history will image. the president will visit the grave to commemorate the assassination. that grave was placed so it has a view of the incontinue memorial and the washington
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monument. timothy geithner is going to work for a private firm. he was head of the federal reserve bank of new york when president obama asked him to be treasury secretary helping chart a course through the financial crisis. new york is ready for a new mayor, bill deblasio is getting attention. the mayor-elect and his wife have shattered a barrier for politicians, a white man married to an african-american woman. it caused some tabloid attacks. one theme was to end new york's stop and fisk policy. federal health officials gave the go-ahead to a vaccine
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for meningitis. the latest case on the campus was confirmed last week. that student is still in the hospital. >> i remember it was instant. she went from feeling almost fine to 103 fever. >> meningitis is rare in the u.s. and can be deadly. a vaccine is used in other parts of the world but has not been approved for widespread use in the u.s. a supply is being imported for use in princeton. a southern california high school is considering a face lift for the mascot. the coachella arab drew a formal complaint. the district refuses to give up the name which dates from the 1920s but is gathering ideas of the appearance perhaps changing
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the mascot to a horse. joan jett has been booted off the float of the macy's thanksgiving parade. she loves rock 'n' roll but she doesn't like meat. she was going to support south dakota ranchers but she's a vegetarian. she chose to make the switch because people's political agenda were getting in the way of an entertainment driven event. americans spend billions on her ball supplements. but are they worth it. >> the fourth bore of the colonel cot are open. >> a touching tribute to children with cancer. >> she's beautiful.
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open to traffic the highway patrol led the first cars through the fourth floor of the caldecott tunnel. it opened this morning. 160,000 cars pass through the tunnel every day. >> that drive is about to get easier for some, but not all. >> a smooth drive through a sleek new tunnel. west bound drivers on highway 24 got a pleasant surprise. i'm going through the fourth bores that wider, straighter, the road is flat. >> at 4:10 the first cars dove
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through the fourth floor of the caldecott tunnel. for the first time in 50 years caltrans won't have to manually reverse the flow of traffic twice a day. no hassle with the merging, no wondering if there will be two tunnels. >> there will be four lanes of traffic in each direction. the new bore has several safety features, a traffic light, a ventilation to clear out smoke and a extra wide shoulder. the new bore won't do much to change the backup for travelers in the regular commute direction but it will help in off peak direction heading toward the city in the evening and heading to the east bay in the morning. >> i was in the traffic for 25 minutes, i thought it would
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shave off. when it's wad it's pretty bad. >> some think it's will help property values. that's a huge has kneel a hassle some won't have to deal with any more. >> details construction on the fourth bore took three years and 10 months to complete. it cost $417 million, but $3 million under budget. most of the money came from the federal stimulus program and the rest from transportation sales taxes. california has released draft regulations on tracking -- fracking that will require landowners to be notified. the regulations require testing of ground water, an industry trade group says the rules strike a right balance. the regulations don't go into
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effect until 2015. today marks the 70th anniversary of the uss hornet. a celebration at the hornet museum. it served in the pacific in world war ii. the hornet recovered astronauts from the apollo 11 and 12 missions. it was decommissioned in 1970 and became a national landmark in 91. rough seas slowed down the first day of crap season but not the enthusiasm of the fishermen. many boats could not make it out yesterday to collect the crab pots. those who got their catch say the crabs are looking good. there's a lot to go around. off the boat the catch is going for $3 a pound. to triumphs of batkid is
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prompting conversations about cancer. the superhero boy is battling leukemia. >> a family haircut is nothing new, but a mother and daughter going bald together is unusual. i think she's beautiful. >> you're beautiful. >> they both had their heads shaved to raise money for a foundation that funds children cancer research. their 14-year-old daughter is being treated for cancer. it's an emotional day. we're happy we can share our time with cory. >> he gave up his hair for his 5-year-old son. >> yesterday was emotional for us with batkid running around the city with the disease my son has, and he's cured because
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of this research. the hospital's chief of pediatric oncology went under the scissors for her patients. >> almost everyone was tied to the hospital except for this high school student who raised $1,600 and brought a heartfelt message. >> especially for girls a lot of our identity lies in our hair. i wanted to make the point because you don't have hair doesn't mean you are not beautiful. this raised $22,000 for research. >> some herbal supplements may not be what they seem. dna barcoding tested 44 supplements, some were diluted
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or replaced with fillers like soybean and rice, 1/3 showed no trace of the plant advertised on the bottle. only another plant in its place. representatives of the industry said miserabling is a concern they don't believe it reaches the extent suggested. a study hoping to uncover a connection between salt and sleep apnea. excessive salt builds up fluid and it shifts to a person's neck. some will take a diuretic and others will switch to a low salt diet. will cash convince new mothers to breast feed. >> most of november has been very dry, that could change, a live picture of the city hall in san francisco. mark will join us next when we
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may see rain return.
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sky watchers face a challenge to see the lead on i'd leonid shower. there may be patchy clouds competing. >> let's find out. >> some patchy clouds developing that could be a factor checking out the meet yours -- meteors.
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you can see all the significant cloud cover is offshore in the pacific. that's a system will that increase the rain showers over the next few days. current temperatures are dropping off. chilly in the upper 40s in santa rosa, napa, san francisco 52, san jose 54, walnut creek 48. forecast headlines, partly cloudy sky, a bit of a chill, tomorrow patchy fog. tomorrow we'll expect more sunshine with temperature on track to reach the upper 50s to lower 60s. the extended, rain makes a comeback, overnight lows 30s to 40s. santa rosa 36. san francisco 48. the overall weather pattern, tomorrow no big changes.
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cold start, possibly frost. we'll take this forecast tuesday to wednesday. monday will be the transition day. increasing clouds. this system will be approaching and rainfall a good bet. heaviest in the north bay, we could talk about a safe range, half an inch to an inch. over 2 inches of rain for the north bay, that will be for tuesday and into wednesday. have to iron up details between now and then but there's a potential. here's our forecast model showing you this. by 3:00 partly sunny skies. monday increasing clouds. here we go with the rain approaching the ragin' on tuesday. focus the heavy rain up toward
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sonoma and lingers rain showers for wednesday. highs tomorrow in the upper 50s, lots of 60s, fairfield and berendt wood. san jose 63. and a look ahead. 5-day forecast. tomorrow no big changes. you want to bundle up. monday another dry day. this could and the system we've been waiting for. november has been try, we could be picking up quite a bit of rain. >> snow in the sierra. >> things are changing. there's an interesting government program for new mothers in great britain, in an effort to boost the practice of breast feeding moms are being offered money. each mom can collect $200 for the first six weeks of breast feeding, more if they breast feed for six months.
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the goal is to destigma ties it. the fans of the kings have set a new world record for being loud. >> and i mean really loud. the sell-out crowd at the game made the loudest roar ever at an indoor stadium. they broke the record three times. before last night the record was 106. six. the fans didn't have much to cheer about as the kings lost. imagine if they won. the warriors look to remain unbeaten at home. >> it was a nail biter as sanford faced usc. [ male announcer ] you can change your tomorrow
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. good evening, thanks for joining sports wrap. where's lane kiffin when you need him. usc is 5-1 since coach kiffin was fired. stanford's march to a national championship ran into a dead end. and any discussion of a second straight rose bowl appearance is down to a whisper. usc has been reborn under ed. and he's riding high.
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he led 6-0. gaffney bumps his way outside. 35-yard touchdown. gaffney barely crosses the line. gaffney ran 24 times for 158 yards and 2 td. this pick, allen caps a solid drive. gaffney, the only guy that had any success against the trojans defense. that's an 18-yarder. tied 17-79. stanford realized what oregon felt against them. that defense beats the offense. usc swepts -- intercepted hogan twice. three minutes left. kessler threw for 288 yards. he faces fourth and two, and hits the big target at the first down at the 35-yard line. it's a matter


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